OLTL Transcript Friday 1/6/12

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 1/6/12


Episode # 11100

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[Indistinct shouting]


Bo: It's over, MacIver.

Allison: Goodbye, Clint. Bye, Viki. It's been real.

Clint: I love you.

Viki: I love you.

[Gunshot, glass shatters]

Allison: Oops. Hope that wasn't expensive. Oh, right. We're in Viki's house. Everything is expensive and precious and rare, and here comes Allison again because -- news flash -- this isn't the first time I've taken something precious from you.


Jessica: Bobby, watch out! [Screams]

Starr: [Gasps]


Starr: Cole! Cole! Oh, my God, Cole!

Hannah: I didn't mean to shoot you.

[Indistinct shouting]

Blair: What's going on here?! Oh, my God! What happened?!

Starr: Mom, call an ambulance!

Blair: Oh, my God!

Todd: There isn't any time. Blair, listen. Go get the car. Pull it up front. Get the car and pull it up front.

Hannah: Let me go!

James: Shut up! You've done enough damage.

Starr: We're gonna get you to the hospital. It's all gonna be okay, okay? We're gonna get you out of here. I promise. I promise.

Cole: Yeah.

Nora: Are you okay?

Bo: No, I'm fine. I'll be fine. Are you?

Nora: I am now. I am now. I just was scared to death. Lindsay told me you were dead. Why did you do that? You're just crazy enough that it might have been real.

Bo: Honey, honey, don't blame Lindsay, okay? That was my idea. I wanted MacIver to stand down. Did he hurt you?

Nora: No. He was going to.

Troy: I would never hurt you, Nora. I love you.

Nora: Oh, for God's sake. This isn't love. It's psychosis. You tried to shoot my husband!

Bo: Here.

Nora: What?

Bo: I want you to take this.

Bo: Just put your finger right there. If he moves, I want you to shoot him. I got to find some rope.

Nora: Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo.

Bo: What?

Nora: Is there backup coming?

Bo: The whole P.D.'s stretched pretty thin. When the power went out at Statesville, all the locks unlocked, and most of the inmates took off.

Nora: So, you and Troy, you escaped from Statesville?

Lindsay: Troy escaped. I left to warn Bo, and you're lucky I did.

Jessica: Ford?! Ford?! Oh, my God! Are you okay?! Oh, my God! John, he's really hurt!

Mitch: Make a move to help him and I'll shoot Jessica.

Clint: What the hell are you trying to do? Scare us to death?

Viki: I'd like to know the meaning of your cryptic remarks. Is this about Natalie and Jessica?

Allison: Remember when I kidnapped your little one? Baby Natalie? Those were the days. I took her away so that the messenger's daughter, baby Jessica, could live the life of luxury with miss Viki and hop-a-long Clint. And your daughter -- that would be baby Natalie -- grew up in a trailer park with Roxanne Balsom. Or at least that's what Mitch thinks.

Clint: What exactly does that mean?

Allison: You really need to pay attention! Who's the brains of this operation? Anyone? Me. Allison Perkins. Mitch is a sacred vessel, but he's not the sharpest crayon in the box, and we all know how he can get very angry when he doesn't get what he wants.

Jessica: We have to get this chandelier off him. He can't breathe! John, call an ambulance, please!

Mitch: You call and I pull the trigger.

John: Not before I kill you.

Mitch: The Lord is my shepherd. He protects his messenger. And as for you, Jessica... your time is at an end. "The eye that mocks a father, that scorns obedience, will be pecked out by the ravens of the valley and eaten by the vulture."

Allison: Of course, I don't have to tell you how demanding the messenger can be. Do I, Viki? You know all about the messenger's demands.

Viki: What does any of this have to do with Natalie and Jessica and the kidnapping?

Allison: Okay. One more time, by the numbers. One, I'm the boss. You're not. Two, Mitch is a sacred vessel, and we must serve him. Three, the messenger could use a little anger management. Four, to that end, I, Allison Perkins, have sworn to do whatever it takes to placate the messenger's moods -- whatever it takes... even if it means making the messenger believe something that isn't exactly kosher. Capisce?

Viki: Are you suggesting that what you told us about Jessie and Natalie, that that's not true?

Jessica: Ford. Ford, I'm right here, okay? Stay with me, okay? We're gonna get you out of here.

Natalie: John, we have got to get that chandelier off him.

John: Not till Laurence puts down the gun.

Mitch: That's not going to happen.

Jessica: Ford! Ford! He's not answering! Ford!

Lindsay: Then when the lights went out and the doors opened, I headed straight to Bo to warn him.

Nora: How did you know where we were?

Bo: Something that MacIver said. He said he was gonna have a future with you and Matthew.

Nora: And this is where he brought Matthew. You could have been free. You could have gone anywhere. And instead, you went and warned Bo?

Lindsay: I owe you after all I've put you through.

Nora: You really have changed. Now what?

Bo: Well, we don't have cellular service up here, so I think we're gonna have to put MacIver in the car, work our way down the mountain, and turn him over to the police.

Nora: All right. Let's go.

Lindsay: Well, wait a minute. What about me?

Starr: It's okay. It's okay.

Todd: Your mom's got the car. Cole, hang in there, okay? We're gonna get you to the hospital. Check on the kids. Keep an eye on psycho.

Hannah: Cole, can you hear me? Is he okay?

Starr: Is he okay?! You just shot him! Of course he's not okay!

Hannah: I didn't mean to shoot him! I was trying to shoot you, but he got in the way. He got himself twisted up! He thinks he has to protect you no matter what!

James: Shut up!

Hannah: Cole, I'm sorry! I just wanted us to be together, and I knew that was impossible if Starr was alive. I didn't mean to hurt you, just Starr!

Starr: You wanted to hurt me?! Well, now I'm gonna hurt you! If you go near Cole...

James: Enough, Starr! Stop!

Starr: ...Or me again, I will kill you myself.

Blair: The car is out front. The motor's running. Come on. Put this on him, Starr.

Starr: Okay, okay, okay.

Cole: You draw blood?

Starr: Don't talk. Don't talk. You're gonna be okay.

Todd: Okay. May I have it? Thank you. Starr? Hey. Starr.

Starr: What?

Todd: You keep this on crazy. James, you help me get Cole into the car. We'll get him to the hospital.

Blair: Listen, there's a lot of blood. Come on, James. Easy, easy, easy.

Cole: [Groans]

Blair: Hold it. That's a lot of blood.

Starr: You okay? It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. Where do you think you're going? You're not going anywhere.

Hannah: I want to go, too.

Starr: The only place you're going is Statesville.

Todd: Starr. I'll take that. Okay? I'll keep an eye on our little guest.

Starr: You sure?

Todd: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Who knows? Maybe I'll shoot her. Why don't you get going? Cole's gonna be fine.

[Door closes]

Hannah: Can I get some ice?

Todd: Ice? Can you get some ice? You held a gun on my nephew, who's just a little boy. You held a gun on my daughter, who will always be my little girl. You shot my granddaughter's father. No. No. You can't have any ice, psychopath. No ice for you. You know what? You really want to cool off, maybe I'll shoot you.

Hannah: So what? You're just gonna kill me?

Todd: You wouldn't be the first.

Lindsay: Are you gonna arrest me? Send me back to prison?

Bo: Lindsay, I'm not the police commissioner anymore. I'm a private citizen, so I guess it's kind of up to the district attorney. So what do you say, red? Do you think that Lindsay has paid for her crimes?

Nora: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Nora?

Nora: We have a history.

Lindsay: And a lot of it.

Nora: Mm-hmm. But I have to say, after what you've done for us today... you've really changed. And I forgive you. Can you forgive me?

Lindsay: That's why I'm here.

Nora: Okay. Unfortunately, you know, Lindsay, your prison sentence -- you murdered a man in cold blood, okay? And you were found guilty by a jury of your peers, and you were sentenced by a court, and I can't overlook that. But I can promise to talk to the judge and tell him about everything that you've done for us today... and tell him how you helped us avert a serious crime.

Bo: And I will testify on your behalf.

Nora: And I think that probably together we could -- we could probably get your sentenced reduced and get you paroled.

Lindsay: Oh, I would appreciate that.

Nora: Good. After today, you deserve it.

Bo: Here. Lindsay, I want you to take MacIver's car, drive it down the mountain, and tell the police down there where we are. Also, see if they can send up an ambulance, okay?

Lindsay: Really? You trust me with this?

Nora: Absolutely.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Nora: Why do we need an ambulance? Bo? Honey, what's going on? Are you all right? What's going on? [Gasps] Oh, my God! Bo? Bo! Bo!

Jessica: Ford, please. Oh, my God. What if he's dead? Ford!

Natalie: He's not dead. Look at me, okay? We can do this. We're sisters, okay?

Mitch: Stop. You are interfering with the Lord's work. I said stop or I will shoot both of you.

John: No, you won't. Let's go.

Jessica: Ford?!

John: All right, Laurence. It's over. Time to start cutting your losses.

Mitch: Never.

John: Pull that trigger, you ain't making it out of this church alive.

Mitch: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

John: I'm taking you out. That's a promise. So how do you want this to end, Mitch?

Mitch: However God wants.

Jessica: John, you have to call an ambulance now.

John: I'm calling it in.

Mitch: I forbid it.

John: Hey, we're gonna get this kid out of here.

Mitch: That kid is lying there because he disrespected the messenger.

Jessica: He was trying to protect me. Please let John call an ambulance.

Mitch: Why would I do anything you ask? You disrespected your father. You spat in my face.

Jessica: And now I'm begging you. Please, please have mercy on him.

Mitch: You're no child of mine. Do what you want. Make your call. But Natalie comes with me!

Viki: Allison, for God's sake, just tell us what you mean.

Allison: If it turned out that Natalie and Jessica were sisters, would you really love them any less?

Clint: God, this is nonsense. She's certifiable.

Viki: But they are sisters. They're my daughters.

Allison: You're right. They are your daughters.

Viki: What is this? Some kind of revenge?

Allison: Viki, I'm hurt. This isn't revenge. This is "buy one, get one free" day. You bought Natalie, and so you get Jessica as a bonus.

Clint: We did the DNA tests. And the fact is, Mitch is Jessica's father.

Viki: No. She is your daughter in every way that counts.

Allison: Every way. They both are.

Viki: What are you saying? That the tests were wrong?

Allison: Bingo! Well, not exactly wrong -- just faked by yours truly.

Clint: You honestly expect us to believe any of this?

Allison: Fine, spoilsport. But the bottom line is Jessica and Natalie are both yours. You're their father. Surprise! Are you crazy?

Nora: God, Bo! What happened? [Gasps] Oh, my God! You were shot! Why didn't you say anything?! What is it with this he-man act with you?! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We got to get -- got to get you help. Lindsay. Lindsay. Lindsay! Lindsay! Lindsay! Lindsay! [Voice breaking] Lindsay. She's gone. She's gone. Oh, God. Please, come back. Please, come back. Oh, God, Bo. There. [Crying] Oh, God, Bo Buchanan. Don't you die on me. Don't you die on me. We need to get you to a doctor. [Sobbing] Where the hell am I gonna find you a doctor?! [Gasps]

Clint: You're lying.

Allison: Geez Louise! What is it with you people?! The truth is staring you in the face. I tried to tell Jessica a few years back. I said, "Jessie, honey, I've got a secret that's gonna rock your world." But she wouldn't listen to me.

Clint: She's a smart girl.

Allison: And where do you think she gets those smarts? Not Mitch!

Clint: Allison, Jessica is Mitch's biological child. Natalie is mine.

Viki: The DNA tests were conclusive.

Allison: So naive. So trusting. Sit down, little ones! Remember back when you were pregnant? This would be Viki. The messenger put me in charge of your case because you were so special to him. Why, I'll never know, but that's another story. And one of my duties was to check in with your doctor -- dr. Balsom? And he told me something very interesting. Can you guess what it was? You weren't having one baby. You were having -- that's right -- two. That's the good news. Now for the bad news. Drum roll. Clint's the father.

Clint: Bull.

Allison: That's what I said. But the doctor was adamant. Two babies, one daddy, which makes a hell of a lot more sense than two babies, two daddies. I mean, seriously. Who in your right mind would believe that? Oh, wait, that's right. Mitch.

Jessica: I'm right here.

[Siren wails]

John: It's the ambulance.

Ford: [Gasping]

John: Last chance to put the gun down.

Mitch: I think I'll keep it for insurance.

Jessica: Ford, they're right here.


John: Yeah, it's okay. Just come on. Get the injured man out of here.

Jessica: The ambulance is here, okay, Ford? They're gonna take you to a hospital. You're gonna be okay, okay? Just stay with me. I'm right here. Be careful.

Natalie: Jessica's gonna go with him.

Mitch: Fine. She's nothing to me. How much sharper than a serpent's tooth is a thankless, thankless child?!

Clint: You're saying you lied to Mitch?

Allison: What choice did I have? I was standing next to the good doctor, and Mitch walks in and hears me say, "Clint's the father." And the power of Satan was upon him, and his hands were around my throat! He would have killed me!

Viki: So, you -- you lied to Mitch?

Allison: Yes and no. I told him, yes, Clint was the father, and, no, all was not lost. There was another baby, and she was his.

Viki: And he believed you?

Allison: He wanted to believe me, so he did.

Clint: What about the DNA tests?

Allison: I got to tell you. Llanview DNA lab? Seriously lacking in quality control. You should know that, Clint. You made a little switcheroo of your own, if I'm not mistaken. I made a little switcheroo, too, and everybody was happy. If not happy, at least not strangling me. And that's the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Clint: You believe her?

Allison: Of course she does. Look at her face. Balloons, people! Champagne! It's time to celebrate. What's wrong with you two?! I just did you a favor! Unh-unh!

Viki: Clint! Clint!

Allison: Unh! I'm over here, people. You can thank me any time you're ready.

Starr: He lost consciousness in the car on the way over here.

How long ago was he shot?

Starr: Um, probably 15 minutes ago.

Blair: We tried to keep pressure on the wound, but he's lost a lot of blood.

Okay, has he been treated here before?

Blair: Yes, he has. You should have all his records on file.

Starr: Once you stop the blood, he'll be okay, right?

We have to stabilize him first, then we'll get him into the O.R.

Starr: Then he'll be okay?

We'll do everything we can, but I concerned that bullet did a lot of damage. On 3 -- 1, 2, 3.

Hannah: You? A killer? Don't make me laugh.

Todd: [Clears throat] You know, when I was in Statesville, they still delivered us the newspaper.

Hannah: [Scoffs] Well, I don't read "your" paper, if that's what you're asking.

Todd: I was on the front page of every newspaper between here and Pittsburgh.

Hannah: For what?

Todd: I killed my mother.

Hannah: Oh, right. That. But didn't she shoot you first? I mean, they didn't even prosecute. They just pretended it was self-defense. It doesn't even count.

Todd: Tell that to my mother.

Hannah: I thought she was dead.

Todd: Dead as a doorknob, which is an expression I've never understood.

Hannah: [Chuckles]

Todd: But up here, you know, she is alive and kicking. She talks to me. She taunts me. You know, if you're thinking of killing your mother, I wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't work. Ultimately, it doesn't even make a difference.

Hannah: Why are you telling me this?

Todd: Because you're certifiable. This is right up your alley.

Hannah: Okay, so your dead mother -- how is she taunting you? I mean, aside from the obvious.

Todd: [Chuckling] Oh, aside from the obvious. That's good. I like that. Thank you. Yeah, well... mostly, she reminds me that sooner or later, I'm bound to lose everything that I've worked so hard to get -- Blair, the kids, all of it. I'll screw it all up and lose it all over again.

Hannah: And remind me again why you're listening to your dead mother?

Todd: She's hard to ignore. And, actually, she has a point. I mean, if Blair had found out what I'd done...

Hannah: What are you talking about? I thought it was front-page news?

Todd: Oh, no, no. Not that. T-the other thing.

Hannah: What other thing?

Todd: [Chuckles] Why not? You're bananas, right? I could tell you, and no one would believe you if you told them!

Hannah: That's true.

Todd: It might feel really good to get this off of my chest.


Todd: You take my life, victor? I take yours.

Hannah: I'm listening. What'd you do?

Starr: Cole! Cole!

Get them out of here.

Miss, you'll have to wait outside.

Starr: No, no, no. I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving.

I'm afraid you'll have to. All the O.R.s are booked. We'll have to treat him right here.

Starr: Right here?!

There's no choice.

Starr: You can't do that here!

Ma'am, I'm sorry, but --

Blair: Come on. Starr --

Starr: No. Mom, no! I can't leave him, please!

Blair: The doctors have to save him -- come on, let's go.

Hannah: Cat got your tongue?

Todd: See, that's another one. Why would a cat take my tongue? Dead as a doorknob. You know which one I've never understood? A bird in hand.

Hannah: Who else did you kill besides your mother?

Todd: Okay, then. Why not?

Hello? Hello? Someone called the police?

Todd: Yeah, that was my wife -- oh, my -- my ex-wife. Our lunatic friend here went on a shooting spree over by the ottoman, and there's a kid that's in the hospital. The rest of the witnesses are at the E.R.

Thank you, Mr. Manning. We'll take it from here.

Hannah: Hm, easy, big boy.

Sorry. Sorry, Hannah. Your vacation is over. Oh, we'll need that gun, Mr. Manning. She took it off one of the guards.

Hannah: While you're at it, you might want to check it for prints. This guy's a murderer. He confessed to me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you again, Mr. Manning.

Hannah: I'm not lying! He just told me!

And I'm your uncle Fred. Come on.

Hannah: I'm serious! He's a murderer!

Let's go. Shut up.

Hannah: He was just about to tell me! You guys have to believe me! Check that gun for prints!

Blair: Hey. Can I get you anything? You want something to drink? There's a vending machine --

Starr: I just want him to be okay.

Blair: [Sighs] How did all this happen?

Starr: I don't even know where to start.

Blair: Well, what was he doing at the house in the first place?

Starr: Yeah. He showed up at the door.

Blair: He broke out of jail?

Starr: Yes -- well, no. No, he didn't mean to, but the gates were open, and everything was crazy. And he just -- he wanted to get to hope and me. And I didn't know what to do.

Blair: Honey.

Starr: So I hid him. I hid him in the cabana. And when the police asked me where he was, I lied to them.

Blair: You did?

Starr: Of course I did. He's hope's father, mom. You should have seen hope's face. When she saw him, she'd missed him so much, and she was so excited.

Blair: Honey --

Starr: Right? It was like no time had passed at all.

Blair: So, when hope called out for her daddy, then...

Starr: He was there. He was in the room, and he was hiding. I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you he was there. I didn't want to drag you and dad --

Blair: Listen, I know that you wanted to help Cole. I'm just sorry that he got you in this position in the first place.

Starr: No, he was sorry, too. He was going to leave. He was on his way to go say good night to hope, to say goodbye to her, and then we walked in on Hannah.

Blair: And she was holding a gun on Sam.

Starr: Cole promised Hannah that -- that he would do anything that she wanted as long as she would let Sam go. And she did, but then she -- she picked up that gun, she aimed it at me, and he stepped in front of me.

Blair: And she shot Cole instead.

Starr: Oh, my God. Mom, what if he dies?

Blair: Shh, shh. No, no, no, no.

Starr: What if he dies?

Blair: Shh, come on.

Starr: [Crying]

Blair: It's okay. It's gonna be okay, honey. It's gonna be okay.

Nora: Troy? You're a doctor. You took an oath! And you've got your medical bag here, and you've got instruments and medicines and antiseptics. Please, you -- you have to save Bo. Oh, God! At least help stop the bleeding until we can get him to a hospital! God. You have to help me. You have to. I'll tell the warden. I'll talk to the warden at Statesville. I will. I'll talk to the warden at Statesville, and I'll tell him how you helped us today and that you saved Bo's life. I'll tell him that, okay?

Troy: [Sighs] I'm sorry, Nora.

Nora: No! No, no, no! Don't say that! [Crying] Don't say that! He's bleeding to death! Can't you see that?! Look at him! He's pale and he's having trouble breathing! I'll do anything you want. I'll do anything you want -- anything. [Stammering] I won't tell him about the syringe. I won't. I'll tell him I came up here willingly, okay? I will. I'll lie. I won't tell them about any new charges. I'll lie about every-- I'll lie. I'll even go to jail. I'll do that. I will make -- I will make whatever deal that you want. Please, Troy, please. Just save him. Will you do that for me? Will you just save him?

Troy: Nora.

Nora: Hmm?

Troy: Don't you see?

Nora: What?

Troy: Bo has to die so you and I can be together.

Nora: No! Don't you see?! I...don't...love you, Troy! I love Bo! [Sobbing] I'm sorry! I know that hurts you to say it! I know! I know! I know! I'm sorry. But it's the truth, Troy, and you need to hear it, please. I can't live without Bo. I can't. He's my life. We're married, and he's a part of me. He's in my blood, and he's in my bones. He's everything. He's everything to me. And I never would have made it through my life this last year if it weren't for him. So, please. Please, please. I'm begging you, okay? Just -- just... just help me, please. Please.

Troy: You have to untie me, Nora. You have to watch me take a scalpel and cut into him. Nora, if you want me to save Bo's life... you have to trust me. Can you do that?

Nora: [Sighs]

Troy: Can you?

John: Time's up, Laurence. You want your freedom? You let Natalie go, I'll look the other way.

Mitch: [Scoffs] You would never do that. You're far too virtuous, lieutenant. You would shoot me in the back before you'd let me escape.

John: Let her go and I'll make an exception.

Mitch: Surrender my bride? Never. No, it's time for Natalie and I to start our own flock. Mm [Smooches] Yes [Smooches] It's time for her to be schooled [Smooches] In the ways of Mitch Laurence. Mm. She will learn to obey. She will learn to be humble. She will learn whatever I want her to learn. It won't be easy, but learn she will. And, John, this time, she'll be my true wife in every sense -- body and soul.

John: You done?

Mitch: Yes.

John: Let her go. I'm not gonna ask you again.

Mitch: You won't shoot. You're not that good of a shot, John.

Clint: How do we know that Mitch Laurence isn't behind all of this?!

Allison: Think, cowboy. How would it serve the messenger to admit that Jessica, the fruit of his loins, is really yours?!

Viki: It wouldn't! It wouldn't!

Clint: No, we can't believe her. She said it herself. She tells people what they want to hear.

Viki: But, Clint, it would be so easy to prove! All we have to do is do another DNA test!

Clint: You want to get the girls involved on the word of this lunatic -- this escaped felon?!

Allison: And you're just plain rude! I mean, really! I come out of my way to give you a gift, and you call me names.

Clint: Tell me something else. Why now?

Allison: Because there's a prison break! It's not like you can pick up the phone!

Clint: Why keep it a secret all these years?!

Allison: Do you have any idea what the messenger would do to me if he knew I were here? If the spirit of Satan was upon him?! Oh, the hell with it!


Viki: Ah!

Clint: Oh!

Allison: It's only fair!

Viki: [Groans]

Allison: I gave you Jessica! You owed me Viki! Allison! My aim is true!

Clint: Don't leave me. Viki, stay with me. Don't leave me. Viki. Stay here. Stay here.

Starr: [Sobbing] Cole could die. I know he could.

Blair: Come on. Come on. Come on.

Starr: What am I gonna tell hope -- that her dad's never coming home?

Blair: We don't know that, sweetheart.

Starr: You saw the doctor's face, mom. Even he looked scared.

Blair: Listen. Just breathe. He was being cautious, okay?

Starr: What if he doesn't save him? What am I gonna do? I don't know if I can do it.

Blair: What?

Starr: A world without Cole. A world without Cole just doesn't make sense.

Blair: Shh.

Starr: I have to see him again. I can't live without him -- not now and not ever! What am I gonna do?!

Blair: Shh. Okay, you know what we're gonna do? We're gonna pray, all right?

Starr: I don't even know how.

Blair: Yes. You can do that. You just... you just listen to your heart, okay? Think of it as... think of it as a song. You just open up your heart, and the words will come, all right? Okay.

Starr: [Sighs] [Sobs] God... please...

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