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Passions Transcript Thursday 9/20/01

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Miguel: Ok, everybody just calm down.

Simone: But the warlocks must have gotten Tabitha while we were running out of the cave!

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Charity: It was Tabitha's death that allowed us to escape, you guys!

Jessica: Oh, my God!

Kay: Jessica, will you please just quit saying that?

Jessica: Everything that he said has come true! The warlock said that none of us would escape unless somebody died!

Reese: I guess they chose Tabitha as their victim.

Norma: Wrong! Tabitha's my victim. Mine.

Miguel: Look, Reese, we've got to get her out of there. Let's go. Come on!

Kay: No, Miguel! You're not going anywhere!

Charity: No! No! No! No! It's too dangerous!

Simone: You would be crazy to go back in there!

Jessica: You are not going in there!

Kay: Tabitha's probably dead already anyway.

Simone: They would only kill

Charity: Poor Tabitha!

Timmy: Princess?

Timmy: Timmy doesn't care what Tabby said. Timmy's going to save his princess.

Tabitha: No! No!

Timmy: Princess! Tabitha! Don't hurt Timmy's princess! Don't you kill Timmy's princess!

Sam: Please, God, watch over Ivy. If she died, I don't know what I'd do.

Grace: Ahem. Sam.

Sam: Grace. I didn't know you were here.

Grace: Yeah, I know.

Sam: I had to pray for Ivy.

Grace: I know.

Sam: There's no one else who could pray for her right now.

Grace: Sam, I understand.

Sam: Ethan has no idea his mother was struck by lightning and she needs to go into surgery, could die.

Grace: And Julian?

Sam: Julian. Alive or dead, he couldn't care less.

Grace: But it means a lot to you that Ivy survives this, doesn't it?

Julian: When the chips were down, you came through, Whitney. You rose above.

Whitney: I told you, Julian, I didn't do any of this for you.

Julian: Nevertheless, I am eternally grateful. I misjudged you. You're a stand-up girl.

Whitney: Oh --

Julian: When we get back to Harmony, I'll write you a nice big check.

Whitney: Oh, please. I do not want your money. I think that you are a complete pig, Julian. And don't think I don't know that when you were in Theresa's room that you were trying to take advantage of her while she was out of it.

Julian: Oh, not true!

Whitney: The only reason I told Ethan that I was in the room when you came in was so that he wouldn't kill you and end up going to jail.

Julian: Well --

Whitney: Listen to me. I do want you to do something for me, Julian.

Theresa: Sheridan's alive. They found her.

Ethan: Yes.

Theresa: Well, I want to be there when they bring her in.

Ethan: Wait -- not too fast. Look, Theresa, you need to concentrate on getting better.

Theresa: Yeah, but I am better, Ethan.

Ethan: No, you've been through so much. You need to rest.

Theresa: I will, I will, but not just yet. I mean, right now, all I can think about is going downstairs to be with Luis. Ethan, a little while ago, everything seemed so bleak. But now, now the moon is out and the stars are shining and everything feels so fresh and alive and wonderful again!

Ethan: Well, someone is definitely feeling better.

Theresa: That's because you're here, Ethan. My love is here.

Ethan: You know, I really have to apologize for what happened before. I just kept thinking, and I just got this crazy notion of what had happened to you.

Julian: Wha--

Ethan: The doctor gave her a sedative! She was out of it! You were taking advantage of her!

Julian: No, no, no, I swear.

Ethan: Oh, is that how you got her into bed? You made her think you were me?

Captain: I know this comes as a terrible shock to you.

Luis: No. No, you're wrong.

Captain: I'm afraid not.

Luis: I'm telling you there has been a mistake.

Captain: The woman found at sea, Sheridan Crane, is dead. I'm terribly sorry.

Luis: Sheridan is not dead. Sheridan is out -- she's alive. I know it.

Captain: I know that you were hoping for a miracle.

[Luis sighs]

Luis: She's alive.

Captain: I'm sorry. They'll be bringing her body in soon. We'll need you to identify her.

Singer: Breathe in breathe out you keep me alive you are my passion for life…

Ethan: You know I love you, don't you?

Theresa: Oh, of course I do, silly. I mean, how can you even ask that?

Ethan: Well -- it's just when I couldn't find you, when I called your room and you didn't answer, you know, I began thinking -- I -- I don't know -- I -- as I said, you know, crazy things. Look, and I behaved badly, and I'm really sorry.

Theresa: Well, I don't know what you did, but it doesn't matter. You know, I'm the one who should be apologizing for -- for causing you so much grief. I -- I never should have taken that sedative the doctor gave me. But I did because I thought that something awful had happened to you and Luis and Chad. And the thought of you -- well, I just couldn't bear it, Ethan.

Ethan: You know, I feel the same way. I couldn't bear it if you were taken away from me.

Julian: You should know better than to threaten me, Whitney.

Whitney: You know, it's not a threat, Julian. Actually, it's a fact.

Julian: You realize I do own this hotel.

Whitney: I don't care what you own.

Julian: I could have you and your boyfriend arrested just like that. Hmm? But seeing as you're a friend of my wife's, I'll ignore your little threat and ask what I may do for you.

Whitney: For starters, you can stop calling Theresa your wife and get the marriage annulled like you promised.

Julian: I already told you, I'm working on it.

Whitney: Well, don't work on it, Julian. Just do it.

Julian: It will be done. But you must remind Theresa that mum's the word when it comes to our marriage. She's to keep it a secret.

Whitney: You really think Theresa would want to go around telling everyone that she's married to you?

Julian: Listen, she's still groggy. She could blurt out anything, and we wouldn't want that, would we?

Whitney: Well, then, the sooner you get this marriage annulled, the less likely she is to say anything to anybody.

Julian: Just tell her to keep quiet. Deal?

Whitney: Deal. Ugh.

Julian: Hmm. Ahem.

[Whitney sighs]

Chad: Whitney.

Whitney: Hi, Chad. How you doing?

Chad: Look, I know you don't think I should be in on what's going down, but I'm worried about you.

Whitney: Why?

Chad: Seeing you shaking hands and being palsy with Julian Crane just makes me a little nervous. You mind telling me what's going on?

Sam: Yes. I want Ivy to survive.

Grace: Of course you do.

Sam: You know, there was a time that I'd get angry just at the sight of her. I had no pity for her. Couldn't care less what happened to her one way or the other.

Grace: But now you do?

Sam: Well, like it or not, she's part of our lives. We share Ethan. He's our son.

Grace: There's more than that.

Sam: What do you mean?

Grace: There's something else.

Sam: Oh, when I was with Ivy in the park before and she was struck by lightning, realized how vulnerable she was. It hit me how little she's gotten out of life, how unhappy she's been with Julian. And I'm not excusing the things that she's done. She should have told me Ethan was my son. She shouldn't have pushed her way into our lives.

Grace: No, she shouldn't have done that.

Sam: I know she's hurt you terribly, but her unhappiness runs so deep. It's her fault. She knows it. But still -- for her.

Sam: I feel sorry. For the first time, I -- I feel sorry for her. I understand what she's been through.

Grace: I guess you and I are in the same boat, then. When David and I were trapped in the shed together, he talked a lot about our life together, the time we spent. And when I disappeared, it was really tough on him. I guess in the same way that you feel sorry for Ivy, I feel sorry for David.

Kay: I'm going to miss, Tabitha.

Jessica: Me, too.

Kay: She always understood me.

Miguel: Ok, well, then, let's go in there and try to save her before the warlocks kill her!

Norma: No! Nobody's going to kill Tabitha except me! She's mine, all mine!

Reese: What the heck are you talking about?

Miguel: Wait, wait!

[Norma screams]

[all scream]

Simone: What was that all about?

Miguel: The cave closed! I think the warlocks did it!

Simone: What? Was Norma serious? Does she really want to kill Tabitha?

Jessica: Why? What did Tabitha ever do to her?

Reese: I don't know. But that woman is definitely certifiable.

Simone: Oh, God. [Warlocks laugh]

Tabitha: Oh!

Timmy: What are they doing to Tabitha?

[Warlocks laugh]

Tabitha: Ah! No!

Timmy: Princess! Timmy's coming, Tabitha!


Tabitha: No, Timmy! No! Run, Timmy! Run!

Timmy: If you as much as harm one hair on princess' head --

Tabitha: Save yourself!

Timmy: You'll have to answer Timmy!

Tabitha: Go. Go! Don't look back, Timmy!

Timmy: Warlocks don't scare Timmy.


Tabitha: Ow! Ow! Ooh! Go! Go while the going's good, Timmy!

Timmy: Leave Tabitha? Never!


Tabitha: Oh, Timmy. Oh. I haven't always been there for you. I haven't always been the perfect princess, but -- but I -- I've always loved you, Timmy. I never want any harm to come to you -- ow! Ooh!

Timmy: Let her go!

[Warlocks laugh]

Tabitha: I never meant what I said before, Timmy!

Timmy: Timmy knows!

Tabitha: Ow! Oh!

Timmy: Tabitha! Princess! Tabitha!

Sam: How did our life get so complicated?

Grace: I just wish I knew. But I know that these problems are real. We can't ignore them, turn our backs on them, and wish they'd just disappear.

Sam: No.

Grace: We have to confront them face-on. I'm just afraid it's going to take a lot out of us.

Sam: Not only what's going on with us, but Ivy and David are part of our lives, too. And then there's Ethan. He may be a grown man, but he's my son starting a new life of his own. Ivy asked me to look after him, to let him be part of our lives, our family. I couldn't say no. But you have the final word, Grace.

Grace: I do?

Sam: If you're unwilling to accept Ethan into our home, then I'll meet him outside.

Grace: Oh, no, no, Sam. That wouldn't be right. Look, if Ethan is part of your life, then he's a part of my life.

Sam: Thank you.

Grace: I guess we just got to accept that our family isn't what it once was.

Sam: Yeah, you're right.

Grace: It's not just Ethan, either. It's David, too.

Sam: David?

Grace: Sam, I know you don't want to accept it, but David is very much a part of our life.

[Sam sighs]

Chad: Well, don't you want to tell me what's going on?

Whitney: Chad, I -- I can't. You're just going to have to trust me on this. If I told you what Julian and I were talking about, you would feel obligated to tell Ethan.

Chad: And that would cause a problem.

Whitney: A very, very big problem. All hell would definitely break loose. That's why Ethan can just -- he can never know. And I know Theresa's smart enough not to tell him, either.

Ethan: I'm not going to let anything take you away from me again.

Theresa: Same here. Nothing and nobody, now and forever. Ethan, I have to tell you about this -- this crazy dream I had. Don't touch me! What are we doing in bed with each other?

[Theresa gasps]

Julian: Well, making love, of course.

Theresa: No! Oh! Thank God it was just a dream.

Luis: You don't know what you're talking about.

Captain: Look, I know how difficult this is for you --

Luis: Look, Sheridan isn't dead! I mean, she can't be --

Captain: I'm only telling you what's been reported. Her body was found at sea.

Luis: Well, then, where is she now?

Captain: Aboard a coastal vessel, in a body bag.

Luis: No.

Captain: She was dead when they found her. No one could have survived the storm. She'd been dead for quite some time. There was no chance of reviving her. I'm sorry.

Theresa: It was more like a nightmare than a dream. I guess I can blame it on the drug that the doctor gave me. But it seemed real, Ethan. It's just crazy, I guess.

Ethan: Well, what was it about?

Theresa: Ok. Well, I was actually --

Whitney: Theresa. Hey. Come on, girl. Let's hurry up and get dressed. Everybody's meeting downstairs to welcome Sheridan back.

Theresa: Oh, I was just about to tell Ethan about this crazy dream I had. I mean, whit, let me tell you. It was --

Whitney: Oh, honey, honey, it's ok. You can tell him later. I mean, we don't want to miss out on being there for Sheridan at all. Ethan, would you mind actually going out there in the hallway with Chad and give us a little girl time?

Ethan: Yeah, sure.

Whitney: Thank you, Ethan.

Theresa: Bye.

Whitney: Bye. Theresa? It wasn't a crazy dream you had.

Theresa: What are you talking about?

Whitney: You and Julian.

Theresa: How did you know that Julian was in my dream?

Whitney: Theresa, honey, listen to me. It wasn't a dream. You did sleep with Julian. And not only did you sleep with him, but you married him in a 24-hour chapel.

Theresa: No, I -- no.

Whitney: Yes! Yes, honey! You told me yesterday morning. You admitted it to me. Julian admitted it. The justice of the peace admitted it. Honey --

Theresa: Oh, my God! It wasn't a dream! Oh, it really happened, Whitney.

Theresa: Whitney, what am I going to do?

Whitney: Theresa, you're going to shut up about it. That's exactly what you're going to do. You're just going to shut up and let Julian get the annulment, and just pray that no one ever, ever finds out about this.

[Theresa gasps]

Rebecca: Well, there you are -- at last.

[Julian burps]

Julian: My dove.

Rebecca: Oh, don't "dove" me!

Julian: Ahem. What's wrong?

Rebecca: I want the truth.

Julian: "The truth"?

Rebecca: Just who is she, Julian? Who have you been with? Who's the latest tart?

Julian: I beg your pardon?

Rebecca: You heard me.

Julian: What, me with a tart? Never.

Rebecca: Who is she?

Julian: Well, I wasn't with anyone. Frankly, I'm rather insulted.

Rebecca: Well, then, where have you been all this time?

Julian: Been walking the halls worrying about poor Sheridan.

Rebecca: Oh, Julian! Just come off it! Remember who you are talking to here? You are the one that is responsible for your sister's --

Julian: Shh -- whoa, whoa!

Rebecca: For your sister's death. You are the one who arranged for the bomb to explode. So how dare you play the victim?

Julian: I never wanted any of this. It was all father's doing.

Rebecca: Oh, save it. I just want to know what you've been up to.

Julian: "Up to"?

Rebecca: Is there an echo in here?

Julian: Nothing. I have been up to nothing. Oh!

Rebecca: Oh, oh, oh, there she is! That is the maid that said that she saw you in bed with a dark-haired young woman. Excuse me? Excuse me? Hmm. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Grace: Look, you may not want it to be true, but the fact is -- and you're going to have to accept this -- David is my husband.

Sam: Grace --

Grace: Sam, he passed every test that we gave him.

Sam: Why can't you see --

Grace: He knows all kinds of things about me, little, everyday things -- what I eat, what I wear. He knows things that only a husband should know. There's a marriage certificate, a priest. A priest remembers marrying us, Sam. Admit it -- David is a part of my life. So he's got to be a part of our life.

Sam: David may claim to remember a lot of things. But do you remember him?

Grace: I remember our wedding.

Sam: But you don't remember seeing the groom's face. He's conned you, Grace. I've said this from the very beginning -- he's making a fool out of you!

Grace: Sam, just stop it!

Sam: I won't stop believing what I know is the truth!

Grace: David, now and forever, is a part of my life.

Sam: Hmm.

Grace: That's the truth. And you have to stop fighting it.

David: I don't know how you like your coffee, so I just left it black. But Grace, obviously, no sugar, a bit of milk, right?

Kay: Miguel, stop it! You're only going to hurt yourself! It's not going to open!

Miguel: Look, I don't get it! Why did the warlocks grab Tabitha? And why does Norma want to kill her? What did she do to them?

Reese: I'm telling you, Tabitha is witch!

Simone: Reese!

Reese: She probably did something to the warlocks a long time ago, something that they're really ticked about.

Jessica: So what? They're trying to get back at her?

Reese: Exactly!

Jessica: Then how do you explain Norma?

Simone: Yeah. What, is she a witch, too?

Reese: Ok. I admit I don't get Norma. She's a totally different kind of weirdo.

Charity: Look, guys, the only thing we can do right now is just pray for Tabitha and hope that she's going to be ok!

Reese: I don't know how much good praying does for witches.

Kay: Reese --

Miguel: No, look, what we got to do right now is find shelter before these trees start coming down on us.

Kay: Yeah, I'm with Miguel on that. Let's find some cover, ok?

Miguel: Let's go.

Simone: Let's go! Let's go.

[Warlocks laugh]

Timmy: What are they doing to Tabby? What's going on?

Tabitha: Oh. This is a medieval torture chamber of hell, Tim Tim! Don't watch. I don't want you to see me like this. This is not how I want you to remember me. Ow! Oh!

Timmy: Timmy will never leave Tabby -- never!

[Warlocks laugh]

Tabitha: Oh! Oh!

[Warlocks laugh]

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, leeches! No!


Tabitha: No!

Singer: You are my passion for life…

Grace: Sam, please. Let's be civil.

Sam: Thank you for the coffee, and thank you for getting Grace through the hurricane.

David: Well, she's my wife. I'd lay down my life for her.

Sam: I appreciate your help. I would appreciate it even more if you'd stop calling her your wife --

Grace: Sam --

Sam: Because I don't care how many tricks you have in your bag or what you say or what you claim to remember. You'll never convince me that you were married to her.

David: I didn't come here to start an argument.

Sam: I don't want to argue either, and especially here in the chapel. But you know and I know Grace has amnesia.

David: Haven't we already been over this?

Sam: I'm not through going over it.

Grace: Sam --

Sam: The fact that she remembers nothing prior to our meeting means that you're free to make up whatever you like --

Grace: Sam --

Sam: As long as Grace believes it.

Grace: He's not making things up.

Sam: How do you know?

Grace: Because --

Sam: Can you be sure? How do you know he didn't hire a detective to find out these things about you?

David: Oh, that's ridiculous.

Sam: Well, we're not talking to you!

David: Why would I hire a detective? What is in it for me? Look, I'm sorry. But whether you like it or not, just as Ivy is a part of your life, I am a part of Grace.

Sam: Whoa. Hold on a second. Ivy is a very small part of me.

David: Oh, come on. It's so obvious how important she is to you. You stayed with her through the hurricane.

Sam: She was at the park, and I asked her to leave.

David: I know, and not once did you come back and check on Grace.

Sam: While I was out on the beach I didn't know Grace was in danger.

David: But you didn't know for sure she wasn't. All I'm trying to say is that if it were I, I wouldn't have stayed with Ivy. I would have gone back and checked on my wife. But something kept you there with Ivy. Something kept you away.

Rebecca: We are going to settle this right here and now. That maid said she saw you with a dark-haired woman.

[Maid gasps]

Julian: What in God's name!

Rebecca: Well, at first, we all thought it was Theresa. But then Theresa is not the only dark-haired floozy wandering around this hotel.

Julian: This is preposterous. It's utterly preposterous.

Rebecca: Hmm. We'll see.

Julian: There's nothing to see.

Rebecca: Julian, as your fiancée, I have a right to know. And your reputation is -- need I say more? -- Not exactly spotless. Yes, earlier you said that you saw Mr. Crane with a dark-haired woman. Who was she? What did she look like? We need an exact detailed description of her.

Maid: Um -- uh -- -- uh- uh --

Rebecca: Well, who was she? Did you or did you not see her?

Maid: Oh, yes. I saw her. But she was with another man, not Mr. Crane -- in another room. I'm so sorry. It was my mistake.

Rebecca: I don't buy it.

Julian: Well, you heard her. It was another man, another room.

Rebecca: So where were you when Luis was breaking down your door?

Julian: I already told you. I was wandering the halls grieving over poor Sheridan.

Rebecca: Yeah. Grieving over a woman you killed.

Julian: You –

Theresa: If Ethan finds out what I did, you know, before the annulment, before Ethan and I get married --

Whitney: You won't have a marriage, Theresa. You'll have absolutely nothing.

Theresa: He's going to hate me for the rest of my life. God, what have I done, Whitney? What have I done?

Whitney: Come on, come on. It's ok.

Ethan: Luis. Has Sheridan arrived yet?

Luis: They're bringing in a dead woman.

Chad: What?

Luis: In a body bag. They say it's Sheridan. They say she drowned.

Ethan: No.

Luis: She's dead. Can't be true.

Kay: Hey, guys! Why don't we stop under this tree and dry off a little, catch our breath?

Miguel: No. It's too tall.

Reese: It's practically begging to be hit by lightning.

Simone: How about over there?

Miguel: That's perfect.

Jessica: Yeah, but how are we supposed to get to it?

Miguel: Look, all we have to do is walk across that log. It'll be ok.

Reese: We better hurry. That dam doesn't look like it'll last much longer.

Miguel: Come on. Follow me.

Miguel: Ok, everybody be careful. It's really slippery.

Charity: Ok! Go! You go! I'll come along.

Reese: Man, I'd hate to be here when that dam breaks.

Charity: Look out!

Norma: Out of my way!

Timmy: Norma! Norma!

Norma: Lucky little fellow. I'm not interested in you now. I'm after Tabitha. I want to kill her before the warlocks do! Agh!

Tabitha: Is that you, Timmy, trying to get through?

Timmy: It's Norma, princess! Norma's here!

Tabitha: Oh, no. Not her again. Then I'm dead either way.

Norma: Agh! Agh!

Timmy: Wow! She means business!

Norma: Oh, ho-ho-ho. Ah! Agh! Ah.

Norma: I'm coming to get you, Tabitha! Agh!

Tabitha: No! No!

David: Maybe you don't want to admit it, but something kept you out there with Ivy, didn't it? You weren't his first allegiance.

Sam: You've stepped over the line. You are talking about things that you know nothing about. So if I were you, I would butt out! This is between my wife and me. So if you've got anything else to add, we can do it outside.

Grace: Sam, please, don't make threats.

David: You know, I've -- I've taken your anger and I've endured your bullying tactics, and I've tried to be understanding.

Sam: Oh. You're a real class act.

David: And yet you still refuse to face the facts. In the eyes of God and the state, Grace is my wife.

Sam: You son --

Grace: Sam, Sam, please. He's been quite fair.

Sam: Fair? Is it fair to have a man walk into your life out of the blue and try to steal your wife? Grace, you are my wife. And I don't care what he says. Nobody is going to take you away from me.

Luis: Look, it's not possible, ok? She's not dead. She's not gone.

Theresa: This is awful. This is just awful.

Luis: No --

Ethan: Sir, the woman you found -- what did she look like?

Captain: The description of the woman they pulled from the water fits the description we have of Sheridan Crane. I -- I'm sorry.

Whitney: Ethan, I'm so sorry.

Ethan: You know, I thought I convinced myself that there's no way she could have survived the hurricane. In my head, I tried to accept that she was gone. But in my heart, I guess I believed in a miracle.

Luis: Yeah, and I still believe in miracles, and I'm not going to believe she's dead till I see her body.

Captain: I came to tell you all they're bringing her body in for identification.

Sam: Now, do I make myself perfectly clear? No one is going to take my wife away from me.

David: I'm sorry to see you upset like this, Sam, but I guess it's to be expected.

Sam: You better back off.

David: If you think your anger frightens me, you've got the wrong guy. And there's nothing you can say or do that's going to scare me away. I came to Harmony for one reason only -- to get my wife. Now, you can threaten me all you want, but I'm not leaving Harmony without her.

Julian: Well, what's going on?

Whitney: They're bringing Sheridan in a body bag.

Julian: Oh, dear God. I don't think I can look.

Rebecca: Well, it's a little late to be squeamish, isn't it?

Chad: Hey. Steady, man, all right?

Luis: No.

Norma: Agh!

Warlock: Not so fast.

Norma: Huh? What happened, father? Out of my way, pretty boys! I've got work to do.

Warlock: Tabitha belongs to us.

Norma: Oh, I don't see your name on her.

Warlock: And we're going to torture her for a while before we finish her off.

Norma: Wrong! I promised my father, Tabitha would be mine, and I won't let him down! I'm going to kill her! A kind, Timmy.

[Warlocks yell]

Tabitha: Clash of the titans, eh, Tim Tim?

Timmy: One for the history books.

[Warlocks yell]

Norma: Ah! Ah!

[Norma screams]

Tabitha: Who do you think's going to win, Norma or the warlocks?

Timmy: Timmy puts his money on Norma. She's the craziest lady in any world.

[Norma screams]

Tabitha: My bet's on the warlocks. Ooh.

Norma: Ah! Ah!

[Norma laughs and screams]

Charity: Oh, my God! Look out!

[All scream]

Charity: No!

[Charity screams]

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