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Passions Transcript Monday 10/8/01

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Voice: You have failed, hag!

Tabitha: Hag? Whoís he calling a hag?

Timmy: Timmy doesnít think this is time to split hairs.

Voice: Not once, not twice, but repeatedly failed, failed, failed!

Timmy: What are Timmy and Tabby going to do?

Tabitha: Thereís nothing we can do. We're in a serious pickle here. For the life of me, I canít see a way out. The dark forces warned me that if I let them down again they'd throw me into the pit of pain and gloom for all eternity.

Timmy: Is that -- is that -- is that what Timmy thinks it is?

Tabitha: Oh -- as if we havenít got trouble enough. Thatís the bottle we trapped Hecuba in before we threw her down here to meet her fate.

Timmy: Something tells Timmy sheís still trying to get out.

Tabitha: Thatís all we need. Between her wanting revenge on us and the wrath of the dark forces, we are toast, Timmy. Burnt toast at that.

[Voice yells]

Voice: Your time has come, Tabitha!

Julian: What -- who is this and how did you get my private cell phone number?

Brian: Whatís the difference? Do you want to hear about your sister or not?

Julian: My sisterís dead.

Brian: Thatís what Iím trying to tell you. Sheís not -- what the hell are you doing? I was just about to tell Julian Crane that his sisterís alive.

Liz: I think you should see this first.

Brian: "Sheridan Crane put to rest. Body found at sea. Identity confirmed through fingerprints and dental records. Body cremated at familyís request." How can this be?

Liz: Thereís only one explanation that I can think of -- doc is wrong and the woman we have here isnít Sheridan Crane. Sheridan Crane is dead.

Doc: Then whoís the woman Brian fished out of the sea?

Liz: Guess we'll have to wait till she wakes up and she can tell us herself.

Brian: Can you hear me, angel? Who are you? Whatís your name?

Eve: Who was that?

Julian: Who knows? Who cares? Probably another press vulture pestering me about Sheridanís death.

Eve: You talk about your sisterís death as if it were no more important than a drop in the Dow Jones average! You donít care about anybody, do you, Julian? And that is why you are going to pay for what you did to Theresa! It is bad enough that you got her drunk, but then to sleep with her?

Julian: We're married, for crying out loud!

Eve: As if she wanted to be married to an insufferable pig like you!

Julian: Oh, God! What is it with you women? First Pilar and now you again?

Eve: I havenít even started with you yet, Julian!

Julian: No more! No, no, no!

Eve: Oh, God, you're such a pathetic excuse for a man. Do you know that, Julian? Somewhere deep down inside, you must know that. But donít worry. You'll be put out of your misery soon Ethan and Luis find out what you have done to Theresa.

Luis: What is it, Mama? First you fainted, and now you look like I donít know what. I've never seen you so upset.

Ethan: You know, Luis, I mean, we're all upset about Sheridan.

Luis: Thatís not it, is it? Something else is going on here. I want to know what it is. Did someone do something to you that I should know about? Because, I swear, if they did, they're going to have to answer to me. What is going on?

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life.

Timmy: Timmy doesnít see Hecubaís bottle anymore.

Tabitha: Odd. I wonder where itís gone. Hades -- Iíve never seen that curtain down here before. Lucifer only knows what thatís hiding.

Timmy: Thereís no reason to be afraid, Tabby. Tabby, donít worry. Timmy will show you.

Timmy: See, Tabitha? Timmy was right.

Voice: Get away, puppet!

Timmy: Puppet? Yikes!

[Demon laughs]

Demon: Your day of reckoning has come, Tabitha.

Tabitha: I was afraid of this, Timmy. It appears that itís curtains for us in more ways than one.

Demon: The time has come for your report. Defend your incompetence.

Tabitha: My report? I havenít had to make a report since the black plague.

Timmy: Timmy didnít know there was going to be a report.

Tabitha: Actually, it may not be such a bad thing, Timmy. It sounds as if they're going to give me a chance to explain myself before they pronounce a verdict on my fate. Only trouble is I donít have much of a case.

Timmy: Sure, Tabby does. Just tell them to read the book "Hidden Passions." They can see for themselves all the havoc and mayhem Tabithaís wrought on the town of Harmony and around the world!

Tabitha: I donít think thatís going to be enough, Timmy. They're more interested in current events -- Charity and Miguelís demise in particular. And because I havenít accomplished that, Iím a big, fat zero.

Timmy: Tell them, Tabby. Tell them what you've done.

Tabitha: Well, itís all Iíve got. Letís just hope itís enough. Ahem. I, Tabitha Lenox, your most humble servant of crisis and chaos, am ready to report.

Demon: Stop stalling and get on with it.

Tabitha: Well, I could begin by summarizing some of the evil deeds in my best-selling book, "Hidden Passions."

Demon: Iíve already read it. Tell me something I donít know.

Tabitha: Oh. All right, then. Well, the main reason that I have not been able to separate Charity and Miguel thus far is because I have been working on certain other projects.

Timmy: Tell them about Luis and Sheridan.

Tabitha: Yes, yes, exactly. Well, as you know, Sheridan Crane and Luis Lopez Fitzgerald have been a thorn in my side for centuries. Even my little iceberg trick with the titanic didnít separate them for good, so Iíve had to come up with something a little bit more creative. And Iím pleased to tell you that my dirty work is finally paying off, both here at home and on a small island off Bermuda.

Demon: Is Sheridan dead?

Tabitha: No. But the beauty part of it is everyone thinks she is. And thatís much better. So many innumerable twists and turns to come. Oh, you're going to love all the pain and suffering that lies ahead for each and every one of them.

Liz: Looks like you're about to know the name of your sea angel, Brian.

Brian: Well, itís about time.

Brian: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy now. You're too weak to get up. Nobody hereís going to hurt you. We're not going to hurt you.

Liz: Yeah, honey, you've had a rough time. We're just trying to help you get better. I donít blame you for being a bit disoriented. My old, run-down hotel might scare anyone. Oh. Brian here rescued you from the ocean, where, if I might be blunt, you were about to become fish food.

Brian: I have no idea how long you were out at sea, but you were about as weak as a kitten when I pulled you up in my fishing net. I had a devil of a time getting you in to shore.

Liz: Including a humdinger fight with his captain, who didnít want to take you on as a passenger. The least you could do is say thanks.

Brian: Take it easy on her, Liz, huh? Donít pay attention to her. Sheís a pushy old broad.

Liz: Anyway, doc here has been helping to get you better since you got here.

Doc: Donít give me the credit for this little lady surviving. Seems to me sheís alive through her own willpower and the grace of the good lord above. Most people would've died out there in that hurricane.

Liz: I bet you got folks just going crazy wondering where you are. Why donít you tell the name of your people and we'll give them a call.

Brian: Now, now, donít rush her, Liz. Why donít you start by telling us who you are?

Julian: No, you see, Ethan and Luis are not going to find out about my marriage to Theresa.

Eve: How do you think that you are going to keep something so earth-shattering a secret?

Julian: Think -- whoís going to blab? Pilar and Theresa certainly wouldnít want them to find out. They're terrified that Luis and Ethan would try to kill me and be sent to prison for murder.

Eve: I donít think that Ethan or Luis would find that too high a price to pay to rid the world of you, Julian.

Julian: Well, be that as it may, Theresa will not let this happen. She knows that if she did she'd forfeit any chance she ever had of marrying Ethan. So, you see, we're -- we're all in this together. We all have a vested interest in keeping this secret, not just for me but for everyone.

N'est-ce pas?

Ethan: Pilar, talk to us. Itís obvious you're upset and you've been crying.

Luis: Mama, come on. Hey. What happened to your hands? You've got blood under your fingernails. Theresa? Whitney? If you know something about this, you better tell me!

Pilar: Thereís no need to badger your sister, Luis. Iíll tell you everything.

Doc: Could you open for me?

Brian: What is it, doc? Whatís wrong with her?

Doc: Well -- sorry. She must've been hit in the neck by something when she was being tossed around at sea. Thereís a nice-sized bruise near her larynx. Donít worry. Your vocal cords are a little swollen, but you'll get your voice back. A bowl of warm soup might just do the trick.

Liz: Coming right up.

Doc: Ok.

Brian: You're going to be just fine. Liz makes a hell of a chowder.

Doc: As soon as you get your voice back, you can tell us who you are so we can get you home.

Tabitha: One of my proudest efforts is the imminent and total destruction of Julian Crane. As I noted before, the seeds for his destruction were sown by yours truly years ago when he first met and fell in love with the sultry, young Eve. The arrogant Julian has no clue that itís all coming back to haunt him in the near future. Of course, Eve will have to pay the price as well. In fact, they are both about to board the train to hell, and they donít even know it.

[Tabitha chuckles]

Eve: Well, maybe Theresa and Pilar wonít tell Ethan and Luis about the marriage, but thereís nothing stopping me, Julian. As a matter of fact, Iíve got a good mind to announce it on the hospital P.A. System right now!

Julian: What -- no! No, you canít do --

Eve: You are still the same coward that you always were. I canít believe I was ever attracted to you.

Julian: You were in love with me. Thatís what you said.

Eve: Oh. I must've been out of my mind or just too young to know any better. Iíll never forget the way you turned on me when I got pregnant.

Julian: That pregnancy earned you a medical degree.

Eve: Oh, yes, thatís right. Your father financed my medical school to keep me quiet because heaven forbid that the world should know that Julian Crane had an African American lover.

Julian: Why are you doing this, Eve? This is ancient history. I told you how sorry I am about -- about the baby.

Eve: "Sorry"? Do you have any idea how it felt for me to hear that my baby was dead? I still donít believe it sometimes. Every once in a while, I have flashes of someone in the hospital stealing my baby.

Julian: You donít honestly believe he was kidnapped, do you?

Eve: No. No, not really. Itís just -- itís just hard to accept that he -- that he really died.

Julian: Well, I was upset, too.

Eve: Oh, you liar! You didnít even call me to see how I was doing afterwards! You just ran like the sniveling rat that you've always been. As if a medical degree could make up for a lifetime of nightmares? And whatís worse than thinking that my baby died is -- is the fear that he might be alive out there somewhere looking for me and I would never know!

Chad: Hey, you guys. Whatís going on?

Whitney: Iím afraid you're about to find out, Chad.

Pilar: Let go, Theresa. Your brother has a right to know.

Luis: Where are you going?

Theresa: Iím just -- Iím trying to calm Mama down. We'll be right back.

Pilar: You're not going to change my mind.

Theresa: Mama, please listen to me. If you tell Luis that I married Julian, it will ruin our lives.

Luis: I swear to God, if someone so much as touched a hair on my motherís head, Iím going to kill them.

Ethan: I know how you feel. If anyone hurt someone in my family, Iíd do the same thing.

Chad: Whitney, Iíd feel a whole lot better if you just filled me in on whatís going on before it comes out.

Whitney: Chad, I already told you -- I cannot tell you.

Chad: Itís that secret of Theresaís that you've been keeping from me since Bermuda. Am I right? And Ethanís about to find out? Is that whatís going on?

Whitney: Look -- Pilar knows, and sheís about to tell.

Chad: Oh, man. Well, if itís as bad as you say, then all hellís about to break loose.

Whitney: Oh, trust me, Chad; you donít know the half of it. And if Ethan finds out whatís going on, Theresaís dreams could be completely shattered.

Theresa: Please donít tell Ethan and Luis that I slept with Julian in Bermuda.

Pilar: The man is a pig, Theresa. He must be punished.

Demon: Hmm.

Tabitha: And thatís not all, E.F. Not by a long shot.

Timmy: E.F. As in Hutton?

Tabitha: No. E.F. stands for "evil force." Forgive me. Timmyís at that age where he never stops asking questions. As I was saying, I have spent centuries laying the groundwork for the most heinous events yet to come. Take Luis' sister Theresa, for example.

[Disguised voice] I can see your life -- your past, your present, and your future.

Theresa: I want to believe you so much, but Iím trying to be mature.

Tabitha: Think about it, Theresa. Either Iím very good at making wild guesses or Iím telling you the truth. And you'll live in a mansion as Mrs. Crane. Itís your choice whether you believe it or not.

Theresa: I believe you. I do. Iím going to marry Ethan after all.

Tabitha: [Normal voice] who said anything about marrying Ethan? All I told her was she would be Mrs. Crane, which she now is -- Mrs. Julian Crane.

[E.F. laughs]

Tabitha: Oh. I scared the living daylights out of that girl..

[Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: [Disguised voice] Iím only telling you what I see. Whitney will cause a murder if she continues to pursue her dream of becoming a champion tennis player.

Theresa: Thatís ridiculous. Whitney wouldnít hurt a fly, much less kill somebody.

Tabitha: I didnít say Whitney was going to commit the murder.

Theresa: Then who?

Tabitha: Her daddy.[Normal voice] thatís my strength, E.F. -- planting the seeds of tragedy to come. Eve, Julian, Whitney, Theresa, Ethan -- and letís not forget young Chad. He thinks his biggest problem is getting Whitney to be his girlfriend. Wait till he finds out who his real parents are. He'll wish he'd never been born.

[E.F. laughs]

E.F.: Is that all?

Tabitha: What do you mean, "is that all?" Iíve just finished telling you what Iíve done to Luis and Sheridan, not to mention Ethan and Theresa, who were this close to wedded bliss before she messed it all up by marrying Julian instead. When Ethan finds out about that, he will never forgive her. The bottom line is that I have destroyed more true love in Harmony than any other witch I know of. Surely I deserve a reprieve for that!

E.F.: The only true love that matters is Miguel and Charityís, and they are still together. Unless you can tell me how you intend to come between them, you shall never leave this basement alive.

Tabitha: Oh.

[Timmy whimpers]

Whitney: I just wish there was something we could do to stop this from happening.

Chad: Well, maybe itís time Ethan found out whatís going on.

Whitney: You know, you wouldnít be saying that if you knew what was happening. Come on. Too many lives could be ruined because of this.

Theresa: Mama, you're not thinking straight. You know what'll happen if you tell Luis and Ethan that I married Julian and I spent the night with him. They will kill him, Mama. They will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Now, you canít tell me thatís what you want for your son or for Ethan.

Pilar: But Julian -- I -- he canít get away with this. I cannot allow it.

Julian: But our son isnít alive somewhere looking for you, Eve. We know he died.

Eve: Rationally I know that, but in my heart I wonder. Sometimes I think, what if -- what if one of my daughters should meet him one day and not know it and -- God forbid they fall in love.

Julian: You're not still worried about Chad Harris, are you? You know better after the D.N.A. test you ran. It proved he wasnít our son.

Eve: Yes, yes, you're right. I guess Iím just so upset for Pilar and what you've done to her daughter, I canít think straight.

Julian: Well, you know, I -- I donít blame you for being protective of your daughters.

Brian: After I did C.P.R. I was just doing what anyone else would do. You were so damn wet and cold from being in the sea, itís lucky we had some clean, dry clothes on that boat. No, no, no, no. No, no, no. It wasnít anything like that. I got you changed under a blanket. I didnít see a thing, I promise. Thatís just not my style. I would never do anything like that.

Liz: And you can take that to the bank. Brian is no saint, but deep down heís a real gentleman. Iím not surprised you're hungry. Letís get some of this soup in you, and you can tell us your name, and we can have a real conversation.

Julian: What -- you canít do it, Eve. You canít tell Ethan and Luis that I married Theresa. Please, please --

Eve: Get out of my way, Julian!

Julian: Oh, please, oh, please, you've got to protect me. Please. For old timeís sake if nothing else. Please?

Eve: Old times are precisely why I donít owe you a thing! I canít believe I ever felt anything for you.

Julian: They'll go to jail.

Eve: Not if the trialís in Harmony. They'll probably both be given medals of honor for getting rid of the second most hated Crane.

Julian: You canít tell them! If you do, I will tell T.C. about us.

Eve: Well -- then you'll just have another man in line to kill you.

Julian: Yes, but what about your precious Whitney and Simone? What would they say when they find out that you had an affair with me and lied about it all these years? I wouldnít be surprised if they felt so betrayed they started acting out. They could turn wild, like their mother was at that age. Huh?

Eve: You're dirt, Julian. You and your father -- you're the lowest forms of life on earth.

Julian: Sticks and stones. Only protecting my interests.

Eve: You think you've beaten me, Julian? You and I both know that secrets always surface sooner or later. So even if I donít blow the whistle on your marriage to Theresa, itís bound to come out. And when it does, I want to be there. I want to watch when Luis and Ethan get their hands on you.

Theresa: I just want my marriage to Julian to be annulled so that I can forget that it ever happened.

Pilar: Itís not so easy, mija. He stole your innocence. There is no worse crime.

Theresa: No -- no, Mama. No, you donít understand.

Pilar: No, I understand what every mother needs to know. He ruined you, just as he has ruined every other woman he has ever been with. And for years I looked away because I loved Ivy and because the Cranes were the only source of income I had, but now he has gone too far! Julian Crane is evil!

Luis: Julian Crane? What does he have to do with this?

Tabitha: Wait, wait. Thereís no problem here. I have the perfect solution for dealing with pesky Charity. It involves Kay Bennett. She is the centerpiece of my strategy.

E.F.: She is a civilian.

Tabitha: Yes. Yes, I know that. Ooh. But rarely have I met a civilian with such an instinctively mean and greedy spirit. As you know, Graceís amnesia has already created havoc in the Bennett household. You must be thrilled to see a rock-solid marriage like Grace and Samís hitting the skids because of that new fellow in town. David Hastings claims that Grace is his long-lost wife of over 20 years. Well, poor little Gracie doesnít remember a thing.

E.F.: What has this to do with Charity and Miguel?

Tabitha: Iím getting to that. Grace and Samís inevitable break-up over David will change Kay forever. True, sheís been making a stab at being good at the moment, but once her parents split, she will revert back to being the spiteful little vixen that sheís always been at heart. The tree that spoke to Charity told her that she would have to give up something dear. Well, that would be Miguel. He and Charity will be ripped from one anotherís arms forever.

E.F.: You still havenít told me how.

Tabitha: Thatís quite simple, really. Miguel and Kay will make love, and the consequence of that one act will tarnish the purity of Charity and Miguelís love forever. I guarantee it!

E.F.: Hmm.

Doc: You ok?

Brian: Yeah. Fine.

Doc: I know you better than that, Brian. Whatís bothering you?

Brian: You know, I had this crazy notion from the moment that I plucked her out of the sea. I knew this was too good to be true. I thought she was maybe -- I donít know -- sent to me for some reason, like she was the woman Iím supposed to be with.

Doc: Iíve heard crazier notions than that, believe me.

Brian: Come on, doc. Anyone can see that even though we havenít heard her voice and even though sheís wearing those old fishermanís clothes that sheís got more class in her little finger than Iíve got in my whole body or Iíll ever have. Guys like me -- we donít end up with girls like that.

Doc: What are you talking about? You donít even know her. For all we know --

Brian: Thereís something about her. I donít know what it is. See, Iím doing it again. Doc, the sooner she gets back to where she belongs, the sooner I can get her off my mind.

E.F.: Iíve heard this all before. There arenít enough scales on my tail to count the number of times you have tried to use Kay to come between Miguel and Charity.

Tabitha: But itís different this time, E.F.

E.F.: How? Tell me how.

Tabitha: Well, it just is. Itís going to work out this time. Iíve planned it all out. Look whatís happening at the local hospital right now. Luis and Ethan are about to find out about Julian and Theresa. And those two will tear Julian to shreds, limb from limb. What a scandal. The two most ethical, moral men in Harmony going to jail for murder. And when Charity finds out that Miguel has betrayed her with Kay -- well, she'll die inside and she'll never come into her full powers of goodness. I promise.

E.F.: For the last time -- we are tired of your promises. My colleagues and I wanted results, and you have failed us.

Tabitha: But --

E.F.: Itís time to visit the pit, Tabitha!

Tabitha: Oh, no, no. Not the pit.

E.F.: Sorry. You made your bed. Itís time to lie in it. Come to the pit of eternal suffering and pain.

Tabitha: Oh, please, E.F., Give us another chance.

E.F.: Itís too late for you and your little friend. The time has come!

Tabitha: Ooh. Ooh.

[Timmy cries]

Tabitha: Oh, no, no.

Eve: I wonder what Ethan and Luis will do to you when they find out that you got Theresa so drunk, she married you.

Julian: They're not going to find out as long as you donít tell them. Thereís no reason anyone else should know.

Eve: Damn you, Julian. Damn you for ruining so many lives.

Ethan: Is Julian the one who upset you, Pilar?

Luis: What did he do to you, Mama?

Theresa: Oh, no. No, no, no. You misunderstood. Tell them, Mama. Julian -- he didnít do anything to you.

Luis: Wait a minute. Did Julian do something to you, Theresa? So help me God, if he did --

Ethan: Theresa, tell us the truth.

Theresa: Uh --

Luis: There he is. Where are you going, Julian?

Julian: Oh, please --

Ethan: Look, his face is scratched.

Luis: You did that to him, didnít you, Mama? What have you done, Julian?

Ethan: Tell us right now.

Tabitha: Thereís only one thing left to do -- beg, plead, and grovel.

Timmy: Thatís three things, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Stop counting and start groveling. Please, please, E.F., for old timeís sake, give a girl a break.

Timmy: Tabitha didnít mean to mess things up with Charity and Miguel. Sheís very sorry.

Tabitha: More than you know, E.F. Just give me one more chance. Just one. I know I can deliver what you want. Just -- just think of all the other evil things Iíve accomplished, all the lives on the verge of destruction thanks to me. I just need a bit more time and I know I can bring Charity and Miguelís relationship to its knees. What do you say, E.F.?

[E.F. roars]

Timmy: Is that a yes or a no?

Tabitha: I donít know. Just keep groveling.

Timmy: If you let Timmy and Tabitha go, Timmy will come and bring you a marTimmy every day.

E.F.: Never touch the stuff.

Tabitha: This isnít fair. Iím a worthwhile witch. Look at the damage Iíve done to all the dot-coms in the last year. That must make you happy. Please say you'll spare me and my Timmy.

[E.F. roars]

Liz: That wasnít so bad, was it? Iíve gotten more enthusiastic reviews, but that'll do.

Doc: I think your soupís doing the trick already. You got a smile out of her. Howís your throat? Does it feel any better? Good. Then I guess this is the moment we've all been waiting for. We get to hear your voice and find out who you are. Whatís your name, pretty lady?

Luis: What'd you do, Julian? What did you do to my sister?

Whitney: Mom -- Mom, come on. You have to do something, ok? Ethan and Luis are about to find out what happened in Bermuda. They're going to kill Julian. Come on.

Eve: Let them. He deserves whatever he gets.

Theresa: No, Luis, Luis, you've got it all wrong. You donít know whatís going on, ok? Luis --

Luis: Well, then, why donít you fill us in? How about you, Mama? You were about to tell us what Julian did. It must've been something pretty lousy for you to scratch up his face like that.

Pilar: Damn you, Julian Crane! You ruined her!

Luis: All right, thatís it. I have heard enough.

Ethan: You are dead, Julian!

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