OLTL Transcript Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 34

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/29/13
Aired on OWN on 9/9 & 9/10/13


Episode #34 ~ Clint Just Wants to Dance

Provided By Suzanne

What is wrong with you, man? Are you looking to get stopped? Get this crazy drunk off me.

You're bleeding.

That's my blood. This psycho attacked me.

He asked for. Everybody saw what he did to me.

You're out of your mind brother.


What the hell --

Hey, hey look. Guy comes over here, he was too drunk. I told him to calm down. He punches me in the face.

Hello, sweetheart.

You have to get downtown right now.

What's the matter?


I'm sorry. I was really out of line.

But it's, it's okay.

I don't want you to think --

I don't.

Seriously? Are you sure?

Yeah. I enjoyed it.


No, you're right. We can't do this.

Absolutely not.

Not use my best friend.

Not because of Matthew. Because we're in Viki's office and somebody could walk in.

Oh, yeah. That. Right. We don't want to end up --

Listen, I have to get going.

Do you want a ride?




I'm sorry. I just --

I need to talk to you. It's something very important. Now! Important.

This is me.

Wow. Nice place.

What were you expecting?

For a girl in college, you look better than I would have expected.

Yeah. All courtesy of Todd.

Who's Todd?

My biological father.


Yeah. He's generous.

Well, he's got good tastes.

It's easy to pick nice things when money is no object.


Victor. You failed us. If you want everyone on this list to stay safe, disappear. No contact. You have 24 hours.


It's a brand new start it's a brand new

brand new start


talk to me

are we going to try again

you're the only reason why I feel so freely

talk to me

let me feel you

I'm not afraid what? You like to sucker punch people? No, just jerks like you! Uncle Clint! You know, I got a daughter who put a up a better fight than you! Let's see how funny that is when I have you arrested. Nobody's getting anyone arrested. What, he uses my face as a punching bag and I'm supposed to not do anything? Not press charges? This club can't have any more bad publicity. Go ahead! Try and arrest me! You know who my brother is? What, a douche like you? No, no, no. I'm a police-commissioner douche. Oh, great. Yeah, great, so this guy's got the entire -- entire town in his back pocket, huh? Look, I'm the injured party here, man. Hmm? All right, don't worry about it, man. We'll get you inside, we'll clean you up, you'll be fine. Come on. Thanks for showing up so quickly. Let's just get him in my car and we'll take him back to my place. No, no, no. Wait a minute. I never did get in! Another night, uncle Clint. We can do that -- I want a drink! Nora's got a whole pot of coffee with your name on it. Not coffee! Scotch! I want to dance! Natalie: Hello? Natalie? Uh, it's cutter. Oh. Hey. How are you? I've seen better days. Listen, uh... I hate to tell you this, but I just saved your dad's ass. What are you talking about? It's a long story. I need to talk to you. Okay. Drunk guy gets stopped at the door, goes berserk. Sounds like a pretty short story to me. [Sighs] Drunk guy happens to be her father, okay? I can't lay that on her over the phone. Mm, but you'd much rather lay it to her in person, now, wouldn't you? Natalie's gonna be really upset. Okay? This is serious. Right, so you can wring every bit of drama out of this mess, so you can go comfort your little damsel in distress, right? Someone's got to. She's gonna freak out. When did you become so caring? I don't know. Maybe I'm learning from past mistakes. So what? Am I one of your past mistakes? Chill out. I'll be back before you guys close. Have fun! Thanks. Sometimes, despite one's best intentions, one finds oneself... let astray by one's own heart. I really don't -- let me finish, sweetheart. Okay. Jack, your uncle David and I have broken up. Oh, I know. I ran into him at the coffee shop. You did? Mm-hmm. Oh. I wanted to be the one to break the news to you first. What happened? He didn't tell you that? Not the specifics, no. Well, it's difficult to explain. I get it. Is there anything I can do? You're already doing it. I mean it. Look, I love uncle David, but I love you a lot more. And if he hurt you in any way, I'll never forgive him. Oh! Thank you. How did you ever get so wise? Personal experience. Oh? Hey, remember that thing that we were talking about the other day? Why you majored in psychology? To try to figure out why -- what screwed me up. Yeah. Todd's an example. A prime one. Well, I'm sorry to hear that. But at least he's around, trying. No. No? No. Using his checkbook to try to buy my forgiveness doesn't count as trying, especially with pockets as deep as his.

[Clears throat] [Sighs] But, hey, uh... whose family isn't messed up? [Chuckles] Amen to that. What doesn't kill you, right? Whatever the back story, I'm glad you're being provided for. You wear it well. Thanks. I love someone who can appreciate nice things. Doesn't everyone like nice things? Of course. But I'm talking about someone beautiful, who knows who they are and understands the responsibility. What responsibility? To their beauty. [Chuckles] Hey, this might sound corny... but I've traveled enough to know how rare true beauty is. Sunset over the Duomo in Florence. Snowstorm in the Andes. And some random college girl at a club in small-town pa? Hey. Wherever she is, a beautiful woman is like... living poetry. You're a beautiful girl. You deserve beautiful things. Like these? I hope you like them. I love them. I never really got to thank you properly. Yes, you did. At the coffee shop when I gave them to you. No, no, no, no. I mean properly. What's wrong? It's not the time or the place. What do you mean? We're alone. No. This is not the way I want it to happen.

[Door opens] Michelle:


[Clears throat]

[Clears throat]

sorry to interrupt. No, nothing to interrupt. We're just talking.

[Door closes]

Oh. Clearly. It's getting late. Oh. No. Please. Stick around, Mr. Bandini. It's Arturo, and I can't, unfortunately. It's past my bedtime. Thank you very much for the wine, Danielle. Sure. It was lovely. I'll pick you up in a few days for the gala? Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. All right. Good night.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

What gala? Oh, the, um, the veterans organization. Seriously? Why? What's the big deal? Because my uncle Clint is being honored -- man of the year. Oh. Wow. Yeah. Wow. Do you have any idea how expensive those tickets are? No clue. Yeah, well, let's just say I'd have to forego rent and food for, like, I don't know, the rest of my life to afford one. It's kind of a big deal. Mm. So sorry, Cinderella. Hey, maybe your fairy godmother could get you a ticket. Better than my sugar daddy. Matthew: Whoa. Down, girl. Hey. Just saying. Yeah, don't just say. Please. Okay. Both of you. Just stay out of it. Arturo is a decent man. Decent? Yet doesn't he pay girls for sex? No, he doesn't. Actually, he does. [Scoffs] What? I'm looking for you, Dani. What are you looking out for, Matthew? Oh, okay, let's see. Um... the wine. Your earrings. Um... the making out with a guy that's old enough to be your dad. You don't know what you're talking about. Don't look at me like that. [Chuckles] Oh, screw you guys. I'm out of here. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Where you going? I'm sleeping at my mom's. Hey, Dani. Bye, Jeffrey! Bye. Where's she running off to? Matthew: Her mom's. Dani's a little stressed out. I can see that. She almost ran me over. What happened? Long story. Fill me in. Why don't we just hold this off till tomorrow morning? Don't leave me hanging, man. I'm really tired. Yeah. Me too. Let's just talk about it in the morning. It's not a big deal. Matt, um... can I actually talk to you for a second? I'll be right there. What's up? Um... it's about me... and destiny. You might as well spill the rest of the beans. Who is this girl? It doesn't matter. She, uh, she ended it. And breaking up is hard to do. It sucks. Say "stinks." Now... where did you two meet? Um... you know... summer school. One day, I promise you, you'll look back on this and you'll laugh, how you were once a fool for love. Really? 'Cause I don't see you laughing about uncle David. Ouch. I'm sorry. You should be. [Sighs] Maybe we can help each other. How? First thing tomorrow. Put your sweats on. [Gasps] I'm gonna take you out for some exercise. Some fresh air. Exercise? Fresh air? Oh, dear. [Chuckles] Thank you, honey. To be truthful, I don't own any sweats. All right, Clint. Here. Drink this coffee. Oh, God. No, you drink it. I've already had a pot of the damn stuff. Hey, hey! Watch your tone. Honey, you mind giving us a minute? Oh, you can have all the time in the world. Just keep your voices down. We've got a grandson sleeping. Bo, say what you want to say and stop giving me the evil eye. You ever speak to my wife like that again, you're gonna be talking to my fist. Is this tough love? No, no. I'm way past the love stuff with you. Drunk and disorderly? Assault and battery? Stop. Cop lingo. Stop. Now you're assaulting family members. You're really having a hell of a night, aren't you? You know, I was doing just fine until you showed up.

[Knock on door]

If I hadn't come to shelter, you'd be spread eagle on a sidewalk. With a busted nose. [Groans] Oh, my God. You weren't kidding about his condition. I wouldn't have bothered you otherwise, I promise. Thank you. I'm glad you called. [Sighs] Viki. What were you doing at shelter? Shelter? Yeah, I was checking the venue. I wanted to see where they were gonna give me this man-of-the-year award. Man of the year? Yeah. Hardly. You're supposed to be a pillar of this community. What are you doing? Clint, what were you thinking? I was thinking about this. 'Cause this is what I want. Just to see you again. And to be near to you. That's what I want, and I wanted just to hold your hand. I know he screwed up. Big time. Again. But, Viki, he does love you. Maybe. But he's still the same selfish, old Clint. He's got to be the -- he's got to be right in the middle of everything so he can get everybody's attention. What do you mean? What -- all the theatrics! Just to get poor Viki to come over here in the middle of the night. Well, it worked. But if he thinks this means I'm gonna take him back, he has a rude awakening coming. What? What did you mean on the phone when you said you had to save my dad's ass? He showed up at the club. Shelter? Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah. He was drunk. Drunk? Beyond drunk. He was way out of control, and Diego wouldn't let him in, so your dad punched him in the jaw. What?! Yeah, no, I-I-I-I took control of everything. I made sure Diego didn't press charges, but -- God, I've got to get down there and help him. No, hey, hey, hey. Bo -- Bo came and got him. Where's he taking him? Dad's not staying at home. He said he's taking him to his place. Great. No, Natalie. Natalie, there's nothing more you can do for him. Your dad's just got to sleep this off. I can't believe this! My dad -- he's probably coming apart because my mom broke off the engagement. He'll pull it together. I hope so. There's got to be something that we can do. There's nothing to do. I have to leave. [Crying] No. You can't. What I can't do... is put you and everyone else that I love in danger. [Crying] I don't know who these people are... [Crying] Don't go!

All right, let's go shimmy, shimmy chocolate wow. I can't believe that happened.

Jeffrey: It wasn't planned. I mean, the kisses just sort of happened. [Sighs] Do you like her? Uh, it's been creeping up for awhile. What about destiny? What about her? Does she like you, too? I don't know. I hope so. Are you okay with this? Why wouldn't I be? You know, her and I are just friends that got carried away. So, you're cool? Sure. Great. Yeah. Cool. All right. All right, man. Cool. I'm gonna get some sleep, so, I'll see you in the morning. Okay. Okay. Maybe you should go to the E.R. You know, see a doctor. Yeah, really? Yeah, I think an x-ray would be a good idea. And then they'll prescribe something for the pain. That's what you need. Why wait for tomorrow when dr. Nikki can prescribe something for you right now? Like what? Another shot? Even better. How about a little blow? Honey, you're like a vacation from my life. I don't know if that's a compliment. Yeah, why wouldn't it be? [Laughs] Because your life -- it's women and wine and partying with celebrities. People would kill for that life. They can have it, then. You don't like it? Nah, it's just... [Sighs] I don't know. I mean... I got to act like I do. Like every second there's nowhere I'd rather be. Always got to be the life of the party, always having fun. You're not? Uppity waitresses, belligerent guests. Performers that walk out 'cause somebody took the peanuts out of the mixed nuts in the green room. You're not serious. No, that totally happened. Wow, that's nuts. [Laughs] Yeah. [Laughs] Welcome to my life. I like your life. I like yours. There's no drama. There's just... just a beautiful girl... and some peace and quiet. All right, well, what do we do with him? Do we let him sleep it off? It's all we can do. Oh, God. Do y'all got a good look? You want to come a little closer? Why don't you take a good look at yourself? Stop this! All right, I will. I have to get back to the office, anyway. Who took my keys? Where are my keys? They're in my pocket. Well, hand them over. Yeah, sure, here. They're not gonna do you a lot of good, though. Oh. [Sighs] Your car's at shelter. I brought you here in my car to get you out of that mess. You don't remember that? No, I don't, but you can drive me back there right now. No way. Okay, fine. I will call a cab to take me back to the car! No, no. You're not going anywhere! Clint, in no shape to drive. I've had a whole pot of coffee. I'm fine! Clint! Oh, my God! You know what? Why don't you just stay here. I've got the guest room all made up. Okay, you go sleep in it, then. Just get the hell out of my way. That's enough! I know that's enough! That's why I'm leaving! Ah!

[Handcuffs click]

Bo, what the hell are you doing? I'm doing what I should have done at shelter. You're under arrest. What? That's right. You're gonna spend the night in a drunk tank so you don't do any harm to anyone!

[Hotel cinema's "fire escape plays]

Oh, God, this hurts

holding myself together, I'm doing your work

you say the damage has been done

there's no use carrying on like we're still in love

you didn't even think to tell me things would be fine

there's nothing to assure your heart's still linked with mine

you were never meant to cause me pain

you never meant to be that way

I don't know if I can last another day in your arms

open the curtains to the sun

crawl down the fire escape and run

I got to get away from the hold you've got on me

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