OLTL Transcript Wednesday 11/2/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/2/11


Episode # 11057

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Starr: What's that?

Blair: Nothing.

Starr: Oh? Is that... yes, it is. The happiest day of your life. At least, that's what you told me.

Blair: Well, too bad you can't live in a picture or a portrait. I mean, who knows. Do you think that's what Tomás loves? The idea or image of me?

Starr: Mom?

Blair: Mm-hmm?

Starr: Did Tomás tell you he's in love with you?

Blair: Yeah, he did.

Starr: What about Dad?

Téa: What are you doing?

Tomás: Painting.

Téa: Well, I can see that. Why?

Tomás: Therapy. It's what I do. It's time to get back to it. I need a fresh start.

Téa: Painting Blair. What's going on with you two, Tomás?

Tomás: She's furious with me. I would have left her and gone to jail for a crime I didn't commit.

Téa: She can get over that.

Tomás: I think it's about Todd. Maybe she's still in love with him.

Blair: Your father and I have been over for a very long time.

Starr: Oh, is that why he came over last night? Sam told me.

Blair: Actually, he came over to see you and Hope, but you had already taken her out trick-or-treating.

Starr: Sure he did. Is that why he stayed later, Mom? That was just an excuse.

Blair: What, you don't think he wanted to see his granddaughter?

Starr: I'm sure, but that does not change the fact that he is still in love with you.

Blair: [Sighs]

Viki: Good morning. I didn't know if you came home last night. So, how did it go with Blair?

Todd: It went.

Viki: Oh. So, good. Did you tell her how you feel?

Todd: No.

Viki: That's a shame. You seemed so determined. Why didn't you tell her?

Todd: You take my life, Victor? I take yours.

Nigel: Sir, your private investigator called and left a message. He says he's unable to locate Kimberly Andrews. He thinks perhaps she's using an alias, which is highly likely.

Clint: Anything else?

Nigel: He wants to know if you'd like him to continue looking. If so, he needs more money. Sir, at the risk of overstepping, I strongly recommend you tell the investigator his services are no longer required.

Rex: What's the problem?

Aubrey: The horses are real spooked. I think there's somebody inside.

Rex: I bet I know who. Wait here. If I'm not back in five minutes, call the cops. Hey! Wentworth, come out! I know it's you! You're trespassing! You know, after what you pulled last night, I'd be more than happy to gut you like a fish. Come out or I swear to God I'm gonna take this pitchfork and shove it --

Rex: I can't believe it's you. You're really here.

[Paper rustling]

Cutter: "Dear Clint, I'm so sorry I couldn't call. My brother, Cutter, set me up on a phony murder charge." Mm. That's true. "Can't get to you or my friend. Need you to know it's Stacy Morasco. She didn't drown. Changed her face to look like Gigi." Oh. [Chuckles] Wow, sis. Way not to hold back. Good thing I intercepted this thing. I could be in a lot of trouble.

Stacy: You are in trouble. I kept my mouth shut last night. But if you don't tell me the whole truth now, I am going straight to Rex.

Rex: Sorry about that.

Cord: Uh, no. Actually, I think we're the ones who are sorry.

Rex: No. No. It's okay.

Tina: No. No. Really. We didn't mean to --

Rex: No, not hearing it. Uh, just the ho-- the horses got spooked from, uh, strange noises. So...remember that.

Tina: Did you see that? Your brother nearly killed us.

Cord: Just relax. I-I think everything is fine now.

Tina: "Fine"? Is that the best you could do? No, I think it was fantastic. It was wonderful. It was marvelous. Who should we tell?

Cord: Uh, tell?

Tina: Yeah, I-I think we should start with Viki and then, you know, we can kind of work our way to Clint.

Cord: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. Wait. What exactly do you want to tell Viki and my pa about...this?

Tina: Well, not about this. I mean, I don't think we need to give him any details, do you?

Cord: Uh, no. T-then what do you want to tell them?

Tina: Well, that we're back together again! I mean, at first, they're gonna be very skeptical, especially Clint. But once they see that this is forever, this is gonna be wonderful. What?

Cord: Look, uh, about last night...

Tina: I know. It was wonderful, wasn't it? What? What's wrong?

Cord: Listen, just -- just because we made love, it doesn't mean that we're back together.

Aubrey: Hey.

Rex: Hey. I almost pitchforked a naked couple just now hiding in the stables. I thought it was Cutter.

Aubrey: I'm sorry about that. He never should have gotten through the front door.

Rex: It was not your fault.

Aubrey: Yes, it was. I was in charge of the party. I should have been more on top of it.

Rex: Well, if the guy was wrapped in a mummy costume, I'm glad you could see him at all.

Aubrey: At least all the craziness happened in the stable and didn't ruin the party for everyone else.

Rex: Shane didn't seem too upset. That's the main thing.

Aubrey: He was okay this morning?

Rex: He didn't even mention the woman. But to think how close she came. And what if she had said, "Shane, I'm your mom"?

Aubrey: How are they gonna pull that off, anyway? I mean, obviously, you would see that she doesn't look like Gigi or sound like her.

Rex: Still, for somebody to do that to Shane...

Aubrey: I know. I was so furious with Cutter. I wanted to strangle him with those mummy rags.

Rex: Well, the guy's a total jerk. I get he doesn't care who he hurts. But what about that woman?

Aubrey: What about her?

Rex: Well, she has to have known how much Shane misses his mom. W-w-what kind of woman does that to a grieving kid?

Stacy: Last chance, Cutter. You tell me what's going on with Rex, or I'll ask him myself.

Cutter: You know.

Stacy: You said we went to that party to jog my memory, that -- that I would see Rex and remember and that's all!

Cutter: Exactly.

Stacy: Bull! I heard what Aubrey said!

Cutter: Aubrey -- Aubrey's my ex-girlfriend. She's jealous.

Aubrey: Oh, she didn't sound like she missed you all that much! I should have known!

Cutter: Okay. All right. Settle down.

Stacy: No! You weren't helping me! You just have some plan that you want to use me for. Well, you can forget it!

Cutter: Hear me out, okay?

Stacy: I've heard enough!

Cutter: Not from me. Now you're gonna hear the truth. All of it.

Clint: So, Kimberly Andrews is still your favorite, huh? Nigel, I know how you feel about her, but she came here because she was in trouble and she needed -- she needed help for her sick friend. But when I got that help, she just disappeared.

Nigel: [Sighs]

Clint: Without any money.

Nigel: It was very wise of you to offer the services of the hospital instead of cash.

Clint: About all I could do.

Nigel: Indeed. Sir, I thought Rex Balsom looked into this matter for you already.

Clint: He did, but, uh, they gave him the runaround at that hospital in Kentucky.

Nigel: Because the stripper friend in question had already checked out of the hospital.

Clint: Spit it out, Nigel. I know you're dying to.

Nigel: Sir. It seems obvious that Miss Kimberly's friend couldn't have been that sick in the first place. This was patently a ruse to try and extract money from you. And when Miss Kimberly discovered you were no longer wealthy...

Clint: She abandoned the ship, huh?

Nigel: It pains me to say it, sir, but I believe, as the young people say, she's just not that...into you.

Clint: Nigel, are you watching those reality shows again?

Nigel: You deserve someone whose affections are genuine and not dependent on outside factors. In my humble opinion, you should forget about Kimberly...sir.

Clint: You're fired.

Todd: No, I did not tell Blair how I feel. What? It wasn't the right time.

Viki: Well, I mean, I know it's not an easy thing to do. That's -- I guess that's why I was so glad that you were determined to try.

Todd: Wow. That's the last time I ever tell you what my plans are.

Viki: [Chuckles] Okay, well, I mean, what happened? Why didn't you tell her?

Todd: Someone scared me.

Viki: Who?

Todd: Sam.

Viki: [Chuckling] Sam? You were scared of a little boy?

Todd: You should have seen his costume.

Viki: You sure it wasn't someone else? Tomás?

Todd: [Scoffs] No. I -- [Chuckles] I was not even thinking about Tomás.

Tomás: Anyway, I don't want to talk about me. What's wrong?

Téa: Nothing. Nothing. I'm on a roll. I've been packing up Victor's things, you know. Uh...

Tomás: Pajarito...

Téa: 'Cause it was time, you know. I've been putting it off, so I just woke up this morning, and I did it. I took all of Victor's clothes out of our closet. It's all this empty space now. Um, but the boxes are upstairs. I called this char-- oh, Victor has the most beautiful suits, you know, so I-I called this charity that gives business clothes to people looking for jobs, and -- but that was the easy part, the clothes. Then there was the stuff on the dresser. He has this -- this, um, this golden pen that Sam used to love to play with that, you know, the clicker, so -- and the -- the Jack goes to -- the watch goes to Jack, and Starr gets a lot of the other things. T-they're all upstairs in the box, but most --

Tomás: You did good, hermanita. Please, you do not have to do this alone. I'm here. Just let me help you.

Téa: No, t-that's okay.

Tomás: No, it's not okay. Please. I'm here. Just let me be a good brother for once. Please.

Starr: It has been obvious from the minute Dad came back to town.

Blair: You're seeing things.

Starr: Yeah, like Dad kissing you in front of everyone at the movie premiere.

Blair: That was all for show, Starr. He was trying to prove that he was the real Todd Manning.

Starr: Okay. Who did he call, huh, when he got shot and he needed help?

Blair: The biggest sucker he knows.

Starr: No, the person he trusted the most, and you went.

Blair: Well, excuse me if I didn't want to see the father of my children bleed to death.

Starr: And you're positive that's all it was?

Blair: I thought fairy tales were supposed to have happy endings.

Todd: Who says this one's over?

Starr: Something happened. Yes, it did! I can see it in your face!

Blair: No, he was weak. He was babbling. You know how your father gets when he's like that.

Starr: No matter what had happened in life, you and Dad have always had a connection -- always. And it's still there.

Tina: Well, of course we're back together. What are you talking about?

Cord: [Sighs] Look, honey, we've always had chemistry. That's true.

Tina: Oh, no, no. This was much more than just lust.

Cord: Yeah. Yeah, it was.

Tina: Look, why can't you just say it -- that you have never loved anyone as much as you love me?

Cord: That may be true.

Tina: I mean, I can say it -- that I have never loved anyone as much as I've loved you. I mean, and that'll never die.

Cord: Tina, I-I-it doesn't change anything.

Tina: Well, why does it have to change?

Cord: Honey, how many times do we have to go through all of this?

Tina: Cord.

Cord: Every time you tell me to trust you, you pull the ball away, Tina, and I'm the one that ends up lying flat on my back. I'm sorry, Tina. Look. We're -- we're older now, all right? Let's try to be a little wiser. Let's just...not go there again. Do you get it?

Tina: Yeah, I get it. I get it perfectly, that you think I'm good enough to have sex with but not good enough for anything else.

Cutter: You want to know if there was something in it for me? Yeah. Of course there was, all right? But it was gonna help you, too.

Stacy: What about Rex?

Cutter: Rex! This is probably gonna help him most of all! Stacy, trust me, all right? Y-you love this guy so much. All you wanted to do was be around him and make him happy. When you saw him at the party, when you saw Rex, now, did it spark anything --

Stacy: What was your plan, Cutter? Just tell me what you were going to do!

Cutter: I was gonna let you finish what you started, okay? You wanted to replace Gigi, so I was gonna help you with that.

Stacy: Oh, really? How?!

Cutter: I thought that I'd help Gigi come home to Rex. You guys would live happily ever after for...yeah, for a price.

Stacy: Oh, and you just expected me to let you rip off Rex?

Cutter: Well, you know, I thought that I deserved a little something for my time and my effort and my silence. That's right, Stacy. That's the best part. I was gonna keep your secret. Nobody would learn the truth from me.

Stacy: [Chuckles] So you were gonna blackmail me.

Cutter: We'd both get what we wanted.

Stacy: You are such a user.

Cutter: Hey, I'm not --

Stacy: A sleazy, disgusting user! So out of here.

Cutter: You're right! Okay? Everything you just said is true.

Starr: You're not telling me to shut up... or that I'm crazy for thinking there's still something between you and Dad.

Blair: No, I'm not.

Starr: Spill! Tell me what happened now. Tell me!

Blair: Nothing happened. He was here. It felt like maybe he was going to say something.

Starr: That he's still in love with you? Seriously?

Blair: I-I don't know! I don't know! He was here, like I said, and then all of a sudden, he exploded out of here. He came up with some lame excuse, and then he -- he left.

Starr: Well, Dad has been through a lot.

Blair: Well, you know what? He was like that way before Irene locked him up. He's always been moody and unpredictable.

Starr: Look at what happened when he came back. I mean, we had replaced him. Think about how -- how that made him feel. Maybe he was afraid that you were gonna reject him and he took off.

Blair: I -- okay, you know what? That's enough talking about your father, all right?

Starr: And where are you going?

Blair: I'm going over to Téa's. She said that Victor has a box of stuff for you kids.

Starr: Mom!

Blair: Goodbye!

Starr: [Sighs]

Viki: What is bothering you? I mean, I know it's something.

Todd: It's Sam. He's having a hard time. I mean, he just lost his dad. This is a very confusing time for him.

Viki: I'm sure it is, yeah.

Todd: And he really needs Blair right now.

Viki: But he likes you. You would be a big help to him.

Todd: What? By getting it on with his mom?

Viki: No! By being around. It would be good for him -- and good for Blair.

Todd: No. No. No. I'm the last person that kid needs around. That kid needs his dad! I'm not his dad! I'm the reason his dad is dead!

Viki: [Sighs]

Stacy: So, you're admitting you're a lying con artist?

Cutter: Yeah. That's me.

Stacy: Hmm.

Cutter: You don't want to do that.

Stacy: Why?! Why not?! Why shouldn't I go tell Rex right now?

Cutter: Because you're just like me.

Stacy: What?

Cutter: Maybe -- maybe you're better 'cause you did it for love. But that doesn't matter. We're exactly the same.

Stacy: I don't have to listen to this.

Cutter: Gigi -- look what you did to yourself. How many surgeries do you think this took? How -- how -- how many sutures? How many stitches? How many bruises? How much pain? You put yourself through hell so you could look like Gigi. And your plan -- your plan was to take over her life. You and I both know what that means.

Stacy: I didn't do anything.

Cutter: No, you didn't. But you were going to. So, I want you to think about that and then tell me how bad of a guy I am.

Stacy: I have to get away from you!

Cutter: Where? Where? I-I-I-I'm the only one in town who's gonna take care of you.

Stacy: Yeah, that's because you want to use me! I have to make this right! Don't you see?

Cutter: Okay. Walk out the door. What are you gonna do? You have no money. You have no friends.

Stacy: I...h-had a friend.

Cutter: You did. And she's long gone. Your best friend couldn't live with what you did. So -- so, what's your plan?

Stacy: Well, you can't use me to take Rex's money.

Cutter: So, you're gonna go to Rex?

Stacy: Yes.

Cutter: You're gonna to go Rex? W-what do you expect to do? You're gonna show up on his doorstep? What are you gonna tell him? Y-you're gonna tell him that you're Stacy? How do you think he's gonna feel you show up on his doorstep with Gigi's face?

Aubrey: You want me to get rid of that?

Rex: No, I'm gonna return it.

Aubrey: Rex, what?

Rex: I'm gonna find this woman and ask her what the hell she thinks she's doing.

Aubrey: Don't. You know she'll be with Cutter. He won't let you anywhere near her without a fight.

Rex: Fine by me.

Aubrey: I don't have enough cash to bail you out of jail. Okay? A-and who's gonna take care of Shane if you're in lockup?

Rex: I'm just going to talk to them.

Aubrey: No, you're not. I know you're furious. I get that. But just forget about Cutter and his stupid schemes. Don't let them cost you, too.

Rex: What am I supposed to do?

Aubrey: Move on. Forget about Cutter. Forget about the woman. They're just sick, little cons. And now that you know what they're up to, they can't hurt you. [Sighs]

Rex: What?

Aubrey: I just...heard myself. I wonder how many times someone's thought that way about me, that I'm toxic waste.

Rex: Hang on.

Aubrey: But I am. I was. I'm just as bad as Cutter.

Rex: No, you aren't.

Cutter: Okay. Let's hear it, Stacy. You go to Rex and you tell him what? What? You want to tell him that you're Stacy?

Stacy: I-I could explain.

Cutter: Explain what, exactly? You can't remember who you are. And what you do remember, it ain't pretty. He'll throw you out. Or he could probably find a way to throw you in jail.

Stacy: No! See, I'm not that person!

Cutter: Okay. So, you don't want to be Stacy anymore.

Stacy: No, I just -- I just can't believe that that was me, that I did all those things!

Cutter: So take a chance on a new life! That's all I want! That's all you've ever wanted! You wanted to be the woman that Rex loved! You wanted to be Gigi, and now you can be -- if we handle this right.

Stacy: How will any of this ever be right?!

Cutter: You'll see. You'll see, all right? You'll be with Rex, you'll remember why you love him so much, and then you'll make it right. You'll be happy. So will he.

Stacy: Oh, so, yeah, that's your biggest concern, right, is our feelings?

Cutter: All right. Yes, I want my payday, okay? Honestly, I do. But you'll get to live your dream life. I got to go take care of something. It's real important.

Stacy: You're leaving?

Cutter: [Sighs] I'll be back soon. Please, just listen to what I said and think about it, okay?

Stacy: What if my answer's no?

Cutter: If your answer's no, then...I'm gonna think you're crazy for turning down the opportunity of a lifetime. But I'm not gonna make you stay here against your will.

Tina: What, you think I don't remember what I've done, huh? You think I don't relive every single mistake I ever made with you?

Cord: Tina, you shouldn't have to do that.

Tina: Then why did you throw it up in my face?

Cord: I-I didn't mean to. I-if that's what you think I did, I'm sorry.

Tina: Please! I've changed! Don't you see that? I mean, I've tried so hard to prove it to Viki, to prove it to Natalie, but especially to you!

Cord: And I hear you.

Tina: Oh, do you? 'Cause if you did, you'd see that everything is different!

Cord: [Sighs]

Tina: What?

Cord: Look at you. You just charge in to a situation with guns blazing to get what you want. You're still the same, Tina.

Tina: Well, is that so bad?

Cord: It's just you. That's how you are, Tina. And too many times now, you've [Sighs] You broke my heart that way. I-I-I don't know what to do. How am I ever gonna trust that -- that it's not gonna happen again?

Blair: Um, Téa said that she had some things of Victor's that she wanted to give the kids.

Tomás: Yeah. Come on in.

Blair: Thanks. I thought she was gonna be alone.

Tomás: She was. She didn't tell me she was packing Victor's things up, so I'm gonna stick by. I don't want her to have to go through anything too stressful if she doesn't have to.

Blair: Well, she's lucky to have you.

Tomás: Box for the kids is in here.

Blair: Wow. I, um... I wasn't expecting to see myself.

Tomás: Yeah, I wanted to surprise you, you know. Time for a new portrait. She's more beautiful than ever. She's wiser than she used to be. Maybe she's ready for a new chapter. Blair, I told you how I feel, but you have not answered me.

Blair: [Sighs]

Viki: Why do you think that you're the reason that Victor is dead? I mean, you can't really believe that.

Todd: I-I'm sure it's what Jack is telling Sam every day.

Viki: All right. It's going to take time with Jack, but he will come around eventually.

Todd: I-I don't know. I mean, I-I think that he really wants Victor to be his dad.

Viki: No. Victor is the only dad he remembers. But that's no reason for you to feel guilty for being alive.

Todd: What if I hadn't come back to town?

Viki: Oh, come on. That's rubbish. You don't know who killed Victor or why.

Todd: Look, if I had to do it again, I would do it differently, but there's no way I can go back. I can't change -- I can't change things! I can't -- I can't change what I did!

Tina: You're right, Cord. You can't trust me. I mean, not if you're gonna live in the past.

Cord: So, what's the difference, then, Tina?

Tina: Everything!

Cord: Everything? What are you doing in town now? Why'd you come back?

Tina: I get it. You're just like everybody else, right? You think I came back here just to get my brother's money. And I suppose I deserve that.

Cord: Is that so?

Tina: No. That's not why.

Cord: Then why? Why'd you all of a sudden come back to town, Tina?

Tina: I came back for Viki. She has lost so much this year. I-I thought she might need someone. I thought she might need me, and -- and if she needed me, she might give me a chance.

Cord: And I think maybe she has.

Tina: No. I mean, yeah. I mean, she doesn't trust me entirely. I mean, she's just like you. She's just waiting for me to mess up. But you know what? You two are gonna have a long wait, because I am not gonna mess up this time. I am gonna prove to you that you can trust me!

Cord: You don't have to prove anything.

Tina: No, I am gonna prove to you that we belong together... because you really do... make me a better person. So, here. Catch. I'm not gonna snatch it back this time.

Viki: I don't know what you mean, "what I did." What?

Todd: Never mind.

Viki: I mean, do you think you shouldn't have come back to Llanview?

Todd: I think that there are things that I could have done differently.

Viki: Okay. What would you have changed? How?

Todd: I-I-I am done. I-I-I don't want to talk anymore.

Viki: All right. Okay. Fine. Fine. I'm sorry. I was so happy, you know, that you were looking for a new relationship.

Todd: Do I talk to you about your relationships? Do I -- do I -- you want to talk about your love life? Tell me something. How's things going with Clint?

Nigel: I'll collect the rest of my things as soon as possible. It's been my privilege and pleasure to serve the Buchanans.

Clint: I will bet you $100 that suitcase is empty.

Nigel: Sir?

Clint: Oh, for heaven's sake. What, are you new here, Nigel? You're not fired. You know better than that. I've always expected you to say what you think.

Nigel: I'm gratified, sir, you find my opinion of occasional use.

Clint: I do.

Nigel: Is this one of those occasions?

Clint: I know Kimberly Andrews very well, and I'm telling you, something's not right here.

Nigel: Shall I tell the investigator to continue looking for Miss Andrews?

Clint: I'll let you know.

Nigel: Very well. It's your decision. But you may not like what you find.

Clint: Nigel. Is that suitcase empty?

Nigel: Keep your money, sir.

Cutter: So, what do you say, Stacy? You'll stay here till I get back?

Stacy: Yeah. I, uh, I have some stuff I have to figure out. Cutter? Thanks for being straight with me. If we end up working together, that's what I'll expect from now on.

Cutter: Stick with me, kid. We'll both get everything we wanted. [Sighs]

Rex: It's Rex Balsom. I know you're still in there. I saw Cutter leave alone. I heard him talking to you. Come on. I have questions for you. Open up.

[Pounding on door]

Cutter: "Dear Kimberly, my attorneys have advised me not to have any further contact with you. I wish you well, but I can't help. Please don't contact me again. Sincerely, Clint." Well, Wentworth, you got a future as a forger. Perfect timing. Hey, uh, I was just about to mail this. Could you take it for me?

???: Sure.

Cutter: Thanks. Have a good one. That'll do.

Blair: Tomás, I'm trying to be as honest with you as I possibly can. What you said just now and the other day, it's beautiful. And I feel it.

Tomás: But?

Blair: I'm just... I'm so confused. I feel like I'm being pulled eight different ways by my children, by my family. My God, so much has happened.

Tomás: I get all that. I'm not asking you to take a big step this minute. But I cannot wait around forever, Blair. I need to know where I stand.

Blair: I know that. And I would never, ever want to do that to you.

Tomás: I just don't want us to slip away.

Blair: I-I got to go. I just got to go. Would you tell Téa that, uh -- just have her call me, please?

Téa: Redo the forensics. There is absolutely no way that there is no evidence you're getting. No! [Sighs] Fine. Well, please do.

[Telephone beeps]

Tomás: What did Bo say?

Téa: [Sighs] He said that they found nothing from all the evidence they had. Their trail is cold. They're giving up. So, the killer's out there getting away with cold-blooded murder.

Todd: [Sing-song voice] Clint and Viki sitting in a tree. [Normal voice] How does that feel? You like that?

Viki: Come on. There's nothing going on between Clint and me.

Todd: Mm. Okay, you know what? Why don't we make a deal, all right? We'll make, like, a-a pact, okay? There's a lot of stuff that happened to both of us, stuff that nobody else will understand, stuff that we really should just keep between the two of us, right?

Viki: Okay. That's fine. But I will always be here to listen to you. You know that, right?

Todd: Yeah, I kind of figured that. But the other stuff, okay, the "did you tell Blair that you love her" stuff or "did you not tell Blair?"

Viki: Okay. Okay. I'll keep my mouth shut.

Todd: And I will do the same. Do we have a deal?

Viki: Yes, we have a deal. [Chuckles]

Clint: Ah. Mail call.

Nigel: There's quite a bit today. Some legal documents marked "urgent." And this.

Clint: It's from Kimberly.

Nigel: Perhaps it will shed some light on the situation. Excuse me, ma'am, but these documents from the superior court are marked "urgent."

Viki: Thank you, Nigel. What is this?

Todd: I get one, too?

Nigel: And there's one for Miss Tina.

Starr: It was so nice of Téa to think of this.

Blair: Yep.

Starr: How was she?

Blair: I didn't talk to Téa. Tomás gave me the box.

Starr: Is that why you look so upset?

Blair: [Sighs] Sweetheart, your mom is such a mess.

Starr: You are not.

Blair: Yes, I am. I've gone from one horrible relationship to another, and I promised myself I'd learn my lesson. Was gonna focus on you kids, you and the boys, and keep my love life simple. No more complicated, troubled men, but now look at me. I'm -- I've got two of them.

Téa: I'm gonna have to go down to the police station and be in their faces every day.

Tomás: That won't help.

Téa: Well, I have to do something. They're stopping.

Tomás: There's only so much they can do. Téa, let me.

Téa: Let you what?

Tomás: Investigate. Police have to follow procedure. In the agency, we did things a little differently.

Téa: You can track a murderer?

Tomás: It's what I did. Let's put my ugly past to good use for once. I will get you answers, pajarito. And I won't stop until I find your husband's killer.

Todd: You know what this means?

Nigel: May I ask what Miss Kimberly has to say?

Clint: No, you may not.

Tina: Oh. Okay. So, what makes you so great?

Clint: Not much.

Tina: Yeah, that's right. 'Cause you know what? Everybody thinks these Buchanans are so -- so perfect. But you know what? If half the things I've ever heard about you are true, y-you are as bad as I am. In fact, you know what? You are worse, 'cause you've always had money. You have no excuse. So -- so you think I'm greedy? You think I'm selfish, that I don't care who I hurt? Well, I have news for you.

Viki: We have news for you, too, Tina.

Aubrey: You're a lucky girl to have a guy like that so in love with you.

[Pounding on door]

Rex: I'm not going away! I need to talk to you!

[Pounding on door]

Rex: Okay! Last chance! She crashed my party. I can crash hers.

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