OLTL Transcript Thursday 11/10/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 11/10/11


Episode # 11063

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Starr: This song is a lifeline so keep holding onto me live for today's dream tomorrow's what will be look and you'll find you have One Life to Live to live One Life to Live

Ford: Hey. Hey, sorry I'm late. Are the reviews in yet?

Starr: Whoo!

Danielle: That was terrific!

Nate: You really think so? I mean, you -- you were okay with the --

Danielle: I mean, you kept your clothes on this time, didn't you?

Starr: What are you thinking?

James: It was good.

Starr: With a little more energy this time!

James: No, I-I mean it. And, of course, I'm biased, but how could I not be with my girlfriend and my brother working on it?

Ford: Uh, I think you mean brothers, dude.

Starr: [Laughs]

James: Yeah, you did a great job, too, Bobby.

Nate: It was awesome!

Ford: Really?

Nate: Yeah, definitely! That one shot when you came over --

Rick: So you guys liked it? You -- you thought it was all that and a bag of chips? I'm glad someone did, because I.M.H.O., that was the biggest piece of crap that I have ever seen.

Natalie: I just have one question -- leave without saying goodbye?

Jessica: I don't know what you did with it, dog, but I will find that paternity test. And when I do, I will make Natalie sit down and read it so she can finally realize that Liam might really be John's. And then, fleabag, you and I are gonna have some words.

Brody: Who are you talking to?

Jack: Accelerant -- check. Alarms and sprinklers disabled -- check. All right. That should do it. Soon, the sun will be a pile of ashes. And since I made sure everyone got out, no one's gonna get hurt. Except Dad.

Rama: I want Neela to stay here in America with us.

Vimal: What? You can't be serious.

Rama: I can't let you send her back to India to marry a boy she doesn't love.

Vimal: I can't believe we're having this conversation! Neela's fate is not our decision.

Rama: Well, it's not your parents' decision, either! It should be Neela's!

Vimal: No. Neela can't be trusted to make a decision for herself. She ran away from home. She flew across an ocean, only to wind up on the run again in a completely unfamiliar country. And God knows where she is now!

Neela: Please let Rama have gotten through to Vimal. I don't know how long I can hide here at Jack's before someone finds me. Where is he?

Jack: Say goodbye to your pride and joy, Scarface.

Tomás: So, what's going on?

Blair: Well, I have come to my senses. That's what's going on. Dorian was right.

Tomás: About what?

Blair: About you.

Tomás: Remind me to vote for Dorian.

Blair: [Laughs]

Tomás: Exactly what did she do to spark that kiss?

Blair: She opened my eyes. She made me realize what I want. And I want you.

Ford: Are you serious?

Starr: You didn't like the video?

Nate: What's not to like?

Rick: This is amateur hour! I mean, it makes Rebecca Black look like Jay-Z!

Ford: This is art.

Rick: I want crude, sexy, and slick -- public nudity, not public television.

Danielle: I liked it.

Rick: [Valley girl voice] I'm sure you thought it was the bestest thing since unicorns and boy bands. [Normal voice] And you don't get a say.

James: You don't get a say, either, 'cause Starr gets final cut.

Starr: Exactly! That was the deal.

Rick: I own your music.

Starr: This is what Baz and I produced.

Ford: And it isn't suited to your Ke$ha-style production.

Rick: Oh, please. No one would ever accuse it of being that hip. Fortunately, I have something that is.

Starr: Uh-huh.

Rick: Ladies and gentlemen... I give you Starr's next single.

Starr: "Jailbait"?

Jessica: You look nice. Shouldn't you be at the church at your wedding?

Brody: I'm here to pick up Cord. He's my best man, thanks to Tina.

Jessica: Well, he's just upstairs. I'll --

Brody: Jess, I heard what you were saying before.

Jessica: Oh, yeah. Tina's dog always running away with things, and this time --

Brody: This time, the dog ran off with Liam's paternity test. I know.

John: Hey. Don't you have a wedding to get to?

Natalie: It's my wedding. They're not gonna start without me.

John: That's probably true. Don't want to keep your guests waiting.

Natalie: I've got time. I heard you quit. Seriously, John, what the hell?

John: Yeah, I resigned.

Natalie: Just like that?

John: Just like that. It's time to move on.

Natalie: Now all of a sudden?

John: It was a long time coming.

Natalie: Since when?

John: [Chuckles] Do you really need an explanation?

Natalie: No. But I'd like one. We used to -- love each other. Maybe that's changed, but we still matter to each other, don't we? I mean, if you had -- you just left without one word, that would have hurt me.

John: Well, that's the last thing I would have wanted. Hey, look, um -- you know, Michael and Marcie, they're having another baby.

Natalie: That's wonderful.

John: Yeah. Yeah, it is. And I just -- I thought I wanted to -- I wanted to get to know Gabe a little better before the -- before the new kid comes.

Natalie: What about your job? I mean, really? You're just gonna leave Uncle Bo and Nora when Victor's killer's still on the loose?

Todd: That's a lie. You don't want him. You want me.

Blair: Well, say something, please.

Tomás: Okay. How about, uh -- you have no idea how long I've waited to hear those words.

Blair: And I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to figure this all out. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that I kept you hanging.

Tomás: You do not need to apologize.

Blair: Yes, I do, Tomás.

Tomás: No, you don't. Just tell me, why now? What was it that made you decide that this -- this is what you wanted? Because honestly, I was starting to think there was no future for us.

Blair: Dorian made me realize that, believe it or not. She made me realize that if I wanted to move forward with you, I needed to find out if Todd wanted to move forward with me.

[Door unlocks]

Neela: There you are! I was -- I was so worried.

Jack: What for?

Neela: I keep thinking my brother and his wife are going to come and get me and ship me back home. But now that you're here, I feel much better. So, you were gone for a while. Are you -- are you all right?

Jack: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Neela: Uh, before you left, you were talking about getting revenge on Scarface. I thought you might have gone and done something crazy. So, where were you?

Rama: Neela deserves an opportunity to grow up and find her own way.

Vimal: No, no. You don't know my sister like I do. Her head is always in the clouds or in the sand, never on what's right in front of her. She needs structure. She needs guidance.

Rama: Okay, so we can give her that!

Vimal: No. That's not our job. That's my parents' job. You and I -- we have enough trouble keeping our own life together. Can you imagine how hard it'll be when my headstrong, trouble-making sister is living with us?

Rama: Vimal, it won't be that bad.

Vimal: Yes, it will, Rama. I can see it all now. Everything we have will just go up in smoke.

Nate: "Give it up. Give me your refinement. Locked up in solitary confinement"?

James: "Cuff me, tease you, frisk me, abuse you"?

Nate: "Throw down in a cage match. Let me get your itch scratched, 'cause I'm your --"

Both: "Jailbait."

James: "And you know you are my cell mate." You want Starr to sing this -- this trash?

Nate: What kind of sick filth is this, man?

Rick: Sick and filthy -- that is music to my ears. That's what people want, and they're willing to pay for it.

James: I wouldn't drop a dime on that garbage.

Nate: Me either.

Danielle: I think it's kind of catchy.

Starr: Really?

Rick: I think I might have misjudged you.

Danielle: And now I feel sick and filthy.

James: You know what? Forget it, Rick, 'cause Starr would never associate herself with trash like this.

Rick: Oh, no, she wouldn't? Oh! They don't know, do they, Starr? Well, come on. Don't be modest. Why don't you tell them that "Jailbait" is your sick and filthy brainchild?

Natalie: This is not like you. John McBain never leaves a case, not right in the middle of it.

John: Hey, there's always gonna be another case, right? If it wasn't Victor, it would be something else. I talked to Bo. He feels the LPD is on the right track. He's got a great team behind him -- the best. You guys are gonna be just fine.

Natalie: So, that's it? If I hadn't shown up when I did, I'd never see you again?

John: Maybe it would have been better that way.

Natalie: Speak for yourself.

John: I have to start over again, Natalie. It's all my own doing, but -- the life I have here is not the life that I want. The life that I want I can't have here.

Jessica: You know about the DNA test?

Brody: Yeah.

Jessica: Natalie told you, didn't she? I-I should have known. I mean, you guys don't keep secrets from each other, right?

Brody: We've learned it can't work any other way.

Jessica: So I guess she told you about our fight, too.

Brody: She told me she thought the two of you had come to a truce, so she tried to reach out, but you weren't interested.

Jessica: That's not true. You know, I-I could see how she might think that, but I want to fix things with Natalie as much as she does.

Brody: Well, I'm glad to hear that. Now I need you to prove it.

Jessica: I will, once I --

Brody: Take back what you said about my son.

Rama: Are you saying you won't let Neela stay with us because you're afraid of her?

Vimal: No. I'm not afraid of my little sister.

Rama: Okay, then --

Vimal: I'm afraid of my parents, not to mention Raajeev's parents. Can you imagine the brouhaha it would create if we don't send her back to them posthaste?

Rama: Vimal, we're lucky. We've been through rough times, and we've pulled through. But so many of our friends back home -- they're stuck in terrible marriages because of their parents' poor decisions.

Vimal: Just as many of them are completely content, even happy.

Rama: Right. But Neela doesn't know that. That's why I think we should give her a dose of our reality.

Vimal: [Scoffs] Yeah, how big a dose?

Rama: Let Neela stay with us. Let her see how great our marriage is. Listen. I'm sure after a little while, she'll forget about her infatuation with that other boy, and she'll decide to give Raajeev a chance.

Vimal: Wait! What other boy?

Neela: Jack, where did you go?

Jack: I went for a walk. I just had to let off some steam.

Neela: Do you feel better now?

Jack: I'm getting there. And pretty soon, I'll be great.

Todd: Come on, Blair. Come clean. Tell the poor sap you're just settling.

Tomás: So you brought me here, kissed me, told me that you wanted to be with me only because you cannot have Todd?

Todd: But you can.

Blair: I'm sorry. Sometimes, when I look at Todd, I can't help but feel something for him.

Todd: So don't even try to stop yourself, then.

Blair: You can see that. I couldn't see that before. You could see that I was putting on the brakes on us because of what I felt for Todd. And I knew that it wasn't fair or honest with me to try to move forward with you if I thought there was anything left between Todd and me.

Todd: There is. Blair, there's everything. There's -- there's a life.

Blair: I had to sort it all out. I had to go to him. I felt like I needed to force him to admit how he felt. But, of course, Dorian said that was never gonna happen. He was never gonna open up.

Todd: Dorian -- that's who you go to for relationship advice?

Blair: Because I actually saw something on Halloween. Halloween, he was here, and, I don't know, I felt like he wanted to say something, something really important. But he just didn't.

Todd: I-I would have. If I'd known -- if I'd known, I would have said something.

Blair: That's why I went there -- to give him a chance to tell me. But he never did, okay?

Todd: The reason I didn't say anything to you on Halloween was because my psycho mother, Irene, was there.

Irene: You called?

Starr: It's true. Baz and I wrote "Jailbait."

James: Why? Why would you do that?

Starr: We were just joking around one day. We laid down that one track. I'm sorry. It was just for fun.

Rick: I bet you didn't know that your girl was into that kind of fun. I mean, it makes you wonder what you've been missing out on. I mean, it sure has me wondering.

Starr: [Gasps]

Nate: Whoa. Hey, hey, hey!

Rick: I want this kid off my set.

Nate: There is no set. "Jailbait" is not happening.

Rick: It is not up to you. Baz signed over everything he and her wrote, including "Jailbait."

Starr: No one was meant to hear that.

Rick: That is exactly why the public wants to hear it, that and the fact that it is very hip, very now, very tawdry, and very Starr.

Starr: I told you, I don't do tawdry.

Rick: No. You just stole a couple guns off some guards to bust your dad out of jail, which is totally badass! And it is time that we capitalize on the real you.

James: The real Starr isn't tawdry "Jailbait," Rick. The real Starr is "One Life to Live."

Rick: Well, she better be "Jailbait," too. Listen up, people! Either the three of you honor your contracts and you put out a sexy, steamy video or "One Life to Live" is canceled.

Brody: If you want to make things right with Natalie, then you have to tell her that Liam is my son.

Jessica: I don't want to think anything else, Brody. I know how much you love Liam. I know how much your family means to you. That's why I didn't tell you this before, 'cause I was afraid of what the truth might do to you.

Brody: But you're okay with it now?

Jessica: You and Natalie need to know.

Brody: Because it'll change things between Natalie and me? It'll break us up? Listen to me, Jessica. Nothing will change the fact that Natalie and I love each other.

Jessica: Then there's no reason why you can't make sure about Liam. Brody, get him tested again.

Natalie: I get why you have to leave. But before you walk out the door, there's something I need to say to you first. John, for what it's worth, I -- I wanted things to be different. I wanted Liam to be your son. And I wanted us to raise him together. I prayed for that.

John: So did I. I guess some things just aren't meant to be.

Natalie: Yeah. So maybe, um -- maybe something in Seattle is. I hear it rains there a lot.

John: Well, I, uh -- I don't really mind the rain.

Natalie: They don't have the Eagles.

John: Well, they have the -- they have the Eagles when they play the Seahawks.

Natalie: They don't do jazz.

John: Well, maybe I'll explore my grunge side, you know? Maybe I'll put a band together.

Natalie: Oh, really? I would pay to see that.

John: Yeah?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: I'll let you know when the album drops. I'm gonna miss Llanview.

Neela: What are you looking for?

Jack: I'm sorry. I was just looking for the news. When do you think you'll hear from your sister-in-law?

Neela: Any minute. Rama went to meet Vimal at work.

Jack: No, she didn't.

Neela: Yeah, she did. She said she was heading right to his office.

Vimal: Rama, what other boy?

Rama: You must have misheard.

Vimal: Is it that boy that we saw her with at the docks, that -- that dirty, lowborn wharf rat?!

Rama: He's no wharf rat. He's Jack Manning.

Vimal: Jack Manning? My boss' son has Neela, that lying bully who -- do you smell smoke?

Todd: What are you doing here?

Irene: Comforting you through Blair's rejection.

Todd: Blair won't reject me.

Irene: Sounds like she already has. But don't worry, son. Women come and go. But you will always have your mother.

Tomás: What are you saying here, Blair? Because the only thing I'm hearing is that the only reason you want to be with me is because Todd can't tell you how he feels about you.

Blair: No.

Tomás: Then how is it? Would you still be here if Todd said he loved you, he wanted you back?

Blair: That's the point! Todd is never gonna be able to tell me that! Come on. You saw him just a while ago when he saw us together in his office. He -- he flew into this blind rage. God, you'd think after eight years of captivity, he might have changed, right? But no, he has not changed, and all those reasons I had so many years ago of falling out of love with him, he just validated every single one of them.

Tomás: So let me get this straight. You are saying that your feelings for him --

Blair: Were buried back when he disappeared. And what I feel for him now is just -- it's -- it's like, uh -- the last ember of a dying flame that went out a long time ago. Tomás -- it doesn't. It doesn't compare to what I feel for you now. You are a good, decent man. You are the man that I love.

Todd: Blair loves me. She's in there lying to Delgado. Worse than that, she's lying to herself.

Irene: Is she?

Todd: Yes. And I would have told her how I felt about her on Halloween if you hadn't shown up.

Irene: Is it my fault you didn't say anything to her today at The Sun? Is it my fault that you didn't march in there just now and tell her how you feel? I know you have mommy issues, but you cannot blame your impotence on me. If you were going to act on your feelings for Blair, you would have done it by now.

Todd: Shows you what you know.

Irene: You snooze, you lose.

Blair: [Laughs]

Starr: You promised that you wouldn't put "One Life to Live" in limbo if we made your video!

Rick: But you didn't make my video. You made his. And this time, it'll get the Rick Powers treatment.

Ford: H-hold on a second. No one's agreed that there's gonna be a "this time."

Rick: Then it is the end of "One Life to Live," which is not what I want. I love "One Life to Live." Now, if Starr is gonna make it in the music industry, we need to broaden her appeal. You want to make music, right? I want to make a buck. With "Jailbait," we can do both. It has potential, and so do you. So we need to tap that potential and not sit on our hands and let "One Life to Live" die on the vine. What's it gonna be?

John: It's late, and, you know, uh, experience tells me that you still got some last-minute things to do.

Natalie: Yeah, you're, uh -- you'd be right about that.

John: Good luck, Natalie.

Natalie: You too.

Brody: Okay, this -- this test -- you told Natalie supposedly it came from Victor, right?

Jessica: That's what Tina said.

Brody: Now, don't you think it's possible that Victor had one of his lackeys make it up to mess with John?

Jessica: I don't know why he had it.

Brody: Or if he did. As far as I know, you're making the whole thing up.

Jessica: You think I'm lying?

Brody: I don't know what you're thinking. You've been against Natalie and me from the start.

Jessica: That test is real.

Brody: Then show it to me!

Jessica: I can't!

Brody: Right. Because Tina's dog ran off with it.

Jessica: I will find it, and then I will show it to you.

Brody: Jessica, don't. All you're doing is prolonging the pain you've already put us through and proving to everybody that you're even more unstable than we thought you were. If you want to do something useful with your time, get help.

Irene: Hello? Tomás, Blair, come out, come out, wherever you are. Where do you think they've gone? What do you think they're doing?

Todd: Blair probably just told Tomás to go away.

Irene: Perhaps to pick up some contraceptives.

Todd: That's gross. Can you shut up?

Irene: Oh, stop being stupid. They're upstairs right now, making love, making a fool out of you and your adolescent notion that you belong with Blair.

Todd: I do belong with Blair.

Irene: Well, then, stop wasting time. Get up there and do something before it's too late.

Tomás: You sure?

Blair: Never surer.

Irene: Tomás is touching her right now, kissing her, making her his, the woman you love and desire, the mother of your children. The woman you lived for. And if you allow this to go on for one second more, Tomás Delgado will extinguish every memory of you.

Todd: What should I do?

Irene: What you came here to do.

Jack: Are you completely sure your brother's at The Sun right now?

Neela: No, but he was definitely there when Rama called 30 minutes ago.

Jack: That's impossible. I had my dad's assistant sent out an e-mail. Everyone was supposed to go home.

Neela: What e-mail? What are you talking about?

Jack: No. I can't let this happen again.

Neela: Wait! Jack, Jack!

Vimal: Rama, I think the building might be on fire.

Rama: What?! We need to get out of here.

Vimal: No, no, no. Stay back, stay back. There might be a back draft when I open this door.

Rama: Oh, my gosh. Okay, okay. W-what is it? What is it?

Vimal: The door is jammed.

Rama: No.

Vimal: We're trapped.

Rama: No! We're gonna die in here! We must do something! Do something, Vimal!

Vimal: [Coughing]

Rama: [Screams] I can't get a signal!

Vimal: Hey. Oh, my God, Rama. The landline is dead.

Rama: Aah!

Vimal: The fire must have burned through the fiber optics.

Rama: Where are the firemen?!

Vimal: I don't know. I don't know. The sprinkler and the alarms should have gone off by now.

Rama: [Coughs] Vimal -- Vimal, this is the end, isn't it?

Vimal: Listen to me, Rama. Rama, I love you.

Rama: Love you, too, Vimal.

Vimal: No, you're -- you're my reason for being. I can't imagine my life without you. Listen, if we make it through this, not a day is gonna go by where you don't know how blessed I am to be sharing my life with the woman I adore. Everybody should be so lucky.


Neela: Rama, Vimal! Are you all right?

Vimal: Yes, yes, yes. We're gonna be fine now, thanks to you.

Rama: And Jack.

Jessica: I can't believe that you're saying this to me.

Brody: Sorry to be so harsh to you. I'm -- I'm trying to help you.

Jessica: By either saying I'm a liar or I'm crazy?

Brody: I'm concerned for you. It's obvious you need -- you need to talk to someone. I mean, because the way you're acting right now, it's -- borderline delusional. And no one wants to see you relapse, least of all me.

Rick: Ford -- Bobby --

Ford: Rick, don't touch me.

Rick: I need you to touch me. I need your vision. Your direction is essential in making "Jailbait" a hit.

Ford: You want me to direct it after you savaged what I did with "One Life to Live"?

Rick: I never -- I never said I didn't appreciate your sensibility.

Ford: No, you didn't.

Rick: You are a smart guy. You just need the guidance and a firm hand that I can provide.

Starr: What are you thinking?

James: I'm wondering what the cutoff is for jealousy and controlling.

Starr: You're neither of those things.

James: Yeah, but if I tell you I don't want you to do the video, I'll be both.

Starr: You know what? Then I won't do it. Problem solved.

James: But you want to do it, Starr.

Starr: I don't want to do anything that will hurt you.

Nate: Why do I get the feeling that you're okay with this?

Danielle: Because I am. What?! You did a great job on "One Life to Live." That could be your big break.

Nate: You think so?

Danielle: Yes, but not if nobody sees it. If you do "Jailbait," it'll get you twice the exposure.

James: But the only thing we know for sure is neither of these songs are gonna be a hit if this video doesn't get made.

Starr: What are you saying?

James: Do it. It's just a music video, all right? How bad could it be?

Rick: Oh, oh! Missing something. Okay, yeah. Now, I have seen you wield a stick before. This way.

James: Yeah, this is bad.

Todd: You want me to kill Tomás?

Irene: I want you to be happy. You want to kill Tomás. Isn't that why you armed yourself and came here?

Todd: I can't do that.

Irene: Why not? You've done it twice already. You killed me and then your brother.

Todd: Exactly. And look at me. I-I can barely live with myself.

Irene: You'll get over it, with time and the support of a good woman.

Todd: I do hope you mean Blair.

Irene: You can set things straight and put your family back together. Just remove Tomás Delgado. You know what to do. Go up there. Catch Tomás alone, in an unguarded moment. End him, then pick up the pieces.

Ford: All right, stand by. Action!

Rick: Cut, cut, cut, cut.

Ford: What?!

Rick: This is the part where they're supposed to take off their clothes, right?

Ford: I wasn't aware of any tearing off of clothes.

Rick: What, you didn't get the revision?

Ford: No!

Rick: Hold on a second. Okay, when she says, "Cuff me, tease you, frisk me," all right, you come down... and you rip off her clothes.

James: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Rick: And then you do the same to him.

Nate: You touch me, you die.

James: The jumpsuit stays on.

Rick: Take five, everybody. I need to strangle -- wrangle my performers.

John: I have a plane to catch.

Natalie: Yeah, I've got this wedding thing.

John: You look real pretty. You take care of yourself.

Natalie: You too.

Jessica: Is this okay, me just stopping by?

Ford: Yeah. Of course, it's okay.

Jessica: You're busy. I should go.

Ford: Hang on a second. What's wrong?

Jessica: It's official. I've lost my sister forever. And Brody thinks I'm crazy.

Ford: Well, you haven't lost me. You're definitely not crazy.

Neela: Are you sure you're all right? The flames were so high.

Vimal: Yes, yes, yes, yes. We're fine, we're fine.

Rama: The two of you saved us in the nick of time. Thank you.

Vimal: I just wish I knew how this fire got started in the first place.

Rama: Well, you better be damn sure we're gonna find out.

Irene: Go kill Tomás.

Todd: That's what you want.

Irene: That's what we both want.

Todd: I do that, I'm finished. I'll never get Blair.

Irene: So you're not going to do anything?

Todd: No, I'll take care of Tomás.

Irene: How?

Todd: Without you. We'll do it my way. And it will be even more efficient than killing him.

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