OLTL Transcript Wednesday 12/14/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 12/14/11


Episode # 11085

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Todd: I'm so sorry, Blair. I couldn't let him get too close. I couldn't let him figure out what I'd done.

Starr: So -- how does it feel to be completely exonerated?

Téa: Tree shopping now.

Blair: Just looking at this makes it all so real, Téa.

Téa: Come on. We have to go buy a Christmas tree, all right? You can't think about this right now. We have to keep it together for the kids. Come on.

Blair: All right.

Téa: Mija, what kind of Christmas tree do you want to buy, because --

Danielle: How can you even think about that today? This is why the kids were talking about it at school.

Téa: I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Danielle: I'm sorry uncle Tomás confessed to killing dad. It can't be true.

Natalie: Mary said that you wanted to see me?

John: Yeah, I gave, uh, Blair Cramer's computer to the tech heads a few hours ago.

Natalie: So, Tomás actually did call her?

John: Yeah, and I'm counting on your crew. Help me find Delgado so I can nail Victor lord's murderer.


Roxanne: Oh, my God! Somebody shot dash dunning!

Shaun: Man should have hired security.

Roxanne: I think the butler did it.

Nigel: Unlikely. He is most loyal.

Roxanne: I love this show so much. You know, "Fraternity Row" just keeps getting better and better.

Shaun: I don't understand. How can they be canceling it?

Nigel: Oh, the irony.

Roxanne: Oh, forget the ironing. We got to save "Fraternity Row." All right, destiny, did the fans sign the petition at lhs?

Destiny: The ones who didn't ignore the pregnant girl.

Shaun: You got trouble at school?

Destiny: No, I don't mind them.

Shaun: Then what's up with you?

Destiny: Well, Mr. And Mrs. B are bringing Matthew home today.

Shaun: So, what are you doing here?

Nora: We're almost there.

Matthew: Okay, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Bo: You will need to rest.

Matthew: Okay, well, I've been sitting down this whole time.

Nora: I know, but in a moving car. Are you dizzy at all?

Matthew: Mom, I'm okay. It's not like my brain's just gonna turn off again.

Bo: The doctor says you got to take it easy.

Nora: Yeah, so that's what you're gonna do. We're gonna keep you at home and keep everything quiet and peaceful until we're sure you can handle things, okay?

[Rock music playing]

Bo: What? Hey. David?

David: Hey! Welcome home, little bro!

Roxanne: Why is she here? She's here to watch "Fraternity Row."

Nigel: Uh, the show is wonderful, but young love in real life would be preferable, wouldn't it, miss Evans?

Destiny: Well, I'll see Matthew later. I just figured his parents might want some alone time with him.

Shaun: Unh-unh. What are you leaving out, little d? Did something happen between you and Matthew?

David: Did no one at that clinic have conditioner or hair product of any kind?

Matthew: I don't think so.

David: All right. We'll take care of it.

Nora: Okay, let me check your pupils.

Matthew: What?

Nora: Did you look into those lights at all?

Matthew: Mom, I told you, I'm okay.

David: Look at you! You look fantastic! It's so good to see you again -- vertical with facial expressions.

Nora: Okay, easy with the head.

David: All right. I'm sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Matthew: It's okay. Don't worry about it.

Bo: See, we have to ease Matthew back into things, okay?

Matthew: I can't believe you're here, David.

David: Oh, it's no problem. It was right in the middle of my press junket.

Matthew: Press?

David: Yeah. For my movie. I'm sure you heard all about it at the hospital.

Matthew: Uh, not really.

David: Really? All the senators in Dorian's caucus heard about it, and they only listen to the sound of their own voices. [Chuckles] They thought I was arm candy, a trophy husband.

Matthew: What do they think now?

David: Well, now they think that I'm well-paid, big-screen arm candy with first credit below the title.

Matthew: So, what's the movie?

David: Seriously? Are you pulling my leg? You would have had to have been comatose not to have heard.

Nora: David --

David: Right. Sorry. Hey, I got something to show you. The movie was a thriller. We shot for three months in Sweden. And wait till you get a load of this. Huh? Look at my tattoo!

Bo: Are you kidding me?

David: Don't worry, pa. It's temporary.

Matthew: Wait, is -- is that --

David: Oh, yeah. That's right, little bro. You're looking at "the boy with the chipmunk tattoo."

Matthew: Wow, um, I heard the book was pretty intense.

David: Wait till you see the movie!

Nora: Oh, and he'll be waiting. He'll be waiting because he can't deal with anything intense right now.

David: Of course not. Matthew's dealt with the most intense thing a teenage boy can handle. Isn't that right, Matthew? You woke up, and you found out you knocked up your girlfriend.

Destiny: Matthew and I didn't get into a fight or anything. It's just -- when he woke up, the first thing he saw was this, and he kind of freaked.

Roxanne: Why? It's a very nice outfit.

Destiny: The baby, Roxy. The baby.

Roxanne: Right. Well, you know, at least your daddy didn't, you know, try to go after him and kill him or anything like that like dash dunning did with his daughter's boyfriend after they did the deed.

Nigel: Which was the first clue that moon's real father wasn't the real dash dunning. Her real father never would have committed such violence.

Todd: You're really good at sneaking up on people, aren't you?

Starr: What's wrong?

Todd: I'm really surprised that Delgado turned out to be the killer.

Starr: So was I. And I didn't get a chance to see mom this morning, but I'm sure she's so upset about it. Dani was at school, so I didn't get to talk to her, and Téa wasn't picking up her phone. [Sighs] I feel so bad for all of them.

Todd: Yeah.

Starr: But --the truth is, is that it's really good news for you. I mean, now that Tomás confessed, you're completely in the clear. You must be so relieved. It's like it's the first day of the rest of your life.

Todd: You did not just say that.

Starr: Well, dad, I'm sorry, but it's true. Everyone's always blaming you for everything, and now the police, they can't! You're officially, completely in the clear.

Todd: Yeah. Guess so.

Starr: So -- why do you look totally miserable?

Danielle: [Scoffs] I mean, this is a lie, right? You know, like -- like a way to find the real killer.

Blair: Well, I know it's an ugly headline, but for once, Todd printed the truth.

Téa: Yeah. What a guy.

Blair: Tomás called me last night, Dani, and confessed.

Danielle: But --

Blair: It was a video call. I saw him.

Danielle: He wouldn't do that to us.

Blair: Well, he felt like he needed to protect you and your mom from Victor.

Danielle: W-what? That's crazy! He would never have hurt us.

Blair: Well, apparently, Tomás thought that we didn't know Victor -- the real Victor -- and what he was capable of.

John: Well, hey, good for you, counselor, 'cause guess what -- I don't think your brother killed Victor, either.

Téa: You think Todd killed Victor.

Danielle: But why would he believe that? No, why would uncle Tomás kill somebody that we loved?

Téa: He didn't, okay? He didn't -- he didn't do that.

Natalie: So, this is true. I just thought it was uncle Todd being uncle Todd.

John: Tomás placed a video call on the computer we brought in. I have a call into the provider, but they're dragging their feet. I need a location.

Natalie: Well, I mean, did Tomás give us any sort of clue?

John: He, uh --he didn't give us any ideas about where he might be, but he told Blair a lot of, you know, uh, "stop thinking about me," "I've disappeared," blah, blah, blah, we're never gonna catch him, et cetera, et cetera.

Natalie: So, he basically just called Blair and -- and said he was guilty.

John: Basically.

Natalie: [Chuckles] Okay, I know that I haven't been here as long as you, but don't you find this really weird?

John: What part?

Natalie: The whole thing. I mean, it's almost as if Tomás is trying to get himself convicted.

John: Yeah. It's weird, but who knows? Maybe he just needed to get it off his chest.

Natalie: A guy that wants to talk -- you really think that's what it is?

John: I don't know. I've been trying to talk to you since Thanksgiving. You just don't want to hear it.

Danielle: Mom, you don't think uncle Tomás did it?

Blair: None of us want to believe it, Téa, but look at the evidence. There's the gun, there's Calmar's statement. Look, I'm the biggest defender of Tomás. But he confessed right to my face last night.

Danielle: Yeah, but what if there was a reason for that?

Blair: Sweetheart, if you'd seen the look in his eyes, you would have known he was telling the truth, and I know that we all just -- we all have to come to grips to what Tomás did. And we have to help your mom come to grips with it, too.

Danielle: Is that what you want?

John: Do you want Victor's killer brought to justice?

Téa: Of course I do.

John: Do you want your brother brought home safely? Then I suggest you don't tell anyone about this.

Danielle: Mom?

Téa: Listen to Blair, sweetheart.

Danielle: Mom, I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Téa: Yeah. I just don't want to believe this about my brother.

Blair: None of us want to believe it. I'm so glad that Todd was there. I just can't wrap my brain around the fact that I made a huge mistake with yet another man again. [Sighs]

Todd: Like you said, I -- I just feel awful for Blair -- and for Téa. I didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Starr: Dad, it's not your fault.

Todd: That doesn't mean I'm happy about it. So, you -- you sent me a text that said "l-w-s-t!!!" And I-I don't -- I don't know what that means.

Starr: It means "lawsuit." I'm being sued.

Todd: Who would sue you?

Starr: This completely sleazy music producer named rick powers. Tomás' stupid son signed a contract with him, so now rick owns the rights to all of my music. And the only way he thinks that he can sell my music is by turning me into a skank that would sleep with my sister's boyfriend.

Todd: Whoa. Wait a minute. What?

Starr: It's extremely disgusting. And when we told him to get lost, he tripped on the way out and fell and fell again and -- yeah, now he's in the hospital in traction.

Todd: Great. So, sleazy music producer fell then fell again and now he's in traction. Why is he suing you?

Starr: And Dani and Nate and James. Dad [Sighs] He's suing me for hospital bills and pain and suffering.

Todd: Sounds like he's just after all your money.

Starr: I really need your help, dad. And I couldn't ask Téa, not now, not when she just found out that her brother killed her husband. It's the last thing she needs.

Natalie: You wanted to tell me that you murdered someone? Come on, John. The situation with Blair is completely different than mine. Nobody's dead.

John: You know that's not what I'm talking about.

Natalie: We have our son back. That's all we need. Anyway, how was, uh, how was your night with Liam?

John: Are you kidding me? It was great. You know, he's a lefty, you know, so, uh, worked on his fast ball a little bit, his curve ball. Next week, I'm gonna teach him a sinker.

Natalie: [Laughs] Um, you didn't play him that -- that CD, did you?

John: No, I didn't play that CD, if you're referring to my jazz. I, uh, I did play him the one I made for you while you were in labor, you know, "Coltrane to Costello."

Natalie: Oh, well, which one was his favorite? And don't tell me he didn't like Coltrane 'cause every kid likes rhythm.

John: Can I just say our boy can clap on the three?

Natalie: [Chuckles] I can't even do that.

John: I know. We could have worked on that. I asked you to stay.

Natalie: I'm hopeless.

John: I don't think so. Why didn't you stick around last night?

Roxanne: Well, at least you know who your baby daddy is.

Shaun: Of course she does.

Roxanne: All right, well, I'm just saying, you know, it saves a lot of trouble, because if Natalie knew that John was Liam's father, all the stupid things that happened wouldn't have kept them apart.

Nigel: That is a blessing, miss Evans.

Destiny: No, I'm -- I'm definitely glad I know Matthew's the father of my baby.

Shaun: Then what's the problem?

Destiny: I don't know if he's glad. I don't know how he feels about it.

Nora: Okay, that's enough excitement for one day. I think you need to go rest.

Matthew: What? I'm -- I'm starving.

Bo: Hey, that's good.

Matthew: Ever since I woke up, I've been craving the guac burger from the Buenos Dias.

Bo: Then I'll get takeout.

Matthew: And -- and chili fries and -- and a chocolate milkshake. And you want the same thing, right, too, David?

David: Yes, I-I want armloads of food.

Matthew: Dad, you might need help carrying.

Nora: What are you tal-- he can manage.

Bo: What, are you kidding me? That much food?

Nora: What? It's like a couple of bags!

Matthew: And -- and -- and nachos.

David: And the flan.

Bo: Flan. See? I can't -- come on. You can give me a hand, can't you?

Nora: All right. Okay. Yes, I can. All right. You rest while we're gone, please.

Matthew: Y-yes. Of course.

[Door closes]

David: Are you sure we're related? You were so uncool just now.

Matthew: They're gone, aren't they?

David: Good point. So, tell me what's up?

Matthew: What's up is destiny's gonna have my kid and you're the only one who can help me.

Danielle: Excuse me.

Téa: Yeah, so, um, Todd showed up right after Tomás confessed. How did that happen?

Blair: Well, he had a mockup that I wanted him to run on the front page.

Téa: Oh, w-what was it?

Blair: Well, it -- I offered a reward for, you know, Tomás' whereabouts. And I asked Todd if he would run it on the front page for me. I thought it would be a really good way, maybe, to -- to bring Tomás home.

Téa: And t-Todd was willing to help?

Blair: Yeah. I mean, I think that's amazing considering he was actually -- he was gonna let Todd take the fall for Victor's murder. Actually, do you know what? Todd's been great about all of this, and --I think we have you to thank for that.

Todd: Maybe you're right. Maybe we shouldn't bother Téa with this lawsuit thing.

Starr: What should I do?

Todd: Nothing. I'll take care of it.

Starr: Dad -- rick is already in traction. Violence is not the answer.

Todd: Oh, come on. I'll make sure nobody gets hurt too bad and also make sure that nobody gets sued.

Starr: What's the plan?

Todd: The less you know about it, the better.

Starr: Okay. That's a little disconcerting, but I appreciate it. Thank you.

Todd: Hey, I'm your dad. That's what we do, right?

Starr: [Chuckles] You know, it's -- it's really nice to have you back.

Todd: I've been back for a while, Starr.

Starr: It's almost like I didn't believe it. And now that you're not going to jail, it's like --you really are back.

Todd: Yeah. And I'm not going anywhere, so you should probably get used to it.

Starr: Okay, I got to go. Um, I'm supposed to pick out Christmas trees with mom.

Todd: Oh, wait. That sounds great. I'm gonna come with you. What?

Starr: I don't think that's a good idea.

Téa: How am I responsible for what Todd's doing?

Blair: Well, because you defended Todd when everybody else was sure that he had killed Victor. You made sure that he walked. And you know what? I think that that gave him faith that people trusted him and, in turn, he could trust other people.

Danielle: Well, that's good.

Blair: Yeah.

Danielle: Right, mom?

Téa: Sweetheart, I'm just -- I'm in shock. Uh -- I really can't --

Blair: You know, Todd was in shock, too. He knew that -- I mean, he was really sorry. He knew that the two of you were the ones that were gonna have to suffer the most.

Téa: Shut up, Blair. You don't know what the hell you're talking about, okay?

Nora: What do you bet Matthew has maybe three bites of this food he had to have right now?

Bo: Whatever it takes.

Nora: Come on, Bo. He was trying to get rid of us.

Bo: You think?

Nora: Oh, Bo, he's furious with me. He -- he thinks that I pressured destiny into having this baby.

Bo: No, no, no. That's not it.

Nora: No. Yeah. Yeah. He -- he blames me, Bo. He does, and -- and maybe it is my fault, but I just couldn't see losing my son and his child in the same summer. I couldn't.

Bo: I know, and he'll understand that -- eventually.

Nora: That doesn't make it okay. I just got my son back, and now he hates me.

Matthew: I was awake for no more than an hour, and then destiny shows up and takes off her coat, and it was pretty obvious.

David: She's got the bump?

Matthew: Yeah. So, I asked her if she had gotten back together with Darren.

David: Did you say that to her?

Matthew: Yeah, I mean, I didn't think it could possibly be mine. And, uh, when I found out, I really just went off.

David: Who was your target?

Matthew: My mom.

David: What? Why step-Nora?

Matthew: Because she practically forced destiny to have the baby.

David: How is that possible?

Matthew: Uh, destiny was going to, you know, end the pregnancy, but my mom started pressuring her and saying that the baby's all they have left of me.

David: Ooh. Not cool.

Matthew: Yeah, tell me about it. I should be excited and happy about being alive, but I just feel so overwhelmed.

David: Yeah, it makes sense.

Matthew: I mean, how could this -- how could this have happened? I-I got a girl pregnant in high school? I never thought this could happen.

David: Well, that's life, little bro.

Matthew: You're not helping.

David: Do you think I thought that I would wind up married to a sitting U.S. Senator? Wait a minute. That's actually pretty cool.

Matthew: David.

David: Sorry, we were talking about you. Look, Matthew, if there's one thing I know, there's nothing you can do about this to change it.

Matthew: Yes, I know. I just have to deal with it. But I-I don't know how.

David: So this is where I come in?

Matthew: Yeah, I-I mean, I know you don't have experience with anything like this, but you're smart.

David: That's not true.

Matthew: Look, I don't care what every single person says in Llanview about you, but I-I don't think it's true. I think you're smart.

David: No, I meant I have experience at this.

Matthew: Not unless you've gotten a girl pregnant in high school.

David: Actually, Matthew -- I did.

Shaun: Come on, little D. Talk to me.

Destiny: Matthew and I didn't get a chance to talk about the baby.

Shaun: Why not?

Destiny: Well, I think he was in shock. Then he went all nuclear on his mom when he found out she stopped me from ending the pregnancy, which kind of makes it seem like he doesn't want to be a dad.

Shaun: Well, too bad. He is. And if he even thinks about trying to play you, he's gonna have to answer to me.

Destiny: It's not like that. We're good. It's just -- he doesn't know where the baby fits in.

Nigel: If I may, miss Evans, I've known master Matthew nearly his whole life, and he's made of very stern stuff, indeed. He is a Buchanan, and he won't disappoint you in the end.

Destiny: I hope not.

Roxanne: Well, you know, maybe you just got to talk to him.

Destiny: What do you think?

Shaun: You need to find out where his head's at, then we can start figuring out what we got to do next.

Roxanne: Listen, kid, you and your kid are our friends. We're in this with you together.

Nigel: Hear, hear.

Roxanne: All right, you see what a good soap opera can do? It brings people together. Now, look at us.

Nigel: So, once more unto the breach, my friend.

Destiny: All right, all right. I'm going. I'm going.

Roxanne: You can do it. You can do it. Keep in touch. Text us.

Shaun: Thanks for backing her up.

Roxanne: I don't want what happened with Nattie and John to happen with her and Matthew.

Shaun: Like what you were saying the other day?

Roxanne: Yeah. I mean, Johnny never told Natalie how he felt about her, so she never felt that he could step up, and that's why she doesn't want to take a chance on him ever again.

Natalie: It was nice of you to ask, but, you know, you need some alone time with your son.

John: I know. I'm, uh --I'm gonna get that.

Natalie: You have a lot of catching up to do. Anyway, um, I am gonna get the tech heads in gear, and we will get a-a location on Tomás. They're a great crew, so don't worry.

John: Hey. Why are you talking to me like we just met? What's wrong with us?

Blair: What don't I know, Téa? What -- what's the matter with you?

Téa: Nothing. Nothing, okay? Nothing.

Blair: No, you -- you're -- you're jumpy. You've been jumpy since last night -- before she even found out about all of this stuff. You got jumpy when you walked in to Dorian's and saw me with Todd.

Téa: What do you want me to say, Blair? I see Todd, I want to throttle him.

Blair: Why?

Téa: Because he has everything. He has everything back, and Victor's dead. How do you think that makes me feel, huh?!

Blair: Look, I'm so sorry. I wasn't even thinking.

Téa: No, just -- I -- please just don't. I -- all right?

Danielle: Mom --

Téa: I'm -- I'm gonna -- I'm just gonna go be by myself. I'm sorry, okay? All right.

Danielle: What's going on with her? I mean, do you think this is all about Tomás? Why is she so mad at Todd?

Blair: [Sighs]

Matthew: Wait. Y-you were a teenage dad? A-are you kidding?

David: Even I wouldn't kid about something like this. I can't believe you don't remember.

Matthew: Remember what?

David: I told you all about this at Thanksgiving. I was on the phone with pa. He put the phone up to your ear. I spilled my guts to you, Matthew. You know, for some reason, I always think about this at the holidays. I can't believe you don't even remember!

Matthew: David, I was in a coma.

David: I thought you could still hear.

Matthew: Okay, well, I don't remember any of it. You got a girl pregnant?

David: Yeah, I did. And I was just as freaked out about it as you are.

Todd: Why can't I come with you?

Starr: I just don't think it's a good idea for you to foist yourself on mom.

Todd: As much as I'd love to "foist" your mom, I'm only talking about getting a Christmas tree here with my family.

Starr: You pay people to get your Christmas trees.

Todd: Eh, where's the fun in that?

Starr: Dad, I know what you're doing.

Todd: Oh, really? What is it that I'm doing?

Starr: I know how you feel about mom. And you have fallen back in love with her.

Todd: Starr --

Starr: No, no, no. You don't have to answer me. I already know that it's true. But you didn't tell her when you had the chance -- which is expected. Guys are dense about that stuff.

Todd: Right. So now I'm just another dense guy?

Starr: You don't have to be. If you love someone, don't play games. Just say it.

Natalie: I told you, we're fine. We have our son. We're both gonna raise him. Isn't that enough?

John: No. It's not. You're holding something against me, and I want to know why. Please talk to me.

Téa: Detective, um -- hey, Natalie, uh, have you found Tomás yet from the computer?

Natalie: I'm gonna work on that right now. I'm sorry everything turned out the way it did with your brother.

John: Hey. We'll pick this up later.

Téa: So, Natalie doesn't know that Todd's the real killer?

John: We think. And only you and Bo know.

Téa: Listen, um [Chuckles] Something needs to move on that soon because my daughter is really trying hard to be tough, and she's pretending that it's okay that her uncle's a murderer, and Blair is practically writing sonnets to Todd, okay? I'm gonna lose it if you don't arrest him soon, all right? Okay? [Sighs]

Todd: How'd you get so smart?

Starr: Good genes. Don't change the subject. You let mom slip through your fingers. Why didn't you say something when you had the chance?

Todd: I-I don't -- I know. I blew it. I blew it.

Starr: Yeah, you did, and now mom chose Tomás.

Todd: No. [Chuckles] Tomás is out of the picture. Tomás is no mas. That's funny. You don't think that's funny? I think that's funny.

Starr: You think you could just move right in?

Todd: Well, yeah. I mean, what? No, that's -- that's a bad idea.

Starr: Yes! It's a bad idea! Oh, my God, dad, it's too soon!

Todd: But I don't want to miss my shot again.

Starr: It's not like she's going out speed-dating! Dad, God, if -- if you move in too fast while mom is still trying to get over Tomás, then you're gonna blow it again!

Todd: No, I can't blow it again, not after everything I did to get her back.

Starr: And what did you do?

Matthew: Sorry I don't remember about your kid.

David: Never told another living soul. But you're my little bro, and I needed you to know. You need to know that if I could grow up to be a happy, successful, and handsome past-40 adult, so can you.

Matthew: But -- but what happened? What happened to the baby? We all have internal plumbing.

Matthew: David, what's the deal with your kid?

[Knock on door]

David: That's probably for you. I'll get it. Good God, woman, you're enormous! Matthew was right.

Destiny: About what?

David: My little niece or nephew. How's he, she, or it doing?

Destiny: Right now, kicking me in the ribs.

David: I'd expect nothing less. I want you to know that Dorian and I are very excited. And while we'll already be the aunt and the uncle, we'd be very good Godparents. I'd like you to consider that, all right, because we're very spiritual people. I have to go now.

Matthew: Where you going?

David: Blanca Morales.

Destiny: Oh, yeah. She said something about you being in "the boy with the chipmunk tattoo."

David: In it? I am "T.B.W.T.C.T." I got to head over and tape her talk show. I want you to watch it.

Matthew: Blanca Morales? I don't know. I don't really like her that much.

David: Yeah, well, guess what. You're gonna make an exception. I could use all the luck I can get.

Matthew: Okay.

David: I should probably head over to Viki's house. I could use a little luck from her. She'd probably really like to see me anyway. You hang in there. All right?

Matthew: We'll finish this conversation later.

David: Yes, we will. Destiny, don't be rude. Open the door for your unborn child's Godfather. Thank you.

Destiny: Mm-hmm.

Matthew: Hi.

Destiny: I can't believe you're here.

Matthew: Yeah, it, uh, it still feels pretty weird.

Destiny: I never thought I'd see you back on your feet again.

Matthew: I'm sure that's what a lot of people are thinking.

Destiny: I'm really glad you're home, but -- there's something I have to ask you.

Bo: Give Matthew time to, um, get used to things.

Nora: And what are we supposed to do in the meantime?

Bo: Well, make sure that he knows that we're there to help with whatever he needs.

Nora: What I think he needs is destiny not to be pregnant, and that is my fault.

Starr: Dad --what did you do to get mom back?

Todd: I survived. That's what I did. When Irene shot me, I almost bled to death in that cabin, and your mom came, and -- and she saved me. She gave me the will to -- to heal.

Starr: Can you do that for her? Can you let her heal, give her the time?

Todd: Yeah, totally.

Starr: No, seriously, dad. I mean it.

Todd: What? I-I can wait. I can.

Starr: Since when?

Todd: Since I-I -- well, I'm not sure, but I can.

Starr: Dad?

Todd: What?

Starr: I know it's very hard for you to be patient, but can you please just try? Don't mess this up again.

Todd: Why is this so important to you?

Starr: Because I miss us all being a family. I really want you and mom back together.

Todd: Yeah, it wouldn't be so bad, would it?

Starr: Hey. Just wait, okay? Tomás is out of the picture. But you're not going anywhere.

Todd: Thanks, kiddo.

Starr: Oh, I got to go. I got to go. But thank you for taking care of rick.

Todd: Oh, no problem. Forget about him.

Starr: And --

Todd: Right, right, right.

Starr: --Remember?

Todd: I got it. I'll try not to take things too quickly with your mom.

Starr: Good.

Todd: Doesn't mean I'm gonna let it go, either.

Blair: Was she this moody way before all this happened?

Danielle: Yeah, I guess. I just thought it was the hormones.

Blair: Yeah. I think being pregnant makes everything a little bit more extreme, that's for sure.

Danielle: Well, I'm not pregnant, and I'm as upset about Tomás as my mom is.

Blair: Oh, I know, sweetheart. I'm really angry about what he did to me, but it really infuriates me what he did to you and your mom.

Danielle: I loved him.

Blair: Yeah. So did I. You know what? You know what it's like? It's like Eli all over again.

Danielle: I thought that, too.

Blair: [Laughs] How did we let this happen again?

Danielle: I just -- I don't know how we keep getting fooled.

Blair: I know. [Scoffs] But you know what? There is one good thing that came out of it. At least we know who killed Victor now.

Téa: Tell me you have enough for an arrest, detective. All you need is enough for the indictment, okay? And in this town [Laughs] Todd Manning can be indicted on general principle, all right?

John: We can't go to trial until we have all the evidence. And what happens to your brother when we arrest Todd?

Téa: I know! I know. I know. [Voice breaking] It's just -- it's making me crazy.

John: That's why I didn't want to tell you.

Téa: [Inhales deeply] It is better than thinking my brother is a killer, okay? [Sighs]

John: At least you couldn't blow the whole case.

Téa: I'm not gonna blow the case, detective. [Scoffs]

John: Let me tell you something. Until we find your brother, Todd needs to believe that he has gotten away with this. That's the best way to keep your brother alive.

Téa: [Sighs]

John: Right?

Téa: Yes.

Roxanne: I'm afraid Natalie and John are gonna end up like "Fraternity Row" -- canceled.

Shaun: I thought we were here to stop that.

Roxanne: And we are! Okay, we got our petitions. And you got those John Hitchcocks on there?

Nigel: I acquired a few dozen at the market. I've been quite busy here. In fact, uh, Mr. Buchanan requires his medication now.

Shaun: I didn't get that many, either. And I had to give up the best Christmas tree on the lot just to get Jessica and ford to sign.

Roxanne: Mm. Destiny got a bunch, and I got a bunch.

Shaun: So, how many?

Roxanne: I got a couple of hundred.

Shaun: I can make a poster.

Roxanne: No! No, we need thousands! We need something big! We need something that the producers are gonna stand up and take note! We need something, like, bold and grabby. We need something like -- like David Vickers.

Téa: [Voice breaking] It must be the hormones. I just [Sobs]

John: I know. You're usually so calm when you come in here.

Téa: [Laughs]

John: Hey. Really, are you okay? Are you --

Téa: [Sobbing]

David: Is Viki here?

Roxanne: This is so much more important.

David: What is?

Roxanne: You.

David: Of course I am.

Roxanne: I think this is fate, big man.

Shaun: It's destiny.

David: She's over with Matthew.

Roxanne: No, we're talking about you, because you are the key. You are the touch tone. You are e lynch kin.

Shaun: He's what?

Roxanne: The answer, man!

David: To what?

Roxanne: To saving "Fraternity Row."

Destiny: Okay, so first, are you feeling better, like, really, really better?

Matthew: Yeah, basically feel how I used to.

Destiny: Good -- because I asked you this when you were in the hospital, but you never really gave me an answer, and I need to know, so --

Matthew: Okay. What?

Destiny: Are you going to be part of our baby's life?

Bo: I got an idea. Why don't we just stop worrying about what is gonna happen?

Nora: You're so much better at that than I am.

Bo: Hey, we've got Matthew home. He's got a teenage appetite now, so I think we're pretty lucky.

Nora: You're right. We are lucky.

Bo: So, come on! Let's go get him some food, and, uh, we'll just put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Ready?

Nora: Okay.

Bo: Let's go.

Both: One, two --

Danielle: Let's forget about Tomás.

Blair: You think?

Danielle: I didn't even know he existed last year, and now he's gone.

Blair: Oh, my. You've really had that happen a lot to you lately, haven't you?

Danielle: Yeah. New dads, new uncles. Then they're gone. At least I didn't get too attached to Tomás. You know, I just feel bad for my mom.

Téa: Oh.

Natalie: Sorry to interrupt. Everything you need to know about Tomás Delgado's phone call's right there.

John: Natalie.

Natalie: I have to get back to work.

John: [Sighs]

Téa: Detective, come on. Come on. Let's find out where Todd stashed my brother.

Todd: One tiny, little phone call wouldn't hurt, right? "Hey, Blair. Just calling to find out how you're doing." That's not too pushy, is it?

Danielle: I feel bad for you, too. You and Tomás had gotten close.

Blair: Dani, don't you worry about me. I've survived many, many men who have let me down, okay? But there is one little guy that I can't let down, and that's your brother Sam. I promised him I would get the biggest and prettiest tree 'cause he wants to decorate it today. So, do you want to go over there and help me pick it out?

Danielle: Um -- thank you, but I-I think I'm just --I'm just gonna go get some hot chocolate or something.

Blair: Okay. All right. Bye.

[Cell phone rings]

Blair: Todd?

Todd: Hey. Uh, it's -- it's me. H-how's it going?

Blair: Well, actually, not so good.

Todd: Yeah? Um --I-I'm just checking in. Anything I can do?

Blair: Make it all not true? I know you can't do that. I'm just kidding. But thanks for calling to check in, you know? Appreciate it.

Todd: Hey, what's an ex-husband for?

Blair: You're a good one.

Todd: Yeah. Okay, well, um -- you know, if you need anything, just -- just -- just give me a call, okay?

Blair: I will. Bye.

Todd: Blair! One sec.

Blair: Yeah, I'm here.

Todd: There's something I need to tell you.

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