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Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/20/01

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Timmy: Don't worry, tabby. Dr. Russell will fix you right up. Timmy's heading straight for the hospital -- as soon as he catches his breath.

Tabitha: How did I wind up with such an incompetent sidekick? All I asked you to do was save me from being choked to death by the cord on the vial containing Kay's soul. Next thing I knew, heads were rolling -- specifically mine.

Timmy: Timmy thought he could rescue his princess with his dazzling swordplay. Hi-ya!

Tabitha: Well, sir Lancelot, have you figured out a way how dr. Eve can put me back together with my body still in the attic?

Timmy: Uh-oh. Timmy better run back to the house and call an ambulance. Tabby's always using her head.

Tabitha: One more peep out of you, and you'll be moonlighting as a pin cushion. [Footsteps]

Timmy: Tabby, did you hear that?

Tabitha: Hear what?

Timmy: Footsteps. Someone's running fast this way. Oh, no!

Miguel: Tell me, Kay, do you have a soul?

Kay: What are you talking about?

Miguel: Look, Charity put some things together and figured out that you might not have a soul. And then she looked on this web site to find more information about it, and --

Kay: You guys think I don't have a soul because of some web site? Miguel, you know what kind of crazy stuff is on that internet.

Miguel: This isn't crazy, Kay. All right, it said that soulless people can't show emotion. And we've all noticed that you haven't even cried even though your best friend could be dying. You know, and you're cold all the time, even though it's summer.

Kay: Ok, wait. Let me get this straight. Charity thinks I don't have a soul because Iím cold and I'm not crying.

Miguel: That's not all. Remember when you gave Charity that manicure? She said that she saw you with the face of a monster.

Kay: Charity has visions all the time.

Miguel: There's more, Kay. Charity finally remembers what happened when she was sucked into hell.

Charity: Kay! Kay, please help me! Kay! Kay -- help me, Kay!

Miguel: Charity says that she begged you to help her and you didn't.

Charity: Look, Kay, we want the truth. Are you a soulless person?

T.C.: Come on, Simone, honey. You have to fight.

Eve: We love you so much, honey. Please come back to us.

Grace: Oh, sweetie.

Sam: Heard about Simone at the station. How's she doing?

T.C.: Sam, it doesn't look good.

Sam: I'm so sorry, T.C.

Eve: Grace, we can't loose Simone.

Grace: I know, sweetheart. I know.

Chad: You can't be serious, Whitney. I mean, you don't really mean that you don't want to ever see me again.

Whitney: I'm serious, Chad. It's our fault that Simone was hurt.

Chad: We don't know that for sure.

Whitney: Look, I know it in my heart, ok? She must have seen us kissing in the window, and that's why she ran out into the street like that. I mean, she didn't even see the car that hit her because she was so upset.

Chad: What happened to Simone was horrible, but that doesn't change how we feel about each other.

Whitney: Chad, it changes everything. My sister could die because of me. Look, I'm sorry, Chad, but our relationship is over.

Theresa: Poor Simone. She's fighting for her life. I don't know what her family will do if she doesn't make it.

Ethan: Just shows you how much damage secrets can cause. And I know Chad and Whitney were just trying to protect Simone by keeping their relationship a secret, but they wound up hurting her even more.

Theresa: Whitney feels awful. You know, I wish I knew how to help her.

Ethan: There's not much we can do. Secrets cause everybody so much pain, and they always come out in the end. I'm just glad that we don't have any secrets between us.

Gwen: I miss you so much, Ethan. [Knock on door]

Rebecca: Oh, Gwen, you're up. Why? It's so late.

Gwen: I can't sleep. My bed just feels so empty without Ethan.

Gwen: It just makes me sick to think of him being with Theresa.

Rebecca: Well, not for long. Very soon he is going to dump that little tramp and be right back by your side.

Gwen: I have waited long enough. I just want to call the tabloid and tell them that that e-mail that they received about his paternity is from Theresa's computer.

Rebecca: Well, we can't blow our plan. I mean, it was a stroke of genius mailing the tabloid from that little gold digger's computer. But right now we have to bide our time.

Gwen: But I can't stand it anymore!

Rebecca: Look, Theresa's wedding is in just a few days. Now, either the tabloid is going to find out that the e-mail came from her computer, or we are going to anonymously let them know. Either way, Theresa's life is going to be destroyed on her wedding day.

[Knock on door]

Man: Yeah. I'm glad you're here. Have you found out who sent the e-mail revealing Ethan crane wasn't really a crane?

Mort: Well, I --

Man: I think this is going to be another big scandal. Tell me, who sent the e-mail that ruined Ethan's life? [Captioning made possible by the national broadcasting company] singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Man: Don't keep me in suspense. Who sent the e-mail?

Mort: Actually, finding the name attached to that e-mail address has been a little harder than I thought.

Man: I thought you knew people at all the major servers.

Mort: Well, I do, but unfortunately some of my contacts have been laid off. Everyone else seems to be on vacation.

Man: Damn. We need another bombshell, and I think that this scandal is just the ticket.

Mort: I'm going to find someone who can tell me who's been using that e-mail address. I'm not going to stop until I have a name.

Gwen: I just hate waiting around, knowing that we could blow Theresa out of the water right now.

Rebecca: Well, I promise it will all work out. Just try to get some sleep, and it'll all be better in the morning.

Gwen: Speaking of sleep, where have you been?

Rebecca: Oh, out and about.

Gwen: What are you up to, mother?

Rebecca: Well, I guess I might as well tell you. I was, you know, helping Julian with a little scheme to break up Luis and Sheridan.

Gwen: What? Just what did the two of you do?

Rebecca: Well, we just hired a man to impersonate Luis, and, you know, have Sheridan walk in on him in bed with another woman.

Gwen: That's terrible. How could Julian do that to his own sister? And how could you be involved in that?

Rebecca: Well, it didn't work. Besides, why are you trying to be miss innocent? Aren't you trying to plot to break up Ethan and Theresa?

Gwen: No, that's different. I have a very good reason for that.

Rebecca: Well, Alistair and Julian seem to have their reasons, too.

Gwen: Oh, my God. If Julian and Alistair, two of the most powerful men in the world, can't break Sheridan and Luis up, then what does that mean for us?

Rebecca: Well, you said yourself, these are very different circumstances.

Gwen: Yeah, but we don't have nearly the resources they do. What if our plan fails, too? Mother, if I don't get Ethan back, I don't know what I'll do.

Hank: I heard about Simone on the radio. How's she doing?

Sam: We just spoke to the doctor. Said she's just holding on.

Jessica: Oh, no. Simone can't die. Oh, God.

Chad: I have waited too long for something this real, and I am not going to lose you now.

Whitney: What about Simone? She is the one that's lost everything -- maybe even her life. I can't live with that kind of guilt, Chad.

Chad: But don't you see, Whitney? We can't live without each other.

Whitney: Look, I made a promise to Simone that I would never see you again, and Iím going to stick by that promise.

Charity: Am I right, Kay? Do you have no soul?

Kay: This is ridiculous.

Miguel: We don't think so. All right, you haven't been to mass with us in months, and the web site said that soulless people can't go into a church.

Charity: And we ask you to come, Kay, every single Sunday, and you never do.

Kay: So? I go late on Sundays, or sometimes even on Saturday nights.

Reese: See, I knew Charity was wrong. I knew Kay had a soul. How else could we be soul mates, right?

Miguel: Are you sure you're telling us the truth, Kay?

Kay: You guys still think I don't have a soul? You guys have seen way too many episodes of "buffy."

Miguel: Look, all I know is that everything Charity's saying makes sense. So just be honest with us. Do you have a soul?

Timmy: No!

Timmy: Oh!

Tabitha: Oh! Help me, Timmy!

Timmy: Oh, no. Tabby's heading straight for disaster.

Timmy: And disaster's heading straight for Timmy!

Tabitha: Help me, Timmy, or I'll wind up like one of Grace Bennettís flapjacks!

Timmy: Don't worry, princess. Timmy will come and save you.

Tabitha: My body's about to become road kill. Thank badness. I'm getting too old for all this.

Man: Did you just see that?

Woman: See what?

Man: I saw a headless body in the middle of the road and a kid holding the head like a football.

Woman: Gary, pull over. You've had too much caffeine again. I'll drive the rest of the way.

Timmy: Timmy told his princess he'd save her.

Tabitha: Don't go patting yourself on the back. You're the reason I'm in this mess.

Timmy: Go away. Leave Timmy alone. Timmy doesn't want this. This thing choked tabby. Now the vial's going to choke Timmy. Ow! This thing is as hot as "hidden passions."

Tabitha: You better leave that vial alone, doll face. For whatever reason, you're obviously meant to have it.

Timmy: Maybe Timmy will start a new trend. But right now Timmy has to take his princess to the hospital.

Tabitha: Wait, Timmy. We have to talk.

Timmy: There's no time for chitchat, princess. Timmy's on a mission.

Sam: T.C. And eve are going through hell.

Hank: At least they've still got each other to lean on.

Sam: Yeah.

Hank: Speaking of, how are you and Grace doing? Are you still bunking at the station?

Sam: I am. But I think things are about to change.

Hank: That's good news, bro. What happened?

Sam: Well, it all started when ivy came to the station earlier. She was naked.

Hank: You got to be kidding me. That woman's got some nerve.

Sam: Well, it gets worse. She threatened to cause a scene if I didn't give her a good night kiss. Then Grace walked in right when I was kissing her.

Hank: Oh, man. Grace must have been -- wait. I thought you said you and Grace were working things out.

Sam: Grace ran out of the room, but luckily she heard me telling ivy off. She realized that ivy's been manipulating this entire situation.

Hank: That's good news, bro.

Sam: Yeah. I think Grace is finally starting to realize that she's the one I love -- the only one I love.

Jessica: I can't believe that you caught Mrs. Crane with daddy again.

Grace: Yeah, it was pretty shocking. But, like I said, you know, it all worked out.

Jessica: Does that mean that you guys are going to get back together?

Grace: Jess, I am not going to make you any promises, but I'm thinking very seriously about it.

Jessica: That would be so awesome.

Grace: Yes, it would. But right now, we really should just think about Simone, huh?

Jessica: You're right. Simone has to get through this.

Chad: I get that you made a promise to Simone, but you and I were just starting to build something.

Whitney: You know, maybe we were. But whatever we had, it's in the past now.

Chad: Feelings just don't turn off just like that! Whitney, I love you.

Whitney: Please, stop this, Chad! It's over.

Chad: Whitney, look, I know that you feel terrible about Simone's accident, all right? I do, too. But you think your sister would honestly want us to be unhappy for the rest of our lives?

Whitney: At least we have our lives, Chad!

Chad: Whitney, there are certain things in life that are worth living for. What we got -- that's one of them. So please don't take this away from me.

Kay: I can't believe my own friends think I don't have a soul.

Charity: Look, Kay, we're not trying to hurt you. We just want the truth.

Reese: You all know that I am a man of science, and there is clearly no formula here that points to Kay walking the earth devoid of a soul.

Kay: I can't believe you guys are doing this to me. My best friend is about to die!

Miguel: Look, I'm sorry, Kay, all right? We shouldn't have come at you like this, especially not now.

Reese: Don't -- don't cry, Kay. Her tears have proven her innocence!

Miguel: All right, all right. I guess we were wrong. If Kay didn't have a soul, she wouldn't be able to cry, right? Look, Reese, we should go after her, see if she's ok.

Reese: Yeah. I'd do anything for my Kay.

Miguel: We'll be right back.

Charity: Father? There's something I have to talk to you about.

Father Lonigan: Of course, Charity. What's troubling you?

Charity: All right. Now, it may sound odd, but how could I prove without a shadow of a doubt that somebody doesn't have a soul?

Father Lonigan: Tell me, child, why would you ask that question?

Charity: It's hard to explain, father, but I got this idea in my head that Kay doesn't have a soul. And I did some research, and ever since then, Iím more convinced than ever.

Father Lonigan: You're a good person, Charity. I believe that if you suspected someone of lacking a soul, you would want to help them.

Charity: Oh. I guess I was terribly wrong. I shouldn't be trying to expose her. I should try to help her.

Father Lonigan: It's not too late to help. You must pray for her, Charity. Go to the hospital chapel and pray for Kay's soul.

Jessica: I know my sister can be a pain, but does Charity really think she has no soul?

Miguel: Yeah. And then when we asked her about it, she got all upset and she ran off. Have you seen her?

Jessica: No, I don't know where she is.

Miguel: All right, well, I'm going to go look in the cafeteria. Maybe you guys can check outside.

Reese: I'm going to find my precious Kay if it's the last thing I do.

Reese: Holy -- did you see that?

Jessica: See what?

Reese: Come on, scully. We're about to open our own "x-files" case.

Tabitha: Timmy, stop right now, or you'll be fluffy's next fancy feast.

Timmy: Watch it! Why did tabby want Timmy to stop?

Tabitha: This is all quite simple. If you'll just hand my head to my body, I'll be put back together again.

Timmy: It's more complicated than that, princess.

Tabitha: Trust me. What do you think I was trying to tell you the entire way here?

Timmy: Fine. Tabby says so. [Footsteps]

Reese: Oh, my God.

Reese: I don't believe this.

Jessica: What's going on, Reese? I could barely keep up with you. Oh, hi, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Hello, dear. So nice to see you.

Reese: I just saw Tabitha's doll sprint by, and he was carrying Tabitha's disembodied head.

Jessica: Ok, I think you're taking it a little bit too far, Reese. Tabitha's head is right where it should be, and her doll certainly isn't running around.

Reese: But --

Tabitha: I think you're spending a little bit too much time on your computer, Ross, dear.

Reese: It's Reese! And I saw it.

Jessica: Ok --

Reese: I really did. Ow.

Jessica: Ok, your imagination is in overdrive again. No --

Reese: Ok, maybe I'm just worried about Kay. I'd better go find her.

Jessica: That's a good idea. Look, I'm really sorry, Tabitha. He just gets carried away.

Tabitha: I understand, dear. I was a teenager once myself, you know. Timmy's voice: When? Back in the dark ages?

Jessica: Are you here to see Simone?

Tabitha: Oh, yes. Oh, I've been so worried about the poor dear girl. How is she?

Jessica: She's in the E.R., But the doctors aren't sure she's going to make it. Do you want me to take you to her?

Tabitha: You go ahead. I'll be right in.

Jessica: All right.

Tabitha: Perfect. Simone's still in E.R. Let's go in and see if we can help her over to the other side, cause the Russell family some real pain.

Timmy: Timmy wants Simone to live. Especially since Tabitha made Timmy hide her body before.

Tabitha: Oh, what fun are you? Where do you think you're going?

Timmy: Timmy doesn't think causing pain is fun. Timmy's tired of all this evil. Timmy has a new calling. He's going to bring some good to the world.

Grace: How you doing, sweetheart?

Eve: I can't lose another baby, Grace. I know you understand.

Grace: Yes, I do. Losing my baby was devastating. But you are not going to lose Simone.

Eve: The baby I had with Julian didn't make it. How am I going to think that Simone will?

Grace: We are all praying for Simone. She is going to pull through.

Eve: I hope you're right, Grace. I don't know what I would do if I lose her.

Sam: Father. You know, I was wrong to hide the truth from Grace about my past with ivy. I'll never forgive myself that we lost our son. But from now on, Iím going to prove to Grace that she is the only woman I love.

Hank: Are you sure that's how you feel?

Sam: Of course it's how I feel. Why would you ask such a question?

Hank: I remember when you were dating ivy. I didn't know who the girl was back then, but I remember how happy you were.

Sam: Look, my relationship with ivy ended a long time ago.

Hank: I know that's what you say, and just now you seem so sure when you talk about your love for Grace. But who are you trying to convince -- me or you?

Chad: I know that we got a future together. Don't do this.

Whitney: Chad, I have to. God, please, just let me go.

Chad: Listen to me, girl! I love you. And I know that you love me, too.

Man: Do you have a plan for finding out who sent the e-mail?

Mort: Well, that's what I've been working on. [Telephone rings]

Mort: That's my line. I got it. "Daily private lives." Distorted voice: I know who sent you the e-mail about Ethan crane.

Mort: Who is this? Distorted voice: That doesn't matter. The person you're looking for is Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

Mort: You're telling me that Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald sent the e-mail that destroyed her fiancťís life? Distorted voice: That's exactly what Iím telling you.

Mort: Look, I need to know who this is.

Gwen: [Distorted voice] the only thing you need to know is that Theresa is responsible for the e-mail.

Gwen: So I take it you heard.

Rebecca: Indeed. I hope you're happy now.

Gwen: I never felt better. The end is near for Theresa. Soon Cinderella will lose everything.

Theresa: What would you do if I had a secret?

Ethan: What, do you have some amazing credit card debt that I don't know about?

Theresa: No. No, I was -- I was just thinking about our relationship. I mean, do you think it's strong enough to survive a challenge?

Ethan: I love you more than anything in the world. No, nothing could ever come between us.

Theresa: Do you really mean that?

Ethan: Of course. I can't imagine anything that we couldn't work through. It's not like we have any secrets between us.

Chad: Thanks for giving us a chance, Whitney. That kiss told me everything I needed to know.

Whitney: I'm not sure that it did.

Chad: Shh. Trust me. A kiss like that -- it speaks more than words. Listen, I'm going to go and get us some coffee, ok? Because I got a feeling that we got a long night ahead of us.

Whitney: Chad, that kiss was special because I knew it was the last time I'd ever kiss you.

Hank: Are you sure that Grace is the only woman in your heart?

Sam: I'm positive. And I don't need to convince myself or anyone else.

Hank: Ok, ok.

Sam: Ok.

Hank: I'm sorry I even brought it up. You seem sure that Grace is the only woman for you.

Sam: Ivy means nothing to me, all right? I love Grace and only Grace. Look, I'll talk to you later, all right? I'm going to go check in with eve and T.C.

Kay: Ok. I don't know who listens to soulless people, but, please, if somebody's out there, I need help. I'm sorry for everything Iíve done. I just want my soul back.

Miguel: There you are. Where have you been?

Kay: I needed some time alone. You guys really upset me with those questions.

Miguel: Kay, Iím sorry. You know, it's just Charity had all this evidence, and I guess I just got carried away.

Kay: Where is Charity?

Miguel: I don't know.

Kay: Wonder where she could be.

Charity: Dear lord, please help Kay get her soul back. I don't know how she lost it, but she needs your help now. Please don't continue to let her live without a soul. She deserves to live a life full of love.

Timmy: This is Timmy's chance to do something good. But the vial was so hot before, it burned Timmy.

Charity: Please, lord, answer my prayers.

Timmy: Timmy is so confused on what to do. Where's dear Abby when Timmy needs her?

T.C.: Doctor, how's Simone? Dr. Meade: I'm sorry, but there's no change. We're losing her.

Eve: Oh, God, no, please.

Whitney: We can't lose Simone, daddy.

Father Lonigan: I would like everyone to gather around and pray with me. Our prayers may be Simone's only hope.

Grace: Tabitha, Iím glad you're here. We're just about to kneel in prayer for Simone.

Tabitha: Oh, what a lovely idea. But my knee's been acting up again.

Grace: Oh. Well, any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Tabitha: Oh. I'll help, all right. I'll help bring misery to all you do-gooders.

Kay's voice: Oh, great. This is all I need -- for everyone to see me not praying.

Miguel: Hey -- have you seen Charity?

Reese: Not for a while. We're all about to pray for Simone.

Miguel: Look. Kay's not even praying for her best friend. Maybe Charity's right. Maybe Kay doesn't have a soul.

Charity: Please, lord, may you use your power to return Kay's soul. Please let her be whole again.

Timmy: Timmy's made up his mind. He has to help his sweet Charity.

Timmy: Yikes! Ow! This thing's hot! Timmy can't stop now! He's going to do something good. Ow! Ah! Wow. This is better than the fourth of July.

Father Lonigan: If it be thy will, o lord, please bring Simone back to her family and friends who love her so dearly. [Alarms sound]

Whitney: Mom, what's happening?

Eve: I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

T.C.: No, sweetheart. Let dr. Meade help her.

Eve: I know, but my baby --

T.C.: Honey, come on. Calm down. We have to have faith now.

Charity: I heard the alarms. Is Simone ok?

Miguel: Nobody knows. We're waiting to hear something. [Alarms stop]

Whitney: Mama, why did it stop?

Eve: I don't know, honey. We have to wait for Dr. Meade to come out.

Dr. Meade: I don't know what happened.

Eve: What's going on now?

Dr. Meade: Your prayers must have worked.

Eve: What?

Dr. Meade: Simone's vital signs are suddenly normal. She's out of the woods.

Eve: Oh! Thank you, God!

T.C.: Our baby's going to be all right.

Charity: It's a miracle.

Miguel: Yeah, it is. Charity, I think you're right. I mean, look at Kay. She's not showing any emotion.

Kay: My best friend is going to live, and I can't feel a thing. Oh, my God. I've never been so happy in my entire life. Uncle Hank -- she's going to live!

Reese: Kay is crying! The most beautiful sight Iíve ever seen.

Miguel: I guess we were wrong. Kay has a soul after all.

Charity: Or maybe my prayers were just answered.

Tabitha: Either Kay has got her soul back or she deserves an academy award for this performance.

Tabitha: Ah, if it isn't my little preachy puppet. Are you behind Kay getting her soul back?

Timmy: Timmy did some good, and it feels so right.

Tabitha: Oh, blah.

Hank: You must be relieved, huh?

Kay: Uncle Hank, you have no idea.

Sam: Grace -- isn't it great news? Simone's going to be ok.

Grace: Yeah. You know, I have some wonderful news myself, Sam. I want us to work things out.

Sam: You mean it?

Grace: From the bottom of my heart. I love you, and I know that you love me.

Sam: Hey -- are you sure about this? I don't want you to feel that Iíve pressured you.

Grace: I am sure. Life is too short, and I don't want to waste another minute.

Sam: Nothing's going to keep us apart because I love you so much.

Timmy: Sam and Grace are back together. True love is winning.

Tabitha: You better hope that true love does not conquer all with Miguel and Charity. If those two make love, it's the end of the road for us.

Timmy: Why does tabby always have to rain on Timmy's parade?

Tabitha: Because we've got a lot to worry about, Timmy. Now that Kay has her soul back, she might stop trying to steal Miguel. Now Kay is chatting up that loser Lonigan. Come on. We've got some eavesdropping to do.

Kay: Father Lonigan, I can't believe it, but I have my soul back. I feel so wonderful.

Father Lonigan: You have confessed your sins. And once you have done your penance, your soul will be pristine. You can keep it that way, but only if you change your ways.

Kay: Ok. I want to be good, father. I -- I won't go after Miguel anymore.

Father Lonigan: May God be with you, my child. And may the lord give you strength to forsake the forces of darkness.

Tabitha: I need to put a muzzle on that man of the cloth.

Kay: I can do this. I'm going to be good. I'm going to be good. I'm going to be good.

Tabitha: Hopefully Kay will soon learn that being good isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Dr. Meade: I need to talk to you both.

T.C.: What is it? You said Simone's going to live.

Dr. Meade: That's true, but, as you know, dr. Russell, Simone suffered serious head trauma. As a result, we won't know her final condition until she regains consciousness.

T.C.: What are you saying -- that something could be wrong with Simone's brain?

Dr. Meade: I'm afraid that's a possibility.

Whitney: Guess what, sweetheart. Honey, you're going to be ok. Isn't that great? Now, I know that I promised you that if you got better that Iíd never see Chad again. And I just want you to know that I am going to stick by that promise. Ok? I'm never going to be with Chad again.

Gwen: That lying tramp's days are officially numbered.

Rebecca: The tabloid will print the story, and when Ethan reads it, Theresa's pathetic little life will be destroyed.

Gwen: And we will have everything we want.

Mort: I can't believe it. Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald is the one who sent the e-mail that revealed Ethan's true paternity.

Man: I don't know. It all seems fishy. What kind of a source would use a voice distorter?

Mort: Boss, my gut's telling me the source is on the money. Look, now that I have a name, I can confirm this in a matter of hours.

Man: Ok. If you can get the proof, we'll run with the story.

Mort: Great. Oh, I just hope I get a chance to see Ethan's face when he finds out it's his fiancťe who destroyed his life. Oh! Aah, there's my little sugarplum, ooh...!

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