Passions Transcript Thursday 8/9/01



                                                    Passions Transcript Thursday 8/9/01

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Grace: But are you, Sam? Are you really my husband?

Sam: Of course I'm your husband. I'm your only husband.

Grace: I'm sorry. It's just since David came to town and claimed that he was my husband, I have been so confused and -- and I'm scared.

Sam: There's nothing to be scared of.

Grace: What if it's true? What if I was married to David before i met you, before i lost my memory?

Sam: Grace, I know it's scary because you can't remember that time before we met. But I promise you I am your husband and I'm never going to let anything or anyone tear us apart.

Pilar: Ivy, please, listen to me. Even if it's true that Grace is married to another man, that doesn't mean that Sam will be available for you.

Ivy: That's exactly what it does mean, Pilar. Look, I had given up on all of my hopes of ever being with Sam, but don't you see? It's possible now.

Pilar: Ivy, Sam doesn't love you. He loves Grace.

Ivy: He could learn to love me again. We could be a family with Ethan, our son.

Pilar: No. You're talking nonsense.

Ivy: No, it makes perfect sense! Grace has another husband. Sam will have to leave her, and he will be free to marry me. It's -- it's perfect!

Ethan: I just can't believe that my flight to Bermuda doesn't leave till tomorrow morning. If i were still a Crane, the Crane jet would be fueled and ready to take off.

Chad: It's got to be hard getting used to having no money, huh?

Ethan: I keep thinking about how many things I used to take for granted. And that -- that desk clerk never even put my call through to Theresa's room. Now, if I were Ethan Crane, he never would've denied me anything.

Whitney: You know, that's exactly why Theresa went to Bermuda. I mean, she wants to get all that stuff back for you.

Ethan: By trying to convince Julian to take me back into the family?

Whitney: Yeah, I mean, she wants to make amends, to give you your life back as a Crane.

Chad: She still feels it's her fault for everybody finding out that you were Sam Bennett's son.

Ethan: I understand that. I just wish she wasn't so far away and alone with Julian. I know the man who used to be my father, and i don't trust him.

Whitney: Yeah, well, I'm worried, too. I mean, let's just face it. Theresa can be naive. And I'm worried she could get into a situation with horrible consequences.

Julian: Here you are, my dear.

Theresa: Oh, I really shouldn't have any more.

Julian: Oh. Nonsense. I won't let you overdo it. We're having such a lovely talk, aren't we?

Theresa: Yes, i hope so.

Julian: And civilized people don't have a really heartfelt chat without a little nectar of the Gods.

Theresa: All right. But you do understand what I'm saying, don't you?

Julian: Oh, yes, yes, about Ethan. You want me to take him back in the family, to adopt him.

Theresa: Well, you will do it, won't you? Julian, it would make Ethan so happy.

Julian: Well, I think that the two of us can come to some sort of arrangement.

Theresa: I hope so. Like I said, I will do whatever it takes to convince you.

Julian: I certainly hope so.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

[Music plays]

[music stops]

Sheridan: That was wonderful.

Luis: That was great.

Sheridan: This whole night has been wonderful.

Luis: Tomorrow's going to be even better -- just you and me. We're going to be sailing the ocean blue and making love in some little cove. It's going to be fantastic.

Sheridan: Mm-hmm.

Woman: Basil, what's the name of that boat again?

Basil: Uh -- Mr. Crane said it was called the island dream.

Woman: Ok. There sure are a lot of boats out there.

Basil: Oh, we'll find it, all right? And once we find the boat that Luis rented, we'll know what size bomb to plant. And then, June baby, we're on our way to a very healthy paycheck.

June: We have to find the right place to plant the bomb.

Basil: Oh, stop worrying, June. We'll find the right place. And by tomorrow afternoon, when the happy couple is in the middle of their fishing trip -- boom! Off it goes. Our bomb will be so powerful, it won't matter where we put it. Sheridan and Luis will be blown to smithereens.

Simone: Kay, that fire is getting intense. We better go see what's happening.

Kay: I told you, Simone, I'm not leaving until Miguel comes back and we make love.

Simone: I still say that's never going to happen.

Kay: Yes, it will.

Simone: Kay, Miguel loves Charity. What you're doing is wrong.

Kay: Simone, I don't care. I'm going to make Miguel forget all about Charity. And after I'm pregnant, I'll be with Miguel forever.

Tabitha: It's no use, Timmy. It's locked. And I couldn't break the window. We're trapped.

Timmy: Timmy and tabby are going to fry?

Tabitha: Oh, I'm afraid so.

Timmy: Timmy wishes Norma had just killed Timmy and tabby with her ax. It sure would've been quicker.

Tabitha: I agree. Nothing's worse than being burned to death, and I should know!

Miguel: Tabitha's trapped in there!

Jessica: She's going to die!

Charity: This isn't right! This isn't what I saw in my vision!

Norma: Oh, I've done it, father. That witch and her boy will never embarrass you again. They are barbecue. [Norma slurps]

Sam: Grace, you have to believe me. The guy is lying about everything. He's not your husband.

Grace: You keep saying that.

Sam: Because I know it's true. When you married me, you had no reservations. You knew you were free to marry me even though you had amnesia.

Grace: But how could I know I was free if I had amnesia?

Sam: I am positive about this, Grace. Even with your amnesia, you'd know somehow if there was someone else in your life.

Grace: It's just that David knows so many things about me.

Sam: He could've gotten that information off the internet from when our house imploded.

Grace: He knows i like honey in my tea. I mean, he didn't get that on the internet.

Sam: Ok. Lucky guess.

Grace: And we saw the marriage license, Sam. That proves I was married to him.

Sam: Not if it's a forgery.

Grace: A forgery? Why -- why would David go through all the trouble --

Sam: Look, Grace, I don't know what his angle is. All I know for sure is that you're not married to David Hastings. You're married to me. I know it. I'm never going to let you go.

Pilar: Ivy, get your head out of the clouds. Sam isn't going to leave Grace.

Ivy: He will if she has another husband. Don't you realize what this means, Pilar? They're not married. They never have been.

Pilar: Even if it's true that this David was Grace's husband, which at this point no one knows --

Ivy: Of course it's true, Pilar! Why else would David come all the way to Harmony to find Grace?

Pilar: I don't know, but --

Ivy: No, no, there are no "buts" to this -- no. Grace has another husband. And that means that Sam is a free man. And I am going to wait for him. I will wait. And we can start a new life together, and we can be a family with Ethan.

Chad: Ethan, you got to know a lot of people with money, right? I mean, there must be somebody you could call.

Ethan: None of those people return my calls, Chad. Not since I was thrown out of the Crane family.

Whitney: You know, I'm so sorry for what you've been through lately.

Ethan: Thanks, Whitney. But all I care about is just getting Theresa back. I think I'm going to make another phone call, see if i can find another way to get to Bermuda.

Whitney: You know, I really hope i did the right thing by telling Ethan where Theresa went.

Chad: Yeah, I hear you. Because Ethan knows like everybody else that Mr. Crane can act like a lounge lizard when it comes to women.

Whitney: I know he has a really horrible reputation. I'm kind of getting afraid for Theresa.

Chad: You think Julian would put the moves on her?

Whitney: I mean, I don't know. You know how Theresa gets in over her head all the time. What if Julian does try to seduce her or something? I mean, she might not know how to deal with that.

Theresa: You should know, Julian, that I'm used to getting what I want, and I want you to adopt Ethan.

Julian: Hmm. Ahem -- so you have been saying. And I'm almost convinced it would be the right thing to do.

Theresa: It is. It's absolutely the right thing to do. It wasn't Ethan's fault that his mother lied to him. And you raised him as your son. Look, he misses being your son, Julian.

Julian: Oh, yes. I'm sure he does. But I'm just -- I'm not sure if I could take such a big step.

Theresa: Oh. Well, you will be. I can be very persuasive when I want something. You have no idea.

Julian: Huh. And you have no idea how persuasive I can be when I want something.

Theresa: Hmm. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Luis: Aha.

Sheridan: Oh. Oh, I still can't believe we're here, together, having such a wonderful time.

Luis: Neither can I. But you know what? We are. And it's not going to end, and tomorrow is going to be even more wonderful.

Sheridan: Oh, our own private boat exploring all the secret coves.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: I can't wait.

Luis: You know, this is everything i ever dreamed of -- being out on the water with the woman I love, a boat. Even the boat's name is perfect.

Sheridan: What's she called?

Luis: The island dream.

Basil: June, is that the boat they rented?

June: That's it. The island dream.

Basil: Are you sure?

June: It's the name Julian Crane gave us. It looks like the boat he described.

Basil: Wow. Well, all right. Let's get to work and check it out.

June: It's a pretty boat, isn't it? It's a shame tomorrow it'll be blown to bits.

Basil: If Julian Crane wants it blown to bits, that's what he gets. When Luis and Sheridan take it out tomorrow, they're never coming back.

Tabitha: Oh, it's useless! The door's locked!

Timmy: Oh, no! There's no way out! Timmy and his princess are doomed!

Miguel: There's got to be something we can do to help Tabitha.

Reese: Like what? There's no fire hydrant, no hose.

Jessica: Yeah, we can't even put water on it! There's no buckets!

Miguel: Oh, my God. Tabitha's just trapped!

Jessica: Oh, God. This must've been what your premonition was about. No, it was this boat and Tabitha that was in danger, not Sheridan.

Charity: No! No, this isn't what I saw! This is not my premonition about Sheridan!

Miguel: What do we do?

Reese: Look! The fire's spreading! Tabitha's never getting out of there alive.

Ivy: You know, Pilar, I can't believe I was sitting around here feeling sorry for myself that Julian divorced me. It's fate.

Pilar: Fate?

Ivy: Yes. Don't you remember? I told you -- Julian flew down to the islands to finalize our divorce. As of midnight tonight, I am a free woman. And Sam will be a free man. Wow, God works in mysterious ways.

Pilar: God would not approve of you trying to break up Sam and Grace's marriage.

Ivy: But that's the beauty of it, Pilar. I'm not doing anything. Grace is married to another man. I'm not doing anything evil. I -- i don't know. It's like God turned back the hands of time, for me, to give me a chance to get back everything i missed when i didn't tell Sam that Ethan was his son.

Pilar: Well, I still think you're assuming too much. Sam doesn't believe that David is Grace's husband.

Ivy: Poor Sam. Oh, poor Sam. He's going to be so hurt when he finds out it's true. But I'll be here for him. I'll help him get through it. I'm getting a second chance, Pilar, and all I have to do is wait for Sam to be free.

Sam: Don't worry, Grace. I'm going to protect you from David. I won't let him cause you any more trouble.

Grace: I will try not to worry. [Noise]

Sam: What was that?

Grace: I don't know.

Sam: Stay here.

Grace: No, I'm going with you.

Sam: Grace --

Grace: No, Sam, I'm going with you. [Noise]

Sam: Who's there? Come out and show yourself.

Grace: David.

Sam: What in the hell are you doing here?

David: It's not what it looks like.

Sam: Oh, it's not? It looks like you were trying to kidnap Grace again.

Grace: Sam --

David: Why would I try and kidnap my own wife?

Sam: She's my wife. Now I want you out of here. Now, leave before i run you in for trespassing.

David: Go ahead and try it.

Simone: Well, you can stay here if you want. I'm going to go see what's going on with that fire.

Kay: Go ahead.

Simone: Don't you even care that Miguel or the others might even need help?

Kay: Oh, my gosh. You're right. What if Charity saves a bunny from the fire or something? Miguel's going to love her even more.

Simone: Please.

Kay: I got to get out there and do something nice before Charity does.

Simone: You are all heart, Kay.

Miguel: Oh, my God. I can see Tabitha! Tabitha! Tabitha, can you get out of there?

Jessica: She must be locked in!

Miguel: The flames are spreading!

Reese: Oh, my God. It looks like she's running out of oxygen.

Timmy: Timmy feels dizzy.

Tabitha: Oh, we're suffocating, Timmy.

Norma: You see, father? I made sure those two would die. [As father] I'm proud of you, baby doll! Looks like Timmy and Tabitha are goners! Well done! [Normal voice] oh. Thank you, father.

Timmy: Help! Help!

Miguel: There's got to be a way to get up there!

Jessica: No, we have to get Tabitha off the boat!

Charity: Maybe we can get to the other side and get on the boat that way.

Miguel: Right.

Timmy: Help, help! Help!

Reese: It's Tabitha's doll. It's Tabitha's doll, and he's alive.

Sheridan: Hmm. Have you ever seen such beautiful stars?

Luis: No. Never seen them this bright, either.

Sheridan: Uh-uh.

Theresa: Think about how Ethan must feel, Julian. I mean, look at this room. He's used to -- [Theresa gasps]

Theresa: Oh! Oh! I'm so, so sorry.

Julian: Oh --

Theresa: Oh. Oh. Look at this. [Theresa gasps]

Theresa: There's a 24-hour wedding chapel in this resort! Julian, it's a sign!

Julian: A sign?

Theresa: Yes. If you just agree to adopt Ethan, well, he could come flying down here immediately and we could get married and we could have a honeymoon at the same time! Wouldn't that just be perfect? Oh! [Theresa screams]

Luis: Sounds like they're having a big party next door.

Sheridan: Well, that's what resorts like this are for.

Luis: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Sheridan: Hey. Something wrong?

Luis: No, it's just that -- well, ever since i thought i heard Theresa's voice downstairs in the bar, i've been thinking about her.

Sheridan: It's only natural for you to worry about your little sister.

Luis: Yeah. And after I heard those clowns talking about sugar daddies and how some old geezer was trying to get some innocent girl up in his room, well, I couldn't help but worry about Theresa.

Sheridan: I understand how you feel.

Luis: Yeah. And, you know, if I'd have known that Theresa had been working for Ivy Crane all this time and seeing Ethan, I would've gone crazy. I know Julian's reputation, and, well, I just can't believe that he never even tried to make a move on Theresa.

Sheridan: Well, I wouldn't put anything past Julian, but even he knows how young she really is.

Luis: Yeah? Well, if he did ever try and hit on her, I'd kill him.

Theresa: I'm so, so, so sorry, Mr. Crane.

Julian: No, it's Julian, remember? Don't -- don't -- just put it down. Don't worry about this lamp. Oh! The maid will clean it up in the morning. Let's take our champagne and go out to the balcony.

Theresa: The balcony.

Julian: Yes, let's drink in the beauty of this glorious island. Come.

[Theresa sighs]

Sam: You're leaving now.

Grace: Sam --

David: I came for what's mine.

Sam: She's not yours!

Grace: Sam, please, just stop! Both of you, just stop it.

Sam: Now, you better leave if you don't want to wind up in jail again.

David: You can charge me with trespassing, but that's it. And no judge will ever convict me when I tell them I'm just trying to see my wife.

Sam: She's not your --

Grace: Sam, please. Please.

Sam: Wife.

Grace: Just -- David, if you came here to see me, why were you hiding in the bushes?

David: Well, I'm glad you asked.

David: I was bringing you these. But I thought they needed a little more greenery, so I -- I saw the shrub, and I -- I thought I'd add a couple of sprigs to the bouquet.

Sam: No. So you were trespassing and stealing.

David: I guess I was.

Grace: Look, why don't we -- why don't we take this inside and talk about it?

Sam: Grace, there's nothing to talk about.

Grace: I think there is, Sam. [Sam sighs]

Sam: All right. This better not take long.

Ivy: Who was that with Sam and Grace?

Pilar: I don't know.

Ivy: Wait a minute. Maybe it's the infamous David.

Pilar: Well, I suppose it could be.

Ivy: I want to hear what they're saying. Come on, Pilar, let's go to the window.

Pilar: Ivy, I will not eavesdrop.

Ivy: Well, suit yourself. I'm not above a little eavesdropping, especially if it means I'm going to find out that Grace is for sure married to another man.

Sheridan: Oh, Luis. You're tense. Why don't you come back inside and I'll give you a massage?

Luis: A massage?

Sheridan: Mm-hmm.

Luis: Hmm. Never turn a massage from you down.

Julian: Now, isn't this better?

Theresa: Hmm, it's so beautiful.

Julian: Not as beautiful as you, my dear. [Knock on door]

Theresa: Well, who could that be?

Julian: I have no idea. Don't go away.

Theresa: Ok.

Julian: What the hell are you two doing here?

Basil: We're here to collect, Mr. Crane.

June: We scouted the boat. We're set to plant the bomb.

Julian: I don't want anyone to overhear this conversation. One moment. [Music plays loudly]

Luis: What the hell's going on over there?

Julian: I have a guest, a guest who would be very upset if she thought that Luis Lopez Fitzgerald was in any kind of danger. Here. So you found the boat all right?

June: Yes, sir. The island dream.

Basil: And we found a perfect spot to plant the --

Julian: Shut! Do not say that! Just go.

June: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Julian: Yes.

June: Thank you, Mr. Crane.

Julian: Go, yes, go. God, they certainly don't inspire much confidence.

Julian: Thank you. This is going to be a fantastic night.

Julian: I do apologize, my sweet.

Theresa: Oh. Are you convinced yet?

Julian: Almost.

Theresa: Just tell me what to do. Tell me what i can do to convince you to adopt Ethan. I'll do anything.

Ethan: I think I'm going to call the resort back, see if i can get a different desk clerk on duty this time.

Chad: You know, Ethan, why don't you just let it go for tonight, man? I mean, you're going to fly down there first thing tomorrow morning anyway. Besides, it's late. Hey, you know, i bet you Theresa's probably already asleep.

Whitney: Oh, yeah, I'm sure she is.

Ethan: I'd hate to wake her up, but I want to make sure she's all right. I'll be right back.

Whitney: You know, I feel really terrible about this. I never should have told Ethan where Theresa went.

Chad: No, no, you definitely did the right thing, Whitney. Otherwise he'd really be going crazy.

Whitney: I guess. But I am kind of worried about what Theresa's doing right now. I mean, I know how determined she was to convince Julian Crane to take Ethan back into the family.

Chad: You really think she might do something stupid?

Whitney: Knowing Theresa, I'm -- she might. I mean, she doesn't think anything through. She just jumps into situations. Then they end up blowing up right in her face.

Theresa: Hmm.

Julian: Hmm.

Theresa: Thank you, Julian.

Julian: You're more than welcome, my lovely Theresa.

Timmy: Timmy's sorry he can't save his princess. [Tabitha coughs]

Tabitha: Timmy, Timmy, you can leave through the cat door we found. You're small enough to get through. Go!

Timmy: No, princess. Timmy won't leave his princess to die. He will die with her. We'll both die together.

Reese: I told you Tabitha's doll was alive, and I was right!

Miguel: Reese, what are you talking about?

Reese: Tabitha's doll!

Jessica: Oh!

Reese: I saw him yelling for help. He's out there with Tabitha.

Jessica: Reese, don't start that again!

Miguel: Reese, we need to find a way to get on the boat and help Tabitha.

Reese: But I'm telling you, he was in there. I saw him --

Jessica: Will you stop? Tabitha is in real danger! We can't do this!

Miguel: We can't just stand around and watch her die.

Charity: Ok, Miguel. What are we going to do?

Miguel: I don't know, but I've got to find a way to get on the boat.

Norma: Damn that meddling kid!

Jessica: How are you going to do it, Miguel? The flames are spreading!

Miguel: I'll find a way. I love you, Charity.

Charity: I love you, too, Miguel. Please be careful, ok? [Kay gasps]

Simone: Oh, my God.

Kay: What happened to the boat?

Reese: There was an explosion. Tabitha's trapped onboard.

Simone: Oh, my God -- Tabitha? I thought she was asleep in her tent!

Charity: No, she's on the boat, and Miguel's going to find a way to get her out, ok?

Miguel: Look, I think I can get onboard if I go around the stern.

Kay: Miguel, no! It's too dangerous! I won't let you!

Theresa: I wonder what the wedding chapel is like.

Julian: Wedding chapel?

Theresa: In the brochure here at the resort. I'll bet it's like everything else on this island -- beautiful. And if Ethan and I were to get married in that chapel, oh, it'd be so beautiful. We could have flowers like these! Aren't they simply gorgeous? Oh! Oh, oh, oh. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Julian: Think nothing of it, my dear.

Theresa: Oh.

Luis: All right, that's it. I'm going over there --

Sheridan: Wait.

Luis: And tell them to keep it down.

Sheridan: It's awfully late.

Luis: Which is exactly why they should keep a lid on it. Look, I heard voices on the balcony, so I'm just going to go and warn them. Don't worry. I'll be polite.

Theresa: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Julian: Oh, no.

Theresa: I'm -- oh! Oh!

Julian: Oh!

Theresa: I'm sorry. I'm such a klutz.

Julian: Oh, darling, of course not. You're the essence of Grace. [Theresa giggles] [Theresa screams]

Julian: Oh, dear. I -- [Theresa laughs] [Julian laughs]

Pilar: Ivy, this is terrible. We shouldn't be listening.

Ivy: Then leave if you want. I want to hear what they're saying.

Grace: David, you say you know so much about me. You know my likes and my dislikes. You even knew about my sister, faith.

David: But I didn't know one of the most important things -- that you've had amnesia all these years.

Sam: Pretty convenient, right? Makes it easy to show up and claim that Grace was your wife.

Grace: Sam, hey. You know, we want to get to the truth of all this, right?

Sam: I know the truth, Grace, and so do you.

David: You might not yet, Grace. But you will.

Grace: David, i have to tell you I've heard a lot of the things that you know about me and I don't even have the slightest spark of a memory about you.

David: Yes, but if you spent some time with me, I know you'd remember.

Sam: Well, you can forget about that.

David: I know you would.

Grace: It's not going to happen. I don't know you. And unless you can come up with something that makes me remember you, I think you should just go and leave us alone.

David: All right. I know something that you're bound to remember. When I tell you this story, you'll know that you're my wife.

Ivy: Oh. This is it, Pilar. David is about to prove that he's Grace's husband.

Ethan: I have to get down to Bermuda. This is killing me.

Chad: Yeah, I know it's hard, man, but you'll be able to go down there first thing in the morning.

Whitney: I wish I could just give you the money so that you could charter the plane to go see her.

Ethan: I know you guys would do everything you could to help. But I just -- I just wish that she hadn't have taken off like that, not knowing how much I love her. And I hate it that she thinks she has to try to make amends to make things better.

Whitney: She was convinced that this was the only way to make you happy again. She left feeling pretty guilty.

Ethan: Hasn't she ever heard that old saying -- "love means never having to say you're sorry"?

Chad: Yeah. Didn't she ever see that old movie?

Whitney: Guess not.

Ethan: Just -- I just hope she's all right. I really need to talk to her.

[Theresa laughs]

Julian: No! [Laughing]

Julian: Oh.

Theresa: Oh!

Julian: I think the cows are coming home to roost. [Theresa laughs]

Julian: I'll help you.

Sheridan: Luis, look, I don't think you should confront them like this.

Luis: Like what?

Sheridan: You're in a horrible mood. I think we should go out into the hallway and knock on their door. It would seem a lot less hostile. Besides, you'll have to talk through all the plants out here.

Luis: You're right. I'm not on duty in Bermuda, am i?

Sheridan: No, you're not, Mr. Policeman. You're on vacation like everyone else.

Luis: Right. I'm going to go put some clothes on.

Sheridan: Good idea.

Theresa: Oh!

Julian: I'm sure we'll be fine if we can just find our --

Theresa: Oh!

Julian: Sweetheart, please. [Theresa screams]

Julian: Oh, my God. [Julian laughs]

Theresa: Oh, this place is dangerous. It's spinning.

Julian: You're right, my dear. Perhaps it would be best if we just sit tight for a bit.

Theresa: Oh, yes. Ok. Ok. Oh. I miss Ethan.

Julian: Oh, now, dear Theresa, please. Don't cry.

Theresa: No, I can't help it. I want him to be here so that we can be married. If you'll just say that you'll adopt him.

Julian: But, Theresa, my sweet, it hurts me so to see you in such pain. Oh, let me make it all better.

Theresa: No, no, you can't. You still haven't said that you'll adopt him.

Julian: Well, I know, and I do apologize. But you've almost convinced me.

Theresa: I have?

Julian: Absolutely!

Julian: Where are you going?

Theresa: To freshen up. I must look like a mess.

Julian: Yeah. You go freshen up. I'll -- I'll call down for some more champagne. [Knock on door]

Julian: God. Now who is it? I hope to God it's not those bobbsey twins again.

[Tabitha and Timmy cough]

Kay: Miguel, please don't go on the boat! It's too dangerous!

Simone: Let him go, Kay. We can't just let Tabitha die.

Kay: Well, I'm sorry, but I don't want to see Miguel hurt!

Miguel: I'll be ok. All right? Don't worry.

Reese: I'm coming with you.

Miguel: No, you stay here with the girls. Hey, don't worry about me, ok?

Charity: Ok.

Miguel: I'll be ok.

Charity: Ok.

Norma: Damn that kid. He's going to save Tabitha. Oh, I've got to stop him. [As father] no, Norma! Someone might see you. They'll put you in jail! [Normal voice] oh. Oh. Oh, you're right, father. [As father] besides, the fire will kill the boy, too. Just stand back and watch. Let him die with the old witch and her boy. [Normal voice] oh. Oh. Oh.

Kay: Be careful, Miguel!

Jessica: Watch out!

Kay: Miguel, please.

Simone: Come on, come on. Come on, Miguel.

Kay: Be careful.

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