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Passions Transcript Thursday 7/29/99
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Pierre: I'm at the airport, boss. No sign of the beautiful blond girl.

Roger: Keep looking. We can't let her leave Paris. She's the only person who can link me to a drug ring and Jean-Luc's murder -- if she even knows he was killed. She was supposed to die with him.

Pierre: I am sorry, Roger. I thought she was in the car with Jean-Luc when the bomb went off.

Roger: Well, she was not. Find her. And no mistakes this time. I want her dead.


Gwen: Oh, sorry, Ethan.

Ethan: It's ok. My back's still raw in a couple places from that heat liniment that girl rubbed on me.

Gwen: Oh, what kind of person does something like that?

Ethan: The same kind who'd assault me with paint and ice cream and barbecue sauce and fish guts. A real piece of work who shouldn't be allowed to roam the streets.

Gwen: I wish I would've gotten a better look at her at the cannery, but she had goggles on. I don't even think I'd recognize her if I saw her again.

Ethan: I would. I couldn't forget her face if I tried to.


Ivy: I'm certain Ethan is going to like you as much as I do, Theresa, and he's going to be delighted I'm hiring you as my personal secretary.

Theresa: I hope so.

[Theresa screams]

Theresa: I am so sorry. Here, this will get all the gunk off.

Ethan: Get her away from me!

Theresa: No, it's all right. It's just water.

[Theresa screams]

Ethan: Oh!

[Knock on door]

Ivy: Ethan? It's mother. I'm here with Pilar's daughter, and I would love for you to meet her.


Jessica: Only a couple more hours, Reese. Are you ready for your big date with my big sister Kay?

Reese: I -- I've -- I've been ready most of the day, Jessica. I even shaved for the first time in my life.

Jessica: You're kidding.

Reese: Oh, I don't mind. Kay's worth anything -- even a little blood.

[Telephone beeps]

Jessica: Hang on, Reese. Call waiting. Hello?

Sam: Hey, Jessica. It's your dad.

Jessica: Oh, hi, dad. Where are you?

Sam: Still at the carnival. Your mom and I are getting ready to leave and come home. Just wanted to make sure you and your sister weren't tearing the house apart, or each other.

Jessica: Boy, dad, you really have a high opinion of Kay and me.

Sam: Hmm. I wonder why.

Jessica: Well, for your information, everything's fine. Kay's getting ready for her big date and I'm reading the book you gave me last Christmas. So you see? There's nothing for you and mom to worry about.

Sam: Hmm. Well, that sounds good, honey. I'll see you at home then. Hmm. Jessica says all is quiet on the home front.

Grace: Wait a minute -- and Kay's home, too?

Sam: Yeah. Doesn't it strike you as kind of odd, Grace?

Grace: Yeah, more than a little odd, Sam. I mean, they're at each other's throats when we are home. I can't imagine they are not terrorizing each other when we're out.

Sam: That's exactly what I'm thinking. Come on, let's get home.


Reese: I'll be honest with you, Jessica -- I'm a little nervous about my date with Kay tonight.

Jessica: Get over it, Reese. Kay likes guys who are confident, who know what they want and go for it.

Reese: But --

Jessica: No buts, Reese. Don't let it throw you if Kay acts kind of cold or stuck-up at first. You have to break down that wall of hers by taking charge of the situation.

Reese: Right. Taking charge. I can do that.

Simone: Hurry up, Kay. I'm not going to sit like this forever.

Kay: It'll be worth it, Simone, I promise. Just know Miguel's going to love my surprise. All right, Simone. You can look now. I just know Miguel's going to love my new look.


Miguel: Theresa, Whitney's here. Get a move on. So what flick you going to see?

Whitney: Well, I told Theresa she could choose, but there's this new Will Smith I wouldn't mind seeing. But forget about me and your sister. I'm more interested in this mystery date you have tonight.

Miguel: You're not the only one.

Whitney: I hope it's the girl you think it's going to be.

Miguel: So do I.

Singer: Ooh, ooh, ooh ooooh, yeah don't make me promises that you can't keep, don't say you love me if ain't deep I've had a notion, baby, for sometime that you've been returning to the scene of the crime I ain't your victim can't you see my patience wearing thin? I didn't want it this way I never knew love could hurt so bad I'd always thought that you'd stay with me forever my affection is your contradiction of love.


Tabitha: Charity? Time to get up

Timmy: How is talking into a bowl of old rainwater going to help Timmy and Tabitha get rid of the girl?

Tabitha: Patience, Timmy. Patience. You'll see in a moment. Time to get up, Charity now, get up, Charity. That's a good girl. Perfect. Now, she'll do exactly what I want.

Timmy: And what do you want her to do?

Tabitha: Die.


Pierre: Damn. She has to be around here somewhere.


Agent: Everything seems to be in order, Ms. Crane.

Sheridan: Thank you.

Agent: If there's anything you need before your flight departs, the Concorde staff will be happy to assist you.

Sheridan: No, thank you. Actually, I wouldn't mind to have something to read on the plane.

Agent: There's a bookstore right over there. I can send someone to get a book for you. Perhaps a romance?

Sheridan: No love stories, thank you. I don't believe in them anymore. I'll just go look for something myself.


Simone: Maybe Miguel will like your new look, Kay, but he's going to wonder where in the world you got that body.

Kay: What do you mean, "where"? It's the body God gave me.

Simone: Give me a break, Kay. I don't care how many chest exercises your sister says you do a day.

Kay: Well, maybe they helped a little.

Simone: Get real, girl. There's a lot more than exercises inside that bra. I should have known! It's one of those he'll-never-know bras that makes you look like you've got a lot more than you're born with.

Kay: What's wrong with a little help from wherever I can get it?

Simone: Nothing, if you don't mind looking like a complete and total phony. Not to mention how you're going to get those past your parents when you try to get out of the house tonight.

Kay: Well, that, Simone, is why I have to hurry up and get dressed and be gone by the time they get back, before Jessica pulls some stunt to ruin my night.

Jessica: Wait till you see Kay tonight, Reese. She's got something extra special in store for you. No, I can't tell you what it is. It's a surprise.

Kay: What do you think Miguel will say when he sees me?

Simone: Well, I don't think he'll be talking baseball scores.

Kay: Excellent. That's exactly what I'm going for.


Whitney: What are you looking for, Miguel?

Miguel: My black jacket. Here it is. This ok?

Whitney: Ooh, nice. Hurry up, Theresa! We're going to be late for the movie. Oh. I don't have a brother, so I've never seen how a guy gets ready for a date.

Miguel: Same as a girl, I guess.

Whitney: Are you kidding? All guys have to do is throw on a pair of pants, a shirt -- it's over, they can go anywhere. But girls have to plan what they're going to wear weeks in advance.

Miguel: That's nuts.

Whitney: Maybe, but that's just the way it is. Do you do this every time you get ready for a date?

Miguel: No way. Mostly I just wear jeans and a clean t-shirt.

Whitney: She must be really special.

Miguel: God, I hardly know her, but I've never met anyone like her.

Whitney: Let me ask you something, Miguel -- what is it about her that makes you want to go to all this trouble?

Miguel: I don't know. Maybe it's her eyes. Or maybe it's her killer smile. All I know is that when I get within two feet of her, my heart starts to do back-flips. I don't know how to describe it.

Whitney: Wrong, Miguel. I think you described it just fine. I hope one day, I'll make some guy's heart do back-flips.

Miguel: I bet you already have, more than once.

Whitney: I've had a couple guys say they liked me or thought I was cute, but they've never gone out of their way like you're doing.

Miguel: Maybe that's because they thought you wouldn't care.

Whitney: What do you mean by that?

Miguel: Well, maybe because you give off this vibe that all you care about is tennis. I mean, that could make a guy be afraid of being shot down if you try to get too close.

Whitney: Well, tennis is my life right now. I'm not going to apologize for that.

Miguel: Nobody's saying you should. I mean, the truth is I admire you, Whitney. I mean, there's not too many people our age that know what they want to do and do what they have to, to get it.

Whitney: Thanks, Miguel.

Miguel: I only know what I want to do tonight, and that's have the best night of my life with the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I can't wait to see her again.


Tabitha: Get out of the chair now, Charity. Stand up. You can open up your eyes now, but you'll still be sound asleep.

Timmy: Timmy still doesn't get what you're doing, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Shh, Timmy. Now, walk into the bathroom, Charity. That's it. Just sleepwalk yourself right in there. Now, fill up the sink with water, Charity. Very good. Maybe a little more. That's enough. You can turn it off now. Now, look into the water. If you look hard enough, the most amazing thing will happen. You will see the face of the one person in the world you most want to see.

Timmy: Whose face will she see, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Who cares? The important thing is it'll make her want to look into the water.


Ivy: Ethan, Gwen? It's me.

Ethan: Come in, mother.

Ivy: Feeling any better, darling?

Ethan: Much, thanks to nurse Hotchkiss here.

Ivy: Well, I am sorry to interrupt you, but, well, I'm here with Pilar's daughter and I thought you might like to meet her. She is so charming and I'm thinking of hiring her as my personal secretary. Well, she's right outside, but, well, I see this is a bad time.

Ethan: No. Gwen and I'd loved to meet her. Just give us a few minutes.

Ivy: Wonderful.


Ivy: Well, they shouldn't be long. Meanwhile, we can continue our tour. You haven't seen my bedroom yet.

Theresa: Maybe you'd rather I come back another time when it's more convenient.

Ivy: Oh, nonsense, Theresa. Now is as good a time as any. Here we are. This is my own private domain. I probably spend far too many hours here, but, well, it's my own haven and I've tried to make it as comfortable for myself as I can.

Theresa: It's so beautiful, Mrs. Crane. And elegant and perfect. It's just like you.

Ivy: That's very sweet, Theresa. You see these chairs? They've been in my family for years. They're Louis xvi, and I'm told that they're the last ones like them in the world.

Theresa: Is this you?

Ivy: Yes, when I was about your age. I've never really liked it all that much.

Theresa: Oh, I think it's beautiful. Deneuve.

Ivy: Mm-hmm. It's my favorite fragrance. Do you wear it, too?

Theresa: Oh, no. But sometimes when I get those secondhand fashion magazines, there will be one of those tear-out scent ads that hasn't been torn out yet.

Ivy: I see. Would you like to see my closets? This one is where I keep most of my gowns. Come on in. Look around.

Theresa: Oh, I'm sorry.

Ivy: Don't be silly. You're welcome to touch any or all of them, for that matter.

Theresa: You wore this to the Christmas party at the country club last year.

Ivy: Hmm. So I did. How did you know that? Were you there?

Theresa: No, I've never been any closer to the country club than the front gate. But I did see your picture in the paper the day after. You looked so exquisite, I just had to cut it out. The color brings out your eyes. But what I liked best was how your hair was twisted up in the back. It showed off your neck. Oh, you looked like the queen of Harmony that night.

Ivy: You know something, Theresa?

Theresa: I'm talking too much, aren't I?

Ivy: Not at all. I think you're going to make a perfect personal secretary.

Theresa: Really? I have dreamt of having a job like this my whole life.

Ivy: Well, tell me you know how to use a computer and the job's yours.

Theresa: I did take a course in school last year.

Ivy: Then it's settled. You're hired. You know, I'm just going to go see if Ethan is really on his way.


Theresa: Oh, what am I going to do? I'm finally inside the Crane mansion being offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Please, God, if you'll just get me through this, I swear I'll never do anything wrong again. Don't let me lose this job or my chance with Ethan, please?


Jessica: Another thing, Reese -- make sure you're very affectionate with Kay. Put your arm around her, kiss her.

Reese: Kiss her?

Jessica: At least on the cheek, Reese. My big sister loves a man who's not afraid to show his feelings in public.

Kay: Miguel's not going to be able to keep his hands off me tonight.

Simone: I know that's what you want.

Kay: Want? It's all I've thought about for months, Simone. Tonight is the night all my dreams are going to come true. How do I look?

Simone: Like -- something else.

Kay: Thank you. That's what I thought. Do you realize, Simone, after tonight, Miguel and I are going to be the hottest item in Harmony. Every girl we know is going to eat her heart out.


Whitney: Whoo! Looking good, Miguel.

Miguel: Thanks.

Whitney: Wait, almost. What's keeping Theresa?

Miguel: I don't know. Maybe she didn't hear me when I called her. The shower was running.

Whitney: Well, I'll drag her out in a minute. This girl you're seeing tonight, whoever she is, she's very lucky.

Miguel: Thanks, Whitney, but I'm the lucky one.


Timmy: Timmy doesn't get it, Tabitha. If she's looking at you, why is she smiling?

Tabitha: She's not looking at me, Timmy. She's seeing the face of the person she most wants to see. That's why she's not afraid. If you think that's fun, watch this.


Agent: I'm sorry, Ms. Crane. I didn't mean to startle you.

Sheridan: It's all right. Agent: I thought you might need this.

Sheridan: Oh. My wallet. Thank you so much.

Agent: Is that your boyfriend?

Sheridan: Oh, no. This is my nephew and closest friend in the whole world. I'm through with boyfriends.

Agent: You don't mean that.

Sheridan: Oh, yes, I do. I'd rather spend the rest of my life alone than getting involved with a man that's just going to use me again.

Agent: We're not all like that.

Sheridan: No. Just the ones I fall for. But Ethan's different. He's one of the good guys. He's the kind of man a woman spends her whole life dreaming about.


Theresa: Oh, Ethan, I had so many dreams of how it was supposed to be when we first met. If I could only go back in time just a few days, I would be so extra careful around you, nothing would go wrong. You've got to believe me. The things I did to you, they were all honest mistakes. Oh, I can't believe it. Can you imagine, Whitney? Me, working for Ivy Crane, in the mansion? Not only is it the job of my dreams, but I would be near Ethan 24 hours a day! I am taking that job.

Whitney: Am I the only one that heard what your mother just said?

Theresa: I'll change her mind.

Whitney: What about Ethan Crane? The last place you need to be is near him. He probably really hates you now.

Theresa: What if Whitney's right? What if Ethan doesn't believe me?

Ivy: I can't wait for you to meet Theresa, Ethan.

Theresa: Oh, shoot. What am I going to do?


Kay: Am I sexy, Simone, or am I sexy?

Simone: It won't matter how sexy you are if you never make it out of this house to meet Miguel.

Kay: You're right. If my parents catch me, it'll be like World War III around here.

Jessica: Hi, mom. Hi, dad. Welcome home.

Sam: Uh, hey, Jessica. Since when do we rate doorman service?

Grace: What's going on here?

Jessica: Nothing. I can't believe you're both so suspicious of me. I just wanted you to get home in time to see Kay off on her big date.

Grace: I didn't know anything about a date, Sam? Did you?

Sam: Oh, Jessica mentioned it on the phone, but I thought you knew.

Grace: No.

Jessica: It was last-minute, and she's so excited. That's why I'm glad you're home in time to see her off with me. I want to make tonight an evening my big sister will never forget. Mind if we, uh--?


Theresa: What was I thinking? Oh, this isn't going to work at all. I need to be alone with Ethan to explain about the accidents. I can't be in front of his mother and Gwen when I'm talking to him. I've got to hide.


Ivy: Well, the sooner we can identify this menace to society, the sooner we can lock her up someplace.

Gwen: I get the idea that you like Pilar's daughter, Mrs. Crane.

Ivy: Very much, Gwen. I mean, if first impressions mean anything, I think she's going to make an excellent personal secretary.


Theresa: I must've been crazy to come here. I can't let Ethan see me. What am I going to do?

Simone: Coast is clear.


Kay: I can't believe I pulled it off without my mom and dad having so much as a clue.

Simone: Lucky for you, Kay Bennett.

Kay: Oh, it's like magic, isn't it?

Simone: Yeah. It gives the name miracle-gro a whole new meaning.

Jessica: Surprise.

Sam: Yes. Surprise, indeed.

Kay: Mom. Dad.

Grace: Yeah, that's us.

Jessica: They just got home.

Kay: I was just going out.

Grace: Yeah, we heard. Something about pulling it off without your father or I having a clue?

Kay: Oh, that. That was just a figure of speech, uh, like a little joke. Right, Simone?

Simone: Uh --

Sam: Grace, who is this girl?

Grace: I'm afraid that that's our daughter, Sam.

Jessica: It's her, all right. But why are you holding your arms like that, Kay? Put them down so we can all see your new look.


Tabitha: Give it up, Charity. Give it up already! You know I'm going to win in the end anyway! Stop fighting me! Timmy! Why are you cowering in the background like that? I need some help here!

Timmy: No, no, Tabitha! This time you've gone too far! This is too weird!

Tabitha: Listen, if you don't help me drag Charity through the water into this house, you'll be sorry I ever brought you to life.

Timmy: But Timmy doesn't know how to help.

Tabitha: The girl is stronger than I expected. Here! Grab on to my waist and pull with all your might!

Timmy: But --

Tabitha: Just do it, Timmy! one of America's most prestigious

Tabitha: Pull, Timmy! Pull!

Timmy: Timmy's doing the best he can!

Tabitha: Do better! Damn it. She's not giving up. Oh, you're stronger than I thought, Charity.

Timmy: Maybe you should just admit defeat, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Never! I cannot let her live.

Timmy: Why you so afraid of her, Tabitha? She's just a girl.

Tabitha: "Just a girl." How many times do I have to tell you, Timmy, this girl has powers that can destroy me -- and you know what that means.

Timmy: No more Timmy.

Tabitha: That's right. So use those muscles I made for you and pull!

Timmy: Timmy still doesn't understand. You have powers, too, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Not like hers.

Timmy: How can we drag her through the water, then?

Tabitha: Because Charity doesn't know the powers she has yet. But her mother knows. Faith knows.

Timmy: And Grace?

Tabitha: No. But Faith will tell her twin, and then they'll band together and enforce Charity's powers, and I cannot allow that. Once I destroy Charity, Faith is next. Oh, she's fighting me. She's -- she's pulling. Pull, Timmy. Pull! Did you hear me?

Timmy: Timmy's pulling!

Tabitha: What's the matter?

Timmy: Timmy slipped.

Tabitha: Oh, get back here.

Timmy: Fluffy?

Tabitha: Forget the damn cat.

Timmy: It's easy for you to say. Fluffy doesn't always attack you.

Tabitha: Timmy! Timmy: Nice kitty. Ah!

Tabitha: Oh! Oh, you're throwing me off balance!

Timmy: Save me, Tabitha!

Tabitha: Shoo! Beat it or I'll turn you into a mouse.

Timmy: How can Timmy ever thank you? You saved Timmy's life.

Tabitha: Timmy, let go of my legs and hold on to my waist! Oh! Quick, hold on to my waist!

Timmy: Timmy ever tell you you have a lovely little waist, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Did I ever tell you I can change you back into a doll?

Timmy: Many times, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Pull, Timmy! Pull!


Agent: I noticed your final destination is Harmony, Ms. Crane.

Sheridan: Yes. I'm going home.

Agent: I hope your stay in Paris wasn't a complete loss.

Sheridan: No, I wouldn't say that. I've learned quite a lot about men, whether I wanted to or not.

Agent: I'm sure you'll have better luck in the future.

Sheridan: I'm going to see that I do.


[Telephone rings]

Pierre: Allo. Roger: I've just gotten word that a woman fitting the description we gave out is at the airport now.

Pierre: Did you get a name for her?

Roger: No. But who could forget that face, huh?

Pierre: Oui. She was very pretty.

Roger: I'll be there in five minutes. And this time, the girl must be killed.


Whitney: Don't worry, Miguel. Your surprise date won't be disappointed when she sees you.

Miguel: You're just saying that to make me feel good.

Whitney: No way. I mean, Antonio Banderas doesn't have nothing on you. Hey, I know -- maybe Theresa and I will stop by the lobster shack after the movie and see how your date's going.

Miguel: No. You wouldn't do that to me, Whitney, would you? Bring my sister around to tease me on the most important night of my life?

Whitney: No, I guess not. At least on your first date with this girl. But the second date? That's another story.

Miguel: I just hope she likes me enough to go out on a second date.

Whitney: She will. Oh, hey, didn't that shower stop a while ago? What is Theresa doing in there anyway?

Pilar: Hi, Whitney. Miguel, how handsome you look.

Miguel: Thanks, mama.

Pilar: What is it?

Miguel: We're just surprised to see you, that's all. We thought Theresa was in the shower.

Pilar: Oh, I haven't seen her since earlier. She must be in her room taking a nap.

Whitney: I'll go wake her. Hey, if I don't see you before you leave, have a great time, ok?

Miguel: Thanks, Whitney.

Whitney: Ok.

Miguel: Bye, mama. I'll see you later.

Pilar: Hey, hey, it would be nice to know where my handsome son is going in such a big hurry.

Miguel: I got a date, ma.

Pilar: Well not just any date, I see. This girl you're seeing tonight is very special?

Miguel: Very special.

Pilar: Tell me about her, Miguel.

Miguel: Well, it's hard to explain. I'm not 100% sure who I'm going out with tonight. It's supposed to be a surprise.

Pilar: A blind date?

Miguel: Sort of. I'll find out who the girl is when I get there. Only I already know. At least I think I do. Oh, you should see her, mom. She's beautiful.

Pilar: Well, that's good. At least one of my children feels happy today.

Miguel: I heard about Theresa.

Pilar: Oh, I worry about her, Miguel. To lose yet another job that Luis got her. Hmm. He's going to be so upset.

Miguel: Whitney told me about Mrs. Crane's job offer.

Pilar: Hmm. I should've never told her anything about that. I mean, there's no way Theresa can go work in the Crane mansion. It's bad enough she's had a crush on Ethan all these years. But to actually be around him every day? It would make everything worse.

Miguel: She doesn't know the half of it.

Pilar: What did you say, Miguel?

Miguel: Nothing. I agree with you. It would be really bad for Theresa to go anywhere near the Cranes.


Ivy: Well, I'm sure Theresa will be happy to help you if she can.


Theresa: Oh, I can't jump. I'll break every bone in my body. Oh, my gosh. This is it. I'm going to lose Ethan forever.


Ivy: She's sort of shy and reserved, but I like that quality. Theresa?


Sheridan's voice: Soon I'll be back home in Harmony with the one person I've always been able to count on. Thank you, God, for giving me Ethan as a nephew and a true best friend. I'll be safe there. No one will ever hurt me again.


Roger: You haven't found her yet?

Pierre: I've been looking all over. Roger: Not good enough. I must make certain she's never able to identify me. We have to find her and get rid of her.


Kay: I know my dress is a little short, but it's cute, isn't it, mom?

Grace: That's not exactly the word I would've chosen. What are those?

Kay: "Those"?

Grace: Those.

Kay: I can't believe you'd bring up something so personal. These, as you call them, are mine. I've been growing up right before your very eyes. They're all me. I'm a woman now.

Sam: Since when?

Kay: Since a while now, dad.

Sam: Grace, please --

Grace: Kay, I think you should march right upstairs and change into something that we both shopped for, both your dress and whatever it is you have on underneath.

Jessica: It's called a he'll-never-know bra.

Kay: Jessica!

Jessica: I saw an ad for them on tv.

Grace: Just hush. Kay, upstairs.

Kay: This is not fair, mom.

Sam: You heard your mother.

Kay: I am old enough to pick out my own clothes. I'm not a little girl anymore.

Sam: Ahem. Jessica: Nobody said anything about Kay's hair.

Sam: Well, I'm, uh -- I'm searching for the appropriate words.

Kay: There is nothing wrong with my hair. It's in -- Tres millennium. Everyone is wearing it like this.

Sam: Well, everyone is not my daughter.

Grace: Sam, I think her hair's the least of our worries.

Sam: Ok. But the rest of her getup's got to go.

Kay: This is unbelievable! What about my civil rights?

Sam: Civil rights? Where did you get the idea that this house was a democracy? Well, it isn't. As long as you live under our roof, your mother and I make the rules. You and Jessica follow them. Got it?

Kay: But --

Sam: The end!

Simone: Come on, Kay. You lost.

Kay: I could kill Jessica! I mean, string her up by her scraggly neck.

Simone: Calm down, Kay.

Kay: You're right. I will not let my brat sister ruin this night for me, no matter how hard she's tried.

Simone: That's the spirit!

Kay: This is only a temporary setback. I can deal with it. I still have my plan. Jessica and my folks are not going to keep me from seducing Miguel tonight.


Miguel: Theresa's going to be fine, mama.

Pilar: You really think so, Miguel?

Miguel: She told Whitney she'd go to the movies with her tonight. I mean, that means she's trying to get the job offer out of her mind. Even Theresa knows going to work for the Cranes is a lousy idea.

Pilar: I hope so. Anyway, you shouldn't be standing here trying to make me feel better. You don't want to be late for your date.

Miguel: I still have plenty of time. But I would like to get there early. Bye, mama.

Pilar: Bye. Did you wake Theresa up?

Whitney: She's not in her room. She's not anywhere in the house.

Pilar: Well, that's strange. Where could she have gone? Oh, you don't think she went to the Crane mansion to see about that job?

Whitney: Oh, please don't let Theresa have done something that stupid.


Ethan: I thought you said Pilar's daughter was here.

Ivy: Well, she was. I told her to wait. I don't know where she could've gone.


Gwen: What was that?

Ethan: Sounded like it came from the closet.

Ivy: So it did. Hmm. Theresa, what on earth --

Theresa: Oh, Mrs. Crane. I'm so embarrassed. I couldn't stop looking at your beautiful gowns.

Ivy: Well, don't be embarrassed, dear. You're welcome to look at them anytime you like. But do come out now so I can introduce you to my son and his girlfriend.


Tabitha: We've got her, Timmy. The little girl is mine now!

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