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Passions Transcript Thursday 6/7/01

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Ivy: The fog had nothing to do with it, Sam. You're lying and you know it, I know it.

Tabitha: That Ivy Crane. She's a pistol, isn't she, Timmy? And she's aiming straight for Sam Bennettís heart.

Timmy: Timmy wonders if Sam kissed Ivy because of the spell cast by the fog Timmy unleashed or because Ivy is the woman Sam really loves.

Tabitha: Good question, Tim Tim. Even though the powers within the fog have caused trouble and tumult for everyone, it can't be blamed for everything that's happened tonight.

Timmy: Then Sam really loves Ivy?

Tabitha: Maybe, maybe not. You'll just have to wait and see, Tim Tim, just the way Grace is having to wait and see. Look. Ivy's already called Sam a liar. Let's see what she's going to say next.

Timmy: Poor Grace.

Tabitha: "Poor Grace"? What did she expect? Throwing Sam at Ivy so he could get closure. Oh, that's like throwing a piece of raw meat to a hungry tigress. If Ivy rekindles Sam's love for her, then Grace will have no one to blame but her homespun self. Hmm.

Sam: I'm not lying. Look, I'm telling you, it had to have been the fog tonight that made me kiss her, as well as all the other crazy things that happened tonight -- T.C. Trying to kill Julian, eve having those visions. And those are just the ones that I know about. More bizarre things could've happened tonight.

Ivy: There was nothing bizarre about us kissing tonight, Sam. It was inevitable and long overdue, and if you were being honest with yourself and with Grace, you would admit that.

Sam: You're the one that needs to be honest here.

Ivy: Oh, really, Sam? Then why don't you tell Grace exactly what happened? Tell her how looking at pictures of our past affected you, tell her --

Sam: That is enough!

Ivy: How afraid you were when I was out on the ledge and how you felt when you saved me!

Sam: I said that is enough!

Ivy: I know how you felt, Sam, because I saw it in your eyes. You couldn't bear to lose me, not a second time. He was so relieved when he caught me, Grace. He was so happy I was back in his arms.

Sam: I said stop it.

Ivy: You love me, Sam! Admit it! Tell Grace here and now that I am the woman you love.

Sheridan: Get out of here, Luis. Get off the estate and out of my life.

Julian: Our plan to disengage Luis and Sheridan worked better than I could've imagined.

Rebecca: Sheridan believes she saw Luis in bed with another woman when actually it was the imposter wearing the Luis look-alike mask and that little strumpet that Alistair paid to sleep with him.

Julian: Sheridan's clueless that she was set up. And Luis? Well, it's back to the barrio for our low-rent lothario.

Luis: Sheridan, why are you acting like this?

Sheridan: How dare you play me for a fool. Just get out of here! I never want to see you again!

Tabitha: Ivy's passionate pursuit of Sam is relentless. I just love watching how it's tearing that domestic, do-good Grace apart. Oh, she deserves some pain in her happy, sappy life.

Timmy: Tabby already tried to kill Grace once and she killed her sister, faith. Isn't that enough?

Tabitha: Oh, will you stop keeping score. You know, we're very lucky we've got this magic pool so that we can watch what's going on up above at the Crane estate or we'd go nuts being trapped down here in Hecubaís lair.

Timmy: About being trapped -- does tabby know how Timmy and she are going to get out?

Tabitha: Well, no. But I'll worry about that after the effects of the fog which you accidentally unleashed have worn off. The havoc it wreaked on people is still being played out, Timmy.

Timmy: Tabby never answered Timmy's question. Did Sam kiss Ivy because of the fog or because he wanted to?

Tabitha: Well, let's just watch and see what happens. Then you can decide for yourself, doll face.

Ivy: Tell Grace that I am the woman you love. Tell her now.

Sam: Grace wouldn't believe me because she knows it's not true. Look, I don't love you, Ivy. I stopped loving you years ago, before I even met Grace!

Ivy: No, you didn't, Sam. You were angry with me because I married Julian and what I did wounded you deeply, but you didn't stop loving me because you couldn't!

Sam: Oh, but I did.

Ivy: Don't deny it, Sam. What happened between us tonight, it proves that I've never been out of your heart.

Sam: Oh, the hell it does.

Grace: Stop! Just stop badgering Sam. I mean, he never should've been here in the first place. It was my fault for insisting that he needed to find closure with you. I mean, I just wasn't thinking straight. Eve says I might even be suffering from postpartum depression. Or maybe I wanted to humiliate Sam the way that I was humiliated.

Sam: You don't owe her any explanations. All right? Grace, let's get the hell out of here. Let's go someplace quiet, just the two of us. Let's start healing our marriage right now.

Ivy: Excuse me, Grace, but sending my husband into the arms of another woman isn't something I've done. And maybe it was your anger or your postpartum depression. But the bottom line is, Grace, you did it. You opened up that door that allowed Sam and me to be together. You forced him to confront his feelings for me, his love for me. Now, Grace, do you really think that you can run away from what you saw tonight? That's right. If you go now to start your marriage over, you'll be living a lie, and is that what you want, Grace? Do you want a sham of a marriage?

Sheridan: What are you still doing here? I told you to get out!

Luis: Sheridan, what happened? Why are you so angry with me? Is it because I was gone so long from the party?

Sheridan: Oh, come off it, Luis. I saw you! I saw everything!

Luis: "Everything"? What are you talking about?

Sheridan: I can't believe your nerve, traipsing in here, pretending like you actually love me, like I'm your whole world?

Luis: I'm not acting. I love you. You mean everything to me.

Sheridan: You are such a liar.

Luis: Sheridan, please tell me what set you off.

Julian: Uh, I'm sorry, Luis, but I must ask you to leave not only Sheridan's cottage but the entire Crane estate. Your conduct is reprehensible and unacceptable.

Luis: What the hell are you talking about?

Julian: As if you didn't know.

Luis: Damn it, I don't.

Julian: Please, just leave. Don't add insult to injury.

Luis: Sheridan, tell me what's going on. Why are you treating me like this?

Sheridan: Me? How could you treat me this way -- and on the night of our engagement party? It's despicable! You're despicable!

Luis: Well, would someone please tell me what is going on?

Julian: My sister wants you to leave. Now, don't make me call Crane security and have you thrown off the estate.

Luis: Julian, I love Sheridan. I am not going anywhere until someone tells me what I did that is so horrible.

Julian: Oh, the old innocent act, again.

Rebecca: Hmm, it's sad. Sickening, really.

Luis: What are you talking about? What act?

Julian: Don't insult my sister's intelligence any longer. Leave now or I will call security.

Luis: Julian, get it through your head, ok -- I am not leaving till you tell me what I did that's so horrible.

Sheridan: Fine! You want to know what you did that was so horrible? I'll tell you. I'll tell you what I saw firsthand not more than an hour ago! It was you making love to another woman!

Luis: What? Are you kidding me?

Sheridan: Do I look like Iím kidding?

Luis: No, but that --

Sheridan: I saw you! I saw you in her bed making love to her!

Luis: Sheridan, that is crazy.

Sheridan: The secret is out! You are never going to use me again.

Luis: Sheridan, I --

Sheridan: I hate you and I will hate you forever.

Tabitha: Oh. We'll catch up with Ivy, Sam, and Grace later. After watching all the evil that fog unleashed up at chez Crane tonight, oh, Iím wiped out, Timmy.

Timmy: Tabby can't sleep now. She has to get Timmy and tabby out of here.

Tabitha: I told you, I'm tired, lad. We'll figure a way out first thing in the morning.

Timmy: Forget it. Timmy will just wave a way out.

Tabitha: Hey, you -- you put that down. Caused enough mischief with this wand already, turning me into a mouse. Ha! I shudder to think what mayhem you'd cause trying to get us out of here.

Timmy: Tabby can't blame a doll for trying.

Tabitha: Well, don't get your stuffing in a snit. In fact, you and this wand did bring us some entertainment earlier when you accidentally transported Julian Crane down here.

Timmy: It's Mr. Crane.

Julian: My God. Where am I? What have you two degenerates done to me?

Tabitha: Just calm down. No need to get yourself in a lather.

Julian: Well, the hell there isn't!

Tabitha: Will you get rid of him, Timmy?

Timmy: But Timmy's not sure he knows how.

Julian: Now I have proof he's alive. You're coming with me, young fellow!

Timmy: Oh, no! Timmy needs to take back his spell!

Julian: Come, you little sprat!

Timmy: Hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo! [Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: The look on his face was priceless.

Timmy: Timmy did find a spell to send him back up. Maybe Timmy could find a spell to send Timmy and tabby back up, too.

Tabitha: You just leave that wand alone, ok? Now find yourself a nice, comfy spot and try and get some sleep.

Timmy: Timmy can't wind down without his bedtime marTimmy.

Tabitha: Oh, well, I'm sorry, doll face. There are no marTimmys down here.

Timmy: Maybe Timmy was hasty before. Maybe Timmy can find the ingredients to a perfect marTimmy in these bottles.

Tabitha: Now, you be careful, lad. Some of the potions in these bottles are more volatile than Russian politics.

Timmy: Don't worry, princess. If there's one thing Timmy knows in life, it's how to make a batch of marTimmys.

Tabitha: Now, why should I think that doll looking for marTimmy ingredients amongst Hecubaís old potions should be a recipe for disaster?

Ivy: Is that what you want, Grace? To live a lie with Sam?

Sam: Grace, don't you listen to her.

Ivy: Why, Sam? What are you afraid of, the truth?

Sam: Nothing that comes out of your mouth is the truth.

Ivy: Oh, and every word that comes out of your mouth is? No, Sam. You're the one who was trying to blame the kiss on the fog? Really, Sam, if that's the truth, think what'll happen in a thunderstorm.

Sam: I shouldn't have come here tonight, all right? I should've been with you.

Ivy: Oh, right, yes, I have heard that one before. And you, Grace -- what were you doing here? I thought you were going to give Sam some space to find closure with me.

Grace: I was. But I had a premonition that you and Sam were kissing.

Ivy: Really? Well, then your subconscious is trying to tell you something, Grace. You do have something to fear. You'd better listen to your subconscious, Grace. It's trying to warn you that your husband is in love with another woman. And you should be afraid of losing him, Grace, because you are. You're losing him to me. If you haven't already.

Luis: You saw me with another woman? No way.

Sheridan: I was at her house. She lives on old coast road, just a stone's throw from here.

Luis: Sheridan, I don't know who you think you saw, but it wasn't me. I was at the police station doing a report for the mayor.

Sheridan: No, you werenít. I called the station. They said that you weren't there and that no one had called you in.

Luis: Well, then you must've talked to someone who just came on duty and didn't know that I was on my way.

Sheridan: Oh, stop the lies, Luis! I know that I was you I saw in bed with your playmate!

Luis: No, it wasn't!

Sheridan: I saw your car outside the house!

Luis: My car?

Sheridan: Yes, Luis, your car! You know, I was worried about you driving in the fog because I was afraid that and when you weren't at the station, I thought maybe you had. So I left the party to go looking for you.

Julian: I begged her not to go.

Rebecca: That's right, he did.

Sheridan: Pretty ironic, huh? Here I was worried about you, but you were just fine. You were having a grand old time with your little piece on the side!

Luis: Sheridan, all right, look, this is crazy, ok? My car was at the police station, where I was doing a report for the mayor. Now, I don't know whose car you think you saw, but it wasn't mine.

Sheridan: It was your car, Luis. Your tuxedo jacket was in it!

Luis: I went to the police station! I didn't even stop, not once! And if I was cheating on you, I wouldn't stop my car and park out in front of some floozy's house!

Rebecca: Uh-oh.

Julian: Shh. Sheridan's so angry, she won't give credence to a word Luis says.

Sheridan: Well, maybe you were just so anxious to get with your honey that you weren't thinking straight and got careless!

Luis: Sheridan, it was not me.

Sheridan: I saw you, Luis! I saw you in bed with her! She said your name!

Luis: Sheridan, it wasn't my car and I wasn't in bed with some other woman.

Sheridan: Well, then you must have a twin running around town because I saw you in bed with that slut. It was you!

Luis: Sher-- Sheridan --

Julian: Luis, leave her alone! [Telephone rings]

Julian: One guess who this is. Hello, father.

Alistair: Hello, son.

Julian: He called me "son."

Alistair: Things seem to be going quite well there.

Julian: Yes, they are. I think we've finally succeeded in breaking up Luis and Sheridan for good this time.

Sam: I want you to leave Grace alone.

Ivy: Why, Sam? She started it. She's the one who sent you to be with me, and now she has to live with the consequences or live in denial. Oh, if you stop now, Sam will go with you -- out of guilt -- and you could spend the rest of your life wondering what would've happened if you would've stuck it out till the end.

Sam: Don't you listen to her.

Ivy: Taking Sam away now is the coward's way out, Grace, and I think you know that. So the question is, do you settle or do you go for broke?

Sam: Grace, listen to me -- it was one kiss. Look, it meant nothing. I -- look, I was caught up in the moment.

Ivy: "Caught up in the moment," Sam? You're married to one woman and you're kissing another?

Sam: Listen, I love you, Grace.

Ivy: But you kissed me, Sam! So what are we going to believe, your words or your actions? Your words say you love Grace, but your actions say you love me! Now what is it? Which one, huh? Do you love Grace or do you love me?

Timmy: Timmy's glad he gave Hecubaís bottles a second look. These could be the best martimmys Timmy's ever made. Tabby, you awake?

Tabitha: Oh. I am now.

Timmy: Come and try one of Timmy's potluck marTimmys.

Tabitha: Well, I might as well have a nightcap. It's not as if I have to look fresh for tomorrow since we're trapped down here in a cave hundreds of feet underground. [Tabitha chuckles]

Tabitha: Oh, leaping lizards.

Timmy: What?

Tabitha: You didn't use any of that in that bottle, did you, to mix in with these marTimmys?

Timmy: Yeah. Timmy thinks it'll give the marTimmys a real kick.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, no. Oh, Timmy. Oh, they're going to be downright explosive!

Timmy: Why? What's wrong?

Tabitha: Oh, the liquid in that bottle is one of the most volatile fluids in the universe.

Timmy: It is?

Tabitha: Yes. Oh, we're in danger, Timmy -- grave danger. In fact, you might have unknowingly written our death warrants.

Julian: I told you, father. I told you the plan would work.

Alistair: Don't get too full of yourself, Julian. Remember, I made modifications to your plan to ensure its success.

Julian: Yes, but the basic framework --

Alistair: Just make sure you follow through, Julian. See to it that this plan reaches its inevitable and incontrovertible end. Because if Sheridan and Luis aren't torn apart forever by doing things your way, we'll have to do things my way. You and Rebecca will have to kill your sister.

Julian: Yes, father.

Alistair: I'll check in with you later. Until then, don't you and Rebecca screw up.

Rebecca: Did Alistair mention me?

Julian: Mm-hmm. Yes, he said to make sure we follow the plan to -- and I quote -- "its inevitable and incontrovertible end."

Rebecca: We will. And once Sheridan and Luis are over and out, you'll be back in your father's favor and he will have no choice but to name you as his heir again.

Julian: Oh, wouldn't that be a coup?

Rebecca: Oh, and then you will be crowned the prince of the Crane empire and I will be your princess, always ready to show you a royal good time.

[Julian chuckles]

Julian: But just to make sure nothing goes wrong, I think we should stay here till we're certain that there's no hope of Luis and Sheridan resurrecting their relationship.

Luis: Sheridan, I'm telling you, I was nowhere near that house. And as far as that woman you described, Iíve never even seen her before.

Sheridan: Oh, well, there's another lie!

Luis: What?

Sheridan: I saw you talking to her at the party, remember?

Luis: But I told you, it wasn't me! Sheridan, damn it, that fog was so thick, you couldn't even tell who was who!

Sheridan: There was no fog in her bedroom! Steam, yes, but no fog! I saw you with her as clear as day!

Luis: It wasn't me!

Sheridan: You're a cop, Luis! Look at the evidence! This woman called you on your cell phone, saying she wanted to make love to you!

Luis: Sheridan, I told you, that was either a joke or the wrong number.

Sheridan: And then I saw you talking to some strange woman at the party!

Luis: Sheridan, for the last time, it wasn't me!

Sheridan: It was you! Stop saying that it wasn't!

Julian: Luis, please leave before you force me to call security. There's no need to prolong the inevitable.

Luis: Wait a minute. I know what happened.

Julian: Yes. You're a hound dog who got caught.

Luis: Sheridan, Sheridan? All right, listen to me, all right? Now, first there was the phone call, right, and then there was the woman that you saw me with. Now, that was the same woman that you found me at her house because you saw my car parked in front of her house. It was on the street, the only street that you had to go to get into town! You set me up. Alistair and Julian set me up.

Julian: What?

Sam: Now, I have told you, Ivy, at least a thousand times that I love Grace. Now, let's get out of here. Let's go someplace that we can talk this through.

Ivy: Oh, Grace. Do you honestly think that you can erase the image of Sam kissing me in my bedroom tonight? Do you really think that his words mean more than his actions?

Sam: Grace, don't listen to that. She's just trying to cause trouble.

Ivy: I'm sorry that the truth is so troublesome.

Sam: Grace? I love you. I love you more than anything in this world.

Grace: Ivy's right. I can never forget what I saw in her bedroom tonight. I am leaving, Sam, alone. I can't be with you tonight.

Timmy: Timmy's sorry, tabby. Timmy had no idea Hecubaís liquids were so dangerous.

Tabitha: Oh, it's my fault, doll face. I should have stopped you.

Timmy: What's up with the smoke?

Tabitha: The beginning of the end, doll face. Our end.

Luis: You and Alistair set me up. That's why this all played out so neatly.

Sheridan: Oh, stop trying to blame my brother and father. I know what I saw!

Luis: You had some woman call my cell phone, knowing that Sheridan would answer.

Julian: Oh, that is absurd!

Rebecca: Oh, it's ridiculous.

Sheridan: Yeah, how do you explain me seeing you with the woman on the grounds?

Luis: It wasn't me.

Sheridan: Just stop it, Luis! You know, what do you think Julian did, clone you? Please! I saw you. You know, you had me convinced that the fog was playing tricks on my eyes, but I now know that it was you. And the clothes that that woman was wearing at the party were the same clothes that I saw on the floor leading to the bedroom where you were making love to her!

Luis: Sheridan, it wasn't me. It was a set-up.

Sheridan: The only set-up is the one that you have had against me for over a year now! You know, I tried to get past that phone call and I did because you were just so sincere that it wasn't you. But there is no just getting past what I saw tonight. When I saw you in bed with that woman, it broke my heart. Now, why can't you just be a man and admit what you did?

Luis: Because I didn't do anything.

Julian: Sheridan's right. Why don't you own up to what you did like a man instead of trying to put the blame on Alistair and me?

Rebecca: Well, especially after everything they've done for you.

Julian: Throwing you this engagement party, working to show Sheridan we were willing to let bygones be bygones and support her marriage to you.

Luis: Now there's a sudden change of heart. The one who's usually tossing around threats and bribes, saying that you were going to cut Sheridan off if she stayed with me.

Julian: Oh, why don't you stop trying to shift blame just because you can't little Luis under wraps?

Luis: Yeah, you're one to talk about fidelity. Everyone knows what a pig you are, Julian.

Rebecca: Ivy drove Julian to find comfort with other women, but now that he has me --

Luis: Oh, yeah, then there's you. You tried to get me to stir up trouble with Ethan and Theresa. I'll bet you're all working together -- you, Julian, and Alistair. All trying to break up me and Sheridan.

Sheridan: No, Luis. Julian and Rebecca were shocked when I told them what happened. They couldn't even believe it. In fact, they even defended you.

Luis: Sheridan, that is part of their plan.

Sheridan: No, it's not part of their plan! And stop trying to make this anything other than what it really is. You cheated on me. You played me for the fool a second time -- the last time! Now, I want to be alone.

Luis: Sheridan -- sher-- Sheridan, we always wondered what lengths they would go to to break us up! And now we know.

Julian: Luis has no idea how close to the truth he is.

Rebecca: Hmm, we got to keep him from getting any closer.

Luis: Sheridan, look at this. Look how happy and in love we are. Come on. Think about all we've been through and how hard we fought for our love. You know, you can ask Eve or Sam or Ethan. You can ask them how messed up I was when I thought you'd been killed. And how I wouldn't let Julian keep me from going to the funeral. And how hard I fought to save you when I thought you were buried alive. And how even after when the doctors gave up hope -- Sheridan, I went to the church and I prayed for a miracle. And I got it. You came back from death to be with me, the same way I came back from death in the archives to be with you. Come on, Sheridan. You know I wouldn't squander what we have in a million years. Sheridan, come on. Something is wrong here. We just need to talk about it, just you and me. Sheridan, we love each other. We can work this out. Please, we can work this out together. We can figure out what really happened. Come on.

Sheridan: All right. I will talk to you alone. Would you please give us a few minutes in private?

Julian: Um -- um, I really don't think that's such a good idea.

Luis: No, of course you donít.

Rebecca: We'll be right outside. If you need us, you -- you just let us know.

Julian: Remember, sister, you can always count on family, even when everyone else fails you.

Luis: Well, I'm glad they're gone. Now we can finally get to the truth.

Sheridan: I already know the truth. You betrayed me. You betrayed us. You've destroyed any chance that we had any of a future together.

Luis: Sheridan, no.

Sheridan: I want you to get your things out of my bedroom and get out of my house.

Rebecca: Sheridan is giving Luis the boot!

Julian: We did it, becs. My sister and her lawman lover are finished.

Sam: Grace? Grace, please.

Ivy: Let her go, Sam. Grace has to work this out on her own.

Sam: I hate you for hurting her.

Ivy: Well, you may hate me for hurting Grace, but you still love me because of our past.

Sam: No way. No way in hell.

Ivy: Just stop fighting it, Sam. I'm the woman you love, the woman you have always loved and always will. It's time you just admit it to yourself.

Julian: What bliss. Such rapture. Our plan worked! Luis and Sheridan have been ripped apart. Luis is no longer a threat to the family. [Julian chuckles]

Rebecca: And we didn't have to kill anyone, either.

Julian: Father can't ridicule and belittle me, call me incompetent anymore. He and the rest of the world will have to start taking me seriously again, hmm?

Rebecca: Uh, Julian, um -- pookie -- you know, speaking of how your father feels about you, you know, I was thinking and, well, maybe, just maybe you shouldn't bring up Tabitha Lenox and her doll and that you -- well, that you think it's alive. You know, other people and your father might not take that the right way.

Julian: Ah. Yes, I see your point.

Rebecca: Well, I'm only telling you this because I love you and I want what's best for you. Remember -- perception is reality. And you have to put out what you want people to perceive when they hear the name Julian Crane. And I know that you don't want other people, especially your father, to perceive you as the kind of man who thinks that doll can talk.

Sheridan: Just leave, Luis. I have nothing more to say to you.

Luis: I'm not leaving until we work this out.

Sheridan: Fine, I'll call security, then!

Luis: Sheridan, please don't. All right, something is not right here. Either there's been a terrible mistake or --

Sheridan: I know what I saw!

Luis: Or your family is trying to split us apart! Come on, either way, we have to hold on to what we have. We have to fight for what we have -- our love. Love is all we have.

Sam: You aren't the woman I love, Ivy. Our past is over. Our relationship, our passion -- it's history. It's finished!

Ivy: No, Sam. I'm the woman you could never get out of your heart, no matter how hard you tried. And that's really why you're so angry with me -- not because I'm hurting Grace, but because I am forcing you to face something in your heart that you don't want to face. You still love me. You've never stopped loving me. And in your soul, you know what's going to happen. We're going to be together again.

Timmy: What's happening, princess?

Tabitha: I don't know, Timmy, but this can't be good! [Timmy yells]

Tabitha: Oh, no!

Julian: Did you hear something?

Rebecca: Out here? No. No, nothing. But shh, you're drowning out Luis and Sheridan.

Julian: I'm sure I heard something. It sounded like --

Rebecca: If you're going to tell me that it sounded like Tabitha Lenox and her cute little doll, I swear I am going to scream.

Julian: Wouldn't be the first time, would it, baby?

[Julian chuckles]

Rebecca: Julian, I mean it. You cannot be the heir to the world's largest fortune and go wandering around talking about some little doll that comes to life and talks. I mean, nobody -- nobody is going to invest money in Crane industries if they see you walking around having -- what did you call them? -- Martimmys with some living doll. No, Crane industries' stock would plummet. And we don't want that, now, do we?

Julian: I see your point.

Rebecca: Good. Now, you stay here and keep an eye on Luis and Sheridan. I have to go discuss something with Gwen.

Julian: Now?

Rebecca: Yes, now. I'll call you later.

Julian: Good, they're still on the outs. They'll never reconcile, not this time. Mission accomplished. I bet the next time father calls, he'll have a certain amount of respect in his voice. [Julian chuckles] [Timmy screams]

Julian: What the hell was that? [Julian screams] [Julian groans]

Julian: What? It's you. Tabitha's doll.

Timmy: Greetings, Mr. Crane. Timmy just dropped in to say thank you for inviting him to the party. It was one unforgettable evening. [Julian whimpers]

Timmy: What?

Sheridan: "Our love is all we have"? Please, Luis, you had more than our love tonight. You had another woman!

Luis: I told you that it wasn't me, Sher--

Sheridan: I am so sick of your denials! That's it, Iím calling Crane security and having them haul your two-timing butt out of here!

Luis: That's not going to do any good. I'm not leaving.

Sheridan: Would you just give it up already? I know what I saw.

Luis: Ok. Then how do you feel?

Sheridan: Foolish, betrayed, stupid.

Luis: Yeah. It's beyond belief that I would do this to you, right? Especially on the night of our engagement party.

Sheridan: You've got that right.

Luis: Yeah. Only a cold-blooded bastard would do something like that, right?

Sheridan: Exactly.

Luis: And is that what you think I am, a cold-blooded bastard? That you have been so stupid and so naive this whole time to have not noticed? Like all the times that I risked my life to save yours? Or how I decorated the garden to match your dream of the perfect marriage proposal? Or how about when I slipped my grandmother's ring on to your finger, knowing how important family and tradition are to me?

Sheridan: What can I say, Luis? You're a damn good actor.

Luis: No. You have doubts. And you can't throw away what we have even if you have the slightest doubts. I can see it in your eyes. You have doubts, Sheridan. Sheridan, look, we need to get to the truth, all right? We need to find out what happened. If we don't do that tonight, we're never going to get married, and then both of our lives are going to be ruined.

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