OLTL Transcript Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 35

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/5/13
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Episode #35 ~ I'm Gonna Miss You

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Destiny: You felt him. You thought he was fine.

Matthew: I know. Whatever this is, it's not your fault, all right?

Destiny: He had a seizure, Matthew.

Doctor: Are you drew's parents?

Destiny: I'm his mother. I-is he going to be okay?

Doctor: We believe he had a febrile seizure. It's a convulsion triggered by fever.

Matthew: He's gonna be okay, right?

Doctor: As frightening as these are, especially the first time, they don't usually cause any harm.

Destiny: "The first time"? You -- you mean this could happen again?

Doctor: Kids who get them tend to get them repeatedly, but they generally outgrow them by 5 or 6.

Matthew: Can we take him home?

Doctor: Not yet. He hasn't had another seizure, but the fever spiked. We need to bring it down first.

Destiny: How high is it?

Doctor: 105.

Destiny: [Gasps] Oh, my God, that's -- that's dangerous.

Doctor: It can be, but we've put him in an ice bath.

Destiny: [Voice breaking] Oh, my God. My baby. When can I see him? Please?

Doctor: Soon. I promise.

Jo: Dr. Lord. Jo Sullivan. I am so pleased to meet you.

Dorian: We haven't met yet.

Jo: May I come in?

Dorian: I'm so sorry, but I'm quite busy planning a charity event.

Jo: Oh, what a gorgeous painting.

Dorian: Thank you. [Chuckles] It's of me -- vintage...whatever. Anyway, I'm -- I'm contributing it to a charity auction to take place at the gala tomorrow night.

Jo: Oh, that's why I'm here. I-I-I bought a table at the VIP section.

Dorian: You did? Mm-hmm. Good girl. [Chuckles] Thank you. Come on, let's get comfortable.

Jo: What a great room. I mean, I might need to rearrange the furniture a little bit, but I like these soft colors. You know these HD cameras can be -- they're so unforgiving.

Dorian: Wh-- who are you, exactly? Oh. I am the network executive that bought David's reality show. I'm sorry. He'll be my date at the gala.

Jo: You may now leave my house.

Jeffrey: Boss? Did you decide how you want to handle Clint's arrest?

Viki: Well, the veteran's organization is deciding what to do about Clint's award. And I don't really want to add fuel to the fire, so it's on the blotter, and we're just gonna leave it at that. I'm not sure that's the way to go about it. Jeffrey, I know you want to drive traffic, okay? But I'm still in charge, and this is one story I just don't want to touch. Okay. But when it comes -- Jeffrey. It's not because it's about Clint, okay? I just don't think that the banner needs to stoop to that kind of salacious coverage. I understand -- no. No. No. You need to see this. Dorian's right.

The sun ran with it. We need to deal with this. Oh, my God.

[Sighs] Oh, what the hell? Well, if it isn't Llanview's man of the year. Now, would you look at this? They have clearly photoshopped your mug shot. You look much worse in real life. I should have known you'd be the one to be reading this kind of rag. Ah, I have my vices. Some of us read tabloids. Others down a fifth of scotch and wind up in the [Chuckling] Slammer. Matthew, get the P.R. People together and get them in my office, and do it right now. Hey, I certainly hope this doesn't mean that the charity gala is going to be canceled, because I am escorting a gorgeous, high-level executive at the network that's agreed to purchase my reality show. Yeah. Nigel, meet me at the office with a clean suit, shirt, tie, razor. Yeah, right now, Nigel. Yes. That's impressive. You know, if it doesn't work out being a blowhard billionaire, you could always teach a class in crisis management at the community college. David, go straight to hell.


'Cause it's a brand-new start

[Ringing] Hey, I really can't talk right now. I'm on the job. I'm at the hospital. You okay? What happened?

[Voice breaking] It's drew. He had a seizure. The doctors say it's common, but I'm scared. Of course, you are. I can't leave my post until I get a replacement. I just wanted to hear your voice. Who's there with you? Matthew. I'm gonna call Nora. You need some real family with you right there now. I'll get there as soon as I can. Hey. I love you. So, you -- you guys weren't married? No. But you were in love? We were friends. It just happened, you know? So, drew was a mistake? No. We both love him, okay? And we're both worried about him. Just leave it alone, okay?

[Sighs] You've been avoiding me. No, I haven't. Look at the time. I'm -- I'm late for something. What's happening between us? "Us"? Sit down. Come here. What? Just sit down. Sit. Tell me everything. She wants to call it "anatomy of a divorce." Oh, that's great. I love it. It has a hook. Oh, I'm glad you see it that way. Yeah, I always thought it lacked focus. It didn't have any focus. You never said anything before. Yeah, because, you know, I was the new girl. I was just the sidekick, and I didn't think it was in my place to say anything. But you do now? Well, you said I was a star. I have star quality. I just -- I just want to shine. I see. So, when do we start? Well... "well" what? We've had some meetings. "We"? Me, Jo, the network. You've been meeting without me? Look, Rama, you're just -- you're not getting it. There's not a part for you in "anatomy of a divorce." David has a lot of charisma, but his show lacks focus. I've come up with a hook that I think will have our viewers salivating for more -- "anatomy of a divorce." You can forget that. I am not going to let him air our dirty laundry in public. Well, he's entitled to tell his story. Plus, I'm not sure you can really stop him. Great. Great. Now we can't leave it on the police blotter. We have to cover the story. You okay?

[Sighing] Clint, what is wrong with you?

[Sighs] I can give it a light touch. Okay, we print just the facts. We bury it in the metro section, but at least we're covered. You think? He spent a night in jail drying out. It's not that big of a story anymore. If I thought it was a worthy story, I'd be the first one fighting for it, but it's tabloid fodder. It's beneath us to give it anything but basic coverage. Basic...and honest, right? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Jeffrey, I am making you director of online content. Seriously? Absolutely. You have worked so hard on this online edition. Yes.

[Chuckles] I-I could kiss you. Oh. Right here.

[Chuckles] Mr. Buchanan, I would like to get a quote from you. Oh, I bet you would. Clint! Your damn brother -- he did this! Todd is on his way out of town. Couldn't resist giving me a kick in the ass as he left. No, actually, Todd has a lot on his mind. I don't think your drunken night in jail was even on his radar. How are we gonna handle this? "We"...? Are going to handle it fairly and ethically. Jeffrey will write a little piece. That's all. And you're gonna print it? You want that kind of publicity for your man of the year? Hey, I'm not the one who got drunk, assaulted someone, and spent the night in jail, okay?

The banner cannot ignore that. We will downplay it, though. Bo -- this is all his fault. Locked me up for no reason. Actually, from what I saw of you last night, he had plenty of motivation. But, you know, if you want to tell your side of the story, here's your chance. Go talk to Jeffrey. And get quoted out of context? I don't think so. No, thank you. I will handle this. How do you propose to do that? My publicist will release a statement. And you make damn sure you print it. I have something to tell you. Okay. What? We're doomed. Don't joke. Why not? It's just something I do. It's my tell. Like you -- you put your hair behind your ear.

[Chuckles] You do that when you're lying. I do that when I'm hurting. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay, Todd. It will. Everything that you've done for me...for the family. I'm happy. I haven't seen this Todd ever, and it's something I never thought would happen. I mean the self-sacrificing Todd. Yeah, sure, now who's telling jokes? I have hope that fate has another ending for us. I do.

"In a statement released to the press, "the veteran's organization's man of the year, Clint Buchanan, "apologized to the veteran's organization "for the unfortunate timing of this brotherly prank." He actually calls it a "brotherly prank"? In his version, Bo threw him in jail after a night of overindulgence. Oh, God. We could just print it verbatim. That's unbelievable. He manages to come off sounding vaguely charming. There were no assault charges filed. Bo booked him for drunk and disorderly. If we stick to just the facts, it'll support his press release. I don't know. Maybe it's wrong to let Clint get himself off the hook like this. I mean, Matthew said he punched the bouncer at shelter. So why was that dropped? I don't know, but I do suggest that we stick to just the facts for the online edition. Okay. I'll go poke around at shelter, and if I find anything, I'll post an update, and it'll also make it into tomorrow's print edition. I can do it before I pick up Carl Peterson from the airport. Oh, my God, I forgot he was coming in tonight. Um, I should probably go and greet our keynote speaker. Don't worry. He doesn't need a babysitter. Besides, he's got me. Lucky him. Lucky me. He's taught me everything I know. Lou: Hot off the presses. They look good. Thank you, Lou. Well, perhaps you should give our keynote speaker a copy of the program. Sure thing. Although I fear this was probably a huge waste of print, ink, and money.

[Snickers] Of course, there's a role for me. I'm the star. Uh, no. Uh, that would be me. I'm the other woman. You and I were kissing on the dance floor. Dorian caught us. She confronted you. She kicked you out.

You wanted me. Any red-blooded man would. Right. I'm the young, hot thing that got you out of your dreadful marriage. I mean, I'm sorry we may not live happily ever after, but... probably not. I'm the catalyst. "Anatomy of a divorce" needs Rama Patel. Is this confidence from my mentorship, or have you been reading some self-help books? Vickerman, as soon as the camera was in my face, I knew it -- this is what I'm meant to do. I'm meant to be a star. "Vickerman." Okay. Um, I hate to be your first taste of success and rejection -- every good story needs three legs. You know, with two legs, it just topples. Three legs is a stool. Exactly. Everything's better in threes. Why do they call it a "love triangle"? What about Vimal? What about Vimal? Well, he would be the fourth leg, so now we have a table, and what would he think about you being the other woman in my reality series? Vimal is very understanding. Besides, it's not real. It's TV real. That kiss was real. Yeah, but it was in the moment. It was lovely. Yeah, but it didn't go anywhere. Because we were interrupted. Still, it wouldn't. We will never know. Rama, I'm sorry, but... you just can't be my sidekick anymore. So, why are you here? Every breakup has two sides. I want both. I'm not going to be part of some cheap scream fest. Oh, no, no. That's not what I do. What I do wins Emmys. You've won an Emmy? And here's the story that I want to tell -- you are a powerful and successful woman, and what happened to your marriage is a modern-day tragedy. It's a struggle that every successful woman faces today -- the cost of having it all. If you work hard, your personal life suffers. Absolutely. David kept saying that he hated being Mr. Senator Dorian lord. Exactly. And God forbid that a woman puts her career first. He won't agree to have me involved. Who says he has to know? I want good television, and without you, his show will bomb. I tried to tell him that. Well, you were right. I mean, every woman out there needs a role model like you -- a strong, successful, hard woman to model themselves after. True. I mean, how to fight fire with fire, how to be the heroine of their own lives. I won't be in the same room with him. Of course not. We'd interview you here, in your home. And you would control the story. You would tell your side in your own words. You know... I think I owe it to women of your generation to let them know that the fight must still go on. Todd... there's nothing to say. We'll always have our secret. I love you, Blair manning.

[Voice breaking] I love you, Todd manning. Always have. I always will.

I'm ready to let you go

knowing that I love you so

because I live upon the hope

that this is not



This is not goodbye lucky charms?!! Any news? No. They still can't get his fever down.

[Sighs] Why didn't you call us? I didn't want to worry you guys. Since when? That's what parents are for. Destiny: The doctors said it was a febrile seizure and that it could happen again, and now he has a really high fever, and they can't get it down. Okay. They will, sweetie. They will. Yeah, I mean, babies have high fevers all the time, right? Yeah, that's my recollection. It's the first one that's the scariest. Of course it is. Hi. Have we met? I'm Michelle. I'm Matthew's girlfriend. Oh. Girlfriend. Uh, it's nice to meet you, Michelle. Yeah. Um, hey, um... I think you can take off now. What? Yeah. I mean, this is about family. Really? Oh, boy. You can see drew now. Hey, hey. Can I go? Sorry. Just one at a time. Hey, come here. You tell him that I love him. Okay? Tell me you didn't find anything. No such luck. Why do you have to be so good at your job? What is it? I found someone who was outside shelter when it all went down. E-mailed me this video from his phone.

Yeah, well,

you know what, sir?

You're more than welcome

to come back when you're sober,

all right?

No, I got to see the venue.

I don't have time --

get your hands

off me! Oh, my God.

[Sighs] Sit on it, hope it doesn't go anywhere else? What's the likelihood of that? Slim. No, I have to think about this. Okay. Call me when you decide. I just wanted to make sure that the board and the benefit committee get my personal apology for this -- this publicity snafu. No, no. Of course. I would never cancel my donation for the veterans center, never, no matter what you people decide. You're welcome. And I appreciate you standing by me. Bye. Everything smoothed over? Oh, God. And they say money can't buy love.


Let you go

[Continues crying]

This is not goodbye

this is not goodbye

goodbye anybody home?

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