OLTL Transcript Monday 11/28/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 11/28/11


Episode # 11073

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John: I'm, uh, sorry we haven't had a chance to talk, but... I think now's the time.

[Cell phone ringing]

John: [Scoffs] [Sighs] This happens to me a lot.

Natalie: Who is it?

John: Téa Delgado.

Natalie: Do you need to take it?

[Ringing stops]

John: No, I don't. This can wait. We can't.

Téa: McBain, it's Téa Delgado. Please call me the minute you get this. It's very important.

Blair: Did you reach him?

Téa: [Sighs] I got his voicemail. You know, he's had quite a week himself. Maybe he hasn't even listened to his messages. And you know what? Let's go down to the station. What do you think?

Blair: How long has Tomás been gone?

Téa: [Sighs] Well, he left the house yesterday afternoon, so almost 24 hours now.

Blair: I don't know that that's long enough.

Téa: Well, we know that he's missing, Blair.

Blair: [Sighs] What do you think happened to him?

Todd: [Sighs] It was you, Tomás. You killed Victor Lord.

Tomás: We both know that's not true, Todd.

Todd: We do?

Tomás: Yes. Are you thinking clearly? Are you? I know you've been through a lot of trauma.

Todd: Yeah. Thanks to you. You're a cold-blooded killer. I know it. You know it. As soon as your fingerprints are on this gun, the whole world's gonna know it.

Viki: Todd? What are you doing?

Shaun: Mom, you did it again.

Mrs. Evans: Are you sure you had enough?

Shaun: Did you see what I ate?

Mrs. Evans: Oh. This meal took every pan I had in the kitchen. You better have saved room for pies.

Shaun: Yes.

Vivian: I'm -- I'm sorry. Did you say "pies," plural?

Mr. Evans: Yeah. You want to guess how many?

Vivian: Two?

Mr. Evans: Mnh-mnh.

Vivian: Three?

Mr. Evans: Mnh. Hmm. Five.

Vivian: [Laughs]

Mr. Evans: One for each of us.

Mrs. Evans: You make fun every year, and every year, it's gone by Monday.

Mr. Evans: You outdid yourself today.

Mrs. Evans: Well, it was a special, special Thanksgiving. We've got Destiny back and -- Destiny Loretta? Are you with us?

Destiny: Sorry. I was just texting Mrs. B a Happy Thanksgiving, but she hasn't answered yet.

[Monitor flatlines]

Nora: Matthew?

Bo: Hey! We need a doctor!

Nora: Matthew? Matthew? Matthew, honey, come on. Come on. Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Matthew, stay with me here, okay? It's Mom. Matthew?

Doctor: Come on. Hello, Matthew. Come on. Come on. Stay with me. Time?

Nurse: 45 seconds since we got here.

Doctor: Charge. We need room, Nora. Clear!

Nora: I'm right here, Matthew. I'm right here.

Doctor: Does he have a line open? Get a bolus of epic. Let's go again! Clear!

Nurse: Charging.

Nora: Come on.

Doctor: Go again. Clear!

[Flat lining continues]

Mrs. Evans: There's a sample of each, then you get to pick more of what you like later.

Vivian: I have never been so spoiled. This looks amazing.

Mrs. Evans: So who'd like to say grace?

Vivian: Oh, I'm sorry. I-I thought -- I thought we already said --

Shaun: She likes to say grace before every course on Thanksgiving.

Destiny: Uh, maybe you should say it, Mom.

Mrs. Evans: Heavenly father, we are so thankful for the food that we've just eaten. We are so grateful for the bounty in our lives. We are grateful for another year that we've all survived. And most of all, we are so grateful that you have brought our wonderful Destiny home to us again. We are grateful for the roof over our heads. We are grateful for the health of our family, and we are so very grateful for --

Destiny: Matthew.

Mrs. Evans: ...This day, where it is important to remember the Buchanan family. Their son Matthew is in bad shape. Please watch over him. Protect him. And if it is your will, please guide him to recovery.

[Monitor beeps]

Doctor: Wait. Sinus rhythm -- pulse is a little thready. Stabilizing. He's breathing on his own.

Bo: W-what happened?

Doctor: His heart started again. Matthew's back. This is what I need.

Nora: Welcome back, honey.

Bo: You almost gave us a heart attack.

Nora: Okay. You know, I know you're a little tired of this bed, but it's not your time, okay? Y-you got to stay with us here, babe.

Mrs. Evans: Matthew's been gone a long time, and he's sorely missed. There are people here who need him.

Nora: [Sobbing] I swear, I thought this was it. I thought this was the day I lose him.

Bo: No, no. Matthew's not gonna give up, honey.

Nora: Ha. Look at this.

Bo: What's wrong?

Mrs. Evans: Matthew needs to come back, Lord, for his mother, for his father, for Destiny.

Nora: Doctor?

Doctor: When I put the stethoscope on his chest, he flinched, like he thought it was cold.

Bo: Well, what's that mean?

Mrs. Evans: He needs to come back for his child.

Doctor: Matthew hasn't responded to outside stimuli in months.

Matthew: Mom... Dad...

Téa: I told you. He left to follow a lead. He didn't tell me anything else!

Blair: Okay. No need to bite my head off here, all right?

Téa: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Blair: It's okay.

Téa: I'm sorry. [Sighs] How are the kids? Did they ask about him while I was out here?

Blair: No. You know, Dani and Jack, I think, bought the whole "New York City gallery" thing, and Sam, he's too young. He really doesn't care.

Téa: [Sighs] Starr got quiet. I saw her looking at you.

Blair: Well, Starr always knows when something is wrong. Hope went into her whole majorette thing. They're in there watching the parade again on DVR.

Téa: That's exactly the kind of thing Tomás would want to be here for.

Blair: Of course. At least, I thought so.

Téa: Well, you thought right. Where is he? Where is he?

Blair: [Sighs] You know what? That's it.

Téa: What are you doing?

Blair: I'm gonna call John McBain. He may ignore your phone calls, but he knows better than to ignore mine. [Sighs]

Natalie: You know, we don't have to talk about this, you know, if you -- if you don't want to. I mean, I-I get it. We found out that Liam is our son, but that doesn't...change what happened between us.

John: No, it doesn't, but --

Natalie: And I-I don't expect that. I-in fact, I-I don't have any assumptions about what's going to happen. And don't worry. I-I don't -- I don't think that we could have a future after what I did. But we do share a son, and I really think that we can raise him without any drama.

John: [Chuckles] Can I say something?

Natalie: [Chuckles] Yeah. Sorry. Sure.

John: Okay. Um --

[Cell phone rings]

Natalie: [Chuckles]

John: See, this is why I never get a chance to say anything.

Natalie: Téa again?

John: No. Blair.

Natalie: Uh, you probably should go ahead and take it.

John: Yeah?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Okay. [Sighs] Hi, Blair.

Blair: John, um, I'm so sorry to bother you on Thanksgiving, especially this Thanksgiving. How's your son?

John: Liam's great. What's going on?

Blair: It's Tomás. He's missing.

Viki: So, how did that plate wind up across the room?

Todd: It slipped.

Viki: Oh. Okay. Sorry you weren't here for dinner.

Todd: Yeah, I bet everybody missed me.

Viki: Mm.

Todd: You have people for that.

Viki: No, Lois and Nigel, they take care of the house. They're not babysitters.

Todd: Tell that to Jessica's kids.

Viki: So, what's wrong?

Todd: Nothing. Oh, I'm not fooling you with my sunny disposition?

Viki: Just tell me what's wrong. What happened? Did you do something --

Todd: Tomás Delgado.

Viki: Tomás? That's Téa's brother.

Todd: Yes, Viki. Tomás Delgado is, in fact, Téa Delgado's brother.

Viki: Okay. What happened? Is there trouble between you two?

Todd: Nope. No trouble.

Viki: Okay, we are not doing this again.

Todd: What is it we're not doing again?

Viki: You know, if you take everything that's bothering you and just shove it under the rug, you know what happens? You disappear and nothing is left but a smokescreen. So, just tell me what's wrong.

Todd: I can ask you anything, right, Viki? Can I ask you something?

Viki: Yes.

Todd: If you don't want me to sweep this under the rug, where do you want me to put it?

Viki: I am sorely tempted to tell you exactly where you can put it.

Todd: I dare you.

Viki: You know I'm not going to stop asking, so you might as well tell me. What is up with Tomás?

Todd: He's with Blair now. They're together.

Viki: Together?

Todd: Yep. Together. You see, Viki, when a man and a woman love each other very much --

Viki: Shut up. How do you know that for sure?

Todd: She made me realize what I want. And I want you. I just do.

Viki: Todd.

Todd: It's a fact. Blair chose Tomás. I missed my chance.

Blair: Well, John's on his way, so everything's gonna be okay.

Téa: You don't know that.

Blair: Yes, I do. It's John. He will make sure it's taken care of, okay?

Téa: What if he says, "I'm not a cop anymore. This isn't my problem," huh?

Blair: That is not John. He wouldn't be on his way over here if he didn't feel that he could help. You need to eat a little something. You ate like a bird.

Téa: Ugh, I can't.

Blair: Come on. Yes, you can. Téa, you're pregnant. You got to remember that.

Téa: [Sighs] Blair, I keep thinking, what am I gonna tell this kid? I mean, I already have to explain why their father isn't around. Now with Tomás gone, I --

Blair: Okay, okay. You know what? Stop thinking like that. Tomás is coming home, all right? He made a lot of promises that he has to keep.

Téa: You're just as worried as I am. Admit it.

Blair: You know what I keep thinking? I just don't know why I waited so long to tell him how I felt about him.

Téa: [Sighs]

Natalie: What did Blair want?

John: Oh, Tomás is missing. He went looking for Victor's murderer and didn't show up at Thanksgiving and no one's heard from him.

Natalie: That doesn't sound good.

John: Hey, who knows with that guy? You know, maybe that's how he works.

Natalie: Well, what's Blair want you to do? You're not on the force.

John: Oh, she didn't seem to care. I said I'd call the station for her.

Natalie: She wants you, not a cop.

John: Yeah, I guess, but, uh, I'm not going. I'm --

[Liam cries]

John: Hey. Why's the little guy crying?

Natalie: [Laughs] Because he's awake and no one's paying attention to him.

John: Well, you know what? I can fix that.

Natalie: [Laughs] Wait, wait. Um, you know, why don't you let me take care of Liam, you go take care of Blair?

John: Yeah? You sure?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we have plenty of time to talk about this. Just be safe.

John: Okay. I'll be back fast, okay? Um, take care of our son.

[Liam cooing]

Natalie: "Our son." I like it.

Shaun: Don't you want your pie?

Vivian: Oh, no. This fork is not touching my lips until you eat first.

Shaun: Mom, didn't we forget the prayer tree?

Mrs. Evans: Vivian, he is playing with you. I made the cherry for you.

Vivian: That is my favorite.

Mrs. Evans: Well, Shaun said.

Destiny: Uh, may I be excused?

Mr. Evans: You haven't touched your dessert.

Destiny: I know, but the next train to Philly leaves in half an hour. If I leave now, I can just make it.

Mrs. Evans: Are Bo and Nora there?

Destiny: Yeah, they were gonna be with Matthew all day today.

Mrs. Evans: Well, why don't you take them a pie? I'm sure they couldn't have had much of a dinner at the hospital.

Destiny: Thanks.

Mrs. Evans: I'll pack one up.

Shaun: Little D, why didn't you tell me you wanted to go to Philly? I could have taken you before.

Destiny: I don't know. I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but I just feel like I have to go now. Um, maybe it's 'cause it's Thanksgiving, but I just want to be close to Matthew today.

Nora: Hey, honey. Can you hear us?

Doctor: Page Dr. Claremont. I need a reflex hammer and get me a kit.

Bo: Doctor. What just happened here?

Doctor: We got lucky.

Bo: Yeah, but is it temporary or -- we've been through all of this before. Matthew woke up, and then we thought he was fine. Are we gonna lose him again?

Nora: Oh. I am so happy to see those eyes. Oh, sweetheart. Hi,

Doctor: I can't say, Mr. Buchanan. We should know more after we do the tests. Until then, let's just take it one step at a time. Thanks. Matthew, I need to ask you some questions, okay? Do you know where you are?

Matthew: Looks like the hospital.

Bo: He hasn't been conscious since we brought him in.

Doctor: You know who these people are?

Matthew: My mom and dad. I already said that.

Doctor: That's right. You did. And who's the president?

Matthew: That depends on how long I was out. Is it still Obama?

Nora: Mm. Yes. Yes, it is.

All right. We'll make this quick. You haven't seen light in a long time. Probably wasn't too much fun.

Matthew: It's a lot funner than sleeping.

Nora: Yes, it is. [Chuckles]

Doctor: Well, Matthew, you seem to be doing pretty well. Your reflexes and your cognitive skills look good. You caught us all by surprise here, so we're gonna have to do a lot of tests in the next few hours. This may sound funny after all that sleep, but all you need to do now is rest, all right? Take it slow.

Matthew: Okay.

Bo: Doctor. [Clears throat] How long will he be awake? [Sighs] I really don't have an answer.

Bo: When will you get one?

Doctor: Believe me, this is the kind of breakthrough where everyone will want to know the whys and hows. I'm just gonna look at Matthew's last CT scan. If anything changes, page me.

Bo: Okay.

Doctor: If it looks like he's deteriorating at all, get me up here. Don't wait.

Nora: Don't worry.

Doctor: I'll be in radiology. Page me.

Bo: We will.

Nora: Nothing's gonna go wrong. I know it. Honey, he's, like, the best doctor in the country for your condition. That's -- that's why we brought you here.

Matthew: Where?

Nora: In Philadelphia. That's where you are. This is where we knew you'd have the best chance.

Bo: Your mom would never give up, Matthew, no matter what they said.

Matthew: What -- what --

Nora: You were really sick, sweetie. And I'm sure you probably can feel it now, but you're getting better, and you're gonna keep getting better. No one's gonna give up on you, not until you're up and walking around on your own two feet.

Matthew: How long was I out?

Bo: You, uh... you were unconscious for six months.

Shaun: So then it looks like we're all just gonna go home.

Vivian: But then the best man proposes to the maid of honor, or the woman that was supposed to be the maid of honor.

Mrs. Evans: Wait. Who -- who, now?

Shaun: Cord Roberts, Clint's son, lives in London.

Vivian: Yeah, uh, Tina Lord.

Mrs. Evans: Oh! I know who that is.

Shaun: How's that, Mom?

Mr. Evans: You know she watches "Access Llanview" whenever I'm not home.

Shaun: Anyway, we still got a wedding.

Mr. Evans: On the spot.

Mrs. Evans: Now, how do two people get married on five seconds' notice?

Vivian: Well, uh, Viki called in some favors to Senator Lord, and they got the marriage license there within the hour.

Mrs. Evans: Must be nice to know someone. Well, maybe this marriage will last. It's craziness.

Shaun: They've had some practice being married to each other. And two kids.

Mr. Evans: Well, maybe they'll get it right this time.

Mrs. Evans: Mm. That family.

Shaun: What does that mean?

Mrs. Evans: Oh, those Buchanan girls. See, this is what happens when you get married on a whim. They should have taken the time to get to know each other.

Shaun: Natalie knew Brody -- she thought.

Mrs. Evans: They weren't even together six months. No, they should have taken their time.

Shaun: How much time is that?

Mrs. Evans: I don't know. You and Vivian have been together for about two years now. Seems like a perfect time to get engaged.

Shaun: Don't look at me. Ask Vivian about that.

Vivian: [Chuckles nervously] Shaun... why don't we, um, talk about this later?

Mrs. Evans: Oh. See, that's just not how it works, doll. So, what am I supposed to be asking?

Vivian: Well, Shaun and I had a very long talk about marriage, which just isn't for me.

Mrs. Evans: Oh.

Mr. Evans: Oh, Lord.

Mrs. Evans: Not for you? So, what do you want?

Vivian: Well, I'm -- I'm happy with the way that things are.

Mrs. Evans: Where you can just be free to see whoever you want?

Vivian: No, I'm with Shaun. I just want to make sure that we don't do anything that we might regret.

Mrs. Evans: I see. So, it seems like you're saying you're fine with Shaun -- for now. Maybe. But he isn't good enough to marry?

Viki: Oh, God. I'm so sorry. I know this must be breaking your heart.

Todd: What heart?

Viki: The heart that I know is there, that needed healing. I wanted this so much for -- for you.

Tomás: Choose carefully, Todd. What you do next will define you for the rest of your life. Either you become the man that Viki, Starr, Téa, and Blair want you to become... or you prove that you are truly your mother's son -- nothing but a psychopathic murderer.

Viki: Listen, it doesn't mean it can't still happen, you know? Come on.

Natalie: Sorry.

Todd: You're not the one that needs to be sorry. Your mom, you know her. She can't -- she gets all mushy after all that turkey.

Natalie: I'm just gonna go grab a drink.

Viki: I thought you and John were in the library.

Natalie: Uh, yeah. Yeah, we were. Uh, and then he got a call from Blair and had to run out. Apparently, Tomás Delgado is missing.

Blair: Come on in, John. Thank you so much for coming over so quickly.

John: Happy Thanksgiving.

Blair: You too.

John: How long has Tomás been gone?

Téa: He left the house yesterday around 4:00 p.m.

John: 4:00 p.m. and this had something to do with Victor's murder?

Téa: Yes. Absolutely it did.

Blair: Otherwise he would be here.

John: Okay. Well, it's too soon to file an official missing-persons report. I'll see what I can do unofficially.

Téa: Thank you.

John: So, who was the last person to see Tomás?

Téa: Uh, I-I was the last person to see him. He told me nothing about where he was going, what he was doing.

Blair: He didn't tell me anything. Of course, if we knew where he was, who he was looking for, we would actually know where to look.

John: Hmm.

Bo: Well, we can rule out Irene Manning.

John: Oh, yeah?

Bo: Yeah. She'd be right at the top of the list if she wasn't locked up when all this happened.

John: Doesn't mean she didn't arrange it.

Bo: But I don't see how. I mean, she was under constant observation. There was nothing to indicate that she was able to smuggle out any kind of message. During the whole buildup to this, uh, Victor Lord murder, she only had contact with one other person, and that was her other son, Todd.

Blair: John?

John: Hmm?

Blair: Do you know who it could be?

Viki: Tomás is missing?

Todd: Well, I'm not surprised. What? The guy's a-a CIA operative. Isn't that what they do?

Natalie: I don't know, but Téa and Blair seem pretty worried.

Viki: So, what happened?

Natalie: I don't have all the details, but apparently Tomás was chasing a-a lead on Victor's killer, never came home last night, and no one's heard from him.

Todd: So, what was the lead?

Natalie: John's on his way there. He'll find out.

John: Did you check with any of his friends or acquaintances?

Téa: Um, he actually doesn't have many friends around here. But you tried his son, right?

Blair: Yeah. Uh, Baz is on a flight, talked to his manager. He said that he would have Baz call as soon as he landed.

John: Anyone else?

Blair: Well, uh, there was a friend. Uh, Calmar. Um, Claude Calmar. He's French. He's a friend of his, and I tried to call him a couple of times. His voicemail isn't even working.

John: You mind if I look at Tomás' room? There might be something there.

Téa: Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Um...uh, why don't you tell Dani I'll -- I'll be right back, okay?

Blair: Okay, well, you call me if you two find anything.

John: Hey, listen, um... I want to call in a cop on this, someone I trust, all right?

Téa: Sure.

John: Couple hours, uh, Tomás is gonna be an official missing person. I think we should do this by the book.

Téa: Yeah. Can't believe this is happening.

Blair: John.

John: Hmm?

Blair: Find him, please. Téa's not the only one who can't lose him.

John: I'll find him.

Vivian: Whoa, Phylicia. My issues with marriage have nothing to do with Shaun.

Mrs. Evans: Obviously, if you won't marry him.

Vivian: We are 100% committed to each other.

Mrs. Evans: Then why not take the ring and make it official?

Shaun: That was my question.

Mrs. Evans: Marriage is very important to him. If you're committed, then why not go for it?

Vivian: We will talk about this later.

Mrs. Evans: Now, don't be mad at him. I'm the one that brought it up. Be mad at me.

Vivian: This is a difficult discussion for me, okay? My parents had a horrible marriage. They had no business being together. They felt trapped, and they made sure that everyone knew how miserable they really were, okay? It was toxic. I don't want that life.

Mrs. Evans: Then don't create it.

Mr. Evans: Phylicia --

Mrs. Evans: No, this is just crazy talk!

Mr. Evans: Okay, back off, now. I see her point.

Mrs. Evans: Oh. So, you think marriage ruined our relationship?

Mr. Evans: No, no, no. That's not what I said.

Mrs. Evans: Then what are you saying?

Vivian: Thanks a lot.

Shaun: I don't get it any more than my mother does.

Vivian: Yeah, you know what? You keep talking like that, you're not gonna be getting anything.

Shaun: Oh, now, that's cold.

Mr. Evans: I didn't say that.

Mrs. Evans: Or stifled. Something.

Mr. Evans: Well, if you let me finish the sentence --

Mrs. Evans: Yeah, you think that all of this was some big mistake, don't you?

Mrs. Evans: [Scoffs] More and more each second.

Mrs. Evans: Well, that woman right there -- she is making --

Mr. Evans: That's enough of this foolishness.

Mrs. Evans: So now I'm foolish.

Mr. Evans: You are. A-a-and you keep this up, I-I'll think more and more of what Vivian's saying is right -- the right idea. Mm.

Nora: It's Thanksgiving. Everyone's at Viki's.

Matthew: Uncle Clint?

Nora: He's there, too. With his grandsons, Liam and Ryder. And they're sitting up and crawling and everything.

Matthew: Eddie. What about Eddie?

Nora: You know what, sweetie? Don't talk -- try to talk too much, okay?

Bo: Don't worry about Eddie.

Matthew: W-what hap-- what happened?

Bo: It's taken care of.

Nora: Yeah, e-everyone came together and -- just, you know, it'll be fine. It'll be fine.

Destiny: Matthew?!

Mrs. Evans: You want to get out of this trap marriage, find the door.

Mr. Evans: Mm-hmm. Mm. That's pumpkin. You know I hate pumpkin.

Mrs. Evans: Well, that was for Destiny. Yours is the lemon meringue.

Mr. Evans: Really? Thanks.

Mrs. Evans: [Gasps]

Shaun: [Laughs]

Destiny: You're awake. Oh, my gosh! Matthew, you're awake!

Matthew: Sorry I've been out so long.

Destiny: Matthew.

Nora: Okay, careful. Both of you.

Matthew: It's all right. I'm fine. I'm back now.

Nora: Yes, you are. He's back for good.

Bo: Yep, and we are counting our blessings today.

Destiny: I just can't believe it. This is just what we hoped for, right? Matthew, your mom helped me with all of my college essays.

Nora: Oh, yeah, and I couldn't shut up about how you should be filling out yours, too.

Destiny: But she didn't give up.

Nora: No, I didn't. And Destiny didn't, either. She's a fighter, just like you are.

Matthew: Fighter? Sounds like I just kind of laid here.

Bo: What? Don't kid yourself, son. That was -- that was a challenge.

Destiny: But look at you now.

Matthew: You sound like my mom.

Nora: Yeah, well, tough. [Chuckles] Oh, God, I'm so happy. This is the best Thanksgiving ever.

[All chuckle]

Viki: Téa must be worried.

Natalie: Yeah, she called, and then Blair called like two seconds later.

Viki: Well, I hope they find...him. Todd?

Todd: Save me some stuffing, will you?

Natalie: Sorry I drove him out.

Viki: Oh, you didn't. [Chuckles]

Natalie: Good... 'cause, um, you know, we're all gonna be living under the same roof for a while... if that's okay.

Viki: Oh, honey, it's more than okay.

Natalie: Good. I just -- I don't -- I don't feel right, you know, taking Liam back to the loft that Brody and I had together.

Viki: I understand, and I'm delighted that you're coming back here. Good.

Natalie: Thank you. And Todd?

Viki: Todd is just not very happy, okay? It has nothing to do with you. He's upset.

Natalie: Do you know what's wrong?

Viki: Yes.

Natalie: What happened?

Viki: [Sighs] Can we keep it between us?

Natalie: Definitely.

Viki: Okay. He still loves Blair and he wants her back, and now he feels he's missed his chance because she and Tomás are officially together.

Natalie: And now Tomás is officially missing. What a coincidence.

John: Thanks for coming down, man. I owe you one.

Tony: I don't mind the favor, but the new commissioner would not like a civilian being here.

John: You talking about me or Ms. Delgado?

Téa: This is my home, officer. I'm the one who requested police assistance, and I'm the one giving you permission to search. Mr. McBain happens to be my guest.

John: Don't mind me. Just pretend I'm not here.

Tony: Okay. That's my story, and I'll stick to it.

John: Good man.

Téa: Thank you. That's Tomás' room.

John: Let's see what we can find, Tony.

Blair: Tomás... it doesn't. It doesn't compare to what I feel for you now. You are a good, decent man. You are the man that I love.  [Sighs] Please come back to me.

[Doorbell rings]

Destiny: Oh, man. Ugly cry.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Destiny: I'm sorry. I'm just -- just so surprised.

Bo: Well, you should have seen our faces.

Destiny: Gosh, it is hot in here.

Nora: Destiny, no.

Destiny: What?

Matthew: Whoa. Geez, Destiny, are you pregnant?

Destiny: Oh, yeah. That.

Vivian: What are you laughing at?

Shaun: I'm sorry. My bad.


Vivian: No, now -- now you're sorry.

Mrs. Evans: I guess there really won't be any pie left for Monday. We got to stop this silliness.

Shaun: You threw it first.

Mrs. Evans: I know. I'm sorry. I am so sorry, Richard. I'm sorry, Vivian.

[Laughs] But I don't know what came over me! Mr. Evans: Sugar shock?

Mrs. Evans: I guess. Look, this is your business. Vivian, you make my son happy, and that's all I ask for. That and grandchildren.

Mr. Evans: Well, we gonna get them.

Mrs. Evans: Yeah, from my grandbaby. It's not how I pictured it.

Mr. Evans: Yeah, but we'll be happy with that.

Mrs. Evans: Yes. Yes. We will be happy with that. I mean, the best thing that happened this year was our Destiny coming home to us.

Shaun: She doesn't like it when her children leave or have opinions of their own.

Mrs. Evans: Uh, well, that's not true. I like to hear your opinions. And yours, too, Vivian. You two just be happy. Be happy and just come home every once in a while.

Shaun: We can do that.

Mrs. Evans: You forgive me?

Vivian: Well, um, this has definitely been different, but I have never felt more welcome or embraced by a family. Seriously, my family is nothing like this.

Mrs. Evans: Well, let's get this all cleaned up.

Mr. Evans: Okay. I got just one more thing.

Mrs. Evans: What is it, honey?

Mr. Evans: You know, no apology in the world is gonna make up or keep you away from this.


Mrs. Evans: [Laughs]

Mr. Evans: Now, that's pie.

Viki: What are you implying?

Natalie: Nothing. Just that it's a weird coincidence.

Viki: Yeah, it is. It has to be...Natalie. Oh, come on. You don't think that Todd had anything to do with Tomás disappearing, do you?

Blair: We already ate.

Todd: Yeah, I'm -- I'm not here for food.

Blair: Well, if you want to see the kids, they're in watching television --

Todd: Oh, that's great. Thank you, but, uh, that's not why I'm here, either.

[Door closes]

Blair: Okay. What are you here for? Because this is not a good time, actually.

Todd: I heard Tomás took off.

Blair: He didn't take off. He's missing.

Todd: Well, that's why I'm here.

Blair: Right. Bet you're thrilled.

Todd: I'm not thrilled.

Blair: Really? You aren't happy?

Todd: No, Blair. Something hurts you, it hurts me.

Téa: Just spoke with Baz. He hasn't spoken to his father in three days.

John: Okay. I guess that makes sense. If Tomás was trying to keep his family safe, he wouldn't call his son. [Sighs]  Anything?

Tony: Nothing but these papers.

John: All right, well, we're not gonna find anything here. Tomás wouldn't be stupid enough to leave obvious notes. How about over here? You check behind the drawer?

Tony: Nothing but clothes.

John: No, I mean, behind the drawer, the back of it. Come on. I'm gone a couple days, you're getting sloppy, Tony. Have a look.

Téa: What is that?

John: I say we find out.

Blair: I held it together for Téa because she was completely freaking out, but there's just no way that Tomás could be all right.

Todd: You don't know that.

Blair: Yes, I do know that! He would be -- he would call me! I-I would know! I mean, he wouldn't just do that! He wouldn't leave me like that! It's Thanksgiving. He wanted to be with his family. He wanted to be with me. I don't care what kind of lead he had on Victor's murder. He wouldn't just run off or take off like you said without calling me first. What if he's... what if he's...

Téa: Is that...

John: 9mm. Same kind of gun used to kill Victor.

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