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Passions Transcript Friday 9/7/01

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Charity: Tabitha's a witch! You, Tabitha Lenox -- you're a witch!

Tabitha: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just a harmless old woman.

Timmy's voice: Princess is so busted.

Reese: You see, I'm right. I've been saying that for ages, but now Charity is saying it, too.

Miguel: Look, come on, Reese. Charity, do you think Tabitha's a witch?

Kay: Charity is such a nut case. Why would Miguel want to be saddled with that for the rest of his life?

Simone: Because he loves her.

Kay: Well, he should be with me. She should be locked up forever.

Miguel: Charity, what's wrong? Why are you calling Tabitha a witch?

Charity: Because it's true, Miguel. The Warlocks told me.

Tabitha: Warlocks?

Kay: Warlocks.

Jessica: No, no, no, wait, wait. Isn't that what you found on the internet? Ok. Do you think there's Warlocks on this island?

Reese: Yeah, I believe it.

Charity: You -- you're a witch, Tabitha Lenox.

David: It's going to take heavy machinery to get this door open.

Grace: But we have to get out of here. We have to get these supplies to the church.

David: Look here. We'll find a way. Don't worry.

Grace: The storm's getting worse, and I am worried about everybody stranded on Warlock Island.

David: Look, Sam's going to fix the beacon, ok? He's going to get out there, and he's going to get them.

Grace: Yes. He has to save them, and he has to bring them to the church, and we have got to get out of here.

David: Yes, we will. We'll find a way, Grace.

Ivy: Oh, Sam, you did it!

Sam: Ivy, what are you still doing here? Get out off the boat before you get blown off.

Ivy: Ok, ok, I'll be down in a flash.

Sam: Ivy! Ivy, hang on!

[Pounding on door]

Julian: God, Luis is going to kill me if he finds me with Theresa. I have to hide her somewhere.

Ethan: You see anything?

Luis: I can't tell. Julian, if you are in there with Theresa, you're a dead man.

Rebecca: Keep chopping, Luis. Oh, if Theresa is in there with Julian, I want first dibs on that weasel. Because when I finish with him, there isn't going to be anything left for Ethan and Luis to kill.

[Luis grunts]

Whitney: Theresa.

Chad: Whitney, what is wrong? Why are you so scared?

Whitney: Look, it's just so horrible, Chad, ok? It's worse than you could ever imagine.

Julian: Dear God, where can we hide?

Julian: Oh, my God --

Theresa: Luis -- I have to talk to him.

Julian: Don't!

Theresa: I have to talk to Ethan.

Julian: You cannot talk to anyone. We have to hide.

Theresa: Hide?

Julian: Yes. Ethan and Luis will kill me. I need to hide you. But where? Not the bathroom. It's the first place they'd look. I already tried the armoire. Under the bed.

Rebecca: I can't wait until I get my hands on that bastard.

Whitney: Theresa's not going to get out of this one.

Chad: Whitney, it's ok. Luis is going after Julian, not Theresa.

Whitney: You just don't understand, Chad.

Chad: Don't understand what?

Luis: Where are you, Julian?

Charity: Tabitha's a witch. A witch.

Kay: She is totally cracked.

Reese: I'm glad someone besides me finally sees it.

Jessica: Look, Reese, stop it. Tabitha's not a witch, and you know that. She's -- she's just kind of -- eccentric, you know?

Tabitha: That's right. I'm eccentric. But a witch? I don't know how to answer this accusation. Miguel, I really fear for Charity. She's not well.

Miguel: I know. Something happened to her.

Reese: Stop trying to change the subject. Look at what's going on outside. A hurricane suddenly pops up out of the blue with no warning whatsoever. Only way that could happen is if an evil witch cast a spell.

Miguel: Reese, look, don't talk crazy. We all know how unpredictable the weather can be.

Jessica: You know what, Reese? I think you're the one who's not well.

Miguel: Look, Charity. You said that Warlocks told you that Tabitha's a witch.

Charity: Yes. They told me everything. They showed me visions.

Miguel: Visions?

Charity: Yes, they -- they told me things. They -- they -- they showed me --

Miguel: Charity? Oh, my God. Charity?

Grace: Look, we have to get out of here. My children are in danger on that island.

David: I'm sure they're going to be ok.

Grace: Please, God, take care of them. Sam and my children mean everything to me. I can't lose them. Please. I'm sorry. I know that's difficult for you to hear.

David: It is, but you don't have to apologize.

Grace: Look, I know you say that we were married before I lost my memory, so I'm sure it's really difficult to know that I love Sam.

David: As I said, you don't have to apologize. You had no memory of me when you married Sam.


David: Must be another tree.

Grace: Sam is never going to make it to the island in this hurricane.

David: It's certainly not going to be easy for him.

Grace: But my kids -- I mean, we have to get out of here. How are we going to get out of here?

David: Look, look -- I promise you I'm going to make sure that you get out of here, ok?

Sam: Ivy, hang on! I'm going to get you. Hang on, hang on. No! Ivy! No! Ivy!

Rebecca: Julian, you cad! They're not in the bathroom.

Gwen: Try the shower.

Rebecca: They're not in there.

Chad: Whitney, what is it?

Whitney: Oh, I can't even talk about it right now, ok? Oh, God, please.

Luis: Not in there.

Rebecca: Oh, my goodness. Oh -- oh, I can't believe it. He actually brought his pirate costume down here.

Whitney: Ugh. Ewe.

Gwen: Mother, we'd really rather not hear anything about costumes, ok?

Luis: Where the hell could they be?

Ethan: They couldn't have gone far.

Gwen: Look, look, behind the drapes. I just saw -- I just saw them move.

Miguel: Charity? Charity, wake up.

Reese: Does she need CPR?

Jessica: She's breathing. She's just -- she's passed out.

Kay: This is it, Simone.

Simone: This is what?

Kay: The end of the legend. Charity dies, and it comes true, and I get Miguel.

Simone: Kay, you are a monster. Charity is your cousin. How can you wish her dead?

Kay: Simone, I'm not wishing her dead. But if she should happen to die -- things will just fall into place like the legend says.

Simone: You caused all this, Kay. You started it when you poured the water all over the signal fire when Miguel was trying to get us off of this island. Then you let Charity wander off.

Kay: I am not her keeper.

Simone: If Charity dies, it will be on your head.

Timmy: What's going on, princess? How does Charity know Tabby's a witch?

Tabitha: Oh, you heard as well as the rest of us. The Warlocks told her.

Timmy: The Warlocks -- the ones who want to kill Timmy and Tabby?

Tabitha: Yes.

Timmy: So which is worse, the Warlocks or crazy Norma with her axe?

Tabitha: Either way, Timmy, we're dead meat.

Miguel: Charity? Charity. Charity, wake up!

David: Don't worry, Grace. It's going to be ok. I promise. Look out! Are you ok?

Grace: Oh, my God, David, you're bleeding.

David: No, it's ok, it's ok.

Grace: No. No, it's not.

David: It's ok.

Grace: Keep your hand on it until I can get a bandage.

David: It's all right.

Grace: No, it's not. Do as I say.

David: Oh, great.

Grace: I can't believe that tree. Thank you.

Grace: Is that ok?

David: Yeah, it's great, it's great. We got to get some way out of this shed. We've got to find some way out of this place.

Grace: I can't believe you're actually this concerned. I mean, I thought the last thing you would want is to get me back with Sam and my children.

David: Grace, I want you to be happy. And if that means getting you back with Sam and your children, then -- then that's what I want.

Grace: Even if it means that I never recognize that we were married?

David: Even if it means you'll never remember the love we shared. Even if it means we'll never be together again. I just want you to be happy.

Sam: Ivy!

Sam: Ivy. Ivy. Ivy. Ivy. No. No. Ivy -- Ivy, you can't be dead. No. No.

Timmy: What can Timmy and Tabby do?

Tabitha: I think we should get away from these kids as quickly as possible and find a way out of this cave.

Timmy: Sounds like a good plan to Timmy.

Reese: Tabitha? Where do you think you're going?

Tabitha: Well, actually, I was thinking, Ross, that maybe there's an underground spring around here somewhere. I was going to get some water for Charity.

Jessica: Oh, no, Tabitha, we haven't seen any water.

Miguel: She's coming around. Charity, can you hear me? Charity, it's me -- Miguel.

Charity: Miguel --

Miguel: You all right?

[Charity groans]

Charity: I'm not sure.

Reese: Charity, tell us more about the Warlocks. You saw them, right? And they told you Tabitha was a witch?

Charity: What?

Miguel: Just take it easy, Reese. All right? Just give her a chance to catch her breath.

Reese: Sorry.

Charity: Where are we?

Miguel: We're in a cave. You wandered off from camp, and we've been looking for you.

Charity: Camp. I -- I remember the campfire. Oh. Miguel, Miguel, it was horrible. I saw them in the fire. They were calling me. They wanted me to come to them.

Miguel: Who, Charity?

Charity: The Warlocks!

Reese: See, she wasn't dreaming. They really are on the island, aren't they? And they told you that Tabitha's a witch, right, Charity? Come on, Charity. Tell them what you know. Tell them that Tabitha is a witch.

Luis: Nothing.

Ethan: Julian was here. I mean, the maid said she saw him and a woman with long dark hair in bed not long ago.

Gwen: Well, then, where are they?

Rebecca: Nobody looked under the bed?

Ethan: Nothing.

Rebecca: Well, they didn't just disappear.

Theresa: I want to talk to Ethan.

Julian: Shh. You're going to get us killed. I have to get you back to your room. Because Ethan and Luis can't know that you were in my room. Now, come on.

[Glass bottle rolls]

Ethan: What was that?

Luis: The balcony.

Grace: You really are a decent man to want to help me get back to Sam.

David: Don't make me out to be some kind of hero because I'm not. I've done a lot of things wrong in my life. But the one thing I did right was marrying you.

Grace: You know, David, I -- I just -- I really don't want to get into that again.

David: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to give you any more pain or make things any more difficult. I know it must have been hell for you all these years, wondering what happened with your life.

Grace: Yeah, it was, but I was able to deal with it.

David: Can I just tell you how you affected my life? Can I just tell you that before I met you, I was wandering aimlessly through life. I had no focus. And then, when I first looked into your eyes, I realized I had meaning in my life -- to make you happy. And I started studying photography, and the next thing you know, I had a career.

Grace: It's been a good career.

David: It's been a Godsend. It's kept me travelling, you know. Stopped me from focusing full-time on the fact that I'd lost you. It didn't stop me remembering all the time. It didn't stop me remembering some of the things -- some of the things that just made me love you more. Like how you did your stretching first thing in the morning. Do you still do that?

Grace: You know I do stretches first thing every morning?

David: Grace, you've got to believe me by now. I knew these things about you because we're married. I'm your husband. You're my wife, Grace.

Sam: Ivy! I've got to get you some help. No signal. Tower must still be out. I'll use the two-way. Hello, this is Chief Bennett. Does anybody read me? Over.

Sam: Still no pulse. Ivy -- Ivy, don't do this to me. Ivy.

Singer: You are my passion for life…

David: Do you still keep a pen and pad next to the bed so that when you wake up in the middle night and remember something you can write it down? Only Sam knows these things.

David: I know everything about you, Grace.

Grace: You seem to. It's just such a mystery.

David: Just like those detective books you used to love to read.

Grace: Yeah, I still read detective books.

David: I bought you some on our honeymoon.

Grace: It's amazing to hear these things -- that I still do the same things that I used to do before I lost my memory. But it's just unsettling to hear it from a perfect stranger.

David: I'm not a stranger, Grace. I'm your husband. How else would I know all these things? Look, whether you want to face it or not, we've been husband and wife for over twenty years.

[Ivy coughs]

Sam: Ivy, thank God. Ivy, thank God you're all right.

Ivy: It's cold. I need more wood for the fire.

Sam: What?

Ivy: More -- more wood.

Sam: She's hallucinating. Ok. Ok, sure.

Ivy: That's better, Sam. That's better. Let's -- let's dance, Sam. I don't have to go back to town for a long time. My parents aren't expecting me. The beach, it's so -- so beautiful at night.

Sam: Ivy, listen to me. I'm going to go get you some help, all right?

Ivy: No. No, don't leave me, Sam. Let's just -- let's just dance, please.

Sam: Ivy that was a long time ago.

Ivy: I can't -- I can't hear the radio, Sam. I can't hear it. Could you turn it up?

Julian: They've looked everywhere but out here. We've got to get away.

Ethan: They have to be out on the balcony.

Luis: Damn it. It's locked from the outside.

Luis: Damn it.

Ethan: Look -- all these balconies are connected.

Luis: Yeah, they couldn't have gotten far.

Rebecca: Julian, you snake, I'm coming to get you!

Gwen: Shh. Mother, you'll wake the dead.

Rebecca: I could kill him with my bare hands.

Chad: Hey, guys, look, why don't we split up, all right? Some of us go down the balconies this way and the others go that way.

Luis: Good. Ethan, you come with me. Chad, Whitney, why don't you guys go the other way.

Chad: All right.

Rebecca: Let's go out to the corridor. Julian might try to slip through one of the rooms out to the corridor to escape.

Gwen: Ok.

Reese: Tell them, Charity. You know Tabitha's a witch, right?

Charity: Reese, I don't know what you're talking about. Why would I say that Tabitha was a witch?

Reese: You just said that the Warlocks told you Tabitha was a witch.

Miguel: Reese is right, Charity. That's what you said.

Charity: Oh. I'm sorry. I don't remember saying any of those things.

Kay: Man. I guess she's going to be ok.

Simone: You know what, Kay -- why don't you just give up? You're never going to get Miguel away from Charity.

Miguel: You don't remember saying the Warlocks told you things?

Charity: Yes, I remember seeing them and I remember they were talking about some woman who traps them on the island and -- but, no, I don't remember them saying Tabitha's name.

Tabitha's voice: Thank Hades she forgot.

Tabitha: There, Ross. You see? There's no truth in the accusation whatsoever.

Reese: It's Reese. Phonetically -- Reese. Are you sure they didn't tell you that, Charity?

Charity: No. Reese, I don't remember that.

Miguel: Ok, well, are you sure you saw the Warlocks in the fire?

Charity: Yes, yes, I -- I think so. I don't know. You know, maybe I was dreaming. It seemed so real.

Miguel: Then how did you get here? How'd you get in this cave?

Charity: Miguel, help me! Miguel! The rock! The rock closed around me. Jessica -- Jessica, you remember seeing my shirt inside a rock almost as if it had closed around me, right?

Jessica: Well, yeah, that -- that's what it looked like.

Charity: Well, yeah. You were right. It was horrible. The Warlocks were pulling me inside this big rock, and it closed behind me. But it just -- it must've caught a piece of my shirt!

Reese: I knew that's what happened!

Miguel: What about the Warlocks? You must've been dreaming.

Charity: But I'm here, aren't I? And it seemed so real.

Reese: I believe you -- all of it -- the Warlocks and everything they told you. Maybe someone did invite evil back to Harmony just like father Lonigan said they might. And I bet I know exactly who that person was.

Charity: Kay it was you.

Simone: She's got you, Kay.

Miguel: Charity, what are you talking about?

Reese: Yeah, what do you mean it was Kay?

Jessica: Do you mean that Kay bought evil back to Harmony?

Charity: No. I remember another vision that I had. And it was of Miguel making love to someone, and it was you, Kay.

Miguel: Yeah. We heard you call out. You said something about me making love to Kay.

Charity: You did.

Miguel: Well, that's how I know that you're dreaming, all right, because Kay and I are never going to make love.

Timmy: At least Kay took some of the pressure off Timmy and Tabby.

Tabitha: Oh, it doesn't matter, Timmy. If the Warlocks want us dead, there's no way we'll get out of this place alive.

Charity: Oh. I remember more of what I saw, visions that I saw with the Warlocks.

Reese: What were they?

Charity: They were of your sister and your brother.

Miguel: Luis and Theresa?

Charity: Yeah, I saw -- I saw Sheridan and Luis, and there was a boat and an explosion, and it was -- oh, it was horrible.

Miguel: Wait a second; I thought you said that Sheridan was the one that you saw in danger. Now you seeing Luis in danger too?

Charity: Yeah. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I don't mean to upset you.

Miguel: It's all right. It's probably nothing. Ok, we'll call them both as soon as we get off this island. What about Theresa?

Charity: I saw Theresa. She was looking at her picture of Ethan and she was crying and -- and there was some other man there.

Miguel: What man?

Charity: I'm not sure who he was. No, it can't be. You know what -- I was just -- I was just worried. I didn't know why she wasn't with Ethan.

Miguel: It's all right. It's all right.

Charity: Oh, Miguel, I feel so much safer now that you're here. I knew that you were going to come save me. I knew you would.

Warlock: Destroy her, Charity!

Warlocks: You must destroy her!

Charity: No, no, no, no!

Miguel: Charity, what's wrong?

Charity: They're here! They're back!

Warlock: Kill Tabitha!

Warlocks: You must destroy her!

Warlock: Destroy her!

Second Warlock: Destroy her!

Third Warlock: You must destroy her!

Luis: Hey, any sign of them?

Chad: No.

Whitney: You didn't see them, either, Ethan?

Luis: No.

Ethan: No. Wait a minute. You don't think Julian would've jumped, would he?

Luis: Not from up here. Theresa sure as hell couldn't have jumped from here to the beach.

Ethan: Well, look, maybe we're wrong. Maybe Theresa's not with him.

Luis: There's only one way to find out. We got to find that bastard.

Chad: Yeah, but where could they have gone?

Luis: Hold on, I know exactly where he took her.

Whitney: Oh, Theresa, what have you gotten yourself into now? Where are you?

Julian: Oh. That was close. I have to get you back to your room before Ethan and Luis find me with you.

Theresa: Ethan. I want to talk to Ethan.

Julian: Yes, and you shall, dear, soon -- just as soon I'm 3,000 miles away from here.

Grace: David, I can't prove to you that what you say isn't true. In fact, it seems to be true. But you know how Sam feels.

David: Oh, yeah, yeah, Sam thinks I'm making the whole thing up. Despite all the evidence I've given him, he still thinks I'm a con man, which is absurd. I mean, what exactly would am I trying to get you, Grace? You don't have any money. You don't even have a house.

Grace: Yeah, we don't have anything you would want.

David: I don't need money, Grace. I'm a successful photojournalist. I've made lots of money in my life. I've invested it well. I mean, it's stupid for Sam to think that -- that I'm trying to get something from you.

Grace: You know what -- I am not going to listen to you talk about Sam that way.

David: I'm sorry. Ok, I don't mean to insult him. Look, I actually admire the guy. If things were reversed, I'd -- I'd probably behave the same way.

Grace: Yeah, he's just trying to protect his family.

David: Yeah. That's what he's doing. Although, there is one thing that puzzles me a little.

Grace: What's that?

David: Well, it's just that I've heard from Eve and Pilar and even Sam's brother that -- that Sam and Ivy Crane once had a great love.

Grace: Well, yeah, they did, years ago. Why does that puzzle you?

David: Well, it's -- it's just that Ivy still hangs around him, and Sam allows it.

Grace: No, Sam does not allow it. Ivy has done everything that she possibly can to try to get her way back into Sam's life and he does not want her around.

David: You're sure of that?

Grace: Yes, I am sure of it. Ivy is Sam's past! That's it!

David: Ok.

Grace: You sound doubtful.

David: Look, it's just that I've heard that -- that, see, no one ever really gets over their first love. I never got over mine.

Grace: Yeah, Sam said the same thing. So what of it?

David: Well, I -- I just wonder if it's not true for Sam, if Sam ever got over his first love -- Ivy.

Sam: Still not getting a signal on anything. Ivy, listen to me, I'm going to go the squad car and try to raise somebody to get some help. I'll be right back.

Ivy: No, Sam, no. We -- we don't have to go yet. We still have a few minutes. Oh. It's been a wonderful summer, hasn't it been, Sam?

Sam: Yes. It was a wonderful summer, Ivy, but so much has changed. Listen to me, I'm going to go the road and try to flag down somebody for some help, all right?

Ivy: No, no. Sam, don't go.

Sam: Ivy, listen, don't talk. Just rest.

Ivy: Sam -- Sam, I'm scared.

Sam: Ivy, I'll be right back.

Ivy: No! No, don't leave me, Sam. Please, don't leave. I think -- I think I'm dying.

Grace: No, you are wrong about Sam. He is over Ivy. He has no feelings for her.

David: But you were worried enough to push them together, right, so that they could get closure.

Grace: You know what -- I really don't want to talk about Ivy. She has brought so much pain into my life. I would just like to forget her.

David: I understand. You've loved Sam for over 20 years. It must be very, very painful to think that he loves someone else.

Grace: You know, I don't think he loves someone else. He loves me.

David: I'm sorry, Grace. I didn't mean to upset you. I know how you feel. You don't want to lose the person you love. Believe me; no one understands better what you're going through than I do.

Grace: I am not going to lose Sam. He doesn't love Ivy. I know it. It's over. I know it's over.

David: Yes. Yes, it's over.

Sam: Ivy, you're not dying. I'm going to go get you some help.

Ivy: No, Sam, I can -- I can tell. I can feel it. I am. I'm dying.

Sam: Ivy, listen to me, you're not dying. I have to go get you help to get to a hospital.

Ivy: No, Sam, if you leave me here, I will die. Please don't leave me. Please don't leave me alone to die.

Sam: Ok. Ok. It's ok. It's ok.

Ethan: Let's try down this way. Theresa's room must be around here somewhere.

Julian: Oh, my God, they're so close.

Julian: You just stay here, dear. You'll be fine. So will I if I can just get the hell out of here.

Rebecca: Just wait till I get my hands on that vermin. Ooh, little Julian is going to be out of commission for a long, long time.

Julian: Oh, my God, Rebecca. Where can I hide?

[Pounding on door]

Luis: The door just closed. I'll bet they're inside.

Rebecca: Julian, where the hell are you? Julian?

Ethan: Theresa? Are you in there?

Theresa: Ethan?

Ethan: Did anyone hear that? I think I heard Theresa.

Luis: Theresa!

Ethan: Theresa, are you in there?


Luis: Theresa! Theresa!

Ethan: Theresa!

Warlocks: Destroy her! Destroy her!

Charity: No. I won't!

Miguel: Charity, what is it? What won't you do?

Charity: They're here, Miguel. They're telling me to do things.

Reese: The Warlocks?

Charity: Yes, yes. They want me to destroy her.

Tabitha: They're talking about me, Timmy.

Warlocks: Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!

Miguel: Come on, Charity, I'm going to take you back to camp and you can get warmed up. All right, we'll try to signal another boat and get off this island.

Charity: Miguel, no, don't you understand? We can't leave here. If we leave, they're going to try to kill us. They'll kill us all.

Miguel: No, Charity, just try to stay calm. Ok, no one is going to try to kill us. All right, we're going to get off this island and everything is going to be ok, I promise.

Tabitha: Miguel shouldn't make promises he can't keep, Timmy. If the Warlocks don't want us to leave, no one is going anywhere.

Kay: What was that?

Miguel: It was nothing. Look, come on, we're going to be fine. Let's go.

Reese: This is the evil that was invited back into Harmony!

Tabitha: Oh, oh, this is it, Timmy! We're going to die!

Charity: Oh, oh, Miguel, Miguel, they won't leave us! They're going to kill us all!

Jessica: The walls! Look!

Simone: What's going on?

Reese: Help! Whoa!

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