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Passions Transcript Thursday 7/12/01

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Timmy: Julian's --

Tabitha: Dead? Well, he isn't moving. I hope he's dead, as dead as his ancestors who have hounded me for centuries.

Timmy: Tabby shouldn't say bad things about the deceased. Even though she's right about Julian. He was wicked. Putting poison in his own sister's wedding ring?

Tabitha: You have to appreciate the big picture, Timmy. You have to see all the pain and suffering that will be visited on all the lovers of Harmony. Sheridan should really wear black to her wedding today because once Luis slips that ring on her finger, she'll be one dead bride.

Sheridan: You know, they say it's bad luck for a bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, but -- oh, Luis is right. That's just a silly superstition. In a few hours, Luis and I will be standing before God, saying our vows. And nothing can possibly bring us bad luck.

[Knock on door]

Pilar: Who could that be so early?

Pilar: Oh! Cristina!

Cristina: ¿Como estas? ¿Como estas, como estas?

Pilar: Ay, Francisco, mi hermano. Oh, what a surprise. I didn't expect you till later this morning.

Francisco: Well, we took an earlier flight.

Cristina: We didn't want to miss a moment of this day.

Francisco: This wonderful day. Imaravilloso! My nephew and my niece in a double wedding? Fantastico!

Pilar: What a surprise.

Rebecca: Not dressed yet?

Gwen: I still have time.

Rebecca: Well, while you're finishing up here, I'm going to Julian's. I want to be there when Ivy sees the tabloid. Can you imagine the explosion when she figures out that her would-be daughter-in-law is the one that revealed that Ethan is not a Crane?

Gwen: What if something goes wrong?

Rebecca: Nothing will. Gwen, today is the day we get our revenge on Theresa for stealing Ethan away from you.

Gwen: I'm still worried.

Rebecca: Well, you disguised your voice when you called the tabloid, didn't you?

Gwen: Yeah, yeah, with a voice distorter.

Rebecca: Well, then no one will be able to figure out that you're the one that called the tabloid. And they certainly will not be able to figure out that you and I are the ones that e-mailed the tabloid, not Theresa.

Gwen: You e-mailed the tabloid, mother, not me.

Rebecca: And you called the tabloid. So we are in this together, darling daughter.

Gwen: I know. I'm just so afraid that somebody is going to find out what we did. Ethan would hate me.

Rebecca: Would you just calm down? We have covered our tracks. No one will ever be able to trace this back to us. No. Ethan and everyone else will think that Theresa did it. And when Ethan sees that tabloid, the wedding is doomed.

Whitney: Oh, my gosh. This cannot be happening. We can't be locked in here. Oh, my gosh, this is going to destroy everything, Chad.

Chad: Don't worry. I'll find a way to get us out.

Whitney: You know, if we're arrested, it's definitely going to be all over the TV news shows, which means Ethan's definitely going to see the headline before tomorrow before they get married.

Chad: Well, don't worry, all right? We're not busted yet, so just try to calm down.

Whitney: And then Theresa will never get a chance to explain to Ethan and tell him the truth after the wedding like she promised she would. We've got to get out of here.

Ethan: I know I should leave so you can get ready for the wedding, but I just can't seem to get one foot in front of the other. What's that about?

Theresa: Love?

Ethan: I don't think it could be anything else.

Theresa: You know, in my heart, we're already married. I will love you forever, Ethan.

Ethan: And I will always love you with all my heart. You know that fortune cookie I got? It was right on the money. "You got your greatest wish. Now your next wish will come true." And it will. After I have you for my wife, my next wish is to find out who sold me out to that tabloid.

Theresa: And you'll know very soon. I mean, you said that Chad promised to find out before the wedding.

Ethan: Yes, he guaranteed it.

Theresa: Soon you'll have the name of the person who sent the tabloid that letter proving that you weren't a Crane.

Ethan: And I promise that whatever Chad finds out, this will not affect the wedding because today is the happiest day of our lives. Nothing can separate us now.

Gwen: Honesty means everything to Ethan.

Rebecca: And Ethan will never forgive Theresa when he is faced with the fact that she is the one that e-mailed the tabloid. And Ivy will just want to rip Theresa to shreds.

Gwen: Yes, she will. You know, you're right, mother. Ivy's life was destroyed when that tabloid came out revealing that Ethan wasn't a Crane, and she'll loathe Theresa.

Rebecca: So all we have to do is make sure that Madame Ivy gets a copy of today's tabloid right away.

Gwen: Oh, that's simple. I'll just call up the editor and have a messenger send one to Ivy right away.

Chad: Well, this is another fine mess I've gotten us into, huh?

Whitney: Chad, you didn't, ok? I followed you here. And I don't have any regrets. I'd do it all over again so that Theresa could be happy on her wedding day. [Phone rings]

Whitney: If somebody comes in here to answer that, we're going to be finished. Do something.

Chad: Hello?

Gwen: I need to speak to the editor. It's about the Crane story.

Chad: The staff isn't in yet, so could you call back later? Thank you.

Gwen: Ok. The editor isn't in yet. I should phone later.

Rebecca: Well, what's wrong?

Gwen: I don't know. There was something really familiar about the voice on the other end of the phone.

Whitney: Well, who was it?

Chad: I don't know. They didn't say. It was a really strange voice, though. Said they wanted to talk to the editor about the Crane story.

Whitney: Well, how in the world could that be? I mean, who else could know about the Crane story before it hits the newsstands?

Chad: I don't know, but, I mean, Whitney, I don't think there's any way to keep a lid on that story if there's somebody already calling up about it. Looks like Ethan's bound to find out before his wedding, so don't you think it's better if he were to hear about it from friends?

Ethan: Just one more kiss, and then I'll leave and let you get ready.

Cristina: How beautiful they are. Papi. And how handsome is Ethan.

Pilar: ¿Cafecito?

Cristina: Ay, sí, muchas gracias.

Francisco: Gracias, mi hermana.

Cristina: Nina, cuentame. Tell me, you know, about this Ethan.

Pilar: Ethan? Well, Ethan is a gentleman. He's well educated. Simpatico. He and I have always been very close.

Cristina: ¿Y la Sheridan? ¿Que tal la Sheridan?

Pilar: Oh, Sheridan. She's a true lady.

Francisco: Luis is marrying a Crane. Es imposible.

Pilar: I know, hermano, but it is true.

Cristina: Ven aca -- and his father -- does Luis still think that he has something to do with his --

Pilar: Sheridan is nothing like the rest of the Cranes. She's a wonderful young woman, and I love her so much.

Francisco: Entonces, we also will love her.

Cristina: And Ethan.

Francisco: Bienvenidos a la familia Lopez.

Cristina: Si, senor.

Pilar: And they will love you, too.

Francisco: Mira eso. Mi linda Teresita.

Cristina: Que bella, ¿No?

Francisco: I must see her, have a special talk with her before the wedding.

Pilar: Well, I don't think she's up yet.

Cristina: ¿Que que?

Francisco: A bride sleeping on her wedding day? Nunca. Teresita! It is I, Tio Francisco.

Theresa: Oh, no! My uncle's already here.

Ethan: Oh, great. I'm looking forward to meeting your relatives.

Theresa: Oh, no, no, no. Not now. Tio Francisco can't find you here. He's from the old country. He's really strict. If he saw you in my bedroom -- please, get out the window. Please.

Ethan: Yeah.

Francisco: Teresita? Are you in there?

Timmy: Timmy's getting the creeps. Let's get out of here, princess, before somebody sees Julian and blames Timmy and Tabby.

Tabitha: Oh, you're quite right, Timmy. The last thing we want is to be found here. But first, I have to go back down to Hecuba's lair and consult the face in the pool.

Timmy: Do Timmy and Tabby have to?

Tabitha: Our whole future is at stake, doll face. Come on. [Moaning]

Tabitha: Oh, stop moaning, Timmy.

Timmy: That wasn't Timmy. [Julian moans]

Timmy: He's alive.

Tabitha: Oh, of all the rotten luck. Here was I thinking another Crane bites the dust. Those swine have hounded me for over 300 years. I was counting on the pain and suffering the horoscopes predicted to start with Julian Crane's death. Oh, well, such is life. Come on. We better get out of here before he comes to completely.

Rebecca: Julian! Julian, what's wrong? Oh, what happened? Talk to me.

Julian: Have to get up. Catch him --

Rebecca: Who? What? Oh, was there an intruder?

Julian: Yes. Tabitha's little doll.

Rebecca: What? Julian, I warned you not to bring up that silly talking doll again. He is not alive.

Julian: You're wrong, Rebecca. I caught him in the library. I tied him to a chair. He got loose. I chased him all over the house. The little imp must still be here.

Rebecca: Julian, did you have more to drink than usual last night?

Julian: I had my normal amount, to which I am completely entitled. Especially since I'm planning to murder my own sister with a poisoned wedding ring.

Rebecca: Oh, is that how you and Alistair are going to get rid of Sheridan? Oh, my, how utterly diabolical.

Julian: Yes, and lethal.

Rebecca: You didn't do anything to my ring, did you?

Julian: No, but if there's a chance that Tabitha's doll got to it --

Rebecca: Julian, would you stop with this talking doll nonsense? I mean it. If you keep it up, Alistair is never going to name you as heir of the Crane empire and Ivy is going to use it against you in your divorce. Julian, do you hear me? You can never mention the talking doll again. Oh, pookie, you have just had too much on your plate with all this worry about having to kill your sister, Sheridan.

Sheridan: There she is, my maid of honor. Just in time.

Gwen: Hello.

Sheridan: Well, I've got a whole regiment on their way -- manicurists, hairstylists, makeup artists. I'm so glad that we agreed to get ready together. You know, it'll give us a couple of minutes to be by ourselves and talk.

Gwen: Talk?

Sheridan: Yeah, there's something that's bothering me about the wedding. I think you might be able to put my mind at ease.

Gwen: Of course. I'll do anything you need me to do. You know that. What's the problem?

Sheridan: It's Theresa. I want you to give me an honest answer.

Luis: Mama? Mama?

Cristina: Luis!

Luis: Tia Cristina.

Cristina: Mi niño, ¿Como tu estas? ¿Como estas, como estas?

Luis: Bien, gracias.

Cristina: As if I didn't know how things are going over here.

Luis: Yeah, well, you'll see when you meet Sheridan later. But look at you. Look at you. You're more gorgeous than ever.

Cristina: Que mentiroso eres.

Luis: Me? Lie to you? Come on.

Cristina: But I love it when you lie to me. I want you to tell me something. How did that girl ever get your heart? I bet you there were a billion other girls knocking at your door, huh?

Luis: I wouldn't say that.

Cristina: Please, you're such a handsome sobrino. You are the handsomest of all my sobrinos.

Luis: Well, wait till you meet Sheridan. I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

Cristina: Well, for you to marry a Crane --

Pilar: Mijo? Where were you? I was beginning to get concerned.

Luis: Oh, some guy broke into Tabitha's house, frightened grace, and I've been down at the station.

Pilar: Grace is all right, isn't she?

Luis: Yeah, she's fine. She's with Sam. Where's Tio Francisco? Huh?

Francisco: ¿Donde vas, preciosa y linda Theresa? Ah!

Theresa: Tio Francisco!

Francisco: What happened to my chiquita? Like that she became a woman. Hey, this man you've chosen for your husband -- Ethan, who used to be a Crane -- he's good enough for you, Theresa?

Theresa: Oh, he is the best, Tio. El mejor hombre en todo el mundo.

Francisco: You will have a long time together, huh? A happy marriage.

Theresa: Como tu y Tia Cristina.

Francisco: And you know what our secret is, Teresita?

Theresa: Hmm?

Francisco: Nunca -- never in all the years we're married, never have we gone to bed angry with each other. Hmm? Finish your fighting and then get into bed, huh? Do not bring bad feelings to bed.

Theresa: Oh, no, Tio. I mean, sí, sí, Tio.

Francisco: I see. I embarrass you with talk of the marriage bed, huh? Your mama told me you made a promise to yourself not to make love with a man until your wedding day.

Theresa: Oh, I kept my promise, Tio.

Francisco: ¿Que es eso? 

Ivy: I heard you, Julian.

Julian: What?

Ivy: I heard you whining and yelping in the hallways earlier. I thought you were chasing one of your little sluts, trying to do one of your sick sex games. And look who I found you with. The biggest slut of all. Surprise, surprise.

Julian: This bitterness makes you even less attractive than usual, Ivy, dear.

Ivy: I don't care what you do, Julian, or how you do it. What I do demand is that you not interfere with my life as long as I am in this house.

Julian: You demand?

Ivy: It's bad enough that Rebecca's idiot decorators have tried to remove my doorknobs, but now you have turned off the phone? How dare you.

Julian: Well, that's hardly daring, dear. That's what happens in a divorce. If you want a telephone, pay for it yourself. I'm not obliged to support you.

Rebecca: Perhaps you'd be more comfortable if you moved out now. Painters can be so messy.

Ivy: Oh, I am warning you, Julian. Fix my doorknobs and turn my phone back on now.

Julian: Or what? What will happen?

Ivy: Something you won't like, not one little bit.

Gwen: Wow, such exquisite pieces.

Sheridan: None of them compare with this. I am going to wear this ring night and day for the rest of my life, and I'm never taking it off.

Gwen: You said earlier that you wanted to talk about Theresa.

Sheridan: Oh, yes. I was thinking about wearing a family heirloom today, but, you know, I didn't want to outshine Theresa. What do you think? Do you think she would feel upstaged if I were to wear this?

Gwen: Oh, what a beautiful necklace.

Sheridan: It's my mother's. Her father gave it to her the day she married Alistair.

Gwen: Well, it obviously means a lot to you.

Sheridan: It does.

Gwen: Well, then you have to wear it.

Sheridan: But Theresa --

Gwen: Oh, she won't have a problem with it. How could she?

Sheridan: You don't think she'd be upset with me?

Gwen: No, Theresa's a romantic at heart. She won't be upset.

Sheridan: You know, I don't know how you do it.

Gwen: Do what?

Sheridan: How you can sit there so calmly. I know what you're doing today.

Francisco: The noise -- it came from here, right?

Theresa: Oh, something must have fallen over in there, that's all. I put a million boxes in there for the wedding. And if you open up the door, they'll just come tumbling out.

Francisco: "Tumbling"? This word I do not --

Theresa: Oh!

Francisco: Ila madre de dios! Your closet -- it's a mess.

Theresa: I told you. I will ask Miguel to help me later.

Francisco: Oh, pobrecito, he will have a lot of work to do, huh?

Theresa: Oh, we will handle it.

Francisco: Ok. I will leave you to get ready then, eh?

Theresa: Oh, it's so good to see you, Tio.

Francisco: Oh, mi niña. I look forward to meeting this lucky man, Ethan, huh?

Theresa: Tell tia Cristina I'll come say hello in a minute.

Francisco: All right. Bye.

Theresa: Ethan?

Ethan: Does this belong to you?

Theresa: Never mind.

Ethan: I do mind. I can't wait to see you in it.

Theresa: Yes, you can wait, and you will. Come on, I've got to get you out of here before somebody else comes in.

Ethan: Ok. I'm on my way.

Theresa: Ok.

Timmy: Timmy hates going to Pilar's. All he gets to do is sit in the corner like a dummy. It's no fun.

Tabitha: We're not looking for fun, remember? What we're after is pain and suffering. Which is why we have to be here to see what happens when Theresa's secret is exposed.

Timmy: How does Tabby know what's going to happen today?

Tabitha: Because I saw it all in the pool down in Hecuba's lair while you were upstairs knocking back marTimmys with Julian.

Chad: Ok, let's see what Mr.. Editor was so determined to hide.

Whitney: What? What is it?

Chad: It's a galley proof of tomorrow's paper.

Whitney: What does it say?

Chad: "Surprise revelation -- the former Ethan Crane done in by his fiancée."

Whitney: Let me see this.

Tabitha: When Ethan gets a load of that headline, the pain and suffering will be monumental.

Chad: Well, I think the biggest favor we can do both Ethan and Theresa is just to break the news to Ethan quietly and privately before somebody shows them this.

Whitney: You know, I'm starting to get the feeling that Ethan and Theresa are never going to get married.

Chad: Well, Theresa's got a lot of heavy-duty explaining to do. I mean, that's her e-mail address on the tabloid's letter.

Whitney: You know, I know it doesn't look good for Theresa, but there's no way I'll ever believe that Theresa's the one who sent the tabloid the story, Chad.

Chad: Well, I mean she is crazy about Ethan. Ok, a girl that much in love -- I think she's capable of just about anything. I mean, there was a time when she thought she was going to lose him.

Whitney: No, no, no. She was confused by Gwen's lies. At the time, she thought Ethan didn't love her. But I know that Theresa loves Ethan. She would never do anything to hurt him, Chad.

Chad: But then why would she have a copy of Mrs.. Crane's letter in her computer in the first place? I mean, what was she going to do with it?

Whitney: Look, I don't know, ok?

Chad: I'm not saying that Theresa was trying to hurt Ethan, but like I said before, when people are in love, they do crazy things. You're proof of that. I mean, you're about to throw away everything we've got just because you made some promise to your sister because she got hurt. If that ain't crazy -- [keys jingle]

Chad: Somebody's coming.

Ethan: Oh. Ok. The coast is clear.

Theresa: Ok, one more kiss before you go.

Ethan: The last time you said that, I almost got in trouble by your uncle Francisco.

Theresa: I know. I should have made you go.

Ethan: But you didn't.

Theresa: Because I hate to be apart from you for even a few hours. Hey, stay here until Whitney comes over. She should be here any minute.

Ethan: You just made me an offer I can't refuse.

[Phone rings]

Guard: Forrester. Yeah, yeah, sorry, honey. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry. Yes. Yes. Yeah, I'll pick something up on the way home. All right. Bye, honey.

Man: Is there a problem, Forrester?

Forrester: Oh, no, sir. Routine security check, that's all.

Man: Oh, good. Come on in. I want to show you something. Today's edition is going to blow the lid off this town. This is going to cause a firestorm. Unfortunately, the computer knocked the presses out for a while, so the paper won't hit the newsstands until tonight.

Ivy: Here's the deal. Take it or leave it. If you do even the slightest thing to make my life more difficult here, I will fight this divorce tooth and nail. It will take years to become final. You and Becks here may never get married.

Rebecca: You think you can intimidate us with your empty threats? You cannot stop the divorce, Ivy.

Ivy: Don't underestimate me, Becky. That would be very stupid.

Julian: All right, all right. I'll see to it that the phones are turned back on. It may take a day or so.

Ivy: And the doorknobs.

Julian: They'll be fixed.

Ivy: Today. And Rebecca's decorators are to be kept out of my room.

Julian: Yes, yes.

Ivy: Oh. You can be so reasonable when forced.

Rebecca: Enjoy your little game now, Ivy, because very soon you will be moving into the roach motel.

Ivy: By the way, I've given all of the servants the day off to go to the wedding.

Julian: What?

Ivy: That includes the cook. So if you two want breakfast, fix it for yourself.

Rebecca: She means business.

Julian: Bitch.

Rebecca: We cannot give her any ammunition that she can use to try to stop the divorce. No, and you can never, ever mention that talking doll again, Julian.

Timmy: Wait, Tabby -- Timmy and Tabby can't go in empty-handed.

Tabitha: When you're right, you're right, Tim Tim. Well, why don't you pick a few flowers, enough for a small bouquet.

Francisco: Teresita will be out soon to say hello. But while we wait -- mami -- I have a special gift for Luis on the occasion of his wedding.

Luis: Oh.

Francisco: Be happy, sobrino.

Luis: Muchas gracias. Pocket watch.

Pilar: It was your grandfather's. He gave it to Francisco.

Francisco: You're the first of his grandsons to get married, so I want you to have it.

Luis: I don't know what to say.

Cristina: Felicidades, mijo. Felicidades. Felicidades.

Pilar: May I see the watch, Luis?

Luis: Yeah.

Pilar: Oh my, I wish your grandfather was here to see you get married.

Francisco: He looks down on us and has joy in his heart.

[Knock on door]

Francisco: I'll get it. Buenos dias, senora.

Tabitha: Oh, buenos dias yourself. We've come to see Theresa.

Cristina: Ven aca, Pilar, ¿Y esta mujer? ¿Quien es?

Pilar: Una loca del barrio.

Cristina: Oh.

Tabitha: We've brought some pretty flowers for sweet Theresa.

Pilar: Oh. Thank you, Tabitha. My, they are so fresh.

Luis: Well, it's funny, you know, they look just like the ones we planted last week. Yeah.

Pilar: Hmm.

Luis: Excuse me.

Tabitha: Well, there's nothing like a nice little posy to brighten up the place, not that your place needs brightening.

Francisco: Hey! That -- that doll. It just smiled at me. 

Pilar: Ivy, welcome.

Ivy: I wanted to see Theresa before the ceremony.

Pilar: Oh, please, come in.

Ivy: Oh.

Pilar: I think she's still in her room, but she should be out soon.

Ivy: Tabitha.

Tabitha: Oh. Good morning, dear. We've come to see the bride, too.

Ivy: Oh.

Francisco: I could swear that doll smiled at me.

Tabitha: I'm afraid you've got a touch of jet lag, senor Lopez.

Pilar: Ivy, I'd like you to meet my brother, Francisco, and his wife, Cristina.

Francisco: Mucho gusto.

Ivy: Hello.

Cristina: A pleasure.

Francisco: Now I know where the groom got his good looks from.

Ivy: Oh.

Cristina: Forgive me, Mrs.. Crane. I've just read so much about you in all the magazines, and your life -- it's just so fantastic.

Ivy: Well, there are other words for it.

Cristina: Well, you know how you loved Sam Bennett and then your father forced you to marry Julian Crane --

Pilar: Cristina --

Cristina: Is all this true?

Ivy: It's all right, Pilar, really. Yes, it's all true.

Cristina: Are you still hoping to be with the father of your son?

Ivy: No. That part of my life is over. Anyway, we are here to celebrate the future, and the future belongs to Sheridan and Luis and Theresa and my son. My son is so lucky to have Theresa. She was so supportive when he found out he wasn't a Crane.

Cristina: It must have been so difficult for you to have your secret made public.

Ivy: Yes. It was. And I will never forgive the horrible person who sent that e-mail to the tabloid.

Rebecca: Julian, we have too much at stake here for you to be ranting and raving like this. I mean, if Ivy hears you, she's going to have you committed and we will never get married. Now, you have to think about the future here because in a few short hours, Luis is going to put that poisoned ring on Sheridan's finger and she is going to die instantly.

Julian: Oh, God, don't remind me.

Gwen: You know what I'm doing today?

Sheridan: And I really admire you. I think you are so brave. I mean, you thought that Theresa had stolen Ethan away from you, and here you are getting ready to see them get married. How did you manage to put your anger aside?

Gwen: Well, I'll always love Ethan, and I just -- I just want him to be happy.

Sheridan: He will be. And so will you. You know, someday you'll meet a man that you're meant to be with forever, the same way I have. I'm going to go make us a fresh pot of coffee.

Gwen: Ok.

Gwen: You're the only man I'm meant to be with, Ethan. The tabloid office must be open now.

Man: We're going to have to show proof of who e-mailed us that letter. I better make sure that it's still locked up in my desk. [Phone rings]

Man: Yes?

Gwen: Is this the editor?

Man: Forrester, would you mind? Who is this?

Gwen: This is the person who tipped you off about Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald being the one who sent you that letter.

Man: You again. I told you already -- the story will be on today's front page, as promised.

Whitney: Who is he talking to?

Man: I wish you'd tell me who you are.

Gwen: That's impossible, but I do need a favor. Can you messenger a copy to Ivy Crane first thing?

[Knock on door]

Luis: Theresa, I -- well, well, well. I was wondering what was keeping you.

Theresa: It's not --

Luis: Now I know.

Theresa: It's not what it looks like. It's --

Luis: It's ok. I couldn't stay away from Sheridan today, either, but I don't think that it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride on the wedding day. However, if the groom was caught sneaking out of her window, well, that's definitely bad luck.

Ethan and Theresa: Yeah.

Luis: Tia Cristina is waiting out there to see you.

Theresa: Yes, Luis. I -- I better go.

Luis: As is Ethan's mother and Tabitha and her doll. And, well, Tio Francisco thought he saw the doll smile at him.

Theresa: Tio Francisco is always making jokes.

Luis: Yeah.

Ethan: Hey, I'll see you at the church?

Theresa: Ok.

Theresa: Ok.

Ethan: All right.

Theresa: Bye.

Ethan: Bye.

Theresa: Bye, Luis.

Luis: Hey, hey, hold on. Come on. I'll take you out the back way.

Theresa: Tia Cristina!

Cristina: Pero mi niñita, mi munequita.

Theresa: Oh, I'm so glad that you're here.

Cristina: Honey, I wouldn't have missed your wedding for the world. I know that you've had some problems, but let me tell you, there is nothing that can obstruct that wedding now.

Theresa: No.

Cristina: Is there?

Theresa: No, no, nothing!

Cristina: Chiquitita.

Theresa: Oh. Oh, Mrs.. Crane. Thank you so much for being here, too.

Ivy: Oh, thank you, Theresa, for making my son so happy. You know, you're just -- you're like a daughter to me now.

Tabitha: Just wait till Ivy sees that tabloid headline. She'll want to kill Theresa.

Theresa: Tabitha, did you say something?

Tabitha: Oh, just that we're both so happy for you, dear.

Pilar: Theresa, where's Whitney? She should be here any minute. I mean, the hairdresser's coming soon.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, she should be here soon. I mean, she would never disappoint me on my wedding day.

Man: Oh, that's one wicked idea I've already had on my own. I sent her a copy right away.

Gwen: Excellent. Well, that makes my day.

Sheridan: Who were you talking to?

Chad: The guy said the paper's going to hit the newsstands tonight.

Whitney: Which means that Theresa and Ethan have time to get married, depending on whether or not you decide to talk to Ethan about this. Come on, come on. If you show Ethan this, he is going to call off the wedding. You can't do that to her, Chad. Please don't. You're going to break her heart.

Chad: Whitney, we don't have time to discuss this right now, ok? We got to get out of here.

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Ok. It's clear. Let's go.

Rebecca: Pookie, I'm going to go make us a nice cup of herbal tea. It'll calm both our nerves. We have a big day ahead of us, and we have to be in total control when we stand there in the back of church and watch Luis put that ring on Sheridan's finger, right?

Julian: I'm going to need more than herbal tea to get through this day. If only that bloody doll were alive, I'd purloin the ingredients to his marTimmys.

[Doorbell rings]

Man: An envelope for Mrs.. Julian Crane.

Rebecca: Oh. I'll sign. There.

Man: Thank you.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Rebecca: Oh, wait till Ivy sees this. Oh. Theresa is finished.

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