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Passions Transcript Tuesday 10/9/01

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Sam: Now that Ivyís regained consciousness, I want to talk about what you overheard me say to her.

Grace: Look, Sam, I know you were just doing what eve asked you to do.

Sam: Do you? Do you really?

Grace: No, I -- I really appreciate you reassuring me. But I really want to talk about the kids --

Sam: Yeah.

Grace: And how we're going to tell them about David. We have to be completely truthful about this situation.

Sam: Yeah, this guy isnít just a guest at the B&B -- the man who claims to be your husband from before your amnesia.

Beth: Good morning, you two.

Sam: Hey, Beth.

Grace: Beth, hey.

Sam: Havenít seen you around in a while.

Beth: Yeah, Iíve been on vacation. I toured New England with my photography club.

Grace: Oh, really? That sounds great.

Beth: Yeah, it was great, but itís good to be home. Hey, I hear your house is almost rebuilt.

Sam: Any day now.

Grace: Yeah.

Beth: Good. Well, listen, I know you guys have gone through a rough patch, but I have a feeling that everything is going to be back to normal in no time.

Grace: Oh, thank you, sweetie. I needed to hear that.

Sam: Sheís right. Pretty soon things will be back to normal again. No one and nothing will keep that from happening.

Tabitha: More time -- thatís all I ask. Iím certain that Kay will embrace the dark side once she learns that her parents were never legally married, thus making her illegitimate.

E.F.: You've made promises before. Why should we believe you now, now that Kay has vowed to be good?

Tabitha: Why? Because I know Kay. I know that she will act out her upset by seducing Miguel, which will tear him and Charity apart. And without Miguel to do the deed of making her a woman, Charity will never come into her full powers and our side wonít be obliterated.

Timmy: Do the evil forces believe Tabby?

Tabitha: I donít know, lad. All we can do is beg for more time -- or ours will be up for sure.

Kay: I wonder whatís going on down there. I think I hear Tabitha. Wonder if sheís all right. Being good is so cool. Here I get to help a person who may have fallen and canít get up. Hey, Tabitha! Tabitha!

Liz: See, that wasnít so bad, was it? Iíve gotten more enthusiastic reviews, but that'll do.

Doc: Think your soup is doing the trick already. We got a smile out of her. Howís your throat? Does it feel any better? Good. Then I guess this is the moment we've all been waiting for. We get to hear your voice and find out who you are.

Sheridan: Ahem.

Brian: Whatís your name, pretty lady?

[Sheridan coughs]

Liz: Honey, have a sip of this. Then you can tell us who you are.

Brian: We'll notify the authorities so they can let your family and friends know you're safe.

Liz: Iím sure they'll be grateful to Brian here, saving you at sea.

Brian: Now, tell us who you are.

Sheridan: Ahem.

Whitney: Mom, mom, come on. You have to do something, ok? Ethan and Luis are about to find out what happened in Bermuda. They're going to kill Julian. Come on.

Eve: Let them. He deserves whatever he gets.

Luis: What did you do to my sister?

[Julian babbles]

Julian: What did she tell you?

Luis: Theresa didnít tell us anything. She didnít have to. I can tell by the look on your face that you're guilty of something.

Theresa: Oh, God. Mama, why did you point to Julian and say that he needs to be punished?

Pilar: Why? Because he got you drunk, he stole your innocence, and he married you.

Theresa: But, mama, if Julian tells them that, Ethan and Luis will kill him. They'll go to jail. Mama, we will lose them.

Whitney: Mom -- mom, why are you doing this? You canít let Luis and Ethan kill Mr. Crane.

Eve: Julian deserves to die.

Luis: This is it, Crane!

Ethan: You are going to pay for whatever you did.

Luis: Mama started the job by tearing into your face. Now we're going to finish it by ripping you limb from limb.

Julian: Oh, God --

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for lifeÖ

Sam: Hello, Hastings.

David: Sam, Grace. I just stopped by for a cup of coffee. Donít mean to intrude.

Sam: Hastings, wait. Thereís something I want to say to you, and I want Grace to hear it, too.

Kay: Locked? Tabitha! Are you in the basement? Tabitha!

Tabitha: Oh, itís Kay. We mustnít let her learn whatís in the basement, Timmy.

Timmy: Why not? Tabby said Kayís going to turn evil soon.

Tabitha: Yes, but at the moment she considers herself good. If she sees whatís really down here, she'll tell Grace or Charity and we'll be done for, lad. Kaput.

E.F.: So get Kay away from the basement door, you dim-witted witch.

Tabitha: Yes, your demonic-ness. Right away. Oh, I have one last question before I leave.

E.F.: What?

Tabitha: Does this mean Timmy and I are granted more time?

E.F.: Yes. On one condition.

Timmy: Uh-oh. Fine print.

E.F.: If Kay does not turn evil, tearing Miguel and Charity apart, then you and the doll shall roast in the fiery pit for all eternity!

Timmy: One evil Kay, coming right up!

Tabitha: Absolutely. Letís get while the gettingís good, Timmy.

Luis: Itís high time that you pay for everything that you have done to my family -- demeaning my mother for working as your familyís housekeeper, using that damn impostor mask to try to break up me and Sheridan.

Julian: Oh, no, that was fatherís idea!

Luis: Oh, yeah?

Julian: Mm-hmm.

Luis: Speaking of Alistair, I know that you two were responsible for my fatherís disappearance. Thatís why you shredded that file that was in the Crane family archives!

Whitney: Come on, mom. Do something, please.

Eve: No, Whitney. I want to see Julian suffer.

Whitney: But Ethan and Luis are going to be the ones who are going to suffer because they're going to go to prison for hurting Mr. Crane.

Eve: No, they wonít, Whitney. Everybody in this town hates Julian. No jury will ever convict them.

Whitney: Chad -- Chad, please, you have to do something. Stop Ethan and Luis from hurting Mr. Crane.

Chad: Why? If that creep hurt Theresa, they should give him the beating he deserves.

Whitney: But they're the ones who are going to go to prison if they do.

Chad: Does this have anything to do with Theresaís secret? Do Ethan and Luis think Julian did a number on her?

Whitney: They know that Julian did something because Pilar attacked Julian, but they donít know what.

Chad: Well, it looks to me like Luis definitely thinks he did something to his sister. And until he thinks differently, there ainít going to be nothing thatís going to stop him from killing that dude.

Theresa: Mama, we have to stop this. As soon as Julian gets the marriage annulled, everything will be all right.

Pilar: Teresita -- it most certainly will not. That bastard stole your innocence, and he must be punished.

Theresa: But if Ethan and Luis hurt him, we will lose them.

Pilar: Julian Crane has to pay for what he did to you. He has to pay.

Julian: How can you attack me when you donít even know whatís going on?

Luis: I know all I need to know. My mother wouldnít have done what she did to you without good reason. Your timeís up, Crane. Itís time for you to pay for everything that you and Alistair have done to my family and me.

Julian: But I havenít done anything. God, Ethan, you used to be my son.

Ethan: Iím not your son anymore. And if you did anything to hurt Theresa, Iíll kill you myself!

Julian: I didnít hurt Theresa, I swear.

Luis: Why should we believe a word out of your lying mouth? If you hadnít used that impostor to keep Sheridan and me apart, we would have gotten married sooner and she might still be alive. But you cheated me out of that. Now itís payback time.

[Julian groans]

Luis: Thatís for Sheridan.

Sheridan: My name is --

Brian: Whatís wrong?

Sheridan: I canít remember my name.

David: Ok, Sam. What do you want to tell me?

Grace: Yeah, whatís going on?

Sam: You'll see. Have a seat.

Sam: What I wanted to say is I believe you.

David: About what?

Sam: Everything you said.

Grace: Oh, my God.

David: Are you serious?

Sam: I didnít want to accept the possibility that you were Graceís husband. I tried to poke holes in everything you said, but I couldnít. Iím a cop. I canít deny the evidence any longer. You and Grace have a valid marriage license. You know things about Grace that only someone close to her could know. You even know things about her that I didnít. But we also have the word of the priest who married you two over 20 years ago at Saint Anastasiaís in Hartford, Connecticut. I donít know what to tell you.

Grace: That makes two of us.

Sam: After I saw what Luis went through with Sheridan -- he didnít really want to believe that she was dead, but after the body was identified with her fingerprints and her dental records, he had no choice but to believe it. Well, I didnít want to believe that you two were married, but I canít deny whatís obvious. You, David, and you, Grace, are husband and wife.

Kay: Tabitha? Tabitha, are you all right?

Tabitha: Why wouldnít I be?

Kay: Well, because you're smoking. And I thought I was hearing voices downstairs.

Tabitha: Voices? Oh, oh, that was me talking to my plants, dear.

Kay: Oh. What about that weird red light and all that smoke and stuff?

Tabitha: That light, dear Kay is a grow lamp I use on my plants. And as for the smoke, thatís being produced by a new contraption I recently purchased. The smoke you see billowing in for nourishment.

Kay: But itís so hot in your basement. Isnít that a fire hazard or something?

Tabitha: Oh, not at all, dear. I invited the fire marshal here to inspect it. Iím happy to say Iím up to code.

Kay: Huh. You know, my mom likes flowers a lot. I bet if you showed me how you set up your basement, I could set up a flower room in our new house just like that.

Timmyís voice: Uh-oh.

Sheridan: My name -- I donít remember my name!

Brian: Hold on now. Just relax a minute, ok?

Doc: Brianís right. You've been traumatized both physically and emotionally. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and I bet your name will come to you.

Sheridan: Itís not working! I canít remember my name!

Brian: Ok, ok, ok. What do you remember? Do you remember the name of your hometown? The name of your mother, a friend, anything?

Sheridan: No, my mind is blank. I donít remember anything before I woke up!

Liz: Donít worry. Now, somebody out there must be looking for you, which means they've filed a missing persons report. I will call the police, get a list of all the people who had been lost in the storm, and we'll se rings a bell.

Sheridan: Thank you for helping me.

Liz: My pleasure.

Sheridan: What if I donít even recognize my own name?

Brian: Itís going to be ok. You've got to be on a list out there somewhere. And I bet when you see your name on that list, I bet everything is going to come back to you -- where you're from, who you are, everything about your life.

Sheridanís voice: What if heís wrong? What if I never remember who I am?

[Julian groans]

Ethan: Not so fast. Itís my turn now.

Theresa: Ethan! Luis, please! Stop hitting him!

Luis: Theresa, stay back, all right? I donít know what this pig did to you, but heís not going to do it ever again.

Ethan: You got that right.

Whitney: Come on, Chad. We have to stop this before Ethan and Luis get in really big trouble. Come on! You've seen Luis' temper. He and Ethan are going to end up killing Julian.

[Julian groans]

Chad: Ok, ok. Iíll see what I can do. Guys, enough already, all right? Julian Crane is not worth going to jail over.

Luis: Well, we'll worry about that later. Now we're going to teach this scum a lesson he never forgets.

Julian: For the love of God, please, someone help me! These -- these brutes have been using me as a punching bag. I -- I demand that you arrest them for assault and battery.

Tabitha: No, no. No, no, no, Kay, Kay -- donít open the door.

Kay: Why not?

Tabitha: Why not? Because my plants are very sensitive to temperature changes. Opening the door might cause a draft that would damage the darling little shoots that Iíve worked so hard to protect.

Kay: Sorry. I donít want to mess up your plants.

Tabitha: Thank you, dear.

Kay: Tabitha, are you ok?

Tabitha: Oh -- actually, if the truth be told, being down in that basement has made me feel a little woozy.

Timmyís voice: Tabby could say that again.

Tabitha: Would you get me a cup of tea, dear?

Kay: Oh. Of course. Iíd be happy to.

Tabitha: Oh -- if we didnít need Kay to break up Charity and Miguel, I could so take advantage of her newfound goodness. I need the gutters cleaned out, the windows washed --

Timmy: Fluffyís claws trimmed.

Tabitha: Yes. We could make a list. No. No. We have to stay focused. Kay must turn evil, or we'll be sent back to suffering central for all eternity.

Timmy: Timmy doesnít want to fry.

Tabitha: Neither do I, lad. But I donít think we will.

Timmy: Why not?

Tabitha: Well, because once Sam and Grace tell Kay that they were never legally married, she'll turn evil so fast, it'll make your head spin.

David: Well, Iím glad you realize that Iím telling the truth, and -- and I admire you for admitting it. I know that itís been hard for you to accept my marriage to Grace.

Sam: I never accepted your marriage to Grace. I said that I believe that you're legally husband and wife. But in Graceís heart and in mine, we're married. Grace is my wife, not yours. Maybe our marriage isnít legal or recognized by the church, but Iím not letting her go. Grace and I will always be together, no matter what.

Brian: Easy now. Look, Iím sure your name is listed with the police. As soon as you hear it, you're going to remember who you are.

Sheridan: Did you get a list of the people missing?

Liz: I called the police, and everyone who was lost in the hurricane has been accounted for.

Sheridan: No oneís looking for me?

Liz: Iím sorry.

Sheridan: Does that mean that I donít have any friends or family, that Iím all alone?

Brian: I donít know. I thought for sure that Liz was on to something.

Sheridan: Well, you found me in the sea. How did I get there?

Brian: I thought you'd been knocked overboard from whatever boat you were on. You got caught in that storm. Or either that your boat sank and thatís how you got that far out to sea.

Liz: Maybe everyone who would've reported you missing drowned.

Doc: Thatís not what happened.

Brian: What are you talking about?

Doc: I know how this lovely lady wound up in the sea and I know who she is.

Julian: Forget about assault and battery. I want these thugs arrested for attempted murder.

Luis: Let me go so I can finish the job.

Theresa: No, Luis!

Officer: Luis? Oh, sorry, man. Whatís going on, buddy?

Luis: This guy did something to my little sister.

Ethan: Yeah, my fiancťe.

Luis: Just teaching him a lesson.

Officer: This guy and your little sister?

Luis: Yeah.

Julian: Now, wait just a minute.

Officer:  Whatís happening here?

Second officer: Just take it outside so itís not on our watch.

Julian: This is outrageous! Donít you doughnut-swilling flatfoots know who I am?

Officer: You're Julian Crane. You got my mom fired from the cannery because she accidentally spilled coffee on your shoe.

Julian: Well, sheís lucky I didnít sue her for scalding me.

Officer: You made my brother sell his house for pennies on the dollar so Crane industries could have a bigger parking lot.

Julian: You donít expect executives to take a bus, do you?

Officer: You guys, have fun.

Julian: Officer --

Luis: All right, Crane. Shall we take this outside?

Julian: No, no, no.

Singer: You are my passion for lifeÖ

Kay: Here is your tea.

Tabitha: Thank you, dear.

Kay: Welcome. Can I get you anything else?

Tabitha: Well, some cookies would be nice.

Kay: You know, Tabitha, my whole life has changed.

Tabitha: Tell me, dear.

Kay: Well, I just kind of realized that my actions affect everyone around me. Especially my family.

Tabitha: Gag me.

Kay: Iím sorry?

Tabitha: Good tea, good tea.

Kay: Oh, thank you. Anyway, you know, the past couple of years have been -- really hard on me.

Tabitha: Now, donít worry, dear. All teenagers go through an awkward, gawky stage. You'll grow out of it.

Kay: I mean because Charity came to Harmony and Miguel fell in love with her --

Tabitha: Ah, yes, yes, yes. Well, you've told me repeatedly that your cousin has been a thorn in your side.

Kay: Right. I was wrong to have said that.

Tabitha: Well, I thought you hated her blond guts.

Kay: You know, the point -- the point is that Iíve learned that I should be happy for Miguel and Charity.

Tabitha: Really?

Kay: Yeah. I mean, we were all stranded on that island. We could have died there. And my dad could have died trying to fix the signal beacon.

Tabitha: Mm-hmm. Fortunately, Ivy was struck by lightning instead. Fortunately for your father, I mean.

Kay: Anyway, I think Iíve been responsible for a lot of the things that have been happening because my intentions werenít always pure. But from now on, Iím going to be good. Iím only going to send out good vibes so that only good vibes can come back to me and my family. Oh, I bet you'd like some cookies with your tea.

Tabitha: Yes, yes, actually --

Kay: I will be right back with them.

Tabitha: Hmm. We'll see what Kayís attitude is about being good when her goodness comes back to bite her in her behind.

[Tabitha chuckles]

David: Well, thanks for being so honest. At least I now know you realize Iím not a liar or a con man.

Sam: Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to decide how to tell our family about you and your relationship with Grace.

David: Of course. If I could be of help in any way --

Sam: No, thank you. Our familyís our business, not yours.

David: Right. Right.

Sam: We'll deal with your marriage to Hastings later, but right now I think the kids are most important.

Grace: Yeah, the kids. I guess we should call a family meeting and be completely honest with them, tell them everything.

Sam: Yeah. A simple, straightforward approach, I think, is the best way to handle this.

Grace: I just hope they understand.

Beth: You're David Hastings, the photographer, arenít you?

David: Yes, I am.

Beth: Well, Iím Beth Wallace and a huge fan of your work.

David: Thank you. Iím flattered.

Beth: I am also an amateur photographer.

David: Well, since I will be in Harmony for the foreseeable future, you'll have to show me your work sometime.

Beth: Well, how about right now? I just got these pictures back from my trip with my photography club. Would you give me your professional opinion?

David: Sure. Hmm. Well, this is an interesting angle. Good composition. This is a great panoramic shot. Where was this taken?

Beth: Um -- that was Hartford, Connecticut.

Sheridan: You know who I am?

Doc: You bet I do.

Liz: Doc, please donít do this. Now is not the right time.

Doc: Itís always time for the truth. And the truth is you were thrown overboard, but not from a sailing ship.

Brian: Doc --

Doc: You were thrown overboard from an alien spaceship.

Sheridan: What?

Liz: Here we go again.

Doc: Once every hundred-earth years on the planet Corlan, the fairest female of the species is exiled to appease the Gods. Thereís an elaborate send-off ceremony, and then the female is put on a spaceship where sheís sent to earth and dropped in the ocean. Then --

Brian: Doc, you're scaring her. Why donít you give it a rest?

Doc: She can take it. Corlanian women are strong.

[Speaking Corlan language]

Whitney: Mom, please, you have to do something to stop Ethan and Luis from killing Mr. Crane.

Eve: Why? You saw what happened with those two policemen. They wouldnít even help Julian. They hate him as much as anyone else.

Whitney: But thatís beside the point, mom.

Eve: No, honey, that is the point. Luis and Ethan could beat Julian to death and no juryís going to convict them. I doubt there'd even be a trial.

Whitney: Mom, you're a doctor. You're supposed to be protecting life, not aiding and abetting murder.

Eve: Well, I think of Julianís death as more of a mercy killing. It would put us out of our misery.

Whitney: Mom, whatís gotten into you? I mean, you've always taught Simone and me that life is precious, that everyone is here for a reason. If you donít live by the values that you teach us, then how can you expect us to? Unless itís all been just a big lie.

Eve: Luis! Ethan! Let Julian go!

Ethan: Why should we?

Luis: He hurt Theresa somehow. He deserves whatever he gets.

Ethan: Yeah, and then some.

Eve: Look, I understand your anger, but you donít have all the facts.

Luis: So we'll beat them out of him.

Ethan: Yeah.

Eve: I can save you the trouble. Let me tell you the whole story. And once you know the truth, you can decide what to do with Julian.

David: Yes, Hartford, oh, well -- I didnít recognize it at first. I havenít been there in over 20 years and the cityís obviously changed a lot since then. So much has changed since then.

Sam: Iíll call Kay and get things rolling.

[Phone rings]

Kay: Donít get up. Iíll see whoís calling. Lenox residence.

Sam: Kay, itís me.

Kay: Hey, dad. If you're looking for mom, sheís not --

Sam: No, no, sheís here with me. How are things over at Tabithaís?

Kay: Fine. Iím having tea and cookies with Tabitha and her doll.

Sam: Will you do me a favor and stay there? We need to have a family meeting.

Kay: Why? Is something wrong?

Tabitha: Is it ever, toots.

Sam: No. Your mother and I will explain when we get there. And do me a favor -- get Jessica, too.

Kay: Sure. But she'll want to know what the meetingís about.

Tabitha: This is all about turning Kay to the dark side once Grace and Sam tell her she was born a little bastard. Oh, Timmy, the fun is about to begin.

Liz: Doc, doc, enough with the alien hooey. This woman is not an extraterrestrial.

Doc: Thatís what the Corlanian want us to think.

Brian: Doc, listen to Liz and zip it.

Doc: Face facts, you two. We are right in the middle of the Bermuda triangle.

Liz: Doc, stop it.

Doc: Just let me take a Sample of her skin tissue.

Sheridan: What?

Brian: If you so much as try to touch her --

Doc: You'll see Iím right.

Liz: Ok, doc, you know what? I saw some crop circles in the middle of a sugar cane field. I really need you to analyze them.

Doc: That sounds like Corlanian code.

Liz: Ok.

Doc: Iíll have it translated in no time.

Liz: This way.

Doc: Show me where.

Brian: I am sorry about that. Doc -- heís a first-rate physician, but otherwise heís totally whacked. I think itís the sun. Liz thinks itís the rum.

Sheridan: I just wish he hadnít gotten my hopes up. I still canít remember who I am.

Brian: Look, I donít want you to worry about it, ok? We're going to find out who you are. I donít know how, but we will. Hey, one thingís for sure -- you didnít fall out of the sky like doc thinks.

Sheridan: What am I going to do? I canít remember a thing. I donít know where I live, where Iím from. I canít even go home because I donít know where home is!

Brian: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy. Just try to relax. We'll figure it out, ok?

Sheridan: Iím just so afraid, Brian. What am I going to do? I have nowhere to go. I have no one to help me.

Eve: Ethan, Luis, the truth is that Pilar was upset about Julian because of Ivy, not Theresa.

Luis: What?

Ethan: Yeah, you lost us.

Eve: Pilar was upset with Julian because he went into Ivyís room and he was upsetting her after she was recovering from surgery. And after the deplorable way that he has treated her all these years, the last thing that Ivy needed was more upset, especially since she just regained consciousness.

Luis: Mama, is that true? Is it Ivy you were talking about when you pointed to Julian and said that he needed to be punished for what he did to her?

Pilar: Yes. Thatís why I was angry. When eve told me what had happened, I couldnít control myself.

Luis: I donít give a damn what you do with your ex-wife, but I do understand why my mother was angry with you.

Ethan: And Pilar and Ivy are going to be in-laws soon.

Nurse: You -- you stay out of Mrs. Craneís room from now on.

Julian: Are you giving me orders?

Nurse: You better believe I am. I donít know what it is you did to Mrs. Craneís I.V., But thank God I caught it in time.

Ethan: Caught what?

Nurse: Your mother wasnít getting all of her medication thanks to Mr. Meddlesome here.

Ethan: Well, I knew you went into her room and you upset her, but I didnít know you tampered with her I.V.

Julian: I didnít touch Ivyís I.V. Or anything else in her room.

Nurse: I donít believe you.

Julian: Look here, you witch --

Nurse: Someone broke Mrs. Craneís I.V. Drip. And one of the nurses overheard what you said to your ex. He called her "the whore of Harmony." So itís not too big a leap to think that you might want to tamper and break her I.V.

Ethan: Damn you, Julian. Donít you ever touch my mother again!

Sheridan: What am I going to do? Where am I going to live?

Brian: Donít you worry about it. You can stay right here.

Sheridan: Brian, are you sure?

Brian: Yeah. You can stay here at Lizís hotel as long as you want.

Liz: Brian, what are you doing? How can she stay here? Whoís going to pay her bills?

Ethan: For over 20 years you made my motherís life miserable! But was that enough for you? No! You had to try to kill her while she was unconscious!

Julian: I didnít do anything.

Ethan: You lying bastard, I could kill you.

Luis: Ethan, come on! Just let it go, all right? It ainít worth it.

Chad: Forget him, all right? Listen, listen, listen. Letís go somewhere. We'll have a drink, all right? Just relax. Come on.

Luis: Listen -- you lucked out this time. Donít you ever cross my family, or Iíll kill you myself.

Julian: Thank you for saving me from those vigilantes. I can tell you still have feelings for me.

Eve: Yes, I do, Julian. Pure hate. The only reason I stopped Ethan and Luis from giving you the beating that you deserve is because of Theresa. I donít want her brother or her fiancť to get in trouble. But if Luis or Ethan find out that you got Theresa drunk, married her, and then had sex with her, the combined armed forces will not be able to keep them from killing you. So you get your marriage to Theresa annulled, Julian, or you're dead. Dead, Julian. Dead.

Beth: So, has Hartford really changed that much? Oh, look. Thereís Saint Anastasiaís church.

David: Yes, so it is. A beautiful church. It has a wonderful side chapel with an angel statue in it.

Beth: Oh, I wish I had known. I would have asked to take a picture.

David: Oh. Next time.

Beth: Yeah. So, what do you think about my photos? Are they any good?

David: Well, I certainly didnít expect to see what I did.

Kay: Yeah, well, I can find Jessica by the time you and mom get home.

Sam: All right. We'll see you soon, sweetheart.

Kay: Ok. Bye, dad.

Sam: Bye, sweetheart.

Grace: Just hope the girls wonít be too upset when we tell them that we're not married.

Sam: With all the love we've given them through the years, Iím sure they'll handle this just fine. Then things can get back the way they were before Hastings came to Harmony.

Grace: I hope so, Sam. I love you so much.

Kay: He wants me to find Jessica. We're going to have a family meeting or something. Mom and dad have something important to tell us.

Tabitha: What do you think it is, dear?

Kay: I donít know. But the last time they called a family meeting was to tell us we were going to go on vacation to New York. Maybe this time itís Hawaii? I got to go find Jessica.

Tabitha: Kayís not going to Hawaii, but she will be saying aloha to her goodness once she hears the story of Grace and David Hastings. That bombshell and the realization that sheís illegitimate will just make her snap. Watch out, Harmony. Here comes the queen of mean -- Kay Bennett!

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: Ooh.

[Tabitha chuckles]

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