OLTL Transcript Thursday 10/27/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/27/11


Episode # 11053

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Marcie: Mikey, tell him about the little lawnmower. Michael bought Gabe this little lawnmower.

Michael: It blows bubbles when you push it.

Marcie: Oh! And he stops in the middle of the lawn!

Michael: I thought I was telling him.

John: I-I saw the pictures.

Marcie: You did? When? Where?

John: Uh, the -- you signed me up. The online thing.

Marcie: John, you haven't visited that site since --

Michael: Marce.

Marcie: Uh, well --

John: Since when?

Marcie: Uh, well, your last status update was "getting married in the morning."

John: I think Natalie used to handle that.

Marcie: Okay. So, you can handle it now. You can start by changing your status.

John: Well, I don't even know what that means. I-I don't even have the password.

Marcie: Okay. I'll do it for you.

Michael: I don't really think that, uh, John's the social-networking type, Marce.

Marcie: You're right. I'm sorry. I-I'm sorry, John. I really am. You know me. Open mouth, insert foot. [Chuckles] And I already got one foot in there this morning, didn't I, by suggesting you and Natalie get back together. But you really can't blame me for that, John, because, I mean, who knew that she was engaged to Brody?

Natalie: Not working today?

Roxanne: And you don't call this working?

Natalie: Wait, I thought that you were throwing a Halloween party. Where's your costume?

Roxanne: I'm wearing it. Britney. Retro. Circa 1997.

Natalie: Right.

[Cell phone ringing]

Natalie: Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking.

Roxanne: And why is that, Nattie? Because you haven't spent even two minutes with your own mama over the last couple of weeks, because then you'd have to tell her that you got engaged... to the wrong guy.

Brody: Hey, Natalie, uh, I guess you're tied up. I just wanted to let you know, I-I got a couple things to do, but I'll be home soon. All right.

Rex: Thank you for all of your help. I know tonight's gonna be great.

Aubrey: Thank me when the party's over.

Rex: Is there a problem?

Aubrey: No, no. Like you said, it's gonna be great. I just have one last issue to deal with -- security. I don't want any Cutter-related surprises.

Cutter: Good morning, good morning how'd you sleep?

Stacy: Fine. Thank you. How was the couch?

Cutter: It was awesome. I could sleep on a bed of nails. Want some breakfast? How you feeling?

Stacy: Well, according to you, I'm so obsessed with my sister's fiancé, I was willing to take a knife to my face, so how do you think I feel?

Cutter: Least you're not in a coma, right? Look on the bright side.

Danielle: [Laughs] I should go as jelly, and then we can be a sandwich! And Mommy can be the bread!

Starr: No, Mommy cannot be the bread because aunt Dani is taking you out trick-or-treating tonight after your fun Halloween party. [Both laugh] And what are you doing here? Don't you have school?

Danielle: I ditched. I thought you might need some moral support.

Starr: What for?

James: Hello? Is any-- is anybody here?

Nate: James?

James: Nate, what are you doing here?

Ford: What are you guys doing here?

James: I-I got this invitation.

Nate: Saying if I wanted fame and fortune --

Ford: I should come to ultraviolet.

James: And tell no one?

Ford: Yeah.

James: What the hell's going on, you guys?

Rick: Ladies and gentlemen, it's showtime!

Starr: "Sources say Manning gave the photographer no quarter. Calls for mercy went unheeded. The victim might have been permanently maimed" --

Danielle: "Maimed"?

Starr: ... "Maimed were it not for the intervention of her boyfriend" -- oh, God.

Danielle: What?

Starr: ..."High-school dropout and ne'er-do-well James Ford."

Danielle: "Ne'er-do-well"? Who wrote this?

Starr: Jack did! And it is garbage!

Hope: Yeah! Garbage!

Starr: [Chuckles]

Danielle: Jack wrote this and photo-shopped a picture of you?

Starr: No, the picture is real.

Danielle: It is?

Starr: Yes! But I didn't maim him! And James did step in, but he's not a dropout.

Danielle: Well, technically --

Starr: Dani, you should have heard the terrible things the photographers were saying, but they were all lies. They were just trying to provoke me.

Danielle: Well, it looks like it worked.

Starr: [Sighs]

Danielle: Sorry. You know what? This -- this is all gonna blow over.

Starr: Not if Rick has anything to do with it.

Danielle: R-Rick Powers?

Starr: [Sighs]

Danielle: What does that sleazeball have to do with this?

Starr: Thanks to Baz, he owns the rights to our songs.

Danielle: What?

Starr: And he's threatening to give them away... if I don't let him give me a makeover.

Danielle: You don't need a makeover. What is he talking about?

Starr: Wants a different kind of a look. Ready for this?

Danielle: "Scarr leaves" -- ew.

Starr: Yeah. "Ew."

Danielle: Just say no. And stay away from Rick Powers. Everything that guy touches turns to nasty.

Hope: Nasty!

Ford: You lured us here under false pretenses to shoot a skin flick?

Nate: Dani and I are finally working things out. I don't care what you have to blackmail me with. I am out of the porn business!

Rick: And the industry weeps.

Ford: Hey. Listen. I've got a kid now, and I'm not gonna dishonor him by doing some kind of porn. I don't mind. I-I'll dress up as a hot dog for the rest of my life. I don't care.

Rick: I already made that movie. "Hold the Bun," "Hold the Bun 2," "Footlong."

Nate: Is everything a joke to you?

Rick: Funny is money.

James: All right. First you want me out of the picture, and now you want me front and center?

Rick: Let's not jump to conclusions.

Nate: I am not working for you!

Ford: And how you think that we're gonna cooperate? I'm never gonna understand that.

Rick: Time-out. My days of working in the adult-entertainment industry are over. I have moved on to the music industry. As James will tell you, I have a hot, new property. This is where you guys come in. We are going to make...videos.

Nate: No. I'm out of here. I'm not working for you.

James: Gonna have to find yourself another crew, buddy.

Rick: Not that kind of video! Will you guys chillax? Seriously! A music video, one that is gonna drive Starr Manning to the top.

Roxanne: If the mountain doesn't come to the rocks, then the rocks comes to the mountain. Hand, please. Oh, it looks like you've been biting your nails. Might you have a case of nerves because you made the biggest mistake of your life?

Natalie: Guess you heard about the engagement.

Roxanne: Yes, I heard about it from Rex because my baby girl wouldn't even come to me!

Natalie: I'm sorry that I didn't tell you --

Roxanne: No, no! You are sorry because I found out, because you're afraid that I'm gonna give you an earful. Well, honey, you're very lucky, because I only got three words for you -- John...Mc...Bain.

John: So, I guess you and, uh, you and Natalie aren't in touch or you would have heard. Refill?

Marcie: Well, you know, John, we were never really that close. Besides, I don't think Jen would have approved. I-I mean, it's not like we aren't friendly or anything. You know, I mean, we exchange Christmas cards. We do that kind of thing, but it's not like we text. And you -- you know how it is. I mean, with the time difference, it's just hard.

Michael: But I guess it makes sense, though, that she and Brody are engaged. You know, they have a kid. Thanks. And I know that family was always really important to him.

Marcie: Well, a little too important.

John: What's that mean?

[Doorbell rings]

Aubrey: At this point, I thought nothing Cutter did would surprise me. But to trade on your memories of Gigi, it's beyond despicable.

Rex: Well, he's too late. Everything's already going back to Clint. He can squeeze me all he wants. He won't get a dime.

[Doorbell rings]

Rex: Look, I got to go. Somebody's at the door. Do not worry about Cutter. Just focus on the party.

Aubrey: No reason I can't do both.

Cutter: [Sighs]

Stacy: I just can't believe I would do that to my own sister.

Cutter: Yeah. From what I heard, it's pretty typical for you.

Stacy: But it doesn't feel like me.

Cutter: I thought you said you didn't have any memories.

Stacy: Oops. I forgot.

Cutter: Sorry.

Stacy: No. You've been great. I just wish I could remember. I would go back to the hospital if I thought that would help. I just couldn't stand being cooped up in that room anymore.

Cutter: Good, 'cause I don't think we can afford it. [Clears throat]

Stacy: What?

Cutter: I was just -- I was saying, you know, I know how you feel being cooped up and all. You know what always makes me feel better? A nice, hot shower. So, why don't we talk more about it after you warm yourself up?

Stacy: And then you'll tell me the truth?

Cutter: Whatever I know. [Snaps fingers]

[Knock on door]

Cutter: They always come back.

Cutter: Aah! [Chuckles]

Rick: Hey, watch it! You break it, you buy it. All right. When these guys get things set up, you'll get an idea of what we're doing here.

Nate: T-this is a music video?

Ford: For Starr?

Rick: A singer needs a song. A song needs an audience. And an audience needs a...video.

Ford: And a video needs a crew. You don't have enough people here to man a craft-services table.

Rick: Like I said, this is just to give you an idea. I mean, if I could work with it, I'm sure a talented director like you could make do.

Ford: Excuse me?

James: You want Bobby to direct this?

Rick: Oh, I'm sorry. Is he too busy hawking hot dogs?

Ford: Hey, listen. I can get a day off if I want to. The fact is, I don't really care about this.

Rick: Oh, come on! Admit it! You'd give anything to get back in the saddle! Sure you would! I mean, I've seen your talent! I saw what you did with the David Vickers Buchanan reality show! Man, you can -- you can make a dime look like a dollar!

Ford: Yeah. Well, it didn't get picked up, did it?

Rick: Well, neither did that "Fraternity row" spin-off about the vampires. I mean, it shows you what the suits know. But this time, the only suits will be in wardrobe, and you're gonna be working with a-list talent. Starr is a dream on the screen, and her leading man? [Scoffs] Another up-and-comer, your brother.

James: And I thought you said I was dragging her down.

Rick: You are. I'm talking about my main man, Buster Ridge.

Danielle: So, Rick told you to break up with James.

Starr: And to send Hope over to my grandma.

Danielle: Just -- just stay away from them. I mean, you can -- you can write another song -- thank you -- and get it out there on your own.

Starr: Maybe.

Danielle: I mean, he's not the only guy in the industry, Starr.

Starr: He's the only one offering to put me in a music video.

Danielle: A music video?

Starr: Yeah. He's setting it up now. I'm supposed to be over at U.V. to check it out. But you know what? You're right. I -- it's not even worth it.

Danielle: So you're -- you're just gonna sit it out?

Starr: Well, yeah. I mean, what else am I going to do? I'm not going to give up my daughter or break up with James.

Danielle: No, you're not. And you're also not giving up the chance to do things your way.

Starr: I thought you didn't want me to have anything to do with Rick.

Danielle: Listen, this is your song, right? What gives him the right to call all the shots?

Starr: Baz, when he signed the contract!

Danielle: That doesn't say anything about how you're supposed to dress or what the video's supposed to look like. Come on. You're gonna -- you're gonna go over there and tell him to shoot the video you want to shoot.

Starr: And what if he says no?

Danielle: He doesn't make any money. He needs you to sing the song. It's not like he can do it without you, which gives you all the power. So, come on. Let's go crush that sleaze.

Starr: And you sending me off to battle -- does that have anything to do with what Rick did to Nate?

Danielle: Hey, I don't want him hurting anyone that I love. So what are you gonna do? Roll over or stand up?

Hope: Stand up, Mommy!

Cutter: Ow! What the hell was that for?

Aubrey: As if you don't know.

Cutter: I'm sorry. I've been busy since you traded up.

Aubrey: You offered to sell Rex his dead fiancée? It doesn't get any lower than that, trading on the poor guy's grief.

Cutter: Well, I would have traded him you, but you cut me out. How is that going, by the way? Did you get him in bed yet? I miss you.

Aubrey: Get used to it.

Cutter: Don't worry about me. I'll figure a way to get by.

Aubrey: By torturing a guy who's lost the woman he loves.

Cutter: Yeah. He and I got a lot in common.

Aubrey: The only thing you love is money, Cutter.

Cutter: Right. Like you're not doing this for a buck.

Aubrey: I'm making a living.

Cutter: Yeah, so am I.

Aubrey: I'm making an honest living.

Cutter: Mm.

Aubrey: Rex and I are friends. That's all it is. He is paying me to help him throw a costume party.

Cutter: Ah. What are you doing as? The sexy nurse?

Aubrey: I thought I'd give the sexy nurse a rest. You know, it's amazing what happens when you're not trying to use people. You actually get to know them.

Cutter: Hmm. I can see it now. Buttoning up his top button, looking him in the eyes, feeling his….grief.

Aubrey: I was so right to walk away from you.

Stacy: Cutter?

Cutter: You were saying?

Brody: Thought I'd drop by, see if I could do anything to help for the party.

Rex: Uh, Aubrey's making it happen. I'm just showing up.

Brody: Listen, man, I really appreciate this. You know, things have been a little complicated with Natalie's family, for obvious reasons, so to have her brother step up, it -- it means a lot to both of us.

Rex: Well, if you're willing to take us on, it's the least I can do.

Brody: We've come a long way, you and me.

Rex: Yeah, a lot's changed since Adriana brought you to town. I know you were going through a lot.

Brody: That's no excuse.

Rex: Hey, I was not Mr. Honorable when I came to town, either. But you worked through it. You changed. And I could not ask for a better brother-in-law...or a more stand-up guy for my sister.

Natalie: Not that it matters, but "John McBain" are two words.

Roxanne: John...Mc...Bain. And don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining, and don't tell me that you said yes to Brody and it had nothing to do with John.

Natalie: It didn't.

Roxanne: Oh, really? Timing is everything.

Natalie: What?

Roxanne: I know that you were eavesdropping over at Rodi's a couple of weeks ago when I got Johnny to say how he really felt about you.

Natalie: I am gonna kill Rex.

Roxanne: No, honey, don't, because he loves you, and I love you, and we just want you to be happy.

Natalie: No, I am happy. I have a great job and a beautiful son and a fiancé that -- that loves me and would take a bullet for me.

Roxanne: And if he knew that you accepted his proposal not five minutes after you heard Johnny say that he didn't love you, what do you think he would say?

Natalie: Well, wait. What are you doing?

Roxanne: I am gonna save your life because you belong with Johnny. So, if it takes me reaching out and touching Brody, then so be it.

Michael: What are you saying? How can family be too important?

Marcie: Mnh-mnh. Not family. How you react, well, in Brody's case, to losing your family or losing the family you thought you had. Don't you remember what happened with Shane? I finally convinced Gigi to set the record straight with Brody about where he stood with Shane, and he went off on me.

Just let go of me, okay? You're hurting me.

Brody: Give me the phone.

Marcie: No. Brody! Just let go of me!

Michael: I'd rather not remember any of that.

Marcie: Shane worshipped Brody. Brody loved being Shane's dad. I mean, he loved it so much, he convinced himself that he would always be Shane's dad. He finally had the family he wanted. The idea of losing Shane and Gigi, it -- it pushed him over the edge.

John: Why'd you threaten Victor Lord?

Brody: I told you.

John: I know what you told me. Why'd you really threaten him?

Brody: It's about Liam. It's all about Liam.

Michael: John... what are you thinking?

James: She is my girlfriend.

Nate: And if you think I'm gonna put the moves on my girlfriend's sister --

James: Nobody is putting the moves on anybody.

Nate: This is not a porno. Sure.

Ford: Hey, Starr. It's Ford. Listen, I'm over at Ultraviolet. Y-yeah. Listen, y-you should, uh, you should get over here. Good, because all hell is breaking loose.

Nate: I am out of here.

Rick: And blow your brother's chance at a comeback? I mean, t-this time, he's in the driver's seat, and if he strays out of line, as producer, I can promise you that any nudity will be tastefully executed.

Nate: I am not doing another porno!

Rick: It's a music video!

Nate: I'm not doing anything with you!

Rick: Well, then do it for Starr!

Nate: Well, why -- why do you even need me?

Rick: [Inhales deeply] Look at -- [Sighs] Really, look at him. I mean, he's just modest. It's endearing. Because you are a star, buster.

Nate: Don't call me that.

Rick: Okay. You're not a star, but you're a damn good actor. I mean, you hit your mark, you take direction, and you play an edgy bad boy.

James: I can be edgy.

Rick: No offense, but you can't cut the cheese.

James: Then what the hell are you paying me for?

Rick: To stay away.

Stacy: Cutter! Is there any more soap?

Cutter: Under the sink! Honey.

Aubrey: Wow. New mark. I-I didn't think you'd be able to find a Hungarian princess at the lovely Minute Man.

Cutter: Don't be jealous.

Aubrey: I'm not jealous. Who is she?

Cutter: Still figuring that out.

Aubrey: My God, I can't believe I ever fell for you.

Cutter: Well, you did. Hard. And I fell for you.

Aubrey: Well, that was a mistake. Leave Rex alone.

Cutter: Or what?

Aubrey: He's giving the money back, Cutter. He's signing it all over to Clint. You're too late.

Cutter: Why the hell would he do that?

Aubrey: Because, unlike you, he's a nice guy.

Cutter: Well, then, guess I'll just have to speed things up.

Stacy: Cutter, what was all that about?

Brody: Hey, thanks again, man.

Rex: It's gonna be a good time. I'm looking forward to it.

Brody: Is Shane gonna be there?

Rex: Are you kidding? He spent all last night working on his costume.

Brody: How is he holding up?

Rex: It's been a tough year. It's been especially rough since Gigi died, and then I kind of lost it there for a while.

Brody: Hey, you were grieving. Shane understands that.

Rex: He shouldn't need to worry about me, not with losing Gigi. He has had to grow up too fast, first with the cancer, then the bullying. Now with Gigi gone, we came so close to losing him. I-I want him to know that he's safe, you know, that I'm not going anywhere.

Brody: I know what you mean. I hold Liam in my arms, and all I want to do is protect him -- him and Natalie. I don't know what I'd do if I lost them.

John: Are you gonna finish all that bacon?

Marcie: [Laughs] John, if you want to talk to your brother, all you have to do is say so. I got my phone. Oh, thanks, honey. Appreciate it.

Michael: Have fun.

Marcie: Mwah.

[Door closes]

Michael: So...

John: So...

Michael: What's going on?

John: I was just thinking about something Marcie said... about the time that Brody went over the edge.

Michael: Yeah, but he's been treated, right? That's all in the past. Right?

Natalie: I am not having this argument with you again. I am engaged to Brody. I love him.

Roxanne: But you're not happy. You look very dull.

Natalie: Dull? Like, boring?

Roxanne: No, like, kind of like a bad dye job -- flat, no highlights, no sparkle, no zhuzh.

Natalie: Okay, well, you know what, Roxy? I-I have a baby and a full-time job.

Roxanne: Well, you know, we're all tired, but you seem very depressed.

Natalie: Oh, I am not depressed.

Roxanne: Well, maybe it's some other word that starts with a "D." Maybe it's, like, "demented" or "depleted." No, it's "disappointed." Admit it. If Johnny had said that he loved you --

Natalie: But he didn't!

Roxanne: Well, that shows what you know.

Natalie: I heard him.

Roxanne: Oh, you heard nothing. You were there for about five minutes. I spent nearly an hour with the guy.

Natalie: Okay, well, I heard enough. He said that he was done. And, uh, are we gonna do this manicure or what?

Roxanne: Well, why don't you sit your cute butt down and I will buff your nails and I will rock your world?

Stacy: So, who were you talking to? Sounded like it got a little heated.

Cutter: Well, yeah, that'll happen with an ex.

Stacy: Oh. Your ex-girlfriend was here. And she saw you in a towel and heard me in the shower? Uh-oh.

Cutter: Yeah. Wasn't pretty.

Stacy: Well, you told her nothing was going on, right?

Cutter: Never stopped Aubrey before.

Stacy: Hmm. So, it was a messy breakup?

Cutter: It's so messy that she acts like we're still together half the time. What can I say? She's not over me.

Stacy: So, that was it? 'Cause I could have sworn I heard her say something about Rex.

Aubrey: Hey. No, I got it. I got it.

Rex: I-I don't mind.

Aubrey: This is what you're paying me for. Now, go on. Get out of here.

Rex: You too? You know, the caterers just kicked me out of the kitchen --

Aubrey: They're here already?

Rex: Yeah.

Aubrey: I should have never gone by that Minute Man. To yell at Cutter.

Rex: Now, I thought we agreed he wasn't a problem.

Aubrey: Well, I was over there already, and he made me so furious what he did to you, I had to lay down the law.

Rex: How'd he take it?

Aubrey: Oh, we got a little sidetracked when I realized there was a woman in there with him.

Rex: Sorry.

Aubrey: I don't want him back. After the scam he pulled with his sister and what he did to you, I let him have it.

[Doorbell rings]

Rex: Well, I'm sorry I wasn't there. It sounds like it was pretty epic.

Aubrey: Yeah, it started out with a slap and went downhill from there.

Rex: You know, you remind me of an old friend of mine.

Marcie: [Chuckles]

Rex: Marcie?

Marcie: Are you gonna stand there with your mouth hanging open, or do I get a hug?

Natalie: A manicure is gonna rock my world?

Roxanne: This is not about your nails, Nattie. This is about your life. I am gonna pull your head out of the sand and open up your eyes and make you see exactly what's in front of you.

Natalie: Pull my head out of the sand for what?

Roxanne: And you are gonna thank me.

John: Fine. I admit it. I still love her.

Roxanne: Johnny said --

Rex: She's moving on, Rox, just like me. I'm letting go of Gigi. She's letting go of John. Now, let her do this, Rox, okay? Let her be happy.

Natalie: You okay, Rox?

Roxanne: Oh, yeah. I'm fine. And you are gonna be the happiest redhead in Llanview when I tell you this. After you left, Johnny said --

[Door opens]

Natalie: Said what?

Brody: Don't stop on my account.

Michael: You're looking at Brody?

John: It's not about Natalie.

Michael: I didn't say it was. Other people might.

John: I don't care what other people think. It's not about that. Lovett's hiding something, and it's connected to Victor Lord.

Michael: Victor's dead. What, you think Brody Lovett had something to do with Victor's death?

John: Checked his gun. He was cleared.

Michael: And you suspected him because...?

John: He threatened Victor.

Michael: Why would he want to kill Victor?

John: That's a good question, Mike.

James: You're gonna pay me to stay off set?

Rick: Whatever it takes, Cowboy. Look, I need to get this baby in the can. So if that means paying you off to stay out of the talent's sight line, then so be it. She needs to be in her groove, and she can't do that when she's making goo-goo eyes at you. I know what I'm talking about. You cramp her style, and then the video will suck. You want that to happen? No. Because you're a stand-up guy and you want to see her dreams come true. So, take this and get out of here.

Starr: James stays or I go.

Nate: Dani! Um, this is not what you think.

Danielle: No, I think that Rick wants you to act in my sister's music video. Your brother called.

Rick: I have got to get you into wardrobe. We've got a ton of clothes for you to try on. In the meantime, Bobby can set his shots and Nate can work on his choreography.

Ford: Hang on a second. I haven't agreed to do this.

Nate: Neither did I.

Starr: Not until we get a few things straight.

Rick: All right. Sure. Any time loss comes out of your end, though.

Starr: Since when is Ford an a-list director?

Rick: He's a-list... in Llanview.

Starr: Have you ever directed a music video?

Rick: Are you kidding me? Bobby can do anything. He made David Vickers look good. And you can use the money for your kid, right?

Ford: All right. I'll do it.

Starr: And I am fine with Nate being in the video as long as he wants to do it and he's not being blackmailed. But James has to be in it, too.

Rick: Sorry. That's a no-go.

Starr: Why not?

Rick: Real-life couples have no chemistry on screen.

Nate: Chemistry? We're supposed to have chemistry? That's my brother's girlfriend!

Rick: Which is why it'll work because it's forbidden. And with your checkered past, it's gonna burn holes in the screen.

Starr: If you want a checkered past, James is a reformed car thief.

Rick: With that face? No, no, no, no, no. The choir boy is a deal-breaker.

Starr: I'm going home.

Rick: All right. Well, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. You know, I mean, I've been getting head shots all day long, tons of hotties that can't wait to lip-synch to one of your songs. Hey, do you guys know if that Hannah chick, if she's -- she's sane yet?

Cutter: Yeah. Yeah. She -- she mentioned Rex. I mean, I guess she's dogging him, you know, trying to make me jealous.

Stacy: You know, this is getting complicated. I should just bite the bullet and go talk to Rex.

Cutter: No! No, no, no, no. You can't do that.

Stacy: Why not?

Cutter: Well, I mean, look at you. You just ran away from the hospital. You're not ready for that kind of stress.

Stacy: I'm actually feeling pretty good after that shower. Don't you worry. I'll be off your hands in no time.

[Door closes]

Cutter: Don't look at me like that. I'll figure something out. You know, it would be a lot easier with a little bit of help, since Aubrey's out of the picture. I could really use a wing man. I just got to figure out how to keep Stacy away from Rex, 'cause if he sees her, it's all over. It would be a hell of a lot easier if Stacy were on my side.

Rex: What are you doing here? Oh, my God. Are you pregnant?

Marcie: No. Why do you ask?

Rex: Uh, just 'cause, you know, I thought that maybe Gabe would want a little brother or sister.

Marcie: Oh, come on. Of course I'm pregnant. I'm almost six months. [Chuckles] He's so easy.

[Door closes]

Rex: Michael's got to be thrilled!

Marcie: He is. I mean, we both are.

Rex: Is he here with you?

Marcie: Uh, he's with John, but we both wanted to see you and Shane before we head back to Seattle. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Aubrey: You know, I need to check in with the caterers, so, um, I'll be in there if you need me.

Rex: Oh, I'm sorry. Uh, Aubrey, this is my longtime-enemy- turned-good-friend, Marcie. Marcie, Aubrey Wentworth.

Marcie: Aubrey Wentworth? Who cheated on Joey Buchanan and broke his heart? Rex, what the hell are you doing with her?

Brody: I'm sorry. I didn't realize you and Roxy had plans.

Natalie: [Clears throat] We didn't.

Brody: Well, I'll let you two catch up. I'm sorry, Rox. Or should I say Britney? I know I've been keeping Natalie all to myself lately.

Roxanne: Well, at least somebody noticed my costume.

Brody: Well, I got to keep an eye on my mom, right?

Roxanne: Your mom? Oh, you mean Viki.

Brody: Well, no. I haven't had any kind of mother since I was a kid. I got room for two. Unless you don't want me.

Roxanne: I do want you.

Natalie: [Sighs]

Michael: The Brody Lovett that I knew, outside of the PTSD that made him grab Shane, is a hero. T-the guy's perfect.

John: Yeah. Outside of the PTSD.

Michael: What are you saying?

John: It was caused by, uh, the death of the kid in Iraq, right? The loss of a child?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Then he thought he was gonna lose Shane, and that's -- that's what set him off.

Michael: 'Cause it triggers the memories of that loss in Iraq.

John: Exactly. So what if somehow he thinks that, uh, Victor is gonna cost him Liam? Would that be enough reason to want to kill him?

Michael: I mean, it's possible. But how could Victor take Liam from Brody?

Starr: You want to replace me with Hannah O'Connor, the girl who tried to murder me and my daughter and bury James alive last Halloween?

Rick: Can't you see the headlines? "Psycho synchs song." It'll go viral in an hour.

James: Well, that's it. I'm out.

Starr: No. No. James.

James: No, Starr, I don't want to see anybody else sing your songs because of me. Besides, I don't need to be in your music video.

Rick: Nate it is.

Nate: I'm not doing it.

Danielle: You know, you could use a credit, a legit one.

Nate: You're okay with this?

Danielle: It's -- it's a music video, not porn.

Rick: So that's yeses from Bobby and Nate and blessings from Dani. Starr, are you in?

Starr: I get final cut.

Brody: You're welcome here anytime, Mom.

Roxanne: Did you hear him, Natalie? He said "anytime."

Natalie: Yeah, I heard it.

Brody: All right. I'm gonna get out of here.

Roxanne: No, no, no. You stay. I got to run.

Natalie: Well, w-wait! What about rocking my world?

Roxanne: No, I'll give you a discount. You come by the salon, I'll give you a big discount.

Natalie: Roxy, w-wait! W-wait! Roxy, wait!

Roxanne: Uh, no, you're -- you're right. You're absolutely right. Um, I got to -- I got to prep for the Halloween party.

Natalie: But, wait. I thought you said you were gonna tell me something earth-shattering.

Roxanne: Yeah, well, you know, about that?

Natalie: I'm listening.

Roxanne: You need highlights.

John: We already know that Brody threatened Victor, and we have a witness. And if anything could set him off, it's the idea that he could lose Liam.

Michael: How might he lose Liam? I mean, Liam's his. There's no way that Victor -- or anyone else, for that matter -- could take Liam away from him. Liam is his son.

Aubrey: I'll be in the kitchen.

Marcie: What are you doing running around with that con artist?

Rex: Former con artist. Like that friend of yours, Rex. Besides, I'm not "running around" with her. She's doing a job for me.

Marcie: Good. 'Cause you've been through enough lately. And I'm -- I'm really sorry that I couldn't come sooner. Michael and I, we just feel terrible that we missed Gigi's service. But, you know, Gabe had this horrible ear infection, and he couldn't fly, and we couldn't leave him alone.

Rex: It's -- it's okay. We got your letter. It meant a lot.

Marcie: Yeah? You know, I loved her. When I was at my lowest, you know, on the run with Sam, Gigi was there for me. She didn't even know me, and she took us in.

Rex: She had the biggest heart.

Marcie: You know she loved you -- you and Shane. And you know, wherever she is, she still does, Rex.

Cutter: Stacy is a schemer. The only problem is, she can't remember who she is. I mean, the girl had plastic surgery so she could replace her sister and move in with Rex. Yeah, I know she's a nut. For right now, she's my nut. I need to figure out a way to get her in with me. If she could remember who she was, she'd go in with me in a heartbeat. The problem is, if Aubrey's right and telling the truth and Rex is really gonna give all of his money to Clint, then we're running out of time. Actually, what am I saying? No. No. If -- if Rex really thinks that Gigi has come back, he could -- he could beg Clint for the money, and he'd have to give it to him. Okay. So, now I just got to figure out a way to jog the girl's memory. Seeing Rex might do the trick, but then I have to figure out a way so that Rex doesn't see her. 'Cause if Rex sees her, it's all over.

Aubrey: Rex and I are friends. That's all it is. He's paying me to help him throw a costume party.

Cutter: That's it. That's it, you magnificent prickly little bastard. Oh! That's genius! [British accent] Hello. How would you like to go to a costume party, Stacy?

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