OLTL Transcript Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 39

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/19/13
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Episode #39 ~ Ready or Not, Here I Come

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Blair: Thank you so much for your years of service. So nice to meet you this evening, let me show you to our VIP room, this way.

Nikki: Old farts sure know how to drink a lot of champagne.

Rama: Show some respect.

Nikki: Why, they are not showing me any. I haven't gotten any tips tonight.

Rama: Okay, here's one tip. Try smiling once in a while.

Nikki: Mm. Um...

Rama: Oh, there's Dorian.

Nikki: Hey, I love it when you two rumble.

Dorian: Cutter, please. Um, would you do me a favor and move my portrait over a little bit to the left? Thank you.

Cutter: Closer to the stage?

Dorian: Exactly. What a good idea. Ohh. Perfection. Yes. Marvelous. Thank you. As you were. [Chuckles]

Carl: That is absolutely gorgeous.

Dorian: Oh, c'est moi. Vintage, 1982.

Carl: Mm.

Dorian: [Sighs]

Carl: Timeless.

Dorian: Oh. [Chuckles] I donated it to the auction hoping that they would be able to raise a great deal of money.

Carl: How could you part with it?

Dorian: [Sighs] I tell you, it was not easy. Uh, Leo, Leo, I don't think that David wants me on his tape.

Jo: Oh, no, on the contrary, Dr. Lord. If our reality show is going to explore his divorce, we must see who his wife is -- was.

Dorian: Is. That denouement has yet to happen. Carl, I would like you to meet -- I'm so sorry. I'm forgetting your name.

Jo: Jo Sullivan.

David: She's won a ton of Emmys.

Dorian: Well, good luck with that. And, um, Carl, I would like you to meet my soon to be ex-husband...

David: David Vickers.

Dorian: [Chuckles]

Carl: Carl Peterson.

David: Pleased to meet you.

Dorian: And I saw that the chairman of the veterans' organization, you know, Chris, um --

David: Have we forgotten everyone's name, Dorian?

Dorian: Carl, why don't we go over and say hello to him.

David: You got that?

Rama: Champagne?

Dorian: No thank you. Don't touch this champagne, I've always found that champagne, when served by a slut, loses its bubbles. Come. Frances!

Carl: Chris.

Chris: Carl. Thank you for this honor tonight.

Carl: Well, it's my pleasure.

Chris: Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, excuse us.

Chris: Have you seen Viki?

Dorian: Why -- why, no. Isn't she here?

Chris: No, and we can't start without our mistress of ceremonies.

Dorian: Hmm. Indeed. Of course, we did have to [Chuckles] find a substitute man of the year. Perhaps we'll have to have a substitute mistress of ceremonies.

Viki: [Running] Oh, dear. How late am I?

Diego: Oh, it hasn't started yet. You're fine.

Viki: Oh. Good. How -- how are you doing? You're Diego, right?

Diego: Yes, but you knew that already, no?

Viki: Well, I am so sorry about what happened with Mr. Buchanan.

Diego: Yeah, well, I don't know what's worse -- the slug or having it go viral.

Viki: Wow.

Diego: Don't worry, I'll survive on both counts.

Viki: Okay.

Diego: But not if I keep you from your hostess duties for any longer. Please.

Viki: Thank you. Thank you.

Diego: Have a good evening.

Viki: Thanks. Hi. Oh. Hey. Good evening.

Jeffrey: Hi.

Destiny: You look beautiful!

Viki: Thank you, darling. Do do you.

Destiny: Thank you.

Viki: Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Hi.

Viki: Are you two --

Jeffrey: Officially dating? Yes.

Viki: Oh, isn't that nice? Well, you make a lovely couple.

Jeffrey: [Chuckles] Thank you.

Viki: Did Carl Peterson get here yet?

Jeffrey: Yes, uh... he's right over there.

Viki: [Chuckles] I see Dorian didn't waste any time.

Jeffrey: Hm-mm.

Natalie: Mom.

Viki: Hey, sweetie. Hi.

Natalie: Hey. Where have you been?

Viki: Uh, I stopped to see your father.

Natalie: How is he? Was he drinking?

Viki: Yeah. But I took the bottle away from him.

Natalie: He knows how to find more.

Viki: Yes, but, you know, I suggested to him that he go home, have something to eat, get some sleep, and he didn't argue with me.

Natalie: But do you think that he'll listen? Do you think he'll do it?

Viki: I don't know. I -- honey, I can't babysit him, you know? Excuse me.

Clint: [While drinking at his desk, he writes a check]

Viki: I'm so sorry that I'm late. It was just unavoidable

Carl: We would have waited all night.

Viki: That is very sweet and I'm flattered, thank you. Have you met Bo Buchanan yet?

Carl: No, I haven't.

Viki: Oh, well, come with me.

Dorian: Well, excuse me!

Blair: Come on. Sit down. You look lovely.

Dorian: So do you.

Blair: Thank you.

Dorian: Where is Jack?

Blair: Here? I don't think so. In fact, I have no idea what he is up to tonight.

Kate: [Laughing] Oh, my God. How did you get in here?

Jack: Shh, shh, shh. Security guard's sleeping.

Kate: Are you positive you're not being followed anymore?

Jack: I promise. We have nothing to worry about.


Carl: I want to thank you both for accepting this award. I know it's been a little awkward for you.

Bo: Well, tonight's not about me -- or Clint.

Nora: No, it's about the vets, right?

Viki: Exactly. Yes. I would love to introduce you to some people, if you don't mind.

Carl: Absolutely.

Arturo: Commissioner Buchanan.

Bo: Hi, Mr. Bandini.

Arturo: Congratulations.

Bo: Thank you.

Danielle: Hi, Bo.

Bo: Hi.

Arturo: I'm assuming this is Mrs. Buchanan?

Bo: Yes. This is Nora.

Arturo: It's a pleasure. [Kisses her hand] Any more word on the investigation?

Bo: Nobody has forgotten Briana, believe me.

Arturo: I'm glad to hear that. Please find the person who killer her.

Bo: We will.

Arturo: Please.

Téa: Who's that?

Dean: Who?

Téa: The guy with my daughter.

Dean: Oh, that's the guy that spoke at the memorial service for that girl who OD'd.

Téa: Get me another drink, would you?

Danielle: Hi, Mom.

Téa: Who's that guy?

Danielle: That's Mr. Bandini.

Téa: Mr. Bandini?

Danielle: Yeah, Briana's uncle -- Arturo Bandini.

Téa: Briana, your friend who died.

Danielle: Yeah. Um, you know, I'd helped him move some of her stuff out of his place. He's very torn up. I mean, he had bought her a ticket for tonight, but he asked me to come. So...

Téa: [Grabs Dani's arm when she tries to walk away]

Danielle: Seriously, Mom? Here?

Téa: To be continued.

Danielle: Uh, thanks.

Michelle: You know, Matthew was a little hurt when you didn't show up to the hospital when Drew was sick.

Danielle: [Scoffs] I didn't show up because nobody called me.

Michelle: Well, that's okay. I was there for him.

Danielle: You're probably the one who told him that you'd call, but then, of course, you didn't.

Michelle: I think that is a little paranoid, but...

Danielle: Paranoid? You want to remove Matthew from everyone he loves, so that you can have him for yourself.

Michelle: I want Matthew to be happy.

Danielle: Oh, well he was, but that was before you showed up.

Michelle: Oh, you mean when you were the only chick hanging around the apartment?

Danielle: You're jealous that Matthew and I are so close.

Michelle: Oh, please.

Danielle: Yeah, that's why you bought the same dress. So that you'd get me all upset, and then you can go cry to Matthew, "Oh, oh, Dani's so mad at me. Dani's so awful. Dani thinks I did this on purpose." You did. You saw me at the coffee shop with the same dress.

Michelle: I didn't. Maybe you saw me shopping, and you decided to get this little number for yourself. Try to upstage me. "Oh, I didn't expect her to look so much better than I do in this dress. Well, guess what? You don't. And every man in the room knows it.

Arturo: Hey. Shall we take our seats?

Danielle: Yeah.

Michelle: [Sighs]

Matthew: Hey. What's wrong?

Michelle: Dani. [Sighs] She's convinced I'm wearing the same dress as her on purpose.

Matthew: That's absurd.

Michelle: I know, I told her that, but she just won't stop bugging me about it. [Sighs] Just, you were so generous and [Sighs] You bought me this beautiful dress, you know, so I'd feel special, and I picked it out because I thought you would like it. I mean, if I knew that Dani was gonna be wearing the same one... [Sighs] And now I'm doing that other thing that she accused me of -- whining to you.

Matthew: Let me take care of this.

[Cell phone rings]

Arturo: Oh. Sorry. I'm sorry. I need to take this.

Matthew: [Clears throat] Hey. Lay off Michelle.

Danielle: What?

Matthew: You heard me. Go suck up to your sugar daddy and forget we're even here. [Blocks Dani's slap]

Jeffrey: This is gonna be a fun night.

Michelle: [Sighs] I feel like everyone is still talking about me and Dani wearing the same dress.

Matthew: I seriously doubt it.

Michelle: You don't know women.

Matthew: I know you look beautiful.

Michelle: Better than her?

Matthew: Way better.


Bo: [Clears throat] Hey, Red.

Nora: Yeah?

Bo: Look over there.

Nora: What?

Bo: Destiny, Jeffrey.

Nora: Ohh.

Bo: You think that, uh, you think Matthew's okay with that? I mean, 'cause the other day at the hospital, it seemed that he and Destiny were getting kind of close again.

Nora: Well, that's because of their kid. It was Drew. He was sick.

Bo: Maybe I just hope that, you know, one day...

Nora: And you accuse me of holding on to hope? Oh, my God. You horrible romantic, you. Come here, come here, come here, come here.


Bo: No.

Nora: Another one. [Laughs]

Jo: Leo, are you getting them?

Leo: I sure am.

David: Why so much of them? It's my show.

Jo: David, I am protecting my hero, okay? This footage of Dorian is gonna make you look great.

David: Leo, get over there!

Leo: All right.

Jo: Go, go, go, go, go.

David: How's it gonna make me look great?

Jo: Okay, she claims that you cheated on her. Yet here she is, hanging on the arm of some wealthy businessman. I mean, who's the real villain here?

Carl: You know, normally I'm a big fan of press. but I really think they gave you the shaft at D.C.

Dorian: You're not alone in that.

Carl: I think you were a great senator.

Dorian: I tried my best. Thank you. I'm rather a big fan of the way you keep making it to the Forbes 500 list. [Laughs]

Carl: Well, let's toast us.

Dorian: Okay. Let's.

Matthew: [Sighs] I'm surprised you are all right with him dating your daughter.

Téa: He's not her date.

Matthew: Looks like a date to me.

Téa: Yeah, me too. What do you know about Briana's uncle?

Matthew: Is that who she said he was?

Téa: Who is he, Matthew?

Matthew: He was Briana's sugar daddy. He kept her. Briana slept with him for money.

Téa: Hold this. Get your hands off my daughter.

Danielle: [Huffs]

Clint: Uh... bring the limo around the front entrance. Yeah, I'm on my way down.

Viki: Chris. What do you think? Shall we get started?

Chris: Um. Give it a few minutes. People are still in mingle mode.

Viki: Listen. My apologies again for what happened with Clint.

Chris: Bo has saved the night. Everything is going to be fine.

Viki: Okay.

Chris: Okay.

Clint: Ready or not, here I come.

Téa: Why did you lie to me?

Danielle: Mom, can you please keep your voice down.

Téa: Answer my question! You're not Briana's uncle. You paid her to have sex with you.

Danielle: Mom!

Téa: And now you're doing the same with my daughter?

Arturo: Wait, wait, wait. Mrs. Delgado, please don't jump to conclusions.

Danielle: Mom, I'm not sleeping with him.

Téa: She is half your age!

Danielle: The guy you're with is half yours!

Téa: Shut up, Dani!

Dean: Whoa, hey. Everything all right?

Téa: [Shouting in Spanish]

Rama: Everybody please take your seats. We are about to begin.

Arturo: [Speaks indistinctly to Téa]

Rama: We're about to begin.

Danielle: [Sighs]

Viki: Good evening, and welcome to the annual "Man of the Year" gala, benefitting the Llanview Veteran's Organization.


Viki: I'd like to point out the items that we have for auction this evening are fabulous. They include a five-day trip to Hawaii, several dinners for 4 at some of Llanview's top restaurants, and a full day of spa treatments at the Palace Oasis. But, before we get to them, we have one item that is so special, we wanted to auction it first. And it is this glorious portrait of Senator Dorian Lord, graciously donated by the senator herself. Painted in vivid oils...


Viki: This beautiful portrait graced the senator's office in our nation's capitol and would certainly honor any wall on which it is hung. So, I think we should start the bidding. I need someone to give me an opening bid for this magnificent portrait of Senator Dorian Lord. Ladies and gentlemen, come on, don't be shy. Someone has to start the process.

Dorian: [Clears throat]

Viki: Please remember that the entire purchase price goes to this very worthy charity.

Carl: I bid $100,000.

[Audience gasps]

Viki: $100,000 for -- wow! Thank you, Carl. Oh, my goodness gracious. Anyone else?


Viki: No? Okay. Okay.


Viki: Uh, going once, twice and sold to Mr. Carl Peterson. Bravo.


Dorian: [Laughs]

Viki: Okay, and now for our next item. The --

Destiny: Okay. I'll be home as soon as the party's over. Drew's fine.

Matthew: Did she check his temperature?

Destiny: Yeah. Yeah. Everything is perfectly normal.

Michelle: You're such a good father.

Matthew: Not really, but, uh, I'm trying.

Jeffrey: Well, here's to you both for making it through a very rough day with your little guy.

[Glasses clink]

Viki: ...Parasailing and a hula lesson. Do I see -- oh, good.

Nikki: Hi. What are you having?

Natalie: Cutter says that you an amazing red beet martini.

Nikki: I'll deliver one to your table when I'm ready.

Natalie: Okay. Thanks.

Nikki: Oh, honey. FYI, your date has been banging me for months. And, uh, I don't think he has any intentions on stopping. I just thought you should know.

Viki: Good. There's $2,000. Do I hear $3,000? 5,000 -- and any further bids? No? Okay. Then sold to Andrew Wiley for $5,000. Thank you very much.


Viki: And our next item is a whole day a whole day --

Cutter: Is she bringing them over? Nat. What's the matter? You okay?

Natalie: The auction's almost over, so you should have time to get a nice blow job from the bitch behind the bar.

Viki: I guess that struck a chord, didn't it? Someone want to make it $2,000? Thank you.

Nikki: [Blows Cutter a kiss and waves to him]

Viki: Do I hear $3,000? Oh, okay, thank you. Sold for $3,000.


Viki: And that concludes our auction. And now, the Llanview Veterans' Organization is very proud to present our keynote speaker, one of the most famous philanthropists in the country. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Carl Peterson.


Dorian: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! [Laughs]

Carl: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Dorian: Bravo!

Carl: But tonight the honor is mine. I can't think of a more worthy cause to support or a place I'd rather be than right here tonight.

Viki: [Laughs]


Clint: [Stumbles down the street]

Diego: Hey, no man. Come on. Not you again.

Clint: No, no, no, no. Settle down. I just want to talk to you.

Carl: It is true that we're very blessed in this country to have the freedoms and securities that we experience. But we all know that freedom and security is not cheap. As I look around the room tonight and see these men and women in uniform, I'm reminded of the price they have to pay. Sometimes that price is time spent away from their families, their loved ones. Sometimes the price is measured in scars, both emotional and physical. And sometimes the price is measured in their lives. But these brave heroes have answered the call and sacrificed, so that we all might experience the freedoms and securities we have. Now, I'm going to ask you all to stand and, to them, toast and say, "Thank you."

[All in one voice, "Thank you"]

Téa: Hey. You'll see -- he'll be back, Blair. He will.

Carl: Now ladies and gentlemen, if you will be seated. We're gonna start what you all came here for tonight. The man of the year presentation.And I'm going to ask to the podium again, Victoria.


[At the school, Kate and Jack make out in the classroom]

Cutter: Natalie, it's not what it looks like.

Natalie: I made it clear how I feel about cheating.

Cutter: Nikki's full of shit.

Natalie: Don't lie to me. It makes it so much worse when you lie.

Cutter: I'm not.

Nikki: Hey, honey --

Cutter: Go. Just go.

Natalie [Gasps as Nikki drops the red beet martini all over her]

Cutter: Nikki!

Nikki: I guess this one's on her.

Rama: Come with me to the bathroom, okay? We'll put some water on it. It'll be okay.

Nikki: I'm so sorry.

Rama: You okay?

Cutter: You're fired.

Natalie: Bitch.

Nikki: Whoops. Not fired.

Viki: And that is our very own commissioner, Bo Buchanan.


Viki: This award tonight is not about what Bo has done for the community. This is what Bo has done for the veterans of the wars that were fought to keep us safe. Bo is a veteran himself. And, actually, as our chairman, Chris Stone, reminded me, Bo was one of the very first people to help with this organization. Aside from incredible fundraising, he gave his time, he gave his dedication, he worked at the grassroots level to pave the way, literally, for the Veterans' Day celebration, the summer picnic, and just last year, he organized the parade honoring those returning from Afghanistan. So, it is with great pride that we present the man of the year award to our own police commissioner, our civic leader, and a very loving friend. Mr. Bo Buchanan.


Clint: Hey, not so fast!

[Audience gasps as Clint pushes Bo aside]

Viki: Clint!

Clint: Thank you! Ladies and gentlemen, from the bottom of my heart, screw all of ya.

[Audience gasps]

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