OLTL Transcript Friday 10/28/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/28/11


Episode # 11054

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Shane: You think it's in there?

Rex: Well, you know your mom.

Shane: Totally organized.

Rex: And the label says "Halloween." So, unless she's pulling a trick on us, it's in there.

Shane: But it would be just like Mom to trick us, especially on Halloween.

Rex: Come on.

Cutter: Who knew they had so many great costumes at the thrift store?

Stacy: Oh. So, you were serious about going to this party.

Cutter: [As Dracula] But of course, my darling.

Stacy: I can't remember who I am. Why would I want to dress up as somebody else and go to a party?

Cutter: [Normal voice] Because it's being thrown by Rex Balsom.

Rex: This place looks great! You did an amazing job, Aubrey.

Aubrey: Thank you. I had so much fun. My only question is, does it look romantic? After all, this is an engagement party.

Shane: On Halloween... when the dead walk.

Rex: And don't forget, my sister's in forensics and her fiancé's a cop, so...

Aubrey: Maybe I'll just add a few flowers.

Shane: Dead ones.

Rex: [Gasps]

Shane: Oh! Oh!

Natalie: Did I leave the extra baby monitor at Mom's?

Brody: It's in the car.

Natalie: [Sighs] Thank you. I don't know what I would do without you. [Chuckles]

Brody: Oh, my God. I still can't believe that we're getting married.

Natalie: Why not?

Brody: I don't know. It's just, um, I mean, we're living together, and it's -- it's great. I just wanted this for so long, and -- and tonight, it's official at this engagement party your brother's throwing for us.

Natalie: Oh, I know. It's so nice of him.

Brody: There's no backing out now. We're getting married.

Natalie: [Laughs] Oh, like I ever even could. Tina's been calling me every five minutes. I swear, if Mom and Cord don't keep her away from me, I think I'm gonna kill her myself. [Chuckles]

Clint: Well, look at you. You're about to save the day, aren't you?

Child: Mister, I'm allergic to peanuts.

Cord: Well, not a problem, because right here, we have no peanuts. There you go.

Clint: Superheroes aren't what they used to be, I guess.

Cord: Happy Halloween.

Clint: Happy Halloween!

Child: Happy Halloween!

Clint: [Chuckles] Okay. Before we were interrupted by the superhero, you were about to tell me that you almost kissed Tina...again.

Cord: Yes. Almost. But don't worry. Nothing happened.

Clint: Not because she didn't want it to. That hussy is hell-bent on bedding you.

Cord: [Chuckles] Oh, come on. Relax. You know, it's not like we're getting married again.

Tina: So... what do you think?

Brody: Liam's not going to the outback. Just across town.

Natalie: I know. I just -- my -- my head is in so many different places. I keep forgetting things. [Sighs]

Brody: So, what did Roxy say to you?

Natalie: When?

Brody: This morning when I barged in on you guys. Must have been something important.

Michael: It's your move.

John: Yeah. I know.

Michael: So stop thinking about why Victor Lord might have threatened to take Brody's son away from him and -- and take a shot, admiral. But that's what you're thinking about.

[Knock on door]

Michael: No, no, no, no, no. No. You stay there. I'll get it. I don't want to break your concentration.

John: Hey. Hey. Get the door.

Roxanne: Wow! Johnny, what a costume! You look just like your brother!

Michael: And you just look like Britney Spears.

Roxanne: Yeah, like 1998! Oh, man, you sound like your brother.

Michael: It's because I am his brother. I'm Michael.

Roxanne: Oh! [Laughs] Mikey! You got me! Is Marcie with you?

Michael: Yeah, yeah. She's -- she's out.

Roxanne: Well, you know, hold that thought for a second. You know, I got some news for Johnny that's gonna rock his world.

[Door closes]

Aubrey: Oh, that is so creepy. You put that out every year?

Shane: Yeah. Mom loved it. Remember?

Rex: Yeah, of course.

Aubrey: Well, then, let's find the perfect spot for it.

Shane: How about by the fireplace? That's where it was at the old house.

Aubrey: New house, new traditions.

Rex: You're right. New traditions. Sorry, it's just -- sometimes it hits me like a wave.

Aubrey: Well, we're -- we're pulling you out of the surf. Right, Shane?

Shane: Come on, Dad. Focus. We have a party to throw.

Rex: You're right. Gigi's gone. I'm never gonna see her or hear her voice again.

Gigi: Happy Halloween to my favorite guy!

Stacy: Well, happy Halloween, Rex Balsom. You can party without me.

Cutter: What? No, no, no. Why? Why? It's gonna be great. It's at his mansion.

Stacy: Mansion?

Cutter: Yeah. He's loaded.

Stacy: And my sister had to work as a waitress?

Cutter: Well, that was before. Now he's rich. Uh, and he's throwing a party to celebrate his sister's engagement.

Stacy: What does any of that have to do with me?

Cutter: I thought you wanted to get your memories back.

Stacy: I do.

Cutter: So, we go. Maybe you'll see him, and it'll jog something.

Stacy: But I've seen him. His pictures are all over the web.

Cutter: [Sighs] Yeah. A photo of a photo? No. It needs to be up close and personal. And the beauty part is, he'll never recognize you.

Stacy: Why not?

Cutter: Because you'll be in costume. He'll never know it's you.

Stacy: Why can't Rex know it's me?

Tina: So, how do I look?

Viki: Tina.

Tina: What?

Viki: Where did you get that dress?

Tina: Well, I found it in the attic, and I thought it would just be a perfect costume to wear to Natalie and Brody's party. And then Cord could wear Clint's morning suit.

Clint: You've got to be kidding.

Tina: Why? I think it would look great on him.

Cord: I don't think he's worried about the suit there, Tina.

Tina: Well, so, what's the problem?

Clint: You're wearing a wedding dress.

Tina: So?

Viki: Tina, uh, I think what Clint is trying to say is that it might be slightly inappropriate for the maid of honor to be wearing a wedding dress to the bride's engagement party.

Tina: I get it. You and Clint want to be the bride and groom.

Brody: So, what were you and Roxy talking about? I know I interrupted something.

Roxanne: Admit it. If Johnny had said that he loved you --

Natalie: But he didn't.

Roxanne: Well, that shows what you know.

Natalie: I heard him.

Roxanne: Oh, you heard nothing. You were there for about five minutes. I spent nearly an hour with the guy.

Natalie: Okay, well, I heard enough. He said that he was done. And, uh, are we gonna do this manicure or what?

Roxanne: Well, why don't you sit your cute butt down and I will buff your nails and I will rock your world?

Natalie: [Clears throat] Yeah, you know how dramatic Roxy is. She was concerned about my hair. [Chuckles]

Michael: This sounds important.

Roxanne: Oh, it is. It's about Natalie. She was there, man.

John: She was where?

Roxanne: At Rodi's. You know, the night that you said that you didn't love her anymore, the night that you were lying. Except she didn't hear the big finish, so she took her hurt feelings, she went straight to Brody, she said yes to his proposal. That's all because of you, man.

Brody: Wait a minute. Your hair?

Natalie: Yeah. Highlights. Like I have time to sit in her chair for three hours while I'm trying to go to work and take care of Liam. Oh! You should see Liam's costume. He is so cute.

Brody: What is it?

Natalie: I'll give you a hint. Like father, like son.

Michael: Why would you ever say that you didn't love Natalie? That's a lie.

Roxanne: Well, it took about an hour and a couple of beers, but he finally admitted it. He finally admitted that he loves her.

Michael: He did? Good for you.

Roxanne: Yeah, but by then, she was already gone. So, she didn't hear when he said that he loves her. And if she had, she never would have said yes to Brody.

Shane: I found it in the box.

Gigi: Happy Halloween to my favorite guy! I love you, Shane!

Shane: She gave it to me last year.

Aubrey: Well, she knew you'd want to keep it, so she put it in the box.

Shane: Hearing her voice, it's like she's here. But she isn't.

Aubrey: Hey. You know, you were so lucky to have such a great mom. And no matter what happens, you will always know how much she loved you. So, why don't you put this someplace safe so you can listen to it whenever you want?

Stacy: Why can't Rex know it's me?

Cutter: If Rex really thinks that Gigi has come back, he could -- he could beg Clint for the money, and he'd have to give it to him. Okay. So now I just got to figure out a way to jog the girl's memory. Seeing Rex might do the trick. But then I have to figure out a way so that Rex doesn't see her, 'cause if Rex sees her, it's all over.

Stacy: Cutter? I asked you a question. And I don't think the porcupine has the answer.

Cutter: Sorry, I was -- I was just thinking about this story that was all over the news. It was about Todd Manning. So, apparently, he came to town, but he couldn't let anyone know that he was here, so he disguised himself as some superhero and snuck into a party to see his family. Worked like a charm.

Stacy: Why can't I let people know I'm here?

Cutter: 'Cause it'll ruin everything.

Stacy: What do you mean? For who?

Tina: So, do you think it'll still fit?

Clint: I'm not wearing that suit.

Tina: Why not?

Clint: I'm not going to the party.

Tina: Clint Buchanan, this is your daughter's engagement party.

Clint: I am under house arrest.

Tina: [Gasps] Oh, that's right. I forgot. Y-you -- well, can't they make an exception?

Clint: Uh, no, they won't do that, so I'm gonna stay home and babysit my grandson, which is fine because I never get to see him anymore now that Natalie's moved in with Brody.

Tina: Oh, you know what? Since you're stuck here, would you mind giving David Vickers a little TLC? You know, she loves a little dog treat, a little scratch behind the ears.

Viki: Tina, Tina, let's go find you something else to wear, okay?

Tina: Okay, but -- but, you know, Viki, we got to find something for Cord, too.

Cord: Tina, I will take care of your dog, all right?

Tina: Oh, you will? Thank you. 'Cause she's just crazy about you.

Viki: Tina.

Tina: Yeah? Oh.

Clint: It's happening, isn't it? And there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

Cord: What?

Clint: Before Natalie and Brody even walk down the aisle, she's gonna have you hog-tied at the altar.

Cord: [Sighs]

Natalie: Oh, you're so cute.

Brody: [Laughs]

Natalie: Isn't he the cutest?

Brody: Oh, well, like father, like son?

Natalie: He's a baby seal.

[Both laugh]

Brody: Oh, my gosh. You guys are too much.

Natalie: [Chuckles] He loves his daddy.

Brody: I love him, too. He's not gonna get too hot in this, is he?

Natalie: Uh, I hope not. You know what? Let me get a picture of him before he starts wiggling out of it, okay? Okay. Everybody say "cheese." Ready? Navy seal!

[Camera shutter clicks]

Natalie: [Laughs] That's great. You know what? You can totally tell he has your genes.

Brody: How so?

Natalie: Because even though he's in this silly costume, he still looks noble. [Chuckles]

John: I tried to tell her but she had already accepted Lovett's proposal. It was too late.

Roxanne: [Chuckling] Oh, man, there's no such thing as being too late, you know, not when you really love someone. She never would have said yes to him, but she thought that the two of you were done.

John: I am done.

Roxanne: Why? Because of the kid? Because Liam's not your bio-genetic kid? I mean, Rex and Nattie, I mean, they're not actually, technically my kids, but I couldn't love them any more. And I just love -- love, it's just so unconditional. So, you got to get over yourself, because Nattie is your soul mate, and you know it, and I know it.

Michael: I know it.

Roxanne: And, actually, everybody knows it.

Michael: So why don't you tell Natalie?

John: Hey, look, don't encourage her?

Roxanne: Well, maybe I will. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

[Knock on door]

Michael: [Laughs]

Roxanne: [Laughs]

Shaun: Britney, here you are, darling. The king of pop has been looking all over for his date. Sorry, dudes. This girl is mine.

Michael: [Stifled laugh]

Roxanne: It's my plus one. You know, don't get any ideas here.

Shaun: Vivian got stuck at the, uh, hospital, and I wanted to congratulate Natalie and Brody.

John: What do you mean?

Roxanne: Hello. Tonight's their engagement party.

Viki: Happy Halloween, kids.

Tina: Well -- well, they liked my costume.

Viki: They were 9 years old.

Tina: You know, Viki [sighs] I still do not see why I can't wear it.

Viki: Tina. Tina. I know you have your heart set on rekindling things with Cord, but you cannot push this hard.

Tina: But this has nothing to do with Cord.

Viki: Oh, please.

Tina: Okay, and even if it did, what is wrong with going after what you want?

Viki: There are so many ways to do it, and they do not include going full speed ahead, especially with Cord. He's still so gun shy around you. You have to let things happen in their normal time.

Tina: What, so I'm supposed to do it in your way? Just -- just -- just abandon Clint to go to a party?

Viki: It's our daughter's engagement party. One of us should be there.

Tina: Viki, how do you think you are ever gonna get close to Clint if you just keep walking away from him?

Viki: Whoever said anything about me being close to Clint? And when did this become about me? No. No. Besides, as far as I know, Clint is still very hung up on his most recent ex-wife, Kimberly Andrews.

Cutter: This is Stacy Morasco before. That is Stacy Morasco after. Stacy, you stole your sister's face. Your plan was to replace Gigi in Rex's life. Gigi just died a few months ago. Rex was crazy about her. You really want to show up with that face at Rex's house? 'Cause after he recovers from the stroke you gave him, what are you gonna say? "J.K. L.O.L. Oh, my gosh. I'm really Gigi's sister." And what about the kid? It's Halloween. He's gonna think you're a ghost.

Gigi: Happy Halloween to my favorite guy! I love you, Shane! Happy Halloween to my favorite guy! I love you, Shane!

Aubrey: Okay, we're all set. We just have to get in our costumes and party.

Rex: Thank you for doing all this and being so great with Shane.

Aubrey: How about you? How you doing?

Rex: Hearing Gigi's voice like that, it...

Aubrey: Yeah, I know.

Rex: It's like every time I think I have a handle on it --

Aubrey: Something happens to pull you under.

Rex: [Sighs] Something like that.

Aubrey: You'll come back up. That's the way it works. It goes in waves. But after a while, you'll be able to remember all the good times without it hurting so much.

Rex: Guess that's better than chasing around town, thinking I'm seeing her ghost.

Stacy: Oh, my God. If Shane saw my face, or Rex...

Cutter: But -- but they won't 'cause you'll be wearing a mask.

Stacy: No. No mask.

Cutter: But then they actually would really recognize you.

Stacy: I'm not going! I-I hate that I was so obsessed with Rex that I was willing to carve into my own face! I mean, it's just sick! It's sick and cruel to do that to my own sister! No! No! The best thing for me to do is just to leave them alone!

Cutter: Stacy. Stacy, wait, you're not --

Stacy: No! Forget it! I'm not going!

Cutter: You're [Groans] Okay. What now, genius?

Brody: Like father, like son. That's what your mom said. I am your dad in every way that counts. Yeah. If you were a little older, you'd understand why I had to do this one wrong thing. [Sighs] Come here, buddy. I just can't lose you. I'm one step closer to marrying your mom. I'm your real family, Liam, and I'm never gonna let you down. And now that Victor Lord Jr. is dead and buried, no one's ever gonna know that John's your dad.

Michael: I'm sorry, John. I thought you knew. Marcie talked to Rex, and he told her. I just didn't want to mention it.

Shaun: What'd I do?

Roxanne: Nothing, big guy. It's time that Johnny here faces facts, you know, 'cause the clock is going tickety tock. So, bait or cut the fish or you're gonna be out on a boat without your girlfriend.

Shaun: I'm gonna go work on my moonwalk.

Roxanne: Mm-hmm. You know, I would tell Nattie myself if Rexy didn't make me promise to keep my big mouth shut.

Michael: But why would Rex want you to keep the truth from his sister?

Roxanne: Oh, honey, it's something about Gigi, and, you know, after she died, Rexy said he had to let go of his fiancée, and I got to let go of Morris.

Michael: Morris?

Roxanne: Yeah, oh, you know, it's a long story. You know, it's my porcupine, and I'm gonna get my porcupine back. And Johnny is also gonna get Nattie back if he's smart, because P.S., Nattie ain't dead, so Johnny could have his happy ending. But first off, he's got to get over himself. He's got to tell Nattie that he loves her. And he's got to tell her that she ain't walking down the aisle with anybody but him.

Natalie: Ahoy there, Matey.

Brody: Oh!

Natalie: This ship ready to set sail?

Brody: You make me want to re-enlist.

Natalie: Well, thank you there, sailor. You don't look so bad yourself.

Brody: Liam, we are lucky guys.

Natalie: Yes. Yes, you are. And don't you forget it.

Brody: Hmm. Tonight's gonna be perfect.

Natalie: Yes. As long as Roxy keeps her drama at home.

Brody: What do you mean?

Natalie: [Clears throat] Highlights? I don't think so. That's not what she wanted to tell me, but you know what? She better keep it to herself 'cause I don't want anything to spoil tonight. Right, Liam? That's right.

Brody: [Laughs]

Roxanne: Don't make me break my promise to Rex. You're gonna do the right thing. You tell Natalie that you love her.

[Door opens and closes]

Stacy: This girl that's here with me, what did you say her name was?

Cutter: Kim. Kimberly Andrews. She was your best friend.

Stacy: She knew about this, that I had plastic surgery to look like my sister so I could steal her fiancé?

Cutter: Yeah. She wasn't exactly thrilled about it, though.

Stacy: Oh. Is that why she's not around anymore?

Viki: Oh, good! I wanted to see Liam before I left!

Clint: [Chuckles]

Viki: Oh, that's adorable! He's a baby seal.

Brody: Natalie's the idea.

Viki: Oh, he's too cute.

Natalie: Mom?

Viki: What?

Natalie: Where is your costume?

Viki: Right here.

Natalie: [Laughs] I see we're going all-out this year. Not feeling it?

Viki: Honey, it's going to be a great deal of fun, okay? How are you feeling?

Clint: I'm better.

Viki: Good.

Natalie: What do you mean, feeling better? Are you sick? Because Liam can be a handful.

Clint: No. It'll be fine. Liam and I will be fine, won't we?

Natalie: Mom.

Viki: Sweetheart, y-your father just was running a fever earlier.

Clint: Oh, for heaven's sake, I was just feeling a little warm.

Viki: I know. I know. But we called the doctor, and he sent over medication. It's fine.

Clint: It's not catching, if that's what you're worried about.

Natalie: Well, no. No, no. That is not what I'm worried about. I'm worried about you. I mean, Liam has been fussing 'cause he's teething, and his stomach's been hurting, and he's probably at least gonna have to have his diaper changed twice.

Clint: Well, Jessie's here, isn't she?

Viki: No, Jessie took Bree out trick-or-treating with Ford.

Natalie: Uh, maybe we should get a sitter.

Brody: Now?

Clint: Uh, no, no, no. We'll be fine. If the kid fusses at me, I'll just fuss right back at him.

Natalie: Oh, boy. Hey, Mom. Mom, I-I hate to ask this of you, but would you be too terribly disappointed if you stayed here with Dad and missed the party? I mean, I would do it, but --

Viki: Darling, don't be ridiculous. You're the guest of honor. Of course I will stay here with Liam -- and your father.

Clint: No, no, no, no. You can't do that.

Natalie: Thank you, Mom.

Brody: I'll take some pictures.

Viki: Thank you. Thank you.

Clint: You don't have to miss the party on my account.

Natalie: As long as she doesn't miss my wedding.

Viki: I'm not going to miss your wedding, and I'm very happy to stay here tonight with Liam, just assuming that his grandfather agrees to share him with me.

Natalie: [Chuckles]

Clint: Oh, that could be arranged.

Viki: [Laughs]

Natalie: [Chuckles]

Viki: Oh, sweetheart.

Michael: It's your move. And I don't just mean the game.

John: Don't start with me. E-6.

Michael: Miss. Natalie's marrying Brody because she heard you say that you don't love her anymore, and you're just -- you're okay with that? D-5.

John: Hit.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

John: Hey, look. Uh, maybe Balsom's right. You know, maybe she wants to move on with, uh, you know, the guy that's the father of her child.

Michael: This isn't about Natalie. This is all about you. Something's stopping you from going after what you want. D-7.

John: Hit.

[Knock on door]

Michael: Hey. Look. I get it, all right? When Marcie and I lost Sam, I didn't think I could sink that low. We lost our future. We lost our dreams. But you know what? We made new ones, okay? You can, too.

John: Can I answer the door now? [Sighs]

Children: Trick or treat!

Brody: I really appreciate the both of you watching Liam tonight. I know you weren't exactly thrilled when I asked Natalie to marry me, so it means a lot.

Clint: Well, you gave me a grandson. How bad can you be?

Natalie: Oh-ho. That's high praise coming from him. [Laughs] Mom, I'll be on my cell.

Viki: Honey, we'll be fine.

Natalie: [Chuckles] Okay. Bye, my sweet pea. Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah. Okay.

Viki: Have a good time.

Natalie: Okay.

Viki: Enjoy.

Natalie: Thank you.

Viki: Good night.

Natalie: Good night.

Viki: Well, that was almost gracious.

Clint: I have my moments.

Viki: Yes, indeed, you do.

Clint: [Chuckles]

Viki: Right, Liam?

Clint: Oh, um, Natalie and, uh, Brody brought in the mail. It's over there on the desk.

Viki: Okay.

Clint: Liam and I, we're gonna go find the blocks.

Viki: Okay.

Stacy: So, my craziness drove my best friend away.

Cutter: Kim had to take off for the time being, which is not to say that she's an angel, 'cause she's not. Nobody is.

Stacy: You've been good to me.

Cutter: See? That proves it. You can't be all bad, right? And besides, you're in no position to judge. You said it yourself. You can't remember who you were.

Stacy: At this point, I'm not sure I want to know.

Cutter: Hey. Look. I can tell you that anything you've done, it's been out of love. I mean, that scheme to take over your sister's life, look, it didn't come from some evil place. It came from your heart. You fell in love with Rex, and it just got out of control. I mean, you -- you know, you were so in love with him that you'd do anything for him. What's wrong with that? That can't make you a bad person.

Rex: What do you think?

Shane: You look good.

Rex: Yeah? Like I'm ready for some swashbuckling?

Shane: What's swashbuckling?

Rex: I have no idea. But who cares? We are gonna wow them. Aubrey did a great job putting these costumes together.

Shane: Yeah, but where is she? Where's the third musketeer?

Aubrey: [British accent] At your service, sir.

Shane: Where'd you learn how to do that?

Aubrey: [Normal voice] Saw it on a movie once. And your dad let me try it out on him.

Rex: Figure I could use the practice. You know, since I have no technique.

Aubrey: And he did show me how to do this.

Shane: [Chuckles] Cool. I knew you were holding out on me.

Rex: It's all in the wrist. See? Hey! We need a picture. Where's the camera?

Shane: I don't know. I'll go look for it.

Rex: Being Porthos isn't so bad, right?

Aubrey: It's fantastic. Actually, I still can't tell them all apart.

Rex: Me neither. Oh, wait a second.

Aubrey: What?

Rex: Got to make sure you're camera-ready.

[Doorbell rings]

Aubrey: [Clears throat]

Rex: I'll get it.

Aubrey: And I'll open the wine... [Sighs] ...So it can breathe.

Stacy: Cutter, you just told me that I was planning on replacing my sister.

Cutter: Yeah. So?

Stacy: So, that -- that sort of sounds like I was planning on -- on -- on doing something to her. I mean, for all I know, I did.

Cutter: No. No, I told you it was an accident. She died from carbon-monoxide poisoning. It had nothing to do with you. Stacy, you're as much of a victim here as anyone else. You can't even remember who you are. And you're not going to be standing around some stupid hotel or motel, which is way worse. Now, what I say we do is we put on these costumes, and we go to Rex's party, and we see if it jogs something, all right? And then after you remember, if you still want to beat up on yourself, be my guest. But -- and this is my vote -- I say that after you remember, you work on making yourself a better person. But you got to know what you're working with first. You got to remember.

Stacy: Okay. I'll do it. I'll go to Rex's party.

Cutter: Yay!

Stacy: [Chuckles]

Tina: Oh, look at you, Natalie! You look amazing in white! Oh, which reminds me, we have an appointment with a bunch of people about the gowns, and then we have tastings with five caterers, plus I e-mailed you some -- some spots about belly dancers.

Natalie: Belly dancers?

Tina: Well, yeah. I mean, for the reception. I mean, you need to set the mood.

Natalie: To do what?

Tina: To dance! Oh, and have you seen Cord? Does he not look fabulous? I mean, look at him. He's a cowboy, and I'm a cowgirl. [Chuckles]

Natalie: Yep. Kind of got that.

Tina: Oh, in fact, if you don't want to go the belly-dancer route, I mean, you could just forget them and -- and we'll do it. Cord and I will get everybody to dance.

Natalie: Great. Um, excuse me one second. I just got to find my brother Rex.

Roxanne: You know the thing that I was supposed to tell that I didn't? Well, I talked to John, and I convinced him to tell you.

Michael: So, let me guess. You guys are looking for candy.

Children: Yes, please.

Michael: And they're so polite, too. Who knew that pirates and poodle girls were polite? Where's the candy?

John: No candy.

Michael: John, it's Halloween. Didn't you get candy for the kids?

John: Uh...uh...

Michael: [Sighs]

John: Hey, look. I'll tell -- I'll tell you what. Why don't you guys, uh -- look at this? Why don't you guys go treat yourselves? Look, there's, uh, Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Lincoln for you. In a sluggish economy, that should go a long way, okay?

Children: Okay.

John: All right. Happy Halloween.

Michael: Happy Halloween.

John: See you later. [Sighs] What?

Michael: John, you gave them c-cash.

John: Hard, cold American dollars, baby.

Michael: Okay.

John: Teaches them some lessons. Now, come on. Got your submarine on the run.

Michael: [Chuckles]

John: Let's finish this game.

Michael: Yeah, keep talking. I'll believe it when I see it.

John: Mm-hmm.

Michael: [Clears throat] So, you gonna forgive her?

John: What?

Michael: I mean, the way I heard it, you guys were broken up when she and Brody had that one time together. D-7.

John: Hit. They're living together.

Michael: Oh, but, see, that's because you're too stubborn to admit that you still love her.

John: It's your move again.

Michael: D-8.

[Imitates explosion]

Natalie: So, I don't need highlights.

Roxanne: Well, you could use a few, but that's not what I'm here to tell you.

Natalie: Okay. Roxy, it doesn't matter. John and I are done. No matter what he could say, it's not gonna change.

Roxanne: Baby, that's where you are so wrong.

Natalie: [Sighs]

Rex: Sorry, Rox. I got to borrow my sister.

Roxanne: [Sighs]

Natalie: Thank you for the save. Roxy is driving me crazy.

Rex: Listen, have you spoken to Tina? Please tell me you are not making that woman your maid of honor. Half an hour listening to that woman babble, I almost forgot how much I miss Gigi.

Tina: So, what do you know about your father's ex, Kimberly Andrews?

Cord: I know a little. Why?

Tina: Well, it seems she's the only thing standing between Viki and Clint.

Cutter: I feel bad doing this to Stacy. She seems sweet. I mean, I know she was planning on taking her sister's life, but who am I to judge? Look what I did to my sister. I put Kim in prison. She's taking the rap for me. I'll make it up to her, though, you know. With Stacy's help, I'll get rich. I just got to make sure that nobody finds out about Kim.

Clint: Okay, we got the building materials. We're ready to go.

Viki: Oh, the mail can wait. Not often I get an opportunity to be all alone with my grandson.

Clint: [Chuckles]

Viki: Come here. I have to tell you a secret, Liam. Big secret. I always thought your grandfather looked at his best when he had a baby in his arms.

Clint: [Laughs]

Viki: Oh. Want to go back? [Chuckles]

Clint: Boy's eating candy.

Viki: Don't you give him any candy.

Cutter: I'm not all bad. I mean, I promised Kim I'd take care of Stacy, and I have. She woke up. She's feeling better. And tonight, she'll get her memory back. 'Cause once she remembers that she loves Rex, I can cash in.

Stacy: Are you talking to that porcupine again?

Cutter: Mummy tell porcupine we're going to be late.

Stacy: Is this okay?

Cutter: Ah. Wow.

Stacy: What?

Cutter: You're -- you're beautiful.

Stacy: Well, remind me to thank my plastic surgeon when I can remember who he is. I thought you said we're gonna be late.

Cutter: Yeah.

Stacy: You coming?

Cutter: [Sighs] Yeah.

Viki: Oh. Okay. Um, this child needs his diaper changed.

Clint: Oh, okay. Viki.

Viki: What?

Clint: Thanks for staying home. You know, Natalie wasn't the only one worried about me taking care of little Liam.

Viki: Oh, Clint. Pshaw.

Clint: Ah. Well, there you go. That gives you away, that "pshaw."

Viki: [Chuckles]

Clint: You know I'm helpless without you.

Viki: Come on, sweetheart.

Cutter: You ready?

Stacy: Yeah.

Cutter: All right. Remember, don't let him hear your voice.

Stacy: Okay.

Natalie: Oh. I remember this. You used to have that at the carriage house.

Shane: Mom put it out every year.

Natalie: Well, your mom always knew how to make everything a lot more fun.

Rex: She would have loved this. You guys are getting married. She was crazy about both of you.

Shaun: You straighten things out with John McBain?

Roxanne: [Sighs] I did what I could. But you know Johnny -- you can lead a guy to water, but you can't make him think.

Michael: So, what are you gonna do, John?

John: Well, clearly, I'm gonna protect my battleship.

Michael: About Natalie. Please tell me you're gonna be honest with her.

John: Not gonna happen. A-3.

Michael: Wrong move, bro.

John: The right reasons.

Michael: Yeah, no, that's not what I meant. D-8.

John: Hit.

Michael: [Imitates explosion] You lose.

John: That was a little excessive, wasn't it?

Michael: No.

Rex: [Sighs]

Natalie: Are you Aramis, Shane?

Shane: Yeah. How'd you know?

Natalie: Coolest one.

Shane: It was Mom's idea to do this, but Aubrey made it happen.

Roxanne: Let's beat it.

Tina: So, what do you know about Kimberly Andrews?

Cord: Well, I know --

Tina: Oh, my God.

Cord: What?

Tina: Her hair's different, but that's her.

Cord: Who?

Tina: The dead girl.

Shane: Doesn't Shaun look awesome?


[Doorbell rings]

Rex: I'll get it.

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