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Passions Transcript Monday 7/5/99

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Singer: I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet…

Girl: Hey, Miguel.

Miguel: Hey.

Man: Morning, Luis.

Luis: Beautiful day, ain't it?

Man: Always a beautiful day in harmony.

Luis: Sure is.

Singer: ...I knew could take me highest breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life…

Luis: Silvino!

Silvino: Luis, Miguel. Where you guys headed?

Luis: To drop Miguel down at the docks.

Miguel: I'm going to look for a summer job.

Silvino: I could use your help right here.

Miguel: Really?

Luis: He's already got a job.

Miguel: No, I don’t.

Luis: See ya later, Silvino.

Miguel: All right. What are you doing?

Luis: It's bad enough mama cleans their mansion. There's no way I'm lettin' my little brother be a gardener for the damn cranes.

(Phone rings) (Ringing)

Maid: Crane residence. No, I'm sorry. Sheridan Crane isn't here. I don't know. She's in Paris and hasn't lived here in a long time. You're welcome. I wonder why Mr. Ethan's aunt Sheridan doesn't come home.

1st Woman: There she goes, every day same time.

2nd woman: I wonder who she is and where she goes.

1st Woman: She looks like a princess.

2nd woman: If she is, she's a very sad princess.

Gwen: I love you, Ethan Crane.

Ethan: Prove it. Don't go to Paris tonight.

Gwen: Oh, darling, I have to. I have fittings.

Ethan: Can't you find somebody here to hem your dresses or, whatever?

Gwen: In harmony? I don't think so; not unless I want everything finished off in a fisherman's knot. Besides, you'll have plenty of company.

Ethan: Who?

Gwen: All those local girls lusting after the handsome and rich Ethan Crane.

Ethan: They wouldn't notice me if they fell over me.

Gwen: They'll be falling over you, all right. Believe me, they'll know you.

Ethan: How, Gwen? Hardly spent any time here growing up.

Gwen: No, but you're back now, and you've been picked up on every single girl's eligible bachelor radar screen, a major blip.

Ethan: A major blip? Yeah, that's me.

Gwen: But an adorable one.

Ethan: So what happens if one of those lovely ladies sees your blip so close to my blip?

Gwen: She'll be terribly jealous, of course. Now get your blip over here.

T.C.: Good job.

Theresa: "When will they marry?" Never.

Singer: …What's a girl to do in a world that's coming unglued? Won't somebody give me a clue…?

Kay:  Brat face, give me that now!

Jessica: Give you what?

Kay: I'm warning you!

Jessica: Oh, I'm so scared.

Kay: You little brat. Simone.

Simone: I'm out of this.

Sam: What is going on down there?

Jessica: Daddy, she hit me.

Kay: I did not.

Sam: I don't care what happened. I want you to keep it down.

Jessica: She started it, Daddy.

Kay: I did not.

Sam: I don't care who started what. I want you to be quiet. Your mother was up late working on the carnival plans. I don't want anyone waking her up. Do you hear me? No one.

(Chiming sound)

Angel Girl: It's time, Grace. I've come for you.

Singer: …I would hold the hand of the one who could lead me places and kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet and I would fly on the wings of the bird I knew could take me highest. Breathe in, breathe out you keep me alive you are the fire burning inside of me you are my passion for life… time passes on and I still think about you even though you're not here I can almost feel you near since you left without a warning it's hard to let you go so many things left unsaid so much I wanted you to know if only I could see you one more time you'd take away this loneliness of mine…

Sheridan: Blessed mother ... hear my prayer. I know I've asked you so often, but ... if you will, please, please, let me have some happiness. A true love that I can share forever, I don't want to die now. Please don't let me be killed, too.

Gwen: Are you sure one of the local girls never brought you here?

Ethan: Why would you think that?

Gwen: Hmm ... for someone who claims not to know Harmony very well, you certainly know the local make-out spot.

Ethan: How do you know? You're not even from Harmony.

Gwen: It seems that dune point is quite the passion pit. I overheard some local girls talking when I was at the drugstore.

Ethan: Well, you're two up on me. I don't even know where the drugstore is.

Gwen: Oh, you're joking.

Ethan: Gwen, you know how little time I spent in Harmony. I've been in boarding schools same as you, since I was a kid. I didn't even vacation here.

Gwen: I always thought that was kind of odd, didn't you?

Ethan: Just the way it was.

Gwen: It bothers you, doesn't it?

Ethan: No. Well, I guess when you think of those poor little local girls who missed out on the Ethan Crane experience...

Gwen: oh, please!

Ethan: I'm kidding. There probably isn't a girl in town that even knows I exist.

Gwen: Oh, I bet there are a lot of would-be Cinderella’s dreaming of meeting prince charming Crane right now.

Theresa: She is so ugly. You don't even belong with her, Ethan. That's better.

T.C.: Great shot, Whitney.

Whitney: I learned it from you, Daddy.

(Both laughing)

T.C.: There's your mom.

Whitney: Woo! So what fancy-schmancy magazine are you looking at this time?

Theresa: City and Country.

Whitney: What's that?

Theresa: I gave Gwen Hotchkiss a makeover.

Whitney: You are crazy, you know that.

Eve: I can see from that grin on your face that Whitney beat you.

T.C. Mark my words, sweetheart. Our daughter is going to…

Eve: ...is going to make the Olympic team. You've been saying that ever since you put a racket in her crib, T.C.

T.C.: I know a winner when I see one.

Eve: That's why I married you.

T.C.: So, where you headed?

Eve: I have to pick up Simone at the Bennett’s.

T.C: (Laughing) I can't even believe it. With her busy schedule, Grace still finds time to be carnival chairperson.

Eve: That's Grace. She's always got to have something going on.

Angel Girl: Wake up, Grace.

Grace: (Moaning) I'm afraid.

Angel Girl: Wake up. It's time. The danger is here.

Father: Excuse me, mademoiselle. May I be of help?

Sheridan: Excuse me, father.

Father: I notice you come here every single day, for the last two weeks. Always you pray to our lady. You seem so troubled and sad.

Sheridan: A friend of mine died.

Father: I'm so sorry.

Sheridan: We didn't know each other long but, we were very close. Our lives, our backgrounds, are so similar. We each had lonely childhoods; we were always hoping to find true love. And my friend finally did... just before she died. And that's why I'm afraid.

Father: I don't understand.

Sheridan: We were so similar. And now I think I finally found true love what if I die before I can completely experience that love... like Diana?

Father: Diana, this friend of yours… was she princess Diana?

Sheridan: Yes. She was so dear to me. The only other person closer to me is my nephew Ethan, but … he's thousands of miles away in America, in a place called Harmony.

Ethan: I'm gonna miss you.

Gwen: Come to Paris with me.

Ethan: I’d love to but, I can’t.

Gwen: But, it's only for a week.

Ethan: I told you. I have to finish those contracts I'm doing for your family. 

Gwen: I'll just talk to Daddy.

Ethan: No, Gwen. It's only a month I've been working for the firm.

Gwen: It's your family's firm.

Ethan: I also have to study for the bar exam.

Gwen: Well that's too bad, because we could've gone to visit your aunt Sheridan together.

Ethan: Sheridan. I haven't seen her in so long. She is such a trip.

Gwen: She’s your father's sister, right?

Ethan: Yes, but he was in his teens when she was born. That must be kind of weird having an aunt who's only a few years older than you. I always thought of her more as a big sister... a really cool big sister. I remember when we were younger; we used to get shipped off to Europe together in the summer to some exclusive camp, or visit relatives. She'd always find some way to sneak us out of the house or hotel we were staying in, and we'd go exploring. Later, when we were older, we use to travel together, just the two of us. She always made everything so fun. But then I went to law school, got busy, she was living in Europe. I really miss her.

Gwen: So come with me.

Ethan: Gwen, I can't. But you can see her. You two can riot in the streets of Paris while I'm slaving away in boring old Harmony.

Gwen: How do you know it’s boring?

Ethan: What's there to do?

Gwen: Why don’t you find out? Get to know your hometown now that you're finally settled here.

Ethan: Maybe I will. Who knows? I might meet one of those lusty Cinderella’s you’ve been saying is dying to meet me.

Gwen: Oh stop!

Whitney: I cannot believe you did this.

Theresa: What? That's exactly what I think Gwen Hotchkiss would look like, without all that plastic surgery.

Whitney: How do you know, she had plastic surgery? You never even met her.

Theresa: You're right. She wouldn't pay to be that ugly.

Whitney: I think you should stop reading all these magazines.

Theresa: I'm gonna be in these magazines one day; wearing the most fabulous jewels, getting my hair done by the best hairdressers in New York and, wearing a dress made just for me from the top designers in Paris.

Whitney: You really believe that, don't you?

Theresa: Yeah. Just because my family’s poor, doesn't mean I have to be.

Whitney: I know that, Theresa.

Theresa: You're my best friend, Whitney. Don't put down my dreams.

Whitney: I'm not. I mean, look at me. I actually have this crazy dream that I’m gonna play at Wimbledon some day, center court.

Theresa: And I'll be right there cheering you on in the front row wearing a fabulous dress, a big hat, and a really expensive necklace – emeralds… and when you win, I'll tell all the dukes and duchesses and ladies that my best friend is the champion of Wimbledon.

Whitney: You are crazy; Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and I love you whether or not you're rich.

Theresa: I will be rich, maybe sooner than you think.

Whitney: What? Is there something you're not telling me?

Theresa: Maybe.

T.C.: Look at 'em. Best of buddies.

Eve: I just wish Simone would be as focused as Whitney. She's been very moody lately.

T.C.: It's that age. She'll be fine.

Eve: Yeah, you're right. Well, I have to go and rescue her.

T.C.:  Rescue her from what?

Eve: From the pandemonium of a Bennett family morning.

T.C. (laughing)

Kay: Brat.

Jessica: Brat face.

Sam: Will you two please stop it, huh? I'm gonna ground you both if you wake up your mom. I mean it. What is it this time?

Jessica: Some boy asked dragon lady out on a date.

Simone: What? Who?

Kay: I don't know. The mutant took my pager before I could see the message.

Sam: Let me see it. Give it here Beauteous Kay.

Jessica: Beauteous oh, yeah.

Kay: Shut up! Let me see it, Daddy.

Sam: Is that all it says?

Kay: What? You erased it!

Jessica: It was an accident.

Kay: Liar.

Sam: You don't know who sent you this?

Kay: No.

Simone: Maybe it was...

Sam: Who?

Jessica: I know. It was Freddy Krueger. Oh, Kay, my beauteous Kay.

Kay: you little…

Jessica: Come to think of it, you look just like him.

Sam: Hey, I want you to stop it right now. I don't know why you need a beeper anyway.

Kay: Daddy, everyone has them.

Sam: If everyone wanted to jump of a cliff, would you?

Jessica: I wish.

Kay: I'd like to push you off a cliff.

Sam: Okay, stop it. I told you my rule. I wanna meet any boy before you go out with him.

Jessica: I wanna meet them, too.

Kay: No way.

Jessica: I'll tell 'em what a sweet, caring, loving sister I have, and how you do exercises every morning, to make your breasts bigger.

Kay: That's a lie!

Sam: Jessica...

(Both girls yelling)

Jessica: I must, I must, increase my bust.

Sam: Oh, only their mother can handle them.

Angel Girl: Wake up, Grace.

Grace: Who's there?

Miguel:  Luis!

Luis: What?

Miguel: What are you thinking about?

Luis: Money, bills. How to stop ma from workin' so hard she doesn't put herself in an early grave, the usual.

Miguel: If I get that job on the fishing boat, I can bring…

Luis: That money's for your college fund.

Miguel: But I want to help…

Luis: That's final! I just don't understand why mama didn't take that clerical position that was at the station.

Miguel: She said she likes working for the Cranes.

Luis: That's what drives me crazy. How can she stand being used by them?

Miguel: How is she being used? They pay her.

Luis: To be their damn maid.

Miguel: Housekeeper.

Luis: I don't care what they call it. I don't want her connected with them. They've caused us too much pain.

Miguel: That's the past, Luis. That was never proved.

Luis: That doesn't mean that it didn't happen. I hate those Cranes.

Ethan: So tell me. What's this sudden interest in me getting to know Harmony?

Gwen: Well, you should know your Kingdom.

Ethan: Kingdom?

Gwen: Oh, come on. The Cranes have lived in Harmony for, what, 300 years?

Ethan: Give or take a few decades.

Gwen: And Cranes are always gonna live here. They're Harmony royalty, and you are the crown prince.

Ethan: Oh, please.

Gwen: It's true. Besides your family's global business interests, the Cranes own most of the town and the local industry. It's all gonna be yours one day. It only makes good business sense that you get to know the place and the locals.

Ethan: True. But knowing you, my adorable, intelligent Gwen, there's more to it, out with it.

Gwen: Oh, you know me so well. Okay... Ethan, you said that you didn't spend much time in harmony growing up. Well, now you're back. Harmony's where you're gonna live from now on, work... raise a family.

Ethan: A-ha! The picture becomes clearer.

Gwen: Ethan, we've had what I think is a very good relationship, for a really long time now.

Ethan: Yes, we have.

Gwen: Oh, we swore we'd always be honest with each other, so I'll just be honest now.

(Ethan Sighs)

Gwen: There are times when I feel that you've come very close to proposing. But something always stopped you.

Ethan: Gwen, you know I love you and only you.

Gwen: I know, darling. I know, but... I also know that you didn't have a real family life growing up, being away so much. Maybe if you put down roots in Harmony and go out there and meet people, and see how happy people can be when they're married and have a family. Maybe that would make the idea of settling down just … better for you. I don't know. Maybe I'm just being selfish.

Ethan: You could never be anything but wonderful.

Gwen: I just want you to be happy Ethan.

Ethan: Aunt Sheridan never really seemed to find true happiness, no matter where she lived.

Gwen: I always wondered why your aunt Sheridan never gave Harmony a chance. She might have found happiness had she made a life for herself here.

Sheridan:  Diana... why did you have to die?

Sheridan remembering: (phone rings) Oui? Diana! Where are you? Ah, the Ritz. Are you and Dodi still gonna stop by here on your way back to his place? Fabulous, I can't wait to see you both.

Grace: Little girl, where are you? Come out! Why are you hiding? What do you want? (Distinct noise) She’s in the hall. Sam.

Sam: Sorry, honey. I didn't mean to wake you. I have to finish getting dressed for work. Uh, who were you talking to just now?

Grace: No one.

Sam: Well, I heard you call out to someone.

Grace: Oh, I had a dream, seemed so real.

Sam: About what?

Grace: Nothing. It's silly.

Sam: Honey, if it upsets you...

Grace: I'm fine… really. I'm gonna go make breakfast. What is happening to me? Am I going mad?

Sheridan remembering: Diana... oh, Diana. You sound so happy. (Chuckles) Yes, love will do that. Well, you deserve it. You've waited long enough. Yes, I have too. Oh, I sometimes think it will never happen. But then I think of you, and how similar our lives have been. And I just take hope that, someday, I'll find a love and happiness too … You are so sweet to say that. Promise me that we'll always be friends. (Chuckles) so, how long before you and Dodi get here? Oh, you're leaving now? Great! I can't wait Diana (sighs) be careful. I miss you so much.

Gwen: You know, that sign says, "no beach fires."

Ethan: I can afford the fine. Besides, what cop is gonna arrest someone for lighting a beach fire?

Luis: By the way, congratulations. Mama said you made the honor list again. Dude, I'm proud of you.

Miguel: Thanks.

Luis: You'll be a junior this year, right? Ah. Just think, man. In two more years, you'll be going to college. You know you and your sister will be the first ones in this family to ever go to college. So why did you decide to apply for that job on the fishing boat this summer?

Miguel: It pays better than the cannery.

Luis: Good. You and Theresa need to save your money for college.

Miguel: Theresa? Theresa got a job?

Luis: Theresa. God forbid the prima donna should actually look for a job, right? No. I got her job.

Miguel: Where?

Luis: Burger hut.

Miguel: Ha! Our sister serving up burgers and fries? I don’t think so.

Luis: Well, I think so. She's gonna take that job whether she likes it or not. It's time our sister stopped fantasizing she’s some rich debutante and face reality.

Whitney: Tell me what's going on, Theresa.

Theresa: I've already said too much.

Whitney:  But I'm your best friend.

Theresa: True, but it’s a really big secret.

Whitney: Good or bad?

Theresa: Fantastic!

Whitney: Oh! Tell me! I'll lend you my silk dress.

Theresa: Okay. I'll tell you if you promise to be happy for me.

Whitney: Sure I mean, as long as it’s not gonna mess you up.

Theresa: Why would you say that?

Whitney: I worry about these wild dreams you have, Theresa. What you'll do to make them happen. I just don’t wanna see you hurt, that's all.

Theresa: Believe me, I won’t be.

Eve: You okay today?

T.C.: Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, girls. Let's go. The carnival starts tomorrow, and a lot of work has to be done.

Whitney: Isn’t Simone gonna help out, too?

Eve: Yes. She’s over at the Bennett’s house. I'm gonna go pick her up now. Have a nice day.

Theresa: I'll have to tell you later.

Whitney: At least give me a hint.

Theresa: Okay. It's about a boy … and our future together.

Kay: I can't believe you erased that message.

Jessica: What difference does it make? He didn't leave his name. He must be a real wuss.

Simone: He's not…

Jessica: You know who he is? Who is he, Simone, that new guy with the nose ring?

Simone: I have no idea what you're talking about, Jessica.

Jessica: (Scoffs) I'll find out.

Kay: Drop dead.

Jessica: Mom, Kay told me to drop dead.

Grace: Mm-hmm.

Kay: You're so obnoxious. No one would ever go out with you.

Jessica: I'll have plenty of dates. I'm a natural beauty.

Kay: Please.

Jessica: It's true! You're the one who needs push up bras to hold up your puny little breasts.

Kay: You little…

Jessica: Ma, Kay hit me.

Kay: Did not. But I'm going to.

Grace: Girls. (Sighs)

Jessica: Kay got beeped by some strange boy. Aren't you gonna ask her who it is?

Grace: Just eat your breakfast, Jessica.

Jessica: But you always wanna know about who we're hanging out with. Why don't you wanna know today?

Kay: Because she doesn't.

Jessica: Well, I think it's weird. Hey nice uniform, Dad.

Kay: You look really cool, Dad. Like a movie star.

Simone: Congratulations on your new promotion, Mr. Bennett.

Sam: Thank you, girls.

Grace: I’m sorry, sweetie. Your first day as chief and I forgot; I should've done something special.

Sam: That's all right. Grace, what’s going on?

Grace: I'm fine. I told you. Go sit down. I’ll make you eggs.

(Door closes)

Sam: Are you going to help with the carnival?

Kay: Like we had a choice, Mom's chairwoman.

Simone: My father's in charge of the volunteers.

Sam: Well, it' going for a good cause. (Footsteps) To help raise money for community projects, including installing new computers in schools.

Jessica; I'm gonna make posters today, Daddy.

Sam: Now, that's the spirit, Jessica.

Kay: Kiss-up.

Jessica: Are you planning to leave early again today, Kay?

Sam: You left early yesterday? Where'd you go?


Sam: Um... I'll get that. Eve.

Eve: Sam

Sam: Come in.

Eve: Hey, look at you, Mr. new police chief. Congratulations.

Sam: Thanks, eve.

Eve: Simone still here?

Sam: In the kitchen, trying to avoid flying objects.

Eve: Kay and Jessica.

Sam: Who else?

Eve: Deep down inside they love each other.

Sam: Oh, very deep.

Eve: Where is Grace?

Sam: Um ... In the kitchen.

Eve: Something wrong?

Sam: Eve, you're not only Grace's best friend, you're her doctor. Have you noticed anything strange or ... different about my wife lately?

Eve: Different? No. Why?

Sam: Well, it's just the last few days, she seems kinda tense.

Eve: Sam, she's got a lot on her plate. Here, the store, now the carnival.

Sam: Yeah, usually she thrives on activity, but... I think it's something more. Earlier, I heard her call out to someone in the bedroom. When I walked in she said it was just a dream but... I think it's something more than that. I think there's something she's not telling me. Eve, do you think you could talk to her? Find out what’s going on? I'm really worried about her.

Miguel: It's smoke.

Luis: Some idiot lit a fire on the dune.

Miguel: It's probably just seniors celebrating graduation.

Luis: Yeah... did a little celebrating down here when I as in high school.

Miguel: Straight Arrow, a party animal?

Luis: Don't you got a job to apply for?

Miguel: Catch you later. All right

Luis: All right.  If you see Theresa, tell her I need to talk to her.

Miguel: All right.

Luis: All right, time to break up the party.

Gwen: Oh, I have to go soon.

Ethan: No. No!

Gwen: (Giggles) Oh, it's not too late to change your mind. With the Concorde, we could be making love in par tonight.

Ethan: Father wants me to finish up those contracts for your family this week.

Gwen: Oh, my family would understand, especially if I came back as Mrs. Ethan Crane.

Ethan: Get married in Paris?

Gwen: End-of-the-summer wedding. Well, course you have to officially propose first.

Ethan: Hey, did I tell you Sheridan might be getting engaged?

Gwen: Your aunt. No, you didn't.

Ethan: At least that's what it sounded like last time she called. Hey, do me a favor when you're in Paris, check out the new boyfriend. Make sure he's good for her. If anyone deserves happiness, it's Sheridan.

Sheridan: Have to stay strong. Diana would've wanted me to.

Man: I found Sheridan Crane. We can finally get her. Ha! She will never know what hit her.

Whitney: Tell me your secret. I am bursting!

Theresa: You are gonna die when you hear.  

T.C.: There you two are. Where'd you run of to? I need you to start setting folding chairs around the tent. Is that too hard?

Whitney: Yeah.

T.C.: Mrs. Thayer needs people to help her shuck clams for the chowder.

Whitney: We'll set chairs.

T.C.: Okay! Thanks for volunteering.

Whitney: Now tell me… Hi, Miguel.

Theresa: Miguel, can you set up some chairs? I need to talk to Whitney.

Miguel: I can't. I'm on my way to the docks. I'm gonna apply for a job on a fishing boat.

Theresa: Ugh. Good luck.

Miguel: (Chuckles) You need it more than me.

Theresa: Why?

Miguel: Uhh... Luis wants to talk to you.

Theresa: About what?

Miguel: I think he should tell you. Just don’t lose your cool when you hear it, okay?

Theresa:  I don't like the sound of this. Where's Luis? I wanna know so I can avoid him.

Miguel: On the beach… he was gonna nail some kids for building a fire on the dunes.

Theresa: I pity them. They don't know what they're in for.

Miguel: Well I'll catch you later. I gotta go apply for that job.

Theresa: All right. Alone at last!

Whitney: All right, I can't wait another second. Tell me your secret.

Theresa: Okay... I'm getting married!

Whitney: Married?

Theresa: To Ethan crane.

Luis: Excuse me.

Ethan: Go away.

Luis: Hey, Romeo. You know it's against the law to light a fire on the dunes?

Ethan: Well, thanks for telling me, officer. Now, have a good day.

Luis: Get up, Romeo.

Ethan: Come on. The name isn't Romeo, pal. It's Ethan, Ethan Crane.

Luis: You're Ethan crane?

Andre: Bonjour, mademoiselle Crane.

Sheridan: Oh, bonjour.

Andre. Will your friend be joining you?

Sheridan: Not this morning.

Andre: Nothing wrong, I hope.

Sheridan: No, everything's perfect.

Andre: Good. Café cr…?

Sheridan: Oui. (Sighs) this love has to last. Nothing can go wrong this time. I won't let it happen.

Man: I can't wait any longer. She's a sitting duck. I'm going to shoot her.

Simone: Hi, Mom.

Eve: Hi, Sweetheart. Hi, Grace.

Grace: Eve. Hi.

Sam: Come on, girls get your things I'm gonna drive you to the carnival. Come on. Go.

Grace: I can do that.

Eve: I don't mind. You’re unusually quiet. You okay?

Grace: Yeah, I'm fine.

Eve: Well, Sam is worried about you.

Grace: Yeah, well, Sam worries too much.

Eve: I don't know. I think he's right. I think something's going on with you, you don't even look good. Tell me what's wrong.

(Chiming noise)

Girl’s voice: Grace... Grace... evil is coming.

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