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Passions Transcript Monday 6/18/01

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Tabitha: Hey! Stop! Stop! Timmy! Timmy, help me! Kay's soul is trying to kill me!

Timmy: What can Timmy do?

Tabitha: Get the cord off me! Get it off!

Timmy: How?

Tabitha: Well, think of something, Timmy!

Timmy: Tabby said somebody was going to die in Harmony tonight. Timmy thinks it's going to be you!

Doctor: She's in v-fib! Get that crash cart in here, stat!

Eve: She's arresting. Stay back. Give them room to work.

T.C.: Just don't let her die.

Doctor: Charge to 300 volts.

T.C.: Please don't let my daughter die.

Reese: Coach Russell?

Doctor: Clear.

Reese: What's happening?

T.C.: We're losing her.

Eve: Oh, God, don't say that.

Chad: Oh, God. This is all my fault, man.

Ethan: It's not your fault, Chad. Simone was hit by a car.

Chad: Yeah, but after she saw me with Whitney. And she was so upset that she didn't see the car coming.

Ethan: It could have been the fog. You know, the fog was crazy tonight.

Chad: Oh, man, it wasn't the fog, man. I should have told Simone a long time ago that I was in love with Whitney and not her.

Doctor: Clear. Again. Everybody clear.

Whitney: Theresa, she's just got to be all right. I mean, this is all my fault. I could have killed my own sister.

Theresa: Whitney, they're doing everything they can in there. Simone is going to pull through this.

Whitney: But what if she doesn't? It'll be my fault that she's dead.

Theresa: You don't know that she saw you and Chad kissing.

Whitney: Look, she could have seen me and Chad kissing in the window, Theresa, and been so upset that she just ran out into the street. I mean, she loves Chad, and she would have thought that I was trying to steal him away from her, Theresa. Oh, Simone, honey. Please don't die. I swear to you Iím going to keep my promise. I'm never going to ever see Chad again.

Father Lonigan: What if that were you, Kay? What if you were dying without a soul? Do you know what would happen? You would be damned to hell for all eternity.

Kay: I know, father.

Father Lonigan: Then do something about it. You can redeem yourself. You can reclaim your soul, Kay. You must before it's too late, or you'll be damned to burn in the flames of eternal hell.

Miguel: What are you talking about?

Charity: I'm telling you, Miguel, Kay has no soul. You have to believe me.

Miguel: Charity, why in the world would you say something like that?

Charity: It's true, Miguel. Look, I know it sounds outrageous, but I know that it's true.

Miguel: I can't believe it.

Charity: Ok. If it's true, Miguel, if Kay has no soul, Iím going to prove it.

Sheridan: I love you so much. Sorry I ever doubted you, even for a minute. How could I even think that I saw you making love to another woman?

Luis: Hey, don't feel bad. All right? I mean, the mask that guy was wearing to impersonate me was, well, so good, even I had to look twice. He even sounded like me.

Sheridan: That was amazing.

Luis: So it is completely understandable that you thought you saw me with that woman. I don't even think my mother would have been able to tell the difference.

Sheridan: I'm just so glad that it's over. Our love was stronger than any of Julian's schemes.

Luis: It took a big leap of faith for you to believe me.

Sheridan: My heart told me that I had to believe you. And you were able to expose Julian and all the horrible things he was doing to try and break us up.

Luis: No, we did it. We did it together. Our love got us through. From now on, it's just going to be us.

Sheridan: Just you and me.

Luis: That's right. There's nothing your family can do to tear us apart. We're going to be together forever.

Julian: I wonder if father knows what happened.

Rebecca: Probably. Alistair always seems to know everything that happens everywhere. [Telephone rings]

Julian: That's him on the phone. He knows.

Rebecca: Yeah. He probably had Deedeeís house bugged.

Julian: I don't even want to think about how angry he's going to be with me. He'll rip me to pieces.

Rebecca: Oh. Oh, Julian. It wasn't all your fault.

Julian: I'll get all the blame. You watch. [Ring]

Rebecca: How could you know that Luis and Sheridan knew you were up to something and that they'd turned the tables on you? I think you just used the imposter once too often.

Julian: What was I supposed to do? The alternative was to kill Sheridan.

Rebecca: I know. And now that the plan's failed, Alistair will insist on doing things his way.

Julian: That's exactly what Iím afraid of. When father finds out my plan failed, I'll be forced to murder my own sister.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, do something!

Timmy: Timmy's trying to find something to cut the cord away from tabby's neck.

Tabitha: Oh! Oh! Oh, no! No!

Timmy: This will do it. This will save Timmy's princess.

Eve: Please, God, don't let her die.

T.C.: Take me. Don't take my baby.

Ethan: Simone is going to be all right.

Chad: Oh, I hope so, man. But no matter what happens, at least Whitney and I have each other. Hopefully, our love will get us through this.

Whitney: We should have told Simone about us a long time ago. It's the secret that Chad and I kept that's responsible for this whole thing. I kept a secret from my little sister, and now she could die because of it.

Theresa: Whitney, this -- this is not your fault.

Whitney: Oh, yeah, Theresa, it is. And I know that I'm doing the right thing. I have to tell Chad right away.

Chad: What? What are you going to tell me, Whitney?

Reese: Simone's in pretty bad shape. I'm going to get Miguel and Charity.

Father Lonigan: Kay?

Kay: I'm right here, father.

Father Lonigan: Your voice sounds so emotionless, Kay. Your friend could die, and you cannot feel anything because you do not have a soul.

Kay: Then pray for her, father.

Father Lonigan: I am praying for her. And for you. You must get your soul back, Kay. You will never be able to feel anything. You will not have the love of a man -- not Miguel, not anyone -- unless you have a soul.

Miguel: Charity, come on. I mean, you think you can prove that Kay doesn't have a soul?

Charity: Ok. Look at this, Miguel. Come on. I've been doing some research, and Reese showed me this web site on the subject. Now, these are all the things that people with no souls have in common. So look at the first one, ok? They're unable to show emotion. Now, when was the last time that you saw Kay show any kind of emotion, ok? When was she even excited about anything at all?

Miguel: I -- I can't remember. I mean, I don't know.

Charity: It's because she hasn't been excited, Miguel. She hasn't shed one single tear. And people with no souls can't show any emotion.

Miguel: Maybe she's just depressed. I mean, look at everything she's been through. You know, she finds out Ethan is her half brother, and then her parents split up.

Charity: Exactly my point. I mean, don't you think that she would have shed even one tear over her parents' break-up?

Miguel: Maybe she cries in private.

Charity: No. No. I truly believe that she hasn't shed one single tear.

Miguel: Wait a minute. Yes, she has. Just the other night when I was with her, she cried. You know, she said that she didn't have anyone to love her.

Charity: Are you sure, Miguel? Did you actually see her cry?

Miguel: I mean, you know, I can't remember, but I know that she was really upset.

Charity: Ok. Now, what about this? When you touch Kay, is she cold? Because people with no souls are cold to the touch.

[Miguel Flashback]

Miguel: Kay?

Kay: What?

Miguel: Your hand, it's so cold. Are you ok?

Kay: Yeah. I'm fine. It's just a little cold in here, that's all.

Miguel: You're still freezing. You know, I think you're coming down with something.

Kay: No, I just have a little chill, that's all.

Miguel: I have noticed her being cold all the time.

Charity: Ok. Now, the third thing -- people with no souls are unable to step into a church. Miguel, when was the last time that Kay came with us to church? She hasn't been to mass. She didn't come with us to midnight mass on Christmas. She's always got some kind of an excuse.

Miguel: That's true.

Charity: Miguel, I'm so sure about this. You have to believe me. Kay has no soul, and Iím really worried about her.

Sheridan: Are we celebrating?

Luis: Well, don't you think that we should? We have proved that our love is stronger than any dirty trick that your brother or father can throw at us. We deserve a celebration.

Sheridan: Thank you. Yes, we do. I still can't believe my father and brother would do something so diabolical to try and break us up.

Luis: Yeah, well, I know that must have hurt you. But you got to keep going on with your life. Sheridan, you're a beautiful, wonderful, loving human being. They're the losers, all right? They're the ones who are stupid enough not to have you in their lives.

Sheridan: Thank God I have you.

Luis: But more importantly, you have you. And you've got to realize your self-worth, or you're going to keep on being vulnerable to people like your brother and father.

Sheridan: I love you so much.

Luis: I love you, too. Nothing or no one is ever going to tear us apart.

Sheridan: Never.

Luis: Never.

Julian: Good, he hung up.

Rebecca: I am sure he'll be calling back.

Julian: I'm sure you're right. I don't want to talk to him till I have a drink in my hand.

Rebecca: Oh, pookie. You're so tense. Here, let me help you, ok?

Julian: Oh.

Rebecca: There.

Julian: Oh.

Rebecca: Oh. Feeling better?

Julian: Oh, you always know how to make me feel better, becks.

Rebecca: I know all kinds of ways to make you feel a whole lot better.

Julian: I'm sure you do.

Julian: Oh, yeah.

Julian: Oh! Come here, you little temptress. [Telephone rings]

Julian: Oh. Just let it ring. I don't want to talk to father now. I'll call him tomorrow. [Clapping]

Julian: What the hell --

Rebecca: Who's that?

Julian: Father.

Rebecca: Alistair.

Alistair: As you can see, there's no need for you to call me back tomorrow.

Julian: Uh -- what are you doing here?

Alistair: I'm here because, once again, you've failed to put an end to Sheridan's affair with Luis Lopez Fitzgerald. I'm here to clean up the mess you've made.

Luis: I still can't believe it.

Sheridan: Can't believe what?

Luis: That you and I are here, like this. I never thought I'd find a woman like you.

Sheridan: I never thought I'd find a man like you.

Luis: I've been waiting my whole life for this.

Sheridan: So have I.

Luis: I'm never going to let anyone take you away from me.

Rebecca: Alistair -- ahem -- Mr. Crane. How nice to see you again.

Alistair: I wouldn't rush to the conclusion that it's nice to see me, Rebecca.

Julian: Father, I can't explain what happened. It was a perfect plan. The masked imposter would have fooled Luis' own mother.

Alistair: Sit down. I know exactly what happened, Julian. I can't believe you let Luis outsmart you.

Julian: I still don't know how he figured it out. The plan should have worked perfectly.

Alistair: Well, it didn't, did it?

Rebecca: Alistair -- um -- you know, we've met before. I don't know if you remember, but it was at ivy and Julian's wedding. I was ivy's maid of honor.

Alistair: Oh, I remember, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Oh, Alistair.

Alistair: Call me Mr. Crane. [Knock on door]

Julian: The ceremony's about to start, father.

Alistair: I'll be there in a few minutes. Yes, I remember that night very well, Rebecca.

Tabitha: Timmy! Help me! Timmy!

Timmy: Cool. Timmy's a pirate. Avast and ahoy, me mateys!

Tabitha: Oh.

Timmy: Timmy will save you, tabby.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, help me! Pirate: So you think you can save her, do you there, laddy?

Timmy: Unhand Timmy's princess.

Tabitha: Oh! Pirate: So you think you're a match for blackbeard the pirate, do you?

Timmy: Say your prayers, blackbeard.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy! Timmy, yes! Hey, Timmy!

Timmy: Say your prayers! Blackbeard: Mercy!

Timmy: That blackbeard is no match for the great pirate Timmy.

Tabitha: Help me! Timmy!

Timmy: Ah! Princess!

Rebecca: Well, you two have some business to discuss, so Iíll just -- I'll just be going.

Alistair: Sit down, Rebecca. You're not going anywhere. I've got a new plan to rip Sheridan and Luis apart.

Julian: Oh, a new plan? So soon?

Alistair: Yes, Julian. Since I knew you would once again fail, I've been working on this plan for weeks.

Julian: I did everything I could.

Alistair: You failed, period. This time, we will do things my way. We will do what I've known all along had to be done. Sheridan must be killed.

Chad: Whitney? What do you want to tell me?

Eve: Dr. Meade. Whitney, the doctor's here.

T.C.: How is she, dr. Meade? Dr. Meade: She's stabilized.

Eve: Oh. Oh, thank God.

T.C.: Thank you, God. Dr. Meade: She's stable and she's fighting, but I'm not sure how long she will be able to hold on.

Whitney: Simone.

Reese: You guys? Simone's getting worse. You may want to go back to the e.R.

Charity: No.

Reese: Did you find someone at that web site to help you out, Charity?

Charity: Yes, I did.

Miguel: Does Reese know that you think Kay doesn't have a soul?

Reese: Kay? What are you talking about?

Charity: No, no. I haven't told Reese yet. Reese, take a look, ok? Kay is showing all the signs of somebody with no soul. She's unable to show emotion. Her skin feels cold to the touch. And Kay refuses to go to church.

Reese: But Kay without a soul? No way.

Charity: Reese, I think that I have a lot of proof here.

Reese: I love Kay. She's a good person.

Miguel: Charity, Iíve known Kay my whole life, ok? And I think you're way off base here.

Charity: Ok, look. There are a couple of things I haven't even told you yet. Now, look at this fourth thing, ok? It says that people without a soul have sometimes been known to take the form of a monster. Remember when I looked into Kay's face and I saw the shape of a monster?

Miguel: I do remember you saying that, yes.

Charity: And, Miguel, I'm remembering things about being pulled into hell, and Kay was there and somebody else.

Reese: Kay saw you go into hell?

Miguel: Who else was there?

Charity: Hecuba the witch. And Kay was helping her drag me into hell. And, Miguel, it's not all that clear, but I could swear that I remember them arguing over her soul.

Miguel: Arguing about her soul?

Charity: Yes. That's exactly what I heard, Miguel. And I know that Kay is at least partially responsible for my getting dragged into hell.

Timmy: Timmy can cut the cord with his sword, but he can't reach.

Tabitha: Well, get on the table!

Timmy: Don't fear, princess. Timmy will save you.

Tabitha: Be careful, Timmy.

Timmy: Oh, don't worry. Timmy will cut you loose, princess. Hi-ya! No! No! No, no, no, no! What has Timmy done?

Julian: Father, let's not be hasty about this. Perhaps we should --

Alistair: Perhaps we should do what? Sit around and wait for Luis to investigate his father's disappearance? Do you want to go to prison?

Julian: No, of course not.

Alistair: Well, then shut up and listen. You and Rebecca will stay close and be ready to do my bidding on a moment's notice. Do you understand?

Rebecca: I'm not sure I should be here for such an intimate family moment.

Alistair: You're already up to your elbows in Sheridan's blood, Rebecca.

Julian: Don't you want to go over the plan with us now, father?

Alistair: You'll know what you need to know when you need to know it and not a moment before. And try not to do any more damage to the crane empire in the next few days. I'll be in touch.

Charity: Look, guys, a lot is coming back to me. And I know that Hecuba was responsible for putting me into hell, but Kay was there, too. And I -- I begged and begged her to help me, and she did nothing.

Reese: She didn't even try to help?

Charity: No. She just stood there and watched. It was like she wanted me to be pulled into hell.

Miguel: Charity, I want to believe you, ok? But I can't understand why Kay would do something like that. She's your cousin. She loves you.

Reese: Well, that wouldn't matter if she didn't have a soul.

Charity: Right. And I think that Hecuba took it and she was using it to blackmail her.

Miguel: But how? How would Hecuba just take away Kay's soul?

Charity: Look, I don't know. But I'm so sure about this. And I'm starting to realize that all my visions are because of this -- my seeing you with Kay, together, her kissing you.

Reese: Whoa. Kay and Miguel?

Charity: It's what I saw, Reese.

Reese: Kay loves me, not Miguel.

Charity: Ok, guys, I think the only way that we're going to get to the truth is if we just talk to her.

Miguel: I think that's a good idea. Look, as much as I love you, I think you're wrong about this.

Reese: I think so, too. God, I hope so.

Miguel: If Kay doesn't have a soul, then where is it now?

Timmy: Timmy didn't mean to chop tabby's head off. Timmy's so sorry. Princess!

Timmy: Oh, poor tabby. What's Timmy going to do without his princess? Come back to Timmy, princess. Come back.

Tabitha: You couldn't just cut the cord around my neck, could you? You had to cut my bloody head off!

Timmy: Ah!

Tabitha: Ouch! Don't fall apart on me, Timmy. I need your help.

Timmy: Oh, Timmy's princess is still alive! Oh, princess!

Charity: How's Simone? Is she going to be ok?

Nurse: Oh, I'm sorry, but it doesn't look good.

Charity: Miguel, look at everyone, ok? Simone's parents, Whitney and Chad, Theresa and Ethan -- they're all emotional. We're all emotional over Simone. And then look at Kay, Miguel. Nothing. Not even a tear.

Miguel: Maybe she's in shock. That's why she's not crying.

Charity: I think we should talk to her. Kay. You must be really upset. Your hands are so cold.

Miguel: You are really cold, Kay.

Reese: Like ice.

Kay: What's going on? Why is everybody grabbing my arm?

Miguel: Kay, why aren't you crying? Simone's your best friend.

Kay: Well, I'm trying to be strong. I mean, for everybody else.

Miguel: Is that it?

Charity: Maybe we should go to the chapel and pray.

Miguel: Yeah. Yeah, I think we should all go and say a prayer for Simone.

Kay: No, you guys go. I'll stay here just in case something happens and the doctor needs to talk to us.

Charity: Miguel, I think I'm right.

Kay: Right about what? What's going on, guys? Why are you looking at me like that?

Rebecca: Julian, why are you so concerned about Luis wanting to investigate the disappearance of his father? I mean, what exactly did happen to martin Fitzgerald?

Julian: I don't want you to concern yourself with that, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Listen, I am being told that I am up to my elbows in Sheridan's blood. Don't you think I deserve to know why we are supposed to kill her?

Julian: You know why -- to keep Luis from being able to snoop into his father's disappearance.

Rebecca: I know that you would go to incredible lengths to keep Luis from snooping. All I want to know is what you did to his father.

Julian: I can't tell you.

Rebecca: Julian, we are going to be married. You can tell me anything.

Julian: No, I canít. Because if you knew what happened to Martin Fitzgerald, then father and I would have to kill you, as well.

Sheridan: Thank you. Thank you for all the wonderful things in my life. Thank you for letting me find Luis, a wonderful man who truly loves me. Thank you for giving me the joy and happiness I never thought Iíd have.


Alistair: My poor, pitiful, beautiful daughter. I'll never see you alive again. I think I will go so crazy.

Eve: Simone, baby, if you can hear mommy, you have to fight. You can't give up, sweetie.

T.C.: Listen to your mama, sugar bear. We need you. We love you so much. We can't let you go.

Theresa: I feel so terrible for them.

Ethan: Yeah.

Theresa: Poor Chad.

Ethan: Yeah, Chad's going to be broken up over this.

Theresa: Whitney's going to break his heart.

Ethan: That's what happens when you're not honest. I mean, I know they had good intentions, but if Simone did see them together, this is the worst possible way for her to find out about them. And then this is what happens.

Theresa: I know.

Ethan: I'm just glad that we don't have any secrets between us.

Chad: Whitney -- look, sweetie, I know -- I know that you're worried about Simone. All right? But you can't blame yourself.

Whitney: Chad, I do. And I know what I'm going to do is the right thing.

Chad: Ok, well, whatever you're going to do, we'll do it together.

Whitney: No.

Chad: What's wrong? Whitney, why are you acting like this?

Whitney: Chad, I'm so sorry, but I can't be with you anymore.

Chad: What?

Whitney: I said that it's over. We can't be together anymore, Chad. Not ever. I promised Simone.

Kay: What's going on, guys? Why are you all staring at me?

Miguel: All right. Look, we need to know. Is it true? Do you have a soul or not?

Kay: What?

Miguel: Just answer the question. Do you have a soul, or are you a soulless being?

Timmy: Timmy's princess is alive!

Tabitha: Yes, Iím alive, but I've been better.

Timmy: Timmy's so sorry he cut tabby's head off.

Tabitha: Yes. Well? What are we going to do about it? Oh, Timmy, the pain, the pain!

Timmy: Princess is in pain? Pain? Timmy has to fix it. Timmy knows just what to do. He'll have his princess' head sewed back onto her body. And he knows just who to do it -- dr. Eve Russell. She's a miracle worker. She can do it.

Rebecca: Julian, you can't really be serious about considering this. I mean, killing your own sister?

Julian: I have no choice. If I don't do it, father will cut me off completely -- or worse.

Rebecca: Worse? What could possibly be worse than -- oh, no. You -- you mean you and me?

Julian: It's a fait accompli. As far as father's concerned, Sheridan's already dead.

Sheridan: Oh.

Luis: Sheridan. Sheridan? Hey. You all right?

Sheridan: I don't know. I -- I just got this chill, like someone's watching me, knowing that harm's going to come to me.

Luis: Hey. You're just freaked out by everything that's happened tonight, that's all.

Sheridan: Yeah. I guess so.

Luis: Don't let it get to you. Come on. We've weathered everything your brother and father could throw at us. We're still here, right?

Sheridan: Yes. We are. I love you so much.

Luis: And I love you, too. Nothing's ever going to tear us apart.

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