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Passions Transcript Monday 9/20/99
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Timmy: Aah! Tabitha, stop! Let Timmy up! Help!

[Tabitha laughs]

Timmy: Aah! Have you lost your mind, Tabitha? It's Charity you want to get rid of, not Timmy.

Tabitha: Ooh!

Timmy: No!

Kay: Here's the thing, Charity. I really and truly don't have anything against you. I mean, you're my cousin, even if I did just find that out. I bet if we met under different circumstances, you and I could even hang out together. Well, maybe not. But the point is we wouldn't have the problem that we do now. I wouldn't be your enemy. I wouldn't wish you any harm. I'd even pray that you would have a full recovery from that awful fire that probably killed your mother. If only you hadn't fallen for Miguel. That's the problem. If you do survive, you'll definitely come between me and Miguel. And he's my life. You may think you need him, but I need him more. Without him, there is no reason for me to wake up in the morning, no reason for me to go to school or come home or anything. So, you see, Charity, it's not all about me wanting you to die. It has nothing to do with that. I just want you to disappear from our lives forever. The question is -- how does that happen?

Miguel: You have to be all right, Charity. You just have to be.

Miguel: Oh, hey, Whitney. I was just on my way out.

Whitney: Is Theresa home yet?

Miguel: I haven't seen her. Look, I have to get back to the hospital to be with Charity.

Whitney: I'm sorry. How's she doing? Has she woken up yet?

Miguel: No. She hasn't moved since I pulled her out of the fire.

Whitney: Well, what does my mother say? She thinks Charity will make it, right?

Miguel: Your mother is a good doctor, Whitney. She's doing everything she can. But she says it's up to Charity to wake up.

Whitney: Then she will. Don't worry, Miguel.

Miguel: I'm trying not to, but --

Whitney: What?

Miguel: The thing is, the longer Charity's unconscious, the worse her odds are.

Whitney: I'm sorry.

Miguel: I'm not giving up, Whitney. No way.

Whitney: You shouldn't. We are all pulling for her.

Miguel: There may not be any hope left for Charity's mom, but I always felt that there was a miracle that brought Charity and me together. I'm counting on another one to bring her back to me.

Sam: I didn't want you to see this, Grace.

Grace: I had to, Sam. I had to see for myself what happened to my sister, Faith.

Sam: I know this is hard for you, sweetheart.

Grace: I keep praying that somehow she got out alive -- you know, that she's wandering around here somewhere and somebody's going to find her.

Sam: Grace, the police chief and their men went through the wreckage of this house very thoroughly. And after they left, I went and searched again, too, with T.C., Hank, and Luis. There was no sign of your sister -- or her remains.

Grace: So there's no chance that -- oh, my God, Sam. Is that Faith? Is that my sister?

Theresa: This was my dream job -- working here, in the mansion, as Ivy Crane's personal secretary. I never wanted anything as much as this except Ethan. Mama warned me I'd get my heart broken if I stayed.

Ethan: Theresa is hardly a threat to you, darling. She means nothing to me.

Gwen: That's not what it looked like, Ethan.

Ethan: Gwen, it was a silly accident. And there could never be anything between me and Theresa.

Gwen: Why? Because she's just a little plain? Sometimes the plain ones can surprise you, Ethan, when they let their hair down.

Ethan: That's ridiculous. Theresa is not my type. We come from two different worlds. We don't have enough in common to last one date, let alone a lifetime.

Theresa: How could Ethan say those things? Luis was right. He said that all rich people were different. I don't belong here. It's time for me to go home and take off this stupid disguise once and for all. It's time to say good-bye to Ethan, to my dreams.

Ivy: Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald is Ethan's stalker. That is the most patently absurd theory you've come up with yet, Frank.

Frank: I figured that would be your first reaction, Mrs. Crane. I understand that she is your personal assistant.

Ivy: Theresa is much more than that. She is devoted to me and this family. I trust her implicitly.

Frank: Is she here? Is she in the house?

Ivy: As a matter of fact, she just resigned.

Frank: Resigned?

Ivy: Yes, but she's still upstairs getting everything in order. That is the kind of conscientious young woman you are accusing of this heinous crime.

Frank: You call her down here and I will prove to you that she is the girl who repeatedly menaced your son. I will prove to you that she is Ethan's stalker.

Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life

Timmy: Air! Air!

Tabitha: Oh, you're all right.

Timmy: That was mean, Tabitha. Timmy didn't do anything to you.

Tabitha: Well, it's not as if you would have suffocated, Timmy. You're a doll. You've got Styrofoam peanuts for lungs.

Timmy: Still, you scared your little Timmy.

Tabitha: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I just had to make sure that I've still got the old knack.

Timmy: Believe Timmy, Tabitha, you've still got it.

Tabitha: Well, it's one thing to have the resolve. But it's a long time since I had to resort to the time-honored but rather antiquated method of extermination.

Timmy: Are we talking bye-bye to Charity here?

Tabitha: Who else? She'd have been nothing but cinders if that damn Romeo hadn't come to her rescue.

Timmy: He's come to her rescue before.

Tabitha: Not this time, he won't. I may be a little rusty, but the old pillow technique never fails. Besides, it's my only option. I've exhausted my other-worldly powers. Not that it wasn't worth it. You should've seen me in action, Tim-Tim.

Timmy: Timmy wishes he was there to see you, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Hmm. Very debilitating, though, all that changing into a hound and back again. But it was the struggle with that pain in the neck blind priest that almost did me in.

Timmy: He almost turned you into ashes, Tabitha, with that holy water.

Tabitha: Yes. He didn't, though. And I've got just about enough strength left to finish off our little goldilocks.

Timmy: What if you can't smother Charity? Is there a plan b?

Tabitha: No, there's not a plan b, Timmy, because I'm going to succeed. There's not enough room on this earth for all of us. It's either you and me or Charity. I'm pretty sure that I got rid of Faith, so knocking her daughter off should be a piece of cake. Well, how do I look?

Timmy: Like a nurse. A scary nurse.

Tabitha: Well, I suppose that'll have to do. I'm going to make Nurse Ratched look like little Mary Sunshine.

Timmy: Poor Charity. She doesn't stand a chance.

Sam: Grace, maybe you shouldn't stay here for this.

Grace: No, Sam, I have to know what happened to my twin sister, even if that's her body under there.

Grace: Oh, my God.

Sam: It's just a piece of wood.

Grace: I just don't understand, Sam. I mean, why isn't there any sign of her? I mean, there's no body. It just doesn't make sense.

Sam: I spoke to the police chief about that. He said he's never seen a blaze like this. I mean, the fire was incredibly intense from beginning to end.

Grace: What does that mean?

Sam: That the fire consumed everything in its path. Everything.

Grace: My God, Sam, my poor sister.

Sam: I know, I know.

Grace: I searched so long to find my family, and I finally find my twin sister just to lose her like this. We never even got to wrap our arms around each other. I loved her so much, Sam, and now I don't even get to bury her. I'm not going to get to mark her grave.

Sam: It's ok. It's ok.

Sam: Let's go, sweetheart.

Grace: You know, Faith was so afraid that something terrible was going to happen. She sensed it. Why didn't I listen to her?

Sam: But you had no way of knowing.

Grace: If I had been here last night, Faith would be alive today.

Sam: But you don't know that. And I could've lost you, too. I couldn't live with that.

Grace: Oh, Sam. How did the fire start?

Sam: Well, the chief thinks it was caused by an overturned candle, but we'll probably never know for sure.

Grace: I just can't believe that Faith would go to sleep with a candle burning. I -- but if she was awake, then why wasn't there enough time for her to get out and get Charity out?

Sam: I don't have an answer for that.

Grace: No, it just doesn't make sense. Unless --

Sam: Unless what?

Grace: What if the fire wasn't an accident? What if somebody set it on purpose?

Theresa: Once I walk out of this house, there'll be no turning back. If only I'd been able to take off this disguise and show Ethan who I really am. If he would've gotten to know the real me, he would've fallen for me and dumped Gwen. We could've been so happy together. What's the use? It's too late now. It's all over. Good-bye, dreams.

Frank: Think about it. Has Theresa ever looked different from the way she usually does when she comes to work here?

Ivy: No. Yes? May I help you?

Theresa: Hi. I'm Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Ivy: Oh, Pilar's daughter.

Theresa: Yes, my mother told me you have a job for me.

Ivy: Well, actually, when I first met Theresa, she looked quite different from the way she does now, but she explained that.

Frank: Well, do you mind me asking what she told you?

Ivy: She had a perfectly reasonable explanation. She told me she wanted to look more professional for her new position. Quite frankly, I found it admirable that such a pretty girl was willing to go to such lengths to be taken seriously by her employer.

Frank: Yeah, or to disguise herself from her employer's son.

Ivy: That is enough, Frank! Theresa is my housekeeper's daughter. Pilar is a wonderful person who is very important to me. Her daughter would never stalk my son.

Frank: I understand why this might be difficult for you to believe, Mrs. Crane, but the facts are the facts. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald is your son's stalker.

Ivy: I am not convinced, Frank.

Frank: All right. Has Ethan ever once seen Theresa outside of this secretarial getup that she wears to work everyday?

Ivy: I couldn't really say. Probably not. That doesn't prove anything.

Frank: Don't feel bad. I was misled by Theresa and her friend, Whitney myself for a while, and I'm a professional. But if you call her down here, you will see that I'm right.

Ivy: Very well. But just to prove you're wrong.

Ivy: Theresa, it's Mrs. Crane. Pick up, please.

Theresa: Yes, Mrs. Crane?

Ivy: Theresa, may I see you in the living room?

Theresa: I'll be right down, Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: Happy now?

Frank: Oh, I'm always happy when I'm about to solve a difficult case. Tell me, Mrs. Crane, is that what Theresa looked like the first time you saw her?

Ivy: Yes, it is.

Frank: Then we got her.

Tabitha: Darn. Brat's got company. Grace Bennett's eldest daughter, Kay.

Kay: Of course, I wouldn't be saying this if I thought for a second you could hear me, Charity. But I've just got to get it off my chest. I'm so sick of everyone thinking that I'm some kind of monster when I'm not. All I want is someone for myself, someone to love me. I didn't think that was too much to ask. Isn't that what everyone wants? Even my best friend, Simone, doesn't understand. But I forgive her because she's never been in love, you know, she doesn't understand all the crazy things that go through your head when you care about someone the way I care about Miguel. I just can't stand the idea of you ending up with him when it was always supposed to be me. I might as well admit something to you. I was so jealous of you that I made a bargain with the devil. I said he could have my soul if I could have Miguel. Too bad I don't believe in the devil.

Tabitha: After today, you'll be surprised, dearest Kay.

Miguel: I've got to get back to Charity at the hospital, Whitney.

Whitney: Sure. Do you mind if I hang out here and wait for Theresa?

Miguel: Of course not.

Miguel: Everything ok?

Whitney: Yeah, sure.

Miguel: Something happen to my sister at school today?

Whitney: No, no, she arranged her schedule so she doesn't have classes today. She's working at the Crane mansion.

Miguel: She loves that job. I mean, I just don't know how she's gotten away with being there all this time. I guess that disguise of hers worked.

Whitney: Not exactly. That's why I'm here waiting for her.

Miguel: Oh, no. What happened? I've been so involved with Charity I've barely talked to Theresa lately.

Whitney: Don't worry, Miguel, there's nothing you could've done to stop this.

Miguel: How bad is it? Did Ethan Crane recognize her?

Whitney: No. But his private detective did. He's been suspicious that Theresa and I were covering up about the stalker for a while now, but he just now put it together that the stalker was Theresa. I mean, that's why I'm here. I called Theresa to warn her to get out of the Crane house as quickly as she could.

Miguel: Thank God you got ahold of her.

Whitney: The only trouble is she hung up before I could warn her that Frank, the detective, was on his way over there to accuse her of stalking Ethan. What if she didn't get out of there in time?

Miguel: Let's hope she did.

Theresa: I have to accept it. No matter how nice the Cranes have been to me, no matter what Mrs. Crane says, I will still be her housekeeper's daughter. That's the way it is, and that's the way it always will be.

Theresa: I guess you wanted to talk about my quitting, Mrs. Crane. I know it was sudden and I am sorry to leave you in the lurch like this. You deserve more of an explanation, but it's just so complicated. Well, it really doesn't matter, anyway. You have been great to me, and I will never forget it, and I will always be thankful for the wonderful opportunity you gave me.

Ivy: If it's such a wonderful opportunity, Theresa, why are you throwing it away?

Theresa: I told you, I have classes and school and --

Ivy: No. I don't think that's it. What aren't you telling me?

Theresa: I can't talk about it. You wouldn't understand. No one does.

Ivy: Try me.

Theresa: Well, it's, um -- I can't. Please, tell Ethan good-bye and good luck. He deserves it, he's -- he's the best. Good-bye, Mrs. Crane.

Frank: You're not going anywhere, Theresa.

Sam: Honey, think about what you're saying. I mean, for someone to have started that fire, they'd have to hate Faith and Charity a whole lot.

Grace: Yes.

Sam: Well, did Faith ever say anything about having an enemy so vicious that they'd want her dead?

Grace: Yes, Sam. I mean, you heard her, too. Faith kept going on about these evil forces. She refused to come to Harmony last night because she was afraid they were going to get her and Charity.

Sam: Honey, your sister, Faith, seems to believe that there is evil everywhere, but there's no evidence of it here. There's no evidence of arson.

Grace: Why can't I believe that, Sam?

Sam: Because accidents like this don't make any sense. These are tragedies. But I'm going to ask you not to make things worse and go out and try to find someone to blame because there's no one. Honey, your sister is gone. We have to accept that. But the daughter she adored still has a chance.

Grace: Charity.

Sam: And we have to turn all of our attention to her. We have to do whatever we can for her to make it. Charity is our future.

Grace: You're right, Sam. Charity is our hope. She has to survive.

Kay: Who or what is putting these crazy ideas in my head? I could never do that. It's just not in me. I'll just let nature take its course and hope for the best. Whatever that is.

Tabitha: Oh, I didn't know anyone was still in here.

Kay: I was just keeping an eye on her.

Tabitha: Poor girl. Well, at least she's got a good person like you sitting vigil. It must be so hard to face losing someone your own age.

Kay: Are you saying Charity's going to die?

Tabitha: Oh, dear. Oh, I shouldn't have said anything.

Kay: No, tell me. Is she going to survive?

Tabitha: I really couldn't say what her chances are. You ought to ask her doctor. But I have seen cases like hers before. From the looks of it, she's barely hanging on by a thread. Such a waste.

Kay: So she could go any time?

Tabitha: Oh, you didn't hear it from me, dear. Have you been here long?

Kay: A while.

Tabitha: Ohh. Poor girl. Why don't you run down to the cafeteria and get yourself a bite to eat?

Kay: Well, I promised my friend, Miguel I'd stay with Charity until he came back.

Tabitha: Oh, well, don't worry, dear. I'll stay right here until you get back.

Kay: Ok. I am kind of hungry. Are you sure you don't mind?

Tabitha: Oh, not at all, dear. It's my job, after all.

Tabitha: Alone at last. Too bad we don't have time for a longer visit.

Tabitha: Oops. Oh, that would have hurt if you could feel anything. But since you can't, nighty-night, Charity. I've waited over 300 years to do this.

Theresa: Hello, det. Lomax. I didn't realize you were here.

Frank: Theresa.

Theresa: I'm sorry, but I -- I can't stay. I've kind of had a tough day and I want to get home. Thanks again, Mrs. Crane.

Frank: Hey, you're not going anywhere until you admit that you're Ethan Crane's stalker.

Theresa: What?

Frank: You heard me. You're going to admit right here and right now to Mrs. Crane that you are the stalker they've been looking for.

Ivy: There's no reason to browbeat her, Frank. Just look at me, Theresa. Just look at me and tell me it isn't true. Tell me Frank's made a big mistake.

Frank: I wouldn't make that kind of accusation if I wasn't 100% sure I was right, Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: I want to hear it from her, Frank. Did you stalk my son, Theresa? Yes or no?

Whitney: Maybe she sensed that there was some kind of danger and got out of there before Frank arrived.

Miguel: Or this guy Frank changed his mind and never went to the Cranes'.

Whitney: Or if he did, Theresa talked her way out of his accusations. You know how good she is at that.

Miguel: That's true. Still, if Theresa gets arrested for stalking Ethan, it'll kill my mom, not to mention Luis.

Whitney: You know, don't even worry about that right now. You have so much on your mind with Charity. Everything's going to be ok with Theresa.

Miguel: You really think so, Whitney?

Whitney: Absolutely. I mean, if it wasn't, she would have called here by now, right?

Miguel: I guess. I'll be right back. I just remembered something I wanted to take to the hospital for Charity.

Whitney: God, I hope I'm right about Theresa. If I'm not, God, please don't let her get busted.

Theresa: You want to know if I stalked Ethan?

Ivy: That's what I asked, Theresa.

Theresa: Well, as far as I know, a stalker is someone who wants to do harm to someone else. That's not me. I would never injure Ethan in any way. Mrs. Crane's son is a wonderful person. He's been very kind to me. Why would I want to hurt him?

Frank: I don't know. I wasn't hired to find out why. I was hired to find out who. People who stalk other people are unbalanced. Their motives are irrational.

Theresa: But I am not unbalanced.

Frank: Then you're admitting you're the stalker.

Theresa: No! I just told you I never stalked anyone, much less Ethan!

Frank: Well, it sounds to me like --

Ivy: Enough, Frank. You are upsetting Theresa, and as far as I can see, it is for no good reason. You have obviously made a mistake. She is not the stalker.

Frank: Well, I was hoping it wasn't going to have to come to this. You know, I was hoping that Theresa here would admit her guilt and we could get this all over with. But it looks like I'm going to have to expose her for the liar that she is and prove to you once and for all that she's the stalker.

Tabitha: For Hades' sake, die already, will you? Oh, this has been the most exhausting 24 hours of my life. I can't take much more of it. Just a few more seconds. And then Charity will take her last breath, and she'll be on her way to visit mumsy.

Grace: I'm going to stay at Charity's bedside until she wakes up. You know, give her the strength she needs to pull through.

Sam: That's my girl.

Kay: Mom, dad, I was just coming back to Charity's room.

Tabitha: Rats! Gqgqgqgada

Grace: How's she doing, nurse?

Tabitha: Hanging in.

Sam: "Hanging in"? Is that the way nurses talk these days?

Grace: It's ok, Sam. You're part of our family now, Charity. We're going to watch over you. We're going to do everything we can to see that you pull through.

Sam: I'm proud of you, honey. You must have come straight from school. That was very thoughtful.

Kay: Well, Charity is my cousin.

Grace: Well, Jessica's your sister. And the two of you fight like cats and dogs. I was beginning to wonder if maybe your father and I had made some mistakes in raising you.

Kay: Oh, of course not, mom. You and dad are the greatest parents.

Grace: Well, sisters should look out for each other.

Kay: Mom, all sisters fight.

Grace: I'm afraid I don't know about that. But I agree with what your father says. Makes me proud to see you here caring for Charity. It just proves that you have a warm and giving heart.

Kay: So, what's the story on Charity's mom? Did you find her remains?

Grace: You know, I'll -- I'll let your father fill you in on that, but not here.

Kay: Oh. Sure.

Sam: We searched every square inch of the fire site. There was no sign of your Aunt Faith.

Kay: But how can that be?

Sam: Well, it happens. I mean, it was a very intense fire that consumed everything in its way.

Kay: Oh, that's horrible.

Sam: Yeah. That's why I don't think it's a good idea to tell Charity about her mom when she first wakes up.

Kay: Well, how can you be sure that she'll wake up?

Sam: Well, I don't have a medical reason to believe it. I just refuse to believe that God was going to take Charity away from your mom, too. I mean, her niece is all she's got left of a family she's been searching for, for 20 years. God, it would just crush your mom if she lost Charity after losing her twin sister.

Grace: Sam?

Kay: It would crush me if Charity lives. I don't mean that I want her dead. I just -- I just don't want her to have Miguel.

Tabitha: That really is my kind of girl.

Grace: Look, Sam, her eyes are moving. She's waking up. Our prayers have been answered.

Frank: There's only one way that I can convince you that Theresa is Ethan's stalker.

Ivy: Well, I don't see how, Frank.

Frank: Well, there's one person who was present at each and every incident. There's one person that can identify Theresa as the culprit -- Ethan. Is he at home here today?

Ivy: Yes. He didn't go into the office because of his ankle.

Frank: Could you ask him to come in here? He's the key to wrapping this whole thing up since he was her victim.

Ivy: Well, you haven't proved that to me yet, Frank.

Frank: Oh, well, Ethan's the one that suffered at her hand. Let him be the one to point the finger at her.

Theresa: No, don't!

Timmy: Are you ok, Tabitha? Did you do the dirty deed?

Tabitha: Ah. May our neighbors, the Bennetts, be cursed into infinity.

Timmy: Guess it didn't work out.

Tabitha: It was a sheer disaster, Timmy. Grace and Sam and their eldest brat walked in on me seconds before Charity's liftoff. She was this close to a one-way trip to outer space.

Timmy: Did the Bennetts recognize you?

Tabitha: No. But they ruined everything. Charity was about to come to when I left. When she gets out of bed, she'll have her mother's powers -- if her mother told her about them before she died. And you know what that means, don't you, Timmy? Exactly.

Timmy: What are Timmy and Tabitha going to do?

Tabitha: Escape, Timmy. Escape, before it's too late!

Grace: Look, Sam. She's trying to open her eyes.

Sam: I think she's coming to. God has taken away your sister, but he's given you her daughter in return.

Grace: Oh, you're crying, sweetheart. I know just how you feel. Isn't it wonderful?

Miguel: This should do it.

Whitney: What's that?

Miguel: It's a good luck charm Charity gave me. Maybe it'll work on her.

Whitney: You care about her so much, don't you, Miguel?

Miguel: I've never felt this way about any girl before. And the amazing thing is, I knew from the first moment I saw her at the carnival. I just knew she was the one.

Whitney: I'm happy for you.

Miguel: It'll happen to you one day, too, Whitney.

Whitney: You know, you better get out of here.

Miguel: I'm worried about Theresa. I feel like I ought to stay until she gets home and make sure she's ok.

Whitney: I'll wait here for Theresa. If anything happens, I'll call you at the hospital, ok?

[Telephone rings]

Miguel: Hello?

Sam: Miguel, it's Sam Bennett. I'm calling from the hospital.

Miguel: Oh, my God. Is Charity --

Sam: I've got great news. She seems to be waking up.

Miguel: Oh, thank you. I'll be over. Charity's coming to. I got to get over there.

Whitney: I am so happy for you. Give her my love, ok?

Miguel: I will. You really think Theresa's going to be ok?

Whitney: Theresa will be fine. I'll call you if there's any trouble.

Whitney: What's keeping you, Theresa?

Ivy: Why don't you want Ethan to come down here, Theresa?

Frank: It's obvious, Mrs. Crane. Theresa knows that Ethan will recognize her once we get her out of her disguise.

Ivy: Well, I am beginning to wonder, Theresa. Why else wouldn't you want Ethan to come down here?

Theresa: Because of his ankle. I mean, the whole reason why Ethan didn't go to work today is because it's so badly sprained. Why put him through some ridiculous wild-goose chase when he's supposed to be resting?

Frank: If you're so concerned about Ethan's health, why don't you just confess that you attacked him?

Theresa: Because I never did that!

Ivy: All right, this is out of hand! In spite of Ethan's ankle, I think we'd all be better off if we just got it settled once and for all. And I hope you're wrong, Frank. Ethan, yes. Could you come down here a moment? It's very important.

Frank: You know, Theresa, I know that you're the stalker. And in a minute, so will Mrs. Crane and Ethan. Then it's jail for you, girl.

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