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Passions Transcript Friday 5/25/01

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Tabitha: I can feel it, Timmy. We're very close to Hecuba's lair.

Timmy: Tabitha, look.

Tabitha: Ooh -- the vial is going to lead us. Lead us, vial. Show us the way to the mysterious object that we need to separate Charity and Miguel. Of course, if Charity and Miguel went into the maze, we might not need the object at all.

Timmy: Why?

Tabitha: I told you, lad. Because the maze attracts evil and negative energy, affecting all the couples who enter into it. Hecuba created it hundreds of years ago on what is now the Crane property.

Timmy: Hecuba created the maze?

Tabitha: Oh, yes. Definitely one of her finer moments. Hmm. Oh, we had some witching good times down here, Timmy, the two of us. We developed this potion, and we used it to foul up things between couples. Oh! Oh, the sweet havoc we wreaked among mortal minds.

Timmy: Maybe the potion's still down here.

Tabitha: Hmm. That's probably too much to ask for -- hoping to find that potion. But what we can hope for is that some of Harmony's brightest couples find their way into the maze tonight. And if they do, their relationships will be damaged beyond repair. If they go beyond the maze's gate, they'll be doomed.

Chad: Wait a minute. Back up here, man. The maze is supposed to do what?

Ethan: Well, it reveals true love. Look, it said the maze will bring together couples that are supposed to be together. But it also reveals lies and uncovers secrets.

Theresa's voice: What if Ethan learns my secret -- that I knew he wasn't a Crane and didn't tell him?

Kay: Simone, this is way creepy. I mean, what if --

Simone: The maze reveals your scheme to seduce Miguel, get pregnant, and steal him away from Charity? Hmm -- I wonder how that would go over.

Ethan: What's wrong? What, none of you want to go in?

Chad: Well, I don't know, man. I mean --

Kay: It just kind of freaks us out a little. That's all.

Ethan: No. Look, the maze is fun. Don't be scared off by what I've said. And it's just a legend. It's not real. Come on.

Chad: All right. I知 game. Let's go.

Ethan: Great.

Theresa: Wait, wait. Wait a minute. I mean, like, when was this maze built? How long has it been here?

Ethan: Well, I知 not sure exactly, but my -- Julian told me that this was here before the Crane mansion was ever built. You guys are going to love it. I mean, there are dozens and dozens of passageways. I mean, I used to run through here all the time when I was a kid. You know, and the maze is arranged in a way that you can't even tell how it works from the air.

Whitney: Ok, but, Ethan, how does it work?

Simone: Is it like a game or maybe a --

Ethan: Yes, yes, it's like a game -- a game for lovers. Look, the legend in the maze shows whether or not lovers are truly meant to be together.

Kay: This maze will definitely show that Miguel and I are supposed to be together.

Theresa: It's just an old wives' tale, right? I mean, the thing about revealing secrets? Let's just go in there and have fun.

Whitney: Yeah. Yeah, we'll have fun.

Ethan: You know, Chad, from what I saw earlier, I guess you haven't told Simone that you're in love with her sister yet, huh?

Chad: Whitney didn't want to embarrass her at the party.

Ethan: Yeah, of course.

Simone: I知 ready to go into the maze with my boyfriend.

Sam: Look, I think I've had enough of this.

Ivy: Oh. You can't just get up and walk out.

Sam: Look, I want to go home to my wife.

Ivy: But she wants you --

Sam: Look, I know she wants us to spend time together, resolve things. I just don't have any feelings for you, Ivy.

Ivy: Well, I知 not convinced.

Sam: Well, I知 not sure that concerns me.

Ivy: Well, it should. Grace won't be convinced until I am convinced.

Sam: Well, I don't know what more I can do, short of getting a court order.

Ivy: She wants to hear it from me, Sam. Grace needs to know that I know.

Sam: Well, I知 not sure that I can trust that you're going to keep your word, Ivy.

Ivy: Cross my heart.

Sam: So you're going to call her and tell her that I don't have any feelings for you?

Ivy: Yes -- just as soon as you convince me.

Sam: How?

Ivy: Come up to my bedroom.

Julian: If you could take the guns down the hall to the first room on the right -- the door's open, there's a safe inside. Put the guns in there. I'd be forever in your debt. Oh.

Luis: Yeah, sure.

Julian: All right.

Julian: Yes.

Alistair: And how is our plan to split Luis and Sheridan developing? And I want good news.

Julian: Everything is running perfectly, father. Luis suspects nothing.

Alistair: And Sheridan?

Julian: Well, she's receiving a very unsettling phone call as we speak.

Deedee: Damn it, you promised you would make love to me tonight, that you would make some time for me. I hate this party, and I hate being alone. Now, come make love to me like you promised. Come on, baby. You told me that spoiled little debutante had nothing compared to me, remember? So prove it to me, big boy. Come to me. Forget little Miss Moneybag because I've got everything you've ever needed.

Kay: So, how does the maze reveal when a couple's truly in love?

Ethan: Well, legend has it that in the center of the maze is a love square.

Chad: Oh, love square, you-all. [All laugh]

Ethan: Yes, and the first couple to make it to the square will live and love together forever, and all that is good will be bestowed on them.

Charity: Ooh. Well, I hope it's us. I hope that we get there first.

Kay's voice: Fat chance.

Ivy: Shall we?

Sam: Your bedroom is about the last place that I'd like to be right now.

Ivy: What's the matter, Sam? Afraid you can't resist me?

Sam: Hardly. Look, I知 sorry that sounded kind of harsh, but I don't think your bedroom is the proper place for me to be.

Ivy: Would you relax, Sam? I知 not trying to seduce you.

Sam: No?

Ivy: No. I just want to show you some more pictures of Ethan, some trophies. We had such a good time looking through the album today. I thought you might enjoy getting to know a little bit more about your son's life.

Sam: Is that all?

Ivy: Promise.

Sam: All right. I would like to learn a little bit more about Ethan, but I知 warning you -- if this is another one of your tricks --

Ivy: You have my word. No tricks.

Deedee: Fine. If you won't come to me, then I知 going to come to you. I don't care what your rich little fianc馥 has to say. I知 going to find you, lover. Now, meet me where you said you would. I'll be waiting. Come to me now, baby.

Sheridan: What is going on? Who is this?

Alistair: Let's hope the phone call does the trick, then.

Julian: How could it miss?

Alistair: And the modifications that I made to your plan -- they're being followed to the letter, yes?

Julian: Yes. I assure you, I've taken care of everything. The plan is for Sheridan to ultimately discover the Luis imposter in bed with another woman. Everything's going according to plan. I知 sure Sheridan's still on her phone call to Deedee, staggered by what she's hearing. And Luis -- he hasn't a clue as to what we're up to.

Luis: You're wrong. I know exactly what you're up to.

Deedee: Sheridan wants to know who it is.

Rebecca: So, just -- just ask her who she is.

Deedee: Who is this?

Sheridan: Sheridan Crane.

Rebecca: Brava! Deedee, brava. Oh, I can't wait to tell Julian that the first part of our plan went off without a hitch.

Luis: You don't think I have any idea what you're up to?

Alistair: Whatever could you mean, Luis?

Luis: Everyone warned me about this party, that you had an ulterior motive. And I believed them. Don't have to warn me that the Cranes are up to something. The Cranes are always up to something.

Julian: Really, Luis. After all we've done -- throwing this engagement party for you and Sheridan -- is this how you respond?

Luis: Oh, no, it's worked, Julian. You've made Sheridan a very happy woman. She actually started to believe that you and Alistair actually care about her. Well, I even started to believe it myself. But I know your motive. I see the reason that you're throwing this party. You're trying to make nice with me, trying to soften me up so I'll forget about my father's disappearance.

Alistair: Luis, please, that's ridiculous.

Luis: I知 not here to cause a scene. I知 just putting the both of you on notice. I知 never going to forget about what happened to my father. And I'll follow any lead. If it leads to you, Alistair, or if that leads to you, Julian, heaven help you. [Door slams]

Julian: Fantastic speech, wouldn't you say, father?

Alistair: We always did know the Lopez Fitzgeralds were a passionate bunch. Keep me informed, Julian. Luis thinks he can threaten, but he's utterly in the dark. He'll never find a lead concerning his father's disappearance because, after tonight, he'll never be this close to the Crane family again. Get to work.

Julian: God. I have to relax, take my mind off everything. Oh. Hmm. To success.

Eve's voice: It seems that I was wrong your magic lingers on every moment you're gone I taste your kiss

Julian: Ah, Eve. If only father hadn't torn us apart oh so many years ago.

Eve's voice: Gave me such a rush

T.C.: So, sweetheart, you having an ok time?

Eve: Oh, I知 having as ok a time as I can have at the Crane mansion.

T.C.: You know I am never comfortable here.

Eve: T.C.?

T.C.: Yes, honey.

Eve: I know you don't like to talk about your past, your knee, or the shed, hatred of Julian Crane. But is there anything that I can do to help?

T.C.: No, but it's great to know that I have a very supportive wife. And I promise not to embarrass you tonight.

Eve: What?

T.C.: Well, sweetheart, you know how I am. Every time I知 at one of these Crane functions, I知 always ready to come to blows with Julian. But I promise, tonight I知 going to keep my temper in check. Unless I walk in on you and Julian making love. Sweetheart, do you remember when we were at the hospital and I was -- well, we were all looking at the D.N.A. test results for Chad?

Eve: Yeah.

T.C.: Sweetheart, I can't believe that I started to think that you and Julian once had an affair. I知 sorry for suspecting something like that.

Pilar: Luis? Did you help Julian move his guns?

Luis: Yeah, part of it. I had a little heart to heart with Julian and Alistair before we could finish.

Pilar: About what?

Luis: I just wanted to let them know that I知 not giving up trying to find out what happened to papa.

Pilar: You didn't anger them, did you?

Luis: So what if I did?

Pilar: Well, if they weren't planning on destroying your relationship with Sheridan before, they will now.

Luis: Mama, look. Sheridan and I love each other, ok? Now, there's nothing they can do to separate us.

Sheridan: Luis?

Luis: Yeah?

Sheridan: Did you ask some woman to meet you here at the party?

Sam: You keep pictures of your son in a safe?

Ivy: Well, there are some things I don't want Julian to see.

Sam: What's that?

Ivy: Nothing.

Sam: My -- when was this taken?

Ivy: Oh, at the summer carnival one year. I knew you'd be at the Police Department's booth, so I had Pilar bring Ethan over so you could have your picture taken together.

Sam: Why send Pilar?

Ivy: I was afraid that if you saw me with Ethan, you would know he was yours. It's a good picture, don't you think? Father, son. For years, that picture was all I had. And when things got tough -- well, I don't have to tell you about my marriage with Julian. You know what it is -- what it was. That picture -- it always reminded me of you, of us. And I cherished it. I still do. For a long time, that picture was all I had in the world.

Ethan: So is everyone ready?

Miguel: Yep.

Charity: We are. Can we go in first?

Ethan: Well, actually, I forgot to tell you, you can't go in as a couple.

Chad: What?

Miguel: Why not?

Ethan: That's one of the rules. You have to go in separately, at least five seconds between. And you can't go in and then wait for your significant other. That's why the game is so hard. You have to find the love square on your own, separately.

Chad: The game's getting a little tough, ain't it?

Ethan: Well, hey, no one said true love was easy.

Simone: Oh, no. I don't want to hear another word how you and Miguel are going to come out of that maze with your arms around each other.

Kay: You'll see.

Simone: No, you'll see. Chad and I are going to meet in that love square together, and nobody's going to stop us.

Ethan: Ok, people. Let the game begin.

Chad: Let's do it.

Theresa: Wait, wait. What's this?

Ethan: Oh -- oh, yeah, that's the plaque. I forgot about that.

Chad: Oh, yeah? What does it say, man?

Theresa: "Enter here only those pure of heart, pure of intentions and love, and those with nothing to hide. All others, may God have mercy on your soul."

Eve: What do you think you're doing?

Julian: Just being a friend, saying hello.

Eve: Just leave me alone, Julian, because you know that T.C. will go crazy if he sees us together.

Julian: You know, I was just thinking or -- ahem -- I was remembering a certain night many years ago when I first heard you sing at the club. I happened to be listening to a tape of you just now. Stunning voice. Dazzling.

Eve: Where did you get a tape of me singing?

Julian: I had it made when we were together. I was going to promote your career, but then --

Eve: I got pregnant and you abandoned me. Not that that matters now, but that tape does matter. What are you trying to do, Julian? Destroy me?

Julian: Never.

Eve: I have worked very hard to keep my past a secret. If someone hears that tape -- especially T.C. -- I'll lose everything.

Julian: I知 sorry, darling, but that tape and others like it are among my prized possessions. I listen to it whenever I want to be taken back to the past, what we had.

Eve: Yes, well, look what secrets of the past have done for your family, for the Bennett痴, for Ethan. Just leave the past alone, Julian, and leave me alone. You got it?

Julian: If only things had been different between us, sweet Eve. If only I'd had the courage to stand up to my father.

Sheridan: Who was calling you, Luis?

Luis: Calling me?

Sheridan: I don't understand who would do this.

Luis: Well, the only people who have my cell phone number besides you are -- Police Department and my family -- Theresa, Miguel -- Mom, did you just call me?

Pilar: No.

Sheridan: No, I would've recognized your mother's voice. This voice -- I had never heard it before.

Luis: It was a woman?

Sheridan: Asking you to meet her somewhere.

Luis: What, she asked for me specifically, Luis Lopez Fitzgerald?

Sheridan: You know what? I don't remember her saying your name.

Luis: Yeah. Must've been a wrong number.

Pilar: What else did she say?

Sheridan: Well, she mentioned a party and meeting you -- not specifically you, but whoever she was calling. Did you ask anyone to meet you here tonight?

Luis: No.

Pilar: Sounds suspicious, doesn't it? I warned you about the Cranes trying to do something at the party.

Sheridan: No, if my family was going to try to do something to us, they wouldn't do it with a phone call.

Luis: Oh, hold on. You know what? Could be the guys at the station playing a joke. They know the party's tonight. I'll get to the bottom of this right now.

Rebecca: Look like trouble in paradise.

Tabitha: We're here.

Timmy: Timmy doesn't see anything.

Tabitha: That's exactly how Hecuba wanted it. But yours truly remembers the secret entrance. Watch this.

Tabitha: Open sesame! [Tabitha laughs]

Tabitha: This is it, Timmy. This is the place where we can ruin the lives of everyone in Harmony.

Ivy: You know, I suppose I don't have to keep the rest of these photos in my safe anymore -- well, now that the entire world knows my secret, huh? Maybe I should just put them up on the wall, let the whole world see.

Sam: Damn it, Ivy, I told you not to pull any of your tricks.

Ivy: It's not a trick, Sam. I was just showing you some pictures.

Sam: Oh, God.

Ivy: You know, instead of accusing me of trying to manipulate you, maybe you should ask yourself why these photos make you so angry, Sam. They're just old pictures. You have nothing to fear from a bunch of old photographs of us. Unless, of course, you're worried that these pictures might awaken some feelings you've buried deep inside of you. Is that what's going on, Sam? Are you afraid that these pictures could spark the fire that you used to feel for me?

Rebecca: Look at him, squirming, desperately trying to explain the phone call. Deedee, you were magnificent.

Deedee: Yes, I was, wasn't I?

Luis: All right. Sorry to bother you. Guys at the station house swear up and down that it wasn't them.

Sheridan: It's so strange. I don't know what to think now.

Luis: I guess it's just a hell of a wrong number.

Sheridan: If only you had heard it.

Luis: Mom, you ok?

Pilar: I知 fine. I知 going to go mingle a little bit, enjoy the party. I'll see you two later, hmm?

Luis: All right.

Sheridan: Ok.

Luis: Guess some guy out there is in a hell of a lot of trouble, huh?

Sheridan: Big time.

Luis: Yeah.

Sheridan: I知 just happy to know I can trust you no matter what.

Luis: No matter what.

Rebecca: What is going on? This was supposed to cause a big fight!

Julian: What? Dear Lord, don't tell me it brought them closer together.

Rebecca: Julian, our plan is not working. It is not working at all.

Julian: Ah

Tabitha: This is it, Timmy. You see? Kay's soul isn't glowing anymore.

Timmy: And that means?

Tabitha: That means that the object we're looking for to separate Charity and Miguel is somewhere here in Hecuba's lair.

Timmy: But what is it?

Tabitha: I don't know. Maybe it's one of these potions, perhaps. Oh, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, be careful. Oh. Oh. Now, listen -- these potions are incredibly powerful. If you broke the wrong one, it could kill both of us.

Timmy: Timmy's sorry. He didn't know.

Tabitha: No, well, that's all right, lad. Just -- just let me handle everything around here, ok?

Timmy: You're the witch, Tabby.

Tabitha: Yes, that I am. Oh, Timmy. The havoc we wreaked upon the good citizens of Harmony from this place. What sweet memories.

Timmy: It's kind of stuffy down here.

Tabitha: Yes, well, don't worry. Once we find the object that will rip Charity and Miguel apart, we'll get out of here and go straight to work. How does that sound? [Noise]

Timmy: It sounds like rumbling.

Tabitha: No! No, damn it! No, we've got to stop that stone closing! Oh, bloody hell.

Timmy: But, Tabby, isn't there a way to open the door on this side of the wall?

Tabitha: No! No, that -- that stone was supposed to stay open until we left. There's no other way out, Timmy. Now we're trapped like rats in a cage.

Timmy: Does that mean Timmy and Tabby won't be able to separate Miguel and Charity?

Tabitha: It means worse than that, Timmy.

Timmy: Oh, Timmy hates to ask, but how much worse?

Tabitha: Well, it could mean that we're -- we're trapped in here for all eternity.

Timmy: Oh, no! No more Martimmys? Nada.

Sam: There are no feelings inside me to be awakened, Ivy. You need to let go of the past.

Ivy: Well, I can't. It was the best time of my life.

Sam: Maybe for you. But my best times have been with Grace.

Ivy: No. No, that can't be true.

Sam: The past is the past.

Ivy: But ours was never resolved, Sam. And love and passion -- those aren't things that just stop because a certain amount of time has elapsed!

Sam: Our past is alive only because you're keeping it alive. These photos have you clinging to something that was over a long time ago.

Ivy: Because we were ripped apart.

Sam: No, you kept us apart.

Ivy: And I was sorry about that, but I kept you close. The locket you gave me -- I kept it with me always. I wanted to keep your love with me.

Sam: No. No. I don't have feelings for you anymore. Now, you keep it, you wear it, whatever you want to do with it. But it has nothing to do with what's really going on, and you know it.

Ivy: What are you doing?

Sam: These belong in your safe. They don't belong in the real world. These pictures are your past, like our love. It's over, Ivy.

Ethan: Is everyone ready?

Chad: Yeah. Let's do this.

Ethan: Ok. I知 going to go in first, then everyone follow separately.

Miguel: Got it.

Ethan: And I will see you in the love square.

Ethan: Ok, Theresa, you next.

Chad: Good luck. Via con dios!

Simone: The love square is waiting for us, Chad.

Whitney: Chad, I hate this. I feel so horrible for her.

Chad: All right, well, hey, look. We'll tell her the truth, all right, once we can figure out a way not to embarrass her. But for now, we're going to have some fun, all right? So let me see that smile. Let me see it. Yeah, there it is. I'll see you soon.

Whitney: Ok.

Ethan: Everybody in?

Miguel: Almost.

Charity: I am so excited.

Miguel: We're going to get there first, right?

Charity: Oh, yeah. [Charity laughs]

Kay: Half right. He'll be there with me.

T.C.: I just saw you with Julian. What'd he want?

Eve: Just hospital business.

T.C.: Well, he touched your arm.

Eve: Honey, please. Don't let Julian get to you.

T.C.: Yeah, you're right, honey. Maybe I just need to just get away from this party for a minute, just clear my head.

Eve: I'll join you in a minute.

T.C.: Ok. Sounds good.

Eve: T.C., If you find out about Julian and me, you'd never stay calm. You'd kill Julian -- and me.

Luis: You hungry?

Sheridan: For food?

Luis: Why don't I go rustle us up something to eat.

Sheridan: Sounds great.

Luis: All right.

Sheridan: I love you.

Luis: I love you, too.

Sheridan: Don't be long.

Luis: I won't.

Rebecca: Oh, I thought at the very least that phone call would provoke a screaming match.

Julian: No, no, no. Patience, Rebecca. We're laying the foundation. We're planting the seeds of doubt in Sheridan's mind. Once she sees the imposter with Deedee, she'll have to buy it.

Fake Luis: You ready for me now?

Rebecca: Where's the mask?

Fake Luis: It was getting too hot. I can put it on quick. Don't worry.

Julian: Then do it!

Rebecca: Amazing.

Julian: It's just uncanny. Luis and Sheridan will never know what hit them.

Timmy: For all eternity? Isn't there any other way out?

Tabitha: I can't remember one.

Timmy: Timmy needs air. Timmy's going to pass out.

Tabitha: Oh, pull yourself together, lad.

Timmy: A window. A window will do. Timmy needs a window.

Tabitha: A window? We're more than a hundred feet underground, you twit.

Timmy: A window. Where's a window? Timmy needs to find a window. Timmy needs to find a window. Timmy --

Tabitha: Oh -- oh. Now you've done it, Timmy. Oh, forget being here for all eternity. We could be dead in a matter of minutes.

T.C.: "Julian Crane, club champion." That's bull. Should've been mine. [Music plays]

Eve's voice: I thought I knew I could live

T.C.: That voice.

Eve's voice: Without you I could tell if I fell under your spell

Eve: Oh, that's me singing. Julian must've left the tape running. Well, I better get in there before T.C. hears it because I could never explain how Julian got that tape.

Sam: You are the one keeping this fantasy alive, not me.

Ivy: It wasn't a fantasy, Sam. It was real. Our past was real. What is happening now is real. I知 not the one keeping this alive, Sam. We are. You remember what it was like between us. I know you do. Can't you feel it now, Sam? Can't you feel the fire?

Simone: This is unreal. Chad, you there?

Ethan: Miguel, Charity, Kay, are you guys in?

Miguel: I知 going in first.

Charity: Ok.

Miguel: I'll see you soon. [Charity laughs]

Kay: Oh -- I'll go in next, Charity.

Tabitha: Oh. Oh, you've broken the vial, Timmy. We're done for!

Timmy: What is it? What has Timmy done?

Tabitha: Wait -- wait a minute. I think you've found it.

Timmy: Found what?

Tabitha: The potion. That potion I was telling you about. The potion that confuses people in relationships. Hecuba used it to cause all sorts of pain and suffering. Oh, Tim Tim, this mist, when it hits the good people of Harmony, they can all kiss their romances good-bye.

Julian: What? Is something bothering you?

Rebecca: So many things could go wrong -- I mean, even if the Luis imposter does look perfect.

Julian: The plan will work. Luis and Sheridan are history.

Rebecca: You seem so sure.

Julian: They don't stand a chance. I want to see the look on Sheridan's face when phase two of our plan kicks in. Huh.

Sheridan: I wonder who that crazy woman was who called Luis. Some poor guy's going to get an earful when he gets home tonight.

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