Passions Transcript Thursday 8/23/01


Passions Transcript Thursday 8/23/01 

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Ron: Luis! Luis!

Captain: Give it up, Ron. He's gone, and we need to get back to the harbor.

Ron: We can't just leave him out here, cap.

Captain: He was so weak when he dived overboard.

Ron: We've got to keep on searching. His love for this Sheridan girl will keep him alive, give him strength.

Captain: There's no way Luis is going to survive. When we get back to the dock, report the accident.

Ron: I'm not giving up, cap. I can't. Luis is alive, and he's out there. I know it.

Charity: Poor Theresa. Her life's been destroyed. And Sheridan and Luis -- they've lost so much.

Miguel: It's going to be all right, Charity. We will be off this island soon.

Reese: We'll build another fire on the beach.

Jessica: And we'll just signal another boat.

Miguel: They pass by all the time.

Simone: You are so selfish, Kay. It is incredible.

Kay: Simone, you would've done the exact same thing to get Chad.

Simone: Poured water all over the bonfire wood so it wouldn't light? Are you crazy?

Kay: No. I'm in love.

Simone: If you had given the rest of us even a moment's thought, we would've been able to light that fire, someone would've seen it, and we would be halfway home right about now.

Kay: Simone, now who's being selfish?

Simone: What?

Kay: All I'm doing is what i have to do to get a chance with Miguel. That's it.

Simone: You probably think that story te picked up on the internet is going to come true, that Charity's going to die and you're going to end up with Miguel.

Kay: Yeah, but it's not --

Simone: You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Kay. I'm ashamed for you.

Kay: Simone, am I doing anything to Charity? No. So if something happens to her, it's not my fault.

Simone: Of course it is.

Kay: How do you figure?

Simone: If you hadn't interfered with that fire, we would be on our way home by now. If anything happens to Charity, if she dies, it is going to be on your head. No one else's.

Charity: We're doomed, Miguel. We're all doomed.

Norma: Charity's dead on -- and I mean dead.

Julian: We have to get to that wedding chapel and stop Theresa from going in. If that justice of the peace sees her, he'll recognize her from our wedding last night, expose her, and then Ethan will know she lied to him again.

Whitney: Theresa has to be the one to tell Ethan that she married you first.

Ethan: Well, anyway, she should be here any minute, and then you'll see how beautiful she really is.

Henry: Just by the way you smile when you talk about your fiancée, I can tell you're truly in love.

Ethan: It's the real thing, and it's forever.

Henry: Oh, not like that couple I married last night. I doubt they'll last a week.

Ethan: It's too bad.

Henry: It was all so odd. They turn up in the middle of the night -- a pretty young woman and a considerably older man. Oh, "letch" is a very unattractive word, but I'm afraid it fit him. And the two of them had obviously been drinking.

Ethan: Well, some couples just don't take wedding ceremonies that seriously. But I assure you, my fiancée and I do. I mean, to us, it's sacred.

Henry: Oh, it'll be such a pleasure to hear a respectable, level-headed young girl say, "i do." The one from last night was anything but.

Ethan: Well, once you meet my future bride, you'll never forget her.

Chad: She's a keeper.

Theresa: Whitney's right. I have to be honest with Ethan. Go in there now and tell him everything. I have to be totally honest.

Julian: Theresa should be here. Oh, no.

Whitney: What?

Julian: Could she have gone in already? I have to stop her. Oh, dear God.

Captain: Didn't I just get through saying we need to get back to the harbor?

Ron: Over there -- I think I saw him.

Captain: I see him.

Ron: We've got to get him out of the water.

Captain: Keep the light on him. I'll bring the boat 'round.

Luis: You happy?

Sheridan: Yes! I've never been ha I'm with the man I love, far away from everything and everyone. I hope this day never ends.

Luis: Good, because I hope it lasts forever, too.

Sheridan: Oh, I love it out here. Don't you?

Luis: It is perfect.

Sheridan: Ah.

Luis: Hmm.

Sheridan: We should buy a boat. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Luis: Hey, I always wanted to get a second-hand boat.

Sheridan: Yeah?

Luis: We could teach the kids to sail. Sail up and down the Harmony coast.

Sheridan: We're going to have a wonderful life together.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: Luis!

Luis: Sheridan? Sheridan --

Sheridan: Luis! Luis!

Luis: Sheridan?

Miguel: You're so cold. Hey, could someone put some more wood on the fire?

Jessica: I will. I will.

Miguel: Thanks.

Jessica: Hey, Norma, could you help me get some more wood?

Norma: Me? Sure, honey.

Jessica: Thank you.

Norma: Don't even think about going anywhere. I'll be back in a flash.

Tabitha: Ah!

Timmy: Timmy thinks Timmy and tabby should get out of here while the getting's good.

Tabitha: And go where? We're trapped on this island, Timmy. Woods are swarming with warlocks, and now we have the pleasure of Norma's company here at the campsite.

Timmy: Timmy thinks this is like being between a rock and a hard place.

Tabitha: Hmm. Well, I'll take both of those over this. Well, at least Norma can't chop us into pieces while the kids are around. She won't want any eyewitnesses.

Timmy: Timmy hopes tabby's right. Otherwise, if Charity is, Timmy and tabby are doomed.

Miguel: You'll see. We'll be back in Harmony before you know it. Charity? Charity? Oh, my -- Charity -- Charity!

Reese: What's the matter?

Jessica: Is she ok?

Miguel: Charity? I think she's dead. Charity? Charity? Charity? Charity.

Reese: It's as I thought. Charity's not dead. She's just in one of her trances.

Miguel: Are you sure, Reese?

Reese: I'm positive. Her low heart and breathing rate are consistent with everything I've learned on the internet about trances. She's probably on overload from one of her premonitions and her mind is protecting her by going into a trance.

Jessica: Makes sense.

Reese: Of course it does. I just said it.

Kay: Simone -- I think this trance may be it.

Simone: Is what?

Kay: The thing that's going to kill Charity.

Simone: You're actually wishing Charity dead.

Kay: No, all I'm wishing is that I get Miguel, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Miguel: I wish there was a doctor here to check her out. Hey, I don't suppose you've had any medical experience, Norma?

Norma: Not a lick. Whoo. Up till recently, I ran a small motel. And before that, I was a butcher.

Ethan: Julian, what's going on? Why'd you burst in here like that?

Julian: Oh. Well, I'd lost track of time. I was afraid I might have missed the ceremony.

Ethan: Oh, Theresa's not here yet. You haven't missed anything.

Julian: Oh. What about the justice of the peace?

Ethan: He's in his office making some calls.

Julian: Oh.

Chad: I'll go get him when Theresa gets here.

Julian: Good. Then we have time.

Ethan: For what?

Julian: To talk.

Ethan: Oh. All right. I just wish I knew what was keeping Theresa.

Chad: You know girls, man. They're always doing the last-minute hair and makeup fix.

Ethan: Yeah, yeah, you're probably right. Just like you said, Julian -- you know, a woman wants her wedding day to be perfect.

Julian: Perfect, yes.

Ethan: You only get married once. You want it to be a day you never forget.

Julian: Definitely be a day Theresa will never forget.

Theresa: Oh.

Whitney: Theresa? What is wrong with you? Are you all right?

Theresa: I'm not sure. I was going into the chapel to talk to Ethan, and I just got woozy. I don't know if it's a hangover from champagne or nerves or what.

Whitney: All right, all right, can you sit up a little bit?

Theresa: Yes. Oh. Oh, no. Let me just stay like this for a few minutes, ok?

Whitney: All right. Why don't I just get you some water or something, all right?

Theresa: No, I'm all right. What was going on with Julian? Why did he go flying into the chapel?

Whitney: Well, he realized that there's only one justice of the peace. And as soon as he sees you, he's going to recognize you.

Theresa: One justice?

Whitney: You won't have a chance to tell Ethan the truth because as soon as the justice sees you, he is going to blow the whole thing.

Theresa: Oh, my gosh. What am I going to do? I mean, if I can't be honest with Ethan, my life is over.

Ron: It's going to be ok.

Captain: Don't be too sure. This storm's about to get real nasty. The wind's getting stronger. The sea's getting rougher.

Luis: Sheridan --

Captain: Luis, remember me?

Luis: You -- you have a boat. You're going to help me rescue Sheridan.

Captain: We're going to get you back to the dock. We're going to get you a doctor, ok? You have to rest.

Luis: No. No. We have to rescue Sheridan. Radio for a search party.

Captain: I told you -- it's broken. We're going to get you back to the dock. We can call a search party from there.

Luis: No. We have to rescue Sheridan now. I'll go get her myself.

Ron: You're not going anywhere in your condition.

Luis: Sheridan. Sheridan, where are you?

Timmy: Trance? What could that mean, tabby?

Tabitha: Never know with Charity. She's always flipping out over one thing or another. But I think that this could have been induced by the warlocks.

Timmy: But why would the warlocks want Charity in a trance?

Tabitha: I haven't a clue, lad, but you can rest assured it wouldn't be good. No, not good at all.

Miguel: Simone, you were a candy striper. You, too, Kay. Can't you take a look at Charity?

Simone: I only know the basics.

Kay: You know more than I do, Simone.

Simone: It's low but steady. Reese is right. I mean, she is in a trance, but she's really cold, and that's not good, Miguel.

Miguel: Ok. We're going to need some more wood. Keep the fire going strong.

Norma: Well, I got a pretty new ax I'm still breaking in, but I'm going to need some help carrying what I chop down. Ah -- Tabitha can help me. Bring your doll, honey.

Tabitha: Who, me? Oh, no, I wouldn't be any help at all. I'm far too old. I'd only be able to carry a few sticks.

Reese: She'd carry a lot more if she'd put that stupid doll down.

Jessica: I'll help. I'll carry the wood.

Tabitha: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Jessica, dear.

Jessica: You're welcome. Let's go.

Norma: Better watch your back, tabby baby. Not to mention your arms and legs. You might not be coming back from this little trip in one piece. [Norma chuckles]

Tabitha: Oh.

Luis: Sheridan. Sheridan.

Captain: Luis --

Luis: Sheridan.

Captain: Come on. The explosion was huge. It blew your boat completely apart.

Luis: No. Sheridan --

Captain: It's incredible you survived. It's lucky we found you. You'd have drowned.

Ron: There's a big storm blowing in.

Captain: Look, we've searched everywhere. We've scan with a searchlight. You've called out till you're hoarse. If anybody else survived the blast, we'd have found them by now.

Luis: No, you're wrong.

Captain: Am I? It's time you faced facts. You go back into that water one more time, it's over for you, too. You're chasing a ghost, son. You got to accept it -- Sheridan is gone.

Whitney: Theresa, stick to the original plan. You have to tell Ethan everything that happened.

Theresa: What if the justice of the peace already did?

Whitney: If he had, trust me, we would know. Don't forget -- Ethan is going to be all over Julian. We would have heard the yelling.

Theresa: And there would be a terrible fight.

Whitney: Look, you have to tell Ethan first. If you don't tell him, he's going to find out eventually and you're going to risk losing him forever.

Ethan: You know, Julian, before you came, the justice was telling us about this strange ceremony he performed last night.

Julian: Was he really?

Ethan: Yeah, he said that this couple called him in the middle of the night demanding that he marry them. Forced the justice to wake up and perform the ceremony. Bruce: Whoa.

Julian: Oh. Well, that's some story.

Ethan: Well, actually, there's more. He said it was an older man and a much younger woman.

Julian: Well, it's hardly unheard of. And as long as they loved each other, who cares?

Ethan: See, the justice didn't get the impression they did. He actually said the older man was a letch.

Julian: I'm sure they got married for all the right reasons under the best of circumstances.

Ethan: And they were drinking.

Chad: Yeah, the old guy was holding a bottle of champagne through the whole ceremony.

Julian: Really? I'm sure he had good reason.

Ethan: You know, Julian, I -- why are you defending this guy?

Julian: Well, no reason. I just hate hearing people disparaged when they're not around to defend themselves.

Ethan: Since when? You know, wait a minute. I think I know why you're defending this guy. Yeah, you already knew about the wedding, didn't you?

Julian: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ethan: I think you do. I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Kay: Charity's fine. Why is he still so worried about her?

Simone: He loves her, Kay. Really loves her.

Kay: I have to find a way to get him away from Charity so he can spend some time with me and get him to realize that I'm the only girl that's going to make him happy.

Simone: Kay --

Kay: I wouldn't be spending all my time having stupid premonitions and being all needy.

Simone: You're about the neediest person I've ever known.

Kay: I'd focus all my energy on Miguel's needs, making sure he had everything he ever wanted in life.

Simone: You are really certifiable. Whatever happened to you being good, not getting a black mark on your soul?

Kay: How am I not being good?

Simone: Do you want me to go down the list?

Kay: Simone, all I'm doing is making sure that I have a chance with the love of my life.

Simone: You are trying to split up two people who are crazy about each other.

Kay: Wait. I've got it. That's it.

Simone: What's it?

Kay: I know how I can get Miguel away from Charity. And if this works, maybe she won't even have to die for us to be together.

Tabitha: Oh.

Jessica: Did you say something, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Oh, no. I was just thinking that my lumberjacking days are well behind me.

Jessica: Yeah, well, maybe we could take a few minutes and maybe just talk.

Tabitha: About what, dear?

Jessica: Charity.

Tabitha: Yes?

Jessica: It's just that her premonitions are starting to bother me.

Tabitha: Yes, well, I must say none of them seem too terribly jolly.

Jessica: You know what? And they all seem so real to her. I just -- I'm starting to think that Charity might actually be able to see in the future. [Tabitha gasps]

Tabitha: Oh.

Jessica: Oh. You really are hurting, huh?

Tabitha: No, dear. No. I'm all right. What were you saying about Charity?

Jessica: Do you think she can see into the future?

Tabitha: Well, wouldn't surprise me. No, wouldn't surprise me at all.

Norma: I need your help, father. I don't seem to be able to get Timmy and Tabitha alone. What can I do? I can't kill them with witnesses around. So I have to split them apart from everybody else. But how? [As father] the key to killing them is Timmy. Separate Timmy from Tabitha and use the little jerk to lure Tabitha to her death. [Normal voice] oh. Oh. Thank you, father. Oh, I knew I could count on you. [As father] you're welcome, buttercup. Now make your father proud and kill them. Kill them both!

Ron: You sure you should have done that, cap?

Captain: Had to do something to stop him.

Ron: Yeah, I guess you're right. At least we can try to save Luis.

Captain: Keep a close eye on him. If he goes over the side one more time, he's a dead man.

Luis: Sheridan.

Luis: Not going to let it end this way. Sheridan isn't dead. I know she isn't. Sheridan!

Ron: Luis! Luis!

Julian: Wh--

Ethan: That's what your friend Bruce came by to talk to you about earlier. You were probably applauding your friend marrying a much a man. you know, I can't believe I ever really thought I was a Crane.

Chad: I know what you mean.

Ethan: We have nothing in common, Julian.

Julian: We have more in common than you'll ever know. Ethan, why don't I go see if I can't round up Theresa?

Ethan: No, Julian, I'll do it.

Julian: I don't think that's a good idea.

Ethan: Why not?

Julian: Well, because -- isn't it obvious? If you go looking for her, she'll feel pressured. And you must be gentle with your new bride, Ethan. Remember that.

Ethan: Well, just be sure and tell her that she has an impatient groom waiting.

Julian: I will. [Julian laughs]

Julian: Ahem. You have to be particularly gentle when it's her second marriage in less than 12 hours. Where have you been?

Theresa: Right here. I mean, you ran so fast, you ran right by me.

Julian: It was a good thing I was fast. Hopefully I've headed off disaster. What we have to do now is come up with an excuse for Ethan.

Whitney: An excuse, Julian?

Julian: Yes. Your marrying Ethan on this island is totally out of the question. You can't do a thing until i come up with an annulment.

Theresa: What? Before you said that I had to marry Ethan or he would think that something was wrong --

Julian: Forget what I said. Come. Let's go.

Whitney: Theresa, wait a second. You're going to listen to Julian crane? Listen to me. The only way to save your relationship is to be honest with Ethan.

Julian: Oh, that's right. Be honest with him. Tell him the truth. I've always heard the best way to save a relationship with a fiancé is to tell him that you're married to the man he always considered to be his father.

Theresa: Maybe he's right.

Whitney: No, no, he couldn't be more wrong.

Theresa: But if I tell Ethan everything, he may never want to see me again, Whitney. And it's not like Julian and I only got married. I mean, we actually had sex. Isn't that disgusting?

Whitney: Yes, but --

Julian: I wouldn't necessarily call it disgusting.

Theresa: I wish I could forget everything that happened last night.

Julian: I wish I could remember more of it.

Whitney: Oh --

Theresa: Look, Whitney, I know that you're right. But I'm afraid that I can't bring Myself to tell Ethan.

Ethan: Tell me what, Theresa?

Ron: There.

Captain: How is he staying afloat?

Ron: He's determined to find his fiancée.

Captain: We've got to get him out of there before he goes under for the last time. Frank, bring the boat 'round!

Luis: I need to find her.

Ron: Whoa. You're not going anywhere, mate.

Captain: You've got to rest!

Ron: He's ok.

Captain: Cover him up. Frank! Get us out of here!

Ron: Him and Sheridan must have had something real special going on.

Captain: I only hope she knew how much he loved her while she was alive.

Luis: Sheridan. Sheridan.

Ethan: What is it you can't bring yourself to tell me, Theresa?

Theresa: I -- well --

Julian: She's too nervous to say.

Ethan: Say what?

Julian: She'd rather you postponed the wedding and waited until you got back to Harmony.

Ethan: Is that true? You really want to wait until we get back to Harmony?

Theresa: No. No, I don't want to wait.

Ethan: Then, let's do it. Let's get married right here, right now.

Julian: Where's the --

Ethan: You say something, Julian?

Julian: Oh, me? Oh, no. No, nothing, nothing.

Theresa: Ethan -- before we do this, there's something that we need to talk about. There's something that I have to tell you.

Ethan: Ok, I'm listening.

Theresa: I -- I've changed my mind. We can't get married. Not here. Not now.

Ethan: But why? Hey, look, is this because you're nervous? Prewedding jitters -- everyone gets them all the time. But once we're married, they'll be gone. And then we can go back to Harmony and have a church wedding.

Julian: But wouldn't two weddings be redundant?

Ethan: People do it all the time.

Julian: I know, but a proper ceremony in the old Harmony church --

Ethan: Theresa --

Theresa: Hmm?

Ethan: I think we should become husband and wife right here.

Theresa: Husband and wife. I want that more than anything in the world. Just not now.

Ethan: I don't understand. Why can't we get married here? What is it you're not telling me?

Norma: Tabitha -- [Tabitha gasps]

Norma: We could get the wood a whole lot faster if you'd put down your doll and give Jessica and me a hand.

Tabitha: I can't. My doll is such a comfort.

Jessica: Tabitha, I really have to agree with her. I mean, it's just that we have to get this wood back to camp as fast as we can. Please?

Tabitha: Oh, very well. Anything for Charity. I won't be far away, lad.

Timmy: Don't worry. Timmy can help get wood for Charity.

Tabitha: What?

Timmy: He won't let anybody see him.

Tabitha: All right. But don't wander off, now. Stay close.

Norma: You were so right, father.

Simone: When will the next boat pass by the island, Reese?

Reese: That's what I'm trying to calculate right now.

Kay: Hey. I think you and I should go gather some firewood around the clearing. It's getting kind of low.

Miguel: I'm staying with Charity.

Kay: Well, yeah, but you also want her to be warm, don't you? So let's go get some wood. Come on.

Miguel: No, Kay.

Kay: Miguel, she's going to be fine. I mean, Simone and Reese are right over there.

Miguel: I'm going to stay here.

Kay: Ok.

Reese: Come on!

Simone: What's wrong?

Reese: Problems with the uplink. Maybe if we tried another area, I might be able to get a better signal. Over there.

Kay: That's right, Reese. You and Simone go away and stay away while I try and get Miguel to leave Charity's side. What are you saying, Kay? Think positive. You're not going to try. You're going to get this man. Ok. Let's go. [Kay cries]

Miguel: Kay? Kay, is that you?

Kay: Yes.

Miguel: Where are you?

Kay: Over here. [Kay sobs]

Miguel: What's wrong?

Kay: Miguel, I'm so scared. What if we never make it off this island?

Miguel: Of course we are. And soon. You'll see.

Voice: Charity!

Second voice: Charity!

Third voice: Charity!

Warlock: Hello, Charity. We have so much to tell you.

Second Warlock: But you must listen very carefully.

Third Warlock: And do exactly what we tell you to do.

Captain: How's he doing?

Ron: I don't know. Not so good.

Captain: It's amazing -- his total commitment to finding this woman. Too bad. No matter how heroic this search of his was, it can't change one thing -- Sheridan's dead. She's never coming back.

Luis: Sheridan.

Ethan: I don't understand what the problem is.

Theresa: I just -- I just want to go someplace where we can talk alone.

Ethan: We'll have plenty of time to talk after the ceremony.

Theresa: Ethan, I don't feel right.

Ethan: Theresa, I have just one request of you right now.

Theresa: What?

Ethan: Just take all your fears, your jitters, your doubts, and just put them away. This is what I want, and I know this is what you want, too.

Theresa: I really do. I do.

Ethan: Then let's get on with it. Look, we'll go back home and do the church wedding there. But I just want to make this official, you know, legal. We've waited long enough.

Whitney: Ethan, I think Theresa's right. Maybe you guys should just wait.

Julian: Oh, wait. There is no maybe. You can't do it now. It's not right. See, it's too hasty.

Henry: All right. Do we have the happy couple? Oh, good lord!

Ethan: What is it?

Henry: You two.

Jessica: Do you think this is enough wood?

Tabitha: More than enough.

Jessica: Good. Let's go back to camp.

Tabitha: Oh, splendid idea. We're turning back, Timmy. Oh, happy day. Timmy? Timmy?

Jessica: They're both gone -- your doll and Norma.

Tabitha: Norma. Oh, no. Timmy? Timmy, where are you?

Timmy: Tabby? Must've been Timmy's imagination.

Norma: Oh. Oh. I'm going to make you so proud, father. First I'll chop up the doll. Then I'll gut the witch. They're as good as dead, father. Good as dead.

Miguel: I promise you, Kay, we are getting off this island. You're just worried about Charity.

Kay: Oh, Miguel --

Miguel: What is it? You're not thinking about that story Reese found on the internet, are you? It is just an old legend. There's no truth to it.

Kay: But, Miguel, what if there is?

Miguel: No, there isn't. All right? Charity is not going to die. We'll all be found soon, and Charity's going to be just fine.

Warlock: Come to us, Charity!

Warlocks: Charity!

Warlock: We have so much to tell you.

Second Warlock: So many secrets to tell.

Third Warlock: We can help you. We can help you save Theresa.

First Warlock: And Sheridan.

Second Warlock: And Luis.

Third Warlock: Come to us, Charity.

First Warlock: Charity --

Second Warlock: Come to us, Charity.

First Warlock: Come to us.

Warlocks: Come to us, Charity. Charity, come to us.

Warlock: Yes.

Warlocks: Yes.

Warlock: Join us.

Warlocks: Join us in the fire!

Warlock: Come to us.