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Passions Transcript Friday 10/5/01

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Liz: Whatís wrong?

Brian: Come on, Julian Craneís going to laugh me off the phone.

Doc: Why do you say that, Brian?

Brian: Like heís really going to believe that I was on a fishing trawler and hauled his sister out of the sea.

Doc: Why wouldnít he believe it?

Brian: Because he must get umpteen calls a day from con men trying to scam him out of his millions. Like heís really going to believe that I saved his sister, Sheridan Crane, one of the richest women in the world.

Doc: You're not making any sense. His sister was reported missing at sea down here. There was a search for her, and her fiancť --

Liz: Doc, doc, thatís not whatís going on. Brian here thought he caught himself a mermaid, the girl of his dreams.

Brian: Thatís not it.

Liz: Of course it is! Come on, you're smitten, and you'd better get yourself unsmitten because if that girl is Sheridan Crane, then she belongs with her family and her fiancť.

Doc: Undoubtedly, the Cranes will fax us a photo of Sheridan, and then we'll know for sure.

Brian: All right. You're right. I guess I just have to face the inevitable. I mean, come on, a beautiful woman like Sheridan Crane -- she wouldnít want to spend her life with a guy like me.

Luis: I love Sheridan. Sheís everything to me. I canít live without her. I know Iím asking for a miracle. Just please bring Sheridan back to me. Please.

Ethan: Hey, Luis.

Luis: Hey. Howís Ivy doing?

Ethan: Better. At least she is right now. He gave her a sedative.

Luis: A sedative? I thought she was barely conscious.

Ethan: Julian came in and got her upset. You know, why did I never see it? You know, why did I never see what an insensitive lowlife Julian was?

Luis: You thought he was your father.

Ethan: Well, thank God he isnít. Thank God he isnít married to my mother anymore. I canít believe him. My mother has a terrible fall after being struck by lightning. Does Julian give a damn? No.

Luis: What do you expect? He didnít even mourn for Sheridan, his own sister. Iím telling you, one of these days Julianís going to find himself in a situation that he canít snake his way out of. When that day comes, heís going to wish he was never even born.

Theresa: I found out that I married Julian when I woke up in the morning and -- and saw a ring on my finger. And Julian was in bed with me.

Pilar: No, God! Stop, Theresa.

Julian: Oh, sorry. I was looking for a reporter. I didnít mean to interrupt. Iíll look elsewhere.

Theresa: Wait, no, Mama!

Pilar: You bastard! You defiled my daughter! You took her virginity! You ruined her! Thatís the ultimate sin!

Julian: Ow!

Pilar: I should tear your eyes out!

Julian: No!

Pilar: Oh, you son of a bitch!

Julian: Oh! Ow!

Demon: Come to the basement, Tabitha and Timmy! We want you now!

Timmy: Why are Timmy and Tabby being summoned to the basement?

Tabitha: Your guess is as good as mine, lad.

Timmy: But things were just going so well for Timmy and Tabby. They were just celebrating with a pitcher of marTimmys.

Tabitha: Yes, and we had every reason to. Charityís about to lose Miguel, which means that she'll lose her powers, which in turn means that she'll never be able to destroy you and me. Thatís -- thatís why I donít understand why our friends in the basement want us to go downstairs.

Demon: Now! Come to the basement now!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Demon: Descend, Tabitha and Timmy! Descend!

Tabitha: Oh, our friends in the basement are calling us to account. And they're impatient, too. They think we should be rid of Charity by now.

Timmy: Well, Tabby knows how Timmy feels about that.

Tabitha: Yes, I know -- you're happy we failed.

Timmy: Timmy doesnít want Charity to die. Timmy just feels that Tabithaís friends might be a tad bit annoyed.

Tabitha: My friends? Are you selling me out already?

Timmy: Itís just that Timmyís saying that princess better come up with a good excuse, and fast.

Tabitha: But what can I say to defend myself? Iíve been outwitted time and time again by the forces of good. Our friends in the basement will never understand that, Timmy -- never, never! We're doomed!

Demon: Descend! Descend!

Luis: I just donít get what goes on inside the head of a man like Julian. Does anything matter to him?

Ethan: Money, power, lording it over other people. Doing whatever he wants and getting away with it. Thatís all that matters to Julian.

Luis: Scum.

Ethan: You know, a while ago -- a long while ago -- I thought I got a glimpse of a -- of a kinder Julian.

Luis: Julian, kind?

Ethan: Yeah, well, it was a momentary thing, believe me.

Luis: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: He quickly reverted to the cold-hearted Julian, unfeeling, willing to do whatever would benefit him. But, you know, I -- I loved him. And you'd think your father would love you, too. But I think Julian is incapable of love.

Luis: Hey, Iím sorry you had to grow up with him. I donít know how you and Sheridan did it. Alistair and Julian raising you, telling you what to do.

Ethan: You know, I was the lucky one. As it ended up, I donít have any Crane blood in these veins. But Sheridan -- I donít know how she put up with it. I donít know how she made it.

Luis: I just wish I could see her, hear her voice, see her smile one last time.

Ethan: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I miss her, too.

Luis: I guess I should be grateful for the time that we had together. Itís just not enough. Iím selfish. I want more. I want her back.

Brian: Hello. Can I speak to Julian Crane?

Harper: Well, this is Mr. Craneís attorney, Mr. Harper. Your call came through to my office. To whom am I speaking, please?

Brian: Brian OíLeary.

Harper: And this is in reference to what?

Brian: Itís about his sister, Sheridan.

Harper: What about her?

Brian: Well, I think I should talk to Mr. Crane himself.

Harper: I canít give out his private number to someone Iíve never heard of. Now if you'll tell me exactly what this is about --

Brian: Look, friend, if I donít get through to Julian Crane, Iím going to go to all the TV networks and all the newspapers with the information. And when I do, itís going to look like Julian Crane doesnít give a damn about his sister.

Harper: Very good. Iíll give you his cell phone number.

Brian: All right, fine, hold on one second. Let me grab a pen. Ok, Mr. Harper, shoot.

Brian: Thank you very much.

Liz: Does anyone ever say no to you?

Brian: Not when itís something that I really want.

Harper: That last call -- where did it come from? I see. Thank you, Judy. What more havoc have you wrought in Bermuda, Julian?

Pilar: You're filth, Julian!

Theresa: Mama, no!

Pilar: Dirty filth!

Theresa: Mama, wait!

Pilar: Let me go so I can take care of this animal!

Julian: Please have mercy!

Pilar: You are a vile human being, Julian Crane!

Whitney: Pilar!

Pilar: You're rotten to the core! How dare you do this to my daughter, to my baby!

Theresa: Please, let him go!

Pilar: Not until heís paid!

Julian: What have you told her? Oh, my God, that was a secret! Have you lost your mind?

[Theresa and Whitney scream]

Julian: My God, has the world gone mad? It wasnít my fault. I didnít take Theresa down to Bermuda. She flew down on her own. She -- she insisted I talk to her. She wanted me to take Ethan back into the Crane family. We had a few drinks. She didnít object, and the next thing I knew --

Pilar: You swine! You donít deserve to live in decent society!

Eve: Pilar, Pilar!

Julian: Thatís right! Get her off me!

Pilar: Let me go, Eve!

Eve and Whitney: No!

Julian: Oh, dear God, Iím bleeding! Sheís disfigured me!

Eve: Julian, go to my office!

Julian: Iím losing blood!

Eve: Now! Go now and Iíll take care of you!

Julian: Oh, oh.

Whitney: No! No!

Eve: What is happening here, Pilar? What is going on?

Pilar: Iíll kill him.

Liz: Now whatís wrong?

Brian: Nothing. Iím thinking.

Liz: Oh, Brian, whatís to think about? Make the phone call. Listen; if that girl you fished out of the ocean is indeed the heir to the Crane fortune, you stand to make a bundle.

Doc: Her fiancť would give anything to get her back. Scuttlebutt on Bermuda has it that the man was devastated when he made it back to shore and found she hadnít.

Liz: Yeah, and he went back out after her.

Doc: Into the teeth of the hurricane. He wouldnít give up. Thatís real love for you.

Brian: Yeah, and I can understand why her fiancť did it. Any man would for a woman like her.

[Phone rings]

Liz: Maybe itís Julian Crane.

Doc: Could he have tracked you down, Brian?

Brian: Hello? Yeah, hold on one second. Itís one of your suppliers.

Liz: Thanks.

Brian: Iím going to go check on Sheridan, or whoever she is.

Eve: Pilar, are you all right?

Pilar: God. I never realized how much I could hate one human being, how much anger I had inside me.

Eve: Well, whatís going on? I mean, why were you hitting Julian? Not that he doesnít deserve to be hit, but why now? What happened? Well, honey, Theresaís right here. I mean, and sheís fine. I can see that. So Charityís premonition about something bad happening to Theresa -- itís not going to come true. Pilar, I talked to the girls and they told me that everything was fine and Theresa had only talked to Julian and nothing happened. So what brought you to this? Will somebody please tell me whatís going on?

Pilar: Oh, my poor baby.

Eve: Oh.

Pilar: All the others are just pure evil. Iíve seen them through the years, Alistair and Julian. Oh, wicked men, those two. Alistairís so ruthless, and Julian with his maids. I would see him chasing them down the hallways -- actually chasing them. And some didnít need to be chased. And now to think that Theresa could be down there with Julian -- oh, my God!

Eve: Oh, my -- Julian seduced Theresa?

Demon: Descend!


Timmy: What -- what -- what are Timmy and Tabby going to do?

Tabitha: Maybe we could -- we could go downstairs and -- and plead for more time.

Timmy: Go down there?

Tabitha: Well, we could explain to our friends that -- that without my powers, I havenít had the necessary means to destroy good.

Timmy: Tabby hasnít even put a dent in it.

Tabitha: Iíll tell them Iíll try harder in the future.

Timmy: That -- thatís it? Thatís Tabbyís whole defense, "try harder"?

Tabitha: Yes, well, it does sound rather lame, doesnít it?

Timmy: Lame? Timmy would rather be stuck in a cave with ax-wielding Norma than go down there with Tabby and hear her give her cockamamie excuse!

Tabitha: Oh, Iím sure you're right, Timmy. I can only imagine what will happen to us down there.

Demon: You have failed miserably! You let the forces of good prevail!

Tabitha: I tried to kill charity; really I did -- several times!

Demon: And failed!

Timmy: It isnít her fault! You took her powers away from her! What do you expect?

Tabitha: Please. All I need is a little more time.

Demon: Time has run out!

Tabitha: I know I can kill Charity, but I need time!

Demon: Itís over! And now you will pay the ultimate price for your failure! You will go back to the beginning!

Tabitha: Oh, no! No, not that! No, donít send us back to the beginning!

Timmy: Whatís that, princess? Whatís he talking about? Whatís the beginning?

Tabitha: Itís the end for us, lad. The beginning is the end for us.

Timmy: This is no time for a Zen riddle, princess!

Tabitha: Oh, oh! Oh, no!

Timmy: Whatís going on?

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, itís the vortex, Timmy! We're trapped in the vortex! Oh!

Timmy: No!

Tabitha: Oh, no, no!

Timmy: Ah!

Timmy: If thatís whatís waiting for Timmy and Tabby in the basement, then Timmyís out of here!

Tabitha: Wait for me! Wait for Tabby!

Demon: You will obey! You will obey!

Brian: Maybe you are Sheridan Crane and you do have a fiancť, a man who loves you more than life itself. But Iíd give anything if you were a mermaid who just came up out of the sea to steal my heart. I could live for the rest of my life on this island with you and be the happiest man in the world.

Brian: Mrs. OíLeary.

Sheridan: Brian!

Brian: I have been dreaming of doing that since the moment I left the dock.

Sheridan: Oh, what are you doing here? I wasnít expecting you until tomorrow.

Brian: Well, we got lucky and we ran into a school of albacore and we filled the whole boat within the first six hours. This one catch could last us through the whole season.

Sheridan: You mean you wonít have to go out again?

Brian: Might even be able to take the boat out of the water.

Sheridan: Thatís wonderful because I canít stand being away from you for just one day even.

Brian: Well, looks like you're stuck with me. Iím not going anywhere.

Sheridan: I love you so much.

Brian: I remember when I thought you were the rich Sheridan Crane.

Sheridan: Well, I may not be a Crane, but Iím much richer because I have you.

Brian: We have each other.

Brian: If only it could come true.

Luis: Iím not a fool, Ethan. I know it'd be asking for a miracle for Sheridan to be alive. Itís just that Mama told me to come here and pray. I figured I had nothing to lose. I know Godís busy, but I figured if I prayed hard enough, maybe he'd hear me.

Ethan: You know what you're asking for, donít you, Luis?

Luis: A miracle.

Ethan: Yeah, thatís right. I mean, you're asking God to bring a woman you love back -- back from the dead.

Luis: I know it sounds crazy. Iím the one who identified Sheridanís body from her fingerprints and dental records. But Sheridan was a strong swimmer. She -- she had this passion for life, this incredible will to life.

Ethan: Yes, Luis, but she --

Luis: I know! All right, I went to the cremation. I took her ashes. I canít give up on her. I just canít.

[Luis sighs]

Luis: In my head, I can say Sheridanís dead. But my heart wonít accept it.

Ethan: Yeah. I understand. Iím sorry. I -- I just wish I could give you hope.

Luis: Wish you could, too.

Eve: Oh, Pilar, Iím so sorry. I can imagine what you're going through.

Pilar: It -- Eve, I --

Eve: Oh, here, come sit down. Theresa, get your mother a glass of water.

Theresa: Yes, Dr. Russell.

Eve: Whitney, you girls lied to me. I asked you if everything was all right and you said that it was.

Whitney: Iím so sorry. Mom, I wanted to tell you the truth.

Eve: Then why didnít you?

Whitney: It was just too horrible. And Theresa was scared of what Luis and Ethan would do if they found out. I mean, they would've killed Julian.

Eve: Yes, they would.

Whitney: Mom, Theresaís my best friend. I couldnít give her away.

Theresa: Mama --

Eve: Here, give me that. Here, honey. Take a sip. Do you want a sedative or something to quiet your nerves?

Pilar: I -- I protected my Theresa for so long. And now to think that Julian Crane -- oh, God. I should've scratched his eyes out. If he was blind, he couldnít do anything to a woman again like he did to my daughter.

Eve: Theresa, exactly what happened?

Whitney: Julian got her drunk.

Eve: Oh, my God. I donít think I should. I -- Iím not really much of a drinker.

Julian: Well, you shouldnít deny yourself a taste.

Eve: Well, I still have two more sets.

Julian: This stuff coats the throat. One glass wonít kill you.

Eve: Well, maybe you're right. Maybe I should.

Julian: Yeah.

Eve: Donít tell me anymore, Whitney. I know the rest. Oh, that bastard.

Whitney: Mom --

Singer: You are my passion for life.

Timmy: What do Timmy and Tabby do now?

Tabitha: Hush, Timmy, Iím trying to think!

Timmy: Timmy would rather go anyplace than anywhere near that basement or your friends.

Tabitha: You know, Iím not sure it was such a good idea to disobey them. Maybe we should've gone downstairs and faced the music.

Timmy: Is Tabby crazy?

Tabitha: Running away might make things even worse for us.

Timmy: What could be worse than that -- that thing, that vortex, that whatchamacallit vortex thing that made Timmy and Tabby disappear? Timmy and Tabby have to get out of here.

Tabitha: And go where?

Timmy: New York! Timmy and Tabby will drive down to New York, pick up the royalties from "hidden passions," and take the first flight to Honolulu.

Timmy: Tabby? Come on.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, I canít!

Timmy: Sure Tabby can.

Tabitha: I canít. My feet. They're stuck. I canít move.

Timmy: But -- what? Whatís going on, Tabby?

Tabitha: Oh, looks like we're not going anywhere, Timmy.

Ethan: You know, I can only imagine how you must feel about losing Sheridan. But if I -- if I ever lost Theresa, I donít know what Iíd do without her. Life would be so empty.

Luis: Well, Iím glad you feel that way about Theresa.

Ethan: She means everything to me. And I will always love her and protect her, and I swear that to you, Luis. I will lay down my life for her, and if anyone ever hurt her, I would kill them.

Luis: Right. Well, what do you say we go see how sheís doing?

Ethan: Yeah.

Julian: God, that vicious, crazy woman. She scarred my face. Oh, my God. Iíve paid her salary all these years and she has the audacity to physically attack me. Sheís certifiable. Iím going to bring charges against her. Yes, Iíll have her locked in prison -- the deepest, darkest dungeon they have. Has she forgotten who I am? Iím Julian Crane! Oh, thank God someone sane. Look, look what your good friend Pilar has done to me. Just look! Oh! Ow! My nose! Oh, God, more blood. Has the whole world gone mad?

Eve: You know what I should really do to you, Julian? I should strap you to an operating table and let Pilar pluck out your eyes while I cut out your tongue!

Julian: This is very disturbing talk, Eve.

Eve: Oh, you'd find it more disturbing when you're no longer able to look at young girls and when your vile voice is silenced!

Julian: What have I done to deserve this?

Eve: You're a pig, Julian.

Julian: Well, I fail to see what the big deal is. Why is everyone so upset?

Eve: Because you're a pig!

Julian: But -- Theresa and I had a bit too much champagne. I -- I didnít mean to let things get out of hand.

Eve: Oh, didnít you?

Julian: Well, I -- well, we -- we had sex. But you and I once had sex, too, Dr. Russell.

Eve: God, and the thought of it just fills me with revulsion!

Julian: Well, men and women have sex every day.

Eve: Theresa was a virgin, Julian, just like I was a virgin!

Julian: You were a virgin? I didnít know that.

Eve: Well, of course! Thatís because you never cared to know! Theresa was a young woman in love with Ethan, and you took advantage of her!

Julian: Thatís simply not true.

Eve: You drugged her so that you could have sex with her.

Julian: It was my conjugal right!

Eve: What?

Julian: Well, didnít Pilar tell you? Theresa and I are man and wife. I married her immediately after my divorce from Ivy came through.

Eve: Oh, my God!

Julian: Well, you see, I -- I was perfectly within my rights.

Eve: Do you think that Ethan and Luis are going to accept that as an excuse? If anything, itís going to make them more furious with you!

Julian: Letís just keep our voices down here.

Eve: Oh, you are the most pathetic excuse for a man, Julian. You donít care about anybody but your lousy self!

[Timmy groans]

Timmy: Stuck!

Tabitha: Yes, we're stuck.

[Demon laughs]

Demon: You can run, but you cannot hide! You cannot hide!

Timmy: Whatís going to happen to Timmy and Tabby?

Tabitha: Itís the end, Timmy. Itís the beginning of the end. Oh!

Timmy: Oh!

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, hang on to something, Timmy! Oh!

Timmy: Canít -- hang -- on!

Tabitha: We're doomed!

Demon: You disobeyed! And now you will pay the price!

Julian: You're mad. You're mad.

[Phone rings]

Eve: Oh, you're disgusting, Julian. You're just --

Brian: Itís ringing, but heís not answering.

Doc: Let it ring.

Julian: Uh, perhaps itís news --

Eve: Shut up!

Julian: Eve, please!

Eve: "Please" nothing, you son of a bitch!

Julian: Good God, woman, what right do you have to act this way? I -- I tell you that Theresa is my wife and you punch me?

Eve: Oh, you insufferable pig! You are going to pay for what you've done to Theresa. You -- you're scum, Julian! You're just a menace to society!

Julian: Thatís going a tad bit overboard, donít you think?

Eve: Oh, Iíll show you overboard!

Julian: Ow! Stop!

Eve: Stop? No, you need to be stopped, Julian, before some other young woman falls prey to you just like me. You seduced me with drugs and alcohol, but I was too naive and too young to know what was going to happen to me. And now poor Theresa. Oh, God, your wife? Mrs. Julian Crane? Oh, God! You're a monster! You're a disgusting monster!

Julian: You know, I didnít drop by your office so you could call me names. I really need medical attention. These scratches could leave scars.

Eve: Oh, I hope they do! You -- you deserve to suffer! Oh, and suffer you will.

Pilar: My baby. My poor baby.

Theresa: Mama? You -- you just try to calm yourself, ok?

Pilar: I know what that wicked man did to you. He touched you. He put his filthy hands on you.

Theresa: But, Mama, I donít remember. All I remember is that I dreamed I was with Ethan. And in my dream, Ethan and I were married and we were making love. It was our honeymoon and it was beautiful. And when I woke up, I saw a ring on my finger and someone next to me, and I just assumed that it was Ethan.

Pilar: Dear God.

Theresa: Mama, I was happy to have him next to me, thinking that I had married him. But when I realized that it wasnít Ethan, that it was Julian --

Pilar: What did that monster do to you? What did he do?

Theresa: Julian told me that he had a dream, too, Mama, that he was making love to me. Then we realized it wasnít a dream, it was real -- that Julian made love to me and I was his wife.

Pilar: Oh. God, that makes me sick. His hands should be cut off for what he did. You are an innocent child, and heís nothing but an animal. Oh, dear God, I warned you.

Theresa: Mama, I didnít know what was happening, I swear.

Whitney: Please, please, Mrs. Lopez Fitzgerald, donít be angry with Theresa. I mean, it wasnít her fault. She went down there to try to help Ethan. And Julian is the one who got her drunk and took advantage of her.

Pilar: How many times did I tell you never to go near Julian Crane? How many times, Theresa? Oh, dear God. Why didnít you listen to me? Why?

Theresa: Mama.

Theresa: Iím sorry.

Demon: Descend!  Descend!

Tabitha: Oh, Iím afraid this is good-bye, lad.

Timmy: Timmyís never going to leave his princess. Timmy will protect Tabitha to the end.

Tabitha: Thatís very sweet of you, Timmy, but this is the end. No one can protect us now.

Timmy: Then what can Timmy and Tabby do?

Tabitha: We can face our doom with dignity. Chin up, straight back, no tears, and just remember the good times we've had.

Timmy: They were the best of times, Tabby. Timmy will never forget his princess.

Tabitha: This is good-bye, Timmy. Good-bye, Timmy. Oh, oh, oh!

Julian: What are you doing?

Eve: When Luis and Ethan find out what you've done to Theresa, they're going to come after you.

Julian: You -- you get away from me with that thing.

Eve: They're going to want blood, Julian. They're going to want to kill you. But I wonít let them.

Julian: You -- you wonít?

Eve: No! I couldnít just let them kill you and be done with it.

Julian: Oh, you --

Eve: No. Iím going to suggest that they geld you first.

Julian: You mean --

Eve: And Iím going to show them exactly where to cut!

Julian: This is not funny, Eve!

Eve: Do you think that Iím joking, Julian? Not a chance! I am going to watch as Luis and Ethan cut you into tiny little pieces!

Julian: They'll burn for this!

Eve: Oh, ho, ho, ho! Thereís not a jury in Harmony that will convict them, especially after they hear what you did to Theresa.

Theresa: Iím sorry, Mama. Iím so sorry.

Pilar: My baby girl. My little Theresa.

Ethan: Theresa? What is it? What happened?

Luis: Mama, are you ok? Whatís going on? Tell me. I want answers, Mama. Now this canít be just about Sheridan. What happened?

Julian: But there -- there must be a way. There must be some way to stop Ethan and Luis from killing me.

Eve: Maybe you could do it yourself.

Julian: Listen, Eve -- thereís really no reason for them to -- to find out about the marriage. You see, Iím -- Iím getting an annulment.

Eve: You canít keep a thing like that a secret, Julian. They're bound to find out, and then they're going to come after you. And Luis -- so full of pain and anger over Sheridanís death.

Julian: God, what am I supposed to do?

Eve: Well, I think thereís only one thing you can do, Julian -- perform a miracle. Bring Sheridan back from the dead.

[Phone rings]

Brian: It just keeps ringing and ringing.

Brian: Iíll just call back later.

Julian: Yes?

Brian: Hello? Julian Crane?

Julian: Yes. Who is this?

Brian: Brian OíLeary. I have news about your sister, Sheridan Crane?

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