OLTL Transcript Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 25

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/1/13
Aired on OWN on 8/21/13


Episode #25 ~ Hot for Teacher

Provided By Suzanne & Gisele

Viki: Nora, thank you. I am so glad you talked me in into coming out tonight.

Nora: Are you kidding. This is completely selfish on my part. I wanted to bend your ear about my radio show.

Viki: Instead, I have been bending your ear about all the things I almost lost.

Nora: I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been but thank God you didn't.

Viki: Everything turned out fine in the end but, you know, Clint and what he did to Natalie I should have known something was up when he stopped talking about wedding plans.

Nora: He had been bucking beau nonstop.

Viki: I am so angry with him.

Nora: I could put on a show about the ups and downs of being married to a Buchanan man but then, again, so could you.

Viki: Actually, I'm sorry I missed your first show. I would have loved to hear you and matt.

Nora: You are in luck, because there is a podcast.

Viki: That's right. It is the digital age. Everything lasts forever.

Nora: Isn't that terrifying?

Viki: Actually, it is kind of interesting, isn't it, that anything you want, you get with just a few key strokes.

Nora: Oh, my friend, Angela, she ordered a couch on her phone, on her phone.

Viki: You can Google the answer to anything.

Nora: Yeah, but I still think you need your friends for the tough questions. What would you say to me if I were a caller on your show.

Viki: About?

Nora: Take your pick.

Viki: A deal with a failing newspaper. How to forgive a soon-to-be husband. For breaking her daughter's heart. Hey, I would update my wardrobe.

Nora: That's very easy. First of all, you look fabulous in just about everything that you wear. As far as the rest of it goes, I would say, go out to dinner with a really good friend and have a fabulous night and forget about everything else. [Laughs]

Viki: [Laughs] I love that.

Dorian: What is she so happy about?

David: StepNora.

Dorian: Queen Victoria.

Destiny: Drew did the cutest thing last night.

Natalie: I'm going to implement a rule. For one hour, we can not talk about our kids.

Destiny: Okay. What are you going to wear to our dinner with Jesse and Cutter?

Natalie: I have to implement a second rule.

Destiny: [Laughs]

Natalie: We can't talk about our kids or men for an hour.

Destiny: Deal.

Natalie: Deal.

Matthew: Yeah.


Matthew: Yeah. Who is this?

It is Michelle. I stopped by to leave you something, something I baked for you.

Matthew: Come on up.

Kate: I hope you are all excited for our summer of great literature. My guys said, I promise, if you stick with me, you are going to be exposed to amazing stuff. Great prose can take you on a ride. You can get lost in it the way you get caught up in a movie or a video game. Jack, what's your favorite work-out song? Come on, don't be shy.

Jack: Infinity by Head Cleaner.

Kate: I don't know it so introduce me.

Jack: Excuse me.

Kate: Songs are basically poems. What are the lyrics?

Jack: I have no idea.

Kate: I thought you said it was your favorite song to work out to.

Jack: Yeah, but I don't pay attention to the words.

Kate: Okay. Let's look it up. "I want to go where no one has, be here forever, let's get lost. You are all I need for infinity. The lyrics are in their own way pretty.

Jack: It is the music that makes it cool. The base track is awesome.

Kate: I agree. When you combine poetry and rhythm, it can really blow your mind.

Blair: Fake Victor's death. Nobody is going to buy that, Todd.

Todd: They will buy it if we do it right.

Blair: Yeah, how are you supposed to do that?

Todd: Well, I'm working on it. We just need a body.

Blair: What are we are going to rob a ward?

Todd: Let's convince everybody it is Victor's body.

Blair: I have another idea. Why don't you Google fake makeup, and maybe we can make a fake hit.

Téa: You think this is funny?

Blair: No, I don't think it's funny, Téa. I'm exhausted, and I am trying to come up with an answer to save our children's lives. I don't see you coming up with any solutions.

Téa: I gave you his location, and you screwed it up.

Blair: I didn't screw anything up.

Todd: Victor screwed it up.

Téa: Victor is running for his life. You two are joking around about faking his death.

Todd: Nobody is joking around. We fake his death. That's the only way out of this.

Kate: So for homework, I want you all to take your favorite song and write out all the lyrics for tomorrow. Okay? See you next time. Jack, may I have a word? Quite a coincidence.

Jack: Yeah, you are telling me.

Kate: Does that make you uncomfortable?

Jack: Just a little.

Kate: Sorry. I thought you could handle the heat.

Jack: No. It's -- why did you have to call on me like that?

Kate: I call on everybody.

Jack: I don't know. Maybe I should just transfer classes.

Kate: Really? [Kissing]

Matthew: All right, Michelle, let's pretend we just met, start at the beginning, okay? I'm Matthew. Nice to meet you.

Michelle: Hi.

Natalie: Here, it says, find something that you are afraid of and try it once a week.

Destiny: And I do that about once an hour.

Natalie: Buzzkill. I don't know what they are talking about. Changing diapers. I thought we were going an hour without talking about our kids.

Destiny: That's where you get all your no boys talking about.

Natalie: It doesn't matter where really great ideas come from. Come on. Tell me something you have always wanted to do but couldn't because you had so many fears.

Destiny: Like getting a tattoo?

Natalie: Okay.

Destiny: Getting a tattoo. I've wanted to get one since I was 16.

Natalie: Why don't you have one?

Destiny: Because I'm afraid of needles and of pain and my parents would kill me.

Natalie: Okay, I get the needles and the pain but I think you are a little past caring what your parents think.

Destiny: You are never past that.

Natalie: All right. Fine. So what do you want?

Destiny: Well, for years, I wanted a rose but when Drew was born, I changed my mind.

Natalie: Oh, I like it.

Destiny: It is a butterfly.

Natalie: So where do you want it?

Destiny: You know, I was thinking lower back, so it is not too obvious but still sexy.

Natalie: That's the same place I want it.

Destiny: So you have thought about this too?

Natalie: I think if I got it now, I would have to get Liam.

Destiny: Look: We cannot go an hour without talking about our kids.

Natalie: You are right. Okay. That's it? Right now, we are making new habits.

Viki: [Laughs]

Dorian: I'll be right back.

Rama: David, hi. Are you working tonight?

David: No. It's my night off. You have met my wife, Dorian?

Rama: Oh, yeah. Of course. You must be so proud of him.

Dorian: Oh, I'm very proud.

Rama: I'm so excited. I've been so excited to be the spice cake on the new life and times of Vickerman. I can't sleep, drink, eat or do anything since I heard the news.

Dorian: It is a good way to keep trim.

Rama: [Laughs]

David: I think our table might be ready by now.

Rama: I'm sure once the filming starts, I will settle down. David makes me feel so at ease.

David: You know me. Always grace under pressure.

Rama: He is. It is like when the camera comes on, it is like we have this connection, this friendship, you know, from a past life or something.

Dorian: Yes, and what is it they call that?

Rama: They call it chemistry. He taught me that.

Dorian: Yes. Well, he learned from the best.

David: I am starved.

Rama: Oh, yeah. I'm so sorry. Didn't mean to keep you, disturb you from your dinner. Go ahead. I'll see you. I'm really looking forward to our production meeting. I have lots of ideas. I've even written them down.

David: Fantastic. I can't wait to hear every single one of them.

Rama: Okay, bye.

David: Bye.

Dorian: Okay. So she is all excited to be your new leading lady.

David: I think she may be an insane person. I'm the star.

Dorian: Oh, well she seems to think she is going to be a lot more than that, David.

David: She is a big player. She is my sidekick. She even said so myself.

Dorian: Wait a minute. We had this discussion, darling. I am your new leading lady.

David: You already are. I don't think my show is right for a woman of your talents.

Dorian: True, what's your point?

David: Well, you said so yourself. My show is popcorn for the masses. You're Carnegie Hall. I'm just public access television. You are above all this. Let's not let this ruin our entire evening, okay?

Dorian: Okay. I'll be right back. Ah! Nora, Viki. I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

Viki: I'm sorry, Dorian. I don't know to what you're referring?

Dorian: I heard all about you losing an awful lot of money in the whole Pellegrino fiasco.

Viki: Really? Where did you hear that?

Dorian: Oh, I still have friends in Washington. The Senate Finance Committee mentioned it. I became concerned. You know, Frank Baker tried to get me interested in Pellegrino. Thank heavens, I did not.

Viki: Well, you are wrong. I didn't lose a dime.

Dorian: I am so relieved. I have no idea how I got such bad information.

Viki: See, what you have to do is get multiple sources before running with the story.

Dorian: [Laughs] Yes, yes. Well, indeed. I stand corrected.

Viki: Well, it's lovely to see you as always.

Nora: Will you look at David? He looks so handsome tonight. He is positively glowing.

Dorian: Excuse me.

Viki: Nora, that was bad. [Laughs]

Nora: [Laughs]

Dorian: Look at you two. The chemistry is absolutely atomic.

David: Dorian, I am glad you are back. I am famished. We have to eat.

Dorian: I'm sure the two of you have a lot to talk about, and I don't want to get in the way.

Rama: Oh, no. It's okay. I'll go. I have to work anyway.

Dorian: I am absolutely thrilled that David has found somebody who appreciates his genius, but I suddenly have a headache, and I'm going home.

David: Right. You are mad?

Dorian: Mad? Never mad. Angry and dam right, I am angry.

David: You are overreacting. Just let me come with you. We'll go home.

Dorian: Not on your life. Far be it for me to get in the way of Cecil B. De Mille and his next masterpiece.

Bo: Hi, Dorian. Hello, ladies.

Nora: Hi. Are you going to join us?

Bo: No. I'm on the job, but I'll see you at home, okay? Viki? Hey, son.

David: Hi, Pa.

Bo: I just saw --

David: Yeah. Don't even bother to ask.

Bo: I spoke to Blair.

Cutter: Yeah. I pulled the receipts from the other day. This is what you have.

Bo: Table four. Jason Murray.

Cutter: He is your man.

Todd: You and I know Victor better than anybody else in this world.

Blair: Time out time-out. I spent some choice years with the guy too.

Todd: Sorry to hear that. Do you think Victor was lying when he sent that text?

Téa: No, I don't. You don't know Victor. You may think you do but I can guarantee you don't.

Todd: Why did he disappear?

Téa: Because there are people that are trying to kill him.

Todd: Who will stop at nothing?

Téa: Making them think that Victor is dead is the only way to save him.

Todd: Just like that. The only person in the world that ever understood me.

Blair: Téa, I want you to think about this.

Téa: I am thinking about this. Save his life for what, so he can keep running for the rest of it or hiding forever?

Blair: No. If they think he is dead, he doesn't have to run anymore.

Téa: He will have to hide for the rest of his life.

Blair: Wouldn't you rather know that he is alive and safe and that the manhunt is over.

Téa: I would rather that you hadn't tried to kill him, which is what started this whole thing in the first place.

Blair: All right. It happened. We are all sorry that it happened but it happened, and now we have to deal with it. Téa, you know this. You got the text from Victor. It said this is the way it has to be. You can protect him. You can.

Téa: Okay. If we are going to do this, we are going to do it right.

Todd: Tell us how, please.

Téa: Well, we need a body and irrefutable proof that it is absolutely Victor's body.

Blair: Okay. How do we do that?

Téa: The same way I prove a court case, beyond reasonable doubt. DNA.

Todd: Victor is my twin brother. We have the same DNA.

Téa: Our secret weapon.

Blair: What? We are going to kill you now instead?

Téa: Not a bad idea.

Blair: What are you doing?

Todd: It is me.

Blair: What? Where are you going?

Todd: Step one.

Blair: What?

Natalie: [Laughs] Hey. Hi.

Destiny: We need two tattoos.

Man: Let me guess. A butterfly. At least it is not a rose.

[Destiny & Natalie laugh]

Natalie: Okay, sorry. We're sorry.

Man: That's all right. It is going to take about seven to ten days to heal. It is basically an open wound, so treat it with respect. Change the bandages, add the ointment.

Destiny: When can I see it?

Man: No peeking for six hours.

Destiny: I can't wait. Now, it is your turn.

Natalie: Oh, my gosh.

Man: See that canvas. Did you bring your own design too?

Natalie: You're the artist. Surprise me.

[Phone rings]

Man: Can you hold on a second?

Todd: Yeah. Sure.

Man: I'm sorry, but I got to kick you lovelies out of here.

Natalie: What?

Destiny: What? She didn't get hers.

Man: I know. Believe me, no one is more sorry than me. I have a private client. It's my personal number, I promise, I will come up with something extra special just for you. Okay?

Natalie: I'm going to hold you to that promise.

Man: Okay.

Natalie: Hey.

Man: Good night. All clear.

Todd: I'm sending you a picture of a tattoo. I want you to do it exactly as it is. No artistic interpretation. You think you can do it?

Man: For the right price, man, I will tattoo a rose on my own ass.

Matthew: You're kidding? This goes off twice a night. It is ridiculous.

Michelle: I like it.

Matthew: What are you, nuts?

Michelle: If not for that alarm, we may have never even met?

Matthew: True. I still hate it. It is not going off. So go get a drink. Want to go to Shelter?

Michelle: Now?

Matthew: Yeah. Why not.

Michelle: I am not dressed for it.

Matthew: Come on. You look beautiful.

Michelle: I do?

Matthew: Yeah. Let's go.

Michelle: I have to warn you. I'm a really lousy dancer.

Matthew: No matter how lousy you are, I will still give you a 9.0.

Michelle: All right. We'll see about that.

Jeffrey: Hey, Destiny. You okay?

Destiny: Hey. Yeah, yeah. A long story.

Jeffrey: Okay. Just leaving this article here for Viki.

Destiny: And I'm dropping off this folder for her.

Jeffrey: Her office is Grand Central Station.

Destiny: Par for the course.

Jeffrey: Good. Do I have something on my face?

Destiny: Can I ask you a favor, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey: Shoot.

Destiny: Well, will you go on a double date with me?

Blair: Are we crazy to trust Todd to figure all this out?

Téa: The answer to that would be yes.

Blair: Then, I don't know what else we can do, do you?

Téa: No but I hate that I don't. I can't believe I'm never going to see Victor again.

Blair: Well, when you guys said good-bye, did you have a feeling that it was actually for the last time.

Téa: Well, if I did, I just denied that feeling. I couldn't believe I would never see him again after having gotten back.

Blair: This will be all right. You are the toughest woman I know.

Téa: Not last year I wasn't.

Blair: Why don't you give yourself a break, Téa? You went through hell and back. Losing a child is the hardest thing ever.

Téa: I can't go there again with what happened to Dani.

Blair: You'll get through this.

Téa: Sure. What are a couple more scars, right?

Blair: Something new I want to talk to you about.

Téa: What?

Blair: You know the girl that sold Dani that oxy?

Téa: Yeah.

Blair: She is dead.

Téa: I know. Dani told me.

Blair: Well, Bo told me, because it happened the night she was at my club. What Bo doesn't know is that Todd thinks that Dani's overdose wasn't an accident.

Téa: Right, because the people that were after Victor are the people who shot at you.

Blair: Are the same people that gave Dani the bad drugs

Téa: And Dani got the drugs from that girl, Briana. So what you are saying is that her overdose wasn't accidental?

Blair: That's exactly what I'm saying. They killed her. I think that they did or at least whoever they are.

Téa: What the hell is going on?

Blair: I don't know. All I know is that Todd's plan has got to work.

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