OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/21/13 Ep. 13

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/21/13
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Episode #13 ~ Finish What You Started

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Viki: Ugh!

Clint: So I guess, uh, Paris is out of the question?

Viki: Oh, Clint, I was all for it, but it's just not possible.

Clint: Why?

Viki: Well, because, among other things, now my family is falling apart.

Clint: Okay, then. Why not City Hall first thing in the morning?

Viki: Clint, I want to marry you, okay? But I do not want to marry you like this -- all rushed and squeezed in among a million different problems.

Clint: I hate this. But you're probably right.

Viki: We will get married, okay? And when we do, it will be beautiful, and it will be right.

Dorian: So the material has been handed over to the SEC? [Chuckles] Wonderful, Lisa! I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the efficiency of the finance committee. Oh, well, you are very good. [Laughing] Yes. I thank you. What a relief to know that justice has been served. Ciao.

[Telephone beeps]

Jack: Hey, Aunt Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, hi, Jack. Jack, I want to take you out to dinner tonight.

Jack: Oh, that's okay.

Dorian: David, we're taking Jack out to dinner.

Jack: I said I don't want to.

Dorian: Oh, and here's Blair. How perfect. We'll make it a family dinner. Sweetheart, where's little --

Jack: I said I don't want to! Why does no one ever listen to me?

Dorian: Ooh.

Cutter: I want to move a case of Dom tonight. $1,000 per.

Rama: Well, that's ambitious. What's my incentive plan?

Cutter: Keeping your job.

Rama: Ouch.

Cutter: I'm just kidding. I'm sure I can come up with some kind of reward.

Rama: You do that, okay?

Destiny: Ready to get your groove on?

Natalie: You know, I kind of thought I was after the day I had at work, but I don't think --

Destiny: Don't think. Just drink. And dance.

Natalie: Okay.

Cutter: A couple of drinks to get the party started?

Destiny: Sure.

Natalie: Don't you have to work later?

Destiny: "Later" being the key word. Come on. Just one.

Natalie: Okay. But no shots 'cause I-I don't want to get in trouble.

Cutter: That's a shame.

Jeffrey: Looks like Michelle's moved on, dude.

Matthew: Yeah, far from it.


Jeffrey: What the hell is she doing over there?

Danielle: I'm okay. Everything's fine.

Matthew: Uh, Dani's making dinner. [Clears throat]

Jeffrey: No.

Matthew: Yeah. Be nice.

Danielle: All right. Who's ready to get shwasted?

Bo: Do any of these look familiar?

Todd: That one.

Bo: And where have you seen this?

Todd: On Victor's arm right before he went for my throat. Does that mean you have him in custody?

Bo: No.

Todd: So, how'd you get the picture?

Bo: Manning, how about I ask the questions?

Todd: Okay, great. Ask away.

Bo: Your accusations against Victor are really starting to add up.

Todd: Is that a question?

Bo: But we're not there yet. You know, that, uh -- that stopper from your scotch bottle, that tested positive for arsenic traces.

Todd: Arsenic?

Bo: Yeah.

Todd: Really? That's the best Victor could do?

Bo: See, that supports your claim that you were being poisoned. It's just that, uh, we can't tie it all to Victor.

Todd: [Chuckles] So, what happened? I sprinkled arsenic all over the place right before I strangled myself. Is that what you think happened?

Bo: Ugh! Manning... you're gonna have to forgive me if I don't consider you my most reliable source.

Todd: Really? 'Cause I feel like I'm 1,000%, okay? You have the poison, I've got marks on my neck. I'm not sure how the tattoos fit in, but...

Téa: [Clears throat] You need to see this. Get him out of here.

David: What I need is a sidekick, someone who will make me look good but who won't steal the spotlight.

Rama: One bottle of Dom, please!

Bartender: Coming right up.

David: Did she say Dom?

Leo: Oh, yeah.

Rama: Oh, good.

David: How much does Blair get for one of those, anyway?

Rama: If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it. [Gasps] Oh, my God. David Vickerman?

David: Uh, it's Vickers, but no matter.

Rama: [Chuckles] Hi. Hi. I've watched "Boy With the Chipmunk Tattoo" 17 times.

David: That's even more times than I've seen it.

Rama: [Chuckles] I even have the DVD.

David: Oh, so that royalty check that I got for a buck 89 was thanks to you.

Rama: You know what my favorite part was? The commentary track! You know, when you talked about how you sat in that chair for hours just getting that tattoo done? You have such dedication.

David: Well...

Rama: [Giggles]

Viki: Okay, I'm gonna call Blair, and then I have to talk to Todd. He absolutely should not have upset Jack the way he did.

Clint: Viki?

Viki: What?

Clint: Are these the cost-cutting recommendations for The Banner?

Viki: Yeah. And they stink. It's a list of people they expect me to fire. That's their brilliant idea.

Clint: Why don't you let me take a look at this?

Viki: Go ahead, but I'm not gonna do it.

Clint: Whoa. You may have to.

Rama: This one's on me.

David: Not absolutely necessary.

Rama: No, I insist.

Leo: Can I get one of those?

David: You're on the clock.

Rama: Hey, um, Vickerman, can I ask you a question? Did you -- did you actually research chipmunks for your character development?

David: Oh, absolutely. When I was considering all the different kinds of tattoos I could get --

Rama: Wait. I thought that was make-up. Wasn't that make-up?

David: Oh. I'm sorry. Those of you who aren't in the trade don't often understand. When I was working with my acting coach, Uta Hagen, she instructed me to always speak of my characters in the first person. In the third person, there's a remove, a distance.

Rama: Oh.

David: "A judgment, David!" That's what she would say. At her house. Over drinks.

Rama: [Laughs] No, wait, wait, wait. Uh, we were talking about chipmunks.

David: Right. Right.

Rama: Yes.

David: Why a chipmunk? What did it mean to me? After the research that I did, it blew my mind wide open, and it cracked the character and created something that I knew I had to embrace.

Rama: How was that?

David: I'm going to ask you a question.

Rama: Okay.

David: And I want you to say the first thing that pops into your mind. There are no wrong answers.

Rama: Okay.

David: What's the first thing you think of when you think of a chipmunk?

Rama: A rodent?

David: No, that's dumb. Why would you say that? A rodent sleeps 15 hours a day. It breeds once a year. A chipmunk, on the other hand, is an opportunistic predator just like...

Both: The boy with the chipmunk tattoo!

Rama: Oh. And that totally defines your character. Excuse me. What?

David: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Leo: Way ahead of you.

David: Get out the camera.

Leo: All right.

Rama: Hi.

David: Hi.

Rama: Hi.

David: How would you like an unpaid part in "The Real Life and Times of Vickerman"?

Rama: Really?

Viki: Look, I know The Banner is in trouble, okay? But frankly, I would rather shut it -- than gut it.

Clint: Viki, what's with you? You've had to fire people before.

Viki: These are major layoffs they're talking about. I don't even know how we would even run the paper with a bare-bones staff like that!

Clint: Maybe they found ways to streamline production.

Viki: Oh, they have! Their idea is for half the people to do twice the amount of work.

Clint: Are you worried about the workload or the names on this list? I thought so. So, why don't we look at it by position. No names.

Viki: Fine, fine, fine.

Clint: Production supervisor.

Viki: Oh, come on. That's Bill. He's been with us 20 years. You hired him when you were the editor.

Clint: Yes, and he's done a great job, but we're beyond the days of typesetting.

Viki: Okay, that's not funny.

Clint: Okay. We'll put aside that position. Advertising design.

Viki: I can't. Sylvia's husband just left her.

Clint: Classified sales rep?

Viki: Joe has one child in college and two more in high school.

Clint: And I suppose the, uh, editor at large should stay even though he's written only one profile in four months.

Viki: Clint, Kyle started with us as a paperboy.

Clint: Maybe he should be one again.

Viki: [Gasps]

Clint: Viki, do I have to remind you. If The Banner shuts down, none of these people have a job.

Viki: I know, but these people are like family!

Clint: Well, I actually am family, and my offer still stands. I want to invest.

Viki: And I said no.

Clint: All right. If -- if you don't want to mix personal and business, we could make it all business.

Viki: How?

Clint: I won't invest a dime. Buchanan Enterprises makes a bridge loan.

Viki: Well, how is that different?

Clint: The money doesn't come from me. We draw up a contract -- interest rates, payback date, and, boom, we're on our way. Viki, accept a bridge loan or give out pink slips. That's your choice.

Viki: [Sighs]

Danielle: Okay, I didn't have any vermouth, so I had to substitute. [Sighs]

Jeffrey: What did you use?

Danielle: Vinegar. Do you hate it?

Jeffrey: Oh, it's fine. I'm just more of a beer guy.

Danielle: Oh, well, I can get you one. I have to check on my hors d'oeuvres anyway. Oh!

Jeffrey: You know she's gonna be able to see that she has 47 missed calls from you.

Danielle: [Scoffs] Seriously, you're embarrassing yourself.

Matthew: Embarrassing me? She told me to call her back, so that's what I'm doing.

Jeffrey: And I just told Dani that her martini didn't suck.

Matthew: I'm worried about her, okay?

Jeffrey: You don't know her.

Matthew: Yeah, I do.

Danielle: Here. After one phone call?

Matthew: She told me some serious shit, Dani.

Jeffrey: Like?

Matthew: Like her brother was killed in a car wreck.

Jeffrey: That sucks, but it doesn't mean that she's your soulmate.

Matthew: You know what? Sometimes you can be a dick.

Danielle: [Sighs] Does anyone know anything about homemade pasta?

Jeffrey: Yeah. It comes in a can with sauce, little round O's.

Danielle: Shit.

Jeffrey: Dani, you don't have to use every gadget that your dad bought you.

Danielle: Ah! You said Dad. Drink up. [Laughs]

Matthew: Ah, good one! And you know what? You're just jealous, okay? You're jealous that Michelle was more into me than you.

Jeffrey: No, I am relieved that I am not wasting my time on "Michelle," who is probably some old, fat woman, living in a trailer park with 500 cats.

Matthew: You're sick.

Jeffrey: You know what? You have no idea who this girl is, okay? You don't know where she lives. You don't know anything about her. First rule of journalism -- you don't believe anything anyone says without confirmation.

[Dance music playing]

Natalie: It's all good.

Rama: Something to cool off, ladies?

Natalie: Thank you. Hmm.

Cutter: Looking good out there.

David: Girl's got moves.

Natalie: Oh, God, guys, thanks! I kind of feel really rusty.

Cutter: Well, all that pent-up energy, I-I guess you need some way to release it, right?

Rama: Oh! Cutter! I almost forgot. Um, Dean needs you over in the VIP room.

Cutter: Save me a dance.

Destiny: Uh, what was that?

Natalie: What?

Destiny: My work here is done. Unfortunately my paying job awaits me. I'll call you.

Natalie: Bye, babe. [Sighs]

Rama: Uh, Natalie? I'd be careful if I was you.

Natalie: Uh, Rama? I can take care of myself.

Bo: Manning, think you got to leave now.

Todd: It's my case.

Bo: Yeah, but if I need you, then I'll call you. I've got you on speed dial.

[Door opens]

Téa: Todd was right. Victor did -- try to kill him.

Bo: How do you know that?

Téa: My browser history.

Bo: "500 ways to kill." That was three days ago.

Téa: And he was researching arsenic online.

Bo: [Clears throat] It's still circumstantial.

Téa: [Stammers] What about the -- the strangling victim from the river?

Bo: We can't identify that guy. There's no identifiable characteristics.

Téa: A tattoo.

[Todd is listening from the hallway]

Bo: Téa, look, I want you to take a deep breath.

Téa: Yeah, well, I want you to find Victor, okay?

Bo: I've got my best people on it. Right now, just please, let's focus.

Téa: Okay. Okay.

Bo: No one else could have used your computer.

Téa: No. It is my laptop, and it did not leave my house. Do you think that I want to believe Todd? I don't. But he's right. Victor was trying to kill him.

Bo: Why?

Téa: We both know he has plenty of motives. But there was something else, Bo. Victor came home. He was happy to be home... but something happened.

Bo: Yeah. The guy in the river happened.

Téa: Yeah, it's got to be key.

Bo: Can you think of anything that we haven't covered, anything that will help?

Téa: I've been trying, but he was so reluctant to tell me anything about what happened to him.

Bo: And not a word about where he's been?

Téa: Nothing. I got the impression that he had been held and... tortured.

Bo: Why do you say that?

Téa: Because every time there was a loud noise, he jumped through the roof, and that is not the Victor I know or knew.

Bo: Okay, okay. I've got my best detectives working on it. And if there's a way to find him, they will.

Téa: "If"?

Bo: Yes. If. Téa, you do realize if we find him, we're gonna arrest him.

Téa: I want you to arrest him. That is the only way to keep him safe and to figure out what the hell is going on.

Jeffrey: Tell me one verifiable fact about Michelle.

Matthew: Okay. She lives in Toronto.

Jeffrey: Because she told you so.

Matthew: Because I have her phone number.

Jeffrey: Okay. That's a Toronto area code, so we know that Michelle lives in Toronto. She likes ice hockey, and she says "Eh."

Matthew: Why are you being such a jackass.

Jeffrey: Because you're starting to freak me out, man. You're falling hard.

Danielle: Cocktail anyone?

Jeffrey: Would you come sit down and help me talk some sense into your friend here?

Danielle: Okay. Yeah. Just one minute. I have three entrees coming.

Matthew: You know what? I don't need relationship advice from you two single losers, okay? I just don't.

Danielle: Okay, fine. No advice. Just, um -- just tell us what you like about her.

Matthew: We had an instant connection, something you would know nothing about.

Jeffrey: Because she told you about her dead brother?

Matthew: He was killed in a car wreck, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Okay. I can track that down. I'll do a news search. Where? When?

Matthew: I don't know. I didn't grill her about the morbid details.

Danielle: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. But aside from all that stuff, like, the regular stuff.

Matthew: Like what?

Danielle: Like where exactly she lives.

Jeffrey: Where does she go to school?

Danielle: What is she studying in school?

Matthew: I don't know. It was the first time I talked to her on the phone so...

Jeffrey: Okay, you know what, man. Just admit it. This right here is what you connect to.

Matthew: No.

Jeffrey: Yes. You are hooked on a fantasy with -- with tight jeans and some big rack, and some long fingernails that you want scratching your back.

Matthew: It's not a fantasy. We have something real, okay?

Jeffrey: If it's so real, then prove it.

Cutter: [Sighs]

Natalie: Ah. Busy guy.

Cutter: Not too busy to miss you, uh, talking to Rama earlier.

Natalie: Yeah, she thinks that I should stay away from you.

Cutter: What do you think?

Natalie: I think that I'm old enough to make my own decisions.

Cutter: Nice. Well, she obviously has impeccable taste in men.

Natalie: [Chuckles] Oh, speaking of men, I have got to get home to mine.

Cutter: Wh -- you mean --

Natalie: Liam.

Cutter: Right.

Natalie: [Chuckles]

Cutter: Well, you know, I do have a night off from time to time.

Natalie: That's funny 'cause I cook at home from time to time.

Cutter: Cooking. Home. That's -- that's fascinating.

Natalie: Yeah, so, you know, maybe if your night off coordinates with my hot meal...

Cutter: I'm free Thursday.

Natalie: Oh, I'm not. I'm kidding. [Laughs]

Cutter: All right. It's a date.

Viki: Okay. But this is a business loan. Business, all right?

Clint: Yes.

Viki: Please have lawyers draw up the papers. I want it official.

Clint: I'll call them now.

[Door closes]

Todd: Hey. What is so important?

Viki: Jack came to see me after your chat with him earlier.

Todd: Good. I'm finally getting through to that kid.

Viki: Well, not in the way that you wanted, I'm guessing. What did you say to him?

Todd: I told him that I was the one who was trying to make peace with Victor, and Victor was the one who was trying to change the tune.

Viki: Right. You told him that Victor tried to kill you.

Todd: Yeah. Why? That's some kind of a secret?

Viki: Well, obviously not, the way you're going around town telling everyone.

Todd: Well, because for once in my life, I am not the bad guy.

Viki: Listen to me. Jack wants to believe you. I can see it in his eyes. He needs a father. He needs a father he can trust and believe in, especially that Victor left so soon after coming back. But you have to give him a reason to trust you.

Viki: I'm sorry. I just worry about Todd and Jack.

Clint: Would you stop? You can't save everyone.

Viki: Ha. Well, I can try.

Clint: No, not those two.

Viki: How can you say that.

Clint: Like father, like son.

Viki: No! No, no, no! Jack is the innocent victim here. He's really hurting.

Clint: Well, Jack is gonna be trouble if you ask me.

Viki: Well, luckily I didn't ask you. Besides, Todd is really trying to be there for his kids.

Clint: [Scoffs]

Viki: Which is gonna make a difference.

Clint: Please don't get snookered. As always, Todd is looking out for Todd.

Viki: Well, if that's the case, then all the more reason to help Jack overcome that part of his DNA.

Clint: Yeah, I heard you hand that line to the kid, and I just don't buy it.

Viki: Well, that was not a line. I believe it.

Clint: His father figures are Todd and Victor. Seems to me the deck is stacked against him.

Viki: Yes, so I will do whatever it takes to help that boy, and I fully expect you to make an effort as well, Uncle Clint.

Clint: No, no, no. I've got my hands full trying to turn Matthew into a stand-up guy.

Matthew: You know what? I am gonna prove it to you, and you're both gonna be sorry.

Jeffrey: Matty, I hope that she is real, believe me.

Danielle: What, what, what? So you're saying that -- that this look doesn't do it for you? [Chuckles]

Matthew: Maybe if you're naked.

Jeffrey: Oh! Come on. Keep it clean.

Danielle: Oh! Shit. Shit.

Jeffrey: Listen, bro. Why you chasing after some anonymous chick when Dani is available?

Matthew: Oh, please. We're like best friends. She's my sister.

Jeffrey: You guys were more than that when I met you.

Matthew: Yeah, then she dumped me. Besides, she and Destiny are really tight, so...

Jeffrey: Oh, so suddenly you care about what Destiny thinks.

Matthew: Look, just worry about your own pathetic sex life, all right? Oh, wait. Oh, you don't have one of those. That's right. Man!

Danielle: Okay. I hope you guys like gnocchi.

Jeffrey: Are you calling Michelle again?

[Danielle trips and food goes flying]

Jeffrey: Ooh!

Matthew: Yeah. Michelle? Michelle? Hey.

Jeffrey: Now, see, that's actually pretty good. [Chuckles\]

David: You look great. You know, Leo, maybe we should move this over to boobs -- ah, a booth.

Rama: Can I just check my make-up?

David: You know what? I think we'll do it right here. You look terrific. Sound, speed!

Rama: You scared me.

David: Greetings. I'm standing here with my new best friend...

Rama: Rama.

David: Rama, who's the VIP hostess here at Shelter. Tell me, Rama, what is the most difficult part of your job.

Rama: Well, this is.

David: Talking to celebrities?

Rama: Well, actually, it's just, you know, making small talk when you're so busy.

David: You know, that reminds me of a saying that I'm fond of.

Rama: What's that?

David: "There is no small talk. Only small people."

Rama: That was you?

David: I also coined "Neither a borrower nor a lender be, so just give me some cash."

Rama: Oh, my God. You are so wise.

David: Well...

Rama: And so intelligent and so handsome.

David: True.

Rama: [Giggles] So, okay. Wait. My turn. So tell me --

David: I'm accustomed to being the one who asks the questions around here.

Rama: What is the best part about your job?

David: Well, since you ask... it's meeting my fans. Allowing them to bask in my glow, even if just for a moment, sharing my wealth of knowledge. It made all those years of rejection absolutely worthwhile.

Leo: Cut! All right. Uh, that was good.

Rama: Was I okay?

David: You were okay. I have some notes for you, though, okay?

Rama: Okay.

David: Uh, let's take it again.

Rama: Okay.

David: Um, we're gonna scrap that one, okay?

Rama: Okay.

David: Um...

Rama: What should I do?

David: Can you be, uh, a little... just a little more casual.

Rama: Sure.

David: Can you do, like, casual like this?

Rama: Like this?

David: Yeah, like that. Let's do it again. More casual. Even more. There you go. Okay.

Rama: [Chuckles]

[Todd is looking at security camera video of Viki's home. Then he opens a note card, reading "Victor is alive. Finish what you started... or else."]

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