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One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/12/13
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Episode #38 ~ This Ain't Over

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Jeffrey: [Knocks on door then lets himself into Clint's office and counts the pills in his desk drawer then puts them back]

Matthew: [Knocks on locked door] Uncle Clint? You there?

Cutter: Clint refused to pay.

Diego: What, man? Hey, listen. You said you'd handle it, man. You said you'd be on top of it.

Cutter: I know, I know! Dude, I practically begged him, all right?

Diego: This is so not cool, man. I should've just gone with Benson and Benson.

Cutter: Look, I told him if he didn't pay, you'd have your lawyer come and talk to him. I did everything.

Diego: You didn't push him 'cause you're hot for his daughter.

Cutter: Natalie's got nothing to do with this, okay?

Diego: No? Maybe you just didn't go see him at all.

Natalie: You tried to shake down my dad?!

[Telephone rings]

Clint: Clint Buchanan.

Chris: Clint, this is Christopher Stone from the Llanview Veterans Organization.

Clint: Chris, I know who you are, okay? So, it's gonna be a heck of a night tonight.

Chris: Clint, I'm sorry.

Clint: Yeah, got a hell of a speech planned, a speech that's probably gonna raise you even more money.

Chris: You know, in the face of what's happened, I've convinced the board to stand behind you.

Clint: That's what friends do, Chris.

Chris: The video that's all over the internet.

Chris: What about it? Get to the point.

Chris: You're out, Clint. I tried my best, but the board voted to drop you.

Clint: After all that I've done for you. After the absolute fortune that I have given you over the years.

Chris: It's with heavy hearts we do this, Clint, honestly.

Clint: Ah, shut up, you little toad! [Slams down phone]

[Telephone rings]

Nora: Hello?

Chris: Mrs. Buchanan.

Nora: Yes.

Chris: Is your husband there?

Nora: Who may I say is calling?

Chris: Christopher Stone from the Llanview Veteran's Organization.

Nora: Just a minute, please. It's Christopher Stone.

Bo: [Sighs] [Clears throat] Hello, Chris.

Chris: Bo, this isn't an easy call, but the board felt that it was inappropriate for our man of the year to be tainted by this kind of publicity. And in the ensuing discussion, we decided we'd like to give you the honor instead.

Bo: You want me to be man of the year?

Chris: I know it's potentially awkward, but we do believe you deserve it.

Bo: Yeah, Chris, you know what? I need to think about this.

Chris: I understand. But seeing as how the gala is tonight, we don't have a lot of time.

Bo: Yeah, I just need a few minutes. I want to talk about it with Nora. That's all.

Chris: I'll wait for your call. Thanks.

[Telephone beeps]

Nora: Clint will hate you.

Jeffrey: Oh. I hope you like the suite, Carl. The last person to stay here was Todd Manning.

Carl: [Chuckles] Well... then it's perfect. Here you are.

Bellhop: Thank you, Mr. Peterson. I'll send the rest of your bags up immediately.

Carl: Excellent. Now, before we start catching up, I just want to say how much I appreciate all the hard work you've been doing, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Thanks. It's challenging. Did you know that everybody in this town is related?

Carl: [Laughs] Yes, I know. I should have given you a scorecard to keep all the players straight. But, seriously, you've done a bang-up job. I mean, ever since I sent you to London to befriend Matthew Buchanan, things have gone perfectly. And that you have Viki Lord in your graces already is amazing.

Jeffrey: Well, it wasn't that hard, Carl. She's a very nice woman.

Carl: You're not getting too close to her, are you?

Jeffrey: Of course not. It's all part of the plan. Everything is going exactly as you wanted it to.

Carl: Except that Victor Lord snafu.

Jeffrey: I'm sorry about that.

Carl: We let him slip right through our fingers.

Jeffrey: It will not happen again. I promise.

Carl: I know it won't. My sister has him this time, and there's no way that Allison is going to let him go.

Cutter: See? She knows what really happened.

Natalie: So you're proud of the fact that you tried to suck money out of my father?

Cutter: Is that what he said I did?

Natalie: Pretty pissed at you.

Cutter: I was there on behalf of my employee.

Diego: Look, man, I'm just asking for what I deserve, all right? I got medical bills. I got pain and suffering. I got no insurance.

Natalie: I will talk to a lawyer and try to get him to settle on something, and I'm sure that my dad will agree as soon as he's not so stressed out.

Diego: Look, you better get him to agree fast, all right? 'Cause there's a video out there of him hitting me. And I'm gonna use it.

Natalie: [Sighs] Sorry. I shouldn't have come in here raging like that.

Cutter: Thanks for trying to help.

Natalie: I've seen my dad get into bad trouble, but I have to say this time I'm pretty worried about what's gonna happen to him.

Cutter: I'm surprised they're still going through with this "Man of the Year thing.

Natalie: They're not.

Cutter: What? Nobody told us. Are you sure?

Natalie: I mean, they're not going to use my dad. I heard it on the radio. They -- they're stripping him of the honor, and the board is going to make a decision about the replacement in an hour.

Clint: You know the vets could lose a fortune if they cancel the gala at the last minute.

Nora: Not to mention their credibility.

Bo: [Sighs] Maybe they could just drop the whole award part of the night.

Nora: Oh, absolutely. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming to our man of the year gala. Unfortunately, we lost the man that we trusted to be the man of the year to a huge scandal, but, hey, it's okay. Have a fun time and don't worry. You can still trust us with your money."

Bo: Yeah, and you are right. That would be as bad as canceling.

Nora: [Sighs] Then again, if you did do this, Clint will blame you for stealing his thunder.

Bo: He blames me for everything anyway, and he brought all this on himself. He should thank me for saving the foundation from ruin.

Nora: You're absolutely right, Bo. You should do this. It's the right thing. You'd be helping out the foundation, as well as Clint.

Bo: But he will hate me.

Nora: Maybe. But you'd be doing the right thing.

[Telephone beeps]

Bo: Why is doing the right thing... have to be such a pain in the ass?

Nora: Because it's the right thing.

Clint: Those bastards dumped me! By God, they're gonna regret it! I am pulling all my money from every one of them!

Viki: If you pull your donation, Clint, I'm gonna write a front-page story on the Banner saying that Clint Buchanan is a selfish jerk who took money from deserving vets, because he didn't get his little prize.

Clint: This is all your fault.

Viki: Oh, Clint!

Clint: Don't "Oh, Clint" me. The video that you posted -- it went viral. And that's why they canned me.

Viki: No, they canned you because of what was on the video.

Clint: Nobody would have seen it if not for you!

Viki: Clint! Do you seriously think things would have been better if I'd let that kid who filmed the video give it to The Sun? Because I guarantee you if I hadn't taken it, that's what he would have done.

Clint: Well, things would have been better if you had taken the video as an exclusive for the Banner and then buried it.

Viki: You can't bury anything anymore, not in this day and age.

Clint: You're out to destroy me.

Viki: Oh, that is such nonsense!

Clint: This is all about getting back at me for that Pellegrino disaster.

Viki: No, no. This is about you getting so drunk that you punched the doorman. This is about you getting arrested.

Clint: By my traitor of a brother.

Viki: Who is trying to help you, as we all are.

Clint: Oh, God, that is so much bull!

Viki: You know something? You're always going on at Matthew about being a man. "Man up and take your responsibilities as a father." Why don't you man up? Start behaving like the Buchanan you're always boasting about being. And while you're at it, why don't you knock off the drinking before you get in even more trouble than you're already in?

[Telephone rings]

Viki: Hello? Hi, Chris. Yeah.

Cutter: Hey, you need me to pick you up or anything.

Natalie: No, you're here. You're busy. I'll text you when I'm arriving.

Cutter: All right.

Natalie: Oh, my God.

Blair: Yeah, I know, Natalie, but, you know, at least it saved the party.

Natalie: But at whose expense?

Clint: Hi.

Matthew: Hey. How you holding up? I saw the video.

Clint: Yeah. Clint goes viral. The whole world saw it.

Matthew: Major fallout?

Clint: No. Not if you don't count the charity dumping me, the ungrateful pinheads. How's Drew?

Matthew: He's good. I just talked to Destiny a little while ago. His fever's completely gone.

Clint: Good. Thank God. Good for you guys.

Matthew: So who are they replacing you with?

Clint: Who the hell cares? But for their sake, whoever it is, he better have real deep pockets. You know, I keep forgetting. This needs to go up to the 14th floor.

Matthew: Okay. Bring it right up.

Clint: Thank you. Thank you.

[Drawer opens]

[Door opens and closes]

Clint: [Pours himself a drink]

Matthew: So who am I supposed to bring this to on the 14th floor? You know, Uncle Clint... [Clears throat] If you're not being honored, I don't really care about the gala. Why don't we go do something together? I'll cancel my date. We'll go grab a burger, catch a movie. Something.

Clint: Matthew.

Matthew: What?

Clint: I'm fine. I don't need a babysitter.

Matthew: I didn't mean that. I just, you know, I figured --

Clint: I know, I know. I was just toasting myself since nobody will toast me now, okay? Nobody else will. And I know it's a large, but I'm fine. Honest.

Matthew: You sure?

Clint: Yeah.

Matthew: All right. So, who should I give this to?

Clint: Give it to that guy. What's his name? Raymond. On the 14th floor. And then you go home. You get ready for this evening, okay? And don't you ever worry about your Uncle Clint.

Matthew: Okay. Okay. Raymond.

Clint: Yeah. Here's to me.

Jeffrey: So, Clint Buchanan is no longer man of the year.

Carl: No. It's amazing what a little alcohol and a pharmaceutical compound can do to a man.

Jeffrey: You knew he'd go nuts.

Carl: The word is manic, and I'm quite confident that he will have a major meltdown. I mean, the CIA have been using these drugs for years. Now, you have given him the correct amount of pills, right?

Jeffrey: Been taking one a day, just as the doctor ordered.

Carl: Except these are not the pills the doctor ordered.

Jeffrey: Can I ask you a question?

Carl: Absolutely.

Jeffrey: Why now?

Carl: Because Clint Buchanan threatened to blow the organization wide open, and I had to stop him.

Jeffrey: Then there's Todd and Victor.

Carl: Todd Manning chose a hell of a time to grow a conscience. You know, those Lord boys have been squandering their power for years. But they don't realize they are a part of something very big -- bigger than they are. Bigger than their families. Bigger than Llanview.

Jeffrey: Could it be possible they don't know anything about the organization? As the sons of Victor Lord Sr. and Irene Manning, I find that hard to believe.

Carl: That's what Allison tried to get out of Victor.

Jeffrey: Why did you send Todd away?

Carl: Todd's on a wild goose chase. He thinks he's going out to find Victor, but in truth he's walking right into my trap. My sister may be volatile, but she has an entire army of support, and when Todd arrives, the twins will be together, and I will have them right where I want them.

Diego: Gentlemen, please. Ladies.

Cutter: Hey, Diego. Natalie just texted me. She got here. You see her?

Diego: No, not yet.

Cutter: Okay. Wow!

[Camera shutters click]

Cutter: Hello, beautiful.

Natalie: Hi. Wow! I love the lights. Yeah. They really pulled this off.

Cutter: It's not too shabby.

Téa: A red carpet -- I could get used to that.

Dean: I like it.

Téa: Ay, Diego. Pobrecito.

Dean: How's the jaw, man? Is it all right?

Diego: It's healing, I hope.

Natalie: I told you not to worry. Hi, guys.

Téa: Hi. You look gorgeous. You look pretty good yourself.

Natalie: Hi.

Téa: Well, if it isn't the man of the year.

Bo: Replacement man of the year.

Téa: Leave it to you to save the night.

Nora: Well, we couldn't let the vets down.

Natalie: You heard from my dad?

Bo: No. Have you?

Natalie: He can't be happy.

Cutter: So, uh, there's drinks inside, guys. Let's go.

Téa: Yes. Take care, okay?

Nora: Let me get this. There you go.

Bo: This isn't easy, Red.

Nora: I know. But you heard what Téa said. You saved the day, okay? You're doing the right thing. Listen, the checks you write may not be as big as Clint's, but you do just as much for the vets, and you were one, so you deserve this.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Nora: I'm so proud to be married to the man of the year.

Bo: Despite everything that Clint's done, this night and this award, it's supposed to belong to him.

Nora: Then do it for him.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Nora: [Laughs]

Téa: So, how you holding up?

Blair: [Sighs] I'll get through it, I hope.

Téa: I feel the same way.

Blair: Well, you don't show it.

Téa: Ah, it's all a facade, darling. All a facade.

Blair: Yeah, me too.

Bo: Blair.

Blair: Now there is our savior. Oh, Bo! Love you!

Bo: Oh, thanks. Chris Stone said I should find you as soon as I showed up.

Nora: This place is incredible. Where is Todd?

Blair: Um, you guys don't know it, but he had to leave town. Some, you know, newspaper, you know, international business.

Bo: Mm. Yeah.

Blair: Bo, but thank you so much. Everyone is just grateful that you're here. Thank you, thank you.

Bo: Whole reason I'm doing it is because it helps our veterans.

Blair: Yes.

Nora: You see, that's why he deserves this award even more.

[Both laugh]

Bo: You guys.

Dean: Hey, Nikki, give me a beer?

Nikki: Don't give me orders.

Dean: You're a bartender.

Téa: I think she means say please.

Nikki: Your date is a smart woman. Except for the part of being your date.

[Both chuckle]

Dean: Nikki, give me a beer, please.

Nikki: Sure, Dean. And what will you be having?

Téa: Uh...I think I'll take one of those, and, um, he's not my date.

Nikki: Does he know that?

Dean: I know that. But, uh --

Téa: Good.

Dean: [Laughs] But maybe, uh... you are not opposed to a date some day.

Téa: There are two reasons why that's never gonna happen.

Dean: Okay.

Téa: You're my client.

Dean: That case is finished.

Téa: And you're a drug dealer.

Dean: What makes you think I'm a drug dealer?

Téa: What makes you think I'm an idiot?

Dean: Wow. Well, here's to never dating.

Téa: Mazel tov.

Dean: But despite the lies that you've heard, maybe we can be friends?

Téa: Maybe.

David: Everybody, this is -- Leo, get down around there. Everybody -- Blair, move.

Blair: Oh! Oh, my gosh!

David: Everybody, this is Jo Sullivan. She is a high-level executive at the network that was smart enough to pick up my reality show and make it a reality. Let's see. Who's noteworthy? No. No. No. Step-Nora! Jo, I would like you to meet Step-Nora. She is Llanview's ravishing D.A., and the handsome guy next to her -- this my pa. He's Llanview's police commissioner and man of the year... Suddenly.

Nora: Nora and Bo Buchanan, and this is my niece, Natalie Buchanan. This is Blair.

David: I got to tell you, Pa, you deserve this a hell of a lot more than Uncle Clint.

Dani: Okay, now... just remember, my mom's gonna be in there.

Arturo: Yeah, well, we have our story set, right?

Dani: Yeah. I mean, she can't freak out too much with a bunch of people in the club, right?

Arturo: Hey, listen. If you're having second thoughts --

Dani: No. No. We can't -- we can't keep our friendship secret from her forever.

Arturo: Well, then, I'm looking forward to see her.

Jeffrey: Hey, guys.

Dani: Hey. You look fabulous.

Destiny: Thank you. So do you.

Dani: Hey, how's Drew?

Jeffrey: Completely fine.

Destiny: Yeah. Thank God. I wouldn't be here unless I was sure, so...

Jeffrey: Carl!

Carl: Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Nice limo. Everybody, I want you to meet Carl Peterson. Carl, this is my date, Destiny.

Carl: Destiny.

Dani: Mr. Peterson? Well, Jeffrey thinks the world of you. I'm Dani.

Carl: And I think the world of him. Pleasure to meet you.

Dani: You too.

Arturo: Arturo Bandini.

Carl: Arturo.

Arturo: You are the keynote speaker tonight, aren't you?

Carl: Well, if they still want me to. Things have changed.

Matthew: Hello, everybody.

Dani: Oh, no.

Michelle: Oh, God.

Dani: How could you?

Matthew: Hey, hey, hey. These things happen.

Jeffrey: You both look great. Okay, Carl? This is my other roommate.

Carl: Matthew -- your best friend. Boy, I've heard a lot about you. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

Matthew: Nice to meet you, sir. Heard a lot of nice things.

Carl: Well, shall we all go inside?

Dani: This isn't finished.

Arturo: Shall we?

Dani: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Photographer: Dr. Lord! Dr. Lord! Look over here, please!

Dorian: Yes, yes. Just a moment. Excuse me, won't you? There you are.

[Camera shutters click]

Dorian: Full-length shot. It's a gammie. Thank you. Thank you, gentlemen. And thank you very much for escorting me. Oh! Oh, how lovely.

Carl: Dr. Lord. Carl Peterson.

Dorian: Oh, my goodness! We meet after all these years.

Carl: You know, I've been a fan of yours for many years.

Dorian: And I have read so much about you, seen your pictures in the paper, and, you know, they don't quite do you justice.

[Both chuckle]

Carl: Uh...you're not alone tonight, are you?

Dorian: Oh, I'm afraid so.

Carl: So am I. May I have the honor of seeing you in?

Dorian: It's not a question of "may I?" It's "when will we?"

Carl: Well. [Chuckling]

Dorian: [Laughs]

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

Clint: You look beautiful. Don't you have a gala to go to?

Viki: Clint. Clint, you can't keep doing this to yourself.

Clint: I'm sorry. Would you like a drink?

Viki: Oh, come on. No.

Clint: I cared about you. But I lost you.

Viki: And I care about you, Clint. I want to make sure you're okay.

Clint: I don't want your pity!

Viki: I don't call this pity. I call it love.

Clint: What?

Viki: I love you. You know that.

Clint: You love me and you want me back, huh?

Viki: No. No, not after what happened.

Clint: You love me and you want me back some day.

Viki: Look, I have to take care of myself, okay? And I don't want to be hurt again.

Clint: Oh, Viki.

Viki: Will you give me the bottle, please? Please? Thank you. See? That's a step in the right direction. I'm very late. Sorry.

Clint: So go. Viki. I'll be okay, even though you ruined my fun by taking the booze.

Viki: [Chuckles] Okay.

Clint: By the way... what? Who did they replace me with tonight?

Viki: [Clears throat] Bo.

Clint: Bo who?

Viki: Look, why don't you just go home, get something to eat, and go to sleep, okay?

Clint: Yeah.

Viki: I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Clint: Bo. [Finds another bottle of booze in the bookshelf] No wonder you had me arrested, little brother. But this ain't over.

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