OLTL Transcript Tuesday 12/13/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 12/13/11


Episode # 11084

Provided By Suzanne

Viki: [Sighing] Okay. Hi. Welcome to the bon jour. My name's Viki. What can I get you?

Charlie: Viki?

Viki: Hi, Charlie. What are you doing here?

Charlie: Well, I think the better question is, what are you doing here and dressed like that?

Ford: Hey.

Jessica: Hey.

Ford: Did you find a Christmas tree you liked?

Jessica: I don't know. I don't really know the criteria.

Ford: I thought if it was green and smelled like a forest --

Jessica: No! When I was a kid, okay, my dad had this system, and it was kind of like a tradition. I just don't want to drop the ball.

Ford: Well, lucky for you, I happen to be a Christmas-tree expert.

Jessica: Really? And how did you acquire this skill?

Ford: Well, my dad's shop used to be next to this tree stand, and, well, the majority of the year, it was this parking lot, but every year at Christmastime...

Jessica: It was green and smelled like a forest.

Ford: Exactly. And I used to spend so much time there -- hiding out. And, lucky for me, this might help me score some points with your dad.

Clint: Stacy Morasco is alive and she now looks like her sister, Gigi?

Kim: She got herself one hell of a surgeon.

Clint: Why would anyone do something like that?

Kim: She wanted to take Gigi's place.

Clint: You mean pretend to be Gigi?

Kim: I know. I thought it was a little weird myself. She's always been a little obsessed.

Clint: That's more than a little obsessed.

Kim: Yeah. It's definitely the craziest thing she's ever done to get Rex.

Clint: Rex?

Kim: Yeah, that's the whole reason she wants to take Gigi's place. She's been in love with the guy since she was a kid.

Clint: And now she's coming back to Llanview looking like Gigi?

Kim: I really don't know what she's gonna do.

Clint: Oh, God. This is the last thing Rex needs -- the last thing my grandson needs. We got to stop her.

Kim: Too late. Rex already knows everything Stacy's been up to.

Cutter: Wait.

Stacy: What?

Cutter: My aftershave.

Stacy: Can't you just buy more?

Cutter: It's French. And besides, we can't risk coming back for anything -- not with Rex in town. The guy could be anywhere.

Rex: Bo, it's Rex. Give me a call when you get this. Something's going on... with Gigi.

Shane: Dad?

Rex: Hey, kiddo.

Shane: Everything okay?

Rex: Yeah, I was just calling Bo, giving him an update about Stacy.

Shane: She has mom's face now. It's got to be really weird for you.

Rex: Yeah. It's got to be pretty weird for you, too, huh?

Shane: Yeah.

Rex: Guess it's a good thing we have each other.

Stacy: I'm gonna grab a soda for the road. Do you want anything?

Cutter: Aha! I knew it! Thank God I checked.

Aubrey: Okay, after all of that, we definitely deserve some hot chocolate.

Rama: After what, exactly?

Aubrey: We just scored the perfect tree.

Rama: By pointing at it and then asking it to be wrapped and delivered?

Aubrey: I don't have a car. How do you think I'm gonna get it home?

Rama: I thought it was a bit large, you know, for the minute man.

Aubrey: Well, um, I don't even think that tree could liven up the minute man.

Rama: You know, Aubrey, I've been thinking. You haven't seen your family in years, and with cutter gone, what are your plans for the holidays? Because you're more than welcome to come spend Christmas with me and Vimal and Neela, and between the four of us, we could work up a big Christmas feast.

Aubrey: Oh, you're so sweet. That is a very sweet offer, but I can't accept.

Rama: Why not?

Aubrey: Because I have plans for Christmas... with Rex.

Shaun: Hey.

Vivian: Hey. There you are. I was just texting you. A few more minutes, you would have been looking for a tree by yourself.

Shaun: Sorry I'm late. Roxy ended the "save our stories" meeting by giving us all jobs.

Vivian: Yeah? What's yours?

Shaun: Gathering signatures for tomorrow.

Vivian: Oh, you know what? I bet you there's a lot of "Fraternity Row" fans out holiday shopping.

Shaun: You think they'll sign?

Vivian: Yeah, if their fingers aren't frozen. And you know what? I'll take half. I know a ton of fans down at the hospital -- dr. Gangemi and nurse iaienello and everybody at the telecommunications desks.

Shaun: What about dr. Wright?

Vivian: Um, you mean the girl that scheduled her med school classes around Lorraine and Durwood's wedding? Of course I will sign.

Shaun: I just hope this petition works.

Vivian: Why are you so about it?

Shaun: Because us fans are the ones who have to save this show -- especially since Clint Buchanan turned us down.

Clint: Now, wait a minute. These ghosts that Rex has recently been seeing --

Kim: Ghosts?

Clint: Visions, hallucinations, whatever you want to call them -- was that Stacy?

Kim: I don't think so. Stacy was in a coma for months.

Clint: Okay, so she wasn't trying to make Rex think that he'd lost his mind, but now she's out of the coma.

Kim: That's what Rex said. He came to visit me in jail. He already knew most of the details. I just filled him on the, uh, blanks.

Clint: And in exchange, he got you out of jail?

Kim: He came up with the evidence that got me out of doing any more hard time.

Clint: Kimberly, you didn't commit that murder?

Kim: Cross my heart, hope to die. I told you -- cutter framed me. I never killed anyone, and most important, I never wrote that "dear John" letter.

Clint: And I never wrote you that "dear Jane" letter. We have cutter to thank for that.

Kim: I would never write that. I care about you too much, cowboy. Look, I know a lot's happened since I walked out on us, but... I have to say this. I want you back.

Charlie: You know, I could move to a different section.

Viki: Oh, no, no. No. Absolutely not. I'm sorry. I -- I wasn't expecting to see you here.

Charlie: Well, that makes two of us.

Viki: Noelle said she hadn't heard from you since you finished redoing this place. What are you doing here?

Charlie: Well, I just wanted to check out the pie-off. I heard there was gonna be fierce competition.

Viki: You heard about Noelle's entry, right?

Charlie: Yeah. Yeah. I just figured I'd try to show her some support, you know? For the old days. For Gigi.

Viki: Oh, Charlie. I can't believe she's gone. I...

Charlie: I hate to think that all we can do is remember her. But I guess that's why we have to do exactly that.

Viki: Well, that's the reason that I'm here.

Charlie: Well, you look real good, especially in that uniform.

Viki: [Laughs] Yeah, well, the diner was a little short-staffed tonight. Apparently the new waitress they hired -- she flew the coop.

Rex: So it's all good?

Shane: Yeah. But I still miss mom.

Rex: Yeah, me too.

Shane: Noelle's pie better kick some ass.

Rex: With you here to help? That pie's totally gonna dominate.

Shane: Can you imagine mom's face if we won?

Rex: Yeah, I can.

Cutter: Hey, you remembered your shampoo, right? 'Cause you can't borrow mine. It's very medicated. What's -- what are you looking at?

Rex: And the winner is Noelle! Ahh!

Cutter: What the hell were you thinking?

Stacy: I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. When I saw them together, I just felt --

Gigi: And you are my hero. And you always will be. [Smooches]

Cutter: Stacy, what is it?

Clint: Kimberly, did you just say that you still want to be with me?

Kim: Of course I do. If it wasn't for David and cutter and everyone else who got in the way, we'd still be married.

Clint: Well, I don't know. A lot can happen in two years.

Kim: Which we were cheated out of. We never even got the chance to...be together. Don't you want to find out what you've been missing?

Clint: Kim, I still care about you, but it's complicated.

Kim: What are you talking about? There's no David. No cutter. There's nobody standing in our way.

Clint: That's not exactly true.

Kim: What do you mean? Who else is there?

Viki: You look good, Charlie. How are you?

Charlie: Sober.

Viki: I'm glad to hear that.

Charlie: And, you know, I've got a little place a couple towns over. There's some pretty good work around here for contractors.

Viki: Everyone must have loved what you did with the bon jour, right?

Charlie: Yeah, enough so that I started my own firm about a month ago, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but we already did get a deal with the state.

Viki: Whoa! Well, if that's the case, you should have a whole brass section.

Charlie: [Chuckles]

Viki: Congratulations. You should be really proud.

Charlie: Yeah, I am. I did what I set out to do. I rebuilt the diner, and then I started to rebuild my life. Viki, I want you to know that I am truly sorry about how things turned out between us.

Viki: Yeah. Me too.

Charlie: And so I hope you're doing well.

Viki: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm -- I'm okay. Uh, well, Jessica and Natalie, they've -- they've, uh, kind of learned to live with each other, and they give me plenty of time with Bree and my grandsons.

Charlie: That must be keeping you young.

Viki: [Chuckles] You could call it that, yeah. No, I'm -- I've got a lot to be happy about. It's good.

Charlie: Well, I've got to admit that I'm relieved to hear that.

Viki: Oh, why?

Charlie: Well, to be honest, when I saw you in that uniform, I was a little afraid that maybe you were running away from your life again.

Ford: All right, you watch Ryder. I'm going in.

Jessica: Oh, you really don't have to.

Ford: Please. Look, Eddie would always send me out to get the Christmas tree on Christmas eve -- when it was half-price. This will be cake.

Jessica: You must not have had very many happy holidays when you were a kid.

Ford: I don't know. We always ended up with a halfway decent tree. That's the one thing Eddie told me that I didn't suck at, when he wasn't complaining about how expensive the toys were that he didn't buy us. While he was on his way to the local bar.

Jessica: On Christmas eve?

Ford: It was better than having him around. Which is why I'm gonna spoil this little guy rotten. You hear that? Anything he wants, he can have.

Jessica: Including the perfect tree?

Ford: Especially the perfect tree.

Jessica: See you in 20 minutes.

Ford: 15.

Shaun: Hey. Thank you for deciding to spend Christmas with me and my family this year.

Vivian: Are you kidding? I should be thanking you.

Shaun: Why? Because you can get out of skiing with your mom or hanging in St. Bart's with your dad?

Vivian: It doesn't matter. Whoever I choose, there will still be drama. That's why the man that I love wins out over my family every time.

Shaun: You know, I could be your family, too, if you'd let me. What did I do?

Vivian: Um, I thought we talked about this. The whole marriage thing -- it's not right for me.

Shaun: I know.

Vivian: So, then, what was that?

Shaun: Christmas spirit? You can't blame a brother for being a little romantic this time of year.

Vivian: No, but you can remind him about his mother at Thanksgiving.

Shaun: She said that she'd drop it.

Vivian: Yeah, we'll see. That's why I want to do this right, okay? I want to show her that I -- I care about her son.

Shaun: With a tree?

Vivian: Well, she's not getting a ring on this finger, so... you know what? It doesn't matter. I already picked one out. It's right over there. That one.

Shaun: That one? My father couldn't even get that through the door.

Vivian: That's why they invented delivery. All right? Your parents won't have to lift a finger.

Shaun: Forget delivery. If you want that tree, you got it.

Vivian: Shaun, no, wait. It's way too big.

Shaun: Says who? If I can't get you that ring, I'm definitely gonna get you that tree.

Rama: So, that ginormous tree you ordered -- that was not for the minute man?

Aubrey: Rex's house.

Rama: You mean Rex's mansion?

Aubrey: Why do you think I needed such a ginormous tree? I am going to give that place a total holiday makeover. What?

Rama: I just don't think that's a good idea, Aubrey.

Aubrey: Why wouldn't it be?

Rama: I feel like you're setting yourself up for disappointment. I mean, it's clear that you have feelings for Rex, but he doesn't seem to have feelings for you.

Aubrey: That's not exactly true. We kissed...again.

Rama: What?! After last time, why would you kiss him again?

Aubrey: I didn't. He kissed me.

Rex: Want to watch a movie?

Shane: What movie?

Rex: I don't care. They have all the channels. Ooh! Hey! We could order a pizza!

Shane: I'm not hungry.

Rex: No?

Shane: Well, Noelle brought food over before. The leftovers are in the mini fridge.

Rex: Why didn't you say so?! Oh! This looks amazing!

Shane: Yeah, it is.

Rex: So, this pie contest will be pretty fun, right?

Shane: Yeah, definitely. And it's only a few days away.

Rex: Nice change of pace for us, huh?

Shane: You mean better than spending all of your time chasing a ghost? You got to be glad knowing that you're not really seeing mom, right?

Rex: Yeah. Really glad. I guess it's time for us to move on, huh?

Cutter: Stacy, what are you thinking?

Stacy: I remembered. I remembered I was at this motel with Shane.

Cutter: Yeah. Yeah, just -- just now.

Stacy: No. A long time ago. He was -- he was younger and, like, a foot shorter.

Cutter: That's not possible. You're -- you're just confused.

Stacy: How?

Cutter: I mean, think about it. You knew Shane when he was younger, and you knew that Gigi worked at bon jour.

Stacy: So, you think that's it?

Cutter: Yeah. Absolutely. Your mind's just playing tricks on you.

Stacy: Or maybe... I'm really Gigi after all.

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