Passions Transcript Wednesday 8/8/01



Passions Transcript Wednesday 8/8/01

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Ivy: Oh, yes. Of course it could.

Sam: I'm going to check into it. I'm going to make sure.

Ivy: Why don't you just give this David Hastings person a lie detector test, and then you'll know if he's telling you the truth.

Sam: We already did.

Ivy: And?

Sam: He passed with flying colors.

Ivy: He did? Oh. Sam, I am sorry. I really am. I know you're going to be devastated if you find out that your marriage to Grace isn't legal.

Ivy's voice: Sam's marriage not legal?

Pilar: Grace, you have to pray for strength to deal with the possibility that Sam may not legally be your husband.

Grace: If only I didn't have amnesia. If only I could remember the first 20 years of my life. You know, I don't know if David Hastings is my husband or not! But if he is, if I am legally David's wife, it'll tear my life and Sam's life and my children's lives apart.

Kay: Well, are Charity and Miguel still looking for me?

Simone: Yes, they're checking all the tents.

Kay: Well, you have to head them off, Simone. Charity's going to freak if she finds me in here half-naked.

Simone: So get dressed and we'll get out of here.

Kay: No, I will hide, but I'm not leaving.

Simone: Are you crazy?

Kay: Yeah -- crazy in love. And later tonight when Miguel comes to bed, he's going to find me in here waiting for him. We're going to make love, I'm going to get pregnant, and we'll be together forever.

Simone: What about Charity?

Kay: After tonight, Miguel's not even going to remember who Charity is.

Simone: I cannot believe that you still intend to go through with this. Getting pregnant to snag Miguel -- that is wrong as wrong can be.

Kay: And to think i was just going to name you my baby's Godmother.

Simone: I will be the star witness at Charity's murder trial after she finds you in here naked. Kay, she will not only freak out, she will kill you.

Charity: Miguel, I hope my vision isn't about Kay and Simone.

Miguel: I mean, how could it when you said that you saw Sheridan and Theresa in danger?

Reese: Try not to worry, Charity. I'm sure we'll find Kay and Simone and they'll be just fine.

Charity: Oh.

Charity: Oh. Oh --

Jessica: What is it, Charity? What?

Charity: The fire -- it's here! The fire is here!

Tabitha: Oh, damn that nut case Norma for outsmarting us. Oh.

Timmy: Timmy wonders what went wrong.

Tabitha: Norma must've overheard us planning to use this boat to escape warlock island. And then she beat us back here, locked us in, and set this tub on fire.

Timmy: Timmy and tabby have to find a way out!

Tabitha: Oh, or go down in flames, literally!

Norma: See, father? I told you Timmy and Tabitha were done for -- well-done, judging by the looks of those flames. [As father] they will die, Norma, and you, my murderous little sweet pea, will have killed them!

Chad: Hey, Ethan. How you holding up, man?

Whitney: Still no word from Theresa?

Ethan: No. I'm really worried about her. I mean, I keep calling her on her cell phone, and she has it turned off.

Whitney: You know, I'm really sorry.

Chad: Yeah, that's tough, man.

Ethan: Well, and it's not like either of you have heard from her. I mean, if you had, you would've told me.

Whitney: No, no, Theresa. Do not even tell me that you followed Julian Crane to Bermuda.

Theresa: Ok, Whitney. Please don't tell Ethan. I mean, I want it -- I want to surprise him when I tell him that Mr.. Crane wants to welcome him back into the family.

Ethan: I think I'm going to call another one of her friends, you know, see if they've heard from her.

Chad: Whitney. Come on, you've got to tell Ethan that Theresa called you. You got to tell him that she went to Bermuda with this crazy idea to convince Mr.. Crane to adopt him.

Whitney: Chad, I can't say anything. I promised Theresa that i wouldn't.

Chad: Oh, my God, you and your promises. Whitney, look at Ethan. Look at him. Now, you see how worried he is? Come on. You can't keep him in the dark like this.

Whitney: You know, what if I gave him some kind of subtle --

Ethan: All right. Talked to Theresa's friend Gail. She hasn't heard from her either. Where is she? Why hasn't she called? I just hope she's not in trouble.

Theresa: Oops.

Julian: Whoa.

Theresa: Ooh. [Julian chuckles]

Theresa: I guess I had more champagne than i thought.

Julian: Nonsense, my dear. Only a few lucky sips made their way past your lips and down your throat. But not to fret. We'll have more bubbly in my room.

Theresa: Oh, no. Thank you. Mr. Crane, i am only going into your room so we can talk in a quiet place about you taking Ethan back into the family.

Julian: Well, fair warning -- your lips have their work cut out for them this evening.

Theresa: Oh. Well, I don't care because i am not leaving your room until I've convinced you that adopting Ethan is the only fair and right thing to do.

Julian: Well, we can stay in my room together all night long if that's what you want.

Theresa: Oh! That's exactly what I want!

Julian: Hmm.

Sheridan: This has been such a gloriously romantic day.

Luis: Hmm. And tomorrow is going to be wonderful, too, going down to the cove on that boat i chartered -- it's going to be a blast.

Sheridan: I can't wait.

Luis: Me, either. But, you know, right now, I was thinking we could take a nice, long shower together, hmm?

Sheridan: I love the way you think.

Luis: Hmm.

Sheridan: I love you.

Luis: I love you, too.

[Telephone rings]

Bartender: Hello? I believe he still is, sir. Just a moment.

Bartender: Mr. Crane?

Julian: Yes?

Bartender: You have a call, sir.

Julian: Oh. Yes, thank you. Here, dear. You sit right here. I'll be back. [Julian chuckles]

Julian: Ooh. Hello?

Alistair: Bravo, son. Bravo.

Julian: Father, is that you?

Alistair: Indeed it is, Julian. My sources tell me that your plan to kill Sheridan is all set, that you've taken care of everything.

Julian: You sound surprised, father.

Alistair: Well, I am. You know, you hold the world's record for screwing up.

Julian: Not this time. Sheridan's death will look like an accident. And if Luis doesn't die with her, he'll blame himself for her demise.

Alistair: Excellent.

Julian: I take no pleasure in what I've done, father, but the bottom line is this -- in a matter of hours my sister, your daughter, will be dead. And any problems caused by a Crane co-mingling with a Lopez Fitzgerald will cease as well.

Chad: Look, I'll give Theresa points for spunk. I mean, flying to Bermuda and trying to get Mr.. Crane to take Ethan back as a Crane? The thing is, I don't think it's going to fly.

Whitney: Yeah, well, I don't, either. I'm just worried about Theresa being alone with Mr.. Crane. I mean, you know how he accidentally ended up in her room last time she and Ethan were in Bermuda.

Chad: Yeah, I heard, in a pirate costume, no less.

Whitney: Yeah. And if Ethan hadn't have been there, this --

Chad: Yeah, I know. I hear you, I hear you. I mean, Mr.. Crane is definitely a pig when it comes to women. Whitney, nothing's going to stop him from getting what he wants, and that's why you've got to tell Ethan where Theresa is and what she's doing.

Whitney: Chad, I already told you I can't do that. I promised Theresa i wouldn't say anything.

Chad: Well, look, a promise don't count when a friend is doing something that could hurt them.

Whitney: You know, who are you, my mom?

Chad: No. But, you know, maybe you should call your mom, see what she thinks you should do.

Whitney: Oh, come on. Are you kidding me? Mom and dad can't stand Mr.. Crane. They think he's a complete and utter --

Chad: Piece of dirt. Look, face the facts, Whitney. Theresa is in way over her head. You got to tell Ethan.

Ethan: Tell me what, Whitney? Have you heard from Theresa?

Julian: Sorry, my dear. Another bloody business call. Very bloody, in fact.

Theresa: Oh, I understand, Mr.. Crane. Like I said before, you have many, many responsibilities. And, oh, if you take Ethan back as your son, well, he could help you like he used to.

Julian: That's definitely food for thought. Speaking of food, I forgot to ask that caviar be sent up to my room along with the champagne. I'll be back tout de suite, my sweet. [Men laugh]

Julian: Oh, deux champagne. In case you gentlemen haven't noticed, Theresa and i are heading up to my room.

Bruce: Oh, we noticed, you lucky stiff.

Julian: Ah, indeed.

Mac: You're the king, Julian, hands down.

Julian: Bottoms up. Much as I appreciate these accolades, i have a long night ahead of me. Time to close the deal, so to speak.

Man: Ah, we get it.

Julian: As will I, and soon.

Mac: Oh, that sweet young thing doesn't stand a chance once Julian gets her alone in his room.

Julian: Here, dear. Bubbly? There you are. You're fine.

Theresa: Ok.

Julian: Come, my sweet.

Charity: The fire is here!

Miguel: Can you tell us where the fire is exactly?

Charity: No. But it's close. It's very close.

Norma: [Normal voice] oh. Your buttercup did it, father. I finally killed Timmy and Tabitha. Oh! Oh, daddy! Oh!

Timmy: Timmy can't find a way out!

Tabitha: Then we'll just have to make one, Timmy.

Tabitha: Oh. Damn the consumer product safety commission. It's fast becoming like an oven in here. We're going to be roasted to a turn long before the flames actually reach us.

Timmy: No!

Norma: Oh!

Ivy: Sam, you know I'll always be here for you. Not that i think you're going to need my friendship. Grace loves you so much. She's never going to turn her back on you for another man, even a man who claims to be her first legal husband.

Sam: Well, I'm not worried about myself. I know Hastings is a scam artist, and I'm going to prove it. But I'll be damned if I let this guy continue to wreak havoc in Grace's life.

Ivy: And yours and your family's.

Sam: Yeah, I'm going to stop this mess before it goes any further.

Ivy: Oh, wow. Imagine what will happen if you don't.

Sam: Look, I'm going to find Grace, talk to her.

Ivy: I understand.

Grace: I got to find Sam. I need to talk to him.

Pilar: Oh, Grace. David Hastings isn't your only problem. Once Ivy learns that you may have been married to somebody else and -- I've got to find her. I've got to convince her to stay on the course that she set for herself to leave Sam alone.

Charity: We need to find Kay and Simone really soon. This vision of fire I'm having is making me really nervous.

Miguel: Ok, um -- we'll check my tent, and then we'll split up, ok?

Reese: Kay!

Jessica: Uh --

Reese: Kay!

Jessica: Simone! Where are you?

Simone: Oh, my God -- they're coming this way! They're coming this way!

Kay: Head them off. Tell them you're in here looking for me or something.

Simone: What if Charity senses that I'm lying and she looks in here anyway? If Charity finds you in here halfway naked in Miguel's sleeping bag, she will kill you. And I bet you Jessica and Reese will help her.

Kay: Simone, would you just chill out? You're way too fired up about this.

Timmy: Timmy's getting hotter, princess.

Tabitha: Oh. That's because the flames are getting closer, lad.

Timmy: Timmy's afraid.

Tabitha: Timmy will be toast if we don't find a way out of here.

Timmy: It's no use, princess. All the doors are locked and the windows won't open tabby, look what Timmy found!

Tabitha: Well, I'll be damned!

Timmy: No news there. Timmy will lead his princess to safety. Oh, no. The opening's not big enough for tabby to go through. What are Timmy and tabby going to do?

Tabitha: I'll tell you what we're going to do. You're going to escape, flee to safety as fast as the little legs i made can carry you!

Timmy: But what about tabby?

Tabitha: Well, you're going to live, lad. You're going to live for the both of us.

Ethan: What's going on? Do you know where Theresa is?

Whitney: Um -- well --

Chad: Come on, Whitney. Just tell him.

Ethan: Tell me what?

Whitney: Well, to tell you the truth, i -- I did hear from Theresa earlier tonight.

Ethan: Whitney, why didn't you tell me?

Whitney: I am so sorry, Ethan, but she made me promise that i wouldn't tell you a thing. And here i am again, breaking another promise.

Chad: Well, I didn't exactly give you an option.

Ethan: Look, ok. So where is she?

Whitney: Theresa's In Bermuda

Ethan: What is she doing down there?

Whitney: Ok. Ok, look. You know how Theresa blames herself for the tabloid finding out that you weren't a Crane, even though she swears she had nothing to do with tipping off the tabloid.

Ethan: Yeah, and I believe her.

Whitney: Ok. So Theresa wants to make up for the mess that she thinks she made. So she got this crazy idea that she could go talk to Julian Crane and convince him to adopt you so that you could be a Crane again.

Ethan: What?

Whitney: I know, I know. I told her that it was ridiculous.

Ethan: Yes. Yes, it -- to Theresa, it probably makes perfect sense. But I still don't understand why she's in Bermuda.

Whitney: Julian went back to Bermuda to finalize his divorce to your mom.

Ethan: Oh, my God. My mother said Julian went to the islands to finalize their divorce, but i didn't think she meant Bermuda.

Whitney: And Theresa went to the Same resort so that she could talk to Julian.

Ethan: Oh, no. [Theresa screams]

Ethan: You son of a -- father?

Theresa: Mr. Crane?

Ethan: Theresa's so innocent. She's so trusting. There's no telling what Julian could try to do to her.

Julian: [As Ricky Ricardo] Lucy, I'm home! Open the door! You got a lot of splaining to do! [Julian laughs]

Theresa: Mr. Crane, I didn't know you could be so funny.

Julian: [Normal voice] well, I'm happy that I can tickle your fancy, my dear.

Man: Hey, hold it down out there! People are trying to sleep!

Julian: Shh! If you continue to cause a scene, I'll have you arrested. Tell me -- have you ever been handcuffed and strip-searched before?

Theresa: No, never!

Julian: First time for everything.

Theresa: Please. Let's just go into your room so we don't get into trouble.

Julian: Oh, we won't get into trouble. I own this place, remember? We can do whatever we like as loudly as we like without fear of reprisal. Where is that key? Oh, no, that isn't it. Oh, here we are, dear. The key to paradise.

Theresa: Paradise?

Julian: Yes, I mean, you will be in heaven if i adopt Ethan, won't you?

Theresa: Yes.

Julian: After you, my dear.

Theresa: Ok.

Julian: The view from here is tremendous.

Theresa: Oh. This is amazing.

Julian: Indeed.

Theresa: Oh. Mr. Crane, aren't you coming? Boy, are they going to be surprised.

Sam: Grace. Sweetheart, I love you so much.

Grace: I love you, too, Sam. I'm sorry I didn't feel like talking earlier.

Sam: I understand.

Grace: I'm just so afraid. I mean, what if our whole wonderful life together, our family -- what if it's all just --

Sam: Don't say that. Don't even think it. I'm going to fix it. I'll get to the bottom of what's going on, starting with that marriage license. My gut says that it's a fake, and I'll prove it.

Grace: But the lie detector test -- I mean, that wasn't a fake. We sat there. We watched him.

Sam: Look, I told you how some people can control their emotions and fool the machine. That's what David Hastings did. He's a damn sociopath.

Grace: I'm afraid he's not. Eve said so herself. He passed her psychological exam.

Sam: Look, I don't care. Grace, this is some kind of a sick joke, an elaborate hoax, and I'm going to prove it.

Grace: And what if you can't?

Sam: I will. I won't lose you, Grace. We won't lose our family, the life that we've built together. I swear that on my love for you. I'll stay here tonight. First thing in the morning, I'll get back to investigating that marriage license. Grace, honey, what's wrong?

Grace: I'm just -- I'm not so sure it's a good idea that you stay here tonight.

Sheridan: Well, that was the hottest shower i've ever taken.

Luis: I'll say. Well, maybe we can find some music to cool us down, huh? Let's see here. [Music plays]

Luis: Tango. Sounds like divine intervention to me.

Sheridan: I highly doubt a tango will help us cool down.

Luis: I guess we'll just have to see. May I have this dance?

Sheridan: You may have anything you want.

Simone: Hey, guys! You guys looking for Kay, too?

Miguel: Yeah. We were wondering where you both went.

Simone: I was looking for Kay. But she's not in your tent, Miguel.

Charity: Simone, why do you seem so nervous right now?

Simone: Um --

Reese: Look, everybody! Fire!

Charity: That's the fire i saw in my vision! It's here!

Jessica: Looks like it's down by the dock.

Miguel: Maybe Kay is down there.

Reese: We'd better check.

Miguel: Come on!

Simone: I'll stay here just in case she -- she --

Tabitha: Go, Timmy, go. Save yourself. Norma won't even know you've left. You can live for the both of us. Go, go, go.

Timmy: Timmy won't go. Life isn't worth living without his princess.

Tabitha: I'm touched, Timmy. I really am. But I can't let you stay here and die.

Timmy: Timmy won't leave. Tabby, you gave him life. His will end with yours.

Tabitha: Well, then, I guess we'll just go down with the ship together.

Norma: Die, Tabitha, die. And your little friend, too.

Sam: Grace, honey, you don't want me to stay here with you tonight?

Grace: Of course I want you to stay with me. But, Sam, what if I am married to David?

Sam: You aren't married to him. I know that, and you know that, too.

Grace: That's just the problem, Sam. I don't know that anymore.

Sam: Grace, don't let him get to you. The one thing you knew for sure after I saved you from that fire in Boston is that have anyone else in your life. Even with your amnesia, you knew that. I believed you then, and I believe you now. I am your husband, not David Hastings.

Grace: Yes, Sam, please stay with me tonight and hold me and tell me -- tell me that everything's going to be just fine.

Pilar: Ivy. I've been looking all over for you. There's something I want to tell you, something i don't want you to hear from anyone else.

Ivy: I know, Pilar. I've already talked to Sam. It's -- it's amazing, isn't it?

Ethan: Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald's room, please.

Man: Sorry, sir, it's after hours. No calls can be put through to guests this late.

Ethan: I know. I'm Ethan Winthrop. I used to be Ethan Crane, and the Cranes own the hotel.

Man: I know, sir, but you aren't a Crane anymore.

Ethan: It doesn't matter. This is an emergency.

Man: I wish I could help, but as you know, our guests come here for privacy and romance. They don't want their phones ringing at all hours of the night. I could take a message, or you could try calling ms. Lopez Fitzgerald on her cell.

Ethan: I did, and she has it turned off. Will you please ring her room?

Man: I'm sorry, sir, we can't disturb a guest this late unless they've left authorization to do so. I've checked, and ms. Lopez Fitzgerald left no such authorization.

Ethan: Just ring her damn room, all right?

Man: I'm not paid to be sworn at, sir. Good night.

Ethan: No, wait -- the clerk hung up on me.

Chad: I guess you can't call back and leave a message now.

Ethan: Even if he took it, it would be too late. She wouldn't get it till the morning, and i need to talk to her tonight.

Whitney: Well, maybe by some chance she could be in Julian's room?

Ethan: No, that's the last place Theresa would be. She knows better than to go to Julian's room alone. She'd never do that. Never.

Theresa: The room -- the view -- it's amazing.

Julian: As are you, my dear. I've so enjoyed our talk tonight. You're definitely getting closer to having me in your corner.

Theresa: What else can I do to sway you?

Julian: For starters -- [knock on door]

Julian: Who the hell -- would you excuse me?

Theresa: Sure.

Julian: Shh. Seduction in progress. Go find your own virgins to deflower.

Man: Hey, a humble offering to the king from your devoted subjects.

Mac: With cigars to follow in the morning.

Bruce: We can't wait for a blow-by-blow recap of tonight's action.

Julian: Thank you for the bubbly. Now, get lost or there won't be anything to recap.

Man: Be strong.

Mac: We're with you.

Julian: Thank you.

Theresa: Who was that?

Julian: That was room service. They sent up more champagne.

Theresa: Oh, no caviar?

Julian: Caviar?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Julian: Oh, they must have forgotten. Oh, well. Bottoms up.

Theresa: Oh, no, thank you. I've already had too much.

Julian: Oh, no. Just one more glass.

Theresa: Oh, yes.

Julian: You are getting so close to convincing me to take Ethan back as my son. You're so very, very close, I can almost taste your sweet success.

Theresa: Oh! All right, Mr.. Crane.

Julian: Call me Julian.

Theresa: All right, Julian. But I am not having any more champagne until you promise me you'll adopt Ethan.

Julian: You are a feisty one, Theresa, and i love feisty.

Theresa: I'm determined, that's all. I want something, and I want you to give it to me.

Julian: Well. I guess we have a lot in common, then. [Julian laughs]

Sam: I'm glad you want me to stay here tonight. I love you, and I always will.

Grace: I love you, too, Sam. And you are my husband. My God, it's true. David: It's what I've been telling you all along, sweetheart. You're my wife.

Sam: Grace. Honey, what's wrong? Tell me what's bothering you. I am your husband.

Grace: Are you, Sam? Are you really my husband?

Pilar: Please, Ivy, tell me that you will not pursue Sam again.

Ivy: I thought it was hopeless, Pilar. I rely had accepted the fact that Sam had chosen Grace over me. But maybe it's not so hopeless after all.

Pilar: No, Ivy, please.

Ivy: If Grace really is married to this David Hastings, if their marriage is legal, then Sam and Grace's marriage isn't legal. He could be a free man. He would be available.

Pilar: Listen to me, Ivy. Don't start thinking like this again,

Ivy: But if Sam's available, then all of my hopes, all of my dreams can come true, Pilar. We could be married, and Sam and Ethan and I could be the family we always were meant to be.

[Tango plays]

Luis: We should always dance like this.

Sheridan: And we will, every day for the rest of our lives.

Ethan: I'll charter a plane to Bermuda. I'm not a Crane anymore. I'll have to fly commercial. Hi. Yes, I'd like to get a seat on your next flight to Bermuda. Nothing tonight, only tomorrow morning? Ok. Book me a seat on the flight tomorrow morning. I'll pay for it then. Winthrop. Ethan Winthrop. Thank you. I really miss being a Crane. I'm going to get some air.

Whitney: You know, I'm worried about what Ethan's going to find once he gets down to Bermuda. I mean, you know how impulsive Theresa can be, how she doesn't think anything through. 

Whitney: In her own kind of way, she's, you know, still naive. I'm worried she's going to get herself in a situation she can't get out of, a situation where something unthinkable could happen.

Theresa: I think I've convinced you to take Ethan back into the family, Mr.. Julian Crane.

Julian: Well, you're certainly getting to me, miss Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald, but -- and it's a firm but -- I haven't said I'd take Ethan back yet.

Theresa: Well, then i am not leaving until you agree to. I'll stay here all night if i have to.

Julian: I'm sure we can come together in a way that satisfies us both.

Kay: Simone, would you just chill out? Nothing happened.

Simone: Kay, do you realize how close you were to Miguel finding you in his sleeping bag like this? And if he had, Charity would have killed you.

Kay: Well, he didn't, so she didn't, so just relax.

Simone: Stop it, Kay. Just stop it. You are never going to get Miguel. He loves Charity. All you ever get is a black mark on your soul and the dishonor of bringing evil back into Harmony.

Kay: Yeah, right.

Simone: I'm serious, Kay. And after what Charity saw in that fire tonight, I think you may have already invited evil back into Harmony.

[Norma screams]

Norma: Yes, father, your sweet pea has finally killed Timmy and Tabitha! Oh! [As father] someone's coming. Hide, you big oaf. Don't let anyone catch you at the scene of the crime. [Normal voice] oh, yes, father.

Charity: Miguel, the boat's on fire!

Miguel: I thought it left a long time ago.

Jessica: Oh, I hope no one's in there.

Reese: Look! It's Tabitha!

Jessica: What's Tabitha doing on the boat?

Reese: I don't know. But I know one thing -- there's no putting that fire out and Tabitha's trapped. She's going to die.

Jessica: No.

Charity: Miguel.

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