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Timmy: This pool is evil.

Tabitha: Why ever would you say that, Timmy? The pool is showing us the devastation up at the Crane mansion. All the happy, happy couples whose relationships are dissolving in front of our very, very eyes. I think it's marvelous.

Timmy: Timmy thinks it would be more marvelous if Timmy and tabby weren't stuck in Hecuba's old lair for all eternity without any marTimmys.

Tabitha: Well, it is a grave situation, Iíll grant you that. But we can't do anything about it. So we might as well enjoy the chaos we've unleashed on the Crane estate. All that lovely fog causing all that lovely pain.

Timmy: So this is how tabby and Hecuba got their kicks in the olden days.

Tabitha: Oh, yes. This was a major source of our entertainment. We'd send up the fog and watch the misery befall the happy couples. Oh, Timmy, the way it plays on their minds makes them think they're seeing things that aren't there. That fog is really quite amazing, you know.

Timmy: But Timmy and tabby are still stuck down here.

Tabitha: Do stop grumbling, lad. I told you when the fog dissipates, we'll figure out a way to get out of here. But until then, we might as well enjoy the entertainment that the bowels of hell have provided us with. Come on, I think Iíll sprinkle a bit more magic dust. Whoo!

Sam: You're the one keeping this fantasy alive, all right? Not me.

Tabitha: Viola. It's Sam and Ivy. And they're having an argument. The fog's coming closer to them. When it hits them, who knows what will happen.

Ivy: It wasn't a fantasy, Sam. It was real. Our past was real. What is happening now is real. I'm not the one keeping this alive, Sam. We are. You remember what it was like between us. I know you do. Can't you feel it now, Sam? Can't you feel the fire?

Grace: Sam.

Grace: No. Don't. Sam. Sam. No.

Julian: Sheridan is definitely not happy with Luis.

Rebecca: Well, I should hope not. I mean, didn't she just see him having an intimate lovers' spat with a strange but beautiful woman?

Julian: Yes, indeed she did. And as for Luis, he hasn't the foggiest notion about what's going on.

Rebecca: Well, how could he? The man you hired to impersonate him is the one who actually had the lovers' spat.

Julian: It won't be long, Rebecca, my pet, until Sheridan gets an even bigger shock, and then it's good-bye, Luis Lopez Fitzgerald, forever.

Rebecca: You know, this is so exciting. Is it always such a rush to play God with other people's lives? Singer: Ooh you know he's got me wrapped around around his little finger I try to run away

Julian: Well, I suppose it's only a rush when you're the one tearing people apart. When it's happening to you and you're the one losing love, it can be quite painful.

[Music plays]

Eve: I thought I knew I could live without you thought I could tell if I fell under your spell I have worked very hard to keep my past a secret. If someone hears that tape, especially T.C., I'll lose everything.

Julian: I'm sorry, darling, but that tape and others like it are among my prized possessions. I listen to it whenever I want to be taken back to the past and what we had.

Eve: I've got to get that tape.

T.C.: That voice. My God, that voice.

Rebecca: Julian, what's wrong? Why did you get so maudlin all of a sudden?

Eve: Now I know it's true there's not one second or two I could live without you

Julian: Um -- it's nothing. It looks as if Luis and Sheridan are about to get into it.

Rebecca: Well, I should hope so, after all we've done to try to make that happen.

Deedee: Mr. Crane.

Julian: Oh, Deedee. Get back. Careful. Don't let Sheridan see you with us.

Deedee: Don't worry, nobody will see me. So, how's it going with our little lovebirds over there?

Rebecca: They have got trouble with a capital t. I mean, first there was a call on Luis' cell phone from a supposedly irate girlfriend -- you -- that Sheridan answered. And then Sheridan saw you arguing with Luis.

Julian: Yes, only it wasn't Luis but our imposter friend. Deedee: Well, I'd say you hit the nail right on the head. He is in big trouble.

Julian: Yes, indeed. Our plan is moving along swimmingly.

Sheridan: So, who was that woman you were talking to?

Luis: What?

Sheridan: The woman you were talking to. Who is she?

Julian: This is it. Luis and Sheridan are finis.

Sam: No.

Sam: No. No, no, no, no. This isn't right.

Ivy: Yes, it is, Sam. You still love me.

Sam: No, I don't, all right? I love my wife. I love her more than anything, all right? I'm not going to hurt her again.

Ivy: Sam --

Sam: No, no, stop it! You're trying to trick me. You're trying to make me realize the way we were all those years ago.

Ivy: It's not a trick, Sam, reminding you of the love we shared.

Sam: Well, it's a waste of time because it's over. It's been over for years. And there's nothing you can say that could change that.

Ivy: No, it's not over, Sam. You felt something when you looked at those pictures of us so young and in love. They touched you. That connection is still there.

Sam: No.

Ivy: Yes. Sam, you are fighting it. You are fighting the way you feel, but you still love me. You know you do. And I will not stop until I convince you. I will not stop until you tell me that you love me, too.

Timmy: Ivy will never, ever be able to tempt Sam.

Tabitha: Why do you say that, Tim Tim?

Timmy: Because Sam's love for Grace is too strong, like Timmy's for Charity.

Tabitha: Oh, you and your ridiculous love for that goody two-shoes blonde would turn sour if the fog wrapped itself round your cotton-picking heart. The fog is pure evil, Timmy, and it brings evil to everyone it touches. Sam doesn't stand a chance.

Timmy: Tabby's wrong. Look. Sam's resisting.

Tabitha: Sam may be resisting, but the war is still raging. And the fog is going to start working its evil magic on Grace, as well. What's the matter, Gracie? Having a bad dream, dearie?

Grace: No! I have to get to the Crane mansion. Oh, I was wrong to send Sam there. I have to stop him. I can't lose him.

 [Music plays]

Eve: T.C. What are you doing in here?

Rebecca: I can tell by Sheridan's body language that she is just livid.

Julian: Yes, the end is near.

Sheridan: So why won't you tell me who she was?

Luis: Who who was?

Sheridan: The woman I saw you arguing with just a few minutes ago.

Luis: You saw me arguing with some woman?

Sheridan: Well, that's what it looked like. I don't know. You tell me.

Luis: Well, I wish I could tell you because you're obviously very upset.

Sheridan: I'm not upset. I'm just -- I'm confused. First I answer your cell phone and it's some woman saying that she wants to meet you here at the party, and then I see you talking to the Same woman. I recognized her voice.

Luis: I wasn't talking to anyone. I was inside. I was talking to hank in the solarium.

Sheridan: You were? You didn't talk to a woman just a few minutes ago?

Luis: No. No, I didn't.

Sheridan: Well, then where did you get the lipstick smear from? Huh?

Rebecca: Well, that's a curious turn of events. Where did the lipstick come from?

Deedee: Not me.

Julian: Well, wherever it came from, it couldn't have come at a better time. There's no way Luis can weasel his way out of this one. Luis and Sheridan are through.

Sam: You're not going to convince me of anything, Ivy. How many times do I have to say this? I love my wife. Grace is the only woman in my life, the only woman I want in my life.

Ivy: Well, you're wrong, Sam. I saw the way you looked at those pictures. You saw the way we were, and you remembered, Sam. I know you remembered, Sam. You remembered what it was like to have me in your arms and to feel our bodies so close. [Music plays]

Ivy: You see, Sam? You do remember. There's no use denying our past, Sam. I am the woman you loved. I am still the woman you love. You've never forgotten me, just as I've never forgotten you.

T.C.: That voice. Do you hear that voice, eve?

Eve: T.C. --

T.C.: I came in here to get a drink. I was so upset when I saw you and Julian talking earlier. And I promised you that I wouldn't make a scene, so I came in here to cool down.

Eve: Well, are you all right now?

T.C.: I was starting to cool down, but all I could think about is I wanted Julian dead.

Eve: Please don't say that, T.C.

T.C.: It's true, Eve. I would kill him myself if I thought that he ever hurt you or my family. But accidentally, I turned on the stereo, and I heard this voice. Why would Julian have this tape, Eve? Hmm? Why would he have it?

Sheridan: So how did you get lipstick on your collar?

Luis: It's not yours?

Sheridan: No, it's not my shade.

Luis: I don't know. You know, it's probably Sharon's.

Sheridan: Sharon? Who's she?

Luis: She's married to one of the cops I work with.

Sheridan: Why was she so angry with you?

Luis: Angry? She wasn't angry. She came up to me, said hello. She gave me a kiss. And I said she looked nice in this purple dress, and she said, "Congratulations on your engagement."

Sheridan: Wait, purple? No, she was wearing gold.

Luis: No, she was wearing purple. Come on -- what, are you trying to make me think Iím crazy here?

Sheridan: No, no, of course not. It's just that the woman I saw you arguing with was wearing gold. She was about 5'7", thin, blonde hair.

Luis: Well, that's not Sharon. Sheridan, I wasn't talking to any woman like that, ok?

Sheridan: This is crazy. I saw you out here just a few minutes ago talking to a woman in gold.

Luis: Hold on a minute, all right? I know why you thought you saw me talking to some woman.

Rebecca: Uh-oh. Do you think Luis has figured out what's going on?

Julian: No, that's impossible. At least I hope not. Because if this plan fails and we can't separate Luis and Sheridan, then we'll have to go to father's plan b.

Rebecca: Oh, no. Uh-uh.

Julian: If Luis has figured out what we're doing, we'll be forced to kill Sheridan. Yet

Sheridan: Look, Luis, if you've got an explanation for what's going on, then I would really like to hear it.

Luis: Well, I think the fog made your mind play tricks on you. Sheridan, you saw someone out there that looked like me with someone in gold and you thought it was me.

Sheridan: You really think that's it?

Luis: Yeah, sure. Look at the fog. It's so thick out there, you can barely see your hand in front of your face.

Sheridan: And I guess the phone call was just a wrong number.

Luis: Yeah, it had to be. Sheridan, look, there is no one else that I'd rather be at this party with -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- but you, ok?

Rebecca: Thank God Luis didn't figure out what's going on.

Julian: Stay right here. Ahem. My dear, we have to take care of a few things, so why don't you just stay out of sight. I'll come for you when it's time for the next phase of the plan.

Deedee: Okey-dokey, boss.

Luis: There's no other explanation. It has to be the fog.

Sheridan: I guess that could be it.

Luis: Or it could be something else.

Sheridan: Like what?

Luis: Like maybe you don't trust me 100% yet.

Sheridan: Luis, why would --

Luis: Maybe you still haven't gotten over what happened down at the wharf when you thought you heard me say that I was using you.

Sheridan: I don't know what that was all about, but I believe you if you say that wasn't you.

Luis: Maybe you believe me on the surface, but maybe your subconscious doesn't. Maybe it's telling you not to go through with the wedding.

Rebecca: I don't know what happened. Sheridan and Luis should be having a knockdown-dragout by now.

Julian: Don't worry. The most important part of the plan is yet to come. By the time this night is over, Luis and Sheridan will be over, as well.

T.C.: Hearing this tape makes me hate Julian even more. I never thought that could be possible.

Eve: T.C., please, just calm down.

T.C.: I'm trying to calm down, eve. Now, this must be the box where the tape came in. But there's no name on it. Maybe there's a name on the tape. I don't believe this. There's no name on it, either.

Eve: There's no name?

T.C.: No name, no date, no nothing. But I know this voice.

Eve: You do?

T.C.: Oh, yes, I do. And I know where this tape came from. From.

Eve: But how? How could you know?

T.C.: Oh, I know. And I know why Julian made it. I figured it all out, eve. And just the thought of it just fills me with rage.

Timmy: What's Tabby doing now?

Tabitha: Just giving us a little change of scenery, Timmy. Look, Grace is coming to the mansion.

Timmy: Poor Grace. That fog is going to rock her world tonight.

Tabitha: Mm-hmm.

Grace: I have to find Sam.

Grace: No. Sam, I have to find you.

[Music plays]

Ivy: Dance with me, Sam. Like we danced that night in the woods.

Sam: No, no, no.

[Music stops]

Sam: Look, I don't want to dance with you, Ivy, all right? I don't want anything from you. I don't want anything from you. Wait, that's not true. I do want something from you.

Ivy: Yes, Sam?

Sam: I want you to leave me the hell alone, all right? I want you to let me go back to my wife, back to my family because I don't love you. I've never loved you, all right? So just leave me alone. Do you hear me?

Ivy: Yes, Sam, I hear you. And I won't ever bother you again.

Sam: Good.

Ivy: I won't ever bother anyone ever again.

Sam: Ivy, what are you talking about? What are you doing?

Ivy: If I can't have you, I have nothing. I don't want to live.

Sam: Ivy, no!

Eve: T.C., What makes you think that you know where that tape is from?

T.C.: Because, Eve, I found it here in his library. It's obvious that he made the tape, and it's pretty obvious that the person who sang it was in pain. Couldn't you hear it in her voice?

Eve: Well, yes, but, I mean, that's what the song is about -- pain.

T.C.: Yeah. And I'm sure she knew about pain firsthand. From Julian Crane himself. It would not surprise me if Julian Crane didn't have an affair with this woman and then threw her away like yesterday's garbage. I want to find the name of this person, and I want to try to help them.

Eve: T.C., I really think that you are letting your hatred of Julian just let your imagination run away with you.

T.C.: Sweetheart, didn't you tell me that Julian had an affair with some woman, got her pregnant, and then dumped her? Now, maybe this is that woman.

Eve: Well, I suppose, but it seems like a pretty big stretch.

T.C.: Sweetheart, it's not a stretch! Honey, I bet you Julian Crane sits around here to reminisce how he hurt that woman and caused her pain. He was probably just sitting in this damn chair right here and enjoying it. Well, you know what? I'm sick of it. I'm tired of it. I'm going to find Luis and Sheridan, and I'm going to tell them good night. We're going home.

Eve: Yes, absolutely. I'm ready.

T.C.: I'll meet you in the car.

Eve: All right. Damn you, Julian.

Tabitha: Oh, this is too wonderful, Timmy. The fog is going to cause Ivy Crane to jump to her death.

Timmy: That's only two stories high. Timmy's fallen that far many times, and he didn't die.

Tabitha: I know you hate to be reminded of this, but you are a doll. The worst that can happen to you is for your stuffing to come out. Humans can die from a fall like this. And if she doesn't die, I mean, at least she'll break her silly neck.

Sam: Just come back inside, all right? We'll talk.

Tabitha: Why is the channel changing? What could be more interesting than watching a rich woman break her silly neck? Oh, Timmy, it is more interesting. It's T.C. Russell. This is going to be priceless.

T.C.: I can't believe how thick this fog is getting. I can't see three feet in front of me. Ah! Damn fog.

Man: Don't blame the fog, son. You're the one that tripped.

T.C.: Who is that? Who's there?

Man: It's me, son.

T.C.: Pop?

T.C.ís Father: That's right,

T.C.: And I've got some questions for you. The first one is, what the hell are you doing here at the Crane estate?

Tabitha: You see, Timmy? The fog has brought T.C.'s father back from the dead.

Timmy: T.C.ís dead father? What's going on?

Tabitha: Evil and pain, Timmy. Delectable evil and pain.

Luis: If you have any doubts or if you don't trust me completely --

Sheridan: I do trust you, Luis.

Luis: On the surface. But after what happened down at the wharf, after what you heard, maybe subconsciously --

Sheridan: No, Luis, you're wrong. My heart and my head consciously and subconsciously believe in you. I trust you completely.

Luis: Are you sure?

Sheridan: Yes, Iím sure. Look, I'm sorry if I got a little confused. There's just been a weird string of events tonight. I mean, first that phone call with the woman demanding to meet you --

Luis: Yeah, but she didn't ask for me specifically.

Sheridan: No, you're right, she didn't say your name.

Luis: So obviously it was a wrong number. And as for me arguing with some woman out there, I swear --

Sheridan: You're right. It must have just been the fog.

Luis: I hope you believe me. I love you, and I would never, ever lie to you about anything.

Sheridan: I do believe you because you're the love of my life.

Luis: And you trust me?

Sheridan: With my life. You're the most wonderful man in the world, and I've never been so sure of anything as I am of my love for you.

Luis: I feel the same way about you.

[Telephone rings]

Sheridan: If it's that woman again, tell her you're busy.

Luis: Yeah. Lopez Fitzgerald. Now? You're kidding me. I'm right in the middle of my engagement party. Yeah, all right. I'll be down right away. That was the station house. They need me down there right away.

Sheridan: No.

Luis: Sorry.

Sheridan: Me, too.

Rebecca: What, he has to go now? What about the rest of our plan? How are we ever going to make Sheridan believe that she's seeing Luis in bed with Deedee if she knows he's really at the police station?

T.C.: What is going on here? Pop, you're dead. I saw you buried.

T.C.'s father: You saw Sheridan Crane buried, too, but that didn't make her dead.

T.C.: Pop, that was different. You really are dead. I can't believe I'm actually talking to you.

T.C.ís father: You can't believe? I can't believe you ever set foot on Crane grounds, not after what Julian Crane did to you. And you know he was responsible.

T.C.: I know that he caused the accident, and I know that you died of a broken heart because of it.

T.C.:'S father: So what the hell are you doing here? Don't you know this place is pure evil? And there are other horrible things that Julian's done in the past.

T.C.: Pop, Iím sure there are, but what does that have to do with me?

T.C.'s father: You have clues, T.C. You just don't want to admit what you suspect. But you better come to grips with it, son. Because if you don't, it'll destroy your whole family.

Eve: God, this fog is so thick.

Eve: Grace? Grace is that you? Honey, I didn't think that you were coming to the party.

Grace: I wasn't. But I had a premonition, an awful premonition. I have to find Sam. Have you seen him?

Eve: No. In a while. I mean, it's been a while. I think he left.

Grace: He left? But to go where? Home?

Eve: No, no. He's probably around here somewhere. I think he's with Ivy.

Grace: Oh, my God. I have to find him. I'll talk to you later.

Eve: Oh, Grace. I warned you not to force Sam to come to this party tonight. I only hope when you find them that it's not too late. I guess I'd better stay here in case Grace needs me. I'll find T.C., and I'll let him know.

Eve: Where am I? This isn't the Crane estate. It's a hospital. But it's old. It's at least 20 years old.

Eve: Oh, my God. This is the hospital where I had my first baby. My son. The baby who died.

Timmy: How did eve end up in the hospital?

Tabitha: It's the fog, Timmy. Pay attention.

Timmy: And why is everything in black and white? Oh. Right. The fog, the fog.

Tabitha: Oh, life doesn't get much better than this, Timmy. The fog has transported eve back in time to one of the most painful moments of her life.

Sam: Ivy, come down.

Ivy: No.

Sam: Now, give me your hand.

Ivy: No! Don't touch me! You never loved me! You don't love me! I have nothing to live for. I just want to die.

Sam: Ivy. Come inside, all right? We'll talk.

Ivy: We'll talk? What are we going to talk about, Sam? Are you going to tell me now that you love me? What, are you going to tell me that we can have a life together, Sam? Is that what you're going to tell me now?

Sam: Ivy --

Ivy: No, Sam. You're going to tell me you love me now? Is that what you're going to say?

Sam: Ivy, please. All right? You have so much to live for.

Ivy: I have nothing to live for! If I don't have you, I have nothing, and I don't want to feel like this! I just -- I just want to die.

Sam: No. Ivy. No!

Eve: How did I get here?

Nurse: Miss Johnson, where did you get those party clothes?

Eve: Johnson. That's my maiden name.

Nurse: You really shouldn't be out of bed yet. Are you all right?

Eve: I'm fine. I just don't know how I got here. What am I doing here?

Nurse: You came here to have your baby.

Eve: But that was 20 years ago.

Nurse: The pain medication we gave you is pretty strong. Miss Johnson, you were brought in today to have your baby.

Eve: Today? Nurse: Mm-hmm. That's right. And I bet I know why you're out of bed. You want to see your baby, don't you? My baby? My baby is still alive?

T.C.: I don't understand, pop. What are you talking about?

T.C.ís father: You know very well what I'm talking about. You feel it in your gut. It's in your subconscious. Julian has not only hurt you, he's hurt your family. You know it. You just don't want to admit it to yourself. You won't admit you know, but you do know one thing. You know that Julian Crane should be killed.

Ivy: No! No! Why did you even catch me? Why didn't you just leave me alone? I want to die!

Sam: Listen, no, you don't. You have your whole life ahead of you.

Ivy: No, Sam. Without you, I have nothing! I have no life!

Sam: Ivy. I thought I was going to lose you.

Ivy: Oh, you'll never lose me, Sam. Never.

Luis: I'm so sorry I have to leave. I feel terrible.

Sheridan: Can't someone else cover for you?

Luis: No, I'm afraid not. It's an emergency. I'm really sorry.

Sheridan: Me, too. I hate when you have to leave me for any reason.

Luis: Well, I'll be back as soon as I can. I'm really, really sorry.

Sheridan: It's all right. If Iím going to be a cop's wife, I guess I'm going to have to get used to this, right?

Luis: Right. You're the most wonderful woman in the world. You know that?

Rebecca: Well, what are we going to do now? Our plan is ruined. How are we going to get our imposter here to convince Sheridan that Luis is in bed with Deedee when she knows that he's really at the station house?

Fake Luis: Yeah, what happens now?

Deedee: I guess you'd better come up with another plan.

Julian: Will you all just calm down? Everything's going according to plan.

Rebecca: How can you say that?

Julian: Because I arranged for Luis to be called away.

Deedee: You did?

Rebecca: But why?

Julian: As I said, it's all part of the plan. It doesn't matter whether Luis goes to the station house or to the moon. By the time we're finished tonight, Luis and Sheridan will be torn apart permanently. Just wait and see.

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