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Passions Transcript Friday 7/20/01

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Timmy: Timmy heard them crying out in Tabby's voice.

Tabitha: Oh, forget about those bloody chimes. They're old, in desperate need of a good tuning. Oh, we're not going to worry about those old chimes.

Timmy: Tabby's right. What do Timmy and Tabby have to worry about after all they've been through? If they can survive that Norma character at the motel, they can survive just about anything, right?

Attendant: I'm sorry, sir, but you'll have to return your tray table to its upright position. We'll be landing in Harmony in just a few minutes.

Norma: ok

Attendant: Oh. Well, I -- and your seat has to be in its upright position.

Norma: We're almost there, father. Almost in Harmony. [As father] you'd better take care of those two meddlers, Norma. Do it for me. [Normal voice] oh, don't worry, father. I'll take care of everything.

David: Don't you want to hear what I told Grace, Sam?

Grace: Sam, just don't listen to him. No, we never have to see him again. Let's just leave.

David: You can't run away from this one, Grace.

Sam: Don't you speak to my wife, all right? You leave her alone. Grace, I am worried about you. Look, you look scared. But you don't have to be, all right? I'm here to protect you.

Grace: I know that, Sam. I wish you would just lock him up and throw away the key. We don't ever have to see him again.

David: You can walk away from this, Grace --

Grace: No.

David: But it'll never change anything.

Grace: Stop it! Stop it! Please, Sam, let's just go!

David: You always knew what I told you.

Grace: No.

David: You can't forget. You know you can't.

Sam: Don't listen to him.

David: So you might as well tell Sam the truth. Go on! Tell Sam that I'm your husband!

Sam: What? What in the hell are you trying to pull?

Luis: Don't worry. Once Ivy sits down, we can continue the ceremony.

Sheridan: Then we'll finally be married.

Hank: Hey, you still have the rings, buddy?

Luis: Yeah, of course. Nothing, not even a car crash, is going keep me from slipping this ring on the finger of the woman I love.

Alistair: Get on with it. The sooner Luis puts the poisoned ring on Sheridan's finger, the sooner she'll be dead.

Julian: I hate to rain on your parade, father, but what if Ivy stops the wedding? What happens then?

Alistair: I'll tell you exactly what happens. That gun in your desk drawer better be loaded because Sheridan is going to die today, no matter what.

Theresa: I know you're going to love the rest of the ceremony, Mrs. Crane. Or I guess I should say mother. Because once Ethan and I say "I do," you're going to be my mother-in-law.

Whitney: Ivy certainly doesn't seem very happy with Theresa. Maybe that is a copy of the tabloid in her hand.

Chad: Yeah, well, if it is, this church is about to blow sky high.

Whitney: Oh, God, please don't let anything else interfere with Theresa's wedding.

Ethan: Ok, mother, now, have a seat so Theresa and I can finally get married.

Theresa: Ethan, what is going on?

Ethan: I don't know.

Cristina: And why is this woman going up to the altar? Is this part of the ceremony?

Francisco: Perhaps it's an American custom.

Ethan: Mother, you're supposed to be seated.

Ivy: No. No, baby, I will not be seated. I have to protect you.

Ethan: What are you talking about?

Ivy: You'll know soon enough, Ethan. You'll know very soon.

Theresa: Maybe you're a bit disoriented from the crash. I mean, do you feel ok, Mrs.. Crane?

Rebecca: Oh, those reality shows have nothing on this, darling. Ivy's just about to show everyone the tabloid.

Gwen's voice: I can't wait any longer, Ivy. It's time to blow Theresa out of the water.

Ivy: Excuse me, everyone, but before this wedding can go any further, I have an announcement to make.

Ethan: Ok, mother, what is this about? What do you have to tell us?

Ivy: You're about to find out, Ethan. You're about to hear the truth.

Sam: What in the hell are you trying to pull?

Grace: Sam --

David: I'm not doing anything. I'm just stating the truth.

Grace: No --

David: I'm Grace's husband. She's my wife.

Sam: If you think I'm going to let you get away with this --

Grace: Sam, please, let's just leave. I'm really not feeling well. Please.

Sam: Grace, come over here and sit down.

Grace: Oh, God. I just don't feel right.

Sam: Of course you don't feel right. After what this guy's put you through -- stalking you, sneaking into the house and surprising you in the kitchen. And then when you fainted, he picks you up and takes you to his room, where he tells you he's come for you. And now this! The guy is a lunatic. No wonder you feel shaky. Hell, I would, too.

David: Tell him, Grace. Tell him the truth -- that we're married, that I'm not some crazed stalker, that I'm your husband.

Grace: No. I have never seen you before. Never!

Rebecca: This is it. Oh, Ivy is about to destroy Theresa. Oh, this wedding will never happen.

Alistair: I want to listen to this. I'll call you back.

Francisco: Mrs. Crane looks very angry.

Cristina: Yeah. I do not have a good feeling about this. Not good at all.

Ivy: As you all know, a secret I had kept since the day that Ethan was born was recently revealed in a horrifying manner. Someone got a hold of my personal letter, and instead of doing the honorable thing and coming to Ethan or to me, this person did the lowest, most reprehensible thing possible. She sent it to a tabloid. Instead of my painful revelation coming out privately so that Ethan and Julian and Sam and I could talk it through, it was trumpeted to the whole world through a sleazy tabloid headline, which destroyed Ethan's life and shattered everyone close to him. The idea of someone doing something so heartless was, as you can imagine, alarming to me. I couldn't believe that anyone would ever want to hurt Ethan, and certainly no one who ever truly cared about him. But I was wrong. And now I have the proof that the person who ruined Ethan's life is someone so devious that she managed to convince all of us that she is a sweet, innocent girl when nothing could be further from the truth! Well, I know the truth, and I am going to expose her the same way she exposed my secret! The person who ruined Ethan's life and took everything away from him is the same person who stands here today claiming she loves him, claiming she wants to marry him! And that person is Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald! [Guests gasp]

Rebecca: Yes!

Tabitha: My, but we've had some good times, lad.

Timmy: Timmy wouldn't exactly call them good, but they sure have been interesting.

Tabitha: We survived, Tim Tim.

Timmy: Timmy's learned a valuable lesson -- Timmy never needs to be afraid. He and his princess can survive anything.

Tabitha: Of course we can.

Timmy: I mean, Timmy doesn't want his princess to worry, either, because Timmy will always be there to protect her.

Tabitha: Oh, yeah. The same way you protected me from that Norma creature?

Timmy: Hey, that was in the old days. Timmy's turned over a new leaf.

Tabitha: Oh, Norma. Ooh. Just to say her name makes me shudder.

Timmy: Hmm. [Tabitha screams]

Tabitha: Get away. Get away from me, you fiend! Get away! Timmy! Oh, I was nearly a goner then, lad.

Timmy: Norma was bad news. She was the meanest person Timmy's ever met. Meaner than Hecuba -- and that's mean.

Tabitha: Oh, well, don't worry. We'll never have to see that wacko again.

Timmy: Hmm.

Tabitha: Hmm.

Norma: Oh. Lenox. Let's see. Ah. Tabitha Lenox. There you are. We're coming.

Grace: I have never seen you before in my life.

Sam: Of course you've never seen him before because he's nothing but a nut case. Grace, why did you come here alone? This man is dangerous.

Grace: I know. But I had to find out what was going on, and he said he would only speak to me alone.

Sam: And you went along with it? Why, Grace?

Grace: I had to find out the truth, Sam.

Sam: About what? It is obvious this man is unbalanced.

Grace: I had a premonition that he took me away from you, and it scared me. And I'm sorry, but I had to find out what was going on. I just had to.

Sam: Ok. It's ok.

Grace: You know, I just wanted to straighten all this out and get back to the wedding.

Sam: Ok. All right. We're going to go back to the wedding, all right? Think you should take some to time to settle down, all right? Relax. You're still a little shaky. Come on.

David: I remember our wedding, Grace -- yours and mine.

Grace: What?

David: It was an incredible day. You never looked more beautiful. Do you remember?

Sam: Of course she doesn't remember because it never happened.

David: It did.

Sam: Look, I'm telling you -- this game that you're playing is over because Grace has no idea who you are.

David: Look, I don't know what happened to her, but she's my wife.

Sam: Now, you listen to me. Grace and I have been married for over 20 years, so there's no way you could've ever married her.

David: We were married long before that. We were kids. We were very, very young. But we loved each other very much. Do you remember, Grace? You must.

Ivy: Theresa is the one who sent my letter to the tabloid! She is the one who exposed my son's paternity!

Theresa: No, this is not true. I didn't do this. I would never do this!

Ivy: Oh, I knew you would deny it. That is why I brought proof!

Whitney: Oh, my God.

Chad: This is just what I was afraid of. See, I knew we should've told Ethan when we found out.

Whitney: It's too late now.

Cristina: I don't believe our Theresa is capable of doing such a thing.

Francisco: Of course she wouldn't. Theresa's a good girl.

Cristina: Yes.

Francisco: Mrs. Crane must be mistaken.

Charity: I knew something was wrong, Miguel. I just knew it.

Miguel: No, all right? Not Theresa. She would never do anything like this.

Ivy: Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald is the one who betrayed my son! She sent my letter to the tabloid! It's all in here!

Theresa: No, this is not true! I didn't do this, Ethan!

Gwen's voice: It's all over now, Theresa. Ethan will have nothing to do with you. You're getting exactly what you deserve.

Luis: My sister wouldn't do this. There's got to be a mistake. Theresa couldn't have. She loves Ethan.

Rebecca: Destroyed. Oh, Theresa has been destroyed. There is no way Ethan will marry her now.

Ivy: I trusted you, Theresa. I took you into my home. I gave you a job! I supported your relationship with my son, and this -- this is how you repay me? No, Ethan. There is no way you are going to marry this conniving bitch! [Guests gasp]

Ivy: I'm sorry, father, but there is no other word for her. There's no way, Ethan -- no way this wedding is going to go on!

David: We met when Grace had left home for the first time. She'd just moved to Hartford.

Grace: I don't remember ever moving into Hartford.

Sam: See what I'm saying? This guy's making it all up.

David: I'll never forget the first time I saw you. It was a beautiful day. You were having coffee at an outside cafe.

Sam: Let's go, honey.

David: And you literally took my breath away. You were wearing this little sundress with flowers. It was light, and it kind of flowed. And every time you moved, it seemed like it was floating around you.

Sam: This is unbelievable.

David: I couldn't keep my eyes off you. I finally mustered up the courage to talk to you, and then I asked you out to dinner.

Sam: You have got some imagination, my friend.

David: After that, we were never apart. We fell in love and got married almost immediately. We were so happy, so much in love.

Sam: This is a crock. That's what this is.

Grace: But he seems so sure.

Sam: Grace, this man is a con artist. He's making it up as he goes along. Look, of course you don't remember, so let him say whatever the hell he has to say and let him pretend like it really happened.

David: How can you not remember me, Grace?

Grace: I have amnesia.

David: Amnesia?

Grace: I don't remember anything from that time in my life. I don't remember anything that happened before 20 years ago.

David: So that's it.

Rebecca: This calls for a celebration. Mm-hmm. The wedding is off. Theresa has been destroyed. Ethan will never marry that little bitch now. [Phone rings]

Julian: Yes, father.

Alistair: You still watching this, Julian?

Julian: Oh, I'm glued to the set.

Alistair: Well, unglue yourself and do something.

Julian: Well, what can I do? It's out of my hands. Ivy stopped the wedding. It looks as if Ethan won't be marrying Theresa now.

Alistair: Do I give a damn about those two? I couldn't care less if they got married. But Sheridan and Luis are another matter. They have to go through with the ceremony. He has to put that ring on her finger, no matter what.

Julian: Well, I can't see that not happening, father. I mean, even if Ethan walks away from Theresa, I'm sure that Luis and Sheridan will continue their wedding.

Alistair: Better hope they do, Julian, because one way or another, Sheridan must die today. And if it's not via the poisoned ring, then you'll have to do it. It'll be up to you to kill your sister.

Luis: Look at my sister. She's devastated. On her wedding day. Wish there was something I could do for her.

Sheridan: I don't think there's anything that either of us can do.

Luis: I'm sorry. I wanted your wedding day to be perfect for you.

Sheridan: It's yours, too. We'll both be disappointed. Right now I'm more concerned about Ethan and Theresa and what this means for them.

Luis: Well, this whole thing is a lie. That tabloid is a total sleaze. They don't care what they print as long as they stir up trouble or sell papers. Theresa's innocent. She'll be able to prove it. I know she will.

Pilar: How can this be, mija? Hmm? You told me you deleted that letter from the computer.

Theresa: Mama, I did.

Pilar: Then how could Ivy's letter have been sent from your computer?

Theresa: I don't know, but I swear I didn't send it. I would never do such a thing, mama. Please believe me. I would never hurt Ethan.

Pilar: I believe you. I do. I just don't know if anyone else will.

Gwen: I got to hand it to you, mother. Your plan was brilliant.

Rebecca: Didn't I tell you it would work?

Gwen: Yes, you did, but are you sure that nobody can ever find out that you're the one who actually sent the e-mail from Theresa's computer?

Rebecca: Gwen, would you relax? I told you Theresa was toast, and what is she?

Gwen: Toast.

Rebecca: All right, then. And Ethan will never marry her now. He is yours for the taking.

Ethan: I can't believe this is happening.

Ivy: Ethan, I know how you feel, finding out that Theresa's the one who ruined everything -- the woman you thought you could trust, the woman you loved, the woman you were going to marry. We were all fooled by that little -- I'm just glad I got here in time to keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life. Damn her for doing this. Damn her! Ethan -- Ethan, you're in shock, ok? Let's just -- let's go. Let Theresa deal with this humiliation, not only of being exposed for the lying tramp that she is but for also being left at the altar.

Timmy: Norma's worse than jack the ripper.

Tabitha: Oh, now, now. Go easy on jack. He was a bit quirky, but he was basically a nice chap.

Timmy: Well, Norma's beyond quirky. She's crazy. And that motel -- Tabby! Help! Timmy's stuck under a stiff! Timmy will have to save himself. [Timmy screams]

Timmy: Just the thought of Norma freaks Timmy out.

Tabitha: Oh, don't worry, lad. You're never going to have to see old Norma again. She's thousands of miles away from here.

Timmy: You know, tabby, when people usually say that in slasher flicks, it means the evil person is right downstairs. [Tabitha chuckles]

Norma: Don't worry, father, I'll get in. [As father] sometime this year would be nice. [Normal voice] I'm not the screw up you make me out to be. I'll take care of Tabitha and the little boy, and I'll do it today.

Charity: I can't believe this could happen to Ethan and Theresa -- two people who love each other so much.

Miguel: My sister didn't do it, Charity, all right? She is completely innocent. I know she is. She'd never hurt Ethan.

Charity: Look, I know that, but look at what's happened. I can't see them getting married now, can you? And if this kind of thing could happen to Ethan and Theresa, something could break the two of us apart.

Miguel: No, all right? That is never going to happen. Nothing can ever come between us.

Kay: You never know, Miguel. Charity could be right. Something might just sneak in and break the two of you apart -- me.

T.C.: Started off as a beautiful day. Everybody was happy. Now this.

Eve: Wonder why Sam and Grace aren't back yet. I hope everything's all right.

T.C.: I'm sure Sam will make sure it's all right. He'll find out who this David guy is, and he'll take care of it.

Whitney: I can't even imagine what this is doing to Theresa. I mean, Ethan is her whole world. This wedding meant everything to her.

Chad: Yeah, well, life's going to be rough on her now.

Whitney: Chad, she did not do this. There's no way she did.

Chad: I'm not saying she did, all right? I'm agreeing with you, ok? I mean, it's hard for me to imagine somebody who loves Ethan as much as she does would do something like this to hurt him.

Whitney: Well, she didn't. I know she didn't.

Gwen: Sheridan, you ok?

Sheridan: Yeah, I'm fine. It's Ethan I'm worried about.

Gwen: I know this is your wedding, too, and to have something like this happen is just --

Sheridan: It's unbelievable.

Gwen: Just such a shock.

Luis: Well, hank, I guess you better hold on to this for us.

Sheridan: Wait -- what are you doing?

Luis: Don't worry, sweetheart. Everything's going to be fine. I'm just going to give it to hank to hold onto it for safe keeping. I am going to marry you today, promise. I'm going to put this ring on your finger and I'm going to make you my wife.

Julian: That's right, Luis. That's what you're going to do. I'm counting on it. Because if you don't, I'll have to kill Sheridan myself.

Ethan: I'm not leaving, mother.

Ivy: What? Ethan, you're not doubting what I've told you, are you? Look, just read this. You can see for yourself what she's done to you.

Theresa: Ethan --

Ivy: Oh! What could you possibly want now, Theresa? Certainly not Ethan because there is no way he's going to marry you, not after this.

Theresa: I didn't do this. I never did this.

Ivy: Oh, spare us the wide-eyed, innocent act, Theresa. No one is buying it. We all know what a back-stabbing little rat you are!

Ethan: Stop it, mother!

Ivy: What?

Ethan: You heard me. I will not let you talk to her that way.

Ivy: But I --

Ethan: No, Theresa said she didn't do it, and I believe her.

Ivy: The tabloid said it has proof that it was Theresa.

Ethan: Since when do you believe what's in a tabloid? You always said they were full of nothing but trash.

Ivy: Yes, that's true. But this is the same tabloid that broke the story about your paternity, and they were right about that!

Ethan: So they're wrong now! Theresa couldn't have sent the letter! She would never do something like that to me.

Ivy: Don't underestimate her, Ethan.

Ethan: Theresa -- I believe you.

Theresa: Thank you.

Ethan: Now, I think it's time to get back to the wedding, don't you?

Theresa: Yes.

Luis: See, now, I told you everything was going to work out.

Sheridan: Yes, you did.

Luis: And we are definitely getting married today.

Gwen: This can't be happening.

Rebecca: Oh. I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Cristina: You see, Pilar. Everything is all right. There's nothing to worry about.

David: Well, it all makes sense now. Perfect sense. I didn't understand why you didn't recognize me, didn't know me. But now I know -- you have amnesia.

Sam: Yeah, and how convenient for you that she doesn't remember anything from that time in her life.

David: Yeah, but I had no idea she'd lost her memory. I had no idea.

Sam: Please.

David: I never stopped thinking about you, Grace. I never stopped wondering about what had happened to you, why you never came back to me. I waited for so many years. But this explains everything. Oh, my Grace. My poor Grace.

Sam: Grace -- don't you listen to him.

David: Something inside you remembers me. That's why -- that's why you acted the way you did when you saw me. That's why you fainted. Something -- something deep inside you recognized me, knows who I am. Something inside you remembered.

Ivy: Ethan, you cannot do this. You can't marry this girl, not after everything she's done.

Ethan: Look, if Theresa said she didn't do it, I believe her.

Ivy: No, but --

Ethan: She is the woman that I love and trust! And I will not let some stupid story in a trash rag keep me from marrying the woman I love.

Ivy: Ethan, please, listen to reason. Theresa did this. She is guilty.

Ethan: Mother, I am sorry that you feel that way, but Theresa means more to me than anything in the world. We're getting married. And I mean that with all my heart. If you say you didn't do something, if you say you didn't do that, I know you didn't.

Theresa: I love you, Ethan, and I would never do anything to hurt you.

Ethan: I know that. Everyone -- sorry about the interruption. But I'd like to get back to the ceremony.

Whitney: I'm so happy their love overcame this.

Chad: Well, when two people love each other, they can overcome anything.

Luis: Yeah. Thank God they worked it out.

Sheridan: And our wedding will be back on track.

Rebecca: No! Oh! This can't be. What is the matter with that boy? He cannot wind up with Theresa.

Julian: Well, at least Luis and Sheridan will get married. And once he slips that ring on her finger, I won't have to kill her myself.

Cristina: Oye. This Ivy -- she's a little loca, no?

Francisco: More than a little, I think.

Cristina: Yeah? Huh. But this wedding is going on. Nothing can stop Ethan and Theresa from getting married today.

Pilar: I hope not.

Ivy: This is wrong. This is so wrong.

Gwen: I can't watch.

Miguel: Feel better?

Charity: I don't know.

Miguel: But everything's fine now. I mean, Ethan and Theresa are going to get married.

Charity: I know, and I'm happy for them, Miguel. But I'm sorry. I can't shake this feeling that something really terrible is going to happen here.

Miguel: Can you tell me what?

Charity: I don't know. Whatever it is, it's going to cause terrible heartache and pain, Miguel.

Luis: The ring ready?

Hank: Right here, buddy. Won't be long now before Sheridan will be wearing it.

Luis: I can't wait.

Timmy: But it's true, tabby!

Tabitha: Oh, relax.

Timmy: In every horror film Timmy's ever seen, as soon as the heroes feel safe and they think the monster or the killer is miles away from them, and they feel like everything's ok, the evil monster is right downstairs.

Tabitha: Oh. Norma's nowhere near here. For pity's sake, she doesn't even know where we live.

Timmy: Tabby's right.

Tabitha: Of course I am.

Timmy: Norma here? She's back at the old motel, miles away from here.

Tabitha: Norma here, in our house -- can you imagine? Please!

[Tabitha and Timmy laugh]

Timmy: What could Timmy be thinking? Norma here? That's just plain nuts.

Tabitha: Norma! Norma! Norma! Come out, come out wherever you are.

Timmy: Norma!

Tabitha: Norma, you big old crazy broad! Are you on a field trip from the nut house?

[Tabitha and Timmy laugh]

Timmy: Come and get Timmy and tabby! We're not afraid!

Tabitha: What do you think you're doing? You think we're scared?

Timmy: Think again!

Tabitha: You think you can ax us?

Timmy: Norma isn't sharp enough to ax Timmy and tabby. [Tabitha laughs]

Timmy: Get it -- "sharp enough"?

Tabitha: I got it, I got it.

Timmy: You think you can get us, Norma? You're too psycho nutso!

Tabitha: Yes, yes, a psycho!

Timmy: Don't forget nutso.

Tabitha: Norma is a psycho Norma is a psycho

Norma: [As father] they're making fun of you, Norma. Are you going to let them get away with it, or are you going to make them pay? [Normal voice] nobody makes fun of Norma. No one!

Timmy: Come on, Norma baby! Come and get us!

Tabitha: Come and get us! Come and get us! [Tabitha and Timmy laugh]

Norma: [As father] they're laughing at you, Norma! [Timmy and Tabitha laugh]

Norma: [Normal voice] not for long, father. Oh, no, not for long.

David: Tell me, Grace. Tell me you remember. Some part of you has to.

Sam: That is enough!

David: Some part of you recognized me. That's why you fainted.

Sam: How about because she was frightened out of her mind?

David: Some part of you inside knew who I was, knew what we meant to each other. Try, Grace. Try to remember. Try to remember what we meant to each other. Try to remember our love. Grace, remember. Try.

Luis: Yeah, well, you hold onto that ring because I'll be needing it real soon, all right?

Hank: Come on. I won't let anything happen to it.

Luis: Nice.

Julian: It's all systems go, father.

Alistair: Excellent. The wedding is back on track and we are back in business. Won't be long now before Luis slips the ring on Sheridan's finger, and then she'll no longer be a problem.

Ethan: Well, father, let's pick this up where we left off, shall we?

Father Lonigan: Very well. I just need a moment. Then we can begin again.

Rebecca: No. No, this cannot be happening. He can't still want to marry that little tramp. [Phone rings]

Rebecca: What?

Gwen: Mother?

Rebecca: Oh -- sweetheart, baby. Oh, my poor dear.

Gwen: It's over. Our plan -- it failed. We didn't destroy her. Ethan didn't call off the wedding. How can he not think it was her, that she sent the e-mail? He still wants to marry her.

Rebecca: Yeah, over my dead body.

Gwen: What are you talking about?

Rebecca: Gwen, do not give up. Mark my words -- we are not through here. Ethan will never marry Theresa. We will destroy her.

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