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Passions Transcript Thursday 7/15/99
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Simone: I just don't see it happening, Kay.

Kay: It will.

Simone: How are you going to get Miguel to fall in love with you when he thinks of you as a pal, a buddy?

Kay: He's going to start thinking of me as a woman.

Simone: How?

Kay: I have a plan.


Whitney: Simone, where's mom?

Simone: I don't know. She's around here somewhere.

Whitney: Where?

Kay: Do you mind? Your sister and I were talking.

Whitney: Yes, I mind. This is important.

Simone: Whitney, what's gotten into you? Why are you so upset?


T.C.: Who the hell do you think you are, upsetting my daughter like that? Whitney was in tears!

Tabitha: I'm just trying to make a living.

T.C.: What, by scaring innocent kids half to death? Well, I'm not going to let you get away with it. Nobody hurts somebody I love. Nobody.


Luis: Miguel.

Miguel: Hey, Luis. Want a hot dog?

Luis: I talked to Roy. Did you know that he fired Theresa because of Ethan Crane?

Miguel: She told me she spilled some milk shakes on him, but --

Luis: So Roy fires her. She storms into the kitchen, takes her visor, and throws it onto an open flame and nearly burns the place down.

Miguel: It was an accident.

Luis: Look, I'm a cop as well as Theresa's brother, Miguel. I can piece together what happened. Ethan Crane walks in. Theresa gets so excited because she's seeing the man of her dreams in the flesh. She totally loses it. Her obsession with this guy has got to stop.

Miguel: She told me it was over with him, Luis. I think she meant it.


Theresa: No, Ethan. Gwen isn't the girl for you.

I am. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. I'm the one who really loves you.


Sheridan: I'm in Paris, and I'm engaged to the man I love. Can life get any sweeter than this, Jean-Luc?

Jean-Luc: Our life together will be very sweet, mon cheri.

Sheridan: I've waited so long to find real love.

Jean-Luc: Oh, you're cold. Let's go to the restaurant.

Sheridan: No. I was just thinking about Diana. She waited her whole life to find true life, too, and when she finally did --

Jean-Luc: You mustn't dwell on that. Princess Diana was your best friend, and she would have liked you to be very happy.

Sheridan: Yes, she would. Come on. Let's party. I want this to be a night I will never forget.

Jean-Luc: Let's go.

Sheridan: Yes.

Mimi: Merci.


Simone: Whitney, what's going on? Why are you angry with me?

Whitney: I'm not angry with you, Simone. I just have to find mom.

Simone: Why?

Whitney: Something's happened.

Simone: What?

Whitney: Never mind. Forget it. I'll find her myself.

Kay: Let her go. We need to talk.

Simone: She's acting so weird.

Kay: All sisters are weird.

Simone: But Whitney's usually pretty cool to me.

Kay: Well, she's the older sister, like me. Older sisters are much nicer than younger sisters.

Simone: Excuse me.

Kay: It's a scientific fact that younger sisters are born evil.

Simone: I'm younger than Whitney. Remember?

Kay: Ok. So you're the exception.

Simone: Maybe if you made an effort to get along with Jessica --

Kay: Hello! Who blackmailed me into giving her my beeper or she'd tell Miguel I have the hots for him.

Simone: You've got a point.

Kay: I swear, if Jessica screws up my chance with Miguel --

Simone: You really think you have a chance with him?

Kay: Thanks, best friend. What am I, too ugly to live?

Simone: I meant that you and Miguel have known each other since you were children. He thinks of you as a pal, a buddy.

Kay: Well, he's about to start thinking of me as a woman.

Simone: That project you were about to tell me about?

Kay: Oh, that's right. That's right. Project naked men.

Simone: Project naked --

Kay: Shh! We can't talk here. The mutant might be lurking, and there is no way I'm letting Jessica screw up our plan.

Jessica: Too late.


Luis: I knew this would happen. Didn't I say one day that these ridiculous dreams of Theresa's would explode in her face?

Miguel: Many times.

Luis: Do you think that I enjoy getting on Theresa's case? She's our sister, and I love her, and I want what's best for her. But dreaming that she's living some glamorous lifestyle, hanging out with high-society people like the Cranes? She's just going to get herself hurt.

Miguel: Just because our family doesn't have money, Luis, doesn't mean we can't have a better life.

Luis: And that's what I want for you both -- a better life. But that takes education, work. Theresa really needs a summer job for the college fund.

Miguel: She'll find another job.

Luis: I already found her another job -- at the cannery.

Miguel: Cleaning fish? Don't do this to her, Luis.

Luis: Look, don't blame me for this, Miguel. Theresa created this situation herself. She had a great job at the burger hut until she went and almost burned the place down. And why? Because of her obsession with Ethan Crane. Well, maybe a dose of reality will put an end to that fantasy.


Ethan: You're a funny one.

Gwen: What do you mean?

Ethan: Crying at good news.

Gwen: Wait till you see me at aunt Sheridan's wedding. Tissue stocks are going to go up 50 points.

Ethan: It's sweet of you to be so happy about her engagement.

Gwen: Your aunt Sheridan's waited a long time to find true love.

Ethan: Think she found it with Jean-Luc?

Gwen: Well, he asked her to marry him, didn't he?

Ethan: I do love you, Gwen.

Gwen: I know.


Theresa: That should be me in your arms, Ethan. I was right. I knew if we could only meet, you would fall in love with me.

Ethan: And I have. I've waited my whole life for a woman like you, Theresa.

Theresa: Why didn't you wait for me, Ethan?

[Operatic singing]


Sheridan: If I'm dreaming, don't wake me up.

Jean-Luc: It's not a dream, mon cheri. It's real.

Sheridan: Oh, Jean-Luc. For the first time in my life, I feel truly loved, truly happy. I never want this feeling to end.

Jean-Luc: It never will, mon cheri.


Mimi: Jean-Luc will love this.

Woman: He is your boyfriend?

Mimi: For now. But one day, I'm going to marry him.

Woman: I think love is in the air today.

Mimi: What?

Mimi: Liar! You told me that Sheridan Crane looked like a horse, huh? And that you only use her for her money. She's beautiful! Jean-Luc, I hate you.

Jean-Luc: You don't hate me, Mimi. You love me as much as I love you. Sheridan crane means nothing to me.

Mimi: You said you love me, Jean-Luc. It's not nice to fool Mimi. But soon, your American heiress is about to find out what a rat you really are. We'll see if she wants to marry you then.


Miguel: Theresa.

Theresa: Miguel.

Miguel: Why are you crying?

Theresa: I got something in my eye.

Miguel: Come on. Theresa, why do you torture yourself over someone you can never have?

Theresa: Why does everyone keep saying that?

Miguel: Because it's true. Theresa, come on. The Crane family are billionaires. Our mother works as their housekeeper.

Theresa: So? What's wrong with that?

Miguel: Nothing. All I'm saying is that you and Ethan come from two different worlds. You've got nothing in common.

Theresa: You don't know that. Maybe we would if we got to know each other.

Miguel: Theresa, so far you've dumped paint, milk shakes, and barbecue sauce on the guy's head. I doubt he wants to come anywhere near you.

Theresa: I can't believe I did that. I used to dream when Ethan and I met it would be so romantic. He would look at me and instantly fall in love.

Miguel: Love at first sight? There's no such thing.

Theresa: How do you know? You've never been in love.

Miguel: Theresa, how can you love someone you don't even know?

Theresa: But I feel like I know him.

Miguel: From the magazine articles you read?

Theresa: And the nice things mama says about him. And there's something sad about him. I know that if I had a chance, I could make him happy.

Miguel: You're doing it again.

Theresa: You think I'm stupid and pathetic for dreaming about someone that doesn't even know my name.

Miguel: There's nothing wrong with dreams.

Theresa: But you don't think my dream will ever come true.

Miguel: You're my sister, Theresa. I love you. I can't bear to see you hurting like this. You've got to forget about Ethan Crane.


Eve: You thinking about arresting those sea gulls, Sam?

Sam: Eve. How are you?

Eve: What's wrong? Is it Grace?

Sam: Her little girl showed up again last night.

Eve: Ah. She saw her again?

Sam: Heard her. Grace said that she told her that someone was coming, that she's almost here. I don't know, something like that.

Eve: Who's coming?

Sam: You know, I'm more and more convinced that this has something to do with Grace's past, the part of her life that she can't remember.

Eve: Well, have you heard back from the person that you talked to in the chat room?

Sam: "Seeker"? No. You know, I don't understand. I mean, they seemed to know Grace. They knew the two moles on her left shoulder. But when I asked them their name and how I could get hold of them, they signed off.

Eve: Odd. You'd think after all this time that some friend or relative would be desperate to find Grace.

Sam: Yeah, you'd think. I didn't tell Grace I signed on. I don't want to get her hopes up.

Eve: Oh, I won't say anything. Where is she?

Sam: I took her home to lie down. I wanted to stay with her, but she insisted I get back to work.

Eve: How's she doing?

Sam: You know, she pretends that she's ok, but I know that she's upset, she's confused. I just wish that she would open up, talk to me. Anyway -- got to get back to work.

Eve: You know I'll look in on her if you want me to, Sam.

Sam: Thanks, Eve.

Whitney: Mom. Thank God I found you.

Eve: Whitney. What is it? Do you need some more money for the carnival?

Whitney: No, it's dad.


Tabitha: Now, just calm down, mister.

T.C.: "Calm down"? My daughter was in tears. Who do you think you are?

Timmy: If you only knew.

T.C.: And who gave you permission to set up this tent? The carnival did not approve of any fortunetellers. Who are you, anyway? What is your name?

Tabitha: Here. Take the money your daughter paid me.

T.C.: I don't want your damn money, lady. I want answers!

Answer me!

Tabitha: I --

T.C.: Wait a minute. There's something not right here.

Timmy: Let's see you get out of this one, Tabitha.


Whitney: This is all my fault.

Eve: What is it? Has something happened to your father?

Whitney: A gypsy fortuneteller said something that made me upset. Dad found me crying.

Eve: What did the fortuneteller say to you?


Tabitha: I'm only telling you what I see. Whitney will cause a murder if she continues to pursue her dream of becoming a champion tennis player.

Theresa: That's ridiculous. Whitney wouldn't hurt a fly, much less kill somebody.

Whitney: I didn't say Whitney was going to commit the murder.

Theresa: Then who?

Tabitha: Her daddy.

Whitney: It doesn't matter what she said, but dad went looking for the fortuneteller.

Eve: Well, where is this gypsy?

Whitney: The gypsy tent is down by the pier. Mom, you have got to find dad. If anything happens --

Eve: There is nothing to worry about. He probably just wants to talk to her.

Whitney: Think so?

Eve: Of course. Now just go enjoy the carnival. And I'll find your father.

Whitney: Thanks, mom.

Eve: Shoo.


T.C.: There's something about you.

Tabitha: Oh, Tabitha, you sly old thing you. You've really outdone yourself this time. The people of Harmony have no idea what they're in for today. Hmm. No idea at all. I'm just an old woman trying to make an honest living.

T.C.: "Honest"? You cheat people out of their money.

Tabitha: I only tell people what I see in their lives.

T.C.: Well, you know what I see in your life? Jail! I'm calling the police.

Tabitha: No, no! I'll make you a deal.

T.C.: No deals.

Tabitha: Let me give you a reading, and if you think it's accurate, then you don't go to the police.

T.C.: Forget it, lady.

Tabitha: You -- you have two daughters.

T.C.: Everybody knows I have --

Tabitha: You're in sports. You're a coach in the high school.

T.C.: That's general information.

Tabitha: And what about your father, Mr. Russell?

T.C.: What about my father?

Tabitha: He's dead, isn't he?

T.C.: That's a lucky guess.

Tabitha: He worked at the country club. The two of you were inseparable. Everyone thought you loved him.

T.C.: I did love him. My father was a great man.

Tabitha: But you didn't always love him, did you?

T.C.: Like hell I didn't!

Tabitha: Even when he would act submissive to those white people he worked for? You thought your father was weak, didn't you?

T.C.: No.

Tabitha: The way he'd say "yes, sir" and "no, sir" and laugh at all those rich, white bigots and their pathetic jokes, all for a tip, even if it was only a quarter.

T.C.: I never told anybody that. No one.

Tabitha: He demeaned himself so that his son could have a better life. He hated being a servant. He did it for you and your mother.

T.C.: I never understood at the time what he did and what he sacrificed for us.

Tabitha: And you felt so guilty when you found out.

T.C.: Yes.

Tabitha: And then your daddy died of a broken heart with all that business with your leg.

T.C.: Wait a minute. How did you know about my -- about my leg?

Tabitha: All his dreams for you ended when you got hurt.

T.C.: It -- it wasn't my fault.

Tabitha: No, no. It wasn't. It was someone else's. And you could kill that person who did that to you, couldn't you? They're the reason your father died of a broken heart, why he died such an early death.

T.C.: Yes. Who is that person? Give me their name.

Tabitha: Ah.


Kay: Ok. Jessica's not around.

Simone: So what's this project naked men?

Kay: I'm going to have a contest here at the carnival tomorrow to choose Mr. Harmony. All the guys have to wear bathing suits.

Simone: I like that idea. But how is that going to get Miguel interested in you as a woman?

Kay: Well, I'll make sure Miguel wins first prize.

Simone: Which is?

Kay: Dinner with a surprise date.

Simone: And let me guess -- that surprise date is you?

Kay: Right.

Simone: So, what's the big deal? It's not like you and Miguel haven't had dinner before.

Kay: I hardly count pizza with Miguel and half the softball team as a date, Simone. This is going to be just the two of us. I'll choose a romantic restaurant, wear a sexy dress. We'll sip champagne by moonlight.

Simone: First of all, no one's going to serve you champagne because you're underage.

Kay: It's just an image, Simone. Why do you have to take everything so literal?

Simone: "Literally."

Kay: I'm just sick and tired of Miguel looking at me as his buddy. By the end of the night, I want him to look at me as a woman, his woman. So, what do you think?

Simone: I think that if anybody can pull this off, you can, Kay Bennett.

Kay: Well, we just have to keep my plan a secret because the last person I want to find out is Jessica.

Simone: Mm-hmm.


Miguel: Chocolate swirl. It's your favorite.

Theresa: There must be a million calories in that. What difference does it make? I've lost the only man worth dieting for.

Miguel: Theresa, you'll be after another guy in, like, a week.

Theresa: No. Ethan was the only one for me. I'll never love anyone like him.


Ethan: You know, hearing about Sheridan's engagement got me thinking about something.

Gwen: What?

Ethan: Us. After I finish the contracts I've been working on for your father, the two of us are going to Pris.

Gwen: Ooh.

Ethan: We'll have a great time, and it will give me a chance to meet Sheridan's fiance, check him out, make sure he's right for her.

Gwen: Well, she seems to think he is.

Ethan: She's been wrong about men before.

Gwen: You're so protective of your aunt. I think it's sweet.

Ethan: I care about her. She's had it kind of rough.

Gwen: She told me a little bit about it in Paris.

Ethan: She did?

Gwen: Mm-hmm. How after her mother died, her father, your grandfather, Alistair, pretty much ignored her, let nannies raise her until she was old enough to go off to boarding school. Hopefully Jean-Luc will make her happy.

Ethan: He'd better.


[Music plays]

Sheridan: I want this to be our song, Jean-Luc. Whenever we hear it, we'll remember this night -- the night you proposed to me and made me the happiest woman in the world.

Jean-Luc: Well, it's official. This is our song.

Jean-Luc: I'm going to order more champagne, ok?

Jean-Luc: Um -- whoa. What was that for?

Sheridan: I couldn't bear to lose you, Jean-Luc.

Jean-Luc: How can you say something like this? I asked you to marry me, didn't I? Smile, my little one.

I love you only you

Mimi: Where are you, Mademoiselle Crane? I cannot wait to tell you the truth about Jean-Luc.


T.C.: If you know who's responsible for my father's death, you tell me their name.

Tabitha: You'll find out in due time.

T.C.: When?

Tabitha: Soon. You look upset, Coach Russell. Was it something I said?

T.C.: How do you know these things? How do you know about my leg?

Tabitha: I told you I could see things in people's lives. Now do you believe me?

T.C.: Look here, lady. I don't know what games you're playing, but you stay away from my daughter. You understand that? As a matter of fact, you stay away from my entire family.

Tabitha: Don't worry about me. You worry about yourself.

Timmy: That was close. For a minute there, I thought he was going to kill you, Tabitha.

Tabitha: Coach Russell's got quite the temper. I can only imagine what he'll do when he learns the name of the person he's been hunting all these years.

Timmy: Tell Timmy.

Tabitha: Oh, I don't know. That's a pretty big secret.

Timmy: You don't trust Timmy?

Tabitha: Tell me one reason I should.

Timmy: Because Timmy's a bad m--

Tabitha: You've been watching those rap videos again, haven't you? I'll tell you.

Timmy: Ooh-whee, that'll hurt.

Tabitha: That's just a taste of the pain I have planned for Harmony. Hey. Hide, Timmy. Hide. Another victim's coming.

Eve: T.C.?

Tabitha: Oh, Dr. Russell. Come in. I'm ready for you.


Theresa: Whitney, how's your father?

Whitney: I don't know. My mom went to go look for him. What's the matter?

Miguel: She saw Ethan Crane kissing his girlfriend.

Whitney: I should've known you wouldn't be able to keep your mind off of him.

Theresa: I'm just going to have to. I've lost him forever now.


Gwen: Ethan, be careful!

Ethan: Oh!

Gwen: Oh.

Ethan: For you, my lady.

Gwen: Oh. Well, it's only brass, but at least it's a ring.

Ethan: Someday it will be gold. I'm glad you talked me into coming out here. I'm actually having a good time.

Gwen: No fears of that crazy girl showing up?

Ethan: She hasn't shown up yet, so I guess I'm safe.

Gwen: What, do you got to be somewhere?

Ethan: No, I was just thinking about Sheridan, wondering what she's doing.

Gwen: Well, she said that she and Jean-Luc were going out tonight to celebrate their engagement. I hope it is a night that she'll never forget.


Jean-Luc: To the most beautiful woman in Paris.

Sheridan: The luckiest woman in Paris.

[Music plays]

Mimi: Gotcha.


Luis: Do you think I'm being too hard on Theresa? I'm just trying to talk some sense into her.

Sam: Luis, when you discover how to talk sense into a teenaged girl, you let me know. I got two of them. I still haven't figured them out. They live in their own world.

Luis: Unfortunately, my sister wants to live in the Crane world.

Sam: Don't you let her go near them. It'll cause nothing but pain and grief.

Luis: You brought this up before. Have some trouble with the Cranes?

Sam: Just keep your sister away from them. I'll catch you later.


Kay: What do you think?

Simone: Perfect.

Kay: Hey, Luis.

Luis: Hey. Kay, Simone. You having fun at the carnival?

Simone: Yeah, it's great.

Kay: Listen, we need a favor.

Luis: Yeah, sure.

Kay: There's going to be this contest, and we were wondering if you could help out?

Luis: Yeah. When is it?

Simone: Tomorrow, here at the carnival.

Luis: What kind of contest is it?

Kay: You'll find out.

Simone: Just bring your bathing suit.

Sam: T.C. T.C. I haven't seen that look on your face in a long time.

T.C.: What look?

Sam: Like a hurricane about to hit. What happened?


Eve: How did you know my name?

Tabitha: There's a great deal I know about you, Dr. Russell. You're a dedicated doctor, loving wife and mother. You have two daughters, Whitney and Simone.

Eve: If I'm supposed to be impressed, I'm not. You could've found that out from anybody in town.

Tabitha: I could tell you a lot more.

Eve: I'm not some gullible young girl like my daughter. And what did you say that upset her so much?

Tabitha: I told her the truth, like I told your husband.

Eve: T.C. was here?

Tabitha: You were worried about him and what he'd do to me, weren't you? He does have quite the temper.

Eve: He loves his children, and he doesn't tolerate anyone hurting them.

Tabitha: Yeah. And he loves the truth, too, doesn't he? Almost as much as he loves his family.

Eve: He's an honorable man.

Tabitha: Yeah. And he expects the people he loves to be honorable, too.

Eve: Naturally.

Tabitha: So your husband would be crushed if he were to find out that he'd been lied to and played for a fool.

Eve: What is it that --

Tabitha: Especially by his wife.

Eve: What -- what is it that you're saying?

Tabitha: The truth, Dr. Russell.

Eve: You haven't the faintest idea what the truth is.

Tabitha: Don't I? I know the truth about you. All of it. And if your husband and your children and your friends and even your church knew what I knew, what do you think they'd say? What would they think of you then, Dr. Eve Russell?


Miguel: Luis got Theresa a job at the cannery.

Whitney: Oh, no. Theresa's going to freak when she finds out.

Miguel: I know.

Whitney: First she has to give up her dreams, Miguel. Now this. This is just not her day, is it?

Miguel: No. I could talk to Luis. Maybe I can get him to put off telling her for a day or two.

Whitney: Yeah. Thanks, Miguel.

Theresa: What were you two talking about?

Whitney: Nothing important.

Theresa: You know, Whitney, it wasn't about the money or the fancy lifestyle.

Whitney: What?

Theresa: My feelings about Ethan. It was him. Only him. Well, I don't need a fortuneteller to predict my future now. I can see it clearly. I'll be growing old in some boring local job. I just hope it's not the cannery. No. Life couldn't be that cruel.

Luis: Theresa, there you are. Did Miguel tell you?

Theresa: Tell me what?

Whitney: Luis, not now.

Theresa: What?

Luis: I got you a job at the cannery. You start tonight.


Sam: A fortuneteller? What fortuneteller?

T.C.: Here at the carnival.

Sam: I'm surprised the carnival committee allowed that.

T.C.: Well, nobody told me. The fact is that woman's here. And whatever nonsense she told Whitney has her upset.

Sam: You went after her? What'd you do, man?

T.C.: I wanted to tear her tent apart.

Sam: What?

T.C.: There's something weird about this gypsy. She said the strangest things to me.

Sam: Don't tell me you fell for that psychic mumbo-jumbo, T.C.

T.C.: No, Sam, this was different. That woman said some things to me that bore a hole in my soul. It was strange. It was evil. And I don't want anybody I care about going near that tent.


Tabitha: I seem to have struck a chord, Dr. Russell.

Eve: It's nonsense. I don't have anything in my past that I'm ashamed of.

Tabitha: You've never hidden anything from him?

Eve: If you are trying to imply that I have been dishonest with my husband --

Tabitha: I'm not implying. I know.

Eve: You know nothing! You are a phony. You prey on people's emotions and fears, and you confuse them!

Tabitha: And what do you fear, doctor?

Eve: Well, certainly not you.

Tabitha: Well, you should because I know what you're hiding. All of it. The secret you've kept from your husband. What you did years ago outside of town. You think I don't know? Well, I do. And I can prove it. I'll tell you that secret that you've kept hidden in your soul all these years. I'll tell you every horrible detail right now.

[Tabitha cackles]


Theresa: The cannery? No. Tell me you're joking.

Luis: No, you need a summer job.

Theresa: I'll find something, Luis, I promise.

Luis: It's the only place in town that's still hiring for the summer. In fact, you got the last job. It's a swing shift.

Theresa: Lucky me.

Luis: Theresa, I know you don't believe me, but I'm doing this for your own good. You got to get your head out of the clouds and face reality.

Theresa: I'm sure those fish will be real, all right.

Luis: Theresa, look, just until the end of the summer. I mean, think about the money you'll save for your college fund. I got to get back to work. I love you. Hey, don't forget, you start tonight.

Theresa: He's wrong. My life ends tonight.

Whitney: I'm sorry, Theresa.

Theresa: I'm going to be a fishwoman. Remember those women on the bus who we used to make fun of because of the way they smelled? That'll be me. Cats will follow me home.

Whitney: Maybe it won't be so bad.

Theresa: Oh, Whitney, please. I'm going for a walk -- enjoy my last fish-free hours. The next time you see me, you'll need a room deodorizer.


Kay: Hey, that's a great-looking guy. I'm going to ask him to be a contestant.

Simone: You don't even know him.

Kay: So? Miguel agreed to be in the contest. If I don't make it look real, he's going to figure out it's a setup. Hi. I know this sounds weird, but would you want to be in the Mr. Harmony contest?

Ethan: The what?

Kay: The Mr. Harmony contest. To pick the best-looking guy in Harmony.

Ethan: Oh.

Kay: It's here tomorrow at the carnival.

Ethan: No, but thanks.

Gwen: Oh, Ethan, you have to.

Ethan: No way.

Kay: Well, it's for a good cause -- to raise money for the school fund.

Gwen: You can't say no now. Ethan, come on, it'll be so much fun.

Ethan: All right. What do I do?

Kay: Here. Write down your number.

Ethan: Ok. There you go.

Kay: Thanks. I'll be in touch.

Ethan: Yeah. I can't believe you convinced me to do that.

Gwen: Ethan, I think you'll win. I mean, you are the best-looking guy in Harmony. Ok, fortune cookie time. Maybe yours will predict victory.

Ethan: "The woman of your dreams is thinking of you all the time."

Gwen: Well, that's true.

Ethan: What does yours say? What is it, Gwen?


Mimi: You will not gaze at him with such loving eyes after I speak with you, Sheridan Crane.

Sheridan: Is that my heart beating faster, or are you just happy to see me?

Jean-Luc: My beeper. I have to return this call -- business. I'm sorry.

Sheridan: You've never really spoken much about your business. Something in export/import?

Jean-Luc: Well, I will have a whole lifetime to tell you about it, but not tonight. I won't be long.

Mimi: Waiter. You see that woman in the pink dress? I want you to go and tell her I want to speak with her on the terrace. Tell her it's important. Smile, Sheridan Crane. This is going to be your last moment of happiness.

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