OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/4/13 Ep. 17

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/4/13
Aired on OWN on 8/7/13


Episode #17 ~ Nail Salon

Provided By Lexie & Gisele

Clint: I love the redesign. [Clears throat] Itís much easier to navigate.

Viki: Good, Iím glad, I still prefer to navigate by turning the page. I know, call me old-fashioned.

Clint: I wouldnít dare do that.

Nigel: Mr. Jeffrey King. Shall I show him in?

Viki: I think you already have, Nigel.

Jeffrey: Figured Iíd save you the round trip. Iíve got our next big story -- as big as the Senator Lord scandal.

David: Your first blog -- "Below the Beltway."

Dorian: [Sighs] Do you like it?

David: Itís inflammatory, salacious, and nasty. I love it!

Dorian: [Laughing] Oh, good! Good, good, good! Oh, that makes me so happy. I-I think I want to celebrate.

David: Uh, weíre gonna have to save that. I have to go edit "The Real Life and Times of Vickerman."

Dorian: Uh... wait! Uh, Iím feeling the need to -- to... reinvent myself. You know, um... change things up.

David: Sure.

Dorian: Now that my Senate career's... Now, letís face it, I canít go Kelly. Itís too over-the-top, and never could be a blonde, so I canít do Jessie.

David: I donít know about that.

Dorian: But, wait, wait, wait. My girls are always saying that Iím so controlling. I could be a "mom"-ature.

[Both laugh]

Dorian: At any rate... I can be any woman and every women. And to prove it, I think I will treat myself to a day of beauty. Yes. At a public spa.

Cutter: Iím telling you that blackout was no accident.

Blair: What?

Cutter Think about it, first we have an OD opening night, then our power goes off on the night of our big deejay throw-down."

Blair: Cutter, youíre just being paranoid.

Todd: No, heís not. Somebody cut the power.

Cutter: I knew it.

Blair: Well, who would want to do that? Who would want to shut us down?

Cutter: Our competition or and youíre not going to like this--

Blair: I donít like any of this.

Cutter: Could be mob related, if it ties back to the OD on Opening Night.

Todd: Hey, that OD was my daughter.

Cutter: I know, I know and from what Iíve heard, sheís not a heavy user. That oxy may have been-- it might have been dirty.

Todd: Are you selling drugs in this club?

Blair: No! Heís not sell -- Youíre not selling drugs in this club.

Cutter: I promise anyone who gave that to her does not work at this club.

Blair: Ok Iím going to call the cops.

Cutter: No. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Blair. Blair, no cops. We have our own cop. Bruce and I will handle it.

Blair: [Sighs]

Matthew: Yeah it was supposed to be delivered this morning, sir. Oh you want to tell that to Mr. Buchanan? Right. Okay, get it done. Thank you. [Sighs]

[Cell phone beeps]

Matthew: Yeah, baby. [Sighs] Hey Destiny, Destiny. Wait, wait, wait.

Destiny: Let go of me. I donít have time for this.

Matthew: Okay, I get it. Youíre upset.

Destiny: Your parents are upset. Iím pissed off.

Matthew: Listen, what happened the other night -- what can I say? Iím sorry, all right.

Destiny: Youíre sorry, loser. Matthew,  but if you donít take that hand off my shoulder, youíre gonna lose it.

[Computer beeps]

[Tťa gets a message from Victor: "I'm sorry about the giraffe."]

[Keyboard clacking]

[Tťa asks if he's ok, and he responds, "Yes," but won't say where he is. She advises him to turn himself in to the police who can protect him.]

Jeffrey: I got a call from someone at the SEC. Theyíre close to shutting a huge hedge fund.

Clint: Which one?

Jeffrey: My contact doesnít know which fund, but someone huge is going down. Based on market activity, I figure it has to be one of these four.

Viki: Uh, the Pellegrino Fund is a possibility?

Jeffrey: Iím just saying itís a 25% chance. It could be one of the other ones, but I'm going off of what my source says in terms of volume.

Clint: Jeffrey, whatís the crime?

Jeffrey: You name it. Investment fraud, wire fraud,  money laundering. this could be big -- Madoff big.

Danielle: What do you want?

Todd: I need to talk to you.

Danielle: So talk.

Todd: In person.

Danielle: Iím on my way somewhere, Todd.

Todd: No, no, no. Iíll -- Iíll meet you.

Danielle: [Chuckles] Itís not really your thing.

Todd: I donít care. Father/daughter day. Tell me where you are, and Iíll meet you.

Danielle: Really? Wherever I want?

Matthew: All right. Hereís a coffee for Mom and a juice for the big guy.

Destiny: He needs a lid.

Matthew: Heís fine.

Destiny: He needs a lid.

Matthew: Oh, shit.

Destiny: Okay, language!

Matthew: What the hell?

Destiny: Whatíd I just say?!

Matthew: It looks like I just pissed myself.

Destiny: Thatís it. Always a pleasure.

Matthew: No! Wait, wait. Itís just a stain, right? Little man just needs to learn how to use a lid is all.

Destiny: [Scoffs] Little man is 3. Heís right where he needs to be. The question is, where are you? Oh, thatís right. Youíre busy with your big time job with Dani, again. Youíre so busy doing all these things, Matthew. They're just for you. Itís all for one person. I asked you to watch your son for one night -- to think about one other person than yourself, and you couldnít even handle that?! [Scoffs] So, whoís really the little man?

Tťa: I told him to turn himself in, and thatís when I lost him.

Bo: Yeah, get our best Internet Forensics guy to my office right away. Thank you.

Tťa: How long will it take them to trace it? They got to find him wherever he is, before he gets too far.

Bo: Tťa, look, we canít be sure this is Victor. This could be someone posing as him.

Tťa: No, no. I know itís him. No one else would have known to mention the giraffe.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah, come on in. I want you to check the IP address on this chat and get back to me as soon as possible, okay? Are you sure that this is something that only the two of you would know?

Tťa: Positive.

Bo: Well it looks like, uh, you might be right. It is Victor. But it doesnít mean that heís writing to you of his own free will.

Danielle: [Sighs]

Todd: Donít you think this is a little boring?

Danielle: Actually, Iím finding this very entertaining.

Todd: No, I mean, okay, without having me here as your little slideshow?

Danielle: Yeah, you mean, is it time-consuming to be a girl?

Todd: Yeah.

Danielle: Yeah, itís what guys want.

Todd: How would you know that?

Danielle: I live with two guys. All they talk about is hot chicks.

Todd: Seriously?

Danielle: And hot chicks' nails, yeah.

Todd: I kind of figured they were, you know. No?

Danielle: No, no.

Todd: Oh. Well, theyíre still idiots.

Danielle: [Scoffs] You know, somehow I donít think this is really what you wanted to talk to me about.

Todd: Youíre right. I did -- I wanted to talk to you about -- about what happened at Shelter. I-I donít think it was an overdose.

Danielle: What? Now suddenly you believe me?

Todd: Do you have anymore? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Not -- I just -- I want to get it tested. I just want to get it tested. Thatís all.

Danielle: Well, Matthew took it from me, and then Bo found it in his backpack. So, you really believe me?

Todd: Yeah. Well, Iím starting to.

Danielle: Well, I have to go pick a color -- something the idiots will like.

Dorian: Dr. Dorian Lord, I... Why, Todd, I had no idea you were a metrosexual.

Todd: [Groans] You here to have your claws professionally sharpened?

Dorian: [Chuckles]

Danielle: Dorian, hi! Okay, which one? Um, pop my cherry or snuggle on the beach?

Dorian: Pink says girl, red says woman, but French says it all.

Todd: Okay so I think we go with the pink.

Dorian: Todd, what color are you going to be getting?

Danielle: Oh, this one.

Todd: No! No.

Danielle: Uh, you promised. Today was my day. Here you go. Yeah.

Viki: Jeffrey, whoís your source?

Jeffrey: You arenít really going to ask me that?

Viki: Oh, fine then. Is he reliable?

Jeffrey: Itís someone who called me because they read the first Dorian Lord piece.

Viki: All right. Well, you better keep digging, because weíre gonna need quadruple confirmation on this story.

Jeffrey: I got it, boss.

Viki: Jeffrey if we print this, and weíre wrong, we could be responsible for a financial panic.

Clint: Not to mention, the destruction of one of Wall Streetís biggest players.

Jeffrey: Got it.

Viki: Oh, my -- What are we gonna do?   

Clint: Get Odgen on the phone. Take your money out today.

Viki: Well, we canít tip him off on the Pellegrino Fund.

Clint: Taking your money out is not tipping anyone off.

Viki: Well, isnít that insider trading?

Clint: I donít see how when the fund itself is breaking the law.

Viki: But Martha Stewart went to jail for selling her stocks.

Clint: Viki, if it is Pellegrino --

Viki: What is it isnít? If I take my money out now, I might lose out on an investment that could save The Banner.

Clint: But if it is, you could lose everything. Are you ready to take that gamble?

Viki: Iíll call Odgen.

Matthew: Say what you want about me, but thereís one thing you got wrong, Destiny. Dani and I are just friends. And itís none of your business, anyway.

Destiny: Youíre right, Matthew. It is none of my business what you do with your friends. But it's sure as hell not going to involve my son.

Matthew: No, wait. Stop, stop, stop. Can we start over? Huh? Iíll get Drew another juice with a lid. and we can sit and talk.

Destiny: Fine. Itís not like I have a million things to do today.

Matthew: Okay.

Destiny: [Sighs]

Matthew: Here you go, bud. Another juice. Let's come over here. So. Let's talk.

Destiny: Sure. Howís Jeffrey?

Bo: Someone could be holding Victor and forcing him to make contact with you.

Tťa: Why would they do that?

Bo: Well, if this people are as dangerous as he says they are, then this could be a trap.

Tťa: No, if this were a trap then Victor would have found a way to let me know. Iím sure of it.

Bo: Tell me about giraffe. What does that mean? Is that a code? Tťa, look, if you want us to find Victor then you're gonna have to tell me everything.

Tťa: There was a stuffed giraffe that was in the nursery. When I told Victor what happened to our son, he destroyed it.  

Bo: Destroyed it?

Tťa: He -- He tore it apart.

Bo: And you saw this?

Tťa: No, I found it later on. Initially, when I told him what happened, he, uh -- he was very calm. Itís like he had two different modes, Bo -- all bottled up and then exploding with rage.  

Bo: Well, the more I hear about him, the more dangerous he seems.

Tťa: Thatís why we need to find him. He needs our help.

IT guy: Sorry, Commissioner. Itís untraceable.

Tťa: This is your best guy?

IT guy: It was anonymized. Nothing we can do.

Bo: Thank you. I had a feeling that was gonna happen.

Tťa: But what does that mean?

Bo: Itís part of the dark net. Itís a way to hide IP addresses, and even the FBI has a hard time tracking something like that.

Tťa: So, what do we do now?

Bo: Iíve still got tons of resources. Look, if Victorís on the run, at a certain point heís gonna be out of my jurisdiction.

Tťa: Heíll write me again. I know it.

Bo: And that will probably be untraceable too.

Tťa: Next time, Iíll get him to tell me something.

Bo: Tťa, look, I want you to leave your computer with us, we will monitor this and from now on, we will handle all communications.

Tťa: I-I can get him to respond. I know that I can.

Bo: Victor has already killed one person. He almost killed Manning. Please, let us handle this.

Tťa: Iím the one he reached out to. I can get through to him. I have to.

Bo: Tťa.

Matthew: So, why are you asking about Jeffrey?

Destiny: Uh, just wanted his number. Thatís all. Weíre friends, like you and Dani, right?

Matthew: Yeah.

Destiny: Unless you got a problem with that.

Matthew: No. Of course not. [Sighs] [Chuckles] You got a pen?

Destiny: You know what -- itís fine. I-I was just gonna ask him to babysit.

Matthew: Oh. Iím sure heíd be down.

Destiny: Listen, um, you -- you should come by for dinner sometime. I mean, if youíre not busy or have to work or anything.

Matthew: You and me?

Destiny: And little man.

Matthew: Iím not sure thatís a good idea.

Destiny: Oh --

Matthew: I mean, it's -- it's just I got...

Destiny: Yeah?

Matthew: No, I got work.

Destiny: Yes. No worries. Yeah, of course.

[Cell phone beeps]

Matthew: Oh. Speak of the devil, that's my Uncle Clint.

Destiny: [Chuckles]

Matthew: I got to go.

Destiny: Okay.

Matthew: Come on, little guy.

Destiny: Uh, well, don't work too hard...

Matthew: I won't.

Destiny: ... on, uh...

Todd: What did you do with the oxy that you took from Matthew?

Bo: Whatís this about, Manning?

Todd: I think you should have it tested.

Bo: Based on what?

Todd: On a -- on a hunch.

Bo: I threw it away.

Todd: Really? [Blows on his nails] Great detective work.

Danielle: How do you like the new look?

Todd: Well, I thought we decided on the pink.

Danielle: You donít like them.

Dorian: I say use every trick in the book, dear.

Todd: She doesnít need tricks. Men can see right through tricks.

Dorian: Oh, and youíve always liked the earthy type, have you?

Todd: What I'm saying is that some women don't have to resort to tricks to attract a man. For Godís sake, look at her

Dorian: Mm. But men can be such snakes.

Todd: Right. Why donít you go somewhere and shed your second skin and leave us to our father/daughter day?

Dorian: Oh, is there a father here?

Danielle: Hey!

Dorian: I'm sorry. I think what your -- What Todd is trying to say is that you are a natural beauty, and in this rare case, I agree with him.

Todd: Really.

Matthew: [Sighs] What up?

Jeffrey: Working.

Matthew: Mm. Shocker. You see Dani around? Wanting to go for a jog.

[Knock on door]

Jeffrey: Speak of the devil, and she will appear.

Matthew: [Chuckles] Without her keys. You're gonna end up sleeping on the lawn, you know? Hey. Snoop.

Snoop: The lawn is a great place for a dog.

Matthew: [Chuckles]

Jeffrey: Listen, guys, I got a lot of work I got to -- You're Snoop Dogg.

Snoop: Snoop Lion, but we just met. So, you gonna invite me in or what?

Matthew: Yeah, my bad. Come on in.

Jeffrey: You're Snoop Dogg.

Snoop: Little B, whatever you homey's smoking, I need to get a little bit of that.

Jeffrey: No, no. I-I was just reading that you were in town. I wanted to grab you for a piece.

Snoop: You ain't grabbing anything. Better keep your hands to yourself.

Jeffrey: What? No, for the paper.

Snoop: Paparazzi?

Jeffrey: I'm a reporter.

Snoop: Even worse. Better get me some jelly beans.

Jeffrey: No, I feel like we're getting off on the wrong foot here.

Snoop: Well, let's start with a name.

Jeffrey: Jeffrey King.

Snoop: I was never here.

[Door opens]

Danielle: Oh, my gosh. I just saw someone downtown who looked just like... Snoop Dogg.

Tťa: [Sighs]

Singer: I wear my heart on my sleeve, and it's always been that way, and we steal our love like common thieves, then leave it to die in the night. Someday he'll find me perusing an isle somewhere. I'll be under a different name with someone else's promise on my finger, and he'll wonder where the time went and how he got so lonely. These days, it seems they always find another pair of arms to reside, but I'll be fine. I've got... and a little time. Someday he'll find me perusing an isle somewhere. I'll be under a different name with someone else's promise on my finger, and he'll wonder where the time went and how he got so lonely. I couldn't be too careful with my heart

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