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Passions Transcript Monday 6/11/01

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Charity: No. No. It can't be.

Priest: Do you, Miguel, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Miguel: I do.

Charity: Miguel.

Kay: Miguel, I -- I just want to be alone right now, please.

Miguel: No --

Kay: Just go.

Miguel: No, Kay. I'm not leaving you like this. Talk to me. What's wrong?

Kay: Do you really want to know?

Miguel: Of course I do.

Kay: Miguel, I'm so unhappy. Nobody loves me.

Sheridan: More than anything, I have to be able to trust the man I marry.

Luis: And you can't trust me? Is that what you're saying?

Sheridan: What am I supposed to think when you leave in the middle of our engagement party to make love to another woman?

Luis: Damn it, Sheridan, I told you that I was at the police station the whole time. I wasn't with another woman. I swear I wasn't. But you know what? I'll do better than that. I'll prove it to you.

Sheridan: How?

Luis: I'll find this woman that I was supposed to be with. I'll track her down, and we'll get to the bottom of this.

Sheridan: No, Luis.

Luis: What do you mean, no?

Sheridan: I mean that my mind is made up. It's over.

Rebecca: Our plan is really working, Julian.

Julian: Brilliantly conceived and brilliantly executed. And I say that in all modesty.

Rebecca: I just wish I had a picture of the look on Sheridan's face when she saw her beloved fiancť in the arms of another woman.

Julian: She had no idea it was an imposter we hired to don a Luis look-alike mask. No, no --

Rebecca: And nothing else.

[Rebecca and Julian laugh]

Julian: The point is she bought the whole thing.

Rebecca: Yes. I'm sure she has told Luis in no uncertain terms that it is over between them.

Julian: Oh, yes. It's time to savor our success. Wellington whipped Napoleon, Eisenhower crushed Hitler, Schwarzkopf made Saddam cry uncle, and I, Julian Crane, destroyed Luis and Sheridan. Oh.

Rebecca: Mon general, I salute you.

Julian: Oh, mon ami.

Rebecca: Je t'adore.

Julian: Ah!

Rebecca: Music. We cannot have a celebration without music.

Julian: A wee dram. Just to wet your whistle -- not that your whistle needs wetting. [Julian laughs] [Julian hums]

[Music plays]

Julian: I've never met anyone like you. You can fight me, but I know you want me as much as I want you, don't you, eve? Don't you?

Rebecca: You know, there is nothing like a smoldering blues song to put one in the mood. Well, it's certainly working for someone. Julian?

Julian: Hmm -- what?

Rebecca: Well, this song -- it's really getting to you. Why? Or is it the singer?

Julian: Hmm.

T.C.: What a strange night.

Eve: You had a bad time, honey. I'm sorry.

T.C.: Yeah. My father who's been deceased for years all of a sudden appeared to me.

Eve: It was just a vision, honey. That's all.

T.C.: Yeah, but it made me -- it made me relive all of those bad moments in my past -- the accident, my tennis career being ended, all because of Julian Crane.

Eve: The past was in my mind, too. Stop it! No, please, somebody -- help! He's taking my baby! No! My baby! My baby! No! Well, I just want to put tonight behind us.

T.C.: Yeah. I just can't forget when my father -- when my father appeared to me in the fog. He said there was something I should know, something that Julian Crane did to my family in the past. What could he have meant by that?

Chad: What's wrong?

Whitney: It's just -- it's just Simone. You know, I wouldn't want her to walk in and see us like this. I mean, she thinks that you're still in love with her.

Chad: But we are going to tell her the truth as soon as she gets home, ok?

Whitney: Yeah, I know. We have to.

Chad: Ok. But until she does get home --

Simone: No. How could you, Whitney? You know that I love Chad and Chad loves me! No. No. They can't be kissing. They can't.

Simone: No. You love me, Chad. You love me. Me. Not Whitney. No. This can't be happening. Maybe this is a -- maybe this is a dream. Yes, yes. You know, there's so many weird things have been happening because of the fog, and -- and it's still foggy. So maybe this is a dream, and I'm going to wake up any moment, and all of this is going to disappear. Yes. It's going to disappear.

Miguel: I love you. I have always loved you, Kay.

Kay: Oh, Miguel. You have made me so happy.

Charity: You love me, Miguel, not Kay. You love me.

Miguel: How could you think that nobody loves you? That's crazy.

Kay: But it's true.

Miguel: What about your parents?

Kay: They don't count.

Miguel: Of course they do. And your sister loves you and your brother. And Charity. And I love you, too.

Kay: You love me?

Miguel: Of course I do. You're my best friend, Kay.

Kay: Miguel, I'm not talking about that kind of love. I'm talking about the kind of love where two people can't live without each other, the kind of love I saw tonight at Sheridan and Luis' engagement party.

Miguel: That's the real thing, all right.

Kay: And they're going to get married. And Ethan and Theresa are going to get married, and you and Charity are even talking about getting married. Everybody's got someone to love but me. I've got no one, no one to care about. I may as well just get on the next bus and run away.

Miguel: What do you mean?

Kay: Just leave, go, and never come back.

Miguel: No. Don't talk like that, Kay. You're beautiful and smart and funny. And Reese is crazy about you.

Kay: Reese.

Miguel: Ok. You know, if you don't love him anymore, that's cool. You'll find somebody else.

Kay: Miguel, I was hoping that someone would be you.

Miguel: Oh.

Luis: You're saying our relationship's over?

Sheridan: No. I'm saying I want this night to be over, this incident with this woman to be over. And as far as I'm concerned, it is over.

Luis: But I told you --

Sheridan: I don't want to talk about it anymore. I love you. I want to marry you. I can't live without you, Luis Lopez Fitzgerald.

Luis: Oh, Sheridan. You don't know how glad you've just made me. I love you so much.

Luis: I knew you'd never believe I was with another woman.

Sheridan: Yes. I do believe you.

Sheridan: I just got through telling you --

Luis: I know what you said. But I can see what you feel in your eyes. You still think that I was with another woman and you don't believe that I was at the police station the whole time.

Sheridan: It's pointless talking about it.

Luis: Well, it isn't to me.

Sheridan: Why can't we just forget the whole thing?

Luis: Because I'm telling you the truth and I want you to believe me.

Sheridan: Look, it's just all so weird. You know, first this woman calls on your cell phone, and then, you know, I see her at the party. Who was she?

Luis: I told you I have no idea.

Sheridan: I saw you two talking.

Luis: It wasn't me.

Sheridan: The old woman -- she swore that there had never been a couple in her house when I had seen you in bed with this woman not an hour before!

Luis: Sheridan, that never happened.

Sheridan: It had to have been the wrong house. There is no other house around that looks like it.

Luis: Well, I wasn't at any house with any woman. I was at the station house.

Sheridan: Could I be losing my mind? What other explanation is there?

Luis: Sheridan, you're not losing your mind. All right? You remember what you saw, but it had nothing to do with me. Look, somebody is playing games with us. Now, Iím going to find out who and why.

Sheridan: No, please, just let it go.

Luis: "Let it go"?

Sheridan: Let's just move on with our lives. All I want is to be with you.

[Music plays]

Rebecca: What are you doing?

Julian: Well, I'm turning it off.

Rebecca: No, no. I want to listen. I mean, there's something about that voice, I -- I -- I feel like Iíve heard it before.

Julian: Really? I didn't think you listened to jazz.

Rebecca: Well, no, I really don't, but -- I don't know. It just sounds so familiar. [Music stops]

Rebecca: Could I know who this is?

Julian: I'd better call our Luis imposter and make sure he and Deedee are leaving town.

Julian: Ahem. [Telephone rings]

Fake Luis: Yeah.

Julian: It's Julian.

Fake Luis: Ow, watch it!

Deedee: Hold still!

Julian: You two aren't still at that house, are you, after I told you to leave town?

Fake Luis: Uh -- no, no. We're on our way to the airport right now.

Julian: Oh. Well, excellent.

Fake Luis: Yeah. I wasn't expecting to be hearing from you.

Julian: I wanted to make doubly sure that you destroyed the mask.

Fake Luis: Don't worry about it. I'll burn the damn thing.

Julian: Yeah. You make sure that you do. Without that mask, Luis and Sheridan will never know what happened, hmm?

Eve: I hope you're not taking this thing with your father too seriously.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I'm not going to ignore it.

Eve: Well, honey, you hit your head. Your father was just in your subconscious.

T.C.: Yeah, I guess, but it was so real. I mean, what he said was so strong.

[T.C.'s Flashback]

Mr. Russell: Don't you know this place is pure evil? And there are other horrible things that Julian's done in the past.

T.C.: Pop, Iím sure there are, but what does that have to do with me?

Mr. Russell: You have clues, T.C. You just don't want to admit what you suspect. But you better come to grips with it, son. Because if you don't, it'll destroy your whole family.

T.C.: I won't let anyone destroy my family. I'll find out what Julian did in the past.

Eve: Oh, T.C. --

T.C.: Sweetheart, it wasn't just messing up my tennis and taking my career away. My father said that it was something else. If it turns out that Julian hurt or even so much touched someone in my family, I swear to you, eve, I will kill him.

Miguel: I love Charity. You know that, Kay. So there can't be anything between you and me.

Kay: That's not what you said when we were trapped in the tunnel. You said if Charity had never come to town, you and I would've gotten together. And that made me look at you in a whole new way.

Miguel: But she did, Kay. And that's the reality.

Kay: For now, yes.

Miguel: Forever. I mean, she's my whole life. You know, we're going to get married. You know that, Kay.

Kay: I don't know what to think anymore. Maybe it was the fog. But tonight when Charity said she saw us about to make love, it got me thinking. Charity's visions always come true.

Miguel: Not always.

Kay: Miguel, I've never known her to be wrong. I mean, she sure seems to be able to see into the future. And she saw us, you and me. Miguel, what if you don't really love Charity? What if you really love me?

Simone: I didn't see it! It was all my imagination! Ok. Don't worry. Whitney was not kissing Chad. It was all in your mind. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. All right. Just wait. Wait a couple of minutes before you go inside, Simone. Ok? You don't want -- you don't want him to see you all puffy-eyed. Ok. It's ok. Chad loves you. It was all in your mind. It was all in your mind.

Chad: Hey, are you still worried about Simone?

Whitney: Well, it's late. I mean, she should've been home by now, don't you think?

Chad: All right. Let's just see if we can track her down, then.

Whitney: Who are you calling?

Chad: The book cafe. Hey, what's up, man? Hey, it's Chad. Yeah, listen, Simone Russell isn't hanging around there, is she? All right. All right, well, thanks. All right, later. She left a while ago.

Whitney: Oh, man. Now I'm really worried. Where could she be?

Chad: Don't worry, all right? Maybe she's just, you know, hanging out with some friends.

Whitney: You know I love my sister. You know, we're as close as two sisters could possibly be. And I would never do anything to hurt her. But now there's no way that she won't be hurt. I mean, Chad, come on. You are her first love. I know how Iíd feel if my first love was taken away from me. You know, especially by my own sister?

Chad: Who would your first love be, Whitney?

Simone: Ok. Oh, no. Maybe it wasn't a dream.

Miguel: Look, Charity's premonition or vision or whatever it was -- it's -- it's off this time. My future's with her.

Kay: So many of her visions have come true. Why can't you believe this one?

Miguel: Because I love Charity -- now, you know, and tomorrow, and next week -- for the rest of my life.

Kay: Well, then, how do you explain Charity seeing the two of us about to make love?

Miguel: There's nothing to explain, all right? She didn't know what she was saying, you know. She saw that statue of the two lovers, and she thought it was you and me. But it was just the fog. It affected everybody. I'm sorry. All right, I know that you want someone to love you, but it can't be me. Not like that. I love Charity.

Kay: Miguel, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a burden. It's not fair to you.

Miguel: You are not a burden, Kay.

Kay: It's so nice of you and your family to let me stay here while our house is being rebuilt.

Miguel: You'd do the same for any of us. We're like family.

Kay: "Family."

Miguel: You know, we look out for each other.

Kay: God. I feel so alone tonight. Could you may-- no, never mind.

Miguel: Could I what?

Kay: Could you just lie next to me and hold me?

Whitney: God, please help me! I didn't know that he was my brother. I didn't know that I was committing incest! But now what do I do? We have -- we have a baby! Oh, God, please help me! Please!

Simone: If Whitney and Chad kiss, I'll die because then Iíll know it's real. I'll know it wasn't my imagination.

Whitney: You know who my first love is, Chad. It's you.

Simone: Don't do it, Whitney. Don't do it! Don't kiss Chad! Chad loves me! He loves me! Please -- please don't do it. Don't you dare kiss him!

Eve: You can't do this, T.C. You can't let your anger destroy our lives.

T.C.: It's not our lives. It's Julianís.

Eve: I asked you -- no, I begged you -- to promise me that no matter what Julian did that you would not try and kill him. Now, I am asking you again. Your promise would be the greatest gift that you could give me. Honey, please swear to me that you won't try and kill Julian.

T.C.: Honey, I would do anything in this world for you. But if my father is right, if he hurt anyone in my family, I will kill him.

Eve: Please, T.C.!

T.C.: Honey, Iím not going to make you a promise I can't keep!

Eve: Well, then, if not for me, then for the girls. Don't let your hatred for Julian Crane hurt the people that you love most in the world.

Rebecca: Ahem.

Rebecca: I thought I'd slip into something more comfortable.

Julian: Very fetching.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Julian: Very fetching, indeed.

Rebecca: I thought you'd like it.

Julian: Seeing you in this tuxedo gives me an idea for a new game -- orchestra. I'll be the French horn.

Rebecca: And I'll tootle the flute.

Julian: Ah, you tootle like no one else on earth, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hmm-hmm.

Rebecca: Well, come on, my love. Your band box is waiting upstairs.

Julian: Grrr --

[Rebecca laughs]

Julian: Oh! There's something I must do first. You see -- ahem -- I no longer need to find a way to kill Sheridan now that she and Luis have broken up for good.

Rebecca: You know, I must say Iím impressed with the lengths you and Alistair went to to break up Luis and Sheridan.

Julian: There are things in the Crane past that can never see the light of day.

Rebecca: Yes, there must be.

Julian: Right.

Rebecca: Like T.C. Russell, for instance. Why did he want to kill you?

Julian: Forget that ever happened.

Rebecca: Yeah, as if I could.

Julian: To hell with going upstairs. Let's play right here.

[Rebecca giggles]

Rebecca: Oh, my French horn.

[Rebecca and Julian laugh]

Sheridan: I'm glad you agreed to come and tell my brother that you and I are back together.

Luis: I just want to put this whole thing behind us. So Iíll thank Julian for the party, apologize for the mix-up, then move on from there.

 [Rebecca and Julian laugh]

Julian: Oh, yes. Whoopee. Oh -- Sheridan.

Rebecca: Ahem.

Julian: I -- I -- I was just showing Rebecca an origami move.

Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I heard you were a black belt in origami, Julian.

Julian: Uh --

Sheridan: Origami is the art of paper folding, Julian.

Julian: What is he -- eeh! He doing here?

Sheridan: We came to tell you something about Luis and me. International news ,coverage you can count on global news at 11.00 singer: You are my passion for life

Julian: What is it you want to tell me? Is it something bad? Has Lopez Fitzgerald hurt you again?

Sheridan: That's part of the reason we're here. Frankly, I don't know what was going on when I looked inside that woman's bedroom.

Julian: What, you -- you saw Luis in bed with some woman who was here. That's what you told me.

Sheridan: I know, but --

Julian: On the night of your engagement party, your fiancť was unfaithful to you, and you witnessed it.

Luis: It wasn't me. The man in that bed wasn't me, Julian.

Rebecca: And you believe that?

Sheridan: It couldn't have been Luis. He would never hurt me like that.

Rebecca: Well, you saw it with your own eyes. How do you explain that?

Sheridan: I made a mistake.

Julian: Oh! A mistake?

Sheridan: Look, I'm not going to throw away my future with the man I love because of something I might not have seen. The house was dark and I couldn't see very well. And, besides, Luis and I went back to investigate.

Luis: Yeah, we went to the old lady's house. She said there hadn't been any young couple in the bedroom.

Sheridan: We must've had the wrong house.

Luis: I wanted to do some more investigating, but Sheridan convinced me not to.

Sheridan: I've decided that the best thing is for me to just move on with my life. That's why Iím here. I want you and Rebecca to know that Iíve forgiven Luis.

Julian: No. You can't forgive him!

Miguel: Look -- if it'll make you feel better, I'll lay beside you and hold you.

Kay: That would be really sweet.

Kay: That feels good.

Miguel: You should close your eyes and try to get some sleep. Everything will be better in the morning.

Kay: But if I sleep, I'll have bad dreams. Miguel, could you stay with me all night?

Miguel: You know, I'll be right down the hall. And if you have any bad dreams, all you have to do is holler.

Kay: Miguel, please stay with me.

Miguel: I don't think that's --

Kay: Miguel, please.

Miguel: Ok. You go to sleep, and Iíll be right here next to you.

Kay: All night?

Miguel: Yes.

Kay: You're so good to me. So nice. Just one more thing -- take off your clothes.

Miguel: What?

T.C.: You're going to die, Julian, for what you did to my wife!

Julian: No!

T.C.: You're going to die!

Eve: Stop it! Stop it, T.C.! T.C., let him go!

T.C.: The son that you and eve had -- he fathered my daughter's child!

Eve: Stop it, T.C.! Let him go!

Julian: I didn't know about eve's baby until it was too late! I swear! Don't kill me! Oh! Oh!

Eve: Let him go, T.C.! Let him go! Don't kill him, please!

Charity: No! No, stop! Stop!

T.C.: Honey, you're getting upset for no reason. I won't find out anything that's going to push me into trying to kill Julian again. I mean, he's too smart to come near my family. He hasn't done anything to you or the girls.

Eve: Look, T.C., when you see Julian talk to me, you just get so angry that I'm worried that -- that you could do something, that in the heat of the moment that you could act irrationally.

T.C.: Ok, all right. I do get a little hyper jealous sometimes when he's near you. Eve, I trust you, honey. I trust you implicitly. I know that you would never have anything to do with that slime. Sweetheart, don't worry about the girls, all right? I'm going to be around a long time to take care of you and them. All right?

Simone: No. No! It wasn't a dream. Whitney's kissing my boyfriend. My only sister is kissing the only boy I ever loved.

Julian: How can you, a Crane, let him blatantly deceive you and then simply forgive him?

Rebecca: Have you no self-respect?

Sheridan: Stay out of this, Rebecca.

Julian: Well, she asked a good question, Sheridan.

Sheridan: And my answer is that I love Luis.

Rebecca: Well, he obviously doesn't love you.

Sheridan: I said stay out.

Rebecca: What, betraying you with some bimbo?

Luis: All right, that's it! Now, look, we came here to give the good news. We are sure as hell not going to stand around and let you insult us. Now, the truth is that I was at the police station all night, on duty. And if you --

[Pager beeps]

Luis: It's the desk sergeant. I have to take this.

Julian: What can you possibly be thinking? The man is obviously lying through his teeth, and you're letting him get away with it -- again. Look what happened on the wharf. You heard him say he was just using you.

Rebecca: And you forgave him.

Sheridan: I am not going to tell you again.

Julian: Luis is like every other man in your life -- they lie and they cheat on you and you accept their explanations. But not this time. I'm not letting a Lopez Fitzgerald humiliate my little sister. Deedee: Ugh! Finally we can get out of here. Fake

Luis: Not until we get rid of the damn thing. Julian wants me to burn it.

Whitney: I didn't know that he was my brother. Oh, God, please help me. Please.

Julian: Oh!

Eve: Stop it, T.C.! I never meant for you to find out about my baby!

Charity: No. No. No!

Chad: Nothing -- not even this crazy fog -- could come between us. Look, I knew you were upset when you saw me kissing Simone --

Whitney: I know, I know. You thought it was me. I know that now.

Chad: I love you. And Simone is just going to have to understand that you and I are made for each other.

Simone: I feel like such a fool! Why didn't I listen to Kay? Why didn't I listen to her! She was so right about everything. Especially Whitney. How could my own sister be such a snake?

Sheridan: I appreciate your wanting to protect me, Julian, but I can't walk away from feelings. I love Luis.

Julian: Is there nothing I can do to change your mind?

Sheridan: Nothing. You said it yourself -- I have a history of letting men lie to me. So if Luis is lying to me, then it's going to take more than words for me to give him up. It's going to take a slap in the face.

Luis: Well, that shoots me down for the night. I'm needed on a stakeout. Sorry.

Sheridan: It's ok. I guess I'll just have to get used to it, like all cops' wives. I'll call you later.

Luis: Oh, no. I can't be reached. Come on, Iíll walk you back to the cottage.

Sheridan: I hope you'll be able to accept that I believe Luis and that we're back together, stronger than ever.

Julian: Well, it's your decision. What else can I do but accept it? I just want you to be happy, dear.

Sheridan: I am. So let's move on.

Rebecca: Well, I guess we're going to be needing this.

Julian: Sheridan needs a slap in the face. That's what she's going to get.

[Telephone rings]

Fake Luis: Hello.

Julian: You aren't on the plane yet, I trust.

Fake Luis: No.

Julian: Thank God for small mercies. I have one more job for you.

Fake Luis: You got the check book, I got the time.

Julian: Don't worry about that. You just concern yourself with getting this done. I want you to utterly and completely crush my sister's belief in the man she loves.

Miguel: Look, I'll stay here, I'll hold you so you don't have bad dreams, but there's no way Iím going to take my clothes off.

Kay: Miguel, all I meant was your clothes feel a little damp from the fog and you're going to catch a cold if you don't take them off. Miguel, we're friends. I know I can trust you.

Miguel: You're right. I mean, my clothes do feel a little clammy.

Kay's voice: I know I can trust you, Miguel, but you can't trust me.

[Music plays] singer: Wherever I go whatever I see over oceans unknown you are always with me pure as the water we float on this wave on the breath of an angel Iíll fly away

Charity: No!

Charity: Simone!

[Simone screams]

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