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Passions Transcript Wednesday 9/1/99
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Beth: Thanks, you guys. Good night.

Luis: Huh?

Beth: Oh. Hi.

Luis: Beth, you look great.

Beth: Thanks, Luis.

Luis: Love the dress.

Beth: Thank you. You actually said the same thing the last time I wore a dress like this.

Luis: I did?

Beth: Yep.

Luis: When was that?

Beth: Uh -- when you took me to the spring dance in high school.

Luis: High school. I remember. You looked as beautiful that day as you do right now.

Beth: Thanks, Luis.

Luis: I wouldn't say it if it weren't true. Ready to go?

Beth: Yeah, but I wanted to show you something before I close up. Ok?

Luis: Ok. I'm sure they'll hold our reservation at the Lobster shack.

Beth: Ok.

Luis: Well.


Sheridan: Wow, this place is packed. Looks like the whole town is here.

Hank: Sheridan. Relax, ok? You're not going to run into Luis here.

Sheridan: How can you be so sure, Hank?

Hank: Because he's taking an old girlfriend out tonight.

Sheridan: Really?

Hank: Yeah.

Sheridan: Who is she?

Hank: Beth Wallace. She and Luis used to date in high school. They were pretty hot and heavy. Everybody thought they were going to get married, but it just didn't happen.

Sheridan: I'd say Beth is a lucky girl.

Hank: Oh, I doubt she thinks that. But you made me promise you that we weren't going to talk about Luis tonight.

Sheridan: You're right. Thanks. Ofc. Lopez-Fitzgerald is the last person I want to talk about tonight. Maybe we should go somewhere else.

Hank: Don't worry. We'll get a table. The owner's a good friend of mine.

Sheridan: Who isn't a good friend of Hank Bennett's? You even charmed my nephew, Ethan.

Hank: Well, the only person I want to charm tonight is you.


Charity: Miguel, what are you saying?

Miguel: I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I'm the one person that knows how to find your mom's twin sister. And I can keep you from having to move away from Harmony.

Charity: That's wonderful, but how?

Miguel: Charity, your mom wants to move because she can't find her sister, right?

Charity: Right.

Miguel: But you saw her in Harmony, so we know she lives there. I mean, as soon as I take you home, I'll see your mom.

Charity: Yeah, but how --

Miguel: They're identical twins. The minute I see your mom, I'll know who her sister is.


Faith: Please help me, Lord. I don't know who to trust. There are forces of darkness everywhere. For a moment, I thought I was talking to my sister, Grace, on the internet. But they were impersonating her. I'm sure of it. I have to take Charity away from here. As soon as she comes home, we are leaving here forever. Please, Lord, give me the strength to fight tonight. This will be the battle of my life.


Tabitha: I tell you, Timmy, I nearly lost it when I saw Charity on the back of that motorcycle with Miguel.

Timmy: I know. It's very bad for Timmy and Tabitha if Miguel sees Charity's mom.

Tabitha: Huh. Bad? It's curtains, Tim-Tim. We can't let Miguel see Faith because he'll know that she's Grace's twin sister. And once those two sisters get together, well, that means that Charity's powers will be unbeatable.

Timmy: Timmy and Tabitha will be doomed.

Tabitha: For eternity. We've got to get to Faith's house before Miguel and Charity get there.

Timmy: Then burn rubber, baby!


[Grace gasps]

Grace: It's you again. It's been so long I thought I only imagined you.

Girl: You will need great courage for what's going to happen tonight, Grace. It will frighten you. But you can't give in. If you do, it will be the end of everything. All will be lost for you and your family.

Grace: What do you mean? What is going to happen tonight? How will my life be changed? Please, talk to me. Tell me what you mean! Is it my sister? Is she in danger?

Girl: All will happen tonight.

Grace: No, wait! Please don't -- wait! Don't go!


Beth: Ok. You have to close your eyes first.

Luis: Ok.

Beth: Ok, you can open them. Ta-da!

Luis: Beth, it's your queen of the prom crown.

Beth: Can you believe I kept it all this time?

Luis: No, I can't. I have no idea where mine is.

Beth: Oh. Well. I guess our past just means more to me than it does to you.

Luis: Hey, that's not true. We almost got married, remember?

Beth: I know. But you said you had to take care of your family until your brother and sister finished college.

Luis: And I just didn't think it was fair to ask you to wait.

Beth: I know. You're one of the good guys, Luis. And I could kick myself for not telling you that I'd wait forever. But that's all in the past, and I'm just glad that we can still be friends.

Luis: Me, too.

Beth: Although I was just a little bit jealous when I saw you and Sheridan Crane arguing.

Luis: Jealous? Why?

Beth: Well, I mean, you guys seemed almost like a couple when they argue.

Luis: That's the farthest thing from reality. In fact, Hank has a date with Sheridan Crane tonight. Poor guy.


Man: Hank. You're home. Great to have you back in Harmony.

Hank: Hey, it's great to be back, Fred.

Fred: Well, I can see why.

Hank: Oh, Fred, this is Sheridan Crane. Sheridan, this is Fred Barnes. He owns the Lobster shack.

Fred: Welcome, Ms. Crane. Nice to meet you. Your table's right this way. Sorry about the wait, but the tourist trade has really picked up since I started hiring local entertainment.

Hank: Really? What kind of entertainment?

Fred: Oh, tonight I have a very special act. You'll love it.

Hank: It sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Sheridan: Yes.

Fred: Here you go. And for keeping you waiting, drinks are on me.

Hank: Well, for as long as we waited, we should get a bottle of champagne.

Fred: Same old Hank. You never change. Benny? Bring a bottle of champagne over here, please.

Hank: Thanks, Fred.

Sheridan: Is there anyone who doesn't like you?

Hank: I don't know. I hope not.

Sheridan: Well, I'm glad I decided to keep this date. I could use a little fun tonight.

Hank: Just tonight? How come?

Young Sheridan: I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to do it.

Sheridan: You don't want to know. Just memories.

Hank: You're wrong. I want to know everything about you.


Grace: I've got you. Eve. What are you doing here?

T.C.: Sam asked if we would stop by and check on you.

Grace: Where did she go?

Eve: Where'd who go?

Grace: The little girl. She was just here. I was talking to her.

Eve: We didn't see anybody, Grace.

Grace: But she was just here -- the statue's on the pedestal.

Eve: Why wouldn't it be?

Grace: Eve, that statue came to life.

T.C.: What?

Eve: You saw the statue come to life, Grace?

Grace: No. Look, there was a bright light, and the little girl appeared. I was talking to her. It's -- she was right there.

T.C.: So you're saying that the little girl was a statue that came to life?

Grace: Well, what other explanation could there be?

Eve: Well, maybe you were praying and you were anxious and upset and the lights started to play tricks on you.

T.C.: Eve's right. You have these huge pillars, and they cast shadows.

Eve: And remember the last time you saw the little girl? You were convinced that you had imagined it because then you saw the statue.

T.C.: Right. So maybe your mind is playing tricks on you again, Grace.

Grace: I am not crazy. She was as real as you are.

Eve: Well, that's not possible, race.

Grace: She was talking to me. She told me that something was going to happen tonight and that I would have to have courage or all would be lost. I mean, what could she have meant?

Eve: God, you've been through so much. You finally found your sister and now you've lost her again. That's enough to overwhelm anybody.

Grace: No. She was real. I know what I saw. I know what I heard. Something terrible is going to happen tonight.


Miguel: Charity, what's wrong? I thought you'd be excited.

Charity: I told you, Miguel. My mom doesn't care that I saw her sister. She says we're in danger and that we have to move tonight.

Miguel: That's because she doesn't know who her sister is. I mean, when I see your mom, I can give her a name. Then she'll want to stay and see her sister, won't she?

Charity: I wish I could say yes, but you didn't hear how scared she was. She's determined for us to leave tonight.

Miguel: Look, we prayed for a miracle, and we're going to get it. So you've got to have Faith, Charity.

Man: Ok. The bike's fixed. It's 40 bucks.

Miguel: $40? I hope I have that much. I only have $38.50.

Charity: It's ok. I have $1.50.

Miguel: Thanks, Charity. I'll pay you back. Thanks a lot.

Man: Yeah.

[Motorcycle starts]

Tabitha: Hello. I need some gas, please. And I'm looking for a couple of teenagers on a motorcycle.


Beth: So why don't you think Hank will have a good time?

Luis: Well, he's not Sheridan Crane's type. He's in for a disappointment.

Beth: Well, what is her type?

Luis: A Eurotrash phony who doesn't mind being her gofer, her dog walker, and her stud.

Beth: I hate hearing that. I mean, Sheridan Crane's like Princess Di in this town. I was kind of hoping to get her involved in my literacy program. You know, with her name on the letterhead, we could raise a lot of money.

Luis: Well, don't count on it. She doesn't care about anyone else but herself. I mean, she tried to bribe her way out of community service when she found out she'd have to do it at the Youth Center.

Beth: At the Youth Center?

Luis: Yeah. Believe me, it wasn't my idea. The judge ordered it as her sentence when she smashed into my Police car. She drives like a crazy woman. And then she tried to use my mother to make me go easy on her? No way.

Beth: Luis, you're the director of the Youth Center. I mean, how is this going to work if you feel the way you do?

Luis: It'll be a disaster. She's going to make my life hell for the next few weeks. Ah. Look, can we just talk about something else, something else besides Sheridan Crane for one night?


Hank: Thanks, Fred.

Fred: Enjoy.

Hank: To the future.

Sheridan: I'll drink to that.

Hank: So, are you going to stay in Harmony?

Sheridan: I don't know. Actually, I'm surprised to find myself back home. I always wanted to be away from everything. So I went to Paris.

Hank: Paris. That's a wonderful city.

Sheridan: It can be. Although things didn't go the way I had hoped. Anyway, I would much rather hear about your travels. Sounds like you've been seeing a whole world I never knew existed.

Hank: Well, there are whole corners of the world that I haven't seen yet.

Sheridan: Don't you worry about a secure future?

Hank: No.

Sheridan: What about money?

Hank: I'd love to have money. But I'm not interested in winning the lottery. I don't want easy money. I want to work for my money. I want to create my own empire for my family and my kids and especially the wife I'm going to have one day.


Grace: Oh. Please don't say anything to the girls about the statue.

Eve: Of course not.

T.C.: Don't worry about it.

Jessica: Hi.

T.C.: Hey.

Jessica: Hey. Mom, look at these flyers I made to help Charity find her aunt.

Grace: That's really nice of you, sweetheart, but I don't think we're going to need them.

Jessica: Why won't we need them?

Grace: Because after all these years, I finally connected with my sister on the internet.

Jessica: Oh, you're kidding! Mom, that's terrific. You have a sister!

Grace: Yes, I have a sister.

Jessica: Coach Russell, Dr. Russell, isn't that awesome?

Eve: It's wonderful.

Jessica: I mean, I've heard the stories about how dad found you in that fire in Boston and you had amnesia and how you've been searching for your past for 20 years. So now, it's like a miracle. You've finally found your sister.

T.C.: It is a miracle, Jessica.

Grace: Oh, she sent me a picture from when we were just girls. Look.

Eve: She sent you that on the internet?

Grace: Yes.

Jessica: Mom, you have a twin sister? Just like Charity's mom. Oh, don't tell me.

Grace: Yes. Charity's mother is my sister.

Jessica: Whoa. Oh.

T.C.: You know, we saw Charity at Pilar's birthday party, and we had no idea. It's an amazing coincidence, huh?

Jessica: This is too weird. Of all the people in the world, Charity is my first cousin?

Grace: Yes, she is. But if we don't find them before they move, we may never see them again.


Man: So why are you looking for two kids on a motorcycle?

Tabitha: Well, the girl is my niece, and when she left home, she forgot her medicine. If she doesn't take it, she could go into convulsions.

Man: Oh, yeah. Well, you know, a girl and a boy just took off on a bike headed that way.

Tabitha: Oh. Thank you so much. I hope I catch them in time.

[Engine starts]

Timmy: Tabitha, you're still hooked up to the gas pump!

Tabitha: I know, Timmy.

Man: Hey, stop, you wacko! What are you doing?

Timmy: Wrong way, Tabby!

Tabitha: I know! I know!

Tabitha: If you want to worry about something, worry about this.

[Tires screech]


Hank: Fred, can you comp my dinner tonight? And I'll pay you as soon as I land a job.

Fred: Why don't you get your brother, the Chief of Police, to fix a bunch of parking tickets for me instead?

Hank: All right. I'll do what I can, ok?

Fred: Great.

Hank: Honest Sam will never go for it. So did you figure out what you want?

Sheridan: Think so. Is everything ok?

Hank: Couldn't be better. So do you know what you'd like to start with?

Sheridan: Yes. I'll have the asparagus vinaigrette.

Hank: And I'll have the stuffed mushrooms.

Waiter: Very good. And you can choose your lobsters from the tank.

Hank: Thank you.


Luis: Man, this place is hopping.

Beth: Yeah, I've never seen it this busy. Do you think we'll get a table?

Luis: Let's take that one over there.

Beth: Ok.

Luis: I'm sure Fred won't mind.

Waiter: Your appetizers.

Luis: Oh, those aren't ours. We haven't ordered yet.

Waiter: Oh, I'm sure your waiter said they were for this table. Let me check.

Luis: Wait a minute. Hey, asparagus vinaigrette -- my favorite.

Beth: I'm perfectly happy with the mushrooms.

Luis: Well, it might take a while if we order something else, so let's eat.

Beth: Ok.

Sheridan: Oh, no.

Luis: I don't believe it.


Grace: Your father's looking for Faith's unlisted number so I can talk her out of moving.

Eve: Let's just hope Sam can come up with that number.

T.C.: Before it's too late.

Grace: I guess all we can do now is pray for a miracle.

Jessica: Don't worry, mom. It'll work out.

Grace: So, where's your sister? I want to thank her for helping me track down Charity.

Jessica: Kay helped?

Grace: Actually, it was Simone that told us that Charity was at Miguel's house.

Jessica: I'll try the book café. Maybe Kay's there. I can't wait to talk to my big sister about this.

Grace: You know, I was so close to connecting with Faith. Something kept us apart. The little girl said I would have to be brave tonight. Is something terrible going to happen to keep us apart again?


[Motorcycle approaches]

Faith: Charity? Thank God she's home.

Miguel: I can't wait to see your mom. I'll know in a second who her twin sister is.

Charity: I just don't think she's going to care, Miguel. She's still going to want us to move.

Miguel: Don't worry. I mean, she'll change her mind once I tell her, her twin's name and where she lives in Harmony. Let's go in.

Charity: Wait. Let me go in first so I can see how she's feeling. Just a minute, ok?

Miguel: Ok.

Timmy: There's Miguel.

Tabitha: We're in time. He's still outside. We can't let Miguel see Faith, or we're history.


Luis: We need another table, Fred.

Hank: You've got to have something.

Fred: I'm sorry, guys, but you can see the place is packed. I'm not going to have another table for at least an hour. Look, you guys are all friends. Why don't you just sit together and enjoy.

Luis: Great.

Hank: Luis, you know any other night I wouldn't have a problem double-dating with you, but Sheridan's not up for dinner with you.

Luis: Well, Sheridan's not exactly on my top-10 list of people to go out with, either. But -- well, Beth had her heart set on lobster. And why should I let Sheridan ruin my evening? She'll have dinner with us whether she likes it or not. Beth? Hank and his date are going to share a table with us this evening.

Hank: Sheridan, I'm sorry. There's not another table. Just pretend Luis isn't here.

Hank: Excuse me. We're ready for our appetizers, please.

Waiter: Oh, well, you ate them. And you're lucky you did since we just ran out of everything.

Beth: I am so sorry. I -- we didn't know they were your orders.

Sheridan: That's my favorite thing on the menu.

Beth: Oh, that's funny. Luis said the same thing.

Waiter: Ma'am, is this your choice? Careful. The band is off the claw there.

Sheridan: I think that's --

Luis: Oh, that's great! All right. I'm out of here. Come on.

Fred: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special treat for you tonight -- the incredible magic of Mischa.

Luis: Well, just when I thought the night couldn't get any worse.


Grace: Why doesn't Sam call?

T.C.: I'll call him.

Eve: Grace, come and have some tea. You really should lie down.

Grace: Eve, I can't rest until I find Faith again. You know? And that may never happen. All I have ever prayed for is to find my past, to find my family, and now that I finally have, something is keeping us apart.

Eve: Now, what could be keeping you apart?

Grace: I don't know. But something frightened Faith. She broke off contact. She kept talking about "them" and "forces of evil." If I could just speak to her again, I would tell her not to be afraid, that I have a family and that we would protect her and her daughter.


Charity: Please see Miguel, mom. Just for a minute. He won't stay long. He just wants to see you so he can tell you the name of your sister.

Faith: Charity, I wish I could believe you, but what if it's someone impersonating my sister?

Charity: Mom, you're identical twins. That would be impossible.

Faith: I just don't trust anyone in Harmony, not even Miguel.

Charity: Miguel is a good person.

Faith: Charity, I know this sounds crazy, but it's too dangerous here. We can't risk spending another second.

Charity: But, mom, you always said that if we could just find your sister, she would help us.

Faith: Yeah. Then we wouldn't be alone.

Charity: Just a few seconds, mom. That's all it's going to take him to tell you the name of your sister.

Faith: Only a few seconds?

Tabitha: No. We have to do something fast. Day is night, night is day, wind from below, blow them away.

[Faith gasps]

Faith: What in the world?

Tabitha: [Disguised voice] Hello, Faith. You thought you could run away from me, didn't you?

Faith: Oh, my God! It's you! Agh!

Tabitha: Yes. Of course it's me. And I'm going to get you. And then your daughter.

Miguel: Charity? Charity, is everything ok?

Faith: No! Stop!

Tabitha: [Normal voice] Wind from below, blow them far, far away.

Faith: Please don't hurt my daughter! We'll leave right away! Just stop the wind! Stop! Do you see, Charity? Do you see what I mean? We can't take any chances. We can't trust anyone, not even Miguel.

Charity: Miguel can be trusted, mom.

Faith: No. But did you see what just happened? Someone evil sent that wind, and Miguel is the only person here.

Charity: Mom, it wasn't Miguel. Look, there's got to be a logical explanation for this.

Faith: Charity, there is no logical explanation.

Charity: Mom, you've got to stop seeing evil in everything that happens.

Faith: Charity, I am not imagining this. Now, we have to leave right away, before they get us.


Mischa: Thank you, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you.

Sheridan: I have never seen a magic act that was worth anything.

Luis: Oh, you're an expert on magic acts?

Fred: Mischa.

Mischa: Huh?

Fred: Come here. You're losing them. Don't you have anything better in your bag of tricks?

Mischa: In Moscow, I was stupendous hit, smash hit. But now I am, as you say in America, rusted.

Fred: Rusty?

Mischa: Yeah.

Fred: Yeah. Well, you'd better do it anyway. The natives are getting restless, and I've paid good money to see stupendous.

Mischa: Da, da. And now, ladies and gentlemen, Mischa will perform world-famous disappearing act. But for this I will need help and, ah, lovely lady. Perfect helper.

Sheridan: No. I can't help you. Get someone else to disappear -- like him.

Luis: Yeah, if you're looking for help, you picked the wrong lady.

Sheridan: All right. What do I have to do?

Mischa: Ah, brava.



Miguel: Charity? What's going on?

Faith: You go and you tell him to leave.

Charity: Mom --

Faith: Just do what I say. Get rid of him!

Charity: All right, mom. Don't worry.

Tabitha: It worked.

Timmy: Way to go, Tabby.

Miguel: I was afraid you wouldn't come back out. Can I go inside now?

Charity: No, Miguel, you can't. My mom's in a terrible state, and she won't let you see her, so I don't have a picture to give you.

Miguel: But it'll only take a second.

Charity: She said no.

Miguel: Let me try. Mrs. Standish? I don't want to upset you, but if I could just see your face I know I could lead you to your sister.

Faith: Trust no one. Go away!

Miguel: Please. Don't send me away.

Charity: It's no use, Miguel.

Miguel: It's so unfair. I mean, this is our last chance to be together.

Charity: There's nothing we can do. My mom is so upset. I've never seen her so scared. I love her, Miguel. I can't go against her.

Miguel: But you can't give up.

Charity: Please, if you care about me, just go.

Miguel: You mean this is good-bye?

Charity: Yeah.

Miguel: I can't believe it's ending like this.

Charity: I know. But maybe we can keep in touch with e-mail or something. I'll call you as soon as I know where we're going to be living.

Miguel: But you could be a thousand miles away, and we can't be together. Charity? I'll never forget you.

Charity: I'll never forget you either, Miguel. Now, please just leave. The longer you stay, the harder it's going to be to say good-bye.

[Motorcycle starts]

Tabitha: Hey!

Faith: Charity, I know you're upset. But this is for the best.

Charity: No, it's not.

Tabitha: Oh, yes, it is.

Faith: Look, someday you'll recognize the danger that's around us and you'll realize that we had to move as far away from here as possible.

Timmy: They're going to leave, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Yes. And now Faith and Grace will never meet. And I'll rest and restore my powers, and then I'll take care of Faith and Charity.

Timmy: But how can you do that? They're going away.

Tabitha: I'll find them, wherever they go. And I'll crush them like bugs.


Father Lonigan: Tears? There are souls in jeopardy tonight.

Time is on my side


Mischa: And now, lovely lady, please to look in the box to see if there are any hidden compartments.

Sheridan: No. No hidden compartments.

Mischa: Ah. Now, lovely lady, please to get in the box.

Sheridan: You want me to get in there?

Mischa: Oh, please, yes, and I, then, the great Mischa, will make you to disappear!



Sheridan: I can't get in that thing.

Mischa: Oh, please. Lovely lady, not to worry. Leave everything to the great Mischa!

Man: Come on, do it!

Luis: Do it! Do it!

Hank: Sheridan? It's ok. Mischa, get someone else.

Luis: I told you she wouldn't do it.

Mischa: And now, lovely lady, please. Get in the box.

Man: Yeah.

Mischa: Ah.


Mischa: And now, please, to lie down.


Mischa: And now, I, Mischa, will bolt the box!

Sheridan: Please, let me out. Let me out of here.

Mischa: Whoopa!

Sheridan: Let me out. Let me out of here! Please, let me out of here!


Timmy: Tabitha, what do you have to do to restore your powers?

Tabitha: Oh. You don't want to know, Timmy. But don't worry. Now that Faith and her brat are gone, I won't need to resort to emergency measures to get my powers back.


Jessica: I tried the book café, and Kay's not there. She's probably on her way home.

Grace: Oh, good. I'm sure Kay will want to help us find a way to keep Charity in Harmony.

Jessica: Oh. Yes. I'm sure.

T.C.: Yeah, Sam? Hold on. Grace, I have Sam on the line. And we have good news. He's got Faith's phone number.

Eve: Oh. Grace, finally.

Grace: My goodness. Sam, I can't imagine all the favors you must have called in for this, but thank God you did. Yeah, I got a pen right here. Uh-huh.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: I'll get it. Miguel.

Miguel: My mom told me that your mom is Charity's aunt. Is it true?

Jessica: Yes, and my dad just called with Faith's phone number.

Grace: I'm calling her right now.

Miguel: Maybe we can keep Charity from leaving.

[Telephone rings]

Grace: It's ringing. No one's answering. They must have left town already.

Miguel: No!

Grace: I'm never going to find my sister.

Jessica: Don't hang up, Miguel. Just let it ring.

Miguel: I'm not giving up.

[Telephone rings]


Charity: Something tells me I should answer that, mom.

Faith: No, Charity, you can't go back inside. It's too dangerous.



Grace: Miguel, hang up. We were wrong to expect a miracle.

Eve: Is there anything we can do, Grace?

Grace: No. Thanks, Eve, T.C.

Eve: Well, I should leave. I'm due at the hospital.

T.C.: Yeah, and I have a coaches' meeting at the school.

Grace: Hey, go on. Don't worry about me.

Eve: I'll call you later, ok?

Grace: Yeah.

T.C.: Be strong.

Grace: Thanks.

Jessica: I'm so sorry, mom. I know how much it meant to you.


[Telephone rings]

Faith: Charity, don't go in there!

Charity: I have to.


Charity: Hello? Hello, is anyone there?

Miguel: Charity?

Charity: Yes. Miguel.

Miguel: Charity's here. She didn't leave. Who says miracles can't happen?

Jessica: This is a miracle.

Miguel: Charity, I know who your aunt is. Your mom's sister is right here with me. It's Mrs. Bennett. Grace Bennett is your mom's sister. You don't have to move.

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