OLTL Transcript Thursday 12/29/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/29/11


Episode # 11095

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Cutter: Come on. Just accept the charges. Please. Please. They did? Thank you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course I'll hold. Thank you so much. Hey, listen. You won't regret this.

Kim: I already do. What do you want?

Cutter: I-I need a favor.

Kim: You want a favor? From me?

Cutter: I-I-I know I'm not in any p-position to ask --

Kim: No kidding. But I'll consider your request on one condition.

Cutter: Anything.

Kim: Tell me where Stacy is. Cutter? Cutter, are you still there?

Cutter: Yeah. So -- news hasn't hit you.

Kim: What news?

Cutter: Kim, I hate to be the one to tell you, but -- there is no Stacy.

Kim: What? [Scoffs] What are you talking about?

Cutter: The girl that you rescued -- it wasn't your best friend, Stacy. It was her sister. It was Gigi.

Gigi: What's wrong, Jack? See a ghost?

Viki: Ooh.

Clint: Well, if you had to go into the office on Christmas day, must have been big doings.

Viki: I take it you've seen the news.

Clint: Yes. Shane is finally getting justice for his mother. My God, my grandson is a Buchanan through and through.

Viki: I just wish my nephew weren't such a Manning.

Todd: Neela Patel -- this is all her fault!

Blair: Okay, Todd, I'm not saying what Jack did was right. She got him to trust her. She turned on him. He has a possibility of going to prison for the rest of his life. Now, we got to do something here.

Todd: Oh, we will. We will. We'll get Jack out of jail, and then we'll go settle the score with this Neela Patel and whoever put her up to this.

Blair: What do you mean?

Todd: You think she could pull something like this off on her own? She was following orders from Rex Balsom.

Aubrey: I know what you're gonna say.

Rex: You do?

Aubrey: What's been happening between us, how we've been getting closer, you're having second thoughts 'cause it's too fast or not right or maybe a little bit of both. But bottom line is, there's something in the way -- Gigi.

Rex: Yeah.

Aubrey: I figured. I mean, all the time we've been spending together has been about her. And even though we've been getting closer, obviously she still has your heart. I was stupid to think that you were ready to move on this soon.

Rex: Y-you're right. Nothing can happen between us, but it's not because I'm not ready to move on. It's because -- Gigi's not gone. She's alive.

John: Hi.

Natalie: Hey.

John: Hi. How'd the rest of the, uh, the big day go?

Natalie: It was great. Actually, I took a lot of pictures of Liam and I put them on MyFace, but then I remembered, uh --

John: I don't know what MyFace is.

Natalie: Yes, you do. I signed you up for an account, and you just never use it.

John: Oh, that's the thing you signed me up for.

Natalie: Anyway, they're there if you -- if you want to look.

John: Well, thank you. I'll have a look. Anyway, um -- we never got a chance to, uh, to talk.

Natalie: Yeah, I just figured you, uh, had your hands full with another Manning. What's going on with Jack?

John: Oh, he's --in there with his lawyer trying to figure out all new ways to weasel out of the charges.

Natalie: Téa?

John: Who else?

Natalie: She's gonna have a hard time getting him out of this one, not unless she can raise the dead.

Jack: Is this some sort of sick joke? Who are you?

Gigi: It's no joke, Jack. It's me. I'm alive. And I'm gonna finish what I started the night you tried to go after my son. I'm gonna kick your scrawny ass.

Clint: Have you heard from Todd yet?

Viki: [Chuckles] To complain about the headline? No. I think he has other priorities today.

Clint: Yeah, like trying to get his son off the hook for what he did to Gigi. Good luck with that.

Viki: Well, do you blame him? Wouldn't you do just about anything to keep your children from going to prison?

Clint: Well, there's a huge difference between me and Todd Manning. For one thing, my kids are not killers.

Viki: Just their alters?

Clint: Jessica was ill. Jack is not ill. He's just plain bad.

Viki: No, Clint. No. He's a boy, and he's a lost boy, at that.

Clint: He's a bully, and now he's a criminal, just like his father.

Viki: Well, people actually say the same about you -- and worse. So, does that mean I should give up on you the way you think I should give up on my nephew?

Todd: The little that I remember of Rex Balsom from before Irene got her paws on me was that he was always a little shifty, you know, like he was having a seizure.

Blair: [Sighs] Rex is a lot of things, including Clint Buchanan's son.

Todd: That supposed to scare me? What's that homebound lump gonna do?

Blair: Okay. Do we really want to make things worse between the two families? Do we? Maybe we should just concentrate on helping Jack.

Todd: Well, maybe we can do both. First, though, we go after this Neela girl. We attack her credibility. We provide a link between her and Rex, her and Rex's drippy little kid.

Blair: Okay, just slow it down there, okay? Even if we could that, it doesn't change the fact that Jack admitted on tape that he caused Gigi's death. Now, come on. We can go after Jack's enemies. Yeah, sure. But don't you think it would be better if we did really concentrate on helping him here? Maybe helping Téa build a case for his defense? 'Cause she's the only one that's gonna be able to help that boy.

Todd: What makes you so sure about that?

Téa: Okay, back off. Back off, all right?

Gigi: After what this pissant did to me, Téa? After what he tried to do to my son?

Shane: Mom, he's not worth it.

Téa: Good thing these kids have a nice, non-violent example in you to look up to, huh?

Gigi: Oh, as opposed to someone who gets them out of jail.

Jack: How is this even possible? You were gone.

Gigi: I was, but I'm back. And no one's ever going to replace me again.

Aubrey: You talking about the woman you've seen in Llanview? Cutter's accomplice?

Rex: Yeah, but --

Aubrey: That's Stacy.

Rex: No, it isn't. It's Gigi.

Aubrey: Rex, Gigi died. You saw her in the hospital after she succumbed to the carbon monoxide poisoning. Her heart is beating inside your father's chest.

Rex: No, it's not. I-it was Stacy's.

Aubrey: Stacy's?

Rex: Stacy is the one who died in the basement. Gigi is who Kim rescued.

Aubrey: So all this time, Kim thought she was taking care of Stacy?

Rex: And she was really nursing Gigi back to health.

Kim: What are you trying to pull, cutter? Of course I saved Stacy.

Cutter: I'm sorry, Kim, but it's true. You don't believe me, you can ask Stacy's plastic surgeon.

Kim: Why would I do that?

Cutter: Because the woman that you thought was Stacy, she wanted to get her old face back. So I took her to Rio to see the plastic surgeon who did the original surgery on Stacy. He took one look at her, and he knew that she wasn't his patient 'cause she had never had surgery.

Kim: What? This is impossible. Stacy's the one who found me down in Kentucky, not Gigi. And she told me her whole plan to try and take Gigi's place. How could it not be --

Cutter: I-I don't know, all right? All I can figure is that somewhere along the line, everything got messed up, and -- when she was trying to replace Gigi --she got switched, and she's the one who got gassed.

Kim: No. That can't be.

Cutter: I'm sorry, Kim. You saved Gigi. It was too late for Stacy. She's gone.

Téa: Thank God you're alive. I'm -- I'm so glad you're okay.

Gigi: Thank you. What about you, Jack? Are you glad I'm okay?

Shane: Come on, mom. Let's go home. We can talk to John tomorrow. This isn't worth it.

John: Just wondering if it's okay if maybe I could --stop by later. You know, I got my best cardigan on.

Natalie: [Laughs] Oh, my God.

Gigi: Hey, guys. It's me.

Natalie: [Chuckles] [Chuckles] Captain, we have to keep going!

Clint: This is a record. We finally get back together and you dump me after one measly day.

Viki: [Laughs] No, you are not getting off that easily. No. I did not let your father's shenanigans get in the way of our relationship. I'm certainly not going to let my brother's. Besides, if I dumped you, where would you go, hmm?

Clint: [Laughs]

Viki: No, my dear. You are stuck with me.

Clint: Well, that's -- that's a bit of a relief because I'd hate to lose you after all the effort it took to convince you that I no longer have feelings for, uh, the "K" girl.

Viki: Not even a little bit?

Clint: Viki, you know that, uh, you're the only woman that I truly love. From the moment I met you until I bite the dust, it's you.

Viki: I love you, too. But you have to know that I love my family, as well -- my whole family, and that includes Jack.

Clint: Yeah, I get that, but, uh, then again, you don't want Jack to walk after what he did to Gigi, do you?

Viki: No. No. No, Jack has to face the consequences of his actions. [Sighs] Gigi was such a good friend. She was like a sister to me, and she deserves justice, you know. I just hope that this brings a measure of peace to Rex and to Shane.

Natalie: [Laughing] I can't believe you're alive!

Gigi: What will it take to convince you -- a slap?

John: Yes.

Natalie: [Laughing] What? A slap?

John: It's very good to see you.

Gigi: Well, John, if you want a hug, too, you just have to say so.

John: Aw, shucks. I want a hug.

Natalie: [Laughs]

John: And it's good to see you can still bust my chops.

Gigi: You know, I still remember that you fired me. So if you want to give me my job back, you know --

John: Let me talk to the boss.

Gigi: Okay, well, it can wait, 'cause I need a couple of weeks first. I have some catching up to do with my son and Rex.

John: So you already want a vacation. This is why you got fired in the first place.

Natalie: [Laughs] Rex must be flipping out.

Gigi: Yeah. Pretty much. He didn't want to leave my side, but he had some loose ends to tie up.

Rex: I know how crazy all this sounds, but I will take crazy over not having Gigi back.

Aubrey: Yeah. Yeah, of course. So, this whole time, the woman that cutter was trying to pass off as Gigi actually was Gigi?

Rex: Yeah. Only she didn't know it. Cutter tried to come clean back in Texas, but I wouldn't hear it, and it wasn't until later that everything just --fell into place.

Aubrey: Do you think cutter knew she was Gigi the whole time?

Rex: I don't know. I don't really care. I-I haven't seen cutter since the cops hauled him off. Jerk's on his own.

Kim: I can't believe it. I already lost Stacy once, and now -- I'm losing her all over again.

Cutter: Like I said, I'm really sorry. I know how much she meant to you.

Kim: This is all my fault.

Cutter: What? How?

Kim: That day Stacy showed up alive and well but with Gigi's face, she told me of her whole crazy plan to try and replace Gigi. I should have stopped her right then and there.

Cutter: H-how could you have stopped her?

Kim: By any means necessary.

Cutter: Kim, she had her face surgically reconstructed so she could look like Gigi, all right? She was gonna kill her sister and take over her life. And anyone who's willing to go that far is pretty much past help.

Kim: Yeah, well -- now we'll never know -- because Stacy's gone, and I don't have anybody.

Cutter: That's not true. You still have your brother.

John: You know, I hate to break this up. I'd like to stay for the slap, but I'm -- [Laughter] I've got to go figure out what to do with this -- with this Jack Manning now.

Gigi: Oh, well, tell me what you need, 'cause I'll do anything to put that kid away.

John: Okay. Well, I'll need your statement and probably some blood or something like that. But for now, just enjoy your family, all right?

Gigi: Hmm. John seems lighter. Is it a new medication or is it the Natalie effect?

Natalie: Well, whatever it is, it isn't me.

Gigi: Mm. I figured everything would be hunky-dory once you guys found out that Liam's John's son. Oh, my God! Natalie! Liam is John's son!

Blair: Excuse me? Since when is Téa not your go-to gal for legal rescue, huh?

Todd: She's been a little off her game lately.

Blair: Oh, really? Maybe it's because it's her brother murdered her husband.

Todd: Yeah. Exactly. She's distracted. And frankly, she's been downright hostile to me lately.

Blair: She's angry, Todd. Tomás is not around for her to tear into him, so unfortunately, the honor just falls right on you.

Todd: Jack's entire future is at stake. Nora's not gonna pull any punches. Do you really want your son's freedom in the hands of -- of an attorney whose personal life is in complete shambles?

Blair: Yeah, because she loves Jack, and Téa will pull her life together for his sake.

Todd: I don't get it.

Blair: What?

Todd: Well, what happened with the two of you when I was away? It's like you're all "can we braid each other's hair?" And stuff. It's totally disturbing.

Blair: We grew up. You should try it.

Todd: I'm not gonna grow up. And you're not a grown-up, either. This is not the reason, is it?

Blair: Okay, after everything Téa and I've been through the past couple of years, we have learned to trust each other, to be there for each other. And, you know, it would be nice if you could actually be there for Téa, too.

Todd: I'm trying.

Blair: Why don't you try a little harder, okay? I'm gonna go check on Sam.

Téa: You okay, Jack?

Jack: Shane's mom is alive.

Téa: [Chuckles] Apparently.

Jack: All this time -- I thought she was dead. I thought I killed her. But I didn't. She's alive!

Téa: [Chuckles] [Chuckles] It's -- it's unbelievable. Oh, and it's great not just for Shane and his family but for you. You can't be charged with murder when the victim's alive and kicking! We're in the clear! Give me five!

John: I wouldn't go that far. Jack's not out of the woods, not by a long shot.

Kim: So, my best friend for my bastard deadbeat brother -- yeah, that doesn't seem like a fair trade.

Cutter: I realize I haven't been a very good brother.

Kim: Oh, yeah? What tipped you off?

Cutter: I deserve all of that. But, please, Kim, just let me atone for all my mistakes.

Kim: Mistakes? I'm sorry. Did you mistakenly frame me for a murder that you committed?

Cutter: I'm sorry. I wish I could take it all back. Look, I-I had just lost Aubrey. I-I-I wasn't seeing straight. But now I know where I went wrong.

Kim: Oh, somewhere around the time that you killed the mark?

Cutter: No, no. When you and I went our separate ways. You got to admit, we -- we made a pretty good team. Ran some pretty great cons, made some good money.

Kim: Yeah, we did okay.

Cutter: We could do it again.

Kim: Except for the fact that you're in there and I'm out there, and that's not gonna change anytime soon.

Cutter: Well, if you bust me out --

Aubrey: Actually, I've heard from cutter.

Rex: What? He's already out?

Aubrey: No. He called from prison wanting me to come rescue him.

Rex: And?

Aubrey: And I hung up on him. So if things weren't already over between us, they definitely are now.

Rex: Look, I'm sorry. I know he was important to you.

Aubrey: Yeah. Well, until he decided he couldn't possibly become a law-abiding citizen. I mean, I'm not saying that I'm saint Aubrey or anything. There are things I've done in my life that I'll never live down. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't try. And with cutter in the picture, I wouldn't stand a chance. With you, though --

Rex: Look, Aubrey, I --

Aubrey: No, it's okay. You don't have to say anything. You've got Gigi back, and I know what that means -- that any future you and I had together is kaput. [Chuckles nervously] So --this is goodbye.

Gigi: Oh, my God! I can't believe I forgot about that tape! Natalie, Marty's therapy session -- I listened to it! She told her therapist that she messed with Liam's paternity test. Brody is not Liam's father. John is.

Natalie: Yes. I know.

Gigi: Oh, you do?

Natalie: Yes, I found out about a month ago when I was about to marry Brody.

Gigi: You married Brody?

Natalie: No. No. He admitted that he knew Liam wasn't his son, and I called off the wedding.

Gigi: Oh, so you and John can get back together.

Natalie: No. John and I are not getting back together.

Gigi: And why the hell not?

John: You know, I wouldn't, uh, you know, celebrate just yet.

Téa: Detective, I know you saw her. Believe it or not, Gigi Morasco is alive.

John: Yeah. Yeah. She looks good.

Téa: Yeah. So, there's no murder case without a victim.

John: Oh, but we have one of those. A Morasco's still dead. Her name's Stacy, not Gigi.

Téa: You're not seriously thinking of booking Jack for the murder of Stacy Morasco.

John: Oh, it's certainly an option.

Téa: Detective, do you mind if I ask Jack to go outside for a moment? You and I have a few things to discuss.

Natalie: John and I -- we keep getting our -- our wires crossed, you know. Every time we turn to talk, it's just -- just having --

Gigi: What is there to say besides "I love you"? "I love you, too"?

Natalie: It's complicated.

Gigi: No, it's not. Trust me. Natalie, I have been away from Shane and Rex for a very long time. If I had not run into Rex in Texas, I might never have seen them again.

Natalie: Exactly. You know, everybody thought that you were in this horrible accident. And then fate just threw you and Rex back together. But with John and I, I mean, w-we can't even have a simple conversation and we work in the same building.

Gigi: Oh, sweetie, that's crap. And you know it. Fate didn't exactly make it easy for Rex and me, but we finally got our chance, and you will, too. And when you do, don't waste a single moment. This is your chance to finally get back together with the man you love. You might not get another. I see my son is getting antsy.

Shane: What? No, I'm -- I'm good.

Natalie: Go. Go be with your family, go be with Rex, and have your happy ever after. You deserve it. And thank you for the advice.

Gigi: It won't do you any good if you don't take it. Pbt!

Natalie: [Laughs]

Jack: Miss Morasco! Wait. Please. There's something I have to say to you.

Téa: Why not drop this case, John? Nora won't be able to try it, so let it go.

John: Well, you know, I think I'll let Nora decide that. You see, a woman's still dead as a result of your client's actions, counselor.

Téa: Uh, no, detective. She's dead because the sister she was trying to murder fought back. The chain of events that occurred when Jack locked Gigi in that basement were interrupted when Stacy opened that door. So why don't you stop focusing on a non-case and get Todd behind bars for killing my husband?

Blair: Since when is Téa not your go-to gal for legal rescue, huh?

Todd: She's been a little off her game lately.

Blair: Maybe that's because her brother murdered her husband.

Todd: Oh, you know, the last time I saw Téa, she seemed to -- well, she was very upset. Tomás called Blair --

Téa: What are you doing? Get away from me! Like you give a damn about me or Victor's baby. It is hard that someone I felt very close to, someone I trusted, someone I defended, someone I stood by, that someone like that could do this to me, that someone I once loved could kill my husband.

Todd: Téa knows I killed Victor. Téa knows what I did to Victor. How'd she figure it out? She didn't hear from Tomás. Baker's got eyes on him 24/7. And --she's been busy lately. She's been pregnant. She's been hanging out with John -- John McBain.

Téa: Why would I think you don't care?

John: Hey. Hey. Hey. Remember what the doctor said about stress -- not good for the baby.

Todd: John suspects me. Or he's been talking to Louie. John told Téa. Now Téa knows. This can't happen. Not now. Not now. I am so close! God!

Téa: There is no case against Jack.

John: No?

Téa: No.

John: Jack terrorized Shane Morasco for months. We have that documented.

Téa: [Sighs]

John: Jack attempts to lure Shane to that basement to do God knows what. And I understand it gets a little murky from there. We've got face changes and we've got people back from the dead. We got dogs and cats living together. But I'll tell you what the fact is. Jack locked Gigi Morasco in that basement, and that's unlawful imprisonment. It is, and you know it. Now, whether his actions led directly to Stacy's death, you know, I'm gonna let the D.A. decide that one. But if I had to guess, considering all the things that this kid's done, he's got a price to pay. And you know what? It'll be good for him.

Gigi: You have something to say, say it.

Jack: You asked me something before. You wanted to know if I was glad you were okay. And I just -- I wanted to say I am. I never meant for anyone to get hurt, and I'm sorry.

Gigi: For what? For locking me up or for everything you did to Shane?

Jack: For all of it.

Gigi: Well, you can tell that to my sister. Come on, Shane.

Rex: I'm really sorry.

Aubrey: Why are you sorry? You have Gigi back. You should be overjoyed.

Rex: No, I am. I just wish it didn't --come at a cost to you.

Aubrey: What cost? I came out ahead.

Rex: Why? Because you dodged a bullet and didn't end up with the crazy guy who sees ghosts?

Aubrey: [Laughs] No. Because I did. I made a good friend. And I proved to myself that there really are good guys out there, so maybe, if I keep my eyes open and I'm really extra-lucky, I will end up with one just like you.

Rex: You'll find one better.

Kim: You want me to break you out?

Cutter: I have a plan, all right? First, you need a disguise. Can you get your hands on a laundry-service uniform?

Kim: You have totally lost it.

Cutter: I need your help. I'm not gonna make it in here. I'm too pretty for prison.

Kim: And I should care why?

Cutter: I am your brother!

Kim: You were my brother when you got me locked up and left me to rot. You never wrote. You never even called. But you know what? That's okay because I'm a big girl. I've been abandoned before.

Cutter: I can make up for that.

Kim: How?

Cutter: I can make things right between you and Clint. I-I-I bet he'll come running when -- when he finds out how I messed things up between you guys.

Kim: By forging a letter telling him I was dumping him? Yeah, he already knows.

Cutter: So did --you get back together?

Kim: Nope. I was too late. Clint had already moved on.

Clint: Oh, there you are.

Viki: We were starting to worry about you.

Shane: You were? You don't look all that worried.

Viki: Oh, don't change the subject.

Clint: Where have you been, young man?

Shane: At the police station.

Viki: Why?

Clint: Oh, I hope you didn't go there to stick it to Jack.

Shane: No. But --you might want to sit down. It's important.

Viki: Oh, dear.

Shane: You ready?

Clint: Shane, just tell us.

Shane: [Sighs] Mom?

Gigi: Don't be mad at him. I just wanted to make sure you weren't gonna have a heart attack.

Viki: Gigi? Is it really you?

Gigi: Yeah, it's really me.

Viki: Oh, my God! Oh, honey! [Voice breaking] Oh, my God! [Sighs]

Todd: You okay?

Blair: I'm fine. I think Dorian's gonna be pissed, though.

Todd: Put it on my tab.

Blair: What has got you so upset?

Todd: It's Jack. I just don't want to lose him. I can't lose him, not -- not -- not again. I'll get it. Technically, he was never mine to lose, I guess. [Sighs]

Blair: Jack is gonna be fine. Okay? Listen to me. He's going to be okay.

Todd: He's not, all right? He -- he was not okay long before I came back. We need to face the facts. Victor did a number on him. There's a chance he's beyond repair.

Blair: No, hey, don't say that about our son, okay, because Jack is not a lost cause! And if you believe that, then you might as well get the hell out of our lives! Jack needs a father that believes in him, Todd. I mean, no father at all would be better than one that doesn't have his back 100%!

Todd: Sorry.

Blair: All right.

Todd: And you're right.

Blair: I know.

Todd: And I have Jack's back.

Blair: [Groans] [Sighs]

Todd: I do. I just -- [Sighs] My own son can't stand me. I don't know what to do to change that.

Blair: You are doing it. You are here, Todd. You're waiting him out. You're taking everything he throws at you and coming back for more. And eventually, he'll see you for the man that you are.

Todd: Who do you think that is?

Blair: A father who loves his son. It's not gonna be easy, and this is gonna take a long -- long time. You stand beside Jack, okay? And I will stand beside you.

Jack: Did you -- did you hear about Shane's mom?

Natalie: Yeah, I did.

Jack: Well, you -- you must be pretty stoked.

Natalie: Yes, I am stoked that my friend is not dead, probably a little more so than you are about the fact that you might get off the hook for her murder.

Jack: So, what happens now? Am I going to jail?

Clint: So the person that Rex found was actually Stacy?

Shane: That means you have aunt Stacy's heart inside of you.

Clint: I don't know what to say.

Shane: "It's not like she was using it."

Gigi: Oh. Shane.

Shane: What? After everything she did to us?

Gigi: She was still your aunt, and she didn't deserve to die.

Viki: I am so grateful that you're back!

Shane: Yeah. Probably because she needs a break from me and dad.

Viki: Oh.

Shane: Viki's been taking care of us ever since you've been gone.

Viki: No. No. Come on. That was nothing.

Gigi: It's everything. Viki, if there's one person I can always count on, it's you. So, thank you for taking care of my boys.

Viki: Oh.

Aubrey: So, what are you doing standing here talking about my yet-to-be-identified perfect guy when you have the love of your life out there waiting for you?

Rex: I just want to make sure you're okay.

Aubrey: I'm fine. Really. Go. Go. Be with your family.

Rex: I do not know what I'd have done without y--

Aubrey: Stop wasting time. Go.

Rex: Thanks -- for everything.

Aubrey: [Sighs]

Kim: Well, it's been real, bro. I'll see you in 15 to 20.

Cutter: What if I told you that I got a big score?

Kim: What kind of big score?

Cutter: I-I-I know exactly how we can make a killing, all right? I-I-I found a woman who is so rich, she's got her own island. And it'll be the easiest mark we've ever hit.

Kim: Oh, yeah? Who is she?

Cutter: Our mother. S new beauty trend?

Todd: Thank you for talking some sense into me. Usually, that's Viki's job.

Blair: Why should Viki have all that fun?

Todd: Right. First things first, we -- we focus on getting Jack out of this big mess he's made.

Blair: Okay. I'll get Téa on the horn.

Todd: Yeah, get her on the horn and fire her.

Blair: Fire her?

Todd: Yeah, I don't trust her.

Téa: Fire me?

Natalie: I can't wait to see Rex. He's got to be flipping out.

John: Well, he's got good reason. He got a second chance with the woman he loves. What a weird, wild day.

Natalie: [Chuckles]

John: I could use a drink. You want one? We can, uh -- we could have a little drink to, uh, Gigi being alive.

Natalie: No, no. I'm -- I'm -- I'm okay. Thanks. I-I actually was hoping that maybe -- maybe right now would be a good time to talk.

John: Talk? Now I really need a drink.

[Knock on door]

John: Good. Let's talk. Come on in.

Man: Boss.

John: Yeah?

Man: We have a situation.

John: Okay. Thanks.

Natalie: [Chuckles]

John: What are you laughing at?

Natalie: Nothing. Something I said to Gigi before. Anyway, go take care of business, and we'll talk later.

John: Yeah. You sure?

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

John: Okay.

Natalie: John. I -- are you doing anything on new year's?

John: I am now.

Natalie: See you then.

John: I'll see you then.

Kim: So, you're telling me after all these years you finally managed to track down our no-good mother and she's rich?

Cutter: It's true, except I-I didn't track her down. I ran into her in brazil.

Kim: Oh, what a coincidence.

Cutter: Yeah, I know. I know. Uh, it turns out, she goes to the same surgeon as Stacy did. She's gotten work done. Obviously.

Kim: You're kidding.

Cutter: No. So, we got to talking, she feels terrible about what happened to dad and walking out on us. So, come on. It's perfect. You bust me out of here and we squeeze her for everything she's got. What do you say, sis?

Kim: [Sighs] Bye, cutter.

Cutter: Kim? Kim!

Viki: And then this very odd, little man -- he was the judge -- Delbert Fina Jr. He took one bite of the Gigi Morasco special, and he took another bite, and he declared it the winner!


Rex: Well, I hope you saved a slice for me.

Téa: So, I'm fired now? Is -- is that it?

Blair: No, Téa. Absolutely not. That is just Todd being Todd.

Téa: Oh.

Blair: You know.

Téa: Yeah, I do. He's so good at that recently.

Blair: Yeah. So what's going on? Did you get the charges dropped or what?

Téa: Um, in a matter of speaking. Uh --Gigi Morasco is alive.

Blair: What?!

Téa: It's -- it's complicated, but the upshot is that Jack is not being charged with her murder.

Blair: Oh, my God. Jack, that is so wonderful!

Todd: What's the catch?

Téa: Um, he's still being charged with unlawful imprisonment. I got him arraigned before court ended and posted his bail. He's free for now.

Todd: And he's not a murderer.

Téa: Makes one of you.

Viki: Well, I think this calls for a toast.

Rex: N-no, no. Not yet. Uh, the time for a toast will come hopefully in just a moment. [Sighs] It was our wedding day that I lost you. And now that I found you again, we need to finish what we started.

Aubrey: [Sniffles]

Cutter: Hey! It's me! "Butter"! Anyways, you told me to call if I ever needed you. Boy, do I need you now -- mom.

Rex: It's time we picked up where we left off.

Gigi: Are you proposing?

Rex: Well, sort of. I-I mean, technically, I don't have a ring, but, uh --

Clint: Oh. Yes. You do.

Rex: This is your mother's. I can't take this.

Clint: You're not taking it. You're giving it to the woman you love.

Rex: Thank you.

Clint: You're welcome. Now put it to good use. Oh.

Rex: Gigi -- we started this journey back in high school.

Gigi: [Sniffles]

Rex: And it's taken us way too long to get here. So let's not wait another second. Gigi Morasco -- will you be my --

Gigi: Yes.

Viki: [Laughs]

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