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Passions Transcript Wednesday 6/13/01

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Sam: I love you, Ivy. I never stopped and I never will. I know now that you're the woman -- the only woman that I want to be with, tonight and forever.

Ivy: Sam. Why can't you be here with me?

Sam: Grace. What are you doing here? The way you left Ivy's, I --

Grace: I miss you, Sam. I hate us being apart. I can't sleep without you in bed next to me, holding me.

Sam: I miss you, too. It's been hell without you.

Grace: I don't want us to go on this way any longer. I need you. I need us to be a family again. I want to feel your arms around me. I want to feel your lips on mine. I want to be together in Every way. I love you, Sam. I never stopped loving you and I never will.

Sam: I love you, too, Grace.

Grace: Make love to me. Make love to me all night long.

Luis: This is Lopez Fitzgerald. Look, I'm starting a stakeout and this could be an all-nighter, so Iíll be cutting off communication. Don't want these perps to know Iím out here. Over and out. This could be a long one. Just hope it pays off.

Sheridan: I still can't believe it. Not only did Luis cheat on me, but he's got a violent streak. How could I have been so wrong about the man I love? It's like Luis is two different people.

Fake Luis: Huh? Is this damn mask on straight?

Julian: Oh. Not only are you the mirror image of Luis, but you can alter your voice to sound exactly like his. Well, if you and Deedee are as convincing in combat as you are in the sack, round two of our plan should play out perfectly.

Rebecca: Yes, Sheridan should be here any minute to confront Luis.

Julian: Yes.

Rebecca: What a show that promises to be.

Julian: An ugly, unthinkable scene that Sheridan will not soon forget. By the time my sister leaves here tonight, she must have no doubts that Luis' love for her was a ruse to trick her into marriage so that, once part of the crane family, he could avenge his father's disappearance from the inside. She must be convinced that you, Luis, are a lying, two-timing pig with a violent streak, and you, Deedee, are the slutty yet abused victim of his heinousness.

Fake Luis: Yeah, well, you know, Mr. Crane, we've been rehearsing what we're going to go and what we're going to say.

Deedee: Yeah, we've got it all down pat.

Julian: This is just excellent. Ah, now for a few last-minute touches. [Julian chuckles]

Julian: Give me five.

Julian: Oh, yes. Well -- oh, yes, bruises. Very nice touch. I still want Luis to slap Deedee in front of Sheridan.

Rebecca: Oh, Julian, is that really necessary?

Julian: Oh, absolutely. It's one thing for Sheridan to see Deedee's battered face, but to actually witness Luis strike a woman will leave an indelible impression on my sister. She'll have no way of denying that it was her loving Luis who let his trollop have it. And since the real Luis is conveniently alone on a stakeout, he won't be able to give Sheridan an alibi.

Rebecca: Well, what if Luis radios the station house, huh, and gets some cop that isn't on the take like packer was?

Julian: Well, having been on the police review board, I know that cops turn their radios off during a stakeout so as not to alert those under surveillance. You see, this time there will be no loose ends for Luis to use to raise doubts with Sheridan. When she leaves here tonight, her image of Luis will be shattered for good, her relationship with him destroyed, and there's not a snowball's chance in hell of them Ever getting back together again.

Whitney: Oh!

Chad: Simone, come on, wake up! Wake up, ok? Come on!

Miguel: How did this happen?

Whitney: Mom?

Kay: She's dead.

Whitney: Mom.

Eve: God, no. No, not my baby! Not my little girl! Please! Oh, please.

Sam: Oh, God, I missed you. I love you so much.

Ivy: Oh, I missed you, too, Sam. I've missed the love and the passion we shared.

Sam: I was making love to Ivy instead of Grace? My God. What is happening to me?

Eve: Simone.

Whitney: She's not moving, mom, and I can't feel any breathing.

T.C.: Sugar bear, can you hear me?

Kay: She's dead.

Whitney: Stop saying that! Simone is not dead! Right, mom? Mom?

T.C.: How could this have happened? Simone can't be dead! Sweetheart, you have to save her! You have to save our little girl!

Eve: Her heart's beating.

T.C.: Oh, thank God.

Eve: We have to get her to the hospital right away. Miguel, call 911!

Charity: Hurry, Miguel! I'm afraid there isn't much time.

Whitney: Just hold on, Simone, ok, because help is on the way. Just hold on.

Julian: All right, here, take a swig of this cactus juice. Your rage will be more convincing if Sheridan smells booze on your breath.

Fake Luis: For what you're paying us, we'll do whatever you want.

Julian: That's good to hear. I cannot stress how important this is. Luis and Sheridan's relationship poses enormous danger to my family -- a danger that must be eliminated. Rebecca's voice: I wonder what Julian means.

Rebecca: Uh, Julian? Could I have a word with you?

Julian: Well -- oh, God, Sheridan! I know that the Luis mask is a perfect likeness, but I'm loathe to take any chance. All right, now, now, make this look real. When Sheridan leaves here, she must be devastated. This is it. Places, Everyone.

Sheridan: Hello?

Julian: Showtime.

Sheridan: Is anyone home? This is Sheridan crane. [Deedee cries]

Sheridan: I hear someone crying. I have to help them.

Deedee: You -- you shouldn't have come. Just leave while you can.

Sheridan: Oh, God. This place. Your face.

Deedee: I told you Luis was out of his mind. He went totally ballistic when he caught me on the phone earlier.

Rebecca: So far so good.

Deedee: Luis said it's all my fault, that Iíve ruined everything. First he came out to my place. And then he came after me.

Sheridan: This is your house?

Deedee: Yeah, what's left of it.

Sheridan: No, when Luis and I came by earlier, an old lady answered the door and she said that this was her house.

Deedee: Yeah. Yeah, Luis caught her the other day jaywalking. He threatened to throw her in jail if she wouldn't stay here and act like this was her house so you'd doubt the truth. This is all just part of his big plan to get back at the cranes. He hates your family, Sheridan, and he's using you to get to them.

Sheridan: You're not the first person to say that. But this -- I mean, for Luis to do this to you, to your home -- I can't believe it. It's like he's two different people.

Julian: You got that right.

Deedee: Oh, yeah, that Luis, yeah, he's a world-class liar. He will say or do anything to get what he wants. And you? Oh, yes, you, you're the biggest prize of all. And to get so close without scoring. It just threw him over big time.

Sheridan: That's it. Where is he now?

Deedee: No! No, you can't! You can't confront Luis. If he sees you here, he'll kill me! He will kill me.

Julian: Get ready. That's your cue.

Doctor: Dr. Russell, the ambulance radioed ahead. I have the cubicle set up and waiting. I think it's best if you wait out here with the others.

Eve: Simone is my daughter. I'm not going to leave her side.

Doctor: Ok, well --

Eve: T.C., Take care of Whitney. Please be strong for her.

T.C.: I don't believe this. How the hell could something like this happen? How did my daughter end up this way?

Chad: Charity found her first. I think Simone was hit by a car.

T.C.: Oh, dear God.

Charity: I'm so sorry, coach Russell.

Miguel: We all are.

Charity: I -- I had this dream earlier tonight -- or a vision -- that Simone was hit by a car. And I got really worried, so I went to go find Miguel and Kay and we went looking for her, and then I found her on the side of the street, covered in newspapers.

T.C.: Newspapers? Whoever hit my little girl covered her in newspapers? Just left her on the street to die? What kind of monster would do something like that, huh? I swear to you, if I find him, I will kill him.

Whitney: Daddy!

Chad: Coach.

T.C.: That's my little baby in there. My little sugar bear.

Doctor: Heart rate's falling. We're losing her. Give me one amp. Of atropine.

Eve: No! No!

Ivy: Oh, Sam. You still love me. I know you do. And after tonight, you'll know it, too. Whatever it takes, Iím going to show you that your heart still lies with me, not Grace.

Jessica: Mom, what are you still doing up?

Grace: I thought I'd, you know, have some tea, wind down a bit.

Jessica: Mom, you don't have to hide your feelings. I know why you can't sleep. It's because you're thinking of daddy, about the way things used to be. I miss him, too, mom.

T.C.: What was Simone doing outside in the first place? Eve and I thought that you girls were in bed asleep. You, too, Chad.

Chad: Well, you see, a bunch of us wound up at the book cafe after leaving the cranes' and -- well, me and Whitney were the first ones to leave. I guess Simone just decided she was going to walk home by herself. I mean, she had to have been close to the house, but I guess the fog was so thick she didn't see the car when she wanted to cross the street.

T.C.: How can you not see headlights aimed straight at you? No, Chad, there's much more to this than we know. My little girl is always so careful. Something must have distracted her.

Chad: Whitney, what is it?

Whitney: You know, daddy's right. I mean, Simone is way too careful not to have seen a car headed straight for her. I mean, she wouldn't even have stepped off the curb. Unless she -- oh, my God.

Chad: What?

Whitney: Chad, my bedroom window. You can see it right from the street, right where Simone was. What if she was getting ready to cross the street and she saw us kissing in my window?

Chad: No, no, no. It has to have been something else.

Whitney: But what if it wasn't, Chad? I mean, Simone loves you and, in her mind, she thinks that you love her. I mean, if she saw us kissing right after she kissed you at the book cafe tonight, I mean, that would've been like a knife through her heart. She would've been so hurt and devastated. She wouldn't have seen anything -- not Even a car headed straight for her. Oh, my God, Chad. What have we done? What did we do to my sister?

Chad: We have not done anything, ok? Simone did not -- listen to me -- Simone did not see us kissing, all right? There's no way that could happen. No way.

Eve: Her vitals are getting weaker and weaker. Simone, you can't die, honey. You can't die.

Doctor: Call in a code blue. Eve, I think you need to wait outside.

Eve: No, I'm not leaving my baby!

Doctor: Get that cart in here stat.

T.C.: What's going on?

Doctor: T.C., I need your help.

T.C.: Tell me.

Doctor: I want you to take Eve to join the others.

Eve: No, not now, not when my daughter might die!

Doctor: Eve, you're a doctor, ok? You know it's best if a patient's parents aren't in the room at a time like this.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I don't want to leave our little girl any more than you do, but the doctor's right. We have to do this for Simone. Come on.

Eve: Ok, for Simone.

Doctor: She's in v-fib. Let's defibrillate. 300 joules. Clear.

Deedee: Please don't confront Luis! I would hate to see you end up like me.

Sheridan: Oh, trust me, that is not going to happen. [Thud]

Deedee: Oh! He's back. Look, if you're not going to leave, you got to hide. Please hide. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Fake Luis: What the hell is going on in here, huh?

Deedee: Luis, you're back.

Fake Luis: Hmm?

Deedee: No! Oh, don't!

Fake Luis: I asked you a question!

Deedee: Oh, I'm sorry! Luis, don't! Please, please don't do that, Luis! Don't do that. No, please.

Charity: I knew something bad had happened to Simone, Miguel. My vision was so real.

Miguel: And because of it, you led us right to Simone. I mean, your vision could be what saves Simone's life.

Charity: Yeah. I wish my visions weren't real. Some of them are so painful, I don't want to believe them.

Miguel: You're not just talking about Simone, are you? You're still upset about that premonition you had of Kay and me making love.

Charity: It was really real.

Miguel: Look, your vision will never come true. Kay and I are never going to make love.

Charity: But I saw you, Miguel. I saw you in bed, holding Kay, with out any clothes.

Miguel: Look, I told you, mean, she was upset and lonely. She asked me to hold her and my clothes were damp from the fog. Just trying to make her feel better, that's all. There was nothing romantic I love you, Charity. You. Kay and I are just friends. You have nothing to worry about.

Chad: Whitney, we can't blame ourselves for Simone being hit by that car. We don't know if she saw us kissing or not.

Whitney: Chad, but what if she did? Hmm? What if she did?

Chad: Sweetie, you look exhausted. Want me to get you something to drink?

Whitney: Ok.

Chad: Yeah, let me go do that.

Whitney: Mm-hmm.

Chad: I'll be right back, ok?

Whitney: Ok.

Kay: Feeling guilty about Simone?

Whitney: She's my sister, Kay, and she's back there fighting for her life.

Kay: Well, you should be feeling guilty. I've known about you and Chad for a while. I tried I don't know how many times to get Simone to see the obvious, but she refused. She wouldn't believe that her own sister would do something like that to her.

Whitney: You know, first of all, Kay, I don't need this right now. And second of all, things are way more complicated than you know.

Kay: How so? Simone saw Chad first, Whitney, back when you still hated him. She told you that she loved him and that she thought he loved her, too. And then next thing you know, you and Chad are an item? Admit it, Whitney -- you stole him from your sister.

Whitney: No, I did not. Look, things happened between Chad and I. They just happened, ok? And besides, me and Chad were going to tell Simone about us. We were just waiting for the right moment to talk to her, that's all.

Kay: You and Chad left the book cafe together, and then what happened? Did Simone see the two of you lovebirds together, alone? You know, maybe -- maybe that's what distracted her and caused her to be creamed by that car.

Whitney: Why don't you just shut up and leave me alone.

Kay: What could you guys have been doing that distracted her so much that she didn't see a car heading straight for her?

Kay: You know you did this to her, Whitney. Simone could die. And if she dies, it'll be your fault.

Whitney: You know, Kay, what is wrong with you? My God, how can you be so mean? Do you have no feelings? It's like you don't have a soul.

Eve: She can't die, T.C. I can't lose her. I can't lose my baby.

T.C.: My sugar bear. The nightmare that you had earlier tonight, talking about losing your baby -- I understand now, Eve. I know what your nightmare was all about.

Fake Luis: What's all the damn noise? I thought I heard voices out here!

Deedee: I was just talking to myself, that's all.

Fake Luis: You useless slut. You know, you and your big mouth, you caused me enough trouble already.

Deedee: I'm sorry! I'm sorry.

Fake Luis: Sorry? Why don't you just save the apologies, all right, because Everything that happened is your damn fault. It's all your fault!

Deedee: No! Please! Don't hit me again!

Fake Luis: You know, you've ruined everything for me. You've ruined everything for me. I spent almost one year getting Sheridan onboard with my plan to marry me, and you messed it all up.

Deedee: I didn't mean to, Luis. I really didn't mean to.

Fake Luis: "I didn't mean to"? "I didn't mean to"? How stupid can you be? And what were you thinking, calling me at my engagement party?

Deedee: I didn't mean to, Luis. Honest, I didn't mean to! I didn't.

Fake Luis: But you did.

Deedee: I didn't.

Fake Luis: You did and you caused me a lot of trouble.

Deedee: I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry, Luis. I didn't mean to, honest. Really I didnít.

Fake Luis: Yeah, you didn't mean to, did you? You caused me a whole hell of a lot of trouble, you know that?

Deedee: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Fake Luis: "I'm sorry."

Deedee: I'm sorry.

Fake Luis: "I'm sorry."

Deedee: I'm sorry.

Fake Luis: You're sorry, aren't you?

Deedee: I'm sorry, yes.

Fake Luis: You want me to show you how sorry you are?

Deedee: No.

Fake Luis: Yeah, I'll show you how sorry you are!

Deedee: No!

Fake Luis: Huh? You want some more?

Deedee: No!

Fake Luis: You see what you made me do? Do you see what you made me do?

Sheridan: Stop it, Luis! Stop it right now!

Jessica: I miss the way things used to be, how happy we were. I want you and dad to get back together.

Grace: Jess, it's just not that easy.

Jessica: Yes, it is. Dad loves you. And I know you still love him.

Grace: Even so --

Jessica: Mom, you know, you always said that if you have love, you have Everything. Don't you believe that anymore?

Fake Luis: Sheridan, what the hell are you doing here?

Sheridan: No, Luis, the question is, what are you doing here?

Julian: The main Event is starting. We can't miss it.

Fake Luis: Sheridan, honey, come on.

Sheridan: Don't "honey" me!

Fake Luis: This isn't what you think.

Sheridan: I overheard Everything, you lying bastard! You have been using me for over a year. I was just your ticket into the crane family, nothing more!

Fake Luis: Yeah, you're right. You caught me. There's no way I can lie my way out of this, is there?

Sheridan: No, there isn't!

Fake Luis: Oh, well. First time for everything. Man. You know, up until now, I could sweet-talk my way out of anything. You were so gullible. So desperate to be loved by a man, you'd believe anything Iíd say. Well, now you know the truth. I was only using you. I never loved you. I was just using you to get to your family. And you fell for it. You fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Sheridan: I can't believe it. I can't believe what Iím seeing. I see you with my own two eyes and it's you. It's really you.

Rebecca: I hope Sheridan doesn't get close enough to see that he's wearing a mask.

Julian: She wonít. I told the imposter to slap Sheridan if she gets within range.

Rebecca: Julian.

Julian: Better to be slapped than to end up dead, which is precisely what will happen if we don't break Sheridan and Luis apart.

Fake Luis: Yeah. Yeah, it's me, Sheridan. I'm the real Luis. I'm the man that you love with your heart and soul, hmm?

Eve: You know why I had the nightmare about losing my baby?

T.C.: It all makes sense to me now.

Eve: How so, T.C.?

T.C.: Sweetheart, it was your mother's intuition. On some level, you sensed that something was wrong with Simone, that one of your babies were hurt. Sweetheart, that's how closely connected you are to your daughters.

Eve: Yes. You're probably right.

T.C.: Probably? What else could it be? Doctor, what?

Eve: Was the defib successful?

Doctor: Eve --

Eve: Simone -- she's going to be ok, right?

Doctor: I'm sorry, but we weren't able to stabilize your daughter.

T.C.: Doctor, what are you saying?

Eve: Wait.

Doctor: I'm saying that Simone's condition remains extremely critical. The sad truth is Iím not sure she'll even make it through the night.

Eve: Oh, no. Please no.

Jessica: Come on, mom, dad doesn't still love Ivy crane. I mean, she was just a woman in his past that he was tight with, but --

Grace: Your --

Jessica: It was before he Even knew you.

Grace: Father and Ivy were deeply in love.

Jessica: So? So what? Dad doesn't still love her. From what I've seen, I don't think he can barely stand her.

Grace: I used to think so, too, jess, but --

Jessica: Mom, dad has never been unfaithful to you. I don't think he ever would. Now, don't go and make the mistake of shutting him out. Let's just try to work through it.

Grace: Sweetheart, it's just -- it's so much more complicated than you know.

Jessica: That's just an excuse.

Grace: No, Jessica --

Jessica: You always said that if you have a problem with someone or a disagreement that you have to meet them halfway. Well, dad's at the station house. And I'm sure that he's thinking of how much he loves you, how much he misses you. Just call him. Just -- I'm sure that he'd be more than willing to meet you halfway, but just -- just give him a chance.

Grace: You know, for somebody so young, you are awfully wise.

Jessica: What can I say? I had a pretty good teacher.

Grace: Thanks. Sweetheart, it's late. I would like it if you would get up, drag yourself upstairs, and get some sleep.

Jessica: Going to come with me?

Grace: No. I am going to go see your father at the station house.

Jessica: Oh!

Grace: You're right, Jessica. I do love your father. I don't want anything to break us up.

Sam: Grace. Grace.

Ivy: No, Sam, it's Ivy -- the woman you really want.

T.C.: You can't be serious. Simone can't be dying. She can't be!

Doctor: I'm sorry, T.C. I think it's best that you each go in to say your good-byes.

Whitney: Daddy, I want to go in first, ok? I need to talk to my sister.

Kay: You can't die, Simone. You're my best friend. My only friend. I can't lose you.

Kay's voice: You have to get better so you can help me get Miguel.

Charity: Hey. I'm really sorry, but maybe we should talk about what happened tonight with you and Miguel.

Eve: This can't be happening. Simone has to pull through. She has to. I can't lose another baby. I canít.

Whitney: Simone. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. All of it is. Oh, please, honey, don't die on me, ok? Simone? If you live, I promise you I will never see Chad again. He'll be out of my life forever, ok? He'll be free to love you. So please, Simone, ok, don't die. Please?

Fake Luis: So, Sheridan, you must feel pretty stupid. A high-class, well-educated deb like you, suckered -- not just once but twice for a regular joe like me. Of course, now you're on to me, thanks to big mouth over here. I'm not going to get the revenge that I wanted on your family. But at least I don't have to pretend like I'm in love with you anymore.

Sheridan: You make me sick.

Rebecca: This is it. There is no way Sheridan will ever take Luis back now. We broke them up for good.

Fake Luis: Ooh. I make you sick? Something, babe -- it just about made me sick to have to make love with you. "Oh, Luis!" What a joke. The best sex I ever had. What a fool you were for buying it. Now, come to think of it, Sheridan, that's all you are. You're a stupid, gullible fool.

Sheridan: No more. Not when it comes to you. I never want to see your filthy, disgusting face ever again!

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