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One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/1/13
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Episode #3 ~ Who Are You?

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Viki: Todd. Todd? It's okay.

Todd: Dani. Where's Dani? Is Dani okay?

Viki: It's okay. I just wanted to tell you that she woke up.

Todd: And?

Viki: And she's gonna be fine.

Todd: I should get in there.

Viki: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Todd: Why not?

Viki: Because... there's somebody else who needs to see her first.

Todd: Oh, I know that. I know all about Victor.

Dorian: [speaks French] Merde! Ow.

David: Who? Senator Cohen?

Blair: Or Viki?

Dorian: Both! I mean, those senators have hung me out to dry!

David: That was my fear. That was my fear, Blair.

Blair: Okay.

Dorian: [Sighs] But they're even denying that-- that I gave them the CIA papers.

David: You just walked away from a massage. You clearly need something to take the edge off.

Blair: Are you okay?

Dorian: Not really.

David: Here, baby. You need this.

Dorian: I need something to save myself. But mon dieu! What can that be?

Dani: [Moaning] [Coughs] Mm. My throat hurts.

Téa: It's from the tube that pumped your stomach. They said you'd be raw. Here. Drink this. Good girl. Good girl. Better. How do you feel now?

Dani: Stupid.

Téa: Sweetheart, what you did was stupid, but you-- are not stupid. Okay? [Voice breaking] Honey, there's someone who needs to see you, okay?

Dani: Whatever they have to do to get me out of here.

Téa: Okay. [Chuckles] It's, uh... [Sobbing] It's not a doctor, okay? Yeah. [Chuckles]

Dani: No. No! No, no! No! No! Aah!

Dani: [Screaming] No, no, no! Who are you?! Who are you?!

Victor: Sweetie.

Dani: Who are you?! Why are you doing this to me?! Who are you?! Who are you?! Who are you?! Who are you?! [Sobbing]

Téa: It's okay.

Dani: [Breathing heavily]

Téa: It's okay. It's okay.

Victor: It's me.

Dani: [Sobbing]

Viki: Todd, Dani's about to find out that Victor is alive, and that's gonna be a huge shock for that child, especially given what she's just been through.

Todd: Please. I saw her feet hit the floor in that club. My heart was in my throat.

Viki: I can imagine. And I thank God you were there.

[Carafe thuds]

Todd: Hmm?

Viki: Hey, listen to me. Dani's going to need both of you right now, and that's going to be a very delicate little dance.

Todd: Yeah, I-- I don't know if that's one I know.

Viki: Then you better learn it.

Todd: [Scoffs]

Viki: I mean it. You have to do this for Dani's sake.

Todd: Mnh. Hey.

Viki: What?

Todd: Who nailed Dorian?

Viki: Oh, don't do that. You make it sound like a vendetta. Breaking that news had nothing to do with the way I feel about her.

Todd: Oh, come on now. Bullshit.

Viki: It's an important story.

Todd: [Sighs]

Viki: If I'm gonna save the Banner, I'm gonna need a lot more of them.

Todd: Okay, but, come on. One reporter to another, it must've felt good to slash Dorian's jugular like that.

Viki: [Laughing] Did you just actually say that you're a reporter? [Laughs]

Todd: Yeah. Why? I run The Sun.

Viki: I know, I know. It's bathroom reading at best.

Todd: You know, Sis, it's moments like this that I have truly missed. [Slams lid]

Viki: You know what? I have missed you. I have really, really missed you. So, fill me in on your life in Port Charles.

Todd: Well, there was a woman.

Viki: And?

Todd: And now there's not, and that's great. Really, I'm-- I'm glad. She was very high maintenance.

Viki: [Chuckles] You can say that after Blair?

Todd: [Chuckles] Believe me, she was much, much worse.

Jeffrey: Hey, Boss.

Viki: Jeffrey. Matthew. Jeffrey, this is my brother Todd Manning.

Jeffrey: Yeah. The gossip rag, The Sun.

Viki: Hey, it's a tabloid. Todd, this is Jeffrey King. He's a real reporter.

Todd: Yeah. You did an okay job with the Dorian story.

Viki: [Laughs]

Matthew: So, how's Dani?

Viki: Oh, she's awake, finally.

Matthew: Can we see her?

Todd: Yeah, I haven't even been up to see her yet, so...

Viki: Uh, okay. Uh, Jeffrey, any news? Anything new with the story?

Jeffrey: Boss, you're not gonna believe this.

Viki: Don't.

Jeffrey: Huff Post, Gawker, Daily Beast, Politico, Drudge-- we're owning the news cycle.

Viki: That's remarkable.

Todd: That's great, Sis.

Matthew: Yeah, we even heard "The Daily Show," they're doing a skit on it..

Todd: They should call it "D-Day for Dorian".

[Both Matthew and Jeffrey chuckle]

David: You didn't think even for a second that Ashford and Cohen--

Blair: They almost sound like a singing group, don't they?

Ava: You're not helping-- that they were hanging you out to dry?

Dorian: Well, absolutely not. I was naïve, okay? I thought that I had discovered some deep dark secret.

Blair: Well, then, there you go. And what more could you have done, then?

Dorian: Nothing, nothing. I- I- -I gave them the papers, and they looked me in the eye, and they swore that they would have the CIA investigate.

David: It's DC, Dorian. Honesty is rarer than a fair fight in a Dublin drag bar on St. Paddy's Day. You're just too trusting.

Dorian: Well, that is about to change.

Sam: Hey, Aunt Dorian, want to play "Angry Birds?"

Dorian: I-- no snacks in the living room!

Blair: Okay, um... Later, okay? Aunt Dorian's working, all right? Okay? Dorian, you are going to get through this. You always do.

David: [Muffled] That's just what I told her.

Dorian: What about you?

Blair: What about me?

Dorian: Don't give me that. I heard. I know all about it. Todd is back.

Viki: I guess I see the light now. It really is all about the Internet.

Jeffrey: Welcome to the future, boss.

Viki: Yeah.

Jeffrey: We just got picked up by blogs in Sweden, Germany, South Africa.

Todd: See? It's like I always say. As soon as the ink is dry, the story's out of date.

Viki: And to think I wanted to hold this story for the print edition.

Matthew: Is there any chance we can see Dani?

Todd: You know what? I was headed up there to see her and I'll let her-- I'll let her know that you guys are here. But it's probably going to be a while before you get to visit.

Viki: Uh, no, no, no Todd! Todd!

Matthew: Uh, we'll be in a coffee shop across the street looking at apartment listings.

Viki: Great.

Jeffrey: Catch you later, boss.

Ricky: Good.

Jeffrey: Mr. Manning.

Viki: [Gasps] Please, please-- give her a little time with Victor.

Dorian: Come on.

Blair: Cramer women need to talk.

Dorian: I know all about everything that's been going on, and I'm glad that Dani's all right. But, I mean, really? Victor suddenly showing up? That's a shock.

Blair: Yeah.

David: I just got jelly on the chair and I'm gonna blame you.

Sam: You're texting wrong.

David: What are you talking about?

Sam: You got to do it this way.

Dorian: So, honey, I'm worried about you. The last thing you need in your life right now is Todd showing up.

Blair: You don't think that has crossed my mind, Dorian?

Dorian: I'm going to give you some advice.

Blair: As if I could stop you.

Dorian: Don't let history repeat itself.

Blair: It's not gonna happen again, okay? It's not.

David: I see. Oh. Thanks for the lesson, Sam.

Sam: Sure, dude.

Blair: Hey, little dude. You need homework. You got a get it done before dinner.

Sam: Yes, Mom.

Blair: That's right, go do it. Thank you.

Dorian: Sit, sit, sit.

Blair: What?

Dorian: Okay. I need your help. I'm not going to take this sitting down.

David: But you're... Never mind..

Dorian: Focus, David. Focus. I need your help because I know what I have to do. Mm-hmm.

Viki: Todd, no. You should not go in there now.

Todd: Everybody keeps forgetting that Dani's my daughter, too.

Viki: No, no one is forgetting that. But you're not thinking about Dani. As usual, you're thinking about yourself.

Todd: Yeah?

Viki: Uh-huh.

Todd: What's wrong with that?

Viki: Dani's got to be reeling. She just found out that Victor is alive. Literally the man came back from the dead-- at your hands, I might remind you. Let her have some time with him so he can explain.

Todd: No, so he can crucify me is more like it. No way I'm going to let that happen.

Dani: I feel like I'm hallucinating.

Téa: I know. I thought I was hallucinating, too, but you're not. He's really here.

Dani: W-W-What's happening? What happened.

Victor: You collapsed at Shelter.

Téa: Todd, uh, picked you up and rushed you to the hospital.

Dani: Todd?

Téa: Don't worry about that now. The only thing that matters is that you are gonna be okay.

Dani: [Sighs] I can't believe I'm looking at you.

Victor: Neither can I. You need to get better. That's the only thing that matters right now, and your mom and I are going to help you do that.

[Door opens]

Todd: Sorry to break up this family reunion, but I'd like to see my daughter.

Victor: Get the Hell out of here.

Todd: No. I have every right to be here. She's my daughter. I'm the one that she called. I'm the one that saved her life.

Téa: This isn't about you, Todd, okay?

Victor: She doesn't want to see you right now. That's exactly right. Get out now.

Téa: Everything is not about you.

Danielle: Stop it!

Victor: Quiet.

Danielle: All of you! [Sighs]

Jeffrey: They are either too expensive or just too small.

Nora: Hi.

Jeffrey: Hi. Mrs. Buchanan.

Nora: Hi, Jeffrey. Nice to see you again.

Jeffrey: You, too. Um, do you want another cup of coffee?

Matthew: No, I'm good. Thanks.

Jeffrey: Would you like anything?

Nora: No, I'm good, I'm good. Thank you.

Matthew: What you want?

Nora: Hi.

Matthew: What do you want?

Nora: Well, actually, I came to apologize.

Matthew: For?

Nora: What you said, you know. Not believing you, not trusting you, and treating you like a child.

Matthew: Wow.

Nora: You know your father and I love you, right?

Matthew: Yeah.

Nora: Matthew.

Matthew: Yes.

Nora: A part of that love is being scared for your kid. You know? You'll understand that with Drew. In time.

Matthew: [Sighs]

Nora: What're you working on?

Matthew: I'm looking for an apartment.

Nora: Oh. Well, um, you know what? Maybe I can put some feelers out at work. I'm sure there's somebody--

Matthew: No, I'll handle it.

Nora: Okay.

Matthew: Or you could, since you're so good at running my--

Nora: You know what, Matthew? I don't want to be a meddling mother. I really don't. But after everything that we've been through and after everything that I see in the course of my day, it scares the pee out of me. And when you're out of my sight, a million horrible things that could happen to you flood my little brain.

Matthew: [Chuckles] You know, you should take one of those pills you guys stole from me. It'll just calm you right down.

Nora: Yeah, that would fly. I hate to tell you this, kiddie, but no matter how old you get... You're always going to be my baby... No matter whose roof you're under.

Matthew: Right. Well, don't worry, okay? I'll bring you some laundry.

Nora: You will? I'm so excited! Love you.

Matthew: I love you, too.

Nora: No panties.

Secretary: Good afternoon. Senator Lord's office.

Dorian: Get Bernard for me, please.

Secretary: Who's calling, please?

Dorian: The person who can fire your ass if Bernard isn't on this line by the time I finish the sentence.

Secretary: Yes, Senator.

David: God, that makes me hot.

Bernard: This is Bernard.

Dorian: Bernie, this is Dorian. I want you to get my local people over here to La Boulaie. And I want you to book me on as much television as possible. I'm gonna tell my side of the story.

Bernard: CNN, "Good Morning America"?

Dorian: See if you can get me Barbara before she retires.

David: No, what you want is Anderson Cooper.

Dorian: Anderson Cooper? I love-- Yes, good suggestion.

David: Easy.

Dorian: Anderson Cooper. I want to be on "Anderson Cooper."

Téa: Please.

Todd: Can I just talk to her, just for a few seconds, please?

Both Victor and Téa: No.

Danielle: It's okay. I'll be fine.

Téa: Come on, Victor. I need a cup of coffee.

Todd: [Sighs]

Danielle: You guys are insane.

Todd: What about you? What were you thinking last night?

Danielle: I screwed up.

Todd: You screwed up? You could have died. Did you-- did you think about that?

Danielle: Okay, let's save the after-school-special speeches for the--

Todd: Okay, you may not remember this because you were really high, but you called me for help.

Danielle: No, I didn't.

Todd: Well, maybe not consciously--

Danielle: I called you because I wanted to punch you, but I was too messed up to drive to Port Charles.

Todd: Why are you taking drugs, Dani? Answer me.

Todd: [Sighs] I'm not going anywhere until you answer my question, Dani. Why are you doing drugs?

Danielle: I don't have to answer you.

Todd: Actually, you do.

Danielle: Okay, I'm getting out of here.

Todd: I don't know where you think you're going. You can't leave.

Danielle: Out of here.

Todd: You can't. You have to stay here for 72 hours for psychiatric evaluation.

Danielle: What?

Todd: Standard procedure for anybody who tries to kill themselves.

Danielle: I wasn't trying to kill myself.

Todd: That's between you and your psychiatrist. But for now, you scoot yourself back on that bed.

Danielle: [Scoffs]

[Indistinct conversations]

Victor: Viki.

Viki: Oh, my God, I can't believe this. Honey, I have missed you.

Victor: Of course.

Téa: I'm gonna go get some coffee. Do you guys want some?

Victor: Yeah, I'll take some.

Viki: No, thank you.

Téa: Be back in a minute, okay?

Victor: Yeah.

Viki: I can't believe you're standing here. This is a miracle. Um... I heard that Allison Perkins kept you locked up all this time?

Victor: Not just Allison.

Viki: Uh, h-how did you get away?

Victor: Outsmarted her.

Viki: [Sighs] What happens now? What-- what are your plans?

Victor: I wish I knew. I--I feel like I just need to catch my breath right now and, um, take care of Dani.

Viki: Well, I thank God she has you back. And the rest of us. I wish I could stay and talk to you, but I-- I-- There's something I have to take care of, but...

Victor: Go ahead.

Viki: I'll see you...

Victor: Okay.

Matthew: It's nice.

Jeffrey: It's not bad.

Matthew: Yeah, right? Hardwoods. It's nice.

Téa: Gentlemen.

Matthew: How is she?

Jeffrey: Can we see her yet?

Téa: She's gonna come through this.

Matthew: And we're going to help her through this.

Jeffrey: Yeah. Knights in shining armor, Ms. Delgado.

Téa: How about you just be her friend, her real-- friend, Matthew?

Matthew: Yeah.

Téa: Victor and I are going to do everything we can, but she's gonna need you.

Matthew: Trust us. We're not going to let her out of our sight.

Jeffrey: Yeah. We'll keep her close. We promise.

Téa: Who the hell are you? I'm talking to Matthew.

Jeffrey: I know Dani from London.

Matthew: Yeah, he's cool.

Téa: I love you, Matthew, but I find out Dani's doing drugs again, you know it, and you don't tell me, you will live to regret it. Excuse me.

Todd: So, answer me. Why're you taking drugs?

Danielle: Because.

Todd: Because?

Danielle: 'Cause I'm invisible, okay?

Todd: Okay. Um... uh, what does that mean?

Danielle: [Scoffs] The fact that you don't even have a clue proves my point. Mom ditched me to go halfway around the world looking for Uncle Tomás. And ever since she's been back, she'd rather... wallow about her dead baby then even look at me.

Todd: She's grieving.

Danielle: And whose fault is that? The big shot who didn't let her see that the baby he delivered died at birth. You're a psychopath. Stealing babies, shooting your brother... And now-- now you want to just slide back into my life like nothing ever happened.

Todd: So that's your answer? To take drugs?

Danielle: When the question is you? Hell yes.

Blair: I'll get it! Hello Viki, come in.

Viki: Thank you, Blair. Um, is Dorian at home? I need to see her.

Blair: You know what? Actually, she's kind of busy this morning.

Viki: It's important.

Blair: Um, okay. She's in here.

Viki: Thank you.

Blair: [Clears throat]

Viki: David, hi. Um, I need to see Dorian.

David: Viki, I'm so happy to see you. Um, Dorian won't be so happy to see you.

Viki: Please tell her I'm here. It's important.

David: Well, she's in the library with her staff.

Dorian: David, they want me on "Meet the Press"!

David: Dorian, meet the press.

Dorian: How dare you show your face here.

Viki: Dorian, I know how hard this is on you, and believe me, I sympathize.

Dorian: Cut the crap. You wanted to bring me down. That's what this is all about.

Viki: Don't be ridiculous. I am a journalist. I run a newspaper.

Dorian: For all three of the readers that you have left.

Viki: For the American public.

Dorian: Your American public are idiots who can't be trusted to spell their own names.

David: Um, Dorian, why don't you--

Viki: That's what you think of your constituents?

Blair: That is so not what she meant, really.

Dorian: And you think your failing newspaper is going to establish some piddling presence on the Internet? It's not gonna work.

Viki: It worked this morning.

Dorian: Mm. So, are you here to gloat?

Viki: No. I came for quite a different reason.

Dorian: And what, pray tell, would that be?

Viki: Let me break the news of your resignation.

Dorian: [Laughing] You've got to be kidding.

Viki: Dorian, I can give it the best spin, since I'm the one who broke the story.

Dorian: Not if you were the last person on Earth.

Viki: I'm sorry you feel that way. And I apologize for interrupting your afternoon.

Téa: Victor?

Nora: Hey.

Bo: Hi.

Nora: You're home early.

Bo: This is the only place I could get any work done.

Nora: Oh.

Bo: Did you find Matthew?

Nora: Yeah, I did.

Bo: How'd it go?

Nora: I apologized, and, uh, he's still looking for an apartment.

Bo: Yeah, he wants to be on his own until he hears that we ordered pizza or lasagna.

Nora: [Laughs] Yeah, something like that. After what happened with Dani, I'm really scared not having him under our roof. [Sighs]

Bo: God, it's really quiet.

Nora: I know. It's really quiet. It's hard to concentrate, it's so quiet, isn't it? I need video-game noises or loud music or something.

Bo: I wouldn't exactly call that music. I can turn some on, if you want.

Nora: You know, on second thought, I have something else I want to turn on.

Bo: [Laughs]

Nora: You know the best part of not having any kids around?

Bo: No kids around.

Nora: [Whispers] No kids around.

Danielle: Look, I got into trouble once, okay?! Once! Once! Once! Just get off my back!

Todd: I'm not angry with you.

Danielle: Just stop. Would you just stop? Just stop!

Todd: I'm here because I love you, and because when I heard your voice, a really scared me.

[Door opens]

Victor: All right. That's enough. Get out.

Todd: I'm not leaving. You know what? Make me leave.

Téa: Look at what you're doing to her. Get out of here, Todd. Now.

Victor: Hey. Don't ever go near my family again. You understand?

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