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Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/27/01

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Whitney: Here you go, sweetheart, some water for you.

Simone: Hmm, I'm tired of water. Can you get me a soda?

Whitney: Um, no. I don't think you're supposed to be having anything like soda.

Simone: Please, Whit? I'm tired of drinking water. I really want one.

Whitney: Ok. I guess it couldn't hurt anything. I'll get you a soda.

Simone: Thank you. I know I can always count on you.

Whitney: Of course you can, honey, we're sisters. And I just want you to know that no one or nothing is more important than our relationship, ok?

Simone: Ok.

Whitney: I love you.

Simone: I love you, too.

Whitney: Be right back with your soda.

Chad: Whitney. We need to talk.

Whitney: Chad, there's nothing for us to talk about. Our relationship is over, ok? I promised Simone that I would stop seeing you if she survived the hit-and-run, and I'm going to keep my promise I made.

Chad: A promise Simone didn't even hear you make.

Whitney: Simone still thinks it was a dream that she saw us kissing, and I don't ever want her finding out any differently. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Chad: Whitney, wait. Don't give up or throw away what we got just because you blame yourself for Simone's accident. Look, Simone's a lot stronger than you think. All right? We should go in there and tell her the truth just like we was planning. She'll be hurt at first, but she'll come around.

Whitney: Chad, no. I mean it. All right? It's over between us. I don't ever want to see you again.

Grace: Don't know why I had such a feeling of dread, like somebody was watching me.

Sam: Like I said, you're probably still dealing with everything that's happened recently -- losing our home, the fear of losing me to Ivy.

Grace: Yeah, I guess.

Sam: Hey, trust me, all right? There's nothing to worry about. I love you and I'm going to protect you. Nothing and no one is ever going to harm you again.

Jessica: God, going to warlock island should be an amazing trip.

Charity: Oh, yeah.

Miguel: Yeah, especially after hearing Chief Bennett tell us the legend of how the island got its name.

Reese: Yeah, can you imagine? Evil warlocks exploding into another dimension because some bungling witch handed out the wrong scepters at a sinister ceremony.

Tabitha's voice: I wasn't bungling. I was overworked.

Reese: Who knows? Maybe we'll find out that the legend is true. What's the matter, Tabitha? You look as scared as you did when Chief Bennett told the story about warlock island and your hair turned white.

Sam: Legend holds that on certain nights on the island, you can hear their spirits screaming, writhing in pain.

Reese: Ah! Oh, my God! Look at Tabitha!

Tabitha: My goodness, now what?

Reese: Your hair.

Timmy's voice: It's as white as flour, princess.

Tabitha: As I said before, ross --

Reese: Reese.

Tabitha: The water dear Sam and Grace threw on me to revive me after my fainting spell washed the hair dye out of my hair.

Reese: Then how come none of that hair dye got on your clothes?

Miguel: Reese, leave Tabitha alone, all right? This isn't the spanish inquisition.

Tabitha's voice: You could've fooled me.

Kay: Let's look --

Miguel: Yeah, show us the route we're going to take again.

Tabitha: I'm afraid to ever set foot on warl again, Timmy. Those boys hold a hell of a grudge.

Timmy: What about the kids? What will happen if they go to warlock island?

Tabitha: Oh, it'll be a disaster, lad. Oh, worse than their ski trip, camping trip, and prom night all rolled into one.

Ethan: Here's to tomorrow's double wedding. May we all be as calm, cool, and collected as we are now.

Sheridan: Cheers.

Theresa: Yeah.

Sheridan: Oh. I can't believe I almost forgot. We have the final fitting for our gown today.

Theresa: You're right!

Ethan: Luis and I still have to get fitted for our tux, so we'll drop you off.

Theresa: Ok, well, let's go!

Sheridan: Great, I'll be right back. Let me get my purse.

Ethan: Oh, here, I'll take these to the kitchen.

Luis: Sis? You know, I love seeing you so happy and excited, yeah. Just don't forget what I said about watching your back with Rebecca and Gwen, ok?

Theresa: I won't. They have said things before to try to spook me, but there is nothing that they can do to come between Ethan and me.

Luis: Ok. Just don't let your guard down. You know, I'd hate to see Rebecca and Gwen with a little secret or white lie that you've been keeping and have it ruin your wedding.

Gwen: [Disguised voice] trust me, the information that exposed Ethan's true paternity came from Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald's computer.

Mort: How do you know?

Rebecca: Don't tell him! If you give that muckraker any more details, Ethan might realize that we're the ones that leaked the story.

Mort: Hello? Anybody there?

Gwen: [Normal voice] he is not going to know that you tried to set up Theresa by sending that e-mail from her computer.

Rebecca: No, but he might find out that we knew the truth before it came out and didn't tell him, and then he would never forgive you and then you can just forget ever being in his arms again.

Mort: Say something or I'm hanging up.

Gwen: Yeah, I'm here.

Mort: Look, one more time -- you want my paper to print that Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald exposed Ethan crane as a Bennett, you're going to have to give me more info.

Gwen: Like what?

Mort: Like how you know her e-mail address. Just tell me and we'll go to press with a special edition right now.

Chad: Will you stop tripping long enough to talk to me?

Whitney: No, Chad, I made Simone a promise and I'm going to keep it. Now, just leave me alone.

Nurse: Excuse me, but I couldn't help notice you and your lady friend arguing.

Chad: Stick around because it ain't over yet.

Nurse: I don't know what's going on, but here's some advice -- you can take it or leave it -- flowers.

Chad: Excuse me?

Nurse: Women love it when a man buys them flowers.

Chad: Listen, thanks for trying to help, but all the flowers in the world ain't going to get me anywhere with her.

Nurse: Hey, it's worth a try. Flowers are like chicken soup. They couldn't hurt.

Chad: Yeah, you're right. You're right. What harm could it do?

Timmy: Timmy doesn't want horrible things to happen to Charity and her friends. How can princess stop them from going to warlock island?

Tabitha: Stop them? No, Timmy, the more I think about it, the more I think they should go on their trip. Warlock island could spell their doom, not ours. And if Charity and Miguel die, then all our problems are over.

Timmy: Oh, no, not this again.

Tabitha: Yes, this again. With any luck, those kids' trip to warlock island could be a voyage of the damned. The happiest woman alive.

Sheridan: Sorry, Ethan, but that could be a problem because Luis has already made me the happiest woman Ethan.

Luis: Hey.

Theresa: Oh, ok, ok. Luis and Ethan can share the title.

Sheridan: Perfect, to be together and blissfully happy for the rest of our lives.

Mort: Tell me how you know the mail about Ethan came from Theresa's computer. That's all I need to print this story.

Gwen: Ok. I know because -- mother!

Mort: Hello? Hey, we got a bad connection or what?

Rebecca: Don't do it. Wait until the wedding to just wipe out Theresa.

Gwen: What if our plan doesn't work?

Rebecca: Well, it's foolproof.

Gwen: Well, so was your plan with Alistair and Julian to break up Sheridan and Luis, and that bombed big time. What if ours does, too?

Rebecca: Look, the e-mail really did come from Theresa's computer.

Grace: So, guys, hmm, coming along just fine.

Tabitha: Oh, hardly, you half-wit. No, Grace is sensing another round of misery and mayhem coming this way. But it's starting earlier than my cards said it would.

Timmy: There's already been an avalanche, a fireball, demons from hell, the Bennett house imploding. Timmy can't even imagine what will happen next.

Tabitha: Well, you'll just have to stay tuned like everyone else, won't you? But I can promise you that the danger Grace is sensing is very real and powerful enough to rock Harmony to its core.

Hank: Bennett, table for one. Hey, car's outside. Try not to scratch it.

Luis: Yeah.

Ethan: You telling me this is the best you could do for a best man?

Hank: Hey, this is your new uncle hank you're talking about here.

Luis: Are you telling me this is the best you can do for an uncle?

Hank: Laugh while you can, boys. You're a day away from trading those tuxes in for ye old ball and chain.

Luis: Yeah?

Hank: Yes. And all this is worth it?

Luis and Ethan: Yeah.

Ethan: We'd do anything we had to to marry Theresa and Sheridan.

Luis: You're damn straight.

Hank: Hey, don't get me wrong -- I'm happy you two found the women of your dreams. And I'm sure the wedding's going to be incredible. Almost as incredible as I look in a tux. Who knows -- maybe I'll even meet the woman of my dreams at this marital marathon, huh?

Luis: Hey, you go for it, buddy. We just want to get married and get the ceremony over with. Yeah?

Ethan: Yeah. We can't wait to be husbands to the two most beautiful women alive. And maybe someday fathers, huh?

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: Oh, it's beautiful!

Theresa: It's perfect. It was so nice of Ethan's mother to let me have her wedding dress.

Sheridan: You did a great job altering it, Abigail.

Abigail: Oh, thank you, Sheridan. I still need to make a few finishing touches, though. Will you excuse me while I get some pins?

Theresa: Ok. Sheridan? Thank you again for the advice that you gave me. But I think I will go to confession when I start taking birth control and then i will stop it when Ethan and I can afford children.

Sheridan: I'm sure that things will work out perfectly for you and Ethan. Oh, Gwen. I'm glad you're here. Would you excuse me for a moment?

Theresa: Sure.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Sheridan: There's something we need to clear up.

Gwen: Yeah, listen, I know what you're going to say and I don't blame you. You're angry at the fact that my mother for the part that she played in Alistair and Julian's plan

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Chad: About those flowers --

Whitney: He got them for you, sweetheart. At the most expensive flower shop in Harmony.

Simone: Aw.

Chad: Whitney --

Whitney: Chad's just embarrassed because he spent so much money. He didn't want me to tell you. Now, you rest your pretty little head, ok?

Simone: Ok.

Whitney: I've got to go meet Theresa at the bridal shop. Here's your soda.

Simone: Chad, will you stay with me?

Chad: Sorry, Simone, I've got to meet Ethan for a tux fitting.

Simone: Ok. I'll see you later?

Chad: Ok.

Simone: Ok.

Chad: All right. Get some rest.

Simone: Thank you.

Chad: Whitney? Why did you lie to Simone like that? I mean, you're just making it harder and harder to tell her the truth.

Whitney: Chad, you saw the look on Simone's face when she thought that you brought the flowers for her. Look, Chad, she's weak and I made a promise to her.

Chad: But that was when you thought --

Whitney: No, no, no, we cannot break the promise, ok? We just can't.

Miguel: Hey.

Charity: I'm worried about aunt Grace.

Miguel: Don't be. I mean, yeah, you know, you have premonitions sometimes, but they don't always come true. You know, like when you thought Kay didn't have a soul.

Charity's voice: Either I was wrong and Kay always had her soul or my prayers were answered and Kay's soul was returned to her.

Grace: Well, I've got to head over to the bed and breakfast.

Jessica: No, mom, I'm going to watch the b&b today. I want you two to spend some time together.

Sam: Maybe we could find someplace to be alone.

Grace: Hmm.

Jessica: You could be alone here. Here, ok. Guys? Yeah, hey. Why don't we go ahead and go to the hospital and let Simone know about our plans? I mean, maybe it'll cheer her up to let her know that we're going to wait for her to get better before we go to warlock island. Tabitha, is there something that you could do to give my parents some time alone?

Grace: Jessica, you can't ask Tabitha to leave, really.

Tabitha: No, no, that's all right. I should touch my hair up. After the water washed the dye out, I must look positively frightful.

Reese: Yeah, frightful like a witch.

Miguel: Reese, shut up.

Tabitha: You can do my hair while I search the ancient tomes for insight into this warlock island business, ok?

Jessica: Well, then it's settled. Good. We're going to go ahead and take off so you can guys can spend some time alone.

Grace: Ok.

Miguel: We're going to have a romantic time on warlock island, too.

Kay: I have to be good. I have to be good. Good. Ok.

Miguel: See you later.

Grace: Have a good time. Give Simone our love, ok?

Kay: Yes, ma'am.

Sam: Hey. Hey, what is it?

Grace: Nothing. No, not a thing.

Ethan: Hey, Chad, before you try on your tux, how's the music for the wedding going?

Chad: It's all preprogrammed, man. All I got to do is hit a little button on my new equipment, it does the rest.

Ethan: Well, that's great. Then you can spend the rest of your time trying to get back with Whitney.

Chad: Yeah, well, Whitney's still got it in her head to end our relationship on account of Simone. And I've tried everything, man. I mean, believe me, I've tried everything. You know, and actually at one point I finally thought I got through to her. Then all of a sudden, back to square one. I mean, I don't know what else to do.

Luis: Hey, Chad. Hurry up and get your tux on, man. Let's get next door, see how the ladies are doing.

Chad: All right.

Ethan: Hey, look, just hang in there. Don't give up yet, all right?

Chad: I don't know, man. I mean, Whitney seems pretty set to just end it all.

Whitney: Oh, that dress is so beautiful, Theresa. You look fantastic. [Theresa and Whitney scream]

Gwen: Maybe Pilar can be your matron of honor.

Sheridan: Oh, Gwen, stop. I don't blame you for what your mother did. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I still want you to be my maid of honor.

Gwen: Oh, thank you, Sheridan. I was so afraid I had lost my best friend.

Sheridan: Don't be silly. I know you could never do anything as cold and calculated as Rebecca did. Like when Ethan broke your engagement to marry Theresa, I know you were hurt and angry, yet you have done nothing to get revenge on her.

Theresa: I think we should practice tossing our bouquets.

Whitney: Oh, gosh. Don't question it, Sheridan. I think we should just do it or there won't be a minute's peace around here.

Theresa: Uh-huh.

Sheridan: Ok.

Whitney: Go for it.

Theresa: Thank you. All right. Are you ready?

Whitney: We are ready.

Theresa: Ok.

Sheridan and Theresa: One, two -- [Sheridan and Theresa scream]

Gwen's voice: Maybe sooner than you think, Theresa.

Grace: Well, here we are, all alone. Whatever shall we do?

Sam: Hmm.

Grace: Ooh.

Sam: Here's a hint.

Timmy: Don't fear, princess! Timmy will save you! Hi-ya! No! No! No, no, no, no!

Tabitha: Ooh. Thank hades witches heal fast. The ancient prophecies do point to Charity and Miguel going to warlock island, and, as I suspected, it's bad for them and good for us.

Timmy: There's a switch.

Tabitha: Hmm, look, less commentary and more coloring, if you don't mind. How's the hair cream working, by the way?

Timmy: Uh -- Timmy guarantees tabby won't have thick, white hair any longer.

Tabitha: Hmm. Well, then the news is good all around. You know, this horoscope says that one of the Bennett brats won't have to wait to land on warlock island for something horrible to happen to her. According to this, Jessica is facing danger as we speak.

Jessica: May I help you?

Man: Yes, I'd like a room.

Jessica: You're in luck. We happen to have a vacancy. We can register you right here.

Man: "We"? You must be Grace's daughter. I see the resemblance now.

Jessica: How do you know what my mother looks like? I mean, I don't recognize you from being around here.

Man: Well, I've -- I've seen pictures of her in the newspaper. She has a face you can't forget.

Theresa: I will make sure that you catch my bouquet at the wedding. That'll be another good omen for you and Chad.

Whitney: Theresa, there is no me and Chad.

Theresa: Whitney, I kept hoping that you would just change your mind.

Whitney: Well, to be honest with you, I was a little tempted at the hospital earlier. But I'm telling you, if that car did not kill Simone, me being with Chad definitely would.

Theresa: But you love him, Whitney, and he loves you.

Whitney: It just doesn't matter how I feel about him. I can't do that to Simone.

Ethan: Hey, we're here to see our brides!

Luis: And we brought champagne!

Sheridan: No, you can't see us in our gowns!

Theresa: It's bad luck!

Gwen's voice: You've got more bad luck coming your way than you can possibly imagine, Theresa.

Luis: Aw.

Ethan: Of course they went inside.

Chad: Whitney, look, I want to talk to you.

Whitney: Chad, just don't, ok? I haven't changed my mind. We're still finished.

Simone: The trip to warlock island sounds like so much fun.

Miguel: Yeah.

Simone: It's so sweet that you guys are going to wait for me until I get out.

Miguel: Hey, I think my friend Scott's here to give blood. Why don't we ask him if we can borrow his camp stove?

Charity: Ok.

Miguel: We'll be right back.

Charity: Bye, honey.

Simone: Bye. Thank you for coming to visit.

Charity: Uh-huh.

Kay: Hey.

Simone: Well, you seem different.

Kay: Well, I am. Simone, I got my soul back.

Simone: Kay! Oh, my gosh! That is so wonderful!

Kay: Yeah.

Simone: I am so happy for you.

Kay: Thanks. Well, Father Lonigan said I had a clean slate now and I can keep it that way if I can resist the temptation to steal Miguel away from Charity.

Simone: Take that advice, all right? That is good advice.

Kay: Yeah, yeah.

Simone: If I hear you say "I'm going to get Miguel" one more time, I'm going to throw myself in front of a car. Or you know what? A bus.

Kay: Funny.

Simone: No. I mean, seriously, Kay, if you'd forget Miguel, I mean, you'll find someone who's going to love you for yourself. Just like Chad loves me.

Kay: Well, I'm trying to be good. But it gets harder all the time.

Grace: That was incredible.

Sam: There's plenty more where that came from.

Sam: Hey, what's wrong?

Grace: I know it's silly, but I -- I suddenly had the feeling that danger was close by again.

Sam: Come on. You have no reason to worry. You need to relax. And I have just the thing -- my special tea. Be right back.

Grace: Sam's right. I don't have anything to worry about. I mean, my life is perfect. It's going to stay that way.

Jessica: This is your room.

Man: Nice.

Man: Whose house is that over there?

Jessica: Oh, that's Tabitha Lenox's. My family and I are staying there until we get our house rebuilt.

Man: Hmm. Perfect. This room is absolutely perfect.

Jessica: Well, if you need anything, I'll be downstairs.

Man: Oh, Jessica, can you stay for a moment? There's something I'd like to discuss with you.

Sam: Grace, you want some cookies with your tea?

Grace: [British accent] that would be lovely.

Grace: [Normal voice] my baby. Something's happened to my baby.

Simone: Kay, the trip to warlock island is going to be so much fun!

Hank: And since I grew up with Luis, I feel like Theresa's my little sister, so this is definitely a family affair for me.

Theresa: Luis!

Hank: May all of you know only joy and happiness the rest of your lives. Cheers.

Luis: Cheers!

Chad: Nice. Very nice.

Hank: Thank you.

Luis: Hank, hank, hank, hank? Hank, when you going to find a woman of your own, man? Come on.

Hank: You never know, buddy.

Luis: Huh?

Hank: You never know.

Luis: Oh.

Gwen: So here's to a wedding that Harmony will never forget.

Luis: Yeah!

Theresa: This is a dream come true.

Luis: Definitely.

Gwen's voice: Not a dream, Theresa -- a nightmare. Your wedding day will be the worst day of your miserable life.

Simone: What's wrong? You think Chad wouldn't want to go with us because we're younger than he is?

Kay: No. I was just thinking about Miguel going with Charity.

Simone: Kay, you just got your soul back. I thought you said you were going to be good.

Kay: Well, I did, but one little sin can't hurt.

Simone: Kay, stealing a guy away from the girl that he loves is not just a little sin.

Kay: I can't help it. Simone, I love him and he said he loves me.

Simone: As a friend.

Kay: Well, I have to make him mine. And once we get to warlock island, then --

Simone: Uh-da-da. Don't say it. I don't want to hear it. Uh-uh.

Kay: Simone -- I'm going to get him to make love to me. Once he does, he'll forget about Charity and be mine forever.

Miguel: Charity? You all right?

Charity: Mm-hmm. It's probably just the air conditioning.

Miguel: Ok. Well, we're going to go ask Scott if we can borrow the camp stove.

Charity: Ok.

Miguel: All right.

Charity: Bye.

Reese: Bye.

Charity: Bye.

Charity: What does that weird symbol mean? And what could a raven and -- and two crossed scepters mean?

Tabitha: Charity should be afraid of going to warlock island. Her horoscope is full of nothing but gloom and doom and kaboom, if you know what I mean.

Timmy: Is Tabby sure she read the horoscope right?

Tabitha: Of course I'm sure. I've been charting horoscopes for hundreds of years.

Timmy: Timmy thinks you'd better come take a look at this, Tabby.

Tabitha: Really? Why? Have you seen something I didn't?

Timmy: The horoscope full of gloom and doom isn't Charity's. It's Tabby's.

Tabitha: Oh, no, Timmy, you're right. Oh, no! We're doomed to kaboom!

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