OLTL Transcript Thursday 5/30/13 Ep. 16

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 5/30/13
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Episode #16 ~ No Regrets

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[Dance music plays]

Singer: Girl I'm what you need let me take you for a ride and make you scream

Nikki: Those two lovebirds have been at it all night.

Rama: I know. They haven't even settled up for dinner yet.

Nikki: You better get your ass over there. This club is open.

Blair: Ready yet?

Rama: All except one bill still open.

Blair: Oh, my God. Whatever happened to "Get a room," huh?

Rama: Get a room.

David: Okay, ante up. That means you, Step-Nora.

Nora: Bo, can I borrow $20?

Bo: No way.

Nora: What? What happened to "What's mine is yours?"

Bo: That's in everything except poker, lady.

Nora: Hey, I'm no lady. I'm your wife.

Bo: Yeah, well, that's too bad. Ante up.

Nora: Oh, come on. Please.

Bo: Unh-unh!

Nora: [Gasps]

Bo: Bye-bye.

Nora: Fine. I'm in.

Clint: Hey, come on. No, come on. This is a friendly game.

David: Yeah, it used to be.

Leo: I really should be rolling. This stuff is great.

Clint: Hey, Leo, shut up!

Bo: Put a lid on it.

Leo: Yes, sirs.

Bo: Here.

Nora: Thank you.

Bo: Yeah.

David: Ante... up!

Nora: I'm in.

David: All right, we're playing screw your neighbor.

Clint: Aw, I hate that game.

Bo: Love that game, especially when Bo is my neighbor.

Leo: I don't know this one.

David: It's a high-low game. You take your worst card and you pass it to the player on your left.

Leo: Oh, you mean like this 4?

David: For crying out loud.

Nora: [Laughs] Oh, by the way, I promised Viki that we would nail down some details of your wedding tonight.

Clint: My wedding? What's there to talk about?

Bo: I don't know. How about what not to do?

Nora: Why? I loved our wedding. Little Richard, big hair...

Bo: Well, yeah, that.

David: I could officiate.

Bo: That.

Nora: Oh.

David: Have I mentioned that I'm an ordained minister?

Nora: Yeah, I think that you have officiated more than your share of Buchanan weddings.

David: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight to hopefully join this man and all of these chips in unholy union.

Leo: This is great shit. Are you sure you don't want me to get the camera?

Together: No!

Leo: God!

[Dance music plays]

Cutter: So, what does my special guest want to drink tonight?

Natalie: A cosmo.

Cutter: Nikki, make a stiff cosmo for my, uh, little lady here?

Nikki: Stiff one, huh? He must really like you. For everyone else, he makes me water down the drink.

Cutter: I do not. But in this case, the little lady deserves whatever she wants.

Nikki: Seriously?

Natalie: And why is that?

Cutter: 'Cause you look amazing.

Nikki: Don't be a fool. He tells every sexy lady in here that.

Natalie: I'll bet he does. Once a con man, always a con man.

Cutter: That just shows you don't know me.

Natalie: I'm afraid I actually do.

Cutter: I'm on the up and up. Seriously.

Natalie: Nothing illegal going on here?

Cutter: Believe what you want, but I'm a good guy, Natalie. I'll prove it to you.

Natalie: Okay. You're on.

Jeffrey: I sent it three times, boss.

Viki: I can't even get on the Internet! God, I hate technology!

Jeffrey: Did you reboot? How about I just bring the story printed on real paper with real ink?

Viki: Wow. There's a concept.

Jeffrey: Give me 10 minutes.

Viki: Take all the time you need.

Danielle: What? Tell me this doesn't mean you're bailing on us.

Jeffrey: I will get there as soon as I can.

Danielle: Oh, Jeffrey. I have two words for you -- dueling deejays.

Jeffrey: And I have four words for you -- I work for a living.

Danielle: That's five.

Jeffrey: Whatever. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Danielle: Ugh! Fine. Matthew, get off the computer. If we're late, we'll never get in.

Matthew: I'm not going, either.

Danielle: What? Not you, too.

Matthew: Sorry. I got a date tonight.

Danielle: A real date -- like with a real person?

Matthew: Yeah.

Danielle: Ooh. You're meeting her?

Matthew: [Scoffs] Not exactly. We're watching "Casablanca" together long-distance.

Danielle: That's just so cute, I'm gonna throw up.

Jeffrey: This whole thing's getting out of hand.

Danielle: What a jerk.

Jeffrey: He's all yours. I'm out of here.

Danielle: Great.

Jeffrey: Hey, goodnight jerk! Don't wait up.

Danielle: See ya.

[Door opens, closes]

Danielle: Matthew?

Matthew: What?

Danielle: Don't be mad, okay? You're not a jerk... most of the time.

Matthew: You know, I just wish you two would get off my case about this, okay? I really like this girl. And we've gotten close. She gets me like no one else has.

Danielle: Well, that's -- that's special.

Matthew: Yeah, it is, actually. You know, she -- she gives good advice. She listens to me... and we've shared a lot of stuff.

Danielle: Yeah, just don't share your address and social.

Matthew: Hey, I know what I'm doing.

Danielle: Famous last words.

Matthew: You know what? Go out. Have fun. Leave me alone with Michelle.

Danielle: Okay. Fine.

Matthew: [Sighs]

Danielle: "Casablanca"? Really?

Matthew: Out!

Danielle: Okay! Okay.

Singer: Come on, come on can you fake it? Come on, boy I'm in the zone come on, come on, can you fake it?

Dean: I got to hand it to you, Cutter. You got to have some pretty big connections to get these two deejays in here tonight.

Cutter: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, we got a good crowd, too.

Dean: It's gonna be epic. And I heard they hate each other.

Cutter: No, that's just publicity.

Singer: Take me if you want to I think I'm ready, call me if you want to.

Hyperjack: Hey, I'm looking for Cutter.

Rama: Oh, I don't know where he is, but I'll go find him for you, okay?

Hyperjack: Well, well, well.

Singer: Text me baby and let me know

Hyperjack: Look who it is. What are you doing here?

Lectroset: Chilling until your ugly ass walked up in this

Hyperjack: Oh.

Lectroset: I'm working here tonight, not you.

Hyperjack: Yeah, homey. You're opening for me.

Lectroset: Lectroset does not open for anyone. I'm the headliner. Where is Cutter?!

Nikki: Hello, handsome. What do you feel like having?

Todd: Single malt, please, neat.

Blair: Mmm.

Singer: Come on, come on, baby, baby

Nikki: Serious drinker. Just the way I like them.

Matthew: No, no, no. The one with the big eyes is Peter Lorre. Yeah, and the fat one is Sydney Greenstreet. I know! Right? They look exactly like Ren and Stimpy

Danielle: [Gasps] I used to love "Ren & Stimpy"!

Matthew: Uh, no. That was World War II, not I.

Danielle: Tell me she doesn't know what war it is, please.

Matthew: Would you shut up?

Danielle: No! This is my house, too.

Matthew: I don't care. I'm having a private conversation over here. Okay? Yeah, sorry, Michelle. My roommate's being a giant pain in the ass.

Danielle: Ok, okay. This whole thing is an addition, Matthew. Recognize. Okay? You might as well be smoking crack.

Jeffrey: Your Internet doesn't work.

Viki: Hello? What have I been telling you all night?

Jeffrey: No, but I thought it would just be an easy fix.

Viki: How about that? I am not technically challenged. This is technically challenging.

Jeffrey: I'll get you a new router tomorrow.

Viki: Whatever you say, boss. Thank you for coming all the way over here, seriously.

Jeffrey: It was my pleasure. I'll see you tomorrow.

Viki: All right.

Jeffrey: Pellegrino Fund. I read something about that recently. Can't for the life of me remember where.

Viki: Probably on one of your blogs. All the big analysts have given it a bye.

Jeffrey: Right.

Viki: What? What is it?

Jeffrey: It's nothing. I'm sure it's a great fund.

Viki: Night.

Nora: Okay. Blind man's bluff.

Bo: Oh, no!

Nora: Yep! Four down, one up, but you can't look at the one that's up. You got to take it and put it on your forehead.

David: Yeah.

Leo: Like this?

Nora: Yeah! You played this before?

Leo: No. First time.

Clint: Oh, I feel like such an idiot.

David: You said it.

Bo: Can we just get this out of the way, so we can play a man's game?

Nora: [Scoffs] Where is Viki when I need her.

Clint: Working. She's always working these days. She even has that Jeffrey running around in circles for her.

Nora: Matthew says he's a very good reporter.

Leo: Yeah.

David: Yeah, speaking of Matthew, where is my little bro tonight?

Nora: He said he had to go on a date?

Clint: A date?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Clint: Well, I hope it's with the mother of that beautiful grandson of yours.

Bo: I wouldn't count on it.

Clint: I love my nephew like a son, but, if you ask me, he's not living up to his responsibilities.

Nora: Okay. Nobody asked you, Clint.

Clint: 10.

David: Eh, you're bluffing. I'm in.

Bo: I'll see your 10, and raise 10.

Nora: Oh.

Bo: Matthew is doing what he can.

Clint: Hm-hmm. And now who's bluffing? You know, Matthew works for me, and I never, ever see him with that baby.

Bo: I'm telling you, Clint. Stay out of this.

David: Yeah, I think I'm, uh -- yeah, I'm out.

Nora: Yeah, I am, too.

Clint: Well, I am all-in. 50. Now, I may look like a fool with a card on my head, but I know what I'm saying. Matthew needs to step up and take care of that woman and her child -- his child. And if you can't talk some sense into your son, I will.

Bo: The key word here... is my son. You got no business sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Nora: I have got to agree with Bo here, Clint. This is really none of your business.

Clint: Well, he's my family. He's my nephew.

Bo: So, what are you saying? You would force him?

Clint: If necessary, yeah. I would.

Bo: Well, see, that's not the way that Nora and I treat our son.

Clint: Well, there's your problem. You're soft on him -- both of you. And if you ask me, you're gonna live to regret it.

Nora: Honey...

Bo: I don't want to talk about it, Red.

Nora: Well, you should talk about it.

Snoop: She's right, B. Man's got to let it out. Let's talk.

Nora: Snoop, you made it.

Snoop: Hey!

Nora: Ohh. How was the screening?

Snoop: It was crazy, Mrs. B, but you know, I had to show up. I couldn't leave my party, too quick, but I'm here.

Nora: Of course.

Bo: Here. Sit down. Sit down. Man, I didn't think you were gonna make it. But rock stars -- always late, huh?

Snoop: Maybe I'm on time -- like right on time. What's the problem, B? What you look so down for? I ain't seen you this down since I was signed to death row.

Bo: Yeah, I remember that.

Snoop: [Chuckles]

Bo: But you know what? That was exactly the right move to make, wasn't it? How do you do that, Calvin? How do you know when to make the move, when not to make the move?

Snoop: Depends on the situation.

Bo: [Sighs] The situation was tonight I wanted to kick my big brother's ass right up around his shoulders?

Snoop: Why? Was he cheating?

Bo: No.

Snoop: Double dealing?

Bo: No.

Snoop: Bottom dealing?

Bo: No, no.

Snoop: Hand mucking?

Bo: I'm not sure, but no, no. It was something he said. Said I was a bad father.

Snoop: [Scoffs] Wow. That's low. And psychological.

Bo: Yeah, but it worked. He didn't do it to win -- not the game, anyway. He did it because he's concerned about my son. What really bothers me is that, uh... on some level... he's right.

[Dance music plays]

Singer: I don't want no talk, baby let's get off anytime anyplace are you ready? can you handle it? Come on, baby it's time to make your play are you ready?

Danielle: Hey!

Singer: Got no more words to say are you ready?

Danielle: Hey, girl!

Briana: Do you want to get high?

Danielle: No, I have a final tomorrow.

Briana: I do, too. It's not stopping me.

Danielle: No, no, no. Not tonight. Thanks.

Briana: Your loss.

Singer: I let you let it go

Jason: Hey, let's get out of here.

Briana: Let's go back to my place. I've got a room at the Palace.

Jason: The Palace? Business must be good.

Singer: Watch me move, baby feel my groove.

Todd: Okay! I think it's time I go dance with my daughter.

Blair: I don't think that's a good idea. She didn't come here to dance with her daddy?

Todd: It's not cute?

Blair: Not cute.

Todd: How about you dance with me? We dance over there. Come on.

Blair: Not... on your life.

Todd: Okay. I'm not sure why I bother to come here, you know?

Blair: I'm still trying to figure that one out, Todd. But you know what? I know a ton of bars that will be more suitable for a man of your stature, so could you give a piece of paper and --

Todd: Very funny. Could I have another, please?

Nikki: Coming right up, baby.

Todd: Thank you.

Singer: And it's all on you tonight, baby, lose control it's the time you do that thing that makes my body want to say, "Yo" shh, don't speak, don't say nothing come on over here so we can do something feel the heat, boy it's going down 'cause I want it give it to me right now

Cutter: Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back.

Natalie: I'm not gonna dance alone, Cutter.

Cutter: Well, Bruce will take care of you. Right, Bruce?

Bruce: Yeah, no arguments from me.

Natalie: Thank you, Brucie.

Cutter: "Brucie"? You guys know each other?

Natalie: We work together, Cutter.

Cutter: Oh, right. Law enforcement.

Natalie: Why don't you go take care of your business? Brucie will take care of mine.

Bruce: Sounds good to me.

Natalie: So, are you on the job here?

Bruce: Yeah. Off-duty security, ma'am.

Natalie: Oh, God, please don't call me "Ma'am." It makes me feel old.

Bruce: You look great. What're you talking about?

Natalie: So, did Cutter hire you to take care of the place or look the other way?

Bruce: I have no idea what you're talking about, ma'am.

Singer: Anytime anyplace are you ready? Can you handle it? Come on, baby it's time to make your play are you ready? Can you handle it? Come on, baby you got no words to say are you ready? can you handle it?

[Music stops]

Bruce: Calm down, everyone. Stay still!

Bo: I am a bad father, Calvin.

Snoop: No. Hold on, Bo. That's straight bullshit, man. I done seen you around little B. Only thing you guilty of is caring too much. See, most fathers don't care or they're not even there. So, the only thing that you should be trippin' off of is the fact that you do have the mind-set to understand what I'm saying.

Bo: Well, what do you mean?

Snoop: Look, Little B. is not little anymore. Your son is a man. You have to accept that.

Bo: Yeah, but if you know what he was doing, I don't think you'd say that. Matthew is a father himself now. But he won't take any responsibility for his own son. He leaves it all up to the mother, this... sweet, beautiful single mother.

Snoop: So, this is not about you being a bad dad. It's about him.

Bo: But I'm guilty by association.

Snoop: Not true, B. Paternity was the test that they gave you, and that shit got thrown out. You passed.

Bo: Thanks. Where you going?

Snoop: I got some business to go handle, but I assure you this -- tomorrow I'm gonna pay Little B a little visit.

Bo: Oh, that's great. You know, maybe you can get through to him. Hey, um... thank you, Snoop Lion.

Snoop: No, don't thank me. Thank your lady. My after-party not even over with. She called. That's the reason why I'm here. [Snaps fingers]

[Door opens, closes]

Nora: [Laughs]

Bo: [Kisses her and they hug]

Rama: Did Cutter forget to pay the electric bill?

Nikki: I wouldn't put it past him.

Rama: This is not good for business.

Nikki: Let's just pray it's the circuit breaker.

Bruce: Stay calm, everyone! Stay calm. The power will be back on in a minute, all right? Can we get some more torches out here?

Blair: I'm on it.

Cutter: Natalie. Natalie.

Natalie: How can I help?

Cutter: Help Bruce out. Make sure everyone's okay.

Natalie: All right.

Hyperjack: Listen, man -- first the overdose, now a blackout?

Cutter: Yeah, I know. I know.

Hyperjack: This is quite a place you got here, Cutter.

Cutter: Dude, next time --

Hyperjack: No, man. Ain't gonna be a next time.

Cutter: God damn it!

Blair: Oh, Todd. Tell me this isn't a full-blown disaster.

Todd: This is a full-blown disaster. Stay here. Okay?

Blair: [Whining]

Todd: I got to find Dani. I'll be back. Come here.

Danielle: What?

Todd: You're sitting right here.

Danielle: Really?

Todd: Yeah, really. Humor me, stay here until the lights come back on.

Danielle: Whatever.

Todd: Don't "whatever" me. You stay put.

Danielle: Okay.

Todd: Okay.

[Indistinct conversations]

Todd: You okay?

Blair: Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry, John.

Todd: Bruce has got everything under control. Nobody's gonna get hurt.

Blair: I'm not worried about crowd control, Todd. I'm worried about financial stuff. I mean, first opening night, and now this? I can't afford to pay these people back and refund them money?

Todd: We'll just make sure nobody leaves until the power comes back on.

Blair: How do you propose to that?

Todd: Entertain them. Sing.

Blair: You sing.

Todd: I'm not gonna sing. You've got a great voice. You got a piano here. Neither one of those things need electricity. Hold on a second. Hey, everybody! Can I have your attention?!

Blair: Todd!

Todd: Please don't go anywhere! I'd like to introduce the one and only Blair Manning.

[Cheers and applause]

[Slow piano music playing]

Blair: [Singing] I fell in love with you, and I never looked back. I guess I took for granted what we had was what you wanted, baby, so I never really knew when we got off track. This all feels like a real bad dream. 'Cause I think you're trying to say you're leaving me. Can you really turn and walk away tonight with no regrets? Can you face yourself in the morning light and know that you've done your best? Can you look at me and say that all this love we made is so easy to forget? No regret

Matthew: You really have to go? I just... love the sound of your voice.

Blair: [Singing] Here's a picture of us on the day we met. I want you to take it with you. And, by the way, I forgive you, baby. You're gonna miss me, you just don't know it yet. You might wake up somewhere someday and give all you got for what you threw away. So, can you really turn and walk away tonight with no regrets? Can you face yourself in the morning light and know that you've done your best? Can you look at me and say that all this love we made is so easy to forget? No regrets. There's no such thing as wasted time. Don't worry, baby, I'll be fine, but if you're sure there's nothing left

Cutter: [Backs Natalie to a wall and kisses her passionately]

Blair: [Singing] Can you really turn  and walk away tonight with no regrets? Can you face yourself in the morning light and know that you've done your best? Can you look at me and say that all this love we made is so easy to forget? No regrets. No regrets


Blair: [Singing] No regrets

[Cheers and applause]

Todd: [Runs out of the club and finds all the electrical wires cut] Shit!

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