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Passions Transcript Tuesday 5/29/01

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Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Elissia

Timmy: "Trixie and Dixie, mighty and Stuart, Tabby's no mouse, so Timmy's spell -- undo it!" Undo it! Oh, it's no use. No matter how many spells Timmy tries, Tabby's still cat food.

Tabby: Eek! This is all your fault, Timmy. I told you not to play with Hecuba's magic wand, but, as usual, you didn't listen. Now we'll never escape her lair under the Crane mansion.

Timmy: Timmy's sorry.

Tabby: Sorry, schmorry. I could nibble your nose off for this, you half-wit Houdini. That beautiful fog is wafting around the Crane estate even as I squeak. Fog that Hecuba and I used to wreak havoc on the lives of happy couples. That mischievous mist is messing with people's minds, and I can't even enjoy it!

Timmy: Tabby enjoys food. How about a bite to eat?

Tabitha: Now that you mention it, I am quite hungry. Think there's a bit of cheddar or brie around?

Timmy: Timmy will look.

Tabitha: Wait! Wait! I don't give a rat's tail about cheese.

Timmy: Tabby shouldn't diss her cousins like that.

Tabitha: Diss my -- change me back, Timmy. Change me back this instant! I have to know who that fog is affecting. Hopefully, it's working to tear Charity and Miguel apart.

Simone: This fog is getting thicker. Between it and this crazy maze, no wonder why we all keep bumping into each other.

Miguel: I知 glad I ran into you, Charity. I mean, if you're having premonitions, then maybe we should give up trying to get to the middle of this maze. You know, we don't have to get to the love square to know that we're going to be together forever. Right? Charity, what is it?

Kay: Yeah, Charity, you definitely look upset. Is it because of your premonitions?

Charity: You know what? Let's just get back to the game, all right?

Kay: After you tell us what you saw in the future, sure.

Ethan: Fair warning, losers, because Theresa and I will find the love square first.

Chad: Oh, I don't know, man. I mean, me and Whitney just might surprise you.

Whitney: That's exactly right.

Chad: I'll be honest, though. I wish we could work through this crazy maze together.

Ethan: Hey, well, that's the beauty of the game -- that you do it separately in hopes of ending up at the love square together. But, you know, it really doesn't matter what they do because you and I will win hands down.

Chad: Oh, you want to bet?

Theresa: Ok.

Whitney: It's ok, ok.

Theresa: All right. No, all joking aside. I知 serious. You know, I want you and Chad to win.

Chad: Oh, well, thank you very much, Theresa.

Whitney: Oh.

Ethan: Theresa, you turncoat, you! [Whitney squeals]

Theresa: You know, Whitney and Chad are just starting out, and we're about to be married. So even if we don't win, we'll still be together forever. Besides, I know nothing and no one will ever come between us.

Mort: So you don't hate me for running the story that Ethan's the son of a cop, not a Crane?

Gwen: No, no. In fact, I知 really glad to see you.

Mort: Really? My own mother locks the door when she sees me coming.

Gwen: I知 sorry.

Mort: Thanks. Say, wait a minute. You being nice to me -- that's not some kind of trick, is it?

Gwen: Why would you think that?

Mort: Well, I pretty much nuked Ethan's life with that story. I know you stayed friends with the guy, even though he dumped you for Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald. Sorry. I didn't mean to open up old wounds.

Gwen: So, what are you doing here?

Mort: I知 doing a follow-up story on who e-mailed the bomb to my paper that Ethan is the bastard son of Harmony's police chief.

Gwen: You know who sent the e-mail?

Mort: Not yet. But I知 calling my internet contacts tomorrow. I just came by to ask people who they think might've torpedoed Ethan.

Gwen: Oh, I see.

Mort: Hmm. What about you, Miss Hotchkiss? Who do you think did the deed?

Gwen: I didn't get a wink of sleep last night.

Rebecca: Well, why on earth not? I would think the taco queen would be the one tossing and turning after you paid her a visit.

Gwen: Well, she was pretty rattled. She couldn't quite figure out how I knew she was keeping a secret from Ethan. Oh, it was all I could do not to just nail her to the wall right then and there.

Rebecca: Well, thank goodness you held back or she might've realized that we're the ones that sent that e-mail about Ethan and Sam Bennett to the tabloid.

Gwen: You did that, not me.

Rebecca: And you're going to thank me for it when you wind up with Ethan.

Mort: Miss Hotchkiss? Is there a name that goes with that smile?

Timmy: "Mice are nice, but Tabby's a witch, so, wand, work your magic and do the switch!"

Tabitha: Rats! I知 still a rodent. When will you learn that tools of the supernatural are not play toys, Timmy? First you conjured Julian Crane down here, then you turn me into a mouse!

Timmy: Mistakes happen. Just like when you got us locked up here in this place.

Tabitha: Fine. So we both made mistakes. Question is how to undo them. I want to know if those kids went into the maze Hecuba created centuries ago. The negative energy and evil that are focused there cause even the happiest couples to have problems -- insurmountable problems that split them apart for good.

Timmy: Why doesn't Tabby just spread the bubonic plague while she's at it?

Tabitha: Can the wisecracks, Timmy, and change me back into a witch so I can find a way to see what's going on above us. Or should I say see whose love is going down in flames. Eek!

Timmy: Tabby?

Kay: Charity, tell us what you saw in your premonition.

Miguel: Charity --

Charity: Look, it's stupid. It's -- it's just stupid, ok?

Miguel: Come on. Why don't you come sit down with me on that bench over there?

Charity: Ok.

Miguel: You probably just need to rest for a minute.

Simone: I wonder what Charity saw in her premonition.

Kay: I bet she saw me and Miguel together. That's why cousin clairvoyant won't admit it. She's afraid it's true. And it will be -- soon.

Simone: Not that again.

Kay: Simone, seriously, Miguel will be mine soon.

Simone: If I had a nickel for every time that you've said --

Kay: It's not just me talking this time. I mean, if Charity's seeing it happen, it's got to come true.

Simone: Kay, you can try for the zillionth time to get Miguel, you could try to make it to the love square first, but you're going to have to beat me and Chad.

Kay: Whatever, Simone.

Simone: Don't "whatever" me. It's time that people start taking me and Chad seriously. We're going to prove to everybody that we're going to be the couple that's going to stay together forever.

Chad: You know, I still feel guilty we ain't told Simone about us yet.

Whitney: Well, trust me, I feel guilty, too, Chad. But we cannot tell her tonight, not with everybody at Sheridan and Luis' engagement party. She's going to be completely embarrassed, hurt and humiliated, and angry -- do not forget about angry.

Chad: Oh, I know, I know. I know what hearing the truth is going to do to her. But, at the same time, I think we have to. So tomorrow, first thing, we're going to come clean with her.

Whitney: Yeah, I know. First thing.

Chad: Ok.

Theresa: Well, now that that's settled, let's just concentrate on tonight, on all four of us happy and in love.

Ethan: Works for me.

Chad: Yeah. Me, too.

Theresa: You know, I wonder if anyone's ever been happier than the four of us are right now.

Chad: Yo, Theresa, you might just want to, you know, tone it down a little bit.

Theresa: Tone what down?

Chad: Well, no, I知 just saying. You know, all this happy talk. You know, you don't want to be tempting fate by, you know, always talking about how good things are because -- you know, I don't know -- fate might throw you a curveball.

Theresa: But that's ridiculous, Chad. I mean, fate's what brought us all together in the first place. And even if it did throw me a curveball, well, it couldn't take away my happiness. I know I値l always have Ethan --

Ethan: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: No matter what.

Mort: So, Miss Hotchkiss, any idea who might've sent the e-mail that ruined Ethan's life?

Gwen: Are you asking me to name names?

Mort: Yeah. You know, a list of suspects would be great. Sort of a high-tech whodunit.

Gwen: Ok. But as far as I知 concerned, there's only one person who could've sent that e-mail, and it's the person that you would never suspect.

Mort: Who?

Gwen: Ok, brace yourself. The name I知 about to give you is going to cause an even bigger scandal than Ethan not

Jessica: Reese --

Reese: What?

Jessica: Stop and listen to me.

Reese: What?

Jessica: You have got to stop trying to prove that Tabitha's a witch.

Reese: I can't, jess. I know Tabitha's a member of the cauldron club. I just have to prove it.

Jessica: How?

Reese: Well, I知 going to catch her doing something -- witchy.

Jessica: "Something witchy"? Reese, we've been all over the estate, and we haven't spotted her since last time we saw her in Mrs. Crane's bedroom.

Reese: Yeah, and how witchy was that?

Jessica: I can't believe that you thought her necklace was glowing and floating.

Reese: Aha! I got you. Well, I saw it, jess. That darn vial is no ordinary piece of jewelry. It's witch wear, being worn by a witch.

Reese: Yeah, and Tabitha's doll's alive.

Reese: You saw him, too?

Jessica: Oh, come on, Reese! Can we please just forget about Tabitha and go back into the party? She's probably gone home by now.

Reese: Oh, no. Witches don't just leave on their own. They have to be burned out. I bet she's around here right now, trying to cause trouble.

Jessica: No, you're the one causing trouble.

Reese: Well -- that's what they said about Copernicus and Galileo. Well, I知 going to find Tabitha and prove she's a witch if it's the last thing I do.

Jessica: Reese!

Reese: Mark my words, Jessica. There's something weird about that old lady and her creepy little doll, too.

Timmy: Tabby. Ugh. Timmy hopes cheese is the next blue light special. Timmy's run out of spells.

Tabitha: Eek! You can't leave me a mouse, Timmy. Who'll protect you if fluffy eats me?

Timmy: Oh, no! What's Timmy going to do?

Tabitha: Think, Timmy, think! Use the pea brain I gave you. Eek!

Timmy: That's it! "Three blind mice, see how they run, bring Tabby back to Timmy so they can have more fun."

Tabitha: Eek! Oh, I feel enormous. Oh, Timmy! Timmy, you did it! You did it.

Timmy: Doesn't he always?

Tabitha: Oh, we haven't got time to open that can of worms now. I have to see what havoc is being wreaked up on the Crane estate.

Ethan: Theresa?

Chad: Now, do I look like Theresa to you, man?

Ethan: Chad.

Theresa: Over here, honey.

Whitney: Where is everyone?

Miguel: Sounds like they're having a great time.

Charity: Miguel, I知 really sorry I知 keeping you from playing the game.

Miguel: No, don't feel guilty, Charity. All right? It's not your fault that you have premonitions sometimes. And, besides, I love being with you. I just want to make sure you feel ok.

Charity: I知 fine. Everything is all right. Ok, then. Let's get a move on. We want to be the first to get to the love square and win the game, right?

Charity: Right.

Miguel: Charity's feeling better, so we're back in the game. And we're going to win this thing. Right?

Charity: Right.

Kay: Charity's going to lose and more than just this game, Simone. She's going to lose Miguel because I知 going to make it to the love square with him first. And then Miguel will be mine.

Mort: Tell me who you think sent the e-mail. If it checks out with the internet provider, my paper will expose them to people in grocery lines all over the world. Ethan will know who hurt him, who destroyed his life. And then he can pay them back like he's been chomping at the bit to do.

Gwen: Ok. I'll tell you who I think sent the e-mail. But, like I said, it's the last person you would suspect.

Mort: Not Ethan's mother?

[Gwen Daydreaming]

Gwen: No. Ethan's bride-to-be, Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald. Mm-hmm.

Tabitha: This was Hecuba's home base till we had our falling out and I banished her to live in that cave down by the old mineshaft for 300 years.

Timmy: Which means?

Tabitha: There has to be another way out of here. I just can't remember where it is.

Timmy: Think, Tabby, think. Timmy doesn't want to be stuck down here forever. He can't live without his martimmys or must-see TV.

Tabitha: Oh, well, look on the bright side, lad -- maybe there'll be an earthquake and enough stones will fall out of the wall so we can get out of here.

Timmy: But what if the earthquake causes the lair to fall in on Timmy and Tabby?

Tabitha: Oh, thanks for bringing that up. My downer doll strikes again.

Timmy: Timmy's only trying to help.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, I know, Timmy. You're trying. I just wish that if we have to be stuck down here, we could at least watch what the fog is doing to those hapless mortals in the maze. Oh, that malevolent mist casts a spell that rocks people's worlds, Timmy.

Timmy: Timmy bets Tabby had fun with Hecuba, messing with people from down here.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, lad. Those were the days. Wreaking havoc while lounging by the pool. The pool. That's it, Timmy -- the pool!

Timmy: What about it?

Tabitha: The pool was once Hecuba's window to the world above.

Timmy: Like the mirror in the cave.

Tabitha: Yes, exactly. And here have I been, lamenting the fact that I can't see what's doing on terra firma, and all I have to do is get this pool up and running. Question is, how?

Timmy: Well, maybe Timmy could cast a spell with the magic wand.

Tabitha: Oh. No, you've caused enough trouble with that already. Ah -- aha.

Timmy: What is it?

Tabitha: Clarifying dust. Ooh. Watch this, Timmy.

Tabitha: Oh! That wretched Ross is still looking for me.

Timmy: His name is Reese, Tabby. Reese.

Tabitha: Oh, whatever. Look, Timmy, you see? The fog is getting thicker on the grounds of the Crane estate.

Timmy: So?

Tabitha: So I know how I知 going to stop that meddling Ross prove that I知 a witch. I知 going to give him such a fright that he'll never bother me again.

Timmy: Tabby's not going to sic fluffy on Reese, is she?

Tabitha: Well, something like that. Oh, I知 planning something so deliciously devious that Ross' life will never be the same again! That's if he lives through it once I知 finished with him.

[Gwen Daydreaming]

Mort: Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald? She e-mailed my paper?

Gwen: Check it out, see for yourself.

Mort: Why would Ethan's fianc馥 do something guaranteed to ruin his life? Doesn't she love him?

Gwen: I don't know, but here they come. Why don't you ask her?

Mort: Oh.

Ethan: Gwen. Hi. Theresa and I are having a great time back in the maze.

Theresa: We must've taken a wrong turn, gotten out by mistake.

Ethan: You want to go back?

Theresa: Sure.

Ethan: Let's go back.

Theresa: Ok.

Ethan: Gwen, do you want to come?

Gwen: I壇 love to, but I知 busy.

Ethan: What the hell are you doing here?

Mort: What can I say? I致e got a thing for crashing Crane parties.

Ethan: I'll have you thrown out of here.

Mort: Uh-uh-uh. You can't give orders to Crane security. You're not a Crane anymore.

Ethan: Yeah, that's right. Guess I'll just have to give you the boot myself.

Gwen: No, wait. Ethan -- this reporter came to tell you who sent the e-mail that ruined your life.

Ethan: What? You know who sent that e-mail?

Mort: Yeah, I think so. First I need you to check out an e-mail address, see if it rings a bell.

Ethan: Ok. What is it?

Gwen: I think you'll recognize it. In fact, I壇 stake my future on it.

Ethan: Well, don't just stand there. Show it to me!

Mort: Look familiar?

Ethan: This can't be. There is no way the e-mail revealing that Sam Bennett was my father could come from this address.

Mort: Oh, but it did, pal.

Ethan: I don't believe you.

Mort: Well, I can show you the e-mail.

Theresa: Ethan, what is it?

Ethan: See for yourself.

Theresa: Is this some kind of joke?

Mort: Nope. The dish on lover boy here came from that e-mail address.

Theresa: But it couldn't have. I mean, this is impossible!

Gwen: Is there something wrong, [Spanish accent] Theresa?

Theresa: He's saying that the information on Ethan's paternity was sent from my computer, but that can't be.

Mort: Well, this e-mail would say otherwise, so -- notice the date, the time, and the sender's address.

Ethan: It's true. You did this to me. You ruined my life!

Theresa: No, Ethan, I did not!

Ethan: How could you lie to me? It's right here in proof, in black and white!

Theresa: But I didn't, Ethan! I swear to you!

Ethan: You are a liar! I can't believe I was going to marry you.

Theresa: Don't say that, Ethan. I love you.

Ethan: Look -- just go, Theresa. Get the hell out of here and the hell out of my life!

Mort: Miss Hotchkiss --

Gwen: Shh. Not now.

Ethan: Look, I mean it, Theresa. I never want to see your deceitful face again!

Theresa: No, Ethan!

Mort: Miss Hotchkiss? Miss Hotchkiss?

Gwen: I知 sorry. What were you saying?

Mort: I知 looking for a name, Miss Hotchkiss. The name of the person you think sent the e-mail?

Gwen: The name. Yes. It's --

Mort: Don't bail on me now, Miss Hotchkiss. Just tell me who you think sent the e-mail. Once I get confirmation, then I can expose them and Ethan can make them suffer big-time for ruining his life. That is what you want, isn't it?

Gwen: Yes.

Mort: So who was it? Hmm? Give me the name. You know you want to.

Theresa: Hey, hey, hey -- fancy meeting you here.

Ethan: Now, come on, you know the rules. We can't go in together. We have to separate and find the love square on our own at the same time to win.

Theresa: Ok. We'll just have to go our separate ways -- after one more kiss.

Ethan: Well, you don't have to twist my arm.

Miguel: I can't wait to get back into the game.

Kay: Oh, me, neither.

Miguel: And just remember, ok, we have to stay separated.

Kay: Right. Separated.

Miguel: So I値l head out first, and then everyone else has to go in different directions.

Charity: Ok.

Simone: Sure.

Kay: Of course. Different directions.

Miguel: Right. I'll see you soon.

Simone: Bye. [Mystical music]

Simone: Charity, are you all right?

Charity: What happened to Miguel and Kay?

Simone: They left. Miguel went that way and Kay went the other.

Tabitha: If that slowpoke Jessica would get a move on, I could get at Ross.

Timmy: It's Reese.

Tabitha: That's what I said.

Reese: Wait. You're deserting me?

Jessica: No. I知 going back in to Sheridan and Luis' engagement party, and I知 hoping you'll come with me.

Reese: But we haven't found Tabitha yet.

Jessica: I am not spending my first time at the Crane estate going on a wild-goose chase for some woman who you think is a witch. Now, are you coming with me or not?

Reese: Not.

Jessica: Fine. Happy hunting.

Reese: Reese Durkee will not be deterred! I知 going to prove that that old woman is not just some dotty maid, but that she's the wicked witch of Harmony.

Tabitha: To hell with you, four eyes.

Tabitha: Oh, Timmy, watch this. It's going to be fun.

Timmy: Timmy doesn't usually like cats, but that one looks kind of sweet. Could Timmy take it home and get rid of fluffy?

Tabitha: Be careful what you ask for, lad. You just might get it.

Timmy: Timmy doesn't understand.

Tabitha: You will, doll face. Watch this.

[Cat meows]

Reese: Well, hey there, cute little kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. What's your name?

[Lion roars]

Timmy: Tabby turned a mild-mannered cat into a man-eating lion?

Tabitha: Indeed I did, doll face. Maybe our feline friend will keep Reese out of my hair for a while.

Reese: Nice kitty. [Lion roars]

Reese: Easy, Simba. Hakuna matata.

[Lion roars]

Reese: Help.

Mort: What are you waiting for, Miss Hotchkiss? Just tell me who you suspect of sending that e-mail.

Gwen: Well, it's only a hunch. I can't prove anything.

Mort: Well, fine. Just give me the name, and I promise I'll check it out before I go to press.

Gwen: Ok. It's --

Mort: What now?

Gwen: You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that nobody despises Ethan enough to torpedo his life like this. He's just -- he's been so obsessed with finding out who sent this e-mail, I guess it's contagious.

Mort: You giving me a name or not?

Gwen: Why don't you talk to Ethan, find out who he suspects?

Mort: You know, that's fine by me, but, you know, Ethan and I -- last time we spoke, we didn't exactly part on good terms.

Gwen: That doesn't matter. Ethan just wants to find out who sent this e-mail. Once I talk to him and convince him that you can help us, he'll talk to you. Excuse me. Have you seen Ethan? Waiter: I think I heard something about him going out to the garden maze.

Gwen: The maze. Thank you. I'll find Ethan, and then you can tell him the e-mail address of the person who sent the information that ruined his life. Gwen's voice: I can't wait to see the look on Ethan's face when he learns that e-mail address is Theresa's.

Tabitha: Did you see Ross' face when that nice kitty morphed into a huge lion? Oh, where's a camera when you need one? Now back to business. Let's see what that fog is doing to undo Charity and Miguel. Well, look. Look, Timmy. Charity is in the maze. She and Miguel must've gone in there after all. Them being there in the maze will boost the effect of the fog. [Mystical music] [Giggling]

Charity: Miguel? Kay?

Timmy: Timmy doesn't see Miguel and Kay. Why does Charity?

Tabitha: Well, that's what the maze and the fog do, Timmy. Not only to they cause people to see things that aren't there, they cause people to see their own worst fears, face things that they don't want to face. Well, take Charity for example. Now, her worst fear is of losing Miguel. And, of course, her sub conscience recognizes that Kay's a threat. Ergo, Charity sees Kay and Miguel together.

Timmy: That's not a problem for Timmy.

Tabitha: Look, look, look -- Timmy -- Chad, Whitney, and Simone, all alone in different areas of the maze.

Timmy: Looks like they're coming together.

Tabitha: Yes. Well, that's what they do. The maze and the fog are working together to focus negative energy. I dare say that means that something dreadfully evil is about to begin.

[Mystical music]

Whitney: What is this door doing here?

Tabitha: Welcome to the dark side version of "let's make a deal." I can't wait till Whitney opens that door.

[Mystical music]

Chad: Hey.

Simone: Chad, we can't go through the maze together. It's against the rules.

Chad: I can't help it. I want to be with you.

Tabitha: Oh, look, Timmy -- Chad's chasing the wrong sister. And now Ethan's come into view.

Timmy: Timmy wonders what his worst fears are.

Tabitha: I don't know, but I知 sure the fog has something in store for him.

Tabitha: There's that reporter from the tabloid that ran the story on Ethan being Sam's son.

Timmy: And Gwen's with him.

Tabitha: Oh, yes. Gwen. She's still out for revenge on Theresa. Well, I知 sure the fog has something explosive in store for all of them.

Mort: So even if you can get Ethan to talk to me, how are you going to find him in the maze?

[Mystical music]

Mort: Did you hear that?

Mort: Miss Hotchkiss? Miss Hotchkiss? Where'd she go?

Tabitha: Good question, you muckraking fool. Watch where Gwen ends up, Timmy.

Ethan: Gwen? Why are you here?

Gwen: I知 not sure.

Mort: Miss Hotchkiss?

Theresa: Oh. Sorry.

Mort: Lady, why don't you just --

Theresa: I feel I致e been walking in -- circles.

Mort: You're Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

Theresa: You're the reporter that exposed Ethan as Sam Bennett's son.

Mort: Yeah. Yeah, so how about answering a couple questions for me, Miss Lopez Fitzgerald?

Tabitha: The e-mail! Ask her about the e-mail!

Timmy: Theresa has no idea she's being set up.

Tabitha: Oh, isn't this wonderful, Timmy? We're just minutes away from mayhem.

[Reese screams]

Reese: Jess, we have to hurry! There's a big, hungry lion heading straight for us!

Jessica: Did you say a lion?

Reese: Yeah, yeah! I could feel his breath steaming up my coat!

Jessica: Well, I heard the Cranes had attack dogs, but I didn't know they had a lion.

[Reese screams]

Jessica: Reese --

Reese: Hmm?

Jessica: The lion you saw --

Reese: Yeah?

Jessica: Is a house cat.

Reese: No. That's no ordinary cat, jess. I saw it turn into a lion!

Jessica: You know what I think?

Reese: That Tabitha tried to kill me before I could prove she was a witch?

Jessica: You're a really smart guy, Reese, but you need to stop trying to prove that Tabitha's a witch and start getting a grip on your incredibly overactive imagination. It's just an ordinary house cat. See? Look.

Reese: Ok. It is a felis catus, not a panthera leo.

Jessica: So you were wrong about this. So you could be wrong about Tabitha being a witch, right?

Reese: Uh-uh. I saw her with a mermaid tail. And I saw her doll Timmy alive, too!

Jessica: Just like you saw this cat morph into a lion?

Reese: Ok. Maybe I do need new glasses -- or that medication my parents have been wanting me to take.

Jessica: Both are something to think about. But in the meantime, can we just find everybody and go back to the party?

Reese: Ok.

Jessica: Come on. Come on. Go. Go. [Cat roars like a lion]

Tabitha: My ploy worked, Timmy. Ross should stay off our backs for a while now. Well, let's see what else the maze is doing. Oh, yes, that's right -- clarifying dust. Ooh! You know, if we get to spend eternity down here watching this sort of entertainment, it won't be so bad after all, will it? Huh? [Mystical music]

Chad: Hey, wait for me.

Chad: I love you. And only you.

Simone: I love you, too, Chad.

Whitney: What am I doing in Chad's room? Chad? You know, this is so weird. Ok, we're in a maze at the Crane mansion, and then all of a sudden this heavy fog comes in and the next thing I know -- Chad, are you even listening to what I知 saying?

Chad: Whitney, what are you doing here? You know we can't see each other.

Whitney: What are you talking about?

Chad: Whitney, we agreed. We agreed to never see each other again.

Charity: Miguel? Miguel? Miguel, where are you? [Mystical music]

Charity: Oh, my God.

Ethan: Gwen, what are you doing here?

Gwen: I have someone for you to talk to.

Ethan: Oh, well, I'll speak to them later, but let's get out of this maze first. [Voices]

Ethan: I hear voices. Did you --

Theresa: How can you say that?

Mort: Just think of me as a small town Edward r. Morrow.

Theresa: No. You're a liar.

Mort: Hey, all I did was expose the truth. And you know what? The truth was handed to me on a silver platter.

Ethan: Where have I heard that voice before? It sounds like that tabloid reporter, the one that broke the story about me not being a Crane. But who is he talking to?

Mort: Do you know how I felt when I opened that e-mail and saw the file attached? That e-mail destroyed Ethan Crane.

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