Passions Transcript Monday 10/4/99

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Passions Transcript Monday 10/4/99

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Grace: I think the benefit's going well. Don't you, Eve?

Eve: Very well. And it's all thanks to your hard work as co-chairperson that the flea market is making so much money.

Grace: Well, as the wife of Harmony's new Police Chief, I'd like this to be the most successful Police benefit ever.

Eve: It will be. Sam has every right to be so proud of you, Grace. Grace, who's that boy over there with Simone?

Grace: I've never seen him before. He looks like a nice boy.

Simone: How about this one?

Chad: It's a little tight.

Simone: Well, let me zip it. It may look better. The zipper's stuck.

Chad: Well, let me try.

Luis: Sam. T.C.

Sam: Hey, Luis.

T.C.: Hey, Luis.

Luis: Chief, you said you wanted to see me?

Sam: Yeah. We've been getting some reports of some petty theft here at the benefit.

Luis: Suspects? Descriptions?

Sam: No, no so far. But I want you to walk around, make yourself visible. It might discourage any possible thieves.

Luis: Yeah, I'll keep my eye out.

Sam: Thanks, Luis.

Luis: Sure.

Sheridan: So, when does the girls' basketball team practice?

Jessica: We don't have a team.

Sheridan: Why not?

Luis: Hey, the girls never asked to have their own team, ok?

Sheridan: Well, did you ever think to ask them if they'd like one?

Luis: Look, we're shorthanded on volunteers as it is. I can only do so much, and it takes a lot of time to learn to play basketball well.

Sheridan: Oh, it can't be that difficult to learn to play.

Luis: It's plenty difficult. Not that you'd know anything about that.

Sheridan: Oh, come on. Bouncing a ball and throwing it in a hoop? It's not exactly rocket science.

Luis: Ok, then. How about a game? You and me, one-on-one when the guys finish practice.

Sheridan: You're on.

Luis: You ready? Ooh. Go ahead. Shoot from the foul line.

[Luis whistles]

Luis: No, you see, that would be the foul line.

Sheridan: Oh, thank you so much.

Luis: Go ahead. I'm not going to block it.

Sheridan: I think I've had enough.

Luis: What can I tell you? It's a guys' game. Cranes -- they have everything they've ever wanted handed them their whole lives. And Sheridan Crane -- she doesn't have a clue how to work hard to be good at something.

Robert: Miss Crane, are you sure you really want to do this?

Sheridan: Call me Sheridan. And, yes, I want to do this, Robert.

Robert: Ok. I'm not going to make it easy. If you want to learn how to play basketball, I'm going to make you work and work hard.

Sheridan: I'll do whatever it takes.

Robert: You sound determined.

Sheridan: Oh, I am. I am determined to show a certain cop named Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald a lesson he will never forget.

Timmy: Now nobody will suspect Timmy isn't a doctor. Timmy has to figure out what Tabitha's doing to get rid of that brat, Charity. But which room is Charity in? Information desk! Now all Timmy has to do is figure out a way to get over there without being seen.

Miguel: She's waking up. Charity. Charity, it's me, Miguel. I'm right here. Charity -- it's me, Miguel. Do you recognize me now?

[Charity screams]

Miguel: Charity, Charity, it's all right. It's me, Miguel.

Charity: Miguel! No! Get away from me! Get away from me! Go!

Tabitha: Well, this is a lovely turn of events. She's obviously terrified of the boy. But why?

Charity: Go. Go. Get out of here. Go.

Kay's voice: Well, what do you know? My plan worked. There may be hope for me and Miguel after all.

Charity: Get out. Get out. Get away from me! Get away from me!

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Chad: Simone, you are so beautiful. I can't believe I found you. I've been looking for a girl like you all my life.

Eve: Simone? Simone? Simone?

Simone: Would you hold on for one second? I'll be right back. Please don't go anywhere.

Chad: I won't.

Simone: Ok. What is it, mom?

Eve: Well, who's that boy you're talking to?

Simone: I don't know. He was looking for a jacket, and I was helping him look for a jacket.

Eve: Hmm. Well, I want you to stay away from him.

Simone: But why?

Eve: Because I don't know who he is and he looks like a street kid.

Simone: Mom, that isn't fair. He's so nice.

Eve: No. He's definitely bad news.

Simone: Mom, I can't believe you're being so judgmental. You don't even know him.

Eve: Well, neither do you. So just do as I say.

[Pager beeps]

Eve: The hospital.

Grace: You think it's Charity?

Eve: Find out in a minute. It's Dr. Russell. Oh, she is? All right. I'll be right there. It's Charity. She's gained consciousness.

Grace: Thank God.

Eve: I have to get down there.

Grace: I'm going to go with you.

Eve: You, remember what I said.

Simone: But, mom --

Eve: That's final, Simone.

Sam: Grace, you're leaving? What's going on?

Grace: It's Charity. She's awake.

Sam: You're kidding me.

Grace: No.

Eve: We're heading to the hospital right now.

Grace: Can you guys look after things?

Sam: Just go. I'll meet you there later.

T.C.: Don't worry about a thing. We'll take care of everything here.

Grace: Ok, thanks.

Eve: See you later.

T.C.: All right. I hope this means Charity's going to be all right.

Sam: Yeah. It's bad enough Grace lost her twin sister, Faith. I mean, if she loses her niece, too, I don't know what she'll do.

Timmy: Timmy could figure out which room Charity's in if he could only get to that desk. But how can Timmy get over there without being seen?

Nurse: What's going on here?

Miguel: Charity woke up.

Nurse: I heard her scream. What did you do?

Miguel: Nothing. I -- she woke up, and she started screaming. I tried to calm her down, but she just gets more upset. Why?

Nurse: I don't know.

Kay's voice: Stay away from Miguel. Stay away from Miguel.

Kay: Miguel, maybe you should leave. I mean, if you're upsetting Charity.

Nurse: Yes. Could you please wait outside?

Jessica: It's ok, Miguel.

Kay: Would it be all right if I talk to her alone? I'm her cousin and her best friend.

Nurse: All right. She seems calmer now. But try not to excite her again.

Kay: Oh, I won't. I promise.

Nurse: All right. I'm going to go call Dr. Russell.

Kay: Hey, Charity. Do you remember me? I'm your cousin Kay.

Charity: No. I don't remember you. But there's something about your voice that's familiar.

Kay: Good. It worked.

Charity: What worked?

Kay: Oh, nothing. Never mind. I'm here to help you.

Charity: Oh. Thank you.

Kay: You're welcome. Don't worry. I'm your best friend.

Tabitha: Damn, that girl is good.

Jessica: It's not your fault, Miguel.

Miguel: I can't understand it. I mean, Charity almost seemed afraid of me. Why would she be afraid of me?

Jessica: I don't know.

Miguel: Thank God Kay's with her. I know she'll do everything she can to help Charity.

Jessica's voice: What is Kay up to now?

Chad: No, not yet. I couldn't get the zipper to work on that one.

Simone: Ok, um -- well, I could help you find something else.

Chad: 40 bucks.

Simone: Ok.

Chad: 60 bucks. Man, I ain't never going to find a jacket I can afford.

Simone: Well, sure you will. We just have to keep looking.

Luis: All quiet, Chief.

Sam: Good. Thanks.

Luis: Yeah. How about some of that delicious pie and some coffee?

T.C.: So, Luis, Sam tells me that Sheridan Crane is working for you at the Youth Center.

Luis: Ha, ha. And not by choice, believe me. I mean, she smashes into my Police car, and I'm the one who gets punished. She gets 100 hours of community service.

Sam: So, I guess things aren't working out.

Luis: No, she's spoiled rotten. She's never worked a day in her life. And she just gets on me, like fingernails on a chalkboard.

T.C.: She's really beautiful. Real knockout.

Woman: Here you go.

Luis: Thanks. Yeah, she's ok to look at. She's got an attitude, just like the rest of the Cranes. You know, thinks she's better than everyone.

T.C.: She's that bad, huh?

Luis: Well, she's already trying to start running things.

Sam: Oh, yeah? How?

Luis: Yeah, she said that the girls ought to have a basketball team of their own.

T.C.: You know, women's basketball is very big these days.

Luis: I know that. But I don't have anyone to coach the girls.

Sam: You can't coach them?

Luis: No time. I'm already pulling extra shifts at the station and coaching the boys. You know, plus all the work it takes to be Youth Center director.

T.C.: Yeah, Luis, I would offer to help you out, but I got the football team this season.

Luis: You got to coach your own team. I understand, T.C.

Sam: Hey, maybe I can help you out.

Luis: Sam, Grace's sister just died. Her niece is in the hospital. Your family needs you right now. All right? Thanks anyway.

T.C.: Maybe Sheridan Crane could help you.

Luis: Come on, T.C., she doesn't know anything about ball. She can barely bounce one herself. She doesn't know the first thing about what it's like to work for something. I'll bet she's never broke a sweat in her life.

Robert: Sheridan, you ok? Let me know if you want to take a break.

Sheridan: I'm fine. Although, I haven't perspired this much since my last Tae-Bo workout.

Robert: Let's try some free throws and lay-ups.

[Music plays]

[Whistle blows]

Robert: Hey, you're a natural athlete. You know that?

Sheridan: Well, I did play lacrosse in boarding school, and I also jog and play tennis.

Robert: You keep yourself in shape. That's good. Because the way you push yourself, you'd be dead by now if you didn't.

Sheridan: Well, it's like I told you. This is about teaching someone that I'm not a delicate little piece of fluff. I can't thank you enough for the time you've spent with me.

Robert: No, thank you for the generous check you gave to my favorite charity, Kidcare.

Sheridan: Oh, I'm happy to do it.

Robert: But it's hard for me to believe you're pushing yourself this hard to show up some guy you just met. Are you sure you're not trying to impress an ex-boyfriend?

Sheridan: Luis? Absolutely not. He's an arrogant, full-of-himself egomaniac who thinks the world revolves around him. He thinks he's God's gift to the women of Harmony. Probably the rest of the women in the world, too, I imagine.

Robert: But you have no interest in him?

Sheridan: Hardly. Besides, I'm through with men, thank you very much.

Robert: Yeah, I heard plenty of women say that before.

Sheridan: Well, maybe I'm not finished with men forever, just until I teach Luis a lesson.

Robert: Let's get back to work with some rebound drills.

Sheridan: Ok.

Charity: I don't understand what's going on. Why was I so afraid of that boy Miguel?

Kay: Well, you've been through a terrible experience. You know, you just need to do what's best for you. Just trust that little voice in your head to tell you what to do.

Kay's voice: Stay away from Miguel. Stay away from Miguel.

Kay: Just trust that voice in your head, and you'll be fine, cousin.

Miguel: Dr. Russell. Charity woke up.

Eve: Yeah, I know. I talked to the nurse when I came in. She said that Charity was very upset when you got close to her?

Miguel: Yeah. She acted like she was afraid of me. Why would she act like that?

Eve: I don't know, Miguel. I'm just going to have to examine her.

Jessica: Kay's in there with her.

Miguel: Yeah, she really helped Charity calm down.

Eve: Oh, good. Grace, I think I don't want you to go in there just yet because she might think you're her mother since you and Faith were identical twins.

Jessica: I'm so sorry about your sister, mom.

Grace: Thanks, Jessica. It's just, it's going to be so much harder for Charity when she finds out that she doesn't have her mother.

Eve: Well, we don't want her to know until she's stronger. That's why I prefer you to wait out here.

Grace: Of course.

Eve: Hi, Charity. I'm Dr. Russell.

Charity: I remember.

Eve: So, how are you feeling?

Charity: I'm not sure. I'm just really glad that I have my cousin Kay here.

Eve: Oh, me, too. Thank you, Kay. I understand that you were very instrumental in reassuring Charity.

Luis: Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Dispatcher: Luis, somebody called in to report the lights were on at the Youth Center. I thought you'd want to check it out.

Luis: Yeah, I'll get over there right away. Thanks.

[Whistle blows]

Robert: All right, good. You're getting there. So, how are you holding up?

Sheridan: I feel great. I love this game.

Robert: I know the feeling. Now, listen, I think you should talk this guy into playing a little game called 21.

Sheridan: What's that?

Robert: Oh, it's a little different from one-on-one. In 21, you shoot free throws and play around the basket. As long as you out-hustle this guy for rebounds, 21 is a game of skill and quickness.

Sheridan: That sounds like something I could do.

Robert: You can do it, all right. As good as you're getting, you might be able to take this guy one-on-one. So, how big is he? How's he built?

Robert: You, blushing?

Sheridan: No, I'm just hot from practicing.

Robert: So, how's he built?

Sheridan: Well, he's about six feet tall, very muscular arms.

Robert: So he's not so big where you couldn't take him one-on-one?

Sheridan: I really haven't paid much attention to the way he's built, but I think I could take him one-on-one.

Robert: I'm still amazed you're working this hard to show up some guy you don't even care about.

Sheridan: It's not just about showing up Luis. I'm doing it so that the girls can play basketball just like the boys.

Robert: I'm all for that.

Sheridan: Me, too. Girls rule.

Timmy: Charity, where are you?

Nurse: What are you doing?

Timmy: Oh!

Nurse: How did you get out of the Pediatric ward, you bad boy? Here, take this little guy back to Pediatrics.

Orderly: Sure.

Timmy: Put Timmy down!

Orderly: Calm down, guy. You'll be back in your room in time for dinner. Tonight is spinach soufflé.

Timmy: No!

Orderly: Ow!

Nurse: Oh -- no, no, no, somebody's going to have to take a look at that bite. I'll call security to find the kid.

Jessica: Who the heck was that?

Miguel: Some little kid dressed up like a doctor.

Grace: Doogie Howser's little brother?

Miguel: I've seen that show on cable.

Jessica: It's good to see you smile, Miguel.

Miguel: I wish I had more to smile about. I mean, I can't understand why Charity started screaming when she saw me.

Grace: You know, maybe Eve will have an explanation after she's examined Charity. I'm just so glad that my niece has Kay in there with her now.

Eve: Kay, would you mind stepping outside while I examine Charity?

Kay: Oh, sure.

Eve: Charity, can you sit up?

Eve: Tabitha, what are you doing here?

Tabitha: I was just visiting the poor little thing. I'll step outside now so you can do your examination.

Eve: I don't care what Grace says, that woman is odd.

Grace: Tabitha, what are you doing here?

Tabitha: I just had to stop in and visit your poor little niece. I want you to let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Miguel: Thanks for helping Charity calm down, Kay.

Kay: I'm glad I could help.

Miguel: Did she say anything about me, why she screamed when she saw me?

Kay: No, sorry. I mean, I tried to tell her what a great guy you are, but she seemed to want you to stay away. I know how much it hurts.

Miguel: Yeah, it hurts. But I guess I have to do what's best for Charity. If she wants me to stay away, I have to stay away.

Jessica's voice: I don't know how you did it, Kay, but I know you did something to turn Charity against Miguel.

Grace: The similarity's uncanny, Tabitha. I mean, 20 years ago I was in a fire and lost my memory. Now my niece, she's been in a fire and it seems like she's lost her memory.

Tabitha: Such an amazing coincidence, Grace.

Grace: Yes. The fire 20 years ago was so horrible.

Tabitha: You don't remember anything about the fire, do you, Grace? Do you?

Tabitha: Grace, have you remembered something about the fire you were in?

Grace: I just remember that I felt so lost and confused when I woke up after the fire and couldn't remember anything about my life before it.

Tabitha: Oh. It must have been terrible, dear. And it's such a shame that you can't remember anything about the fire that should have -- oh -- could have killed you.

Grace: No, you were right the first time, Tabitha. That fire was so intense that it should have killed me. If Sam hadn't rescued me from that fire, I would have died in it.

Tabitha: Yes. We have so much to thank Sam for.

Grace: Yes. And Miguel rescued Charity from that fire just like Sam rescued me. If it wasn't for the two of them, both of us would be dead.

Tabitha: Yes. Yes, very true. Very true.

T.C.: Sam? Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

T.C.: I can't believe that Eve is trying to sell my favorite jacket again.

Sam: T.C., you can't even fit into this jacket anymore. Why don't you do Eve a favor and let her get rid of it.

T.C.: Sam, I don't care if I can't fit into it. This jacket has memories. I love this jacket.

Sam: Well, good luck holding on to it.

T.C.: Man, I'm going to put this thing away so Eve can't try to sell it again.

Chad: Yo, I give up. I mean, either they cost too much or they -- they don't even fit. Yo, this is a waste of time. I'm out of here.

Simone: Wait. Maybe we haven't seen them all.

Chad: We've been through every box and rack here, and there's nothing.

Simone: Well, I'm sorry I couldn't find anything for you.

Chad: Yeah, well, me, too. I'll see you.

Simone: You know what? Um -- we get donations in all the time, and why don't you stick around for a while. Maybe something will turn up. You know, check in later? And you need a coat because it's getting really cold outside.

Chad: Well, I had no idea when I left L.A. that it would be this cold so early this time of year here. Tell you what -- I'm going to get another cup of coffee, and I'll check back with you later before I leave.

Simone: Great. I just know I'll have something for you when you come back.

T.C.: Sweetheart, can you believe your mother was trying to sell my favorite jacket again?

Simone: No. I didn't know.

T.C.: Look. She was trying to sell it for $50. That is an insult. This is my favorite jacket. You know, they don't make jackets like this anymore.

Simone: It's a really nice jacket, daddy.

T.C.: Yes, it is, sweetheart. Yes, it is. Can you do me a favor? Can you put this in a safe place and don't tell your mother about it?

Simone: Ok.

T.C.: Our little secret. And then when your mom comes home from the hospital next week, I'll be sporting it and we'll all get a big laugh. Ok? All right. Put it away. Don't let nobody see it.

Simone: Ok. This jacket would look so hot on him. But if I sold it, daddy would be so mad.

Robert: So, do you always work out this late at night?

Sheridan: No. But I don't want Luis to know what I'm doing. I want him to be totally blown away the next time he sees me play basketball. And I don't want him to know I had help from you.

Luis: Who could be here at this time of night?

Chad: Hey, what's that? You got something for me?

Simone: Yes. I think it's perfect.

Chad: Well, let's try it on.

Simone: You like it?

Chad: It's perfect. Just like you.

Simone: Dad will understand.

Chad: Hey, they were out of coffee, so I figured I'd check back with you. Hey, you got that for me?

Simone: I -- I -- uh, yeah. I guess.

Chad: Well, all right. Yo, now, that's a jacket. I mean, that's a classic.

Chad: What you think?

Simone: Perfect. You are absolutely perfect.

Chad: Huh?

Simone: The jacket. Um -- the jacket fits perfectly.

Chad: Yeah, it does. But a jacket like this must cost much dinero. More dinero than I have, anyway.

Simone: Oh, no. It's five bucks.

Chad: $5? Nah, no way. I mean, where's the price tag?

Simone: Um -- five bucks.

Chad: I can't believe that. Well, I'll take it.

Simone: Great. I'll just go get you a receipt.

Chad: Thanks.

T.C.: Excuse me. What are you doing with that jacket?

Timmy: Ha! Timmy ditched the guy. Better stay here until the coast is clear. Whoo! It's cold in here.

Orderly: I know he's got to be around here somewhere.

Timmy: Yikes! The guy's coming back!

Orderly: Ok, Mr. Johnson, here you go.

Timmy: What's going on?

Orderly: Be right back.

Timmy: Sounds like the guy left. So it's safe for Timmy to leave. Oh, no! Timmy's locked in! Timmy doesn't like this. Timmy's afraid of the dark. Timmy's flashlight.

[Timmy screams]

Grace: Miguel, I'm sure that Charity's amnesia and the way she reacted to you is just temporary.

Tabitha: Oh, I'm sure she's right, Miguel. Charity's amnesia is just temporary. You mustn't worry that Charity will be like Grace and suffer from amnesia for 20 years or more.

Miguel: 20 years?

Grace: Oh, no. Miguel, I'm sure it's not --

Orderly: Excuse me. Did anyone see a little kid in surgical greens run this way?

Grace: Oh, Doogie Howser.

Jessica: We saw him a while ago.

Orderly: Oh, God. I never saw a kid run so fast. He bit me on the hand.

Grace: Oh. Oh, my. He went that way.

Tabitha's voice: Timmy. That little imp. I told him to stay home.

Tabitha: Grace, I'm a little tired. I think I'll go home now. And you let me know, now, if there's anything I can do to help.

Grace: Of course. Thank you, Tabitha.

Tabitha's voice: What is Timmy doing running around the hospital playing doctor?

Grace: You know, Miguel, don't pay attention to what Tabitha said. I mean, she means well.

Miguel: It's just so awful. I mean, to think Charity won't remember me for 20 years. I'm sorry, Mrs. Bennett.

Grace: Oh, no. It would be awful if Charity had to go through what I've been through.

Jessica: Ok, how did you do it?

Kay: Do what?

Jessica: I know you had something to do with Charity being scared of Miguel.

Kay: How could you think such a thing?

Jessica: Considering all the things you've pulled already to keep them apart, it's easy.

Kay: Ok. Look, I know I've done some things that haven't been quite -- honorable? But I have not done anything to deserve this.

Jessica: You would start World War III if you thought it would help you keep Miguel away from Charity.

Miguel: How's Charity, Dr. Russell?

Eve: Well, physically, she's doing amazingly well. But the strange thing is that she doesn't seem to remember anything about the fire. And what's even stranger is she doesn't seem to want to remember anything.

Kay: Poor Charity.

Miguel: Did you find out why she acted so afraid of me?

Eve: I don't know, Miguel. It's a mystery to me.

Jessica: Maybe Kay knows. Don't you, Kay? Why don't you tell everyone why Charity's behaving this way.

Tabitha: Timmy? Timmy? Where are you? Timmy? Where could he be?

Timmy: Help! Somebody!

Tabitha: That's Timmy.

Timmy: Let Timmy out!

Tabitha: Where is he? Timmy? Timmy? Timmy?

Timmy: Help! Timmy's afraid! It's dark in here!

Tabitha: Where are you, Timmy?

Timmy: Somebody help!

Tabitha: Ouch. That must have hurt.

Timmy: Help!

Tabitha: Timmy.

Timmy: Let Timmy out!

Tabitha: Timmy?

Timmy: Let Timmy out!

Tabitha: Timmy?

Timmy: Somebody help!

Tabitha: Timmy. Oh. Oh, Timmy. Oh. Oh. Oh, oh. Timmy, Timmy. Ok, come now. Timmy, come. Oh, I'm here. I'm here. Oh.

Timmy: Tabitha, Timmy's so glad to see you. Timmy didn't think he'd ever get out of that horrible place.

Tabitha: Oh. Well, it's your own fault. What are you doing here, anyway? I told you to stay at home.

Timmy: Timmy was worried. What's going on with Charity?

Tabitha: She's perfect. She doesn't remember a thing, just like her aunt, Grace.

Timmy: No memory? This is great.

Tabitha: Yes! But now we've got to keep her that way.

Timmy: Do you have a plan, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Does Tabitha have a plan? Oh, yes. You bet I do.

Grace: Jessica, why do you think Kay knows why Charity acted so afraid of Miguel?

Jessica: Well, she was talking to Charity just now.

Miguel: Jessica, do you think Charity said something to Kay when she was in there?

Kay: Well, she didn't. Miguel, if she had, you know I would have told you. I have no idea why Charity reacted that way.

Grace: I just wish I could go in there and comfort her.

Eve: I think you should wait, Grace. Just give her a little more time. Luckily, she hasn't asked for her mother yet. And she's still so confused.

Miguel: I don't get it. I mean, Charity knows I would never do anything to hurt her.

Kay: Don't worry, Miguel. I'll do whatever I can to help you. I'll be there for you, all the way.

Miguel: Thanks.

Jessica: I'll be there for you, too, Miguel. All the way.

Simone: I need a receipt for this.

Woman: Sure. $5?

Simone: Mm-hmm. I just sold a jacket to the most handsome man in the world.

Woman: Oh. I'm out of receipts. I'll be right back.

Simone: I would have given him the jacket. But it would have looked too suspicious. He is the most handsome guy I've ever met.

Chad: We got a problem?

T.C.: Yeah. I want to know where you got the jacket.

Chad: I bought it.

T.C.: No, you didn't. It's not for sale.

Sam: Maybe you bought another jacket.

Chad: No. I bought this one.

T.C.: So where's your receipt?

Simone: I'm waiting for it.

T.C.: How much you pay for it?

Chad: $5.

T.C.: See, I know you're lying because that jacket there would never sell for $5.

Chad: Well, that's what I paid for it.

Sam: Look, my name is Sam Bennett, and I'm Chief of Police. Just take off the jacket and go, and there won't be any trouble.

Chad: No, no way. I paid for the jacket, and I'm leaving with it. Don't be messing with me, man!

Sam: Hey, T.C., take it easy!

T.C.: You looking for trouble, punk?

Sam: Take it easy here.

T.C.: Huh? Because I'll give it to you.

Sam: Take it easy.

T.C.: There's no way I'm letting you get away with this.

Sam: Take it easy.

Luis: I didn't give anyone permission to be here at this time of night.

Robert: I still don't know why you want to keep this a secret from that guy. You should be proud of how hard you worked.

Sheridan: It's not about being proud of myself. It's about winning. And the best way to win is by taking your opponent off-guard. I want Luis to be completely thrown with my newfound skills.

Robert: He will be. Ready for more punishment?

Sheridan: Absolutely. Pour it on.

Luis: What the hell's going on here?

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