OLTL Transcript Monday 1/9/12

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 1/9/12


Episode # 11101

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[John shoots Mitch then hugs Natalie]

Gabrielle: He saved her life. Oh, how romantic.

Luna: Well, it's about time. Stubborn as a couple of mules, those two. How long have we been waiting for them to get together?

Megan: Almost as long as we've been waiting for Mitch Laurence to get what he deserves.

Gabrielle: If only Mitch Laurence had got what he deserved a little sooner.

Megan: No kidding. Poor Jessie. My little sister just can't catch a break, can she?

[While doctors treat Cole in the hospital, Starr prays, as Blair and Todd comfort each other]

Luna: And what about this poor boy? Hadn't he already been through enough in his short life? I'm glad his mom isn't here to see this.

Gabrielle: But luckily, he has other people who love him and care for him.

Luna: She's a good girl -- Starr -- in spite of who her parents are. What Todd did to Marty Saybrooke was unforgivable. And as for Blair? I'm not sure I can forgive her, either. She tried to steal my Max.

Gabrielle: He was my Max for a while, remember? I loved him, too.

Megan: [Sighs] Let's face it. We all loved him. But Max isn't the one who needs us today. Other people do.

Gabrielle: Like Bo. Bo is fighting for his life right now. And his one chance to make it is coming from this maniac who shot him.

[Troy gives Bo CPR while an anguished Nora assists]

Luna: Troy is his best hope.

Megan: His only hope, you mean.

Luna: And what about Bo's brother?

Gabrielle: Looks like Clint has problems of his own.

Luna: Oh, my Goddess. Clint's new heart is giving out. No wonder.

[Clint clutches at his chest in pain as he collapses next to Viki]

Megan: Oh, my poor mother. She needs me. She needs us.

All: They all do.

Megan: You know what this means, don't you? We have our work cut out for us, girls.

[The three angels in white join hands]

John: You sure you're okay?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, that was -- that was a nice shot, Lieutenant. You saved me.

John: I wouldn't have taken the shot if I -- I didn't think I could drop the son of a bitch.

Natalie: Is he really dead?

John: You want me to check?

Natalie: Yeah. It's Mitch.

[As John checks his vital signs, Mitch reaches up and grabs him by the neck, then they fight for the gun]

Jessica: The bullet hit the ceiling, and the chandelier came crashing down, and he got trapped underneath.

[Luna takes Cole by the hand and leads him away as doctors continue to work on his body]

Bo: Gabrielle?

Nora: Bo? Bo -- he just said something. He just said something. I heard him say something.

Troy: I didn't hear anything. I didn't -- go get some more towels and fresh water. Hurry. Hurry. Now.

[Gabrielle guides Bo's spirit away]

Nora: Okay. Okay. Okay. I got it. Okay. What are you doing?

Troy: I can't feel a pulse.

[Megan reaches out to Viki who takes her hand and hugs her daughter]

Viki: Oh, Megan. Oh, I've missed you so much. We had so little time together. Look at you. You're as beautiful as you ever were.

Megan: And so are you.

Viki: No, no. No, I'm not. That's -- wait. Oh. Allison Perkins. She shot me. Oh. Oh, I've been here before.

Megan: Yes. You have.

Viki: Where's Clint?

Megan: Someone else is attending to Clint right now.

Clint: What's going on? Where am I? Turn that off! I can't see! Who are you?

Stacy: Stacy Morasco. And I want my damn heart back.

Nurse: I think I told you no one's allowed in here.

Starr: He's the father of my little girl! I need to know if he's going to be okay!

Cole: You look familiar. Do I know you?

Luna: My name is Luna Moody. I was a good friend of your mama's [Chuckles] Back in the day.

Cole: You're the angel, right?

Luna: Well, I mean, I'm one of them.

Cole: No, I mean, the one from Angel Square.

Luna: Cristian Vega would be so proud. He made that statue to look like me after I was killed.

Cole: Right. You're dead. Does that mean I'm dead, too?

Luna: Well, there's no shame in that, Cole, honey. It's all part of the circle of life.

Cole: Where are we?

Luna: Somewhere, um -- between Heaven and Hell.

Bo: What is this place? Gabrielle? H-how did I get here with you? You were, uh --

Gabrielle: Killed. Yes.

Bo: I tried to save you.

Gabrielle: I know. But what happened to me couldn't be stopped. Just as what happened to you. You were shot, Bo.

Bo: Oh. I remember. I-- Troy MacIver. He had Nora...and he had a gun.

Gabrielle: That life -- your life -- is over now. But I'm here to guide you -- to the next one.

Clint: Why do you look like the old Stacy Morasco? You had that surgery. I heard all about it.

Stacy: [Chuckles] Just be glad you didn't have to pay for it. Cost me an arm and a leg, let me tell you.

Clint: So why don't you look like Gigi?

Stacy: Um, because this isn't the planet Earth? They make you wear your real face here.

Clint: "Here"? Where's "here"?

Stacy: Um, Hello? Carbon-monoxide poisoning? Or did you forget the part where they cut me open and gave you my heart without even asking me?

Clint: So, if you died, then this is what? The afterlife? The gates of Heaven?

Stacy: Um, it's a little gloomy for Heaven, don't you think? Bit on the warm side?

Clint: Well, then what the Hell --

Stacy: Bingo! Now you're getting the picture.

Viki: The last time I saw Clint, he was lying on the floor. I-I don't understand this. Who -- who's taking care of him?

Megan: I'm not here to answer those questions. I'm here for you.

Viki: But this is not just about me, Sweetheart. My whole family is in a crisis. Mitch Laurence escaped from prison and kidnapped Natalie. Jessica went to trade her life --

Megan: It's over. Natalie and Jessica are safe.

Viki: Are you sure?

Megan: They're in no danger from Mitch anymore.

Viki: Oh, thank God. Thank God. My girls are both fine.

Megan: Natalie is fine. But Jessica --

[Monitor beeping]

Jessica: [Sighs]

Doctor: I need to ask you to wait outside.

James: Can you just tell us what's going on with my brother?

Doctor: He's been deprived of oxygen. His lung function is compromised. We need to determine the extent of the damage.

Jessica: [Sobs] Bobby got hurt trying to save me. If anything happens to him, it's my fault.

James: No. No, it's not. It's not your fault. It's gonna be okay.

Jessica: Your brother saved me from a monster. That monster's my father. Do you have any idea what that's like?

James: Actually, I do.

[A hooded figure takes Bobby's lifeless body away]

Natalie: John, watch out!

[Both grunting as Natalie repeatedly shoots Mitch]



Natalie: [Breathing heavily] Burn in Hell.

Eddie: Wake up, Bobby. What's the matter? Ain't you got nothing to say -- to your old man?

John: He's not coming back this time.

Natalie: Only in our nightmares. In a weird way, um -- I'm glad that I was the one who pulled the trigger. For Jared. I should, uh, c-call Jessica and make sure Ford's okay.

Ford: This is crazy. I haven't dreamt about you in years.

Eddie: This is no dream, Bobby.

Ford: Well, if you think you can keep me here, you can forget it. I've got to -- I got to get back to Jessica.

Eddie: [Chuckles] If what you're looking for is a way out, I got bad news for you. No exit strategy. So, might as well take off your coat. You're stuck here.

Ford: What are you talking about?

Eddie: What am I talking about? Oh, come on, Professor. Surely you don't need me to explain that, do you? Come on. Relax, will you? What? Okay. Well, maybe I do. Oh. You want to know where you are. You are in H-E-double hockey sticks with me. [Laughs] I know. Ain't that a kick in the head? [Laughs]

Jessica: Natalie, are you okay?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, Jess, uh, John and I are fine.

Jessica: Oh, thank God! I've been going crazy. I can't believe that I had to leave you there with Mitch.

Natalie: He's dead. Jess -- I shot him.

Jessica: You shot him?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I-I did. How's, uh, how's Ford? Is he -- is he okay?

Jessica: Um -- [Voice breaking] I don't know. The doctors are working on him. They're giving him oxygen. [Sobbing] I don't know, Natalie! He's so hurt! I don't know if they can fix him!

Natalie: Okay. Listen, we are on our way. We're on our way. We'll be there in about 10 --

Jessica: No, no. I-I-it's okay. I haven't been able to get through to Mom and Dad, so could you just go there and check on them?

Natalie: Okay. All right. Um, w-we'll stop by, and w-we'll tell Mom and Dad that -- that we're okay, but we're coming straight to the hospital after that, so just hang in there, okay, Jess? I-I love you.

Jessica: I love you.

Clint: You're trying to make me think that I'm in Hell, and that's ridiculous.

Stacy: What's ridiculous is how much crap you got away with -- kidnapping, switching paternity tests. I mean, you didn't come forward when you knew Shane needed a bone-marrow transplant. Oh, and, uh, what about when you hired those goons to turn Robert Ford into hamburger?

Clint: Mr. Ford has sins of his own to answer for. He deserved everything he got.

Stacy: Well, your brother didn't deserve what he got, now, did he? So, what's your excuse for what you did to Bo?

Bo: I thought there'd be more time to, uh -- just to get everything settled and say goodbye.

Gabrielle: Yes. I had a great deal of trouble with that part, too. So did Matthew.

Bo: Matthew?

Gabrielle: I was with him on Thanksgiving.

Bo: Yeah, but he came back to us.

Gabrielle: Well, it clearly wasn't his time. But it is yours.

Nora: Come on. What are you doing? You got to keep going.

Troy: It's no use.

Nora: Don't say that!

Troy: He's not responding.

Nora: He will! He will! He will respond! He will! You just -- come on! Hey! You made a promise to me! You said you would help us, so you got to keep going! Come on! Don't stop!

Troy: I can't.

Nora: I know you're tired, Troy. I know you're tir--

Troy: It's not that, Nora. Look at him. There's nothing more I can do.

Bo: This can't be over, though. This can't be the end of my life. Not now.

Gabrielle: No, no, no. Don't think of this as the end. No, think of this as the beginning -- for you and me.

Stacy: You tried destroying your brother's marriage, didn't you? Blackmailing some woman to drug him and trying to sleep with him? That was bad enough. But then to sic that -- ugh -- disgusting Eddie Ford on Nora --

Clint: That, I regret.

Stacy: Who cares what you regret? You're a completely horrible person, which is why you're here with me.

Clint: And you're supposed to teach me a lesson?

Stacy: You're here to clean up the mess that you made of your life. That way.

Natalie: Oh, my God! Mom! John! John, I need help! Mom. Mom, are you okay? She's been shot.

John: Hey. Clint. Clint?

Natalie: Mom, can you hear me? Mom?

Nora: No. We can still save him if we just keep trying. You got to keep trying. What are you doing?

Troy: Nora, listen to me. I did everything I could. As hard as it was for me, I tried to save him. It was too late.

Nora: No! N-- Troy! Troy, where are you going?

Troy: If you can't love me, Nora, then I'm saying goodbye -- so you can say goodbye to Bo.

Nora: No, Troy! Troy! Troy! [Voice breaking] Bo!

Gabrielle: It's not so bad. We could pick up where we left off.

Bo: How?

Gabrielle: [Chuckles] We were going to be married. We had such plans. And I know that they were ripped away from us, but we have infinity now.

Bo: But, Gabrielle, I already am married. Nora's my wife. And I love her.

Gabrielle: What choice did I leave you? Besides, Nora will be here when it's her time. And then I'll finally have some competition around here. But until then -- oh! We could have so much fun -- together. Bo, come with me. Yes. Come with me. Yes. All we have to do is walk through these doors. Bo, come. Come with me.

Nora: [Sobbing] Bo. Bo.

Bo: Wait. What was that?

Nora: Don't leave me, Bo. Don't leave me, Bo, please. Don't leave me.

Bo: Nora?

Nora: [Sobbing] Oh, God. Bo.

John: We have two victims. One's been shot. One has a history of heart problems. Both are non-responsive. Get here now, okay?!

Natalie: Mom.

John: E.M.S. is on the way.

Natalie: Who could do this to you?

John: Clint? Clint, can you hear me?

Stacy: Come on, Cowboy. Time to head off to your last roundup.

Clint: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Stacy: [Scoffs] You have a reservation, and you and that bad heart were supposed to be here months ago.

Clint: Well, that reservation is gonna have to wait, 'cause Viki needs me. That lunatic shot her!

Stacy: Allison Perkins, right? Oh, that girl does have style.

Clint: I don't want to talk about Allison Perkins! I need to get home, because you're right about one thing. I made a mess out of my life. And thanks to Viki, I'm making amends.

Stacy: [Laughs] Yeah, right!

Clint: I am. I'm becoming a better man for her and because of her. So let me finish what I started above ground with my family, with Viki.

Stacy: [Sighs] Too late, Cowboy. Viki's toast.

Natalie: John, um, there's not a pulse. I can't find a pulse. I can't find a pulse.

John: Okay.

Natalie: Mom. Mom, please. [Sniffles] Mom. Mom. [Sobs] Mom.

Viki: I'm tired. I'm so tired.

Clint: Once a liar, always a liar. Don't you dare try to tell me that Viki is dead!

Stacy: I'm sorry, Amigo. Even the great Victoria Lord can't live forever. Allison plugged her, and you blew out a perfectly good heart that should be mine because you had to get so freaked out about it.

Clint: Viki can't be dead. She's not dead.

Stacy: What do you care? You're dead, too, remember?

John: I'm not getting a pulse, either. Could be cardiac arrest. I'm starting CPR. Hey!

Natalie: Please. [Sniffles]

John: It's gonna be okay.

Natalie: Don't take both of my parents, please. [Sniffles] Mommy.

Clint: I can't die. Not when Viki needs me. What about all the other people who love her? The boys and Natalie and Jessica. She -- wait. Allison said something about Jessica right before she fired the gun.

Viki: I just remembered something that Allison said about Mitch not being Jessica's father. She said it was Clint all along.

Cole: If you're talking about Starr or Hope, they don't need me now.

Luna: Now, why would you say that?

Cole: How can I help them if I'm in jail? And now that I broke out, I'll be in there even longer. James is right. All I've done is screw up Starr's life.

Luna: Well, what about that -- that pretty little girl?

Cole: She's gonna grow up ashamed of her own father.

Luna: You don't know that!

Cole: I know Starr doesn't love me anymore, so what's the point? Maybe you should just --

Luna: Oh, my God.

Doctor: Where's the cart?! We're losing him! Where's the cart?!

Starr: Wait. Cole! What's happening?! What's wrong?! Cole!

Bo: She needs me.

Gabrielle: That may be, but you need to stay here.

Bo: Gabrielle, I know that you're trying to help.

Gabrielle: It's more than that. I adore you, and you adored me once.

Bo: Yes. But Nora -- she's the love of my life. And I have to get back to her.

Gabrielle: Bo!

Nora: [Sobbing] Bo! I love you. What? Bo. Oh, my God. Bo. You're still here?! I thought I'd lost you! Oh!

Bo: Can't get rid of me that easily.

Ford: I got to say, it makes sense. Hell is exactly where you belong.

Eddie: And you don't?

Ford: No, I don't!

Eddie: Don't kid yourself, son. You're just as bad as I ever was. That's why you were the favorite son.

Ford: I never sent my kid to school with bruises!

Eddie: Oh, for Heaven's sakes --

Ford: Listen to me! I never kidnapped and tortured a woman like you did to Nora Buchanan!

Eddie: I didn't torture her. She wanted me.

Ford: S-she didn't want you! You were going to rape her!

Eddie: Was I? At least I didn't do it.

Ford: What are you talking about?

Eddie: I'm talking about what you did to Jessica.

Starr: [Voice breaking] Wait. Wait. Wait. There isn't anything else you can do?

Doctor: You're not supposed to be in here.

Starr: No. You have to let me talk to him. Please. Please. Just let me talk to him. One minute, please! [Sobs] Cole. Cole? Cole [Chuckles] I know you -- better than anyone. I know how strong you are and how you will fight for anything. And this is the fight of your life. And you have to win it.

Luna: Cole Thornhart, you cannot be serious. Do you really want me to walk you through that door into the next world?

Cole: Isn't that your job?

Luna: Yes, but only if you're truly ready. If there's one thing that I cannot stand, it's for somebody to give up without putting up a fight!

Cole: What am I fighting for? A chance to mess up again? A chance to hurt everybody I love?

Luna: I want you to listen. You listen hard, and you tell me what you hear.

Starr: [Sobbing] You have to fight -- for your parents and for Hope --

Luna: Hear that?

Starr: You have to hang on for your little girl.

Cole: Starr.

Starr: And I know -- I know that it may seem like you are so far away from us and that Hope is just going to forget you at any minute, but you saw her. You saw her tonight. The way she looked at you. She smiled, because you're a part of her, Cole. You can't let her go! She asks me all the time. She says, "When's Daddy coming home?" And I have to look at her face and tell her, "Some day." Don't let her go, Cole. Hang on for her -- because Hope loves you, and -- and I love you. I never stopped, and I'm never -- I'm never going to. Not now and not ever. [Sobs] Please come back to me. Don't leave me.

Luna: So -- you still want to walk through that door?

Jessica: James, are you okay? Did you find Starr?

James: We should focus on Bobby right now. He's what matters.

Ford: I did not rape Jessica.

Eddie: Get honest, boy. You knew she was messed up in the head, and you didn't care. You took advantage of that poor girl.

Ford: [Voice breaking] I would never do that again.

Eddie: Tell it to the Marines.

Ford: [Sighs] I look back on the way I used to be, and I can't stand it. I am -- I am completely ashamed. But I have a son now. And when my son was born, I -- I got to start over.

Eddie: I don't believe in second chances.

Ford: Well, I do, because I got one, thanks to Jessica. She forgave me, and she let me learn how to be -- a real father.

Eddie: My son -- so, you think you know it all now. [Chuckles] You have all the answers. [Chuckles] Oh, yes.

Ford: No. But at least I'm asking the right questions. And I'm not about to stop now.

[Ford pushes Eddie into the flames and runs the other way]

Eddie: What? [Shouts] No!

Ford: Help. Help! Help! Somebody, help me! Help!

Luna: So, we need to decide now, Cole. Are you staying or are you going?

Ford: Help me! Please, somebody! [Panting] W-will you help me?

Viki: I have to find out if what Allison said is true. But -- I -- I-I don't seem to have the strength to move.

Megan: A lot has been asked of you. And you always answered the call. It's okay to let go now.

Viki: I don't want to let go.

Megan: It's hard to leave the ones we love. I know. I had to do it with Jake, remember? He came home to me just in time. He planted that tree for me out in the snow all covered with hearts. I wanted to stay so badly. But I couldn't. And it was okay.

Viki: How did you do it?

Megan: I was ready. And Jake's love kept me safe. And love can do the same for you, Viki. So many people love you. I love you. Stay with me now, and we'll have forever. We can make up for all the time we've lost. But only if you let go. Are you ready?

Clint: I have to get out of here! Viki and I have to know if what Allison said is true!

Stacy: I told you, Viki's history! And who cares who Jess' bio-dad is? Would it really change anything?

Clint: No, it wouldn't change how I feel about her. But for her to know that she is not the child of a monster like Mitch Laurence -- that would be the best gift I could ever give her.

Stacy: [Scoffs] Well, Christmas is over, Santa Claus. Time to give it up.

Clint: I don't give up on family! And I will never give up on Viki, so you can just get the Hell out of here!

Megan: Are you ready to come with me?

Clint: Viki! Stop! Don't do it.

Mitch: Heavenly Father -- your messenger ascends. I prepare to serve you -- for all eternity. Are you God's couriers?

Stacy: Not exactly.

Eddie: Come on, messenger boy. You're coming with us.

Stacy: Oh, and by the way, Allison fooled you. Jessica's not your daughter.

Mitch: No! No!!

Natalie: Listen, the EMTs are here, okay? They're gonna take care of you now, and everything's gonna be fine, okay? All right?

EMT: I've got this one. Give Lewis a hand.

Natalie: Mom? Mom. Dad's okay, too, okay? And Jessica's fine, and I-I am fine. Okay? And I need you, okay? [Voice breaking] I need you. I need you and Dad both. Please. Mom.

EMT: She's not breathing.

John: You need this?

EMT: He's in V-fib.

John: Hey, do something, all right? Do it now! Get that machine going! We're not losing them!

EMT: Clear!

Natalie: [Sniffles]

Clint: Viki, no! Don't go through that door. Our children need us. And we finally have each other again. Isn't that worth living for? Viki, you've beaten the odds a hundred times before. So have I. Let's do it again. Together.

Viki: I'm not ready. I can't let go.

John: Hey. Hey, Clint. Clint, can you hear me?

Natalie: Dad? Dad.

EMT: She's taking breaths on her own again.

Natalie: [Sighs] Mom.

John: Guys, good work.

Starr: [Sobs] James?

Jessica: Oh, Starr, I'm so sorry to hear about Cole.

Starr: Thank you. Where did you go?

James: Bobby was hurt, and Jessica rode in the ambulance with him.

Starr: Oh, my God. Is he okay?

James: They, uh, they haven't told us anything yet. What about Cole?

Starr: I don't know. [Sighs]

Blair: What's going on? Is there -- is there any news?

Luna: Where's Bo?

Gabrielle: He decided to stay with the living and Nora.

Megan: My mother and Clint decided to go back, too. I think it's for the best.

Gabrielle: I suppose. So -- what about you?

Luna: I could only save one.

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