OLTL Transcript Tuesday 11/22/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 11/22/11


Episode # 11071

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Blair: Not much. I was looking for Tomás. Is he around?

Téa: Oh, he's not here.

Blair: Really? Well... any idea where?

Téa: Uh, he's chasing Victor's killer.

Todd: Louie's gone -- long gone. And the gun... well, maybe somebody used the gun to kill Victor, but it wasn't me.

Tomás: Then who?

Todd: It was you, Tomás. You killed Victor Lord.

Tomás: We both know that's not true, Todd.

Todd: We do?

Tomás: Yes. Are you thinking clearly? Are you? I know you've been through a lot of trauma.

Todd: Yeah, thanks to you. You're a cold-blooded killer. I know it. You know it. As soon as your fingerprints are on this gun, the whole world's gonna know it.

Nora: [Laughs]

Bo: Well, thank you. Thanks! Oh, honey, listen. I've got some great news.

Nora: What?

Bo: John and Natalie -- they found Brody.

Nora: [Gasps]

Bo: They got Liam home. He's safe and sound.

Nora: Oh, thank God. Oh, God, I'm so glad to hear that. Oh!

Mayor Finn: Oh, aren't we all? Even more reason to kiss and cuddle on the taxpayers' time.

Nora: Okay, Mayor Finn, we were just --

Mayor Finn: No, you don't have to explain, Nora. Your file on inappropriate workplace behavior dates all the way back to Mayor Olanov.

Alex: Oh, Butter.

Cutter: Please do not call me that.

Alex: Oh, remember? That was your nickname when you were a little boy. You were my little butterball.

Stacy: Butterball?

Alex: Yeah. He was a little bit plump when he was a little boy. He was like a little turkey.

Cutter: We do not have time for this.

Alex: Well, I just want you to know that I just never dreamed that I'd be able to work with my darling son, and he just means so much to me. I hope that we get a chance to do it again sometime.

Cutter: All right. Let's just focus on pulling this one off first. If Rex sees me and Stacy, I'm a dead man.

Receptionist: I told you, I am not at liberty to give out information on patients.

Aubrey: I know what you told me, but I need to get into that room, and I'm not leaving until I do.

[Doorbell rings]

Danielle: Hey!

Nate: Hey.

Danielle: You look terrible. What's wrong?

Nate: Just so you know, this is not my fault. Don't kill me.

Starr: Hey, what's going on? You look like you want to kill someone.

James: Yeah, I might just do that.

Danielle: What did you do?!

Nate: Nothing! I swear!

Danielle: Why do you look so guilty, Nate?

Nate: Look.

James: Look at this.

Blair: So, what happened? Did Tomás get a lead or something? What...

Téa: Looks like it. He got a phone call and left.

Blair: Well, that's great!

Téa: Yeah.

Blair: Here's to Tomás catching Victor's killer and putting all this behind us.

Tomás: So, you're gonna put my fingerprints on the murder weapon? That's an ambitious plan, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, but doable. I want my life back, Tomás. You know, this world is a better place without Victor. I don't know why you couldn't just leave it alone. You know, when I think about it, whatever's gonna happen to you now, it's your own damn fault.

Tomás: Nothing's gonna happen to me. This won't work.

Todd: Well, I beg to differ.

Tomás: You were saying?

Starr: "Llanviewers have long wondered when naughty Starr-let's wandering eye would get the better of her, but did it get the better of her beloved sister, too?" What the hell?!

Danielle: "The halls of Llanview high have been reverberating with whispers that poor Dani's on the verge of a nervous breakdown ever since her boyfriend, Nate, began his porn career." [Sighs] "Well, psych wards are on red alert now that these pictures have come to light"?

Starr: "Starr isn't just busting out of leather and chains. She's been caught busting a move on buster ridge, A.K.A., Nate Salinger, her baby sister's boyfriend"?

Danielle: "Nate's leather hot pants can't conceal his desire for his latest camera-ready romance, pop-strumpet kink mistress Starr Manning -- his girlfriend's big sister."

Starr: "Did skanky Starr snake Nate from Dani? And does James know?"

James: He does now.

Danielle: "Dani and James, we just want you to know we're here for you while Nate and Starr are there for each other."

Nate: It's not real.

Starr: James, you don't actually believe that this is true, do you? Look at that picture. It's from the "jailbait" shoot.

Danielle: Yes, I'm aware that this story is totally fake. These were obviously taken at the video shoot. What I want to know is who wrote this story!

James: I know it's not real, but it still makes me feel like a jerk.

Starr: James, I promise you, we will get to the bottom of this. This will never, ever happen again. Whoever the dirty...

Nate: Greasy...

James: Sleazy...

Danielle: Pus-filled...

Starr: Cold sore of a human being is, I will...

Danielle: Kill him.

Nate: There's only one slimy little worm who would stoop to something this ugly.

All: Rick Powers!

Rick: Someone say my name?

Cutter: Okay, Aubrey's still out there.

Stacy: Where's Rex?

Cutter: I don't know, which means he could be anywhere. We can't wait them out. We're gonna have to go through with the plan.

Stacy: Oh, God. How? I don't think this is gonna work.

Cutter: What other choice do we have? We're trapped.

Alex: [Laughing]

Cutter: What?

Alex: Don't you know who I am?

Alex: Cutter's mother.

Alex: I have pulled off far more grandiose schemes than this. This is child's play.

Receptionist: [Sighs] I'm going to have to call security.

Aubrey: That won't be necessary.

Receptionist: Well, I believe it is. You and your friend have been most disruptive. I will have you removed from the premises, by force if necessary.

Aubrey: Seriously? Just for a pair of breasts? Yeah, I'm not here for anyone's file. I just want an upgrade. I would like to surprise my boyfriend, and I hear Dr. Fascinella is the best of the best.

Receptionist: That he is.

Aubrey: So do you have any literature I could look at?

Receptionist: Here you are.

Aubrey: Thank you. Now, can you show me yourself which one of these feels most natural? Because I don't want my boyfriend to be able to tell where they stop and...

Nora: Excuse me, but you barged in here without knocking and you take us to task for a hug? We're married, for God's sake.

Mayor Finn: Yes, Nora, I'm well aware that you and Bo are married. It's impossible to avoid, given your ubiquitous displays of affection.

Nora: Well, here's a fix -- you don't like it, don't look.

Bo: Now, honey. I think the mayor may have a point.

Nora: Excuse me?

Bo: This is our workplace.

Nora: She's really starting to get me very angry.

Bo: Shh. Shh. What can I do for you, boss?

Mayor Finn: You can stop calling me "boss," for one.

Bo: Okay. What can I do for you, Kathleen?

Mayor Finn: You can pack up your office and vacate the premises -- you're fired.

Téa: I wish I could tell you something, but Tomás hasn't exactly been forthright about the investigation.

Blair: Oh, why does that not surprise me?

Téa: Yeah. It's not like I didn't try to get stuff out of him, but he kept saying he just wants me to be safe, you know.

Blair: [Chuckles] You know what? He kind of fed me that same line last night.

Téa:  Oh. I'm surprised you guys had time to talk last night. I would have thought you'd be too busy doing...other things.

Tomás: Do you really think I'd come unprepared. I'm not going down for you.

Todd: Why not? You were willing to go down for me when you thought I killed Irene.

Tomás: Because it was self-defense. Or at least I believed it was. And I thought I owed you, Todd.

Todd: But not anymore? You let that woman torture me for eight years. You have to spend an afternoon in a warehouse and you somehow think we're even.

Tomás: This isn't about even. This is about what you did to my sister's husband.

Todd: No. What you did.

Tomás: You can say it all you want. It's not gonna change things, Todd. It's not gonna put my fingerprints on that murder weapon, it's not gonna put me behind bars, and it's not gonna get you Blair. You want me gone? Man up, pull that trigger, and take me out.

Todd: Yeah. I promised myself I wasn't gonna do that.

Baker: But I will.

Aubrey: So when -- what breast size would you recommend? Because I --

Receptionist: Stop right there! I'm calling security.

Rex: No, you have no idea how far I've come.

Receptionist: Segurança?

Rex: I can't let you do that.

Receptionist: Segurança!

Rex: Well, that went well.

Aubrey: We need to get out of here as soon as possible. Neither of us wants to end up in a Brazilian jail.

Rex: You go. I want to see who Cutter's hiding back there.

Aubrey: No, what are you doing?

Rex: Breaking down the door!

Aubrey: Rex. No.

[Door opens]

Cutter: Rex. Aubrey. What are you guys doing here?

Rex: Finally getting some answers!

Nora: You can't fire Bo.

Mayor Finn: I just did.

Nora: On what grounds?

Mayor Finn: I don't need grounds. I'm the mayor. The police commissioner serves at the mayor's discretion.

Nora: Yeah, but what about your constituents? You know they're not gonna be very happy to hear this.

Mayor Finn: You know, I actually promised my constituents that if I was re-elected, I would hold this department to greater scrutiny.

Nora: He's the best thing that ever happened to the LPD. You -- that's all you need to know.

Mayor Finn: Really? Well, what about who killed Victor Lord Jr.? Listen, I was more than willing to entertain the idea of our offices continuing to have this partnership, provided that your husband secured an arrest by the time that I was re-elected. Now, that didn't happen.

Nora: Well, you know what? An investigation -- a proper investigation takes time. It can't be goosed along by political pressure.

Mayor Finn: I agree. There should be more investigating going on here and less goosing. I mean, what are you even investigating here -- the case of the missing heart attack?

Bo: You know, firing me won't solve anything, Kathleen -- least of all this investigation.

Mayor Finn: Okay, Bo. You can keep your job. You just have to make an arrest. You got a suspect?

Tomás: Baker?

Baker: None other.

Tomás: You two are working together?

Baker: We have an arrangement.

Tomás: At least until Todd wears out his usefulness, right? I mean, after all, you were Irene Manning's right hand. She wanted you to drug Todd, interrogate him, torture him. You were happy to comply, right? Maybe you didn't kill him before, but you won't miss next time, will you?

Todd: There won't be a next time.

Tomás: How can you be so sure?

Todd: Because Baker's not gonna bite the hand that feeds him. We have a little project -- one that's gonna need a steady flow of cash.

Baker: Which Mr. Manning is more than happy to provide in exchange for my custodial services.

Tomás: So that's your plan? You don't want to kill me, but you're gonna hand me to Baker? Same difference, Manning.

Baker: Drop the gun and come quietly. Or don't drop it and I'll drop you.

Todd: Come on, Tomás. Think of Blair.

Blair: Now, Téa, I have no idea what you meant by that last little comment, there.

Téa: Oh, give me a break! Tomás admitted as much when I told him that I noticed his bed hadn't been slept in last night.

Blair: Well, what did he say, exactly?

Téa: Only what was fit for a sister's ears.

Blair: Good. Whew!

Téa: [Laughs] So you two had some sort of a breakthrough and you're finally together?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah. He has been very, very patient, and I had a lot of things I needed to sort out.

Téa: And your done sorting them out?

Blair: Yes. And we made it official, and I couldn't be happier.

Téa: Mm. I wish I could say the same.

Todd: You don't need to worry, okay? Baker's not gonna kill you. Not now. Not anytime soon. Isn't that right, Baker?

Baker: As Mr. Delgado noted previously, I am more than happy to comply.

Tomás: You of all people, Todd, should know that Baker is capable of putting a bullet in anyone's back at any time... especially mine if I drop my weapon.

Todd: Tomás... he's had a bead on you since you showed up here. If I wanted more blood on my hands, there would be blood everywhere. Come on. We're asking nicely. Give me the gun.

Tomás: [Groans]

Baker: Shall we proceed?

Rick: "Did skanky Starr snake Nate from Danny and does James know?" [Gasps] Hey, that's not bad. Of course, I think it would have flowed even better if some hack editor hadn't defamed my sexy prose.

James: You're actually admitting to writing this crap.

Rick: Hell yeah! You think Phyllis Rose writes her own copy? I whipped it up, so to speak, and put a couple of pictures from the jail bait shoot and then [Clicks tongue] Off into cyberspace it left.

Nate: You son of a bitch!

Danielle: What the hell did you think you were doing?

Rick: What was I supposed to do? Wait for little miss goody two-shoes here to do something buzz worthy? I had to act!

Nate: At our expense.

Rick: Why? Are you two breaking up? Please, please, please, please, please tell me you're breaking up.

Blair: Why am I not surprised that you're not offering me your blessing?

Téa: I will offer you my blessing when I feel like you deserve it.

Blair: What's the matter, huh? What is it? You think I'm not good enough for your brother?

Téa: I think you're absolutely amazing.

Blair: Yeah?

Téa: Yes, I do.

Blair: Since when?

Téa: Look, you want an annotated list of how I feel about you? I think you have an iron backbone. I think you're smart, loyal, funny. You look great in leggings. I think you're a wonderful mother and the best friend a girl could ever hope to have. Any man would be lucky to get you.

Blair: Except your brother.

Téa: Including my brother. I just want to make sure that my brother's the man you really want.

Blair: I chose Tomás. I want Tomás.

Téa: What if Todd wants you back?

Blair: I love Tomás.

Téa: Fine. You love Tomás. Admit it. You love Todd, too.

Todd: What the hell did you do that for?

Baker: Sorry.

Todd: I'm really sorry about that. So, hey, you know what? On the upside, it's gonna be a lot easier to put your fingerprints on this gun with your hands behind your back.

Tomás: This won't work, Todd.

Todd: Okay. You and I are just gonna have to agree to disagree on that one.

Tomás: You think you've thought of everything but you haven't.

Todd: Okay. I got the gun, I got your fingerprints on the gun --

Tomás: You think the only safeguard I brought with me was a gun? You're way off the mark, Todd, and that's gonna bring you down.

Mayor Finn: So, what do you say, commissioner? You make an arrest in the Victor Lord murder today, and I will go on the record with my renewed support.

Bo: I have a suspect.

Mayor Finn: Bravo.

Bo: But we're a little light on evidence right now, so if I made an arrest, we could end up with another Eddie Ford situation.

Mayor Finn: Well, we wouldn't want that, now, would we?

Nora: No, we don't. No, we don't. So why don't you toodle along and let this department do its job.

Mayor Finn: What department? The lead detective walked off the job. Your other stellar officer assaulted a butler and kidnapped an infant, but we're not gonna see a conviction in that, will we? I mean, not with Nora on the job.

Bo: Now, wait a minute. That's enough. Your beef is with me. It's not with Nora.

Mayor Finn: That's very gallant of you, protecting the little woman, especially since, if anyone is to blame for your dismissal, it's your wife. Here she is -- the D.A. who couldn't secure a guilty verdict against Osama bin Laden.

Nora: And there it is. You're firing Bo not because of your campaign promises or who killed Victor Lord Jr. It's because you have never managed to turn his head in all the time that we weren't married. And you want to know why? Because you're a vengeful, uptight, lonely woman.

Cutter: Answers? Oh. Aubrey, finally getting the girls that lift they've been needing?

Rex: Shut it, Wentworth! You know exactly why we're here, okay? I saw your Gigi clone get on the plane with you.

Cutter: Are you guys stalking me?

Aubrey: Stop pretending. We know all about your scheme to turn some poor girl into a Franken-Gigi so you can use her to get Rex to fork over the Buchanan money. That's why he's been seeing her all over Llanview.

Cutter: You know, that's one of the things I always loved about you, Aubrey -- your wild imagination.

Aubrey: Yeah, except we know that I'm not imagining anything. But now that your plan didn't work, you're gonna put this poor girl through another round of plastic surgery just so she can look like herself again.

Rex: Look, she can do whatever she wants with her face. I just want to give her a piece of my mind.

Cutter: Ah-da-da-da-da. Don't touch. She's in a very delicate state.

Rex: Yeah? As delicate as my son was when you brought your accomplice over to my house on Halloween?

Cutter: Look, trust me, you don't want to do it. You're making a big mistake.

Aubrey: Then allow me.

Rex: Oh, my God! Alex Olanov?

Alex: You were expecting someone else?

Rex: Is this for real?

Alex: Oh, it's so for real. Isn't it spectacular?

Aubrey: Who is Alex Olanov?

Rex: It's Clint's former mother-in-law and certifiable lunatic. What are you doing here?

Alex: It's called a refresher, and Dr. Fascinella is a miracle worker.

Cutter: We might as well fess up, Lex. They're obviously not buying it. Uh, Rex, meet phantom Gigi.

Rex: Wait, wh-- how did you get mixed up with him?

Alex: Isn't it obvious? I want what I've always wanted. My share of the Buchanan money, which I certainly have more of a claim to than you have ever had. And I would have had my share if you hadn't scuttled my reconciliation with Bo Buchanan down at St. Blaze's.

Rex: Well, I'm pretty sure if I hadn't, Nora would have.

Cutter: Alex read about our failed attempt to get the Buchanan bucks. She tracked me down. We teamed up.

Aubrey: To pass Alex off as Gigi? Who would believe that?

Alex: Well, Rex almost did.

Aubrey: No, Rex would never fall for that, and he's not falling for it now. There's simply no way that you are the same woman he's been seeing, plastic surgery or not. Right, Rex? Rex. Right?

Mayor Finn: I can't believe you hit me.

Nora: You hit me first! You want to go another round?

Mayor Finn: Y-you assaulted the mayor. You understand I could have you arrested.

Nora: Oh, well, it's too bad you fired the only cop in the room, huh?

Mayor Finn: You know what? Uh, Bo, I'm -- I'm gonna be -- I'll be back for your badge.

Nora: God.

Bo: How's your, uh, jaw, slugger?

Nora: Oh, my jaw's fine. It's my hand. That's what --

Bo: Let me see.

Nora: Oh, I can't believe I clocked the mayor. And if there was any hope of getting your job back -- ow -- well, then, it's gone now.

Bo: Your hand is fine.

Nora: Yeah?

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Okay.

Bo: And my job was gone the minute that Kathleen got elected. I knew that. What I didn't know is that my wife could -- could throw a heavyweight punch.

Nora: Okay, wh-- why -- you're supposed to be angry. Why aren't you angry?

Bo: Uh, hey. No, I don't want to get clocked by the D.A. and I love you so much.

Blair: You really know how to kill the mood.

Téa: Blair, I want your relationship with Tomás to work out.

Blair: Could have fooled me.

Téa: Well [Scoffs] You have to be able to answer these few questions I have. Come on.

Blair: Todd -- he's been out of my life for a very, very long time.

Téa: Yeah, and now he's back in it.

Blair: Yeah. As much as I want him to be in it. He's the father of my children, and that's it.

Téa: That's a lot.

Blair: It was. He occupied a very big part of my heart for a very long time, but it's over. Tomás is there now, okay?

Téa: Are you sure? 'Cause it took you a while to come up with that strained metaphor.

Blair: Okay, you of all people know the last man I had a relationship with turned out to be a murderer, so excuse me if I want to take my time before I get involved with another man. All right? I took some time. I know what I want. And I am really ready to start over a-a new beginning with Tomás.

Tomás: Your plan was over before it began.

Todd: Really? How do you figure?

Tomás: You think I'm working alone in this? I have a partner. He knows everything. He knows about the gun, he knows about Louie, and he knows that I think you killed Victor. And if I disappear, my man's going straight to the police.

Todd: You're talking about Calmar.

Baker: Claude may have a little bit of difficulty making it to the police station from his cell.

Tomás: What are you talking about?

Todd: Okay. [Clears throat] You're, like a trained CIA assassin guy. I've got to lure you to the abandoned warehouse in the middle of the night. So, I offer you something that you really want, which is a conversation with Louie, but the offer has to come from somebody that you completely trust.

Baker: It took a little bit of convincing, but Calmar eventually acquiesced.

Tomás: You're lying.

Baker: It's a pity you didn't heed his warning. "Be careful, old friend. You never know what you might be walking into."

Tomás: What did you do to him?!

Todd: No, no, no, no, no. Everybody just relax, okay? Calm down. He's fine. He's fine.

Baker: And he'll stay that way, provided you adjust to your new life as my...guest.

Danielle: No one's breaking up with anyone!

Rick: Well, hey, it doesn't have to be for good! You could kick it like Fleetwood Mac-style -- break up, get back together, you know, repeat.

Starr: My music doesn't need drama. It can sell on its own, Rick.

Rick: Uh, no, it can't. It's nothing personal. No one's music can. If you want to have a hit, you have to have a scandal, a commotion. It's got to be, like, uh, J. Lo-gaga-lohan theatrics.

Starr: [Sighs] I have some news for you. None of this is real.

Rick: People do not want reality. They want magic. I mean, do you honestly think that anything you see in the media is real? I mean, hell, the -- the "real Buchanans of Llantano county" is as scripted as "Fraternity Row."

Nate: That show never aired.

Rick: I saw the pilot. It was gold. People crave a story, and that's what we're gonna serve them up. You know, so if it's not a torrid tale of boyfriend-swapping, then you can hang hope outside a window or sideswipe a hearse.

Starr: I'm not doing any of those things!

Rick: Well, then how are you gonna go to treatment for "exhaustion" and come out with a brand-new look for your comeback?

Starr: I haven't even performed onstage yet, and you're planning my breakdown?

Rick: Of course. Aren't you lucky to have a forward-thinking producer like me behind you?

Aubrey: Rex, please tell me you're not actually buying this. There is no way that that's the same woman we saw in Llanview.

Rex: How do you know?

Aubrey: [Chuckles] Because they are complete different heights, body types, ages!

Alex: Watch it.

Cutter: Optical illusion.

Aubrey: Oh, come on. Please, this story does not hold up.

Rex: All right. This Dr. Fascinella's supposed to be ahead of his time, right? I mean, did you hear about what happened in Pine Valley? This crazy woman got Erica Kane's face and tried to take over her life. Well, this is the doctor who gave her the looks. Maybe he -- he did the same thing for Alex.

Aubrey: Okay. And just turned her back.

Rex: W-well, maybe it's a gradual thing. I never got more than a glimpse of her.

Aubrey: But --

Rex: Aub-- Aubrey, look. I appreciate what you're doing for me, coming down here, really. But I have been chasing after Gigi ever since she died. And I thought that I would get some sort of satisfaction after confronting these two, but now that I'm standing here with these two losers, I've decided that...I don't want to be like them. I don't want to see their Gigi ever again. I've got the only one that I need right here.

Bo: [Sighs] Seems like I was just, uh, watching McBain do all of this. And now...I'm doing the exact same thing. I guess it, uh [Sighs] It all comes to an end sooner or later. Right, Red?

Nora: You want to be alone?

Bo: Never.

Nora: Oh.

Bo: What do you say? Want to walk me out?

Nora: I will walk with you anywhere.

Bo: [Sighs]


Bo: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Starr: You know what, Rick? You're right.

Rick: I am?

Together: He is?

Rick: I mean -- I mean, yes, I am.

Starr: Yeah. I am so lucky to have a lowlife scum like you for my first experience with the music industry, you know?

Rick: That's a compliment, right?

Starr: Of course, it is. Now I know it can't get much worse. James. Nate. Dani.

Rick: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, you guys. Look, come on. There is no need to overreact here. This is all gonna clear itself up once the video drops, and you'll still see where the pictures came from.

Danielle: No. Too little...

Nate: Too late.

James: The damage has already been done, Rick.

Rick: James, you're gonna make out like a bandit! "Hashtag James deserves better" -- that's one of the top searches online! Come on. Please. Don't hurt me.

Security: [Screaming] There they are! [Speaking Portuguese]

Cutter: No, no, no, no. It's okay. We know these people.

Alex: And they were just leaving.

Aubrey: Don't pull another stunt like this again.

Cutter: Is that a warning?

Aubrey: I'm through warning you, Cutter. Let me tell you something. Next time, I'm gonna make sure you get as good as you're giving -- and then some.

Rex: Come on, Aubrey.

Alex: Bye-bye.

[Door slams]

Aubrey: [Sighs]

Rex: Thank you for sticking up for me back there.

Aubrey: Well, somebody had to. Listen, I know you want to put all this behind you, but I also know that Cutter definitely still has his sights set on you.

Rex: Think so?

Aubrey: Are you kidding? That story that he and that Alex person sold you was total crap. And the fact that you bought it -- it's just gonna encourage them to come up with some new scheme to get at your family's money.

Rex: [Sighs] I don't know. I think what Cutter said was, um...was the lamest story I ever heard.

Cutter: Thank you for helping us. You really sold it.

Alex: Oh. I'm Alex Olanov. [Chuckles]

Cutter: Yeah, but why didn't you tell Rex you were my mother?

Alex: It's gonna take me a long time to earn that title. Here's how you can get in touch with me, if you ever need anything. Good luck...To both of you.

Stacy: Thank you. We're gonna need it.

Cutter: Everything's gonna be fine. You'll get your surgery tomorrow, and you'll never have to face Rex with that face again.

Rex: There is no way I bought that story.

Aubrey: Oh, thank God! I totally thought you were losing your touch.

Rex: Please, there is no way Alex is the woman I saw in Llanview, okay? I just let Cutter believe that so he would let his guard down. Whoever's posing as Gigi is still here in Rio, and I'm not leaving till I see her.

Mayor Finn: Okay, Bo. Hand it over.

Nora: This place is gonna fall apart without you. You know that, right? And when madam mayor realizes it, she's gonna beg you to take your job back.

Bo: Maybe. [Sighs] Unless someone can I.D. a good suspect and then build a good case. But that's not gonna happen unless, uh, that murder weapon turns up all of a sudden. [Sighs]

Téa: I'm sorry, Blair. I don't mean to be giving you the third degree.

Blair: Look. [Sighs] I get it. You're protecting your brother.

Téa: You know, honestly, I think you need protecting from Tomás just as much as he does from you.

Blair: Tomás would never hurt me.

Téa: Don't get me wrong. He's -- he's a great guy. He's thoughtful. He's warm. He's loving. He has an even bigger heart than I remember him having had. But I just hope he's not capable of hurting you or anyone the way he hurt my family when he left us.

Blair: You think he is capable?

Téa: He's been back in my life for under a year. I hadn't seen the man for years and years. I-I don't really know him. He's a stranger to me.

Blair: Well, like you said, it's been a long time. People change.

Téa: Yes, they do. Look, what I'm saying is, I wish I could trust my brother.

Baker: I believe our business here is concluded. Now it's time that we both part ways.

Todd: What are you gonna do with him?

Baker: It's better that you didn't know that.

Todd: I-I need -- I need proof constantly that he's alive or your cash flow --

Baker: Or the cash flow stops. I know.

Tomás: You think knowing I'm alive is gonna alleviate your guilt, Todd? Do you? It won't. It'll consume you.

Todd: Oh? Is that what happened to you right after you handed me over to Irene?

Tomás: You'll see. Every time you look at Téa and she wonders why her brother disappeared, even when he promised he would never leave her again, every time McBain doubts my guilt -- and he will...and every time you try to get close to Blair, only to wonder if she's thinking about me instead of you.

Todd: I can live with it. [Clears throat]

Tomás: You don't have to. You can stop this right now.

Baker: And lose everything? Go back to prison? Don't listen to him.

Tomás: Choose carefully, Todd. What you do next will define you for the rest of your life. Either you become the man that Viki, Starr, Téa, and Blair want you to become... or you prove that you are truly your mother's son -- nothing but a psychopathic murderer.

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