OLTL Transcript Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 33

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/29/13
Aired on OWN on 9/5/13


Episode #33 ~ Everything's Changed

Provided By Suzanne

You do know you are on a date, right?

Of course. I wasn't stare.

Yeah, right.

Shea. Come to apologize?

You aren't the only ones I know here tonight? Danny.

Who the hell is she with?

I don't know. Looks like someone is working out daddy issues.

Is she on a date with that guy?

Maybe it is a guy that just asked her to dance.

Month. I know him.

You do?

I just don't know from where.


I can't do this.

Do what?

You know what I mean.

Come on. I miss you so much. This is terrible.

It is terrible that I have a stack of papers I'm grading right now and one of them is yours come on. Take a break. An hour.

No. You have to stop calling me.

Why? What's wrong?

You are being followed and I do not want to lose my job.

And I told you no one is going get you fired. I think Todd called that goon off my case.

Think isn't good enough. When you are sure, let me know.

Please. Kate, let me come over.

Absolutely not. I will see you in class.

Hi, jack.

Hey, uncle David.

You seem depressed. What's wrong?

Girl troubles.

Yeah, tell me about it. Withdrew want to tell me about it, do you?

Well, if you want to, sure.

Yeah, sure.

I'm coming over, Viki. I need to talk to you.

Clint, there is nothing left to say.

I disagree.

Well, I'm sorry, but I am very busy. I'm working on the veterans organization. The event, where we are honoring you you. Remember? Man of the year.

You don't have to say it with such disdain.

You haven't behave as anyone's honoree in quite some time.

Screw them. I miss you.

You are drunk.

So what.

I'm going back to work and you immediate to sleep this off.

You know, you don't know what you are talking about.

[Dial tone] Vick Viki! Viki!

She knows. So -- what happens exactly tonight?

You know what happens. Body washes ashore. My guy makes an anonymous phone call.

Then they see the tattoo and Bo makes -- orders a DNA test.

I will talk to Natalie and make sure she uses my DNA test in the test.

What if she doesn't, Todd?

She will.

Then all of this will be over.

24 hours.

Hey, guys. Can I get you some drinks?

How about some shots. Lemon drop.

That guy.


What do you know about him?

Come on.



Well, he and Danny have drinks and then he left and Danny followed.

He's old.

He's so sexy.

See, that's why I say there's a story.

That girl that died in the hotel?

The one that O.D.' D?

She was a sugar baby.

Is that the fame plus Bandini.

Yeah, how did you know.

I know him from the palace hotel.

Shouldn't you be more discreet about your guests?

Tiny bit of gossip.

Was he really keeping Briana in a hotel room?


It is common knowledge.

All I know is Arturo and Briana were close. He cared about her.

Yeah, now he is crying on your holder.

He has month one else no one else. He's lonely. He asked me okay.

What are you, my chaperones now?

He is a very nice guy that took me for a burger and drinks. I'm having a wonderful evening. I hope you do, too.

Look who is here.



Feel like dancing?

Not right now.

What's the matter?

Just really bugs me what he said earlier about -- he doesn't know when I'm telling the truth.

Forget it. Okay. He was joking around. It was a bad joke and he apologize.

He doesn't like me. None of your friends do.

That's not true. . If it is anything it is the opposite. He was joking with you because he feels comfortable with you.

He has never forgiven me for lying. Call it a woman's intuition. I know he doesn't trust me.

I didn't know had you a girlfriend.

Yeah, she's -- she's kind of a secret.


Well, she's a little older.

Hello. Who are you talking to?

That's right. You and aunt Dorian.

There's something I have to tell you. I moved out.

No way.



Because she -- insisted I move out.

All right. So what really happened?

It is not that big of deal. She seems to think my reality shows more important to me than her.

It is important to you.

It is. But that doesn't mean it is -- you not, other stuff.

Whatever it is, you love each other. You will work it out.

Maybe, maybe not. So tell me, what's this -- issue with this mysterious older woman?

Well, she says she doesn't want to see me tonight and she's too busy. But I know she really wants to.

Women can be fickle.

I want to go over there and surprise her.

Translation, you want to get laid.

Or I want to talk to her, see her.

And I read "playboy" magazine for the articles. Where does she live?

She lives way down on elm street.

Do you want a ride?

You would do that?

I have nothing else going on. Besides, you said she might give you the heave ho. I will wait in the car and sit out for you and wait.

You would do that for me?

Let's go. Give me the keys.

I got it.

What are you doing here?

I love you. We belong together. And I don't care about your stupid pride because you are my woman. You know that and I know that. Stop pretending that you are not. Okay. Now let me in.


I can always force my way in.

And I can always call the police!

I have always put you on a pedestal. Always treated with you the utmost respect.

Clint, you are drunk and you are behaving like a fool.

I had a drink or would or maybe even three.

Go home! Go home!

I am home! This is my home! You can't decide this alone. There are would people in this relationship! I say it is not over! Viki! It can't be. I love you. You are my Viki. And I love you.


Come on. I want to go say hi. Come on, let's go. Hey, girl you are beautiful.

Wait, wait. Don't you have work?

No. Trying to have a normal life.


Who is the old guy?

A friend.

Destiny Evans.

Lovely to meet you.

Jeffrey king. Sorry about your loss.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Danielle has been a big loss. She a good -- great listener.

Oh, you are that Mr. Bandini.

Arturo. All about living for the moment. We are choosing to honor. Why don't 2000 join us?

Yeah, yeah. Have some drinks with us.

Should I order more champagne?


I will be right back.

Okay. What the hell is going on?

He asked me to dinner and are you dessert?

He is a really good guy. Really.

Hey, guys. Going hit the dance floor?

We were just thinking about doing that.

Done. We were taking a lake hey, destiny. You remember Michelle?


Do you want to hang out with us? Arturo just got more champagne.

Not right now, no.

Where did you get those earrings? Are you wearing like long dangly cheap ones?

Aren't they gorgeous? Arturo got them for me.

Yeah, they are expensive.

Your friend is buying you diamond earrings.

Can I talk to you?

Matthew, Matthew! Let go of me. What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?


What are you, Briana's replacement?

Excuse agree this old creep is wining and dining you and buying you expensive jewelry. How long before you drive a Benz and putting up at the palace?

How do you know about had a?

Michelle says --

Michelle should really mind her own business.

Seriously? Is he going to be your sugar daddy?

That's ridiculous.

Yeah. Why are you accepting expensive jewelry from him?

She a friend that bought me a gift. I don't know why you need to turn that into something dirty.

I wonder how long it took brie ran a to get diamond earrings.

Screw you! You know, at least I didn't have to order him off the internet! Can we go?

What's wrong?

Nothing. I want to leave.

What about your friends?

Yeah, none of them are really feeling like my friends right now.

[Dog barking]

Hey, beautiful.

What the hell are you doing here?

No one is tailing me.

You have to go.

It is safe. I'm sorry.

You need to go before someone sees you. This is not a game.

But I want to play.

I'm not making myself clear. Go home.

But I miss you. I want to hold you. And kiss you.

I -- I want you, too, but we have to be rational here.

Rational is overrated.


No. I'm begging you. A half hour. 15 minutes.

There is a car outside with someone in.

It that's just my un.

Your uncle? You told him about us?

Not who you are.

This is insane. You have to go. You have to go now. Don't try this again or I have to get bars installed. Go really?


Still can't believe she left without saying good-bye.

She is pissed off.

You saw those earrings.

Okay. I'm not saying it wasn't weird but we moshe is not some ho'.

I get a skeevy vibe from that guy.

Briana's closet was filled with stuff.

You go through guests' stuff?

Not me. Some of the other maids.

Danni is rich. She doesn't need a sugar dad.

I maybe I'm the only objective person here. Excuse me. I have to go to the ladies' room.

What does she have against Dani?


Excuse me. I have to take this.

What the hell is the matter with you?

What do you mean?

You intentionally attacking Michelle. She is convinced you don't like her.

What is this, junior high? Who cares what I think about her?

That was the night manager at the paper. He said the ads that I proofed and left are the same ones as yesterday. I think I really screwed up big time. I have to get over there.

You want company?


I could use a change of scenery.


Hope reply Michelle won't take it personally.

Cool. There you go.

Come on in.

All right.

You leaving so soon?


We will try to get back.

I got the IDs..

I'm going inside to have a drink.

It looks like you already had too much. Come on. Next.

How are you doing? All right. Good.

Thank you.


Let's go.

You are good to go.

Come on, brother.

Wait. Cowboy, you are not going in, bud.

Who the hell are you to talk to me like that?

Here you go.


Sorry your plans didn't work out.

Yeah, women.

Women. So how long -- how long has this thing been going on?

Not very.

It has been good. Has it been hot?

It is not just sex.

Oh, yes, it is. Teenage hormones, older woman's experience, it sizzles, it is so hot!

Come on, give me some credit.

I give you credit. I think I'm just a little down on love lately.

Because of aunt Dorian?

It is so complicated, up down. Twisted sometime.

Why don't you use that for your reality show?

Oh, I already am. I retitled it -- anatomy of a divorce.

I thought it was called life and times of Vicker man.

No. Not anymore. I'm going take every aspect of a breakup, it will be fair and unbiased and will be totally from my point of view.

How did you come up with that title?

Network exec.

It is going to be on TV?

Oh yeah.

Nice job.

Thank you. Don't you worry. She will come around.

Uncle David, I don't know how long I can go without seeing her again. Without being with her again.

Okay. You know these ads are exactly alike, right?

That's what makes my job so much fun. You have to find subtle difference.

I'm sure you can find them. I'm worried about Viki.


She hasn't been to work in a few days.

Do you know what's wrong?

A bunch of personal stuff. It is mostly Clint.

I can't believe I'm raising another Buchanan boy. Watch out, world. Expiration dates.


The sales that they are promoting. It is in the top or bottom.

Have you to be kidding. That print is so tiny.

Yeah. That's the point.


Wasn't she over will with you?

Yeah. I guess she went home.

What's going on between you two?

Keeping it casual for now. No strings attached.

Sometimes strings are good.

I know.

What's wrong? You are not yourself tonight. You look loan.

I I'm not lonely. I'm just alone. What about you? Where is your ball and chain?

At home, sleeping as usual. You know. The end of the night when I go home he is too tired to go dancing.

At least he is in your bed when you get there.

On a good night.

Want to get out of here?

Sure. You want to deal with my roommates?

From what I saw, I don't think either will be home tonight. What?

Nothing. Come on. Let's go.

Do you know who I am?

I can smell you from over here.

That's it. Enough of you. I want to talk to your house. I want to talk to Blair.

Blair is gone for the night. I'm in charge.

Well, Mr. In charge of everything, do you know that in a few days the back of that door the door you are protecting, you are doing a real good job, I will be honored as man of the year the whole town will be in there.

Good for you. You know what, sir, you can come back when you are sober. All right.

No. I need to --

Come on, man. I don't have --

Get your hands off me!

I got a text from my guy. He called the cops.

We are almost there.

What? What is it? What?

They must think that victor is dead. It worked!

Too soon.

What? What's it say?

Everything has changed.

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