Passions Transcript Tuesday 8/28/01


Passions Transcript Tuesday 8/28/01

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Miguel: Charity? Kay? Reese?

Jessica: Where'd they go?

Simone: I hope they didn't go look for help.

Miguel: Yeah, I hope not. I mean, we've been all over this island, and there's not a soul here but us.

Jessica: Yeah, just Norma and Tabitha.

Simone: So this means that since the boat was destroyed we're stuck here.

Jessica: No, no, don't say that, don't say that. No, we will find a way to signal for help, you know, unless --

Miguel: Unless what?

Jessica: Unless we die first, like Charity's premonition.

Reese: Charity!

Miguel: Reese. Reese, Kay, where's Charity?

Reese: She hasn't come back yet?

Jessica: What?

Miguel: But what do you mean, "come back"? She's not here?

Reese: Kay and I just turned our backs for a second.

Miguel: You were supposed to keep an eye on her, Reese. She's in a trance.

Reese: I know, Miguel. I'm sorry. I didn't think she'd leave camp.

Miguel: Yeah, well, she did. And I wonder where she went. What happened to her?

Warlock: Come into our cave, Charity.

Second Warlock: Join us.

Charity: No. Leave me alone. I want to be with my friends.

Warlock: We are your friends, Charity.

Second Warlock: If you help us, we will help you.

Charity: How?

Warlock: We will tell you secrets.

Second Warlock: So many secrets.

Warlocks: Come to us, Charity. Come to us.

Charity: Who are you?

Warlock: We are the warlocks.

 [Timmy grunts]

Norma: Ooh, I did it, father. I got Tabitha right where I want her -- trapped in my pit!

Tabitha: Oh. Ow! Ow. [Timmy grunts]

Norma: Oh, and I think I'll finish off the little imp, too. [As father] don't cut your imps before they're killed. Get rid of the both of them right now!

Tabitha: Oh. Oh. Somebody, help! Get me out of here! [Timmy screams]

Norma: [Normal voice] save your breath, you old hag. No one can hear you!

Tabitha: Norma!

Norma: But I do have good news -- we're going to have an old-fashioned clambake with you, Tabitha, and Timmy as the clams! [Timmy grunts]

Ivy: It's true. Even if Grace doesn't remember, the priest remembers marrying David and Grace.

Pilar: Yeah, but she is married to Sam now, and he's determined to prove that he is Grace's only husband.

Ivy: Pilar, you know how Grace feels about the sacrament of marriage. If she and David were married in the church, there is no way she will ever divorce him, and Sam will be free -- for me.

Father Mike: I remember now. I performed your wedding ceremony in St. Anastasia's church in Hartford 20 or more years ago.

David: Thank you, father mike. I wasn't lying, Grace. We are married.

Sam: No. That can't be true. Grace would have remembered it. The church is -- it's just too important to her. She'd never forget having taken the sacrament of marriage.

Eve: Sam, you know that Grace has amnesia. She doesn't remember anything.

Grace: No, no, Sam is right. I would remember something as important as being married in a church, even if i have amnesia.

Hank: Not if your memory was wiped out completely.

David: Would you please take these cuffs off now, Sam? You know I didn't try to kidnap Grace. She's my wife.

Sam: I still don't believe it.

Grace: You know, Sam, maybe you should just take those off until this is all resolved.

David: It is resolved. Father mike is the priest who married us in the church before God.

Grace: Did I really marry you?

David: Yes, you did. You don't remember, but you did.

Hank: Is anything coming back to you, Grace? Do you remember father mike?

Eve: Do you remember anything at all about the wedding?

Manager: Ladies and gentlemen, please try to stay calm. We've been through hurricanes before, and we're well prepared.

Theresa: Luis and Ethan and Chad -- they're out in the middle of it. They're all in a small boat, Whitney. They could die.

Whitney: No, no. They had to try to go rescue Sheridan, Theresa.

Theresa: What if Sheridan's already dead? I mean, she was lost at sea hours ago. And now my brother and the men we love can lose their lives trying to find her.

Whitney: Don't say that. They're going to come back, Theresa. They have to.

Theresa: This is my fault. I tempted fate.

Whitney: What are you talking about?

Theresa: I was drunk on champagne. I married Julian and slept with him, and now God is punishing me and I'm going to lose Ethan forever.

Alistair: I hope you're calling with good news, Julian.

Julian: Yes, everything went off according to plan. The bomb blew up the boat, and Sheridan is dead.

Luis: Sheridan! Sheridan!

Ethan: You see anything?

Luis: No!

Chad: God, it's getting rough out here!

Radio Announcer: All crafts should be in harbor by now. Hurricane-force winds approaching the Bermuda coast.

Basil: We got to get back now! The hurricane's going to be in at us any minute!

Luis: We're not going anywhere until we find Sheridan!

Pilar: Ivy, it's wrong to take such pleasure in other people's pain.

Ivy: My only pleasure is hoping for a future -- my future with Sam.

Grace: No. I don't remember anything about a wedding with you.

David: Nothing at all?

Grace: No, nothing.

Sam: Then that's the end of it. If Grace doesn't remember, then it never happened.

David: That's ludicrous. Father mike just told you he remembers marrying us. Do you think the priest would lie about it?

Sam: I'm sorry, father mike, but I think you're mistaken.

Father Mike: No, I remember everything quite clearly now. I didn't remember Grace at first because her hair color was different. Then, of course, she's older. But now I remember how much pleasure it was to marry a couple so committed, so much in love.

Sam: No. Grace was never in love with that man.

Father Mike: I'm sorry, my son. I know how painful this is for you.

Sam: Grace, you can end this right now. Just tell David that you don't remember him, that you want him to go away.

Father Mike: I remember something else, Grace. You were very upset because your twin sister couldn't be there for your wedding.

Eve: Your sister, Faith.

Ivy: There it is -- more proof.

Grace: Oh, Sam, how could he know about Faith if he didn't perform the wedding ceremony?

David: It happened, Grace. I know it's upsetting and I know you don't remember, but I'm sure it'll all come back to you in time.

Eve: I think I might know of a way to get Grace to remember right now.

Manager: If you'll all just stay together here in the lobby, we'll make sure you're protected. Please, don't go back to your rooms and don't go outside.

Julian: Yes, father. Well, unfortunately, Luis survived the explosion.

Alistair: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. But with Sheridan dead, Luis will be neutralized. He'll be too grief stricken to bother pursuing the investigation of his father's disappearance.

Julian: Yes, I'm sure you're right, but I'm a bit grief stricken myself. She was my sister.

Alistair: Yes, yes, yes. And of course I feel great sorrow at the loss of my daughter. I am not a monster, but she brought this on herself. If she'd only listened to us and given up Luis, why, she wouldn't have had to die.

Julian: I know. You're right. If Luis had married Sheridan, he would have gained access to information concerning his father's fate.

Alistair: Yes. Well, now, that danger to the family is over.

Julian: Was a high price to pay.

Alistair: Don't get sappy on me now, Julian. [Alistair chuckles]

Alistair: You had a choice -- risk going to prison or kill your sister. You sought to save your own skin. Well, that's all over now. You can marry Rebecca and concentrate on running Crane industries.

Julian: Uh -- yes, I certainly hope so.

Alistair: What do you mean you hope so? Is there something you're not telling me?

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Julian: Oh, it can't be.

Theresa: Tell me we're not married.

Julian: No, no. Of course not, father. Everything will be -- will be fine.

Alistair: Good. I'll keep in touch.

Theresa: I never should have lied to Ethan. I should have told him that I married Julian. And now I'm afraid I'm never going to see him again.

Luis: Look! It's debris from the island dream.

Chad: Is that all that's left?

Basil: There's no way Sheridan could have survived!

Luis: She's alive!

Basil: We have to go back now! We're all going to die!

Luis: Look, you listen to me -- she's out there somewhere, and we're not going back till we find her!

Basil: You can die if you want to, but I'm taking this boat back in!

Hank: Eve, what makes you think that you could help Grace remember her past when she hasn't had any memories in all these years?

Grace: You know, Eve, whatever your idea is, I want to try it.

Sam: I agree. I know you won't remember marrying David because I still believe it never happened.

Eve: David, I'll need your cooperation.

Sam: What's the matter, David? Afraid Grace will remember that she was never married to you?

David: Not at all. I'll do whatever you ask. I'll do whatever it takes to get my wife back.

Hank: Pretty confident, aren't you?

David: I have truth on my side. Grace and I were married according to state law, in the eyes of God, in a church not -- not unlike this one. But if Sam -- Sam wants more proof, I'll go along with whatever dr. Russell has in mind. I just hope it's not too painful on Grace.

Grace: Nothing will be more painful than not remembering whether I took sacred vows with you or not. I'm ready to try, eve.

Sam: What do you have in mind, eve?

Pilar: Sam has always thought that David was a con man. Maybe Eve has found a way to prove it.

Ivy: David is telling the truth. He has to be.

Reese: It's as I said before -- Kay and I just turned our backs for, like, a second. Look, I have no idea where Charity could have gone.

Miguel: Kay, what are you doing here? I thought you left with us when we went to go look for help.

Kay: Oh, well, I did, but I was really, really scared in the woods by myself, and I wanted to help Reese watch Charity. I was worried about her, Miguel.

Simone: So what happened, Kay? How did Charity get the chance to just wander off?

Reese: It's not Kay's fault. It's mine. Kay got me talking about the legend of the two girls who came to warlock island.

Kay: And then we turned around and she was just gone.

Reese: I feel terrible about it, Miguel, especially after Tabitha came by looking for her doll and I told her that Charity heard voices in the flames.

Jessica: Wait -- voices in the flames?

Reese: And Tabitha said that they were the voices of the warlocks.

Simone: The warlocks?

Jessica: Ooh, this is too creepy.

Miguel: Look, Reese, was Charity still in a trance the last time you saw her?

Reese: Yeah.

Miguel: Ok, then we have to look for her. Let's go.

Jessica: Let's go.

Simone: You let Charity wander off on purpose, didn't you?

Warlock: Do not be afraid.

Second Warlock: We are your friends.

Third Warlock: If you help us, we will tell you more secrets.

Charity: You said there was a girl trying to take Miguel away from me. Tell me who the girl was.

Warlock: We can't tell you.

Second Warlock: Not until you help us.

Charity: Then tell me about Theresa. I had a premonition that she couldn't be saved from a mistake she'd made, but I don't know what the mistake was. Is she all right?

Warlock: You will learn everything about Theresa and your family and friends once you help us.

Second Warlock: You have the power.

Third Warlock: You can help us. Come.

First Warlock: Come, Charity.

Second Warlock: Come to us.

Third Warlock: Come.

First Warlock: Charity.

Tabitha: Timmy? Timmy?

Norma: Hey, where do you think you're going, little man?

Timmy: Norma, you know that book Tabby wrote?

Norma: Yeah.

Timmy: "Hidden passions"? Well, it's going to make a lot of money. Timmy will split a percentage of the profit with you if you just let Timmy and Tabby go. 50/50.

Norma: Hmm -- no deal!

Timmy: 50/60!

Norma: I don't want your money. I want to see you and Tabitha dead!

Tabitha: Don't worry, Timmy, I'll catch you. [Timmy screams]

Tabitha: Oh, oh. Sorry about that.

Timmy: Oh. Ow.

Tabitha: Oh, oh. Oh.

Timmy: Oh. Oh. How could Tabby miss this time?

Tabitha: Oh, oh, I'll catch you next time, I promise.

Timmy: If there is a next time. Norma said she's having a clambake and she's using Timmy and Tabby as the clams. Does Tabby know what that means?

Tabitha: Unfortunately, I do, lad. It means we're going to be steamed to death in this pit like a couple of clams.

Timmy: Uh. How could Tabby not tell that Norma set this trap?

Tabitha: I don't know, Timmy. I just wasn't thinking.

Timmy: Norma said that Tabby loved Timmy so much she'd do anything for him as long as he was safe.

Tabitha: Well, I guess I'm just a sucker for a pretty face.

Timmy: Timmy knew his princess loved him.

Tabitha: Well, a fat lot of good it'll do you when Norma starts chucking burning logs into this pit.

Sam: Well, what's your idea, eve?

Grace: Yeah, how do you think you can help me remember if I was married to David?

Eve: I want to try an experiment. It's not exactly scientific, and it might be painful, Grace.

Grace: I'm willing to take that risk.

Sam: What are you going to do?

Eve: Well, sometimes the smallest clue can trigger a memory in the most severe amnesia cases like Grace's.

Sam: Yes. I keep hoping something will trigger her memories so Grace will know she never even met David Hastings.

Eve: Well, I think we have a unique opportunity here right now to jog Grace's memory.

Hank: By doing what?

Eve: Well, father mike is the priest who says he married Grace and David, and in a church not unlike this one. I think we should re-enact the wedding ceremony.

Sam: What?

Ivy: Why won't they just believe what the priest says? I mean, why would he lie?

Eve: Will you do it, father mike? Would you perform a wedding ceremony for David and Grace?

Father Mike: I don't know. I'm not really prepared.

Eve: Oh, but you've married so many couples. I'm sure you know the wedding vows by heart.

Father Mike: Yes, I suppose I do. All right, if you think it'd help, I'll perform the ceremony.

Eve: Grace? David? Are you willing to give it a try?

Grace: Sam --

Sam: I say go for it. I know you won't remember marrying him because he's lying, and it'll prove once and for all that I was right.

Grace: Ok, I'll do it. David?

David: I have no objection.

Weatherman: Ladies and gentlemen, we've just been advised that this hurricane has been upgraded to a category five on the saffir-simpson scale. That means winds in excess of 155 miles an hour, and the eye wall of the storm is just about to make landfall on the little island of Bermuda. Only two category-five storms have ever made --

Whitney: The hurricane's getting worse, Theresa.

Theresa: Oh, God, Whitney. We're going to lose them. I'm never going to see Ethan or my brother again.

Whitney: And I'm never going to get to see Chad again. And there were so many things i wanted to say to him, things that I'm never going to get a chance to say. You know, I love my sister, and I would never do anything to hurt her, but, you know, maybe Chad was right. Maybe if we should have just told Simone we were in love, and she would have eventually understood.

Theresa: Oh, I'm sure she would have. I'm sorry, but this is all my fault.

Whitney: When will you stop saying that? It is not your fault Luis and Sheridan's boat exploded.

Theresa: Yes, it is. Whitney, fate made that boat explode because I didn't tell Ethan the truth. I should have told him about Julian and me.

Julian: Are you insane? No one else can know the truth. It's bad enough you told your little chum here.

Theresa: Whitney won't tell anyone.

Julian: Oh, good, because in a very short time, it'll be just a memory anyway. I phoned my attorney and told him to fly my jet down here, tout de suite.

Theresa: Your lawyer's coming to Bermuda?

Julian: Yes. He'll erase all traces of our marriage by morning and it will all disappear and then you'll be free to marry Ethan.

Theresa: If Ethan comes back alive.

Chad: Ethan! Ethan! Ethan! Hold on!

Father Mike: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today --

Sam: Wait. I just want to make sure. This ceremony won't be legal, will it?

Father Mike: No, of course not. In any case, they're already married.

Grace: Sam, look, I won't do this if you don't want me to.

Sam: No. I -- look, I want you to do it. I want you to remember your past. But my gut still tells me this guy's a fake, no matter what father mike says he remembers. I just wish I could prove it to you so you wouldn't have to go through this.

Grace: Yes, so do I.

Sam: Well, since I can't prove it, go ahead. Don't worry about me. You might remember something that could give us the proof we need that this guy's a con.

Grace: All right. I'm ready.

Ivy: She's going to remember marrying David.

Pilar: I pray she doesn't.

Ivy: Please, God, please let her remember marrying David, and then Sam will be mine. [Norma chuckles and laughs]

Kay: Simone, I did not let Charity just wander off. I was talking to Reese, and then we turned around and she was gone. It's not my fault. It was fate.

Simone: Yeah, right. You knew that Charity was still in a trance. She could be in danger, and according to that legend, Charity could die on this island.

Kay: Well, that would be fate, too -- again, not my fault. But when we do get off the island, Miguel will be mine.

Simone: If we get off.

Miguel: Charity!

Jessica: Charity, where are you?

Miguel: Charity!

Reese: Charity, answer if you can hear us!

Norma: Oh, damn! It's those kids again!

Miguel: Charity? Oh, Norma, am I glad to see you. We thought we'd lost you.

Norma: Me? I'm not lost. I'm right here.

Miguel: Have you seen Charity? She wandered off, and we're really worried about her.

Norma: No, I haven't seen her. I've been busy cutting wood for the fire.

Reese: Well, what about Tabitha and her little doll? Have you seen them?

Norma: Can't say that I have.

Miguel: Ok, well, we think Charity's in danger. That's why we're looking for her. Will you help us look? I mean, we need to spread out and search.

Norma: Well, yeah, I guess so. I guess I can finish cutting wood later.

Jessica: Thank you.

Miguel: Thanks. Come on, you guys.

Timmy: Norma stopped tossing the wood down.

Tabitha: Yeah. It probably means she's gone to get more wood. Come on. Now's the time to get out of here.

Timmy: Timmy's ready. What's the plan? Oh.

Tabitha: Um --

Timmy: Oh. Timmy's not going to like this.

Warlock: Come inside. Help us.

Charity: I'm afraid to go in.

Warlock: There's nothing to be afraid of.

Second Warlock: You want to know the fate of your family and friends, don't you?

Charity: Yes, I want to know.

Warlock: We will tell you of the great danger your aunt and uncle face in their marriage.

Charity: I thought they were through the bad times.

Warlock: There is more to come.

Second Warlock: Much more. Things that will tear them apart.

Third Warlock: Come into the cave, and we will tell you everything.

Charity: Why can't you tell me from here?

Warlock: No one else can know. Only you.

Second Warlock: Only you have the power to help us.

Third Warlock: Draw closer and we will tell you everything.

First Warlock: Everything.

Second Warlock: Closer.

First Warlock: Charity, come closer.

Third Warlock: Closer.

Father Mike: God, you have made the bond of marriage a holy mystery, a symbol of Christ's love for his church. Hear our prayers for Grace and David. With faith in you and for each other --

Hank: Hang in, big brother. It's going to be a good thing for Grace if it helps get her memory back.

Sam: I hope to God she does. But she's not going to remember marrying David. I know she won't.

Eve: Sam, I've read some cases where the patient's amnesia disappeared completely when confronted with the right trigger.

Sam: Look, like I said, I hope she remembers her past, but that wedding never happened.

Father Mike: Since it is your intention to enter into marriage, please join right hands and declare your consent before God and his church.

David: I, David, take you, Grace, to be my lawful wife, to have and to hold from this day forth, for better, for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part.

Pilar: Please, God, let Grace remember that she didn't marry this man. The wedding sacrament means so much to her, she just has to remember that it never happened.

 [Theresa and Whitney scream]

Julian: I need a limo.

Manager: What?

Julian: You have to send a limo to the airport. My attorney's arriving any moment.

Manager: Mr. Crane, the airport is closed. There won't be any flights in or out of Bermuda until the hurricane passes.

Theresa: Oh, this is horrible. We've had storms in Harmony, but never anything like this.

Whitney: I know. Even our worst storms weren't this bad.

Theresa: If it's this bad here, imagine what it's like out at sea. Imagine what Ethan and Luis and Chad are going through.

Luis: Hold on!

Luis: Agh!

Luis: You bastard,

Basil: We have to get back or we're all going to die!

Luis: I told you, I'm not going anywhere until I find Sheridan!

Basil: We're going back!

Tabitha: No, no, Timmy. You have to dig deeper into the rock and scoop out the dirt. Move over to the left more.

Timmy: Timmy thinks Tabby would do a much better job digging.

Tabitha: I'm just trying to help. You don't want to hit a boulder, do you?

Timmy: No.

Tabitha: Well, then, hurry up! We have to dig our way out of this before Norma gets back.

Timmy: Timmy hit something!

Tabitha: I told you you would.

Timmy: Wow! Look what Timmy found!

Tabitha: Oh, stop stalling and keep digging.

Timmy: Tabby, you have to look!

Tabitha: Oh, all right. [Tabitha gasps]

Tabitha: Oh, my stars!

Timmy: What is it? What did Timmy find?

Tabitha: It's a -- it's a -- it's a warlock scepter. Oh, my, it could destroy the entire island, Timmy.

Warlock: Come inside, Charity, and we will tell you everything.

Second Warlock: We will tell you about the old woman.

Charity: Old woman. You mean Tabitha?

Warlock: We can tell you no more until you help us.

Charity: But I don't know how to help you.

Warlock: We will tell you how. Come closer.

Second Warlock: Closer.

First Warlock: Closer.

Second Warlock: Closer, Charity.

Third Warlock: Closer.

First Warlock: Charity.

Second Warlock: Closer.

Miguel: Charity!

Simone: Where are you?

Reese: Charity, can you hear us?

Jessica: Where could she be?

Norma: I hope this doesn't take too long. I'm getting ready for a clambake.

Reese: Don't you think Norma's a little weird?

Jessica: Oh, you say the Same thing about Tabitha. Do you think Norma's a witch, too?

Warlock: Charity --

Second Warlock: Closer.

Third Warlock: Closer, Charity.

Second Warlock: Charity --

First Warlock: Closer, Charity.

Miguel: Charity!

Warlock: Join us!

Warlocks: Join us!

Charity: Miguel? Miguel, I'm over here!

Miguel: Charity, I'm coming! Hold on!

Charity: Miguel, help me! Miguel!

Warlock: Enter!

Miguel: Charity?

Kay: She's not here.

Miguel: But her voice came from this direction. Where could she be?

Ivy: Pilar, how can you pray that Grace not remember being married to David? What if she was?

Pilar: If she was, that's God's will, but you have to stop praying for the destruction of Sam and Grace's marriage.

Ivy: Well, as you say, if it's true that Grace and David were married, then it's God's will.

Pilar: She will never remember being married to David because as Sam said, it never happened. Sam and Grace will be together forever.

Father Mike: Grace?

Grace: Ahem. I, Grace, take you, David, as my lawful husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part.

Father Mike: You have declared your consent before the church. May the lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined, let no man divide.

David and Grace: Amen.

Grace: I -- I'm sorry. I don't remember anything about marrying you.

Sam: I told you. If you'd married David, you'd have some memory of it. Let's go.

Eve: No, no, wait, wait. The ceremony's not complete. The groom has got to kiss the bride.

Sam: What? No way! This has gone way too far.

Hank: Sam, eve's right. The kiss may be just the trigger Grace needs.

Grace: Sam, we've gone this far. We might as well see it through to the end because I so much want to remember. All right, I will kiss you for the sake of the truth.

David: I understand.

Officer: Is everyone all right here?

Woman: Yes, thank you.

Manager: We've made sure all the guests are gathered here.

Officer: Good. Now, the governor's declared a state of emergency. Everyone's to remain here in the hotel until the curfew's lifted. Are the boats secure?

Manager: I -- I don't know.

Theresa: There is one boat out there -- a search party for a woman who's lost at sea.

Officer: There's a boat out there in this hurricane?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Officer: Don't they realize that this is a level five?

Whitney: Well, what does that mean?

Officer: It means it's a powerful, deadly. There's no way anyone could ride this one out in the ocean.

Theresa: Oh, we're going to lose them, Whitney.

Whitney: Oh, please, God, help them.

Julian's voice: Perhaps it's just as well my attorney can't get here. Theresa's such a hot little number, even more beautiful than Rebecca. If that boat goes down and Ethan is lost, I just might have to stay married to Theresa. Poor me.

Basil: Julian Crane put me in charge of this search, and I say we're going back!

Luis: You listen to me! Hey! We're not going in until we find Sheridan. You got that?

Ethan: There's something in the water!

Chad: What is it?

Ethan: I can't tell! It's something white!

Sheridan: Get the anchor unstuck?

Luis: Well, not yet. One more try should do the trick, though.

Sheridan: Ok. Coffee's almost ready.

Luis: Sounds good. It's Sheridan! I'm going in!

Chad: No, wait, Luis! Don't do it!

Basil: He's a dead man! We're all dead!

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