OLTL Transcript Wednesday 12/21/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 12/21/11


Episode # 11090

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Stacy: Rex, I...

Rex: What? You know what? I-I-I don't care. Just go to hell, Stacy Morasco, and this time, don't come back!

Jack: Neela, if I tell you the truth, I need to know... can I trust you completely? It's really important that what I say in this room stays in this room.

Neela: You can trust me, Jack.

Shane: Oh, come on, Neela. Send me an update. Hello? Is someone there?

[Soft music plays]

Aubrey: Hey! Merry Christmas! Welcome home!

Shane: Hey. What are you doing here?

Aubrey: Well, I wanted to surprise you and your dad. I know it's almost Christmas and he hasn't really had time to play Santa.

Shane: It looks awesome.

Aubrey: Thanks. So...where's your dad?

Cutter: Uh, excuse me, miss. Sir. Uh, there was a woman sitting next to you. Uh, did you see where she went?

Stacy: Rex, I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Rex: No, no! Look, I don't want to hear it, okay? It's all lies! When you came to Llanview and Gigi tried to be a good sister to you, you lied. You did everything you could to break us up. You were a nightmare. You tried to destroy our family. But when you "died," Gigi mourned for you, because even after everything that you did to -- to her, to me, and to Shane, your sister loved you. But that wasn't enough. You -- y-you -- you had to crawl back from the dead to -- to go after her again.

Stacy: Rex, I swear, I --

Rex: D-don't try to deny it, okay? Kim told me everything, even your best friend who was completely freaked out by your insane plan.

Kim: So, what do you say, cowboy? We belong together.

Kim: What do you say? You want me or that prison warden you've been living with?

David: Viki! Did you see me on Blanca's show? I totally killed it. Or I-I would have if those crazy soap fans hadn't hiJacked my interview. Hello? Can I get a little love? I'm pouring my heart out here.

Viki: What?

David: Hey, what's wrong? Are you okay?

Viki: [Voice breaking] David, can you just get me out of here?

Cutter: This woman right here. Did you see where she went?

Prof. Fina: Well, I'm afraid I'll need my glasses in order to actually see that, and I -- well, I don't know what I've done with them. I-I-I -- [Gasps] That is amazing. How did you do that?

Cutter: Please just put them on, look at the picture. Tell me if you saw where she went. Did you see her?

Prof. Fina: [Clears throat] Why, yes, I did. She was sitting right there.

Cutter: Yeah. I know. Then she left. Where did she go?

Stacy: Rex, I know that you're angry.

Rex: What did you do to your voice?

Stacy: I don't know.

Rex: You sound just like her.

Stacy: I'm sorry.

Rex: J-j-just shut up, okay? I can't -- I can't look at your face or hear your voice. You know, I miss her so much. But you counted on that, right? You knew how happy we were, how after everything that you did to us, we survived it and we were stronger than ever, but you couldn't leave us alone. You had to ruin it.

Stacy: Rex, I'm sorry that she died.

Rex: Y-you're sorry?! That was your whole plan! You changed your face so that you could look like her! Your plan was to take her place! Your plan was to kill her and take her place! Jack Manning beat you to it.

Jack: You don't know what this means, to be able to talk to someone. I haven't had anyone.

Neela: It's okay. Now you have me.

Jack: I mean, I should be grateful. I could be in prison, and I'm not. But that just makes it worse.

Neela: Jack, what happened? Tell me.

Jack: No. No. It's not fair to you. You'll have to keep the secret, and it'll eat away at you like it eats at me. It's all I think about. I can't sleep. And when I do, I have nightmares.

Neela: It's okay. I can handle it. Just tell me what happened.

Jack: You know Shane, the kid I picked on? His mother died because of me.

Shane: Our flight was oversold, and my dad volunteered to get bumped.

Aubrey: Are there any other flights out tonight?

Shane: I don't know. I don't think he knew you were coming over.

Aubrey: No, that's why it was a surprise. But that's okay. He'll see it when he sees it.

Shane: It really does look great.

Aubrey: Thanks. That means a lot coming from you.

Shane: From me?

Aubrey: Yeah. You're the artist. I'm sure you could do something amazing.

Shane: I don't really decorate. I just draw.

Aubrey: Well, it's good that I'm here, then. Your dad told you I was spending Christmas with you, right?

Shane: Yeah, except...

Aubrey: What?

Shane: My dad doesn't know when he's gonna be home, so I'm spending Christmas at Viki's.

Aubrey: Oh.

Shane: Sorry. If you want to go over there, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Aubrey: Oh, no. That's sweet, but I don't think that's the best idea. It's okay. I'll -- I'll spend Christmas with my friend, Rama.

Shane: You sure?

Aubrey: Definitely.

Shane: It really would have been okay for you to spend Christmas with us.

Aubrey: Thanks, Shane. 'Cause I do want you to know I was not trying to take your mom's place. No one could ever do that.

Shane: Yeah? Tell that to my aunt Stacy.

Stacy: Rex, I swear, I never --

Rex: You never what? Changed your face? Good luck with that.

Stacy: No, I must have. But --

Rex: But? But what? I-I-it was an accident? Y-y-you just tripped and fell into a plastic surgeon's office in brazil?! Did you even think about what you were gonna do to me and Shane? We loved her, Stacy. We're a family. Did you really think you could just show up and take your sister's place? She was one-of-a-kind, okay? We would have known the truth in a second. Gigi was amazing. You're nothing like her.

Stacy: I know.

Rex: When she died, the only thing that kept me going was Shane, making sure that everything was okay for him. And then I have to find out that there's this woman walking around trying to pass herself off as the love of my life and that she's you.

Stacy: Rex, that's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm not that woman. I'm not Stacy.

Shane: So, my dad told you that my aunt got this doctor to make her look like my mom and then she was gonna, I don't know, fool us?

Aubrey: Yeah, I know. It's really creepy.

Shane: [Sighs]

Aubrey: So, how did the pie contest go?

Shane: It was awesome. We won. The Gigi Morasco special got first place. Noelle even gave me the ribbon.

Aubrey: Oh, that's so great! I hope she puts it on the menu at the Buenos Dias. I want to try it.

Shane: It's awesome.

Aubrey: So, how was it being there? I know you and your mom spent a lot of time in Texas.

Shane: It was great seeing everything again, but... it was weird being there without her. It was kind of like the pie -- sweet and sour.

Aubrey: Happy and sad.

Shane: Yeah. It kind of helped me. I finally said goodbye.

Aubrey: That must have been hard.

Shane: I don't know. Being there, it just... felt like my mom was okay with it -- and with you spending Christmas with us. I mean, if you had spent Christmas with us.

Aubrey: Thanks, Shane.

Shane: But the thing is... I don't think my dad's ready.

Aubrey: For what?

Shane: Saying goodbye to my mom. But I think I know what it'll take, and I'm gonna make it happen.

Neela: I knew Shane's mother had died, but I didn't know how. What happened?

Jack: Well, like I told you, I picked on Shane until he -- until he tried to kill himself.

Neela: Yes. You told me that.

Jack: Well, after that -- oh, God. Neela, you're gonna hate me.

Neela: I could never hate you. Just tell me. What happened?

Jack: I should have just left him alone, but I didn't. I don't know. It just turned into this game -- get Morasco. Well, anyway, my friend brad and me, we created this fake MyFace page and pretended to be this girl who was into Shane. And he was going for it, so we kind of took it to the next level. We had the girl invite him over to her house.

Neela: I thought you said you made her up.

Jack: We did. The house was empty. We were just gonna scare Shane. I swear that's all it was.

Neela: So what did Shane's mom have to do with this?

Jack: I guess she saw the invite. I guess she was just gonna come over and yell at us or something, but we didn't know it was her.

Neela: How could you not know Shane's mother?

Jack: It was dark. We had the music pumping so Shane would think it was a party. And it was raining and she was wearing his rain Jacket, and she's small, so she kind of looks like him. Not like that really helps. Anyway, she came down and I pushed her into the basement and I locked her in there. We were just trying to scare Shane. Only there was some generator down there leaking carbon monoxide. Neela, I swear to God I didn't know that generator was there. I didn't mean for her to die, but she did... because of me.

Rex: You're not Stacy. So, who are you? Gigi's long-lost twin?

Stacy: No. I'm Stacy. At least that's what everyone tells me. But I don't know who Stacy is. Rex, I was in a coma for months, and when I woke up, I didn't remember anything, okay? I still can't. I don't know who I am. Or what I've done. Or even who Gigi is. I don't know you or Shane... except for these little flashes. I don't remember coming to Llanview or all of these things that I've done to you. I don't remember anything. You have to believe me.

Cutter: Hey, hey. Whoa. Hey. Did Stacy say where she was going and why?

Prof. Fina: Ah, well, she seemed to be suffering from, well, an acute case of neurological regression that was exacerbated, for lack of a better term, by a-a-a-a-a -- a ventricular involvement.

Cutter: What?

Prof. Fina: Her heart and her mind are in conflict. She seems to be looking for some answers, but, well, something was getting in the way. Or perhaps, I should say, someone.

Viki: So, I decide that Charlie and all my friends in Paris, Texas, they were right -- that I should give Clint another chance.

David: There's your first mistake.

Viki: And I convinced myself that Kim was no longer a threat.

David: And that's your second.

Viki: David, I was so excited coming home on the plane, you know? Clint had said that he loved me and he wanted me, and then I rushed into the house to see him. And there he was -- kissing Kim. He had sworn to me that she had written him off, and there she was in my living room with --

David: His tongue jammed down her throat.

Viki: You know, if they think they're gonna sleep in my guest room and carry on in my house --

David: Viki, you are looking at this all wrong. You just dodged a bullet.

Kim: Well? What's the verdict?

Clint: I'm sorry, Kimberly.

Kim: Well, that doesn't sound too good. Let me give it another shot.

Clint: Please. The kisses are wonderful, but the woman I want to spend my life with is Viki.

Kim: You're just saying that because you've been stuck here and you don't want to parade me around this house. Not that the old ball-and-chain would allow it.

Clint: Kimberly.

Kim: And it's not a problem. I've been thinking. You've been so good since you've been sentenced, so all we have to do is ask the judge to let you move in with me.

Clint: It has nothing to do with my house arrest. I haven't even thought about that. The fact is I want to be with Viki.

Kim: No, you don't.

David: I thought we talked about this. Clint is a monster. He kidnapped me. All those months in a Moroccan hellhole?

Viki: But he's being punished for that.

David: How is he being punished? By living in your house and being waited on hand and foot? He sicced Eddie ford on step-Nora. He changed your grandson's paternity test.

Viki: And he apologized for that.

David: Oh, that's all a man has to do now, huh? Apologize. A man has to change, Viki, or he's dead to you -- dead. I learned that when I was a Buddhist.

Viki: I thought he had changed.

David: I saw this when I was here on election day. It's Stockholm syndrome right here in Llanview. Idea for thriller -- locked away with her villainous ex-husband, a beautiful and sexy, but not so smart woman falls for her captor.

Viki: You're probably right.

David: Viki, trust me. When you saw Clint locking lips with Kim, that was a gift.

Kim: Look at this place, Clint. It's a Christmas card. The Christmas tree's in the same old place, and the kids are stopping by, and Viki's heating up the eggnog. It's familiar and it's getting to you. But trust me, Clint, once new year's rolls around, you'll be looking for someone new to rustle your tinsel. She's your past. I'm your future.

Clint: Kimberly, you can keep second-guessing me all you want, but it won't change the fact that I'm in love with Viki.

David: I'll bet that kiss-off letter from Kim was all a trick just to make you believe that it was over.

Viki: No, Clint wouldn't do that.

David: Did you actually read the letter?

Viki: No. He read it to me.

David: So there could have been anything on that piece of paper.

Viki: But why would he do that if he's still interested in Kim?

David: So somebody wouldn't kick him out of her house while he's macking on a certain stripper. Viki, you got to see this. He used you. And you're the one who let him in in the first place. It's like asking Idi Amin over for Téa. Idea for biopic -- Téa with Idi Amin. Clint is a horrible, horrible person and you're lucky to be rid of him.

Viki: [Sobbing]

David: Oh, Viki.

Rex: How stupid do you think I am? Amnesia? Please. You've been helping Cutter.

Stacy: Cutter's been helping me.

Rex: You both tried to trick me!

Stacy: No, that was just Cutter. I didn't know what was going on at first, and then once I found out, I refused, so he backed off.

Rex: Backed off? You're stalking me.

Stacy: Rex, I have been going out of my way to avoid you. I don't want to hurt you. I knew that seeing this... I couldn't go back to Llanview, so Cutter and I, we spun a globe and my finger landed on Paris, Texas.

Aubrey: So, you're gonna help your dad say goodbye to your mom? How?

Shane: I have this plan. It's kind of like his Christmas present, if it'll work in time.

Aubrey: Well, I'm pretty good at keeping secrets. You want to tell me? Maybe I could help.

Shane: Someone's already helping me. From school. I just hope she comes through for me.

Jack: [Sighs]

Neela: What did you do when you realized what had happened and that someone had died and it was Shane's mom?

Jack: I freaked. I was gonna go straight to the cops, but my dad stopped me. And his wife, Téa, she's this really big defense lawyer -- she said I could go to jail for a really long time.

Neela: Even though it was an accident?

Jack: That's what she said. And my dad -- you're gonna think he's a real jerk for doing this -- but he found out that brad's family had lost a lot of money in the real-estate crash, so he paid off brad's family to have brad take the blame, even though it was my idea, even though I'm the one who made up that girl's MyFace page. I'm the one who went after Shane. I'm the one who locked his mom in that basement. It was all me! And look at me! I'm living my life, while brad's locked up and Shane's mom is dead. I'm the one who should be punished. And maybe I was.

Neela: What do you mean?

Jack: You know karma? What goes around comes around? Even though I'm not in jail, I'm still paying for it.

Neela: Because you feel so guilty?

Jack: Because I am guilty. I think it was payback. I think my dad died because of what I did to Gigi Morasco.

Aubrey: So, this friend is a girl?

Shane: It's not like that. My dad caught me talking to her on the phone and got the same idea, but trust me, she's just helping me.

Aubrey: Do what? Sorry. Never mind. You don't have to tell me. It's okay.

Shane: Everyone's gonna know soon anyway. Jack Manning is totally into her. She's pretending to like him so she can get him to admit what he did to my mom.

Neela: Going after Shane, that was a mistake. But Shane's mother showing up and that broken generator -- that was an accident. You weren't trying to hurt anyone.

Jack: Yeah, tell that to Shane. He lost his mom because of me. And now I lost my dad. So it's kind of like a trade, you know?

Neela: I don't think that's how it works.

Jack: I do. I even saw Shane's mom at the cemetery. Okay, you might think I'm crazy, but it's true. I saw her. It was like her ghost or spirit or something. But I wish she had been real. I would have told her I was sorry...that I didn't mean it, that I'm so -- I'm so sorry.

Neela: Jack.

Rex: So, you've got amnesia. You spun a globe, and you just happened to end up here in Paris, Texas, where Shane grew up, Gigi worked, and where we just happened to be coming for a visit.

Stacy: Ask the manager. We've been here for a while. Cutter wasn't exactly thrilled with the place, but something about it...it just felt right. But then you showed up, so we packed up and headed to the airport, but then something drew me back here. And I thought you were gone. The pie contest was over, so why would you be here? I would never have come back here if I knew you were still here.

Rex: Right.

Stacy: It's true! Okay. Look, you hate me. I get it. I deserve it. So, all I can say is I'm sorry and...goodbye.

Rex: Wait. Now I know you're not her. It's your face... your voice... you are so much like Gigi. My name's Jeff.

David: I hate Clint. The fact that he hurt you makes me want to dropkick him into a Moroccan prison. But you love him, which I will never understand, by the way. Viki, you could have anybody. You could have had me.

Viki: Yeah. I should have jumped at that when I had the chance.

David: Say no more.

Viki: David. Oh, come on. It's freezing.

David: I'm gonna make you forget all about Clint Buchanan.

Viki: Right here in angel square?

David: Merry Christmas, baby.

Clint: Oh, Kimberly...

Kim: Don't be nice to me. You'll make me cry.

Clint: It's all right if you do.

Kim: [Sighs] You and your stupid handkerchiefs. You know, I used to dream about these. They always smelled so good. [Inhales deeply] Mm. Same cologne. I just really thought we were gonna make it, Clint.

Clint: I'm sorry.

Kim: Oh, you will be. Clint Buchanan, you're gonna miss me.

Clint: I will miss you.

Kim: [Sighs] I guess this is it, then.

Clint: Kimberly, if you ever need anything...

Kim: I know how to find you. But for now, I have to find Cutter and Stacy.

Cutter: Where is she?

Prof. Fina: She is trying to find out who she is!

Cutter: I know! Just tell me where she went!

Prof. Fina: You should never stop a woman from discovering the truth about herself! Hmph! The universe, young man, it, uh, seeks equilibrium. And if you upset that balance, it'll just, well, fix it for itself with dire consequence. You will be punished for it.

Cutter: Okay. I hear you. If I hurt her, I'll regret it. But where did she go?

Prof. Fina: She went, um, back to where she feels at one with the universe. Let her go, young man. Let her go. The answer to all of your problems is that you should care enough about her to just, um, well, let her go.

Stacy: Rex...

Rex: God, I almost fell for it.

Stacy: I'm not trying to hurt you.

Rex: Y-y-you look like her. You sound like her. You're not her, okay?! This hurts!

Stacy: I know.

Rex: Then -- then why you'd come to my house for the Halloween party if you didn't want to hurt me?

Stacy: Because I thought that if I saw you, it might help me remember something. But it didn't. I don't know you.

Rex: Okay.

Stacy: It doesn't matter now, okay? I don't want to be Gigi's copy. I want to go back to the way I was. And I tried. I went to that plastic surgeon, and I asked him to change me back.

Rex: Why didn't he?

Stacy: Because of the coma. He said it would be too dangerous to put me under... so he couldn't do the surgery. I'm so sorry, Rex. I'm gonna go now. But first, could you just tell me one thing...about Stacy?

Aubrey: Uh, that's a pretty big favor to ask, Shane. Are you sure that's not too much pressure to put on your friend?

Shane: She gets that Jack needs to pay for what he did. And you want dad to move on, right?

Aubrey: Are you sure this is about your dad? Or is it possible that you want to see Jack pay?

Shane: Well, he needs to pay. Of course that's why I'm doing this. Anyway, all Neela's gonna do is get Jack to talk --

Aubrey: Whoa, wait, wait. Neela? Neela Patel?

Shane: Yeah. You know her?

Aubrey: Vimal's little sister. Yeah, Rama's told me all about her.

Shane: What'd she say?

Aubrey: That she's a nice girl, smart, pretty... and has a major crush on Jack Manning.

Shane: Yeah, well, she got over that when I told her how he killed my mom. At least, I think she did.

Jack: You must hate me. I killed Shane's mom.

Neela: But you didn't mean to.

Jack: It's still my fault.

Neela: It's not like you woke up one morning and said you were gonna kill someone. It was an accident.

Jack: It doesn't matter. She's dead because of me, and there's nothing I can do about it. I mean, yeah, I made all those stupid promises about becoming a better person. But that won't change anything.

Neela: You're just going to have to live with this.

Jack: But I can't! That's what I've been trying to say! I mean, it was all right when I could talk to my dad about it. But then he was murdered. And now I know what it -- now I know what I did to Shane. I know how it feels to lose a parent. I'm a terrible person, Neela.

Neela: No, Jack. No, you're not.

Stacy: When Cutter and I showed up here, I...I started to get these feelings like I had been here before. I started to remember things. Do you know why?

Rex: Nice try. Stacy was never in Paris, Texas.

Clint: Life is too short. Don't go chasing after those losers.

Kim: And let my brother get away with sending me to prison? Not the Wentworth way. And I have to find him before he tries to sell Stacy to the highest bidder.

Clint: You always were a good friend.

Kim: I'm a good person.

Clint: Yes, you are. It's just bad timing.

Kim: Story of my life.

Clint: It's gonna work out for you. You're a strong, smart, beautiful woman.

Kim: And like I said, Clint, you're gonna miss me. Before I go... what if Viki doesn't take you back?

David: Feast your eyes.

Viki: Wow.

David: Eh?

Viki: That's really something.

David: Yeah. I think the nut makes him look dangerous, don't you? Wait till you see the movie. I'm fierce. [Imitates chipmunk]

Viki: I can't wait to see it, David.

David: I'm gonna ride that bad boy all the way to the Oscars.

Viki: Oh, what a speech you'll make.

David: Oh! What's that, chip? [Imitates chipmunk] Eine kleine tocksa micka!

Viki: What does that mean?

David: It means if Clint Buchanan is too stupid to see how beautiful you are, he's doomed to spend the rest of his days with a rattle-headed bimbette who's gonna bleed him dry.

Viki: All that? My.

C Lucy goosey dos y do! You know what that means? You're gonna find somebody a lot better than Clint Buchanan. A whole lot better.

Viki: Oh, David. Oh, David. Thank you. [Sighs]

Jack: I really appreciate you letting me spill all this. I mean, I don't even know you. But I trust you, I guess because you trusted me when you ran away from home.

Neela: I trusted you with my life.

Jack: And now I trust you with mine.

Shane: Neela would have said something if she was still into Jack, right? I mean, girls don't lie about stuff like that, do they?

Aubrey: Um, I don't know if I'm the right person to ask about that. I've never even met her, and... honesty's not exactly my strong suit.

Shane: Well, that was a pretty honest answer.

Aubrey: Look, I know you want justice for your mom, but if Neela doesn't come through...

Shane: She will. She has to. For my dad and, yeah, for me, too. But mostly for my mom. I can't let her die for nothing. I can't.

Aubrey: Let's do something for your mom right now.

Shane: What?

Aubrey: Get out that ribbon. Let's put it on the tree so everyone can see it.

Stacy: You're sure I've never been here?

Rex: Hey, you know what? I'm not. For all I know, you've been stalking Gigi for years.

Stacy: [Sighs] It just all feels so familiar. Like, that table over there, I knew that one of the legs was shorter than the other. I knew exactly where they keep the ketchup. Just feels like I've been here before. Even the uniform fit me perfectly. And when I was at the motel, I could have sworn that I had a memory...about Shane, only he was younger.

Rex: So -- so that proves it! You've been stalking Gigi! Now you're stalking me!

Stacy: Rex...

Rex: Okay, look, this ends right now, okay?! You got it?! I never want to see you again, and if you take this face anywhere near my son, I swear to God --

Cutter: Hey! Hey! Get your hands off her.

Viki: Whoa. Come on. Put your clothes back on. You'll catch pneumonia, and then you won't be able to attend your premiere.

David: Admit it. You're only making me do that 'cause you won't be able to resist me.

Viki: [Chuckles] It is a struggle. But Dorian would kill you.

David: Dorian doesn't have to know.

Viki: [Chuckles] No. She doesn't have to know, but, David, you would never cheat on Dorian.

David: No. I wouldn't. Besides, I'm not sure the senate could handle another scandal right now.

Viki: Right. So, for the good of the country, keep your clothes on.

David: You're gonna regret this decision.

Viki: Yeah. Life will never be the same now.

David: [Sighs] Hey, it's almost Christmas. I got Dorian the best Christmas gift ever.

Viki: [Chuckles]

David: It's a framed poster from my new movie.

Viki: Wow. Oh, she's going to love that.

David: Would you like one, too?

Viki: Uh, I don't -- I don't know that that's wise. You know, Dorian might not like it if you gave both of us the exact same present, you know?

David: Once again, you're right. You want me to go give my uncle Clint a knuckle sandwich?

Viki: No. He has a heart condition.

David: Hey, are you gonna be okay?

Viki: [Sniffles]

Kim: So, what if Viki doesn't take you back?

Clint: I guess that's a chance I have to take.

Kim: Just don't lose my number.

Clint: What about you? You gonna be okay?

Kim: Aren't I always?

Viki: Yeah. I am gonna be all right. I promise, okay? [Sniffles] But thank you. Thank you so much.

David: My pleasure. Don't you listen to Clint's lies ever again.

Viki: No. That is a promise.

David: Bye.

Viki: Merry Christmas.

Shane: That looks great. I'm gonna go unpack.

Aubrey: Hey, thanks for your help with the tree.

Shane: I didn't think we were gonna have one this year with mom gone. Thanks.

Aubrey: I just hope your dad likes it. You know, when he -- when he gets here.

Shane: He will. I mean, what's not to like?

Jack: I'm sorry I lost it before.

Neela: Don't worry about it. I can see how sorry you are.

Jack: You have no idea how much. I'm gonna go wash my face. Thanks, Neela.

[Cell phone rings]

Cutter: You stay away from her.

Rex: Sure. No problem. Besides, you're the one to blame here. You're the one who used her so that I would think Gigi was still alive!

Stacy: Let go of him! We're leaving. He just wanted me to promise to never go near his son, and I won't. You'll never see us again.

Cutter: He has no right to tell you what to do.

Stacy: Well, yes, he does. Look, I don't know how all this happened, but we both know that I was trying to hurt his family. I mean, look at me. I had surgery to look like Gigi. The only thing that's gonna make this right is just to get out of his life.

Prof. Fina: Let her go, young man. Let her go. The answer to all of your problems is that you should care enough about her to just, uh, well, let her go.

Rex: Yeah, so just -- just -- just get the hell out of here before I change my mind and finish you off.

Stacy: Come on!

Cutter: Wait. Wait. There's something that I have to say, and you both need to hear it.

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