Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/4/01


Passions Transcript Tuesday 9/4/01

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Hank: You're wrong, David. Grace will never leave Sam.

Pilar: Hank is right. Nothing is more sacred to grace than her marriage vow.

David: You're not getting this. Sam and grace aren't married. Both church and state recognize our marriage. I am her only true husband.

Pilar: No!

David: And deep down inside, she knows that, and it won't be long before she remembers -- s our love, our passion. She'll remember. And when she does, she will leave Sam and come back to her true husband -- me.

Ivy: This is it -- the beginning of the end for Sam and grace's marriage. Sam will finally be free to be mine forever.

Sam: The more I think about what you are saying, the more I believe that you have really started to remember you had feelings for David Hastings.


Sam: The way you defended him for what he was doing, the way you said how admirable it was that he had come back to Harmony to find you. It's like -- it's like you two are connected, like your feelings for him have been -- I don't know. Awakened?

Grace: Look, Sam, we need to talk about all of this.

Sam: Grace, I don't want to talk anymore, not until you answer my question. Do you remember David as your husband? Do you remember your love for him?

Miguel: Charity! It's me, Miguel! I'm here!

Kay: Miguel, wait. We've got to be more careful. I mean, we haven't had a lot of luck with mineshafts and caves.

Miguel: I don't care, all right? Charity is all that matters. Charity! Come on, Reese.

Charity: No. It can't be. Miguel's supposed to marry me, not Kay.

Warlock: Sorry, Charity, but this is your future.

Second warlock: The only way to change it is by helping us.

Third warlock: You must use your power to free us from this island.

First warlock: You must destroy the witch, Tabitha Lenox.

Charity: No, I can't destroy Tabitha. She's just a harmless old woman. I can't!

Warlock: Then you'll never marry Miguel!

Second warlock: Never!

Third warlock: He will spend the rest of his life with Kay.

Timmy: Timmy still thinks this is the key to getting out of this pit.

Tabitha: If Timmy would get off his duff and start digging, we might have a chance of getting out of here.

Timmy: But Timmy knows it still has powers in it. The scepter floated. It glowed. Maybe if Timmy tried another spell, maybe that would do the trick.

Timmy: Scorpions and toads, grimp and gruel --

Tabitha: Will you knock it off? Oh, you've tried spells and spells and nothing's worked. Just put the damn scepter down and help me dig! If we don't get out of here soon, Norma will be back to -- to hack us up into pieces. Come on, Timmy.

Norma: Ooh. We're almost to the pit, father. [As father] kill them, buttercup. Tabitha and Timmy. Make dear old dad proud. [Normal voice] oh, I will, father, with a little help from my friends.

Rebecca: You said there was something strange about Ethan and Theresa's interrupted wedding.

Henry: Do you take Theresa as your lawfully wedded wife?

Rebecca: So what was it? I mean, surely you must want to talk about it. It would help relieve all this tension.

Henry: Yeah, actually, there is something on my mind -- something that's been troubling me very deeply.

Rebecca: Oh, yes. Well, tell Rebecca all about it.

Henry: It would have to be strictly confidential, between us.

Rebecca: Oh, of course. We'd make sure it stayed right in this room, just between you and me.

Julian: I also require a case of your very best champagne. My wife has acquired a taste for this stuff, and tonight I shall deny her nothing.

Bellhop: Yes, sir.

Bruce: Now, what are you up to now, Julian?

Julian: Just looking to pleasure the little woman, you know, relive our wedding night. So I told the bellhop to transform my room into a honeymoon suite, complete with Theresa's favorite flowers from the wedding chapel. Once she finally accepts the fact that Ethan is dead, is lost at sea, she'll need comforting. Who better to do that than her new hubby?

Theresa: God will hear our prayers. Ethan and Luis and Chad -- they're not dead. They will come back.

Whitney: Of course they will. They have to, right?

Gwen: Do you hear that storm out there, Theresa?

Whitney: It's pretty hard to miss, isn't it, Gwen?

Gwen: And you let Ethan go out into it.

Theresa: He said that he wanted to go, Gwen, to look for Sheridan.

Gwen: You say you love him, and yet you let him go out on that boat.

Whitney: Oh, go away, Gwen.

Gwen: If anything happens to him, I am holding you personally responsible.

Whitney: You know what? Shut up and go away.

Gwen: I swear to God I will make you pay.

Luis: Sheridan! Sheridan!

Chad: Save your strength, Luis!

Luis: Sheridan!

Chad: I think he's passed out!

Ethan: We got to find shore! It's our only chance!

Chad: If we don't get him out of here soon, he's dead!

Ethan: Luis can't take much more of this!

Chad: Neither can we!

Ethan: Look! Land!

Chad: It's close!

Ethan: It's only a few minutes away!

Chad: Ok, let's do it! Come on!

 Man: Mr. Crane?

Julian: Yes?

Julian: Oh. Thank you, captain, I'll tell them. Ahem.

Bruce: What was that all about?

Julian: A gift from the Gods. What I'm going to tell Theresa now will only bring her closer to my bed.

Whitney: If you don't just back off --

Gwen: Why should I back off when this is all her fault? The big mystery as to why you came down here? One would be a fool not to know you came here to trick Ethan into marrying you.

Theresa: No.

Gwen: You've always been a liar, Theresa.

Theresa: I didn't mean for Ethan to be hurt!

Julian: Uh -- ladies, is everything all right?

Gwen: Have you found out anything about Ethan?

Whitney: And Chad and Luis?

Theresa: Mr. Crane, if you know something, please tell us.

Julian: It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the news that a body has been found.

Whitney: Oh, my God.

Julian: It's the body of basil, my head of security here at the hotel. He was also captain of the rescue boat.

Whitney: You mean the boat Chad, Luis, and Ethan were on?

Julian: A good and decent man, but, alas, dead.

Gwen: Oh, no.

Julian: And I regret to say that to hold out hope at this point would be futile. We must resolve to accept the fact they're all gone -- Ethan, Luis --

Julian: Chad, and Sheridan.

Julian: Oh, Theresa, it's -- it's all right. It's -- it's all right.

Bruce: Enjoy holding her in your arms, Julian, because if Rebecca finds out you two are married, she's going to rip them right off of you.

Rebecca: Now, what were you going to tell me? Something about the wedding and Theresa?

Bellhop: Just gather them all up.

Henry: What's going on? What are you doing with the flowers?

Bellhop: I've been instructed to move them.

Henry: All right. Just be quick about it.

Rebecca: Now, where were we?

Henry: You know, Rebecca, that feels so good.

Rebecca: Well, you just tell me what I want to know and I will make you feel better than you've ever thought possible.

Eve: Grace loves Sam. She would never leave him.

Pilar: And he loves here.

David: Look, I don't doubt their love, but our love -- Grace's and mine -- was deeper, more passionate, and she'll remember that. I know she will.

Pilar: No, Sam and Grace have a wonderful marriage.

Hank: Rock solid.

Eve: If what happened with ivy didn't come between them, then nothing will.

David: Look, I understand your point of view. Sam and grace are your friends, your brother and sister-in-law. Of course you want them to be together, to be happy. But the thing is I could bring in three friends that would want grace and me to be together, especially when they heard that Sam had a great love with another woman -- ivy crane.

Pilar: That was years ago.

Hank: Sam has no feelings for ivy anymore.

David: Is that a fact?

Hank: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

David: What I mean is from everything I've heard, it seems it would be better for all if ivy and Sam were together and grace and I could leave Harmony to start our lives again.

Grace: No, I don't remember being married to David. What about the proof, Sam? A marriage license? A priest remembers marrying us.

Sam: Grace, I don't give a damn about that. Look, the only thing I care about is us -- you and me, our marriage.

Grace: But we don't have a marriage, Sam -- not a legal one.

Sam: Look, grace, the only -- [pager beeps]

Sam: Look, I'm sorry. It's the station. I told them not to call me unless it was an emergency. I'll call them and I'll be right back. [Noise]

Grace: Who's there?

Grace: Ivy. You're still here, and you're eavesdropping. Oh, my God. You heard every word that Sam and I said.

Julian: Oh, there, there, dear.

Gwen: Wait, if only one body was found, then -- I have to find mother. I have to tell her.

Julian: Oh, now, it'll be all right. I'm here for you. I'm your husband. I swore I'd take care of you and I will. I think we should go up to my room, the room we should be sharing as husband and wife.

Theresa: Mr. Crane --

Julian: No, "Julian."

Theresa: How could you even --

Julian: Now, I realize you're in pain, dear, but perhaps this is a sign that we should honor our wedding vows.

Whitney: Oh, you are such a pig! Get your hands off of her!

Julian: She's my wife.

Whitney: Oh, you've got to be kidding me. You guys were drunk when you got married.

Julian: Well, a bit tipsy perhaps.

Whitney: And you're supposed to be getting the marriage annulled, remember?

Theresa: Gwen's right. It's my fault, all my fault. I mean, Ethan wouldn't have been down here if it wasn't for me. And neither would Chad.

Whitney: Oh, honey, no.

Theresa: I'm sorry.

Whitney: No, we still have each other.

Theresa: No. It's my fault.

Whitney: Honey, just calm down. It's ok.

Doctor: Everything all right here?

Whitney: Doctor -- it's ok.

Theresa: I'm sorry.

Whitney: Look, my friend here, she's really upset. Her fiancé and her brother were out on that boat with my friend and the boat sank.

Doctor: I'll go get my bag and be right back.

Whitney: It's all right.

Julian: Doctor, before you go, I need a sympathetic ear. That young and lovely girl is my wife.

Doctor: Really?

Julian: Yes, and obviously you can see she's considerably younger than I am, and it's not that I really need it, but just in case -- [Julian whispers]

Doctor: Viagra?

Julian: Just entre nous, doc.

Doctor: Don't you see what's going on here, the hurricane? People in need of serious medical attention? Including your wife.

Julian: Well, it's not that I really need it. I told you I don't need anything. As a matter of fact, I -- just in case --

Grace: You're like a vulture, just hanging around to pick at the bones of our marriage.

Ivy: Now, that's not true, grace. I wasn't listening in on your conversation. I came he to decorate the church. I brought flowers.

Grace: Oh, please, ivy. How many times have you thrown yourself at my husband, tried to lure him away with sex, destroy our marriage?

Sam: Ivy. What the hell's going on here?

Grace: You want to know what's going on, Sam? I'll tell you. This woman from your past -- "woman"? No. She's is pure bitch, and she is never going to leave you alone, Sam. She is here now just waiting to pounce on you like an alley cat in heat. Well, damn you, ivy crane. Damn you.

Miguel: Let's split up so we can cover more ground.

Kay: Right. You, Jessica, and Reese go that way, and Simone and I will take this direction.

Miguel: Let's go.

Simone: You're not going to look for her at all, are you?

Kay: You always think the worst of me, Simone.

Simone: And what I think is pretty much true. Weren't you the one that let her wander off? And before that, you tried to get --

Kay: Just forget that, ok? Come on, let's look for Charity. Charity! Charity?

Simone: You're actually going to look for her?

Kay: Of course I am.


Kay: Because I have a feeling that whether we find her or not, Miguel's going to be mine anyway.

Simone: Really? Feeling?

Kay: I don't know. It's like I can just see it, you know - Miguel and me together. Charity!

Charity: No. It can't be. Miguel loves me.

Tabitha: Oh, come on, Timmy, give me a hand here.

Timmy: Wait. Timmy's going to cast another spell.

Tabitha: Oh, you'll do nothing of the sort. Now, leave that scepter alone and help me dig a way out of here before Norma comes back and turns us into a couple of cutlets!

Timmy: Timmy and tabby will be out of this pit long before Norma ever comes back.

Tabitha: Oh-ho.

Norma: Wrong again, you stuffed imp! Start saying your prayers because you two are dead.

Rebecca: There. I can feel your whole body relaxing. Now, why don't you tell Rebecca what she wants to hear, and then she'll make you feel even better.

Henry: Well --

Gwen: Mother, I just --

Henry: Oh. Uh -- I'll just give the two of you some time alone.

Rebecca: Gwen, your timing needs a little work. I was just about to get it out of him when you just barged in here and scared him.

Gwen: Get what out of him?

Rebecca: The truth about Ethan and Theresa's wedding.

Gwen: Well, I'm sorry, but they found a body.

Rebecca: They did?

Gwen: Yeah, the captain of the rescue boat that Ethan was on.

Rebecca: He's dead?

Gwen: Yeah, that means Ethan -- Ethan --

Rebecca: Oh, Gwen. Gwen, I'm so sorry. But you don't know anything for sure?

Gwen: No.

Rebecca: Well, until you do, don't give up hope, ok?

Gwen: Ok.

Luis: Sheridan. Sheridan.

Ethan: I think the resort's that way.

Chad: Ok, well, let's go because we got to get Luis to a doctor ASAP! All right, on the count of three. Ready? One, two, three.

 [Theresa coughs]

Whitney: Let me get you some water, ok? It's all right.

Doctor: Here. Take this. It's a strong sedative. You'll need to go to your room and lie down.

Theresa: It's my fault. It's my fault that he's dead.

Doctor: Over here, young man. I want you to help this young lady up to her room. I didn't get her name, but we can get that --

Bellhop: Oh, it's ok. I know who she is. Come along, miss. I've got you. It's going to be all right.

Whitney: Where did Theresa go?

Bellhop: Whoa, whoa. I got you, I got you. Come on, I'll have you up to your husband's room in no time, Mrs.. Crane.

Theresa: Yes. Mrs. Crane.

Bellhop: All right.

Hank: Sam and ivy together? Where do you come up with this stuff?

David: It's the only way.

Hank: The hell it is. And if you think you're going to ride off into the sunset with grace, forget it.

David: Sam and ivy were lovers once.

Hank: So what? Once doesn't matter, forever does. Anyway, they broke it off for a reason.

David: Wait a minute. Pilar or somebody here told me that they were broken up by ivy's father. They didn't grow apart. They were ripped apart.

Hank: If they had really been in love, they would've found a way back to each other.

David: Right, and maybe this is their way to find each other again, just like I found grace.

Pilar: It's different. Completely different.

Hank: Sam and ivy don't belong together.

Eve: That reminds me -- didn't ivy say that she was going to come back and decorate the church?

Pilar: Yeah, she did.

Eve: So where is she?

Grace: You don't care who gets hurt as long as you get your way. You're evil.

Ivy: The only reason I am here is to decorate -- I brought flowers --

Grace: Liar!

Ivy: You can ask Pilar!

Grace: I don't need to ask Pilar. I know exactly why you are here.

Sam: Well, you're not saying Pilar is covering up for her, are you?

Grace: Sam --

Sam: Lying?

Grace: Ivy is not here to decorate the church, that's for damn sure.

Sam: Pilar is one of your closest friends and you don't trust her? But you believe this David character, believed everything that he said to you?

Grace: Sam, you are twisting things all up. This is about ivy and her wanting to get her claws into you. Look at her. She's just biding her time, waiting for our marriage to fall apart.

Sam: Ivy is not responsible for our marriage going bad, it's David Hastings.

Grace: What has he done that's dishonorable? He hasn't lied. He hasn't manipulated the situation.

Sam: Oh, really?

Grace: That is exactly what ivy's done.

Sam: I thought you had gotten past that -- finding out that ivy and I once had a relationship, that Ethan is our son.

Grace: I'm sorry, Sam, if I haven't gotten past it. And I don't think I am going to get past it as long as ivy is hanging around trying to weasel her way back into your bed!

Norma: Oh, this is it, father. I've got them now. [As father] don't shilly-shally, Norma. Get it done. Kill them now!

Tabitha: We beat Hecuba and the forces of hell, and now we're about to be whacked by a nut job. Life really isn't fair, Timmy.

Norma: [Normal voice] oh. Oh. Oh. Hungry, my beauties? Oh, have I got a main course for you. Ah. Oh! Time for you to die. Die! Die!

Tabitha: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Miguel: Charity? Any sign of her?

Kay: No, and we looked everywhere.

Miguel: Where could she be?

Warlock: You can change this, Charity.

Second warlock: All you have to do is help us.

Charity: No, I'm not going to hurt Tabitha!

Warlock: Then Miguel will spend the rest of his life making love with Kay.

Charity: No, Miguel! No!

Miguel: It's Charity. Charity! Charity, where are you?

Charity: No!

Miguel: It's coming from over there.

Jessica: Go, go, go.

Simone: Guess you were wrong, Kay. He is going to find her.

Kay: No. He'll be mine. I know it.

Charity: No!

Timmy: Oh, bugs! Timmy hates bugs!

Tabitha: Oh, these aren't just any old bugs, Timmy! These are man-eating bugs!

Timmy: Man-eating bugs?

Norma: Or in this case, witch-and-doll-eating bugs! They're going to eat us alive, Timmy!

Timmy: Timmy doesn't want to be worm food!

Tabitha: Oh, it's too late, too late! There's no escape!

Timmy: Don't give up, princess! The scepter will get Timmy and tabby out of here. It's Timmy and tabby's salvation! Rain, rain, make it rain!

Tabitha: Oh, why are you shouting for rain? What good is that going to do?

Timmy: It'll drown the bugs!

Tabitha: Why not fire, fire? Burn -- burn the bugs! That will be quicker!

Timmy: Think, tabby, think! If Timmy uses fire, Timmy and tabby would be flambéed with the bugs!

Tabitha: Oh, maybe you do have a brain after all, doll face. Oh, get!

Timmy: Make it rain, make it snappy, drown the bugs, make Timmy happy!

Norma: Oh, oh, oh. What in -- [as father] never mind the light, Norma! Kill Timmy and Tabitha! More bugs into the pit. [Normal voice] more bugs! Oh, ho, ho.

Timmy: Did tabby see that?

Tabitha: So what? It made light, but it didn't bring us water! Oh! Oh!

Timmy: Don't give up hope, princess. The scepter still has powers in it. Timmy knows it.

Tabitha: Ah!

Timmy: Water, water from above, soak this pit and drown the bugs!

Meteorologist: Linda, come here and take a look at this for a minute. Look at that.

Linda: Holy -- the storm around Bermuda stopped moving.

Meteorologist: Stopped dead. Look at that. It's changing course. It's starting to head north. Look. I've never seen a storm shift so fast.

Sam: I'd never let ivy come between us, grace. Now, you know that.

Pilar: What's going on here?

Eve: Hey, you all right?

Grace: Oh, it's just ivy slithering around again.

Sam: Look, let's not blame our troubles on ivy. It's his fault. And I wish you'd stop defending the son of a bitch. All he came here to do was cause trouble.

David: You defended me, grace?

Rebecca: So odd. The storm just stopped.

Gwen: Well, that could help -- that could help the search, right?

Rebecca: Yes, ok, so you just pull yourself together and go to the lobby and see if you can find some news on Ethan, all right?

Gwen: Ok.

Rebecca: Yes, it's time for me to get back to the persuasion game, see if I can get him to open up to me.

Gwen: Yeah.

Rebecca: There's something strange going on between Julian and Theresa. I can just feel it. Now go, go, go.

Rebecca: Well. Where were we?

Bruce: Well, storm's let up.

Julian: Yes, strange.

Bruce: Seems to be moving away from here, heading north. I wonder why.

Julian: Oh, who cares! All I can think about is Theresa. Ah, bellman.

Bellhop: Yes, Mr.. Crane?

Julian: Have you -- ahem -- seen my wife?

Bellhop: Yes, sir. Just took her up to your suite.

Julian: Really? She wanted to go up?

Bellhop: Couldn't wait, in fact.

Julian: Well, then. My wife awaits.

Ethan: We need a doctor! Need a doctor over here! All right. Ok, sit down, Luis.

Doctor: Thank God you're alive. What happened?

Ethan: Our boat sank. We had to swim in to the shore.

Chad: We barely made it.

Doctor: In this storm, you're lucky you're alive. Well, he's exhausted and bruised, but his pulse is good and strong.

Ethan: Thank God.

Doctor: I have other patients in worse shape, so you'll have to excuse me. I'll be back to check on him later.

Ethan: Thanks, doc.

Luis: Sheridan.

Gwen: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Ethan!

Ethan: Gwen.

Gwen: Oh, I can't believe you're alive!

Ethan: Gwen. What are you doing here?

Gwen: I came with my mother.

Ethan: Have you seen Theresa?

Gwen: Uh, the last time I saw her, she was in the lobby.

Ethan: Well, where is she now?

Bruce: Oh, wait till Julian gets a load of this. Maybe I should warn him. Nah. Let him find out on his own.

Julian: You really did take me up on my offer.

Julian: I'm going to make you a very happy girl, Theresa. Even without Viagra.

Hank: No matter what happens, you guys can't let this affect you.

Eve: Your love is too strong. You can't let anything or -- or anyone come between you.

Hank: Those storm clouds weren't there a minute ago.

Eve: No, they came out of nowhere.

Pilar: That storm? It's like the troubles in Sam and grace's marriage. They didn't see them coming, either.

Eve: You're right. But those storm clouds will eventually go away. I think Sam and grace's troubles are here to stay. Oh, God, David is grace's real husband. I think their marriage may be over.

Meteorologist: Not only is the storm moving towards the upper eastern seaboard, but look at this -- several other storms following along the same path.

Linda: It gets weirder. I triangulated all the storms. They're all headed to the same spot -- a little town called Harmony.

Meteorologist: What on earth could be causing all these storms to move toward Harmony?

Norma: Welcome to the bug cafe. Our specials today are aged witch and stuffed doll!

Tabitha: Oh! Ooh!

Timmy: Water, aqua, source of life -- oh, come on, h2o, show some love! It's working, tabby! It's shedding sparks!

Tabitha: So? It doesn't seem to be doing anything! The bugs are still biting!

Timmy: Maybe Norma will run out of bugs soon. Maybe not!

Tabitha: Oh, I hate to admit it, Timmy, but we're doomed!

Charity: No!

Miguel: Charity, I'm coming!

Simone: You'd better hope that she's all right, Kay, because if she's not, I'm never going to forgive you.

Kay: Did I force Charity to do anything? Did I make her come into this cave? No.

Simone: You let her wander off. You could've stopped her, but you didn't. This is all your fault, Kay. All of this is your fault.

Charity: No, not Kay! Please, Miguel, don't make love to Kay!

Jessica: What?

Kay: What?

Miguel: It sounds like Charity's having another premonition, but why would she have a vision of me making love to you, Kay? Why would she see that?

Simone: Busted.

Rebecca: Oh, there, there. That will get rid of all those nasty knots.

Henry: Oh. You have got the magic touch, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Oh, you don't know the half of it. There, so you just tell Rebecca what she needs to know, hmm? That's the only way you can free yourself from all this tension.

Henry: Oh, you're right. It's a terrible burden to carry around. I'll tell you everything -- everything about Theresa's wedding.

Whitney: Oh, my God. You're alive! You're all alive!

Chad: All present and accounted for.

Whitney: Oh, my God, I thought I lost you!

Chad: Oh. Now this is what I call a greeting.

Ethan: Whitney? Have you seen Theresa?

Whitney: Um, I'm not sure where she is right now, Ethan.

Ethan: Well, you must have some idea.

Whitney: Well, she was here in the lobby, but I went to get her some water and when I came back she was gone.

Ethan: Well, did you check her room?

Whitney: I was just up there a second ago.

Ethan: Where could she be?

Whitney: I have no idea.

Ethan: I just hope she's not in any trouble or anything.

Julian: Oh, Theresa. What a night this is going to be. Only this time we'll remember it. Yes, we'll remember our lovemaking, over and over and over.

     Passions Tuesday September 4 (Wednesday September 5 USA)

Timmy: Timmy hates this! He hates it more than fluffy!

Tabitha: Oh! Oh! Oh, Timmy, we're going to be eaten alive if we don't find a way out of here! Come on, help me dig! Oh! Well, don't just stand there, come on, help me!

Timmy: Timmy tried to help. He used the scepter to bring water.

Tabitha: Well, obviously it didn't work. There isn't a drop of water in sight. We're going to be eaten alive, Timmy!

Norma: Yes, father. This is it. I'm finally going to make you proud. It won't be long before these two are picked clean to the bone.

Tabitha: Oh, my hair! Oh, my hair, Timmy! Bugs! Bugs!

Charity: No.

Warlock: Look at them, Charity. Such a loving couple.

Charity: Miguel loves me. This can't happen. This can't. No!

Miguel: Charity, I'm coming!

Simone: You better hope that she's all right, Kay, because if she's not, I'm never going to forgive you.

Kay: Did I force Charity to do anything? Did I make her come into this cave? No.

Simone: You let her wander off. You could have stopped her, but you didn't. This is all your fault, Kay. All of this is your fault.

Charity: No, not Kay. Please, Miguel, don't make love to Kay.

Simone: What?

Kay: What?

Miguel: It sounds like Charity's having another premonition, but why would she have a vision of me making love to you, Kay? Why would she see that?

Simone: Busted.

Rebecca: There. There, now, that will take care of all those nasty knots.

Henry: You have got the magic touch, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Now, you just tell me what's bothering you. It's the only way you can free yourself from this tension.

Henry: Oh, you're right. You're right. It's too terrible a burden to carry around. I'll tell you everything, Rebecca, everything about Theresa's wedding.

Whitney: Oh, my God. You're alive! You're alive.

Chad: All present and accounted for.

Whitney: Oh, my God, I thought I'd lost you.

Chad: Oh, now, this is what i call a greeting.

Ethan: Whitney, have you seen Theresa?

Whitney: I'm not sure where she is right now, Ethan.

Ethan: You must have some idea.

Whitney: Well, she was here in the lobby. But I went to get her some water and when I came back, she was gone.

Ethan: Did you check her room?

Whitney: I was just up there a second ago.

Ethan: Where could she be?

Whitney: I have no idea.

Ethan: I just hope she's not in any trouble or anything.

Julian: You clever girl. Decided you're ready to begin our marriage. You finally accepted the fact that Ethan won't be coming back. He couldn't possibly have survived out there in that hurricane. Now -- now you need someone to turn to for comfort. Who better than your husband? Yes. Your new hubby will make you forget all your troubles. What a night this is going to be, Theresa. Not like our wedding night, when we were so drunk we couldn't even remember getting married, let alone making love. No, this time, my luscious little taco belle, you'll remember every exquisite minute of it. Oh.

Whitney: Here you go.

Ethan: Thanks. Where could Theresa have gone?

Chad: Ethan, I'm sure she's fine. Except she's probably worried about you and Luis.

Whitney: She was terribly worried. I mean, we all were. We thought you guys were never going to come back. And an army officer told us that the captain of your boat was found dead.

Ethan: Basil.

Whitney: But thank God you guys came back ok.

Chad: Yes.

Ethan: I just wish I knew where Theresa went.

Whitney: Well, Ethan, she was very, very upset. Maybe she went somewhere to get some air, to be alone, to think. I don't know.

Ethan: Yeah. Well, I'll try to get a hold of her a little later. We have to wait for that doctor to come back. Luis needs to get checked out thoroughly.

Chad: Poor guy's been through hell.

Whitney: So there was no sign of Sheridan whatsoever?

Chad: No.

Ethan: I don't know how she could have survived. It's so rough out there.

Whitney: I'm so sorry, Ethan. I know how close you guys were. And Luis -- he must be completely devastated.

Chad: He won't accept the fact that she's gone. He won't give up hope.

Ethan: He keeps wanting to believe that she's still out there, that she's all right. I just don't see how that's possible.

Luis: Sheridan.

Bruce: So, our seafarers have returned, bloodied but unbowed.

Gwen: Yes.

Bruce: Julian wasn't counting on this. Maybe I should warn him.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Bruce: Oh, no, I was just thinking how relieved Julian will be to know that Ethan's alive.

Gwen: Oh. Yeah.

Bruce: Your mother, your dear mother -- where is she?

Gwen: She's in the chapel.

Bruce: Really? I wonder what Rebecca's up to now.

Rebecca: There. Now, tell me all about Theresa's wedding, hmm? What happened?

Henry: Well -- do you take Theresa as your lawfully wedded wife?

Bruce: Wassup?

Julian: Wassup?

Henry: Lawfully wedded wife? What do you think --

Julian: No one can ever know that you performed a wedding ceremony last night. As far as you're concerned, Theresa and I never married. It never happened.

Henry: But --

Julian: No buts. You're to marry Ethan and Theresa right now.

Henry: You don't understand.

Julian: No, you're the one who doesn't understand. I am a Crane. People do as I tell them. If you don't want to find yourself out in the street --

Henry: There's the legality.

Julian: I say what's legal and what's not legal.

Henry: But bigamy?

Julian: I don't give a damn about that. I will take care of that. You just perform the ceremony without another word about last night. Do I make myself clear?

Henry: I don't know if I should talk about this.

Rebecca: Oh, but you can trust me. Tell me what happened. You can't just keep it all bottled up inside here. Oh, just look what it's doing to you.

Henry: You're right, I do need to get this off my chest.

Rebecca: Well, then, you just put it right here on mine. There. Now, just take your time. Relax. I'm not going anywhere. I am here for you. I just want to help relieve you of some of this stress.

Henry: All right. But you're not going to believe this.

Rebecca: Try me.

Julian: I told you I'd be here for you, my sugarplum, to comfort you in your time of need. Finding you like this in my bed, showing me that you're willing to accept what I have to offer, more than willing, I'm -- I'm flattered that you'd come to me like this, that you would turn to your husband for solace. Turn, Theresa. Turn.

Theresa: My husband.

Julian: Yes, dear. I'm right here. Oh, God, your hair. So soft. It's like strands of silk. Oh, it's beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful. And delicious.

Theresa: That feels wonderful.

Julian: Oh. I'll make you feel even better, things you've never felt before. The two of us are going to make magic together. Tonight is just the beginning. See, what started as an accident, our getting married, will turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to us. The very best thing.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, it's no use! There's no way out of here! Oh! Oh! Our only hope is to try and stomp them -- stomp the bugs to death!

Timmy: But Timmy doesn't want dead bugs all over his shoes.

Tabitha: But it's either that or live bugs all over dead Timmy. Oh!

Timmy: Timmy's going to try it again.

Norma: Bugger off, you two! Hey, good one, eh, father? [As father] you're a real pip, my little glowworm. [Normal voice] you know something? I'm almost sorry to see them die. What am I going to do for fun now?

Tabitha: Oh! Oh!

Timmy: Bring torrents rain so no bugs remain! Don't let Norma win the game!

Tabitha: Oh, you're a regular little lord Byron, aren't you, Timmy? But this is no game. Oh, we're going to die!

Timmy: Timmy knows that! He did that to make it rhyme.

Tabitha: Well, it's a waste of time, Timmy! The scepter isn't working. It's a dud! Oh! [Wind blows]

Timmy: What's that?

Tabitha: Oh, oh, that's just wind, wind.

Timmy: Maybe the wind is a sign that the spell is working! And the water will come and drown all the bugs, and Timmy and Tabby will be saved, princess, saved!

Norma: Dream on, dead-imp-talking!

Miguel: It makes no sense for Charity to be seeing the two of us making love.

Kay: Right, so why are you guys all staring at me like that? Because I have no idea why Charity's seeing what she's seeing.

Miguel: Of course you don't. I'm sorry, Kay, all right? It's not your fault what Charity sees. Well, we'll know what's going on once we find her, so let's get on it. We've got to keep looking.

Charity: Miguel loves me, not Kay.

Warlock: This doesn't have to happen, Charity.

Second Warlock: All you have to do is help us.

Third Warlock: Help us, and get what you want.

Charity: All right! All right, I will. I love Miguel. I'm not going to lose him.

Warlock: A wise decision, Charity.

Second Warlock: We're very pleased.

Henry: It's such a strange situation, but I should talk to someone about it.

Rebecca: So let that someone be me.

Henry: Yes, all right. Here goes.

Bruce: I'm sorry to interrupt, but the men from the rescue boat are back. They're alive.

Rebecca: Oh! And Ethan?

Bruce: He's fine. He and the others survived, all except the captain.

Rebecca: What about Sheridan?

Bruce: No, no, they haven't found her. Listen, I came for blankets. Do you happen to have any?

Henry: In the back. I'll get them.

Bruce: I'll follow. You know, maybe you should go back to the hotel lobby. They might need your help.

Rebecca: Fine. Oh, damn! I was so close. He was just about to tell me everything. Well, it doesn't matter. There is something funny going on here, and I am not going to give up till I find out what it is.

Julian: Oh -- delicioso. It's all going to work out perfectly for us, Theresa. It's as if we were meant to be together. I'll just explain to Rebecca. I'll say I'm dreadfully sorry, but I can't marry her. I'll confess to having married you by mistake. Given the news, the tragic deaths of Ethan, Luis, and Sheridan, she can't very well expect me to abandon my new bride in her darkest hour. You need me -- isn't that right, Theresa? -- To help you through these trying times. I'm your husband now. I'll do everything I can to ease your pain and help you feel better. I'm feeling better already myself. Rebecca's hardly the sentimental type. She'll get over it and move on to someone else. And no matter how long it takes for you to recover from Ethan's death, I'll be there for you every step of the way. Your shoulder to cry on. I know so many ways to make this easier on you. You're in good hands. And now that Ethan and Luis are gone for good, we have nothing to fear. No one to challenge our union. Thank God for that. If Luis found out I was with his -- well, the upside is we don't have to worry about that anymore. You've come to me for comfort, and I'm prepared to offer it to you in the best way i know how. And once we've made love, that's the only thing that will be on your mind.

Miguel: Look, we'll find her. We just have to keep looking. Charity!

Reese: Four clicks north and three west. The upper east corner is a possibility, too.

Miguel: Well, what do you think, Reese?

Reese: It's hard to say. She could be anywhere.

Miguel: Ok, look, wherever she is, we know that she's close by.

Jessica: Right.

Miguel: I mean, I heard her voice so clearly.

Reese: Only sounds bounce around these cave walls like basketballs. Makes things seem closer than they really are.

Miguel: Come on.

Jessica: We can't get through.

Miguel: No, there has to be another way.

Reese: I don't think so.

Jessica: Oh, God.

Miguel: So what do we do?

Reese: I don't know. The map shows no alternate paths, no openings.

Miguel: Come on, Reese. Look, there's got to be something.

Reese: No, there's nothing.

Miguel: Well, we can't just give up! We have to find Charity!

Kay: Do you believe this? It's just like the legend Reese told us about.

Simone: Oh, please.

Kay: Two cousins in love with the same guy. The psychic cousin dies, never makes it off the island. At the rate we're going, we're never going to find Charity. She may be lost forever.

Charity: That can't be. Miguel and I love each other. We're committed to each other.

Warlock: Love doesn't conquer all.

Charity: I don't believe that!

Warlock: No? Then we'll show you another couple, deeply in love, fated never to be together.

Charity: Sheridan and Luis.

Warlock: Look at them. They couldn't be happier.

Second Warlock: Or more in love.

Third Warlock: But now all that's changed.

Sheridan: Luis!

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan!

Charity: No, it can't be!

Warlock: Too late. It already is.

Charity: No!

Warlock: Sheridan and Luis will never be together now.

Second Warlock: Their love is over.

Chad: Doctor, how's he doing?

Doctor: Very well, considering what he's been through.

Ethan: Well, he's tough.

Doctor: Even tough guys need rest. He's overexerted himself. He needs to relax, get some food in his system. But in a day or two, he should be as good as new.

Luis: Whoa, what's that?

Doctor: It's a b-12 shot. Should help you along, but what you really need is rest. I'll check back with you later.

Ethan: Thanks again, doctor.

Doctor: Keep an eye on him.

Whitney: Thank you.

Chad: Thanks.

Ethan: Well, glad it's not serious. You're a lucky man, Luis.

Chad: Hey, hey, hey, easy. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Luis, what are you doing?

Luis: I got to get back out there.

Chad: No way.

Luis: No, I got to look for Sheridan. I've got to keep looking.

Whitney: Luis, please, please --

Luis: The storm's over, all right? I'm sure that I can find her.

Ethan: Luis, you're not going anywhere.

Luis: Listen, don't try and stop me, ok?

Ethan: Look, Luis, I love Sheridan just as much as you do. I don't want to believe she's gone, either, but I have to.

Luis: No.

Ethan: She's gone.

Luis: No, she's not.

Ethan: Look, there's no way she could've survived this long.

Luis: Ethan, she's not dead.

Gwen: So, what did you dig up? Find anything about Theresa's wedding?

Rebecca: I was just about to. Ugh, I had that justice of the peace right where I wanted him. He was just about to tell me everything, and that -- that idiot friend of Julian's just barged in there, barking something about blankets. You know, I'm not so sure it wasn't on purpose.

Gwen: Why do you say that?

Rebecca: Just say it's female intuition. There's something fishy going on here, and Julian is right in the middle of it.

Bruce: Well, listen, thanks for the hand. I'll take these on over to the hotel.

Henry: I'll go with you.

Bruce: No. You will stay right here.

Henry: Two hands are better than --

Bruce: Listen, let's get this straight. I know exactly what was going on here when I came in.

Henry: You do?

Bruce: Rebecca was plying you for information. You were about ready to blab, weren't you?

Henry: No. I wasn't.

Bruce: Listen, I am warning you -- you don't say anything to anyone about Julian and Theresa, or Mr. Julian Crane will destroy you. You keep your mouth shut, or you will be one sad and sorry ex-justice of the peace.

Henry: Oh --

Bruce: Maybe I'd better clue Julian in.

Julian: Oh, mama. Your skin is like whipped cream. Oh. Shh, it's all right, my little cupcake. I'm your husband.

Henry: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join this couple in holy matrimony.

Theresa: My husband.

Julian: That's right. I'm your husband. What a marvelous life we're going to have together. A wonderful life.

Theresa: Yes, wonderful. My husband.

Theresa: Make love to me.

Julian: Who am I to deny my wife such a wish? I will make love to you all night long if that's what you want, my dear. Perhaps not all night, but certainly the better part of it.

Luis: Tell me where I can rent a boat. Man: I don't think there are any more boats left, sir. The storm destroyed most of our marina.

Luis: Well, there's got to be a boat around here somewhere. Now, you find me one fast. Man: I'll see what I can do, sir, but it won't be easy.

Luis: I don't give a damn. I've got to get back out there.

Ethan: Luis, please don't do this.

Luis: I'm going to find her, Ethan. All right? I'm going to check with shore patrol.

Chad: We got to stop him.

Ethan: Let him do what he has to do.

Whitney: If he goes out there again, we're going to lose him. The doctor said he's completely wiped out, and he still wants to keep going. I mean, where does he find the strength?

Chad: Love. I guess he just loved Sheridan more than life itself. That's where he gets the strength.

Ethan: When he realizes the truth, I mean, he's going to be devastated. I'm just glad Theresa is down here because he's going to need his family to help him get through this. And why isn't Theresa back? Whitney, what's her room number?

Whitney: Oh, it's --

Ethan: Look, it doesn't matter. Let's get out of these wet things, and then I'll have the hotel operator connect me to a room and see if she's back yet.

Whitney: Ok.

Ethan: All right, let's go.

Julian: Oh, my God. No games, no role-playing. No tricks. Just the idea of you, sweet Theresa, just drives me mad. Life's going to be beautiful. Belissima. [Knock on door]

Julian: What in God's name? Don't go anywhere, my dove. I'll be right back.

Maid: I'm so sorry, sir.

Julian: As well you should be!

Maid: I didn't think anyone was here. It nearly stopped my heart.

Julian: Well, you stopped something much more important, I assure you. Come back later, much later. In fact, I'll call housekeeping when I need you. Right now there's something else i need, and it won't wait another minute.

Maid: Yes, sir. I apologize --

Julian: Yes, yes, just go! This should settle any further interruptions.

Julian: It's time to faire l'amour. Nothing can stop us now.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy!

Timmy: Maybe the wind will bring on the storm and drown all the bugs.

Tabitha: Well, it better come quick, is all I can say!

Timmy: Timmy thinks the scepter actually worked this time, and Timmy and Tabby will be saved! Aah!

Tabitha: Oh, no more, no more! Oh, no! No, no, no! Not in my hair! No!

Norma: This is what I call a moveable feast. [As father] good one, Norma. [Normal voice] oh, thank you, father. Go to it, my hungry little bug beauties. Bon appetit!

Miguel: There's got to be another way through this cave.

Jessica: It's no use.

Reese: It doesn't make any sense. According to the map, this is the path. It should go through.

Kay: Well, it doesn't.

Miguel: Damn it!

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Reese: Oh. It's like a secret passage.

Miguel: Let's go.

Reese: Whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy. Look, the ground is gone. There's nothing but an abyss.

Kay: Miguel, you could've fallen.

Miguel: Maybe it doesn't go that far down.

Reese: Let's see.

Simone: There's no way to get across.

Miguel: How are we going to find Charity?

Luis: No news from shore patrol. I just hope they can get me a boat. I can't stand sitting around here doing nothing while Sheridan's out there by herself.

Ethan: There was no answer in Theresa's room.

Whitney: I'm sure she'll turn up, Ethan.

Ethan: I just -- I wish i knew where she went.

Rebecca: Oh, Ethan, thank goodness you're all right. We were so worried about you. It would've been so hard on Julian if anything had happened to you.

Ethan: Where is Julian?

Rebecca: Well, I don't know, I was wondering the same thing. I haven't seen him in a while. What? What, do you know something? Well, what is it?

Luis: Julian's been -- how should I say this? -- Occupied since he's been down here.

Rebecca: Well, what exactly does that mean? Are you saying he's with another woman? Because I am his fiancée. I have a right to know.

Luis: Julian was with a woman -- or, shall I say, young girl -- in his room. Maybe he sneaked off with her again.

Rebecca: Well, that's certainly news to me. What kind of floozy is he in there with? Some local hooker?

Luis: Look, who knows, all right? I didn't see the girl. I just heard her through the bathroom. She didn't seem like she was a hooker to me.

Gwen: Knowing Julian, he's probably with her right now.

Julian: Alone at last. [Knock on door]

Julian: Not again! Can't you read? "Do not disturb"! "Do not --"

Bruce: We've got to talk, Julian.

Julian: Bruce. It can wait.

Bruce: No, it can't.

Julian: Look, I'm busy.

Bruce: I sympathize with you, but this is important.

Julian: Not important enough.

Bruce: Just listen.

Julian: Look, whatever you have to say, I'm not interested. I'm trying to share an intimate evening with my bride. I'm not to be bothered. Now go.

Bruce: Julian, you don't understand.

Julian: No, I -- on the contrary, I understand that you cannot bear the thought that in my bed is a lovely young woman while you're still floating around the bar like an impotent vagabond.

Bruce: That is not it.

Julian: I don't care. Just go!

Bruce: Fine. Fine, if that's the way you feel.

Julian: It is. Forgive me, darling. No more intrusions. We'll finally have our time together.

Charity: That's so horrible. Sheridan and Luis -- they were so in love. They had such a wonderful life ahead of them.

Warlock: Not anymore. Luis survived, but Sheridan is still missing.

Second Warlock: The man will be grief-stricken.

Third Warlock: He will never recover from the loss of his great love.

Charity: But love is still a wonderful thing. Theresa and Ethan -- they're in love. They'll be together.

Warlock: It doesn't look that way.

Charity: Theresa with Mr. Crane? No, she would never do that. She loves Ethan.

Miguel: No. We cannot let this stop us. All right, we've got to find Charity.

Kay: But, Miguel, this is too deep. It --

Reese: We'll never make it across that.

Miguel: No, we'll find a way. There. Reese, help me bring it over. This log should be long enough to stretch across the abyss.

Simone: See, Kay? You see how strong Miguel's love is for Charity? He will move heaven and earth for her.

Kay: And it still won't do any good, Simone. Miguel's going to be mine.

Miguel: All right. Look, everyone else is going to have to stay here. It's too risky. I'll cross on my own and look for Charity.

Reese: Wait, let me check something first, see where this leads. Ok, got it.

Miguel: What does it say?

Reese: Ok, there's the abyss right here, and once we get across, then it leads us to another section of cave.

Miguel: Great. Well, I'll find my way.

Reese: Wait, wait, wait, hold on. There's something written on the map. Looks like a message. The message says, "those who are pure of heart can cross without falling in. But those who lack purity will not make it."

Simone: Guess that counts you out, Kay.

Jessica: All right. Well, I think that we should all stick together, you know? So I'm going to go, too.

Reese: Count me in.

Miguel: Thanks.

Simone: Same here.

Kay: Sure. I'll go, too.

Miguel: You guys are true friends.

Jessica: We'd do anything to help you, Miguel. You know that.

Miguel: All right, I'll go first. I'll test it out.

Jessica: Whoa!

Miguel: I'm ok. Just have to take it slow.

Rebecca: The nerve of that man, I mean, coming down here to have a fling with a floozy. Especially now that I'm here!

Luis: Who knows if he's up there with her now? I just know that Julian had a young girl with him last night in his room.

Chad: That's strange.

Ethan: Wait. What's strange?

Chad: Well, how could Julian have had a girl in his room when he was hanging out with Theresa all night? Remember?

Whitney: Yeah.

Chad: Trying to convince him to take Ethan back as his son?

Luis: And no one knows where Theresa is now?

Ethan: No. There was no answer in the room.

Luis: And no one knows where Julian is, either.

Ethan: Oh, my God.

Luis: Theresa.

Julian: Now, where were we? Oh, yes. I was about to take us both to new heights. Now our honeymoon can really begin, my lovely bride.

Theresa: My honeymoon. My honeymoon.

Julian: Oh, yes. A night to remember.

Norma: Oh, you did good, father, thinking to use bugs to eat them alive. Why, I had no idea you were so creative. [As father] thank you, Norma. [Normal voice] though I have to admit, I would have enjoyed hacking them to pieces. It's so much more personal, don't you think? [As father] they're going to die, Norma. That's all that matters. We got our revenge. [Normal voice] right you are, father, as always. Bugs away! Whoo!

Timmy: Oh! Oh! They're crawling all over Timmy! They're crawling up his legs! Do something, Tabby!

Tabitha: Oh, there's nothing I can do, Timmy! This is it! We're finished. There's no escape! Oh!

Timmy: There has to be a way to save Timmy and Tabby!

Tabitha: Not this time there isn't, Timmy! We're going to die!

Timmy: Save Timmy, princess! Save him!

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy! Oh, Timmy! Oh, Timmy, Timmy!

Charity: This must be some kind of a mistake. Theresa would never do this. Never.

Warlock: No mistake.

Second Warlock: Theresa doesn't know where she is. She thinks she's with Ethan.

Third Warlock: And when Julian touches her, she thinks it's Ethan.

Charity: Poor Theresa. If that's true, then there's no hope for her.

Simone: Ok.

Jessica: Got it. Come on.

Miguel: Good job, Simone. Now you, Kay. Come on.

Reese: Don't worry, Kay. Just like the message said, "those who are pure of heart will be protected."

Kay: Right.

Kay: I can do this. I'm pure of heart.

Miguel: Kay! [Kay screams]

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