OLTL Transcript Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 37

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/12/13
Aired on OWN on 9/12/13


Episode #37 ~ Phase Two

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David: Did  you hear that? You smell that?


The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd!

I think it's "roar of the crowd, smell of the greasepaint."

Showbiz! We're gonna put the "real" back in "reality" with "anatomy of a divorce"!

Jo: Yes! That is what I like to hear! Where have you been all my life?

Tied to a ball and chain, but that's about to change!

You know, I need to talk to you about that. Are you willing to go all the way with me on this?

To the moon and back, baby!

'Cause I don't want safe. Do you have the guts to show the world who the real David Vickers is?

I don't know what that means, but if you want me to take my shirt off, I will.

Bet you're really excited for the gala tonight.

[Chuckles] Yeah. You know, I've never been to one of these things before.


I'm just really thrilled that Matthew invited me. He's even gonna buy me something special to wear tonight.

That's great! I have to go.

Okay, well, I'll see you at the gala.

Yeah. Sure. Bitch.

I guess I was pretty mean to Michelle, huh -- telling her to leave?

Yeah. Yeah, you were. She seemed to care about you a lot.

Yeah, I guess.

\Uh, is this -- is this serious?

It could be, if I don't blow it. I guess I should call her.

[Sighs] I hope he doesn't ignore destiny, 'cause she's the one who could really use him right about now.

Yeah, but that was a pretty mature move that he just made for Michelle.

Yeah. Yeah. I guess maybe there's a little Buchanan man in there after all, huh?

[Laughs] I should call Clint.

[Groans] So, this is how you handle things, huh?

Sir, you're more than welcome to come back when you're sober, all right?

Clint: No, I got to see the venue.

Look, man, I don't have time --

get your hands off me! Where did you get that?

Jeffrey got it from a witness at shelter.

Is it online?

No, not yet.

Oh, good! I'll buy the video!

That is not the solution.

Clint: [Sighs] Sure as hell is. You got a better idea? There are people paying $5,000 a pop tomorrow to see me honored as man of the year, and you still want to take me down.

Look, Clint. You've done so much good work for the veterans organization, and I know you don't want to jeopardize that. So I think you should step down as man of the year.

Well, I may not be your man of the year, but you can't take away this award. But this is about more than you. This is about the charity and the veterans.

This clip is going to come out somehow.

Well, you don't have to release it, you know. But never mind. You just want to ruin me.

No. No, you can do that without any help from me.

[Cell phone rings]

Nora, if you're calling to broker a peace deal between me -- why? How is drew? All right. You got it.

Something wrong?

Yeah, it's a family thing, which no longer concerns you. Show yourself out.

'Cause it's a brand-new start

brand-new start

and it's a brand-new us

one life to live, baby

we start a brand-new part


I'm not scared

I'm gl-a-a-ad


talk to me

are we gonna try again?

For real

I could scream

you're the only reason why

I feel so free

please come to me

let me feel you

can't you see I'm not afraid?

Makes me feel it's the middle of the afternoon, Blair! So what -- you're not working. No, didn't feel like going to work today. Okay, so let's drink.

[Sighs] Wow. Thank you.

[Slow music playing] Oh, this song makes me feel like I want to slit my wrists. Well, I already feel like slitting my wrists. This song just makes me feel like I'm in good company. Téa, I'm -- I'm sure victor -- you mention victor again, or the other guy, I'm kicking you out and keeping your wine.

[Sighs] You slept with him, didn't you?

[Scoffs] Idiot. You're no better! Jo: So... we're gonna need to do some reenactments. Wait a second! Is that reality? Let me be very clear about this -- I want my show to pretend to have integrity! Oh, they do reenactments all the time on documentaries. Oh.

[Gasps] Like a "man in the mirror" moment. You know, I had a director once who said that I worked better with mirrors than I do with people. I could look into the mirror. I could see myself. I could see the dissolution of my marriage, and I could fall into a puddle of tears. Do you want to see me cry on cue? No. You know, that -- that's great. But I'm gonna need to see, y-you know, the actual event. I'm gonna need to see where -- where things really went wrong. If you're talking about Dorian, there's no way she's gonna be part of this. What about you and Rama? The "other woman -- when you kiss on the dance floor" moment. How'd you know about that? It's not your fault that you're a magnet to younger women. I think it's important we don't let me come across as shallow. Of course! You're the victim here. It's all Rama. Right. Rama's the villain. She's the one who had her hands all over me. Exactly. And I also want to get a real confessional about all the insensitive things that Dorian did to you -- you know, how she went off to D.C. To pursue a career, and what about you? If you're asking if I despised Dorian, I didn't. I love her. No! O-of course not! That -- that's -- that's -- no, that's not what I'm saying. You know what? Let's go back to Rama. What -- what are other great literature's female villains? Uh... oh, I see where you're going, here. She's like lady Macbeth and medusa all rolled into one. Yes. Yes. And, uh, can you -- can you remind me? What was lady Macbeth like? She's selfish, and she's all about revenge, and she's like one of those people who kicks dogs. That's perfect! Perfect. Nora. Thank you for calling me. How's drew? Well, destiny's in with him now, and, uh, Matthew hasn't seen him yet.

[Sighs] I'm glad that you're here, Matthew. Where else would I be?

[Chuckles] Glad to see you think so highly of me, uncle Clint. I'm starting to. And this is from a man who was just arrested for drunk-and-disorderly. You know, you created a hell of a lot of trouble by throwing me in jail.

I created it?! Yes! You guys, not here, and not now. They don't see you as man of the year material? Oh, come on. We need to get some coffee, all right? Let's go get some coffee. There's coffee right there. Yeah, but let's get the coffee that's down this way!

[Sighs] Matthew, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What I meant to say was I'm proud of you. Thanks. I'm sorry I lashed out. I'm just -- yeah, I know. But your son's gonna be okay. So, my dad really threw you in jail. Yeah. I thought he was gonna take you home. You all right?

[Door opens] Yeah, I'm fine. Don't you worry about it. Hey, man. Destiny called. She filled me in. You okay? Thanks for coming, man. Yeah. Jeffrey, you are just the man that I want to see. Really? You ready to give me a quote? No, I need to get a message to that kid who made the video. Tell him that I want to, uh, buy it from him for my personal archives. Are you trying to squelch it? No, no. Just have him call me. I'm not a messenger. I'm a journalist. Yeah, a journalist who's turning the banner online into a bunch of videos. All right. Hold on. What's going on here? Nothing for you to worry about. You got enough on your plate. And you know something? I have to get to the office, put out a few fires. Yeah. I'm sorry I can't be there. I mean, I should be. No. You should be right here. But, uh, you call me when drew gets out of the woods, okay? All right. Thanks. Yeah. What the hell's that all about? This. Diego:

Well, you know what, sir?

You're more than welcome to... oh, you're not gonna release that, are you? Hi. Hi. You no longer work for David. You work for me. But, uh -- no "but"S. You'll get a producer credit on the show, and I'll make you a star. Plus...

[Sighs] May I help you? I just spoke to the head of the veterans org, and -- and they are insisting on standing by Clint as man of the year! Really? Do they realize what that means?

[Sighs] Apparently, Clint has insinuated that he will pull his $2 million donation to build the new veterans center unless he is kept as man of the year. Did he really? Why are you surprised? Because that charity means a great deal to him, and... I guess I thought there were some things that were still beneath him. Apparently not. I just went to see him. He, uh -- well, I asked him to resign. He refused. Well, I refuse to let him make me -- us look like fools. Dorian, we may have to pull the plug on this whole event. Diego:

Yeah, well, you know what, sir?

You're more than welcome

to come back when you're sober,

all right? Clint:

No, I got to see the venue.

Look, man, I don't have time --

get your hands off me! Oh! O.M.G. Clint is trying to squelch it, okay? But if the banner doesn't post it, it's still going to get out there. Oh, Viki, you've got to post it, and the sooner, the better. What? Look, we've had our differences in the past, true. But in this case, for the sake of the charity, uh, we're on the same team. Correct? Yes. So... if Clint wants to play dirty, so can we.

Mom, you cannot post this. It'll be all over town in five minutes. Darling, if I don't take it, the kid who took that video is going to sell it to the sun. It'll still be out there, and believe me -- the spin they put on it will make things much worse. Maybe he deserves this.

[Muttering] Oh, no, he doesn't. Mom, you know this isn't your fault, right?

[Sighs] You know what? In a way, yes, it is. I broke off our engagement. I know how upset he was that night on the phone. Then he came to the house, and I wouldn't let him in, 'cause he was drunk. So, yeah. In a way, it's my fault. No. No, he's done this to himself. I just think if -- maybe if I don't post the video, he'll get the award, and that will be what he needs to stop this downward spiral. Or he'll show up drunk and embarrass everyone. Yeah, there's no predicting with him. Where are you going? I'm gonna go see how far-gone dad is. Thank you, dr. Lord, for taking the time to talk to us today. H-hold that thought. Just give me another minute. Jo: Absolutely. Mm... good! Okay! Uh... I have my talking points and everything. You can't see down here, right? You're shooting from here up? Good. I'm ready. Leo: Rolling. So, we're here to discuss the struggles of a woman, in this day and age, trying to have it all. It was exciting at first, but, eventually, I found it exhausting. And I bet David couldn't relate to how hard you were working. I mean, what did he do while you were in D.C.? He redecorated my house with my money. Basically... he stayed home and did nothing. That's so selfish. And how long before it destroyed your marriage? You know, in the beginning, it was mutual love and respect, and...

[Chuckles] He could always make me laugh! That's lovely. Tell me about the strain of the senate scandal. Oh, it was hell. Wait a minute. Can I give you another take on that? Okay, uh... mm-hmm. Yes, I just --

[Clears throat] It was hell. Now I'd like to do one that's more vulnerable. Sure.


[Voice breaking] It was hell.

[Normal voice] You'll take your choice. Great. That's great. And senator Kohn -- his betrayal must have been particularly painful.

[Sighs] No human being should ever be put through the humiliation and sabotage that that man put me through.

Let me say that

one more time.

No human being

should ever be put

through the humiliation

and sabotage that

that man put me through.

It's a wrap!


[Clears throat] Any news? Not yet. What is it? His fever broke. The doctor said we can take him home tonight.

[All sigh] I hate victor. You're so full of...

[Scoffs] He comes back from the dead, we have great sex, and then he disappears after telling me we'll never see each other again. What kind of...does that?! Todd's worse. Well, no argument there. He finally comes home, steps up... puts a ring on your finger. And then he's gone.

[Sighs] Why do we waste our time?


[Slurring] Because they are... really... sexy.

[Chuckles] Good lovers. Great lovers. Really great.

[Scoffs] But, good God, they have issues! Thank God, 'cause that makes them interesting! Oh, I could deal with boring after the last few weeks. Stop right there! Blair. What? How can he do this to me and Dani -- not knowing whether he's alive or dead! Or what he's doing. I hate feeling this way! Being alone.

[Sighs] What?

[Groans] I've got that stupid man of the year gala that I got to host. Oh, well, have fun. I won't be there. What? No, no, no! You will be there!

[Sighs] Yeah! You're going! If I have to be there, you have to be there, too! Make me. I will make you. I mean, come on, Téa! Who's gonna -- who knows the hell that I've been through? Oh, that you've been through? Well, that we've been through. We've got to help each other through this, lean on each other. Uh, Blair, honestly...

[Chuckles] ...Seeing you just reminds me of it all, okay? You know, this sucks -- dwelling on them, pining for him. Just get out of here. You don't mean that. No, I do mean that. Please leave. Get out. Téa, I -- out! I know that you're upset, but underneath all of -- underneath all of it, I am full of rage, Blair! You don't want to see that! Get out, okay?! What part of that do you not understand?! I want you out! Okay. I get that. Look, I know you love the son of a bitch, and now he's gone! I get it!

[Sighs] But you're still going to the party, bitch. So dress nice. 8:00.

[Door slams] What are you gonna wear?! Who the hell let you in here? I know you're not gonna believe this, but I'm not here to cause trouble. Ha! I'm here on behalf of my doorman, Diego Padilla -- the guy that you punched in the face. I should've known that you were behind this. He wanted to sue you. I convinced him not to. I-I don't need any more issues at my club, especially with the issues that we've already had. I'm just doing this, I guess, out of survival. You mean Blair's club. You're not squeezing a dime out of me. I'm trying to make this easy on you. Coming from you, I find that a little hard to believe. I don't have any skin on this. And why would you do that, hmm? I don't know. I think you've got skin on it. So get out of here. Look, Clint. I tried to be nice and do the right thing, but, uh, now, I'm gonna get the best attorney in town. Natalie: Hey! Hey. What is going on? Uh, the con man is back to his old games.

Jolly ranch thank you for coming. There's no way I wouldn't have. I got to get back. Okay. Uh, go. I understand. All right. I'll check in later. Thanks. All right, I got to get to the office, too, okay? But if you need anything -- we'll be fine. Okay. Oh.

[Door closes]

[Both sigh] Okay. So... what do you know about her? Not much. I know that Matthew didn't tell her we have a kid. Yeah. Ohh. I was being a jerk. Just -- you and I are still pretty new, you know? It doesn't feel that new to me. I mean, it feels like... we've known each other forever. I-I thought you felt the same way. We have a connection. But...what? That's my son in there. Which I just found out about today.

[Chuckles] I'm sorry. Matthew... you're my first, andnd. That means something to me. You and I are gonna have lots of firsts. No, dad, you're wrong. Cutter is the one who convinced Diego not to press charges, to keep him quiet. And why are you so up-to-date on cutter Wentworth? We're friends. Natalie... stay away from him. Dad, don't you dare start telling me who I can hang out with again. Then start picking better friends.

[Sighs] You know, I came down here to see how you were doing. I guess I'm an idiot for feeling sorry for you. Hey, Nat, please, don't go. I've had, uh, a rough couple days with your mother. I'm aware of that. But I am gonna put an end to that. How? Well, I haven't had a drink today. It's a start. And I'm gonna go to the charity event. I'm gonna accept this award with humility -- hope the whole thing blows over. But, Nat, you got to do something for me. What? Get your mother to kill that video.

[Telephone rings] Clint Buchanan. I extended your offer to my source. And...? He declined. We're posting the story in five minutes.

Now do you want to give me a quote? Yeah. Viki's gonna regret this. Unquote. You're doing the right thing. Yeah? So why does it feel like hell? I heard these tickets went for 5k a pop. Maybe I should find myself an old geezer to take care of me so I can retire. It's war veterans, baby. I don't think you're their type. These...are everybody's type, honey. Oh, yeah? Okay, ladies! Let's not fraternize with the patrons tonight, all right? We wouldn't dream of it -- would we? I don't... where I eat. That's lovely.

[Sighs] "Jeffrey. Kudos on a job well done."

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